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tv   Today  NBC  August 31, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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metering lights are on. more crowds heading for this afternoon. >> absolutely. we'll see you there. beat us there. >> we are back at 7:25. good morning. john mccain's flag-draped casket arrives in washington aboard a military plane. the defense secretary, fellow senators and dozens of mccain staffers come out to greet his family after that emotional farewell in arizona. >> i always thought of john as a brother. we've been in a hell of a lot of family fights. >> today john mccain will lie in state. his 106-year-old mother roberta mccain there to see it. head-on tragedy. the death toll climbs to at least seven people, dozens more injured in a horrific bus crash in new mexico. >> oh, my god, there was one
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person hanging out the window. >> ntsb investigators on the scene but this morning authorities think they know what caused the deadly crash. star-studded sendoff. big names in music and movies and thousands of fans pack a detroit park for a concert to the legendary aretha franklin. >> it's heart warming to see the love and support you guys give us. this morning, the final farewell planned for her today. all that plus hole in the wall. the springs a leak after being hit by a small meteorite. get away day, temps are dropping and gas prices are prizing. what you need to know before heading out. sister act, serena and venus williams gearing up for an epic showdown at the u.s. open today,
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friday, august 31, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, welcome to "today," nice to have you with us and to have craig filling in for hoda. two icons being laid to rest today. >> aretha franklin and john mccain will lie in state there at the capital. it was great to hear the vice president with that emotional tribute. we start with tributes to john mccain, shifting to washington, d.c. the senator's home away from home. for more than four decades. >> the first ceremony will be held at 11:00 a.m. in the u.s. capital rotunda. he will lie in state there and the public viewing is set to begin at 1:00 p.m. >> a number of john mccain's friends and colleagues will speak at today's event with vice president mike pence representing the trump administration. >> as mentioned, also expected there, the senator's mom, roberta mccain. she's 106 years old.
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let's get right to nbc national correspondent peter alexander on the hill for us now. good morning, peter. >> good morning, savannah. john mccain, an american hero receiving honors reserved for past presidents and statesmen. we expect to see his flag-draped casket arrive within the next 30 minutes or so. he will be the 1st american to lie in state here -- 31st american to lie in state inside the capital rotunda. you can see many people who loved him, mccain staffers and other dignitaries already arriving. it's a chance for the country he served so proudly to pay its final respects. overnight, john mccain returning to washington for the last time. the arizona senator's remains arriving at joint base andrews outside the nation's capital. defense secretary james mattis greeting members of the mccain family joined by mccain's long-time senate colleagues. it follows an emotional sendoff in mccain's home state of arizona. at the family's church in
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phoenix, a moving celebration of life. featuring a patriotic parade of tributes led by mccain's friend and senate colleague, former vice president joe biden. >> i always thought of john as a brother. we had a hell of a lot of family fights. >> reflecting on what he learned from mccain. >> all politics is personal, it's about trust. i trusted john with my life and i would and i think he would trust me with his. >> reporter: biden recalling his own personal loss, his son beau, who like mccain, died of breast cancer. and his first wife and infant daughter killed in a car accident four decades ago, now helping the mccains through their loss. >> you know you're going to make it when the image of your dad, your husband, your friend crosses your mind and a smile comes to your lips before a tear to your eye. that's when you know.
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and i promise you, i give you my word, i promise you, this i know. >> reporter: biden hailing the late senator as a beacon of bipartisanship while slamming the current political climate, seeming to go after president trump without mentioning him by name. >> it wasn't about politics with john. he could disagree on substance, it was the underlying values that animated everything john did. everything he was. you could come to a different conclusion but where he'd part company with you is if you lacked the basic values of decency, respect, knowing that this project is bigger than yourself. basic fairness. the intolerance for the abuse of power. >> tomorrow there will be another powerful moment. mccain's motorcade will pause at the vietnam veterans memorial,
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his wife laying a ceremonial wreath there, honoring the lives lost where mccain will be eulogized. he'll be buried at the naval academy in annapolis this sunda sunday. >> we want to mention that nbc news will have special coverage of this morning's ceremony at the capital. it should start 10:50 eastern, 7:50 pacific. >> now to president trump addressing criticism he's faced in the wake of senator john mccain's death and his rocky relationship with his own attorney general jeff sessions. nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson has the latest on that. >> the president is back at the white house with the new message to his attorney general -- you can keep your job now but maybe
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not for long. he defended his response and talked about his flip-flop. >> our justice department and our fbi have to start doing their job and doing it right and doing it now. i wanted to stay out, but at some point if it doesn't straighten out properly, i want them to do their job, i will get involved and i will get in there if i have to. >> reporter: his simmering frustration with the russia investigation boiling over at a raucous rally in indiana as the president turns up the heat on his attorney general. >> i'd just like to have jeff sessions do his job and if he did i would be happy. but the job entails two sides, not one side. >> reporter: president trump telling bloomberg news "jeff sessions' job is safe, at least until the midterms in november." but after that he declined to comment.
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by saying nothing the president implied plenty, hinting heavily at an expiration date for a cabinet member he's attacked repeatedly. >> they said that since i had involvement with the campaign i should not be involved in any campaign investigation. >> the president defended himself at how he handled the death of john mccain, lowering the flag at half-staff for just a day. he bowed to pressure to lower it down longer. asked if he missed an opportunity to unite the country, president trump disagreed. he's reflecting on his rocky relationship with mccain. >> we had our disagreements and they were strong disagreements. i disagreed with many of the things that i assume he believed in but i respect his service to
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the country. >> the president was asked whether he thought john mccain would have made a better president than barack obama who, of course, beat mccain in the 2008 election. the president has made clear he disagrees politically with both men and he steered clear of the question, not answering, saying he has a strong opinion on that topic but would maybe share it someday later, craig and savannah. breaking overnight, the death toll is rising from that terrible head-on bus crash on a new mexico highway and this morning we're starting to find out about what may have caused it. nbc's gadi schwartz is at the scene for us. gadi, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. it sounds like this crash may have started with a blown tire from a semi on the other side of the highway. seven people lost their lives in this tragedy and we know dozens of others were injured, some are not expected to survive. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: a horrifying sight for drivers. a greyhound bus and semi truck
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headed in opposite directions on interstate 40 in new mexico when disaster struck. >> the bus was coming westbound in the westbound lane, the truck was going eastbound in the eastbound lane. the truck blows out a tire, crosses over the median and then the bus and the truck collide head on. >> reporter: greyhound bus 1333 with 49 passengers on board was headed from albuquerque to phoenix when it crashed near the new mexico/arizona border thursday afternoon. >> there's one person hanging out the window. >> reporter: many passengers 234 critical condition, others recovering from injuries ranging from bone fractures to liver lacerations. >> it was hard to see that, see the pain in the people's -- their eyes. >> reporter: christopher jones was one of the first on the scene, helping the victims before emergency crews arrived? >> there was a lot of screaming, people in need of help. there was a woman there that was pregnant with twins and her husband was just screaming for anybody to help. >> reporter: the semi's cargo was strewn across the highway.
