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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 2, 2018 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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it is - - - - - here is a live look outside -- san jose - communications hill t good sunday morning. here is a live look outside. covered in clouds and fog. >> and smoke. >> and smoke. thanks for joining us. rob is here. he has a look at our micro climate forecast. that is so sad. i thought our air quality was getting better. hazy skies.
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this is looking down over san francisco. temperatures in the mid-to upper 50s. a chilly start to santa rosa this morning. highs inland for the most part in the 80s. closer to 90 in concord. it is 67 for san francisco. moderate levels of smoke pollution. not just for today but tomorrow as well. we'll have a look at air quality hour by hour coming up in about 15 minutes. >> all right. we'll see you then. thanks. brand new video shows the high speed chase, a police cruiser chasing a u-haul racing through the streets of the south bay. here you can see sheriffs deputies on southbound wolf road. it ended when the u-haul rammed into another car.
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the pursuit would end right there. it's not clear why police were pursuing the u-haul to begin with. we put calls in and we'll update you as soon as we hear back. pg and e customers could be responsible for last year's wild fires if governor brown signs a bill on his desk. pg and e faces more than 200 lawsuits after dozen of people were killed and thousands were destroyed. it would allow the company to use state authorized bonds to pay off the lawsuits. >> i have a very negative reaction on it.
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why are we paying the price? >> i think we are all in one state. if we don't all have each other i don't think being good citizens. we never know. it could be us one day. >> they said the bill puts the needs of the wild fire victims first. parts of the east bay shook yesterday afternoon when a nag any tud quake struck near crockett. a lot of people felt a jolt pretty well. the quake hit around 4:30. it certainly had people talking. >> it jolted and i hurried up and picked up my dog and ran out. i saw him walking down the street. i'm like hey, that was an earthquake. >> it was very fast, less than 5 seconds. it felt like the earth had
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shifted. we all almost got knocked off of our feets for a second. >> now to the final farewell as the nation paused to remember senator john mccain. president trump was not invited. he did not go ignored as many speakers made references to the president. >> the america of john mccain has no need to be made great again. america was always great. >> many details were hand picked by senator mccain himself. both spoke about their unlikely friendships and putting aside their differences. >> john's voice will always come as a whisper over our shoulder. we are better than this.
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>> i think john came to understand the long standing admiration that i had for him. >> this was the lack of several public tributes to mccain. today senator john mccain will be laid to rest at a private ceremony. we have much more at we have a photo slide show looking back on his remarkable life. >> back here locally the family of mollie tibbetts has a mission, stop using his daughter as a pond. he wrote an editorial that appeared on saturday, one day after donald trump jr. blasted their response for his death. there are some who have chosen
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to distort and corrupt the tragic death. a man believed to be in the country illegally is charged with mollie's murder. surveillance video shows her driving east towards the bridge. license made did not ping her car. her son tells us she shouldn't have been behind the wheel at all because of medication she was taking. >> she was on a lot of pain medication. she has been kind of out of it lately. people would say she is a life of a party.
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>> she left without her walker and without her phone. her credit card has not been used since that day on august 17th. this mcdonald's has a second unwanted drive through after a driver got confused and mistook the gas for the brakes. she drove into the restaurant. it happened at homestead yesterday morning we are told no one suffered serious injuries. >> the fire last night is being called an accident. investigators say it was an electrical fire. one person was seriously hurt and close to a dozen people were displaced after flames ripped through an apartment near ocean beach. it is actually friday night. firefighters say one person jumped from a third story window to escape being seriously hurt.
