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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 11, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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makes its way closer to the north carolina coast. we'll have more updates on that throughout the morning. kari, we have a traffic alert right now. the bay bridge that's okay and this issue in oakland around oak 5th on the shoulder. the one in walnut creek the big rig turns out, not just a smaller truck, a big rig stuck in the middle of the freeway, left three lanes are blocking your commute direction south 680 coming toward tree and the truck scales and you see the traffic is quickly building up from the 242 merge so that will be an issue. the first commute off the start is coming out of antioch for highway 4 and traveling westbound over in through bay point, concord, and again through pleasant hill and that's where things really jam up as you're down to just about two lanes traveling south toward the walnut creek interchange. there's been no expected time for the lanes to open. chp is trying to figure out what to do because the truck has locked up brakes. we'll figure out when they can get a crew there and track it
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and send it back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:00 right now. developing a live look at one of the spots in the path of that powerful hurricane. this is the scene from wrightsville beach in north carolina and now, i want to show you brand new video. this is a hurricane right here, hurricane hunter a plane flew just through the eye of florence, and you really can't see much here. on the ground, people are waiting in long lines there, and really to stock up on the gas and groceries, bracing for the strong storm to hit. >> reporter: are you surprised to see so many people here? >> not really. >> not last minute, you know. >> i don't like getting stuck without what i need. >> even if you don't know anyone on the east coast there, the storm is actually impacting air travel. thousands of flights could be impacted. five major airlines already say they'll allow their passengers and travelers there to change certain flights for no fee. >> it is 5:01 right now and
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happening now, the book everyone's been talking about finally available. bob woodward's "fear" hits store shelves overnight, new video out of washington, d.c., the book portrays a chaotic white house. obviously president trump isn't thrilled with that assessment. the white house pushing hard to discredit the book and its esteemed author. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live in washington with the very latest on this. probably a page turner. >> well, it certainly will be, and when people get the booing in their hands they can digest the details we've been hearing about. part of the problem here is the author, he is a well-known, respected celebrated journalist who broke watergate, and the white house is going all-out trying to discredit him, holding a news conference -- holding a briefing that we haven't seen in weeks not only trying to discredit woodward and his book but also that anonymous "new york times" author, making some of the same allegations.
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how will president trump figure out who wrote that scathing "new york times" op-ed, lie detector tests, no, the white house says. the fbi maybe. >> if that individual is in meetings that were national security is being discussed or other important topics and they are attempting to undermine the executive branch, that would certainly be problematic, and something that the department of justice should look into. >> reporter: for now, the trump team is busy trying to discredit journalist bob woodward and his new book "fear: trump in the white house." >> i've never seen an instance when the president is so detached from the reality of what's going on. >> reporter: president trump calls woodward's book a joke, full of lies. >> this is a president who welcomes, he accepts, if not expects dissenting points of view. >> reporter: former white house aide omarosa manigold said they're all telling the same
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story. >> donald trump is dangerous and that is the consistent theme. >> reporter: a theme set to hit store shelves today. woodward says he interviewed more than 100 people for this book and he recorded most of those interviews. laura? >> it will be interesting to see how people respond to it. tracie potts live from washington, thank you so much. 5:04 right now. the dysfunction in the south bay school district reaching new heights. school board member may be legally required to stay away from the superintendent for good. >> this is just the latest development for the troubled alum rock school district. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us from alum rock with what this means. good morning, kris. >> reporter: well, good morning to you, laura and marcus. today the superintendent and one board member are going to spend part of their day away from the school district, away from the schoolchildren and in a courtroom instead before a
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judge. the superintendent elaria bauer is attempting a restraining order she has against a trusty tran. since august 2nd he was ordered to stay away from her, her husband and her daughter. the trustee will be before the judge. ken tran is accused of harassing the superintendent, in a closed door meeting he allegedly threatened to kick your expletive, i'll let you use your imagination in referencing of a firing squad. trustee karen martinez alleges harassment and claims to have called police. tran told "the mercury news" what he said was mischaracterized. tran has not been alone in his criticism of the superintendent, other trustees questioned bauer's management of the district but bauer is very popular with parents who have been holding candidate forums in thing recent weeks in hopes of finding people who will focus on the education of their children.
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if the superintendent is granted a permanent restraining order he is not allowed to contact her in any way, not email, not phone, not even regular snail mail and can't show up at her office, here at the district, nor at her home, which could make things very difficult in terms of doing his job as a board member. we'll let you know what happens later on in the day. in san jose, kris sanchez "today in the bay." >> it could have provisions in it where they could only talk about what's going on with the board. thanks, kris. >> 5:06 right now. bay area janitors are taking the me too movement to the streets. those who marched you can see right here started in san francisco yesterday, and ended up in berkeley last night. more than 100 women led that walk to support a new bill, that measure aims to give better protection to janitors at risk of sexual assault or violence. organizers plan to continue the march from berkeley this morning, and actually plan to arrive in sacramento on friday.