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the front end of the greyhound bus demolished after being struck head on. the impact so powerful debris from the crash found hundreds of feet away. >> everything is such a mess down there. the officers when they first got here, it was chaos. >> reporter: the truck driver survive it had crash but the fate of the bus driver is unknown. the accident causing gridlocks on one of the state's busiest thoroughfares. the ntsb is on scene looking for clues into how everything went so horribly wrong. >> gadi, you look at the accident scene there and while tragic, it's hard to believe there were not more lives lost. you mentioned the ntsb being on the san. what do investigators look for in accidents like this? >> that focus will be on the tire that blew on the semi that might have caused this crash but these semis are designed to withstand some type of blowout without a catastrophic failure so ntsb investigators will be looking at things like speed,
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condition of the driver, whether he was fatigued or had health issues as well as possible mechanical failures on the big rig. guys, back to you. >> gadi schwartz in new mexico, back to you. a man in california is on bail after threatening to kill employees of the "boston globe" newspaper. pete williams has more on that story. pete, good morning to you. >> savannah, the employees who took these calls in the newsroom of the "boston globe" had no idea where they were coming from. the fbi says they came from that california man, robert chain, who threatened to shoot reporters in the head for criticizing president trump. >> get out of our way. >> take a hike you bozos. >> reporter: overnight, robert chain was not apologetic after a federal judge released him on bail. >> america was saved when donald j. trump was elected president. >> reporter: the fbi says chain's threatening calls to the "boston globe" began august 10, the same day the globe launched
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a national campaign urging newspapers to run editorials supporting a free press. the fbi says inn several of his threatening calls to the "globe" he said, quote, you are the enemy of the people. it's a phrase president trump repeatedly used to criticize the news media. >> i call the fake news the enemy of the people, and they are. they are the enemy of the people. >> reporter: the fbi said in one call the voice said, quote, i'm going to shoot you in the effing head later today. on thursday, the fbi arrested chain in encino, california, after tracing the calls to his house. the 68-year-old was charged with using interstate communications to make threats. authorities say he had weapons and bought a rifle three months ago. the committee to protect journalists says threats against newsrooms are on the rise. >> president trump needs to stop using this kind of rhetoric. it's a dangerous game. the kind of rhetoric who can inspire people who have hostility towards the media to take action. >> the associated press says a
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caller threatened to shoot people in its los angeles bureau and a globe editor says there's a deeper message. >> surveys show 5 1% of republicans agree with president trump's characterization that the press is the enemy of the people. >> after his brief court appearance in los angeles, chain was ordered to appear in boston to face the threat charges. that's where he'll enter a plea. investigators say when they searched his house they found 20 firearms, though no sign he was planning to travel to massachusetts. savannah, craig? >> pete williams in our washington numb room. thank you, pete. a former nbc producer is accusing the network of trying to kill the harvey weinstein story before it went public. that's according to a report in the "new york times." rich mchugh worked on the weinstein story with ronan faro. mchugh said they were told to stand down on the story.
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nbc news denies the accusations saying farrow's story was not ready for air. they said he didn't have a single victim of or witness to misconduct by weinstein who was willing to be identified. nbc news executives told the "times" farrow asked if he could take the story to another outlet and they agreed. it was published in the "new yorker" two months later after the story was first reported by the "new york times." in a statement, nbc news said "the assertion that nbc news tried to kill the weinstein story while ronan farrow was at nbc news or more ludicrously after he left nbc news is an outright lie. >> colin kaepernick's fight is heading to the courtroom. he claims that nfl owners conspired to keep him out of the league because of his protests over social injustice. on thursday an arbitrator denied the league's request to throw
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out the complaint and said the case will go to trial. kaepernick began a wave of protests by nfl players two seasons ago when he kneeled during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial inequality. lots of folks hitting the road this labor day weekend and there are some concerns over the weather apparently mr. roker. >> of course there are, big holiday weekend. let's break out the big wall. cool in the northeast, showers in the mid-atlantic states, heavy rain in the gulf, strong storms in the mid-mississippi river valley. western third of the country looking good sunday humidity increasing. a flood threat in the central plains staying hot out west and then on labor day, the big day, sunny and dry through the western plains, west coast looks good. we have showers through the southwest. heavy rain in the central plains, scattered storms in the northeas northeast. major midwest airport hubs will
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be affected. possible delays from storms and on the roads. heavy rain, ponding on the roads, especially i-94 and i-35 as well. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. i love this! lease the c300 sedan for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. certainly a foggy last day of august. you can see how dense the fog is. our current temperatures right now in the 50s and low 60s across the bay area. as you head out 56 for san francisco.
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it is 55 for palo alto. further into the interior 58 for livermore. into the afternoon temperatures will increase into the 80s for san jose. upper 80s for inland areas. and that is your latest weather. more south carolina signs with craig melvin. going to give them $10. >> the woman asking for the $10 you promised her. >> price went up to 15. >> thank you both so much. mr. roker, coming up here. this is our favorite story of the day. sudden leak on the international space station. the stunning way astronauts are dealing with that alarming problem. >> very, very technical. plus celebrating a star and her unforgettable songs. ♪ what you need you know i got it ♪ >> all of detroit singing and dancing last night, tribute to aretha franklin. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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with fructis sleek & shine. hair is super sleek, even in 97% humidity. no parabens. garnier fructis sleek & shine. super fruit. super hair. muni - now responding to video going viral overnight - showing two passengers trynig to kick a third passenger off a stopped train in san francico. right now there are many good morning. it's 7:26. many unanswered questions including which train this was and where it tack place. at one point that video showing that one of those men put that younger rider in a choke hold. you can also hear others telling them to stop. a short time ago they posted a response saying it is working with police to get some answers. right now we want to take a look at your weather. a cool start to the day. >> indeed.