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one of those rescued took time to thank the firefighters. they posted this saying firefighters are helping the woman get back to her feet. it is 7:08 right now. we have much more ahead. coming up an east bay community comes together to help free two men from ice custody. we'll take you to the homecoming celebration and tell you what's next for former detainee. a bill could change class times forever, the potential change for students right here in california. our sutro cam in s
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welcome back. not a lot of sun out there. all of the low clouds. we have your forecast in a few minutes. two men no longer in ice
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custody. people gathered where they were once being held. today in the bay was in richmond for yesterday's homecoming rally. >> they chanted yes you can in spanish and yes, they did. >> to be reyutunited is somethii didn't think would be possible. >> the father of four grew up in san jose. after they determine nated the contract he was moved to colorado. he says being locked up was hard on his family but being moved to another state added to his legal
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troubles. >> all of it was here. >> he wasn't allowed to use e-mail. >> my attorney wasn't able to come visit me and wait until i received it and sent it back. >> many who turned out claimed the trump administration is purposely putting up roadblocks for those going through the immigration process. >> the government judges and officials have been more restrictive. so we are seeing this as part of a pattern as making it more difficult. >> other man released had been transferred. his bond set at $80,000 which many believe is too high for an immigration violation. ice wasn't available for
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comment. they said such accusations are baseless. the house detainees must be utilized. for his part he says it is going to keep fighting. >> whatever you have to do to stay here. >> nbc bay area news. it is 7:13. we have much more ahead. coming up, a travel nightmare but it lost emotional support dog, what the airline is doing to try to reunite him with his owner. we are waking up to hazy skies. some smoke there. temperatures climbing closer to 90 later on. we'll have a look at how hot valley temperatures will get when we come right back. gate br
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many of us have l welcome back. low clouds and fog as we look at
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the golden gate bridge. we do have smoke pollution in the air today. we'll explain what that means for anyone with asthma or breathing problems. many of us lost luggage when flying. an airline losing an emotional support dog. that is what happened to a family. the emotional support dog for an older couple. he was supposed to fly with them on august 27th. the airline the based in chile. the dog was never loaded on because of a ramp issue. a worker reportedly took the dog home and now the airline has lost track of the dog. they are putting out posters and offering a reward for logan. here in california students in middle school and high school may be able to sleep in a little longer if jerry brown signs a
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bill passed by lawmakers. it would require middle and high schools to start school at 8:30 or later. signs show that later start times lead to healthier kids and higher graduation rates. a south bay fountain. water is flowing in downtown san jose. san jose parks and recreation spent months preparing a broken valve. perfect timing to check in with a look at our sunday forecast. you know, with warmer temperatures it will run through. you're saying people with certain problems probably don't
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want to be outside today. >> you're seeing the smoke filling the skies. got a little combination of some fog but that view in concord not too bad right now. it is 59 degrees. we'll show you the view in san jose. another spot dealing with smoke and into san francisco. that's a look from above. it shows you the temperatures around san francisco 55 degrees with how clouds hanging around. we should see temperatures comfortably in the 60s. sun breaking out later on. you still need a jacket. it is 54 currently in livermore.
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here is the issue. today and tomorrow smoke advisory for moderate air pollution. you notice towards noon smoke concentration getting a little more thick in the inland east bay. not as bad around the coast. it pushes smoke off towards the east. clearing in terms of hazy skies. in terms of cloud cover we are expecting a northwest breeze. it will break up low clouds on the coast. winds are coming in off the ocean. temperatures not expected to be all that warm. it is 67 in san francisco.
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low 80s around downtown san jose. valley temperatures, upper 80s to 90. trending a little bit warmer as we get towards tomorrow and tuesday. three day outlook santa cruz seeing sunshine. it will get numbers close to 80 degrees. we might see thunderstorms trying to keep back toward it is sierra. you begin to see some of that showing up right there. temperatures should trend a little bit cooler. high pressure is off to the west. these are not strong enough. upper 60s, areas of low clouds. tomorrow we'll see a bit of a warmer finish to the weekend with numbers not low 90s. a little bit warmer but much
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better than last year. you may recall close to 106 degrees. >> oh, my god. >> i will never forget that. i don't have air-conditioning. it is 7:21. he spent years find a new way to help him when he's not around, the way he is using programming skills to make a difference in his every day life. that's coming up next. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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♪ yeah, because you're mine ♪ with chase atms serena can now grab cash on the go, all with the tap of her phone. ♪ stop the things you do no card? no problem. life, lived serena's way. chase, make more of what's yours. they can help their parents in some way. the young man you are about to meet dreamed to one day buy his parents a hous welcome back. many hope when they are older they can help their parents in some way. he dreamed to one day buy his parents a house or car. he has created an app to help his dad speak english.