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elementary school teacher found guilty of sexually abusing a girl for over a decade wants a new trial. the palo alto weekly reports michael arrow hired a new lawyer and accused his prosecutors of misconduct claims they allowed a "highly prejudicial testimony." he also was found guilty in february. we covered the story before and prosecutors say that he abused his girlfriend's daughter from the time she was 11 years old to 13. paper says sentencing for the conviction is delayed so the judge can respond to this new trial motion. it is 5:07 right now, and happening today, contra costa county leader also consider a move to save money that may also lead to changes in health care monitoring because governor jerry brown recently signed a bill to dissolve the west contra costa health care board of directors. it is possible supervisors will consider reporting themselves to that board, but other option
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also also be considered. the health care board currently makes financial decisions like paying bond holders and bills. the meeting takes place tonight. the plan to build a hotel near future adobe and google sites in downtown san jose just got larger. developers are proposing to add a 19-story hotel next to the deanza in downtown san jose. it was expected to have originally 220 rooms, but now "the mercury news" reports developers want to add an extra 50 rooms plus a rooftop restaurant. if completed, tech and business workers can stay at the hotel and have a short walk to adobe and the proposed google village. so you got some spare cash laying around. it turns out a whopping $23 million mansion in palo alto reportedly just won't sell. the two-story old home there on adobe, old adobe road is decked out with a sauna, theater, 1,000-bottle wine cellar and
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according to "the chronicle" despite the booming housing market, no buyers are willing to pay that money for that beautiful home. look at the pictures there. now that price is being dropped to, you know, $20 million, not too shabby there. if you got $20 million, kari, hey, i'll give you -- >> i'll buy it for $20. we take a live look outside in dublin this morning, already busy and as we look at our air quality today things are improving as we've seen the air being mixed out a little bit more with the breezy winds but we still have the wildfires burning in the north bay, so that's creating some smoky conditions there, moderate air quality throughout the afternoon. as you make your way out to the fruit veil b.a.r.t. station it will be a cool morning, all clear, temperatures in the mid-50s to start. mid-60s by 11:00 if you're headed out later this morning. it's still going to be nice and cool with our high temperature all across the bay area coming down a few more degrees from
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yesterday and napa today will reach 86 degrees. 87 in antioch and 79 in san jose. today in san francisco 67 degrees and i'll have a look at what's happening in fremont today coming up. mike, you have an update to the traffic alert. >> it's the good kind. traffic alert issued, slowing through walnut creek. just in the last few minutes we have the update from chp. they moved that big rig that was blocking half of 680, we have a recovery now but you see how quickly that backup built in 15, 20 minutes. 242 slow through concord, pleasant hill. 680 clears right by the truck scales and they got that big rig moved from the lanes so all six lanes are cleared. we'll give a little fist bump, boom, right there, good stuff. the rest of contra costa county moving smoothly and walnut creek should recover pretty quickly. we're seeing more traffic flowing, south bay, peninsula, not really a concern. 580 out of the altamont a good amount of traffic. tub lin capra out of livermore and past el charo a good flow of
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traffic with a lot of company, guys. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:10 right now. coming up, brand new sharks video for you this morning. it's time for some hockey. we'll show you how the shark tank is getting ready and what is new this year. plus president trump trying to ice some of president obama's economic claims. we'll go over the numbers when "today in the bay" continues.
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it's 5:13 with a clear start across the bay area, cool temperatures. a live look at fremont. we go from the upper 50s at 9:00 to noontime temperature of 68 degrees, and middle of the day we're looking at 76 degrees, really nice. we'll continue on with this cool weather, even cooler tomorrow. i'll talk about that coming up in less than five minutes. and a live look from the north bay, southbound 101 moves smoothly with a good amount of cars, all the way down to the golden gate bridge. no delays for highway 101. a very good morning to you on this september 11th. the nyse, nasdaq marketplace will hold a moment of silence before their respective opens. footlocker stock higher after it said nikes were selling really well and apple has its big event tomorrow. president trump pushes back
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against the claim president obama had anything to do with the boom. here is a clip. >> what are you going to do? what magic wand do you have? >> we created more than 400,000, and soon going to be 600,000 manufacturing jobs. >> growth during the trump years has been much more robust. this year we should get up near 3%, that would put us 50% above mr. obama's performance. >> now if that were too subtle the white house held its first press conference since august 22nd on monday, brought out the president's top economic adviser. president trump also made a series of tweets about the economy, including this one that the gdp was higher than the unemployment rate for the first time in 100 years. this was almost immediately pegged as wrong. this actually happens fairly often, about 60 times in the last 100 years. somehow a zero got added. >> but what is true is that it's the highest in ten years, and at
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some point, somebody conveyed it to him, adding a zero to that and they shouldn't have done that. i can say we numbers geeking at the white house are grateful when the press finds mistakes we make, we don't like making mistakes but we're grateful when they're pointed out. >> that might have been a typo but the president has had trouble with gdp a second time in a different tweet, in which he confuses quarterly gdp with yearly gdp. president trump would need a magic wand to get to 4% gdp, stated president obama. i guess i have a magic wand, 4.2% and will do much better than this. we have only begun. marcus and laura, got to read along to understand the error so we'll keep this tweet up. the 4% that president obama was talking about is annual gdp. the 4.2% president trump is talking about is the latest quarterly gdp estimate. we've crossed 4% quarterly gdp a
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lot. we've done it, we crossed 5% once recently. >> right. >> the best analogy i can get is getting an "a" on your math homework is hard, it's doable, but it's hard. getting an "a" for the semester is super hard, so one guy is talking about the math test, the other guy is talking about the semester. >> right. all broken down. >> thanks. starting to look a lot like hockey season at the shark tank. we got an inside look at the crews laying down the ice. two-day process will wrap up today, as the water buffalo sprays up to 15 gallons of water it takes to turn the arena into a rink. also, ticket sales are ahead of what they were last year, and this year there's a new option for fans who just can't commit to season tickets. >> what's particularly popular is a half season ticket plan or a partial plan where you can buy 11 games and you can pick your game if you want or pacific rivals or you can say i want to see the traditional east coast teams. >> some great options there.