7:27 am
we have plenty of fog along the coastline in san francisco. check out the inland temperatures. as far as your temperature trend into the afternoon we are in the 60s now. we r we'll climb in the upper 60s. it is 77 degrees, upper 70s. we are tracking 80s for today. inland temperatures 79 degrees. it is 87 for concord. it gets warmer at 86 degrees. this is setting us up for a weekend of 90s, mike. >> all right. we are looking over here. look at this. only a light slowing. this complicates things a little bit for south 280 and up towards san francisco. we are recovering from an earlier crash and involving a number of vehicles. this is north 101 past the 280 connector. metering lights are on.
7:28 am
a little slowing from westbound highway you see an upper right corner. >> all right. another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. "peppermin
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7:30 now on friday morning. it's getaway day. we're heading to the holiday weekend and temps are starting to cool down. i love that. but there is weather to talk about as we get into the unofficial end of summer. al's forecast is over in weather heaven. big monitors, he's happy as a clam. >> hard to believe it's the last day of august. >> i've been telling you since july summer is over. >> you've been trying to kill summer for a long time. we'll start with a check of today's headlines. the flag-draped casket of john mccain at the nation's capital. last night an air force transport carrying the body of longtime lawmaker and war hero landed at joint air force base
7:31 am
andrews in d.c. defense secretary mattis along with lawmakers and dozens of mccain staff gathered on the tarmac to pay their respects. followed a final farewell in phoenix at a memorial service yesterday an emotional vice president joe biden remembered mccain as a brother. today mccain becomes just the 31st person to lie in state in the u.s. capitol rotunda. >> now to chicago, a buildup of methane gas is suspected of causing an explosion that happened at a water treatment plant. thursday's blast blew the roof off the one-story building, at least 10 workers were hurt after being trapped under steel beams and rubble. one man critically injured after being entombed in sludge. firefighters were called in, had to dig several feet down and tunnel their way in to reach him. if you're hitting the road this holiday weekend, get ready to dig a little deeper into your wallet. labor day gas prices are at a four-year high. the national average for regular gas is $2.85. that's about $0.43 more than
7:32 am
drivers paid this time last year. analysts warn that americans really shouldn't expect much relief beyond labor day. they predict prices will come down about $0.10 per gallon in late september. >> if you travel by car, you could travel by space station. this sounds like the stuff of sci-fi movies but this happened. we're learning the international space station apparently has sprung a leak. at one point one of the astronauts on board had to use, yes, his finger to plug the hole. nbc's tom costello joins us with this one. okay, tom. we're waiting to hear it. >> funny unless you're the guy up there. a little more serious. this started wednesday night. mission control noticed pressure on board the station started dropping slowly. they alerted astronauts on board who found a tiny hole the size of a dime. the solution, what else, high-tech duct tape. an urgent scramble in outerspace, six astronauts hustling to fix a small tear on board international space station.
7:33 am
wednesday night flight controllers on the ground detected a minor pressure leak on board. >> two separate manual pressure gauges are showing that the pressure continues to drop. >> determining the crew on board wasn't in immediate danger, they let them sleep. when the astronauts awoke the next morning, they sprang into action. with help from mission control in houston and moscow, according to nasa the leak source, a hole, roughly 2 millimeters in diameter. they believe it may have been caused by tiny micrometeorite. the ship launched taking three astronauts to the station, including alexander and sergei. the duo playing an integral role stopping the leak.
7:34 am
gurst plugged it with a finger, then another used epoxy on a gauze wipe. in a tweet overnight he highlighted the teamwork. yesterday showed again how valuable our emergency training is. we could locate and stop a leak in our soyuz. scott kelly, who commanded the space station during multiple missions wrote, we've dodged a lot of bullets over the past 20 years. a serious issue to be resolved. great job by the crew. for now cabin pressure is holding steady and nasa says there's no threat to the astronauts on board. >> let's talk about the tweet from scott kelly about the space junk surrounding the space station. how many pieces are we talking about here?
7:35 am
>> 750,000 pieces of junk, all orbiting the globe. you don't want to have a collision with one of these things but it's the first time it's happened on the space station. >> we were laughing about plugging the hole with their finger but incredible courage. all eyes on one man and one man only. he has the forecast for the weekend. >> i'm wearing underwear made of duct tape. >> always takes a turn. >> what kind of segue is that. >> the mental image. >> it's good enough for the space station. anyway, look, it's cooler than it's been for a while. look at the temperatures changes, we've seen a 5 to 12 degree change. it's going to stay nice today. temperatures are generally a little cooler, or at least very close to the averages throughout the northeast. it will start to slowly warm up
7:36 am
through the labor day weekend, but we're starting to see something heat up. that's the tropics. we've got a potential tropical cyclone just beyond cape verde islands. 35-mile-per-hour winds moving west northwest at 12 miles per hour. we don't think it's going to affect land but we're going to have to continue to watch it. early next week we've got a potential development in the gulf, which will bring rain from hispaniolas and bahamas. that's what going on around the country, h we are temperatures in the 60s. nice shot of walnut creek. we can expect to see partial clearing into the afternoon. fog hugging the coastline. it is 80 degrees expected for san jose. taking it over the east bay. 83 and temperatures will warm by about 10 degrees.
7:37 am
senator john mccain will lie in state now. a short time ago, the motorcade carrying the senator's body arrived at the u.s. capital, among those set to speak this morning are vice president mike pence house paul ryan and senate majority leader republican mitch mcconnell, but before it all begins, let's go to kasie hunt just outside the capital with a vantage point on all of this. john mccain >> john mccain is coming to his beloved capital for what will be the final time.
7:38 am
he will only be the 31st person to receive that honor in our nation's history. so you can probably see behind me senator john mccain waiting to greet her husband's casket. they are waiting if for right moment to take the casket out of the hearse. these steps lead up into the capitol rotunda where he will lie in state. this institution, mitch mcconnell, the republican leader said this, chuck schumer the democratic leader. this institution is not going to be the same without this man. john mccain was -- it's not exaggerating in the slight toast say he loved being here. he loved serving in the united states senate and he is everything that all of those who have been paying tribute to him describe him as.