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we are making the bay area proud. >> he told me he didn't even know what coding or computer science was until this senior yearover high school. he soon learned it is what he wants to do for a career and to give back to the man who has given him the most. >> he would spend his weekends traveling monterey county. he speaks only spanish so he would act as his interpreter. >> what is he saying? what does he want done? you tell him how much it will be and when we'll get it done.
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>> he loved the time with his dad but it wasn't until graduating with a computer science degree that encouraged him that maybe he could. >> i looked on my laptop. it's like what am i doing? i know how to code. i went to school for this. my dad doesn't even know what i do. it is a good chance for him to see what i can do. >> and so he did. he spent hundreds of hours creating a spanish/english translation app tailored specifically for his dad's needs. he says it is a streamline simple for his dad and anyone like him to communicate. >> he says his father sacrificed a lot so he could have the
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opportunities he did. no one else had ever gone to college and now the use what he has been given to give back, well, that's almost too good to be true. >> for once to teach him something new is one of the most beautiful things in the world for me. absolutely. i love it. >> while there are other translation aps his father never felt comfortable using him. he got together and got his feed back. >> nbc bay area. we have much more ahead coming up. a funeral faux pas.
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comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network.
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jose - communications hill here is a live look outside at san jose from communications hill. you can see the sun try to ing breakthrough. thanks for joining us. you are in and you say that air quality, it was getting better and now it's -- >> changing the wind. it brought in the smoke right now.
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this is a usual sight. that is the fog. the view looking down on top of the low clouds. san jose you don't have any low clouds. you do have hazy skies through some of the wild fire smoke moving back into the bay area. we have mid-50s in san francisco. high temperatures this afternoon similar to yesterday. a little bit warmer 80s in san jose. the issue if you're heading outside today you might notice a stra scratchy throat. we will see smoke at times. higher concentrations. i'll let you know if temperatures will be on the rise for your labor day plans coming up in about 12 minutes. >> too bad everyone will want to get outside tomorrow for labor day. >> moderate level not too bad. if you're sensitive you would
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probably get that. >> thanks for the warning. we have brand new video showing a high speed chase. a police cruiser racing with a u-haul through the streets of the south bay. take a look. you can see the santa clara sheriffs deputy pursuing on wolf road in -- it took firefighters nearly an hour to extra kate the three people inside. we wonder why officer were chasing the u h-haul to begin with. we'll update you as soon as we hear back. if governor brown sins a bill currently on his desk. it is believed that pg and e covered some of the wild fires that burned nearly a quarter of a million acres. pg and e faces lawsuits after
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dozens were killed and thousands of homes were destroyed. the bill would allow pg and e to use state authorized bonds to pay off cllawsuits. customers would pay it off on a little bit at a time. >> i am not the person and the rate payers aren't the people who made it happen. why are we paying the price? >> i think we are all in one state. if we don't all help each other i don't think that being a good citizen, we never know, it could be us one day. >> pg and e said it puts the needs of wild fire victims first. . parts of the east bay shook yesterday afternoon. a lot of people around crockett
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felt the jolt. the quake certainly had the town talking. >> all of a sudden it had the town. i picked up my dog and i ran out. i saw him walking down the street. i'm like that was an earthquake. >> very fast less than five seconds. it was like the earth shifted. we almost got knocked off of feet for a second. >> no reports of any damage from that quake. america bid its final farewell to john mccain yesterday in washington, d.c. it brought together family and friends and a powerful testament to a life well lived. we have a look at the emotional service. >> to somber service inside the national cathedral as mourners
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gathered to honor the life of john mccain. those close to him paid tribute to the man they loved. zbli am here before you saying the words i have never wanted to say, feeling lost. i have never wanted to feel. my father is gone. >> his daughter gave a powerful remembrance. >> he was a great warrior. he was a great american. i admired him for all of these things but i loved him because he was a great father. >> as the political world celebrated his service to country and unwaivering moral compass. >> he was honest, fair and civilized. >> as proof of his passion for bipartisan ship he asked them to
7:35 am
