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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 6, 2018 4:30am-4:58am PDT

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alto. welcome to thursday morning. let's take a live look outside, overlooking palo alto. looks like a little cloudy out there. >> i was going to say, or san francisco. clouds are deceptive out there. >> you can feel that, it's cooler outside. that's what i notice. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. looking at that, we know it's cooler in san francisco for sure. >> a lot of clouds, fog, that's going to linger throughout much of the day and keep it cool, and then as we look at san jose this morning, as you step out, mostly clear skies. we'll see a few clouds moving in through about 6:00 or 7:00 and upper 50s and by noon, we're at 73 degrees. we're going to have another ealice y, but it's autr with a look at your morning
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a couple factors. bay, there are factors inhe are. as we look at the rest of the one was an earlier fire that will be addressed by bob redell in a couple minutes. there's also in addition to the fire and a fire crew, we also had the full closure. that continues. northbound 680 completely closed into sheridan bridge. there's a stretch here around andrade, down to mission, and keep that in mind, northbound will have construction continuing, possibly another half hour. they'll likely pick up in the next 15 minutes or so. southbound side also distracted. that's why there's that mess. areas. a reroute and alternate meanwhile, the rest of the drive through contra costa and to the bay bridge is moving smoothly. we'll talk about the fire in a second. for the latest breaking nows, we go to you. >> in the meantime, we're following break san jose's willow glen neighborhood where power lines has fallen. this is happening near curtis
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avenue and jansen avenue, not far from bird and minnesota. eearly 1,000 pg&e customers are without power right now. we have nbc bay area's kris sanchez out there gathering information. you can see the crews are already out there blocking off the streets. we'll keep you posted on any available updates there. looks like a few crew is there right now. >> also new over night, a brush fire sparked up as another wildfire rages further north, closing i-5. we have video to show you from sunol and shasta county. so let's get you up to speed. >> we will, so let's start with the fire that started while you were sleeping. today in the bay's bob redell is live in sunol with the details. good morning, bob. >> good morning. yes, we're just off sheridan road, just not far from highway 680 on the sunol grade. this fire burned on a property about two miles east of here. you can take a look at the
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response, the fire department put out there that we shot overnight. a number of trucks. at least one bulldozer. this area is very remote, very hilly, with lots of dry grass. the concern was that this fire could spread. fortunately, there was not much wind last night. the fire was slow-moving. started around midnight, 12:30, burned through about seven acres. this is on land on the 7400 block of sheridan road. it is fully contained and we believe it is out. there have been no evacuations, no injuries, but this is a reminder even though the summer is over, that conditions are still very dry. the weather during the day, very hot. if you live in a wildland area and the law does require, again, a reminder, you maintain 100 feet of the structure around your home and structures. bob redell, today in the bay. >> thanks for the latest there, bob. >> in the meantime, an explosive fire in shasta county causing a large stretch of i-5 to be shut
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down this morning. big problem up here. evacuations are under way as the delta fire rages out of control. as you can see on this map, redding, mt. shasta, right here, happening just north of redding, in fact. here's what we know. if fire started yesterday afternoon and just in a short time, it's grown to more than 5,000 acres. several tractor trailer trucks are gone as the fire swept over the freeway. so far, there are no reports of injuries. a 45-mile stretch there, you saw it there, of interstate 5. 45 miles is closed. we have to warn toyo show you pretty jarring. a woman reacting to the fire while sitting in traffic on i-5. take a look. >> it's not moving. >> oh, my god. i want to go. we have to get out and walk. we can't stay right here. look at that. it just caught on fire. we cannot stay right here. we can't stay right here. we have to walk.
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>> imagine how frightening that must have been knowing the fire was so close. i want to tell you that woman in the video is okay. she's actually been responding to people on her instagram page. luckily, she got away. u.s. forest service says the delta fire is human caused. the second wildfire burning in shasta county. well, 4:35 right now. after months of allegations that she mishandled reports of sexual abuse, the embattled president of an all-girls catholic high school in san jose is stepping down. ma announcing her resignation from presentation high. they first reported the story of reported buice months ago. last night, she talked with family members. >> from principal to first president of presentation, marye continue te negative attention toward presentation. it's my sincere hope that my
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absence will bring some peace. >> i was disappointed that there isn't an apology or was no apology to the victims. >> absent an apology, the move still brings relief to kate, the former student op-ed wrote a series of revelations by others who say they reported being sexually abused, abuse they say miller hid from authorities. >> cold. cold, and cruel. >> sheryl says her best friend told miller she was sexually molested by a spanish teacher during a summer trip abroad, but insfed of calling police, her friend was shamed into silence. >> mary miller jold her unless you're going to stand up in a court of law and say this in front >> since last november, the investigative unit has spoken with ten victims who accused seven teachers dating back decades. all said their reports to miller and other school leaders went nowhere. with miller leaving, they say it's time for the school to>> n.