7:39 am
we would chase him through the hallways in the last year or so of his life when he made an enormous mark on what had been the republican signature attempt at an achievement as soon as they -- republicans controlled the white house and the congress and that was health care. he put his thumb down, we've seen that video play but at the same time, mitch mcconnell, paul ryan, the republican leaders set to honor him today and now they are removing the casket from the hearse. >> as we look at a picture of cindy mccain, his widow with a hanger chief in her hand. the grandchildren will be here as well as well as john mccain's mother 160-year-old roberta mccain will be here as well. we're expecting to hear in just a while from the senate majority leader, the speaker of the house
7:40 am
and the vice president mike pence kelly o'donnell is in the russell rotunda. and there's been talking of renaming one of the buildings after john mccain. senator john mccain's office was in the building one floor below where we often do our wide reports from it's a place where he was regular in the hallways. let's pause and watch this moment as a military honor guard, something senator john mccain has been honored with and would have been so proud to have at this moment returning to the united states capitol.
7:41 am
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7:45 am
we've been watching as the casket of john mccain, former senator from arizona, was escorted into the senate side of the capitol building by his family. you notice in dress whites his
7:46 am
son jack mccain who followed his father into the naval academy. i want to bring kelly o'donnell back in as we look at the crowd that has gathered here. notables, senators, all kinds of administration officials inside the capital rotunda. it will be a ceremony involving all of these notable people but also it will be a day where the public can pay their respecteds. >> that's what makes this sort of the intersection of political life, the elected officials anf. this is a place where people can file past and pay their respects. we expect many will do so. it's one of the ritual of saying good-bye to people of note in the country. the 31st american to be given this special honor of lying in state. there have been others who have lain in honor or repose but lying in state is the highest
7:47 am
designation for a person to be republican this is way. often reserved for presidents and for john mccain, an office he sought twice and didn't reach but for many ways the remembrance would be on par with the way we say farewell to presidents. it was notable, the sound of rain as the casket was coming into the u.s. capitol. we don't get a chance to pause and experience a moment like that. if you could hear the thumping, that was the rain that has opened up in washington as john mccain is being remembered. you talked about son jack, a helicopter pilot, eldest son doug was a navy pilot, he has another son that is a marine. so military service is something john mccain inherited and passed on to his sons as well. for the family, this has been a long, challenging process because the illness itself was
7:48 am
long about difficult and it was something many times being in touch with close friends and family they thought if there was anyone who could beat it, it would be john mccain and this spring is when he took a turn and it became clearer that he would not survive and it would only be a matter of months and that's when he started reaching out personally to ask people to deliver eulogies. we have seen in vice president biden in phoenix and saturday from former president's barack obama and george w. bush and others who will participate, including family members. >> i want to go back to kasie hunt who is standing outside and watched the procession go in, kasie, as we look at the rotunda, this is the middle of the capitol building. above the shot is the actual capitol rotunda, that beautiful site. this is a place that has a history and the object you see
7:49 am
in the middle of the room where the casket will sit was used for abraham lincoln. it's a history and there's a sense of bipartisanship on this day. there's nancy pelosi, the democratic leader, this is not a republican affair, this is a bipartisan affair. >> kate, that's exactly right. john mccain was somebody who relished working across the aisle. he operated in a mold that is less and less common these days in the united states senate. the senate has been graced with -- they've tend to call them lions in the parlance of the chamber, people who were willing to show courage. you mentioned ted kennedy. he was one of those people in the senate and a friend of senator mccain and senator mccain eulogized senator kennedy
7:50 am
when he passed away from the same disease, nine years to the day that john mccain succumbs to this terrible brain cancer that also took joe biden's son beau, a terrible, terrible disease but at the time john mccain said in the eulogy that after labor day, after the remembrances were over he would go back to the united states senate but that without kennedy it would never be the same and that's the sentiment we have heard time and time again about mccain himself now as the country grieves and mourns him. there are fewer senators who -- frankly he had a stature that put him on the same plane with many foreign leaders. you might remember after president trump was elected john mccain traveled abroad to many of america's allies with a message of reassurance and he was one of the only people that really had the stature to be able to do something like that
7:51 am
and he will be greatly missed, kate. >> as we watch the vice president entering along with paul ryan, the speaker of the hou house. mitch mcconnell, the senate republican leader, all three with speak. while we have a moment, i want to go to mike murphy, veteran gop strategist, a long time friend and adviser to senator mccain, including during his first presidential run, thank you for being with us. your thoughts as we prepare to watch this ceremony? >> it just reminds me how much john was a senate institutionalist and what was remarkable about him is his gift for creating friends but he would swap those when most of them, they hide them like an alice it is affair, almost like a shameful thing. for mccain it was one of the most important things that you could work across party dogma a divides in order to get something done for the country. mccain had been the navy's
7:52 am
lobbyist in the senate near the end of his naval career and the navy didn't have a participant fight, it was about his relationship with all senators trying to serve the national security and mccain never let go of that. he believed in the senate. and he wanted senators to communicate and have relationships across the party divide. that was one of his purposes. >> and, mike, even in his farewell statement that was put out posthumously, he talked about bringing the country together. >> yeah, he understood having served his entire life the greater cause of the country the dangers out there in the world when we have a disunified country. so he wanted politics and the way government worked to be something bigger and better than that. he was a committed conservative. he disagreed a lot but he knew that united was stronger and he didn't like the division in our politics and he thinks part of the way he planned his service
7:53 am
is to send that message to the next generation. it doesn't have to be that way. >> let's take a pause and just listen.
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> let us pray. we give you thanks, almighty god, for the appearance among us of great men and women who serve as inspirations for all americans to be their best in service to god, country, and neighbor. this day, we honor a true
7:56 am
american hero, senator john mccain. he dedicated his entire life to public service as a vocation, first in the military and then in elected office. he placed himself directly in harm's way during the vietnam war and his great sacrifice of personal freedom is well known. as a senator, he served with honesty and integrity, working both with those with whom he agreed and many with whom he did not. his willingness to speak the truth as he understood it, even when it was not politically expedient to do so proved to be a rare phenomenon. for that reason. it was all the more precious.