eulogize him. >> he showed his sense of humor. >> back in the day he could frustrate me. in the end he made me better. in the end i got to enjoy one of god's great gifts. >> lift the capitol for the last time. the procession making a stop at the vietnam veterans memorial where cindy mccain lay in -- a final farewell to a true american hero who put people and patriotism before all else. >> it was lester holt reporting. president trump did not attend
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the funeral as john mccain requested before his death. we have much more at president trump says he plans to travel to texas next month to campaign for the man he used to call lying ted cruz. he won by more than 16 points. this time around he is leading his democratic opponent by just 4 points. the president tweeted he will hold what he calls a major rally in the biggest stadium in texas he is find. it was a hug that many saw as inappropriate. pastor charles ellis iii who oh officiated aretha franklin's. it shows him gripping her in a
7:37 am
side hug went viral. you can see her leaning back and appearing stiff. he also apologized when he saw grande's name he thought it was something new at taco bell. grande is in fact italian american. the highway patrol working to get impaired drivers off the road. it shows more needs to be done when telling impaired drive toers stay off the road. today pete went through a simulation to show us how dangerous driving impaired can be. >> when you're getting behind the wheel and driving on a freeway you should never drive when you have impaired. they gave me an idea of what it will feel like when you're impaired. i want to mention it was safe in
7:38 am
the way i did the simulation. i want to show you how dangerous it is when you hit the road in that state of mind. >> all right. we are going in. >> okay. >> all right. >> okay. >> going to get this off of me first. >> okay. >> and i'm putting these on. >> and you'll put these glasses on. >> this is disorienting. >> it's not in drive. >> the car is not in drive yet. >> you'll go through here. >> oh, gosh. literally this is what it feels like when you're driving impaired. right now my left foot is asleep. i can barely see. i feel like i'm hitting every cone so far. >> you have hit many. >> much of the cones. is that a straight? >> you'll go through this
7:39 am
straight area and you'll see a little parking spot over there. you'll pull into the parking lot. with this simulation i can't even tell there is a parking spot. it is a physical thing, a mental thing. >> put your seat belt on. >> oh my gosh. >> oh my gosh. >> wow. >> nbc bay area news. >> wow. we do have another note on this. the property casualty told about drooifg. 88% of parents surveyed said they do talk about drunken drooifg. only 60 talk about drooifg while high. 42% of californians admit to driving immediately after using marijuana. 10% say they are likely to drive
7:40 am
under the influence of marijuana since it is now legal. still ahead, is president trump losing public popularity? we are live to show us the results of a new poll just released by the washington post. also the raiders sent shock waves. we'll give you all of the details.
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mac became the highest paid defense ifr player in nfl history. a record setting $141 million extension. 90 million of that guaranteed. the raiders said good-bye to mac as well as a fifth round pick.
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let's get to some baseball action. the giants and mets at at&t park. runner on third. one out todd frazier. the mets beat the giants. the mariners fight back. a's down. later marcus at the dish knocked the bases clearing double. three runs come around. we take you to the bottom of the ninth. the a's make a come back but fall to the mariners.
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8-7 the final. we'll be back with more news after this. you could generate your own energy,
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at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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as the nation honored senator john mccain for his heroism, selflessness, and 60 years of public service, the president sat out of the public light. nothing -- not a welcome back. the country honored john mccain for 60 years of pub lib service. the president sat out of the public spotlight. not an announcement that the economy grew at 4.2% during the last quarter would give president trump his dues this past week. a new public opinion poll shows his most trying days may be still ahead. nbc bay area joining us. i actually didn't know about this. what is the latest public sentiment? >> it is not good. in fact the bad news comes from the washington post poll released just the other day. only 36%, 36% of the public now
7:47 am
support the president. that's a new low. 60% dus approdisapprove of his performance. there's more trouble for trump which is based in the washington post poll. 78% support the president. that figure may seem high. it is down by about 10 points compared with recent polls. now it may be that the post poll is -- something outside the norm. another poll also ahead the president at 36%. of course we know polls are snapshots in time. it remains to be seen whether this downward trend continues. it appears that the trump base may be tracking.
7:48 am
>> your question that the president suffered a cruel august. think of all of the things that have happened. eight counts of bank fraud. admission of guilt. guilt again to money laundering. it could lead the president as a coconspirator. it is for potentially damaging the information on the company's books and the immunity given to publisher of the national inquirer. any one of these things, any one of these developments would put a dent in it. they are more than problematic.
