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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  September 8, 2018 5:30pm-5:59pm PDT

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democrats hoping for change in washington. a day after giving a speech slamming president trump and republicans, former president obama is now on the campaign trail. >> he's touching for california democrats, hoping to take control of the house. nbc's chris pollone reports. >> hey, it's good to be back. i love you, too. >> reporter: after nearly two years on the sidelines, former president barack obama is back on the trail. >> the stakes are high in this election. it's a consequential moment in our history. >> reporter: stumping in southern california for democrats hoping to flip the house in the mid-term elections, outlining issues democrats hope will drive cynic am voters to the polls in november. >> we are going to fight for the idea that anybody out there willing to work hard should get a job to pay for living wage. we will fight for the idea that women should be paid the same as
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men for doing the same work. >> reporter: unlike friday's pointed speech, obama didn't mention president trump by name, but his target was clear. >> but the good news is, in two months, we have a chance to restore some sanity in our politics. we have the chance to from inthe house of representatives and make sure we have checks and balances. >> some democrats have complained that the former president hasn't done enough to get their candidates elected. >> are you ready to get to work? are you ready to get to work? are you ready to get to work? let's go get this done. thank you. >> reporter: with more campaign stops planned in ohio, pennsylvania and illinois, it appears obama is making up for lost time. chris pollone, nbc news. governor garry brown signed two bills effectively blocking new drills off the state's coast. state law makers introduced the bills after president trump announced plans to expand
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drilling off the country's coastline. california can't directly block drilling in waters controlled by the federal government. but these new laws were to prohibit new pipe leans within three miles of the coast. those pipelines are considered the most economical way of transporting oil from offshore ricks. in san francisco, thousands of people took to the streets rallying against climate change. now the crowd stretched for blocks. you can see them right there as protest protesters marched from the embarcadero to city hall where they left their mark with murals. one of the main focuses of the event was to call on law makers to end fossil fuel production in favor of renewable sources of energy. the march comes days before governor jerry brown's global action climate summit in san francisco. hundreds ofbanners inclimate to sydney harbor the protest kicked off with a historicsigns.
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from there, demonstrators gathered at sydney's beach for a rally. many point out the very spot they stood would be under water in decades. >> i think people are serious about the climate. i this i about this for their kids and grandchildren. you know, if we wait, if we don't do anything, the water will be lapping up here at our feet, won't it? >> the protest was just one of hundreds around the world today organized by new york based group south carolina is under a state of emergency tonight ahead of tropical storm florence. the governor issued the order today as a warning for all residents to be ready to agencie resources. florence is expected to become this to be a full state vent and not just a coastal county event. so i think that needs to be a part of the planning process.
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it could very easily be a full state vent. >> right now, storm florence is in the central atlantic barreling west. it is forecast to hit the southeast coast by late next week. a 51-year-old man is recovering after falling into a water fountain and nearly drowning. authorities say he was intoxicated at the time. it happened last night at the marketplace shopping center, which is in san ro money, bystanders discovered the man in the fountain. they called 911. dispatcher helped one caller worm cpr until witnesses arrived. he may have hit his head, he was taken to hospital. he se listed in critical but stable condition. a fire rips through a home in pittsburg, fire fighters say the home is in total loss. right now, though, they're trying to figure out what caused the fire.
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? sonoma county, emergency leaders say they've made major changes to address the backlash after last october's deadly fires. some criticized the county's decision not to send out a wireless emergency eletter that would have warned more people to evacuate. >> vicki flynn follows up to ask about regrets, lessons learned and the future. emergency planners for sonoma county tell us they spent the last year making major improvements to their alert procedures. they warn some problems still remain that could prevent them from reaching you during the next disaster. how do you weigh the decision between warning too many people and not warning enough people? >> well, given our experiences here in sonoma county, our community indicated they're okay. >> reporter: he took over in march as emergecy manager for sonoma county. we spoke with him at the command
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post last october, where county officials decided against sending a wireless emergency alert to residents as the tubbs fire raced through santa rosa. four days after the fire started, it was here, we first asked the previous emergency manager the question so many residents had asked us. why didn't the county send out a mass cell phone alert? >> we never got a call or alert. >> our daughter woke us up go i apologize for anyone that didn't get a notice and we did the best we could with our information. >> reporter: he told us the alert would have caused widespread hysteriaja s. >> if i send aage out to 500,000 people simultaneously, what's going to happen with that, those massive people trying to leave at the same time? >>. >> reporter: if there was a need for an evacuation now, would the county send out a wireless emergency alert? >> yes. >> reporter: that concluded