7:57 am
as we continue this celebration of honor grant that all who attend these proceedings might transcend smallness and limitation and emerge as people desirous of being our best "self"s in service to all our brothers and sisters as you might call each of us to be. dear lord, thank you for inspiring such greatness in senator john mccain and continue to bless the united states of america. amen.
7:58 am
>> mr. vice president, mr. speaker, colleagues, distinguish guests, and the mccain family. it's an honor to welcome you this morning. we gather to recognize a great loss and celebrate a great life. we celebrate six decades of devotion to the american idea and the cause of human freedom. generations of americans will continue to marvel at the man who lies before us. the cocky, handsome naval aviator who barely scraped through school and then fought for freedom in the skies. who witnessed values even through terrible torture and who became a generational leader in
7:59 am
the united states senate where our nation airs its great debates. now, airing our great debates is a gentle way to describe how john approached the work of a senator. i've long joked that his guards at the hanoi hilton probably needed group therapy after john was finished with him. let's just say there were times when some of his senate colleagues were tempted to form a support group of our own. he treated every issue with the intensity to people's business that it deserved. he would fight tooth and nail for his vision of the common good, depending on the issue, you knew john would either be your staunchest ally or your most stubborn opponent. at any moment he might be preparing an eloquent reflection on human liberty or a devastating joke served up with
8:00 am
his signature cackle and that john mccain glint in his eye. he had america's fighting spirit, our noble idealism, our solemn patriotism, and our slightly irreverent streak all rolled into one.3 c3 y sus cicatrices nos recordaban
8:01 am
john mccain stood up for every value that capital. he felt the same patriotism inside its walls. it's only right that today near the end of his long journey, john lies here. in this great wall, under this mighty dome, like other american heroes before him. here, as a restless wave approaches the shores of
8:02 am
eternity. we thank god for giving this country john mccain. on behalf of a grateful nation, and on behalf of congress, i want to begin by giving thanks to the mccain family. for your many years of service to our country. we share your anguish in losing this great man. rarely does this glorious rotunda fall silent at this hour. on a day like this, john would usually be bounding this way or that way right through here, visitors turning to each other,
8:03 am
asking, is that who they think it is? but in this quiet hour, we are left to ponder how his life speaks to us. john mccain deserves to be remembered as he wished to be remembered. a patriot who served his country. a man of the senate but also a man of the house. a navy man. a family man. a man who made an enormous difference in the lives of countless people. a man of conviction. a man of state. there's a line from his farewell statement that really just grabbed me.
8:04 am
our identities and sense of worth are not circumscribed but larger than our causes themselves. that's john mccain. how fitting and how true. what stands out about john mccain is what he stood for. the rich blessings that only freedom can bestow. the sense of purpose that a battle joined can bring. the common humanity that burns in each of our hearts. he hemingway once wrote, the world breaks everyone, afterward, many are strong at the broken places. no one -- no one was stronger at the broken places than john mccain.
8:05 am
the broken neness -- he never l the joy that time can dull or the edge that political life so often sands away. i myself from time to time, find myself on the receiving end of john's distinct brand of candor. happily so. i remember thinking more than once, yeah, he really does talk like a sailor. but you see with john it was never disagreements, the man didn't feign anything. he just relished the fight. he showed us in the arena the honest back and forth, that's where the cause gets bigger. that's where the triumph is all the sweeter. we get stronger at the broken places.
8:06 am
though, the highest office eluded him, he attained what's far more enduring. the abiding affection of his fellow citizens. an example for future generations. so, i think about now, i think ahead when i like so many will bring my own children and perhaps their children to that hallowed lawn in annapolis. i think about that. i think about what i might say to them. this is one of the bravest souls our nation has ever produced. however you choose to do your part, i hope you do it the way he did it. with energy and urgency.
8:07 am
playing for keeps. never back on your heels. never letting principle yield to experience. resisting the false allure of fleeting. and always, always having a really good story to tell. today, our nation bows in grief. but here, under the woin the gr the greats were soldiers known and unknown have laid before, we have this beautiful thing the chance to do for this man what he did for us. to stand up. to stand up and to embrace the cause of his life. no one of us can fulfill this charge.
8:08 am
but all of us sure can try. because all of this -- all of this -- it's worth fighting for. god bless john mccain. and god bless the country he so dearly loved. leader mcconnell, speaker
8:09 am
ryan, leader schumer and leader pelosi. distinguished members of congress. members of the cabinet. members of our armed forces and honored guests and most of all, to the mccain family. to cindy. his children. and mrs. roberta mccain. it's deeply humbling to stand before you today at the united states capitol to commemorate the life and service of an american patriot. senator john mccain. the president asked me to be here. on behalf of a grateful nation. to pay a debt of honor and respect to a man who served our country throughout his life.
8:10 am
in uniform and in public office. and it's my great honor to be here. in the long history of our nation only 30 americans have lain in state in the united states capitol rotunda. today, as a reflection of his colleagues and our country hold him, senator john mccain joins those ranks. the son and the grandson of four-star admirals. john came from a family that prized military service. he entered the united states naval academy when he was just 17 years old. his service as a naval aviator took him around world, and eventually to the war in vietnam. it was there on his 23rd bombing run that john was shot down and
8:11 am
captured. refusing early release for the sake of his come rerades. he endured 5 1/2 years of confinement and torture. then as now, americans marveled at the iron will of john mccain. but captivity did not disminnish john's sense of calling or his commitment to mission. as he would later say, i fell in love with my country when e was a prisoner in someone else's. after he made it home, john traded service in the uniform of the united states for service in congress. exchanging the rank of captain for congressman. and later senator. for 35 years, john served in these very halls under this very
8:12 am
dome. and he fought for what he believed in. in my years in congress, and as vice president, we did not always agree, either. and he almost always noticed. but his support for limited government, for tax reform, and support for all our armed forces surely left our nation more prosperous and more secure and he will be missed. as president trump said yesterday, we respect his service to the country. like many of you gathered here, i also had the privilege of traveling with senator john mccain to visit our troops overseas. earlier this week, i told cindy of a time on a trip through iraq, after another 18-hour day,
8:13 am
when i was literally falling asleep in the middle of a dinner with iraqi officials. after the dinner, john, who was more than 20 years older than me, walked up, put his hand on my shoulder and said, mike, we got a few more meetings tonight. but why don't you turn in, you look like you could use some rest. thanks, john. honestly, seeing him down range i never traveled with a colleague who was better to our enlisted or harder on our generals. john mccain loved the men and women who served in the uniform of the united states and he was a champion of our armed forces
8:14 am
throughout his career. in every generation, there are those who put country first. who prize service ahead of self. who summon idealism from a cynical age. john mccain was such a man. tod today, he lies in the place where he served to the last, the congress of the united states. soon, he'll go to rest on the grounds where he served first -- the united states naval academy. the eyes of the american people will be upon him as he goes. and so, too, will their prayers. for him. and especially for his beloved family. gathered here today. and we'll pray that those who
8:15 am
mourn shall be comforted. so, we mourn with those who mourn. and we grieve with those who grieve. john mccain like millions of americans, held firm to that hope from an old hymn that became a title of a book he wrote some 20 years ago, "faith of our fathers." the full stanza of that hymn reads, faith of our fathers living still, in spite of dungeon, fire and sword, oh, how or hearts beat high with joy when we hear that fwloers you word. john mccain held firm to that faith. the faith of his fathers. .