7:49 am
they are a direct result on the trump presidency. all of this comes to a head as the nation celebrating john mccain a patriot that put public service above personal gains. >> and this president was playing golf and tweeting about attacking the doj and the fbi. so this may be a tough time for the president. he continues to accuse special counsel with conducting a rigged witch hunt. is it campaign gaining any traction do you think? >> it is certainly what the trump team has been doing, has been hoping that something would lead people to actually believe it. apparently it is not working. we know how sympathetic fox news
7:50 am
is. 59% support the mueller investigation. that is up a wlhopping 11%. so in other words at the same time support for trump is sinking. support for mueller is growing. >> do you think it could be a turning point for this trump presidency? >> yeah. we are always looking for that turning point. a turning point probably not. perhaps a of what's to come. that is because federal law enforcement agencies rarely make news between labor day. do expect more indictments, higher up ton foon the food cha. no one is happier to see donald trump. >> so much to cover with you. look forward to next week.
7:51 am
>> thanks. still ahead on today in the bay, the world's strongest man is making an appearance this weekend. well tell you the record he insten instei intends to break today. have you seen his fitness videos? >> i'll show you how things might look temperature wise. temperatures approaching 90 degrees later on. we'll talk about that as we come right back. how well do you know california )s labor laws? our consumer team tests your knowledge! plus- we )ll be all over any breaking news that happens overnight. when you join us monday - labor
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good sunday morning so far. jacket weather around the north bay. 49 degrees to start off the morning. it is 57 in san jose. it is 55 degrees around san francisco. you're seeing a little bit of sun. it is 55 degrees. looking at hazy sunshine. mostly clear skies reaching a little bit of smoke this morning and for san jose. you see the sunrise there. it is 57 degrees. south bay also seeing some smoke. we should have winds aloft. it begins to change once again. it is bringing in smoke and especially i think if you're in the east bay morning through midday it will likely be the area where it is highest. smoke advisory through the afternoon hours today may see a little more smoke. during the afternoon late day sea breeze will hope with a push
7:55 am
a little more smoke out of the area. between now and tomorrow smoke advisory due to upper level winds bringing in wild fire smoke out of the north. the low clouds may begin to break up a bit more. it is mixing drier air down the coast. plan on little more sunshine on the coast. breezy conditions off of the cool ocean. if you see highs in the upper 60s. low 70s into oakland. as you head further inland the inland east bay. it is 74 degrees around santa cruz. tomorrow may be a little bit warmer. 90s possible in system of the
7:56 am
valleys. numbers in the mid-70s with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. lake tahoe right now not seeing any thundershowers in the forecast except maybe around wednesday and thursday we could begin to see changes. lake tahoe looking pretty nice. the source of the changes out towards the see sierra. at this point it doesn't look like it will come towards the bay area. it will build more strongly towards northern california. also are the systems passing by to the north which should prevent the highs from getting too strong. the forecast warms us up a little bit more tomorrow and we will see temperatures leveling off as we head towards next weekend. so san francisco morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. a bit warmer tomorrow. you'll notice our valley temperatures starting to climb on up into the 90s.
7:57 am
trending cooler heading towards the middle part of the week. >> thank goodness. nothing more miserable than last year's labor day weekend. the scottish high land games are gathering at the alameda county fair grounds. thousands are attending the cultural and athletic. most involve throwing heavy objects either high or far. there is one competitor who has a leg up on everyone else this year. i learned they call him thor, known as the mountain ton hit show game of show. hold it is tight ol of strongest man in the world right now. he hopes to hit records in the weight for height competition. >> he lifts over a thousand pounds. >> he could just do a curl with
7:58 am
me. >> yeah. she massive. he is doing that all here in the bay area. very cool. we'll have more local news at 4:30, 6:00 and 11:00 and all day on our web site. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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this sunday, a funeral and a rebuke. the country says good-bye to an american hero. john mccain. >> he meat a better presence as he made the senate this country. >> what the senator's daughter, among others, taking aim at president trump. >> t america of john mccain has no need to be made great again because america was always great. >> president trump responds later, by tweeting, make america great again. plus, pressure points. president trump claims if democrats win back congress, they will overturn everything we have done and do it quickly and violently. >> i hope there won't be


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