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it's the very motto of presentation that was being completely thrown in the gutter. by some leadership. and the hypocrisy of it is horrific. >> there is no way that this happens without the bravery of so many women. >> the message is when you know what's right, when you know the truth, keep fighting for it. >> our investigative unit were the first to break this sex abuse scandal at presentation high school. to watch allf their previous reports, go to our website, >> new if you this morn, an airline based in taiwan is diskiminated against a same sex couple from the bay area. according to the chronicle, that's where a san francisco couple recently boarded an eva airline to taipei.
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they tell the chronicle the gate agent told the couple only he or his husband could preboard with their toddler. he waited until normal boarding. they realized straight couples with young children were boarding together. eva has since apologized saying the gate agent was misinformed about policy. they ordered the staff to review diversity training. >> more safety on your next uber ride. >> plus, want to know more about your genetic history? the option 23 and me is offering what you can get.
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good morning. i'm contessa brewer. here are today's top business headlines. wall street could open higher this morning. dow industrials, the futures up just two points right now. the dow rose yesterday, but a decline in big tech stocks dragged down the tsions between, na list, reports on productivity and hiring in the private sector. the dow closes up 22 points yesterday. the nasdaq fell 96. >> uber is rolling out more safety features for passengers and drivers in an ongoing effort to regain public trust. the company is based in san francisco and says a new tool on the app will notify passengers and drivers if it detects an accident or unplanned stop. drivers will also have access to a hands-free feature to pick up
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passengers without having to touch their phones, and no longer will they see data detailing where they picked up people in the past. >> all right, 23 and me looking at whether users want more information about their health for a higher fee. a spokesperson has confirmed to cnbc the company is gauging a p but it doesn't have immediate plans to roll out a product. 23 expensive product is $199, but the premium service reportedly could cost as much as $749. if you compare that to what you would pay through your doctor, that might be a bargain. 23e is based in mountain view. it's one of the largest makers of at-home dna tests. >> a lot of people have taken it. thanks a lot, contessa. >> so our forecast, kari hall has a look at weather. >> heading to palo alto with a cloudy start this morning. we'll see our skies clearing and looking at a nice day, going from the upper 50s to the upper
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60s by early afternoon. we get a look at all our microclimates coming up next. and a look at a little wait for the bay bridge cash payers now. we don't have all the cash lanes open. that's typical of pre-5:00. we'll look at what's going on in the tri-valley. still a problem for sunol.
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welcome back on this now thursday morning. 4:46. like monday on a thursday. it's the best. i highly recommend it. >> short week. >> i think a lot of people are
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enjoying a short week, if you were off on monday, you know, it's already starting to fly by. you're like, wow, it's thursday. pretty good. and our weather has been pretty nice, too. here's a live look outside in dublin. everything is looking good. and we have some clear visibility here. as you make your morning commute, maybe you're heading out the door for martinez. you'll be we'll see partly cloudy skies and temperatures going from 58 at 5:00 this nice little temperature trend with some cool temperatures throughout the morning. let's heado highs for this afternoon with morgan hill today reaching 87 degrees. we'll be to bay looking at slig warmer temperatures compared to yesterday. so we'll reach into the upper 80s and low 90s. in martinez today, 79 degrees. and hayward, 77. and for half moon bay, some low 60s there. and 73 in san mateo.
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san francisco, cool in the marina district. 58 degrees, and 64 in the mission district. and 79 degrees today in santa rosa. and in napa today, 83 may be able to roll them up as the temperatures warp up as well. i want to give you an update on what's happening in the pacific. we hav they have been pretty strong. olivia is right now producing wind speeds of 120 miles per hour. this one staying out over the open pacific. we also have been keeping an eye on hurricane norman, also quite strong there. this will churn up some waves for hawaii over the next couple days. as it makes its curve to the north, and it stays on the good side. hawaii does. this storm we won't see any of the rain bands making it into any ofislands, so good news there. here's a look at our temperatures. nice and comfortable, upper 80s in the forecast today, but our temperatures will spike tomorrow
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to 94 degrees, and still hot on saturday, and then it starts to come back down on sunday into early next week. then for san francisco, we are going to see a little less in the way of clouds and fog for friday and saturday. and then staying mostly in the 60s through wednesday. and mike, you still have a mess heading towards sunol. >> that's right, but it's less than it was before. less of a mess, i should say. overall, your sensors look great. that's what we expect at this time, not even 5:00. it's 4:49. we're looking over here. by the time we zoom in, you'll still see closures. southbound 680 closed. the earlier distractions still there. a crew, northbound 680, closes the freeway at the sheridan bridge. and you're forced off the freeway. still, a short section of mission boulevard as your alternate around the area. jump back on the freeway, the opposite direction will have the closure overnight tonight starting at 11:00. the crew there just about clearing. we see speeds improving and much better news after the earlier