8:16 am
through dungeons, fire and sword. and he held fast to his faith in america. through six decades of service. we gather here today to honor an american patriot. served a cause greater than himself. and we gather here, remembering a man who knew how he wanted to be remembered. and so let me say, to all those gathered and his beloved family, on behalf of a grateful nation we will ever remember that john mccain served his country and john mccain served his country honorably. may god bless the memory of john mccain.
8:17 am
may god comfort his family and friends and may god continue to please the united states of america.
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
let us bow our hands for the benediction. eternal lord god who has made of one blood all the people of the earth. we give thanks for the consequential life of senator john mccain. a drum major for courage. truth and justice. accept our gratitude for his commitment to make decisions based upon principles. for his pragmatic leadership during turbulent times.
8:22 am
and for his life of exemplary and heroic service. lord, we are grateful for his efforts to do what was in the country's best interest. and for providing inspiration that kept our nation strong. we praise you for permitting senator john mccain to remind us that we are tied to a single garment of destiny. needing one another to fulfill your purposes for our lives. may the life of this american patriot inspire us to see you more clearly. to love you more dearly. and to follow you more nearly
8:23 am
each day. now, unto him who's able to keep us without stumbling or slipping and to present us before the presence of his glory with unspeakable delight we ascribe glory, majesty and might, dominion and power, now and always. we pray in the name of senator john mccain's redeemer, jesus christ. amen.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
as we watch the rest of the family pay respects to senator
8:28 am
john mccain. we saw his wife, children, grandchildren all filing past. a moment that's so deeply personal for this family. a moment of shared grief with the entire family. kelly o'connell is with me. has covered john mccain for years on capitol hill. and kelly, you've been speaking with friends and family. henry kissinger approaches the casket right now. >> longtime friend and adviser of the senator. they were friends for decades. we did see his seven children, he has four young adult grandchildren and one toddler who's not here today. and then the sons and daughters in law of the mccain family. his brother joe who bears a stri striking resemblance and then
8:29 am
seeing roberta mccain, 106 years old, is so touching. against the normal order of things for a parent to bury a child. the child was nearly 82. john mccain often told me when we would be in situations here around the capitol, he would laugh about his longevity. we were on a plane once. it was a very bumpy ride. he said don't worry, i've been in enough scrapes i'm going to live forever. sadly it was just short of 82. friends and family in recent days, i have had time to speak with them and spend time with them. what struck me is that they described in his final days he was happy and a word that many used, he was content and that's the way most people would want their lives to reach a conclusion. >> we heard from vice president mike pence. the highest ranking the and only
8:30 am
member of the administration who will speak at these events that will take place over the next couple of days. . the burial happening on sunday. kasie hunt is outside the capitol. this will now once all of those in in the rotunda have a chance to pay their respects it will then open to the public. explain to us what will happen this afternoon. >> that's right, kate. the traditional way we go about this process of lying in state and one of the great traditions is is that it's for the public, for the americans that senator john mccain served for so many years. starting at 1:00 eastern time, they'll open these doors to the public. the doors will stay open for viewing until 8:00 tonight. unless there's still people stayi standing in line, if that's the case, they'll allow them to pay
8:31 am
their respects. some remarkable symbolism out here on the east front of the capitol. the sun is shining on the capitol. it was pouring, pouring down rain for just only a few minutes right as the casket was carried inside. a reflection of the mourning and the celebration of john mccain's life as we have seen here today. kate. >> kasie, thank you so much. our thank as well to kelly o'donnell and much more on all of this, the remembrance for john mccain and tributes on aretha franklin also happening today. the news tonight on nbc "nightly news." for now, i'm kate snow. nbc news in new york. .
8:32 am
we're going to take a closer look at what's causing that problem just ahead. >> get dominos to fix that. >> look ahead to fall wedding trends. you're going to be seeing them everywhere. guys, i don't know if you know this but orange is the new pink. >> exactly. >> and we're going to dive into labor day barbecue, surf and turf. steak. everything else you're going to want to eat this holiday weekend. >> sunny anderson. doing a little lady and the tramp thing right there. very nice. >> mr. roker, how about a check of labor day forecast. >> we like state fairs around here. we call it state fair friday. a look at the forecast all around the country. start out west, alaska state fair blue ribbon forecast, same in salem, plenty of sunshine. pueblo, colorado good as well. same in nebraska.
8:33 am
as we make our way east in michigan, afternoon storms, 85, maryland looking at showers. blue ribbon in new hampshire for the state fair there. i'm not even going to try to pronounce that. syracuse in new york, we're looking at showers and a temperature of about that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> the fog has taken over san francisco. this is a live look right now. you can barely see the buildings behind all of that fog. our current conditions right now definitely in the 50s but will warm up into the upper 70s and some 80s on the map. san jose, 80 degrees. into the east bay, oakland, topping out in the low 70s at about 73 degrees. check out concord, we're talking about 87 degrees. a lot of the peninsula will climb into the upper 70s. low 60s. >> don't forget, take us along with you today, sirius xm 108 happens to be free until
8:34 am
september 10th. good looking group. now back to the studio. >> mr. roker, thank you. thursday we showed you what's causing venice to sink. not the only iconic italian city literally crumbling before our eyes. >> kelly cobiella in rome with a growing concern there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. of course tourists flock to the amazing city to see incredible ancient ruins like the coliseum. but these days they are stumbling into modern ruins, o too. rome may be the eternal city but these days all roads lead to this. >> a bit of a pothole problem in rome. did you notice. >> no way i drive my car here, it would fall apart. >> the ground is disappearing under their feet. nearly 15 sinkholes opened up so far this year on track to set a record. this one swallowed six cars and forced evacuations.