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staffers had a limited awareness and understanding of the wireless emergency alert system and outdated capabilities. do you agree with those findings? >> i read that report. it's challenging. they focused on a small aspect of the program. many of the observations they made were certainly accurate, absolutely. >> reporter: over the past year, more than 30 fire and sheriffs dispatchers receive training and can now activate the alerts. >> we call it the big red button, right? >> sergeant experience crum explains. >> we have a major disaster happening, those people are on staff 24/7 in our dispatch center. >> reporter: that's a big change from last october? >> it is a big change from last october, yes. >> reporter: sonoma used the alert to evacuate people near the napa county border, emergency staff outlined a zone to blast out the message. >> the warning on cell phones right away, i thought, these
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guys are on it. >> reporter: afterwards, staffers surveyed 28 residents to see how many got the alert. >> we lhad a 40% success rate. which is fought great. >> verizon people did not because how the alert was targeted. the zone may not have been drawn wide enough to include certain cell phone towers. something they are studying to improve shoens. how moderns could make a difference in whether the message comes through. >> what are the biggest message about these personal responsibi. know the hazards and connect with neighbors. old fashioned but effective when there is an emergency. >> it's still people coming to the aid of people. that's what we want to emphasize. >> reporter: next week, sonoma county will test its alert system and get data on which car years will have trouble getting information. they say it will be useful across the region. we have posted a special video
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about training dispatchers have to help you survive the next disaster. can you see that now on nbc bay investig in trouble with the law. the serious allegations against a fo rmer cal basketball player. . in trouble with the law? the serious allegations against a former cal basketball player. . plus, meet the artist. the inspirational message for this mural honoring a bay area icon. . and a breezy and mild start t o '80s. but we could be cooling quite a bit in the 7-day forecast a look at that when we come right back. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. officer shot and killed an unarmed man after entering the wrong apartment. the shooting happened . >> the mayor of dallas, a police officer shot and killed an unarmed man after entering the wrong apartment. it happened near an apartment
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near dallas headquarters. police say the female officer killed 26-year-old bafu gene after she returned home from a full shift and walked into his apartment that she thought was her apartment. dallas police chief says a warrant for manslaughter has not been issued for the officer. texas rangers have asked the police department to wait until they conduct their own investigation. let's get to the bottom of this. let's not prejudge anyone. second, we will come together. we will get through this. and it's in that spirit that i think our citizens need to know, we call on you again today to be patient and know that we're going to make sure that justice is served. >> the officer in this case is white.ene is black. her mother wonders whether her
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son's race was a factor in his killing. serious allegations against a berkeley cal basketball player is facing charges of assault, battery, strangulation and kidnapping. he was taken into custody yesterday after what is being described as a domestic incident. police aren't releasing more details. fans are confused and disturbed. >> they come all the way to the nba, unhinged. >> a sports player, you are supposed to be a role derecover the hospital, in a statement the celtics said the team was aware of the incident and is taking very got physical between two rafta hoods. this video right here, as can you imagine. ness circulating on social media, appearing to show cardi b. hundred himing at someone.
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witnesses say nicki minaj was finishing up a conversation and cardi tried toy attack her. the security guards intervened. they have been rap rivals over the last year. in a post on instagram, cardi didn't call out nicki minaj by name and alluded to the fight and says it was sparked because her mothering skills were being disparaged. . still ahead a touching memorial for robin williams, our digital east taking tribute. >> a pretty view right now over san francisco, we got clear skies, for the moment, 60s, 70s and 90s, coming up you may only see 60s and 70 in the forecast. we'll look at that when we come right back. his eyes gaze across
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street with both joy and sadness. but how did the giant image of robin williams get there? his eyes gazed across market street with both joy and sadness. but how does the giant image of robin williams get there?
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our visual journalist jonathan bloom met the art effort. >> it definitely caught my eye. >> eyes that are full of life, but at the same time have a mag 95 sent sadness. >> recognize who it is? >> jerry garcia? an old guy, i'm not too sure. >> up close they have a harder time. across the street, everybody goes, oh, that's robin williams. >> he always loved the citfor e. i mean, since i was a kid watching him on "mork and mindy." >> i'm sitting here having breakfast with a being from another planet. >> what a consequence dense, so am. >> i a painter from argentina known as cobreat.
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>> bag little kid it was in he head. >> reporter: they share concrete canvass. he grew up. >> it was five years ago that i painted more traits, this size portraits. it became my work pretty much. >> he's painted all over the world, including this, that's where he met cameron moburg. >> i said why don't you come up to san francisco? began meanting with a spray can as a kid. >> it's where my first love is, you are interacting with your community. in a gallery that is for a select few. when you paint on the street, that's for everybody. >> over the years, moberg has become a curator. >> you can meant it. go ahead and paint it. >> and so it began. >> his process is very different than mean.