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fire complicated things. bob talked about the fire in sunol. it's controlled by fire crews off the freeway. over here, the freeways look great. walt creek interchange, no delays there. the bay bridge toll plaza looks great as well. we had one incident at the bottom of the map registering over here at the dublin bridge. off t shoulder and not prenny oblem, and you see the windy roadway, both directions look great. tail lights are heading to 238 and the castro valley y. a quick look at the peninsula, easy drive. light traffic. 101 through palo alto, no delays here or the north bay. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. >> you might notice another security machine when you fly. a new start of the art security measure is being tested out this morning. it tsa will showcase a computerized ct scanner at oakland international. the new technology will screen passengers, carry-on luggage, and also check for explosives. oakland international is only
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one of 15 airports where that testg is being done. the head of the tsa appeared before congress to discuss security concerns in the sky and on the ground. it says recent reports that the agency plans to reduce or eliminate security staffing at 150 smaller airports is were o brief discussions during hypothetical budget planning discussions, nothing more. >> 4:50 right now. trash and drug use on the field while kids play baseball. those are the problems a south bay little league says it has to deeld with on its field. >> they're asking the city to clean up the field as they use them near 101. the league says that homeless have taken over that area. they claim one man pulled his pants down to go to the bathroom during the game. another has set up a tent next to the dugout. >> just walking around some of the fields, where you see drug use. literally -- >> i know they're homeless, some
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don't have anywhere to go, but maybe they can help us put them somewhere else. >> because of this issue, the league says it has lost 50% of its players over the pa two years. they're meeting with the league and the park department to work on a solution. >> coming up here on today in the bay, ellen helps out. >> i love firefighters. i love firefighters, and we had a very bad fire up in santa fighrs saved my home.u know, and and i am forever grateful. >> yeah, a big gift ellen is giving to a california firefighter who was on the front lines when his own home caught fire. >> but first, happening now at 4:52, a 6.7 earthquake devastates northern japan, killing at least five people. the death toll is expected to rise. the quake hit shortly after thr 3:00 a.m. local time.
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more than 170 people are reported hurt and 30 people are missing. >> plus, new details on the death of the cranberries lead singer. an investigation revealed she died in january by drowning after alcohol intoxication. more news right after this break.
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ad lib live picture a very good thursday morning to you. looks like folks are up and already out the door as we take a look outside. we'll look at the morning commute for you. looks smooth through this stretch. mike is coming up in a matter of moments. 4:55. >> new video of a possible suspect in a home burglary involving a gun. this is surveillance video. you can see a person right there walking. this is in front of that home. investigators say that the thieves broke in last week when no one was home. they stole a playstation, designer clothes, and a handgun along with ammunition. that homeowner believes the
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suspects are teenagers. an undercover operation by police leads to an arrest. it happened around robert crown beach, just a few miles from jack london square. three women were attacked in three separate instances, all walking alone during the day. alameda police have not identified the person they arrested. happening today, a young firefighter from cal fire who lost everything with his rrlfriend in the wildfire nightmare experience. >> he was off fighting the ferguson fire in yosemite. she was at their redding home. so she tells ellen that she barely made it out alive. >> we were stuck in traffic for a good 15, 20 minutes with the flames coming behind us. it was terrifying thing i had ever experienced. >> friends are helping erik johnson and hope jordan try to rebuild. let's just say that ellen has firefighters to thank for her
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own home that was saved last year during the mendocino fire. now, you can actually watch the full segment today on "ellen" at 3:00. that's actually -- yeah, 3:00, one hour earlier than normal due to tonight's football game on nbc. >> that's right, thursday night football. get the hotdogs and chili ready, kari hall. >> a great night watching football. and also, enjoying our time outside. temperatures cooler. we're taking a look at fremont with our air quality. still, that alert remains. we'll talk about the air qua bay area heading into the weekend. that's coming up next. >> and heading into san francisco, it looks like they're doing better. the flashing lights, don't worry. it doesn't appear to be a problem, but i'll check on anything going on the approach to the bay bridge and show you what's going on in sunol because there was a big backup there. >> a mess up by the dmv.
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thousands of voter registrations might be botched. what you need to know before you vote. for joining us.
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i )m laura garcia. a very good morning to you. thursday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. mike will have a lack at traffic in a moment. first, let's look at what it feels like outside. >> starting out cool. as we head through the day, we'll see the temperatures shaping up nicely. going from the upper 50s to the upper 70s by 2:00 today.
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if you're on your way out the door to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station, expect it to stay cool not only this morning but most of the day as well. mike, you have better news for the tri-valley? >> i i also noticed on my map a crash reported over here on 101 in san jose. i'll check on the sunol approach. they have cleared theircrews. l. the southbound side will have a closure right around andrade tonight at 11:00. keep that in mind, should reopen before 5:00 a.m. as this did on the northbound side. that should be completely clear in the next couple minutes. meanwhile, as you head to the bay bridge, it looks great. the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a couple lanes on the right approach there, cash lanes. not quite open yet. standard. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, good news for all of us who spend hours and hours waiting to get our
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business done at the dmv. there. we're finding out this morning, and this is a big one. kris sanchez is at the san jose dmv. tens of thousands of voter registrations may have been mishandled? >> yeah, so just w


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