8:35 am
>> they sit there for months and months and nobody comes to fix them. >> holy rome becoming a running joke online. even catching 007 off-guard. daniel craig was reportedly injured filming a chase scene in rome when bond's aston martin hit a pothole. many romans are refusing to ride their iconic mopeds and you can see why. i think i'd rather walk. those who dare to stroll risk a sprained ankle or worse, bad backs, broken bones. so what's causing this ancient city to crumble? experts blame the rainiest winter in years, almost constant traffic, and underneath rome's busy streets, a huge void. this is what rome was built on, a massive maze of caves and tunnels. >> how much tunnelling is there under rome.
8:36 am
>> infinity. >> even i can understand that. >> at least 20 square miles of tunnels. their 2,000-year-old walls crumbling. >> as you can see, there's a big crack. very dangerous. eventually the ceiling comes down creating a sinkhole above. experts are still mapping underground labyrinth and haven't yet found a way to stop the erosion. back aboveground, the city promised to spend millions to fill 50,000 potholes a month. >> obstacle course. >> not fast enough for these pothole vigilantes. filling holes, patching the streets. >> so you fixed how many? one, two, three -- >> four. >> four holes. >> yes. too many. >> architects, store owners and administers all volunteers spreading asphalt and goodwill. >> you spend your weekend doing this. >> yes, for rome.
8:37 am
for our city. >> trying to restore roman roads to their former glory. >> with endless holes to fill, the problem isn't going away any time soon, so the advice to tourists, wear sensible shoes and watch your step. guys. >> all right. kelly cobiella there for us in rome. >> yesterday carson volunteered to go to venice. >> and i hold true to that. >> move over tradition, surprising new trends you're going to see at weddings this fall. this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
there comes a point when you realize the bathroom you used to love needs a makeover. let a professional rebath design consultant help craft the look you want with quality products in today's styles. all presented in a way that makes decisions easy. out with the old in with the new from design, to done! call 925-233-6471 and save $1000 off your complete bathroom remodel
8:39 am
we are back getting ready for fall. guess what, the wedding season for fall is in full bloom. 43% of this year's weddings will take place from late september to november. the two most popular dates for a wedding are in october. by the way, if you're keeping track, the ceremonies aren't cheap. between engagement, reception,
8:40 am
honeymoon, the average cost for tying the knot stands at $36,000. the creative director at wedding, we're going to talk about the hottest new wedding trends. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> we're standing under one of them. >> balloons are not about kid parties anymore. so fun, unexpected, which is what these trends are about. vibrant colors with florals. speaking of pops, we have a brand-new color for fall. so orange is in. >> so not like fall kind of dark orange but bright popping orange. >> bright popping orange. you need to do it in a subtle way. you see it incorporated in florals, maybe linens. we're also seeing it used in stationary like invitations and place cards. >> people like a fall wedding, weather is more predictable. >> a lot of people want an outdoor element to their wedding. >> just incorporate a pop of orange into your stationary.
8:41 am
>> i like it. it's bright but has that fall feel. how are cocktails trending this year? >> farm to table is really big. what we're seeing is whole fruit cocktails come into signature drinks. a pear mojito, pomegranate champagne, which is delicious. >> beautiful. >> my ultimate favorite is fig and honey martini. >> i like it. they all have a little bit of a fall feel. i knew what's happening, carson and craig coming right over. now the sweets, guys. you should just stick around. >> just come hang out. >> for desert, obviously there's wedding cake but a lot of times people have a desert buffet. this looks like breakfast for me. breakfast for desert. >> weddings revealed couples are steering away from cake. they are taking a personal element into desert tables. if you love breakfast, have that be your late night snack and do this beautiful spread. bite-sized.
8:42 am
carson loves this. so does craig. >> this is fun, so cute. >> like they just did, take a quick bite and head back to the dance floor. >> i hope people are looking at this, little waffles with french toast. >> strawberries, a little creme fresh. >> this is very small. >> take your big concept in the past and make it tiny. >> that's adorable. >> a quick bite, head back to the dance floor. my ultimate favorite, interactive desert station. >> show us how it works. >> you literally take your graham cracker. grab a little stick and march m -- marshmallow. >> this is fun. >> different chocolates. you can melt it. >> do it up. >> yeah. you make your own s'mores. >> i love it. what are these lantern things. >> these are carabiners
8:43 am
providing a subtle fire. >> make it a little hot. now, this beautiful wreath. >> yeah. if you want a more whimsical look, you can go with infinity wreath. it's better for a budget. you can decide how elaborate. it can be ceremony or photo booth for instagram worthy pops. >> the balloons are a little cheaper than flowers, too. >> they are. they definitely can be. >> a great budget item. look at this cool bride and groom. this is so cute. >> we have makina and phillip. she's wearing a denim jacket over her dress. you can see she's actually personalized the back. this is amazing for photo opportunities for bride and groom. phil is wearing new color for fall. his suit is a burgundy. this is a new blue. the best part about it, you can now rent your tuxes. it's actually much more affordable. we're seeing that with dresses and bridesmaids dresses.