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you learn from one another. >> this portrait appeared. >> i wanted to paint him it was in the last part of his life. >> he divided into sections. >> first it started off with little dots anywhere, pieces by pieces. >> when he start topped cover the old mural, he almost divided the neighborhood. >> it will stay with me. you don't know how many people takes pictures here. so when they understood that i was making another mural, i started to become a friend of them. >> they came out to watch the shadows the wringkles, the hair. >> it says his son's name. >> every mural has surprises. >> the mural in any, he wrote m that. >> oh, nice, are you in somebody's nose. >>u look closely, will you see the artist. in williams' eyes, will you see something else. >> there could be people
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struggling in our lives that we see every day we don't know about. >> it's my secret. >> the fact that there is joy and pane in the same eyes at the same moment is something that whether you are rich or poor, any of us can relate to that. >> in a small way, he says good-bye to his work and the new friends he's made. >> you have to leave from that place. it's a sweet place. >> time for your next adventure. >> no time what i will do tomorrow. >> how exciting. >> that is incredible. the details, right the wrinkles, the shadows. the hair. >> a great job by our digital video journalist jonathan bloom. >> tri it was a spin-off of what show? >> rob this is all you. >> "happy days." mork first appeared there. >> our producer knows that well. >> very good. >> we're going to spin off a
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little news into weather. >> let's look at some of the temperatures we are seeing outside right now. we have clear skies around the bay area. actually a bit of a cooling trend taking staip shape to the weeks ahead. right now, beautiful conditions around san francisco. a little windy, show, you will want a jacket, temperatures in the mid-60s, quickly cooling into the upper 50s, later this evening, you see emeryville looking out to oak, 71 degrees, the high today 73 degrees the view in dublin, yes the trivalleys hit the 90s today. we should be cooling for your sunday. still 89 degrees around dublin, livermore, san jose, visibility not too bad, 83 currently a high of 84 earlier this afternoon. here's the good news, air quality wise, unlike last weekend, we actually got good air quality. you probably noticed the improved visibility we have outside today the winds a part of the story here, keeping temperatures in the 60s to low 70s around the inner bay.
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at least for today, places up here in the north bay, north of santa ro sarks tri-valley towards concord still hit the 90s. >> that sea breeze will turn stronger the next few days. temperatures will cool down. for the morning, patchy low clouds on the coast, northwest winds should keep this coast at least clear at times during the day, low crowds form offshore sunday evening into monday. >> morning temperatures in the low 50s up towards santa ro sachlt highs tomorrow starting that downward trend, close to 80 still 88 degrees in morgan hill. >> mid- to upper-'80s in concord, 70s, oakland, the 60s, coasts high low- to mid-70s into
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palo alto, san francisco, mid-60s tomorrow and for the north bay, highs mainly in the '80s, still a little up to the north. kind of interesting here, we had high pressure strengthen late in the week. now it's starting to weaken. by the time we get to wednesday, we will see rain off to the north as high pressure starts to weaken. we see chances of rain in the pacific northwest. pretty good amounts there. not quite far enough south. anything to bring anything measurable across 60s for the most part over the valleys, out of those upper '80s and low 90s into the upper 70s and low '80s starting tuesday much >> thanks, rob. a ticket to ride. the famous spot in the big apple where sir paul mccartney set up shop for a surprise concert. of
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surface of mars.
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the image, compiled from photos taken on august ninth, shows the rover at the red . >> nasa released occuriosty rover on mars. check this out the image compiled on august 9th shows the rover at the red planet. curiosity just drilled for a new rock sample. a thin layer of dust is on the robotic explorer. that's coming from a storm that hit this summer the dark sky is from dust still in the atmosphere. curiosity is nuclear powered. >> that means it doesn't needxt hottest ticket in new york city was right inside grand central station. sho [ music playing ] >> sir paul mccartney held a secret concert there last night, causing hundreds to flock in. some say that wasn't easy. on the right side, fans got to
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see stars in attendance, jon bon jovi, amy schumer and chris christie. >> that is cool. >> that would have been fun to get in to see that. >> we'll be right back with more news after the break. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration,
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electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. evacuations underway as a wildfire breaks out in the bay area. the news at six starts right now. right now at 6's, evacuations under way as a wildfire breaks out in the area. county. within the last hour, firefighters issued more evacuation orders. the 250-acre brush fire is a brush fire threatens home in napa county, in the last hour the 250-acre brush fire is burning near butts canyon road and snell valley road. mandatory evacuations are in place a short time ago, they
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issued it at knoxville road. this shows the intense plume of smoke, a couple hundred homes are threatened at this fire. here are some nor video for you from a passing car showing again more of that smoke. >> that heavy grey smoke t about 7 miles southeast of middle town. we )re also followie developments in shasta county... as the delta fire continues to rage it )s nearly doubled in size since this time yesterday. crews are scrambling to prevent the fire from reaching mountain communities. so far the fire has ripped through at least 58-square miles and is 0% containted. the biggest impact is the continued closure of i-5... a 45 mile stretch between mount shasta and redding, will be


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