8:44 am
we love this color for fall. >> thank you so much. let's turn around so we can see your beautiful face. thank you so much. finally, we are so excited to shake it up with the exit toss. so couples are incorporating their story into final exit at the reception. sprinkles if you love sweets, more oka moroccos if you love t >> don't throw that. cute. you have to have a better aim than i do. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. just ahead getting you ready for labor day cookouts with two chefs and fresh take o surfn a
8:45 am
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all right. we are staying outside for
8:47 am
"today" food. this morning we're heading into the holiday weekend, the unofficial end of summer. if you're planning the last cookout, we've got the perfect menu items for an epic feast. we've got our friends anthony scott in new york city, sunny anderson as well. a couple of great recipes to impress your guest, coming over for the barbecue. anthony, start with you. >> sure. >> a beautiful display of food here. >> let's think about a warm pasta salad. traditionally a pasta salad warm or cold. give me two minutes, i'll explain that reason. what i did, i did linguine. the package recommended somewhere around 12 to 14 minutes. i did this for six. >> why half? because you're going to continue to cook. >> what it's going to be, once it gets into the pasta salad itself, you don't want it mushy and gooey. you want it to have texture. this gives you texture. once it cools down i'm going to add olive oil to it and put it
8:48 am
in the refrigerator overnight. that's what that looks like. in here what i've done. >> so many do it fresh. >> the problem i'm going to add parmesan cheese and it gets goopy if hot. veined and deshelled, 16 to 20 per pound, salt, pepper, seasoning. >> what's the liquid. >> a little olive oil. >> i'm just going to put some color to this. we want them to be pink. you get this, no problem. >> got it. >> once we've done that, by the way, got it to pink, we're going to let that come to room temperatures again. >> got it. >> in a pan i've added olive oil and butter. we're going to add suzuki to this first. >> they are bigger, let them cook down a little bit. >> them tomatoes. >> all that garlic. >> salt. >> sunny was commenting about
8:49 am
all the garlic i was putting in here. >> it's a lot. >> it's great, though. >> i'll put half of it in. >> put it all in scioto. >> we're going to let this saute down. we're going to add a little white wine to this. >> oh, yes. >> let that reduce down again. this is what that's going to look like. add the shrimp to this? >> deliciousness. >> oh, my gosh. >> parmesan cheese. >> you serve this as your main protein. >> this would accompany sunny's steak. >> robust meal. love it. >> mix it together and that's what it looks like. >> this, again, is sort of warm. >> room temperature. >> good for outdoor eating. yes. >> sunny, you've got -- >> i'm going to make it a steak. a t-bone staeak. >> how have you been? say hi to your wife.
8:50 am
i'm going to show you how to make a t-bone stake with bourbon sauce. i like to cook with whiskey and bourbon. a t-bone in my pan, not so much frying but searing. i like t-bone because it's like a smart man's porter house. i don't want to say poor man's porter house because i ain't broke. i love a t-bone, less expensive, further up on the cow, same cut. get it into the pan, salt and pepper. >> a little oil, get it hot. >> ensoed, salt and pepper. it's going to cook on one side for two to three minutes, other si side. >> room temperature, out of the refrigerator, make sure it's room temperature. >> preach. that's the number one problem of grilling, roasting cooking any meat in the summertime. people don't wait for it to begin to get room temperature. two hours outside at room temp is all you can do and that's all it takes for a chicken or turkey or anything like this.
8:51 am
>> we've got our testers over there. how about anthony's. >> show you how to make the sauce. it's real simple. pan drippings are in here from the steak. we've rested the steak into that same plan. pearl onions. get those out of the freezer or produce section. dijon mustard. now, this is the important part. we're going to add in the bourbon. then we're going to light the bourbon. >> here we go. whoa! sunny anderson, ladies and gentlemen. sunny anderson. >> i did not put any hairspray in my wig this morning. i knew what was going down. you're going to let that bourbon cook out. when the flame goes out -- >> that's impressive but why do you do that? >> we want the flavor, not the alcohol. the alcohol cooks out. >> you're burning it off. >> cooks out with the burn. we come in and add the heavy cream once we see the flame die
8:52 am
down. stir it up, it's going to get nice and thick for you. >> a lot of wasted bourbon. >> you're not going to waste bourbon. then on the side you guys are enjoying my no sufferin' spinach and black bean succotash. >> come on, al. >> summer this independent could of meal, steak with anthony's salad. >> goes together. >> the shrimp was delicious. tasted the garlic but wasn't too much. >> all 50 cloves. >> crunchy, vibrant. >> bringing to room temperature. >> the most important part. succotash is like a kitchen sink of all your vegbles take. i add black beans from the can, spinach, corn, tomatoes, get it in there with jalapeno, red onions. >> the day is brighter when you're around, love. >> i want to thank sunny and
8:53 am
they are the greatest. back with more food in a moment. first thiss odon nbc. om i"tay" n welcome to the xfinity store.
8:54 am
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always keeps you on your toes, having interviewed her. she has a great influence show entering the second season which
8:56 am
goes out into the world, takes her own progressive bernie sanders beliefs and goes out in the country and debates people who see the world differently than her. i think a lot of people will be surprised by the show and she's a lot of fun to talk to. >> yeah, all right. good to see you, willie. you look very rested from your vacation. >> proceedroad trip. >> i saw the pictures in sanlt monday. >> we'll be back after your local news. megyn kelly is next. >>i )m - - muni is now responding to video that went viral overnight - good more, it's 8:56. now responding to a video that went viral overnight. it shows two passengers forcing a boy off a stopped train in san francisco. right now, there are many questions unanswered. what led to this incident. where it happened. what train line it was on. at one point, the video shows one of the men putting the younger rider in a choke hold.
8:57 am
you can also hear others on the train pleading for the man to stop. muni posted a response, saying it's working with police to get some answers. happening now, we're asking questions as well and talking with police. we'll have the latest in a life report at 11:00 a.m. you can also link to more right now at the top of our homepage. nbc has been showing the funeral for senator john mccain this morning. among the many speaking at his funeral, vice president mike pence and house speaker paul ryan. if you'd like a recap, you can visit our homepage. also right now, the funeral is under way for music icon aretha franklin. it's supposed to last some five hours. well-known stars are performing including stevie wonder. there you can find more for that live stream on we'll have more local news for you at 11:00 a.m. how well do yow
8:58 am
california )s labor laws? our consumer team tests your knowledge! plus- we )ll be all over any breaking news that happens overnight. when you join us monday - labor
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good morning, everyone. welcome to the show. i'm megyn kelly. happy friday. so if you have plans to get serious, glorious sleep this weekend, have we a show for you. today we are discussing all the ways you may be sleep sabotaging your self. here to talk about what's making the rounds today in our scial sleep show, rolling stones contributing editor and host of podcast inside the studio, joe levy and actress marilou henner who is currently starring in broadway musical called "gettin' the band back together." we're going to begin with one high-profile cautionary tale about l o


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