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our crews got up into the media booth and up in the rafters from this vantage point where they put us, the preseason starts september 18th. regular season starts october 3rd, both against one of the shark's greatest rivals, anaheim ducks. go sharks. it will be fun. that's a cool new ticket option for people. >> yes, nice to get out. >> go! >> still a little shaky from that view from the rafters. at least strap me in. >> don't get too close. temperatures outside not cold enough for ice. >> but it will get us in the mood for fall into the next couple of days getting ready for some cooler air to move into the bay area. here is a live look in san jose to get you ready to step out the door. our skies are all clear and the is en-day forecast is coming up at the bottom to of tof the scr. look at how nice it will be as you make your way out the door to the dublin b.a.r.t. station it's another chilly morning,
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dipping down to 54 degrees, right around sunrise, the coolest time of the day before it starts to warm up. we're looking at some low 70s by early -- late morning, early afternoon. by noon we're at 74. if you're looking for something to do outside today, and san francisco, the botanical guarden will have free admission today in golden gate park, a nice thing to do outside if you want to enjoy the sunshine, but there will be some temperatures starting out cool, heading into the low 60s today, and as we get a look at our south bay high temperatures for this afternoon, we'll be up to 78 degrees in milpitas, downtown san jose 79 degrees. this is a little bit cooler than normal, and we'll get even cooler tomorrow. so it's still going to be warm for the inland parts of the east bay. antioch reaching 87 degrees. martinez 85, and 73 today in oakland. half moon bay 62 degrees, which gets the sunshine like we did yesterday and san mateo expect a high of 74 degrees, and 68 in
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the mission district, as we head toward the north bay, up to 85 in santa rosa, and ukiah 84 degrees. an update on what's happening in the tropics, paul has weakened to a tropical depression, so we'll be seeing some of the last advisories on that hopefully recently, as we go into today, and as we look at olivia, that has also weakened now down to a tropical storm, as expected, as it moves closer to hawaii, and will continue on as a tropical storm, bringing some heavy rain for the hawaiian islands, starting today, continuing through tomorrow, and then it will be to the west of hawaii. we'll have more updates on florence as well as we see that heading toward the east coast. now, as we look at the bay area inland, temperatures it's going to be breezy and more cloudy tomorrow, inland areas only reaching the upper 70s. we'll see the same thing on wednesday, as we will see on thursday, as well as friday, and the weekend is looking really nice and comfortable. san francisco more sunshine, highs reaching into the low to
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mid-60s and mike, now you have a new crash in san francisco. >> i do, kari. here is the uptate. the entire bay is a smooth drive for most of these areas. sensors in the green zone. the crash is reported to chp as northbound 101 around cesar chavez. the southbound side is the one that's slowing so either the report direction is incorrect or it's enough of a distraction that it does slow folks down and now slowing down just after you get off the skyway and make that transition around octavia. i'll bring you the latest, but again, you do see the slowing on our sensors for the southbound side of 101, slows to about cesar chavez. 101 south of 280 is completely fine and so is 280 into the city. the bay bridge toll plaza still very light, smooth drive, much smoother and lighter than yesterday. we have this recovery which continues but very quick return to the yellow zone, back up into the 50-mile-per-hour range. the earlier locked up big rig,
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the fedex big rig has been cleared from lanes and south 242 still a little slow. it will ripple back but so far you're okay because that build has not come out of bay point yet and the subtle backup at the bay bridge, much lighter than yesterday, this will change over the next few minutes. back to you. >> all right, thanks, mike. 5:22 right now. september is national suicide prevention month. and this week we're really trying to help with the question of what to say. all this week, "today in the bay" is highlighting this important topic. the national suicide prevention lifeline says that if you have a friend thinking about suicide, listen to the reasons for feeling this hopelessness and in pain. listen with compassion, and empathy, without dismissing or even judging. this is part of their be the one two campaign, for instance you could be that one there for them. now i want to remind you of that number for the national suicide prevention lifeline that is 1-800-273-talk. it is 5:22 right now. coming up, president tru-- one
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area restaurant cutting prices. i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer
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and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. hebreakfast makers, takers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers, and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way.
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welcome back everyone. it is 5:25 right now. continuing coverage this morning, muni bus driver is still in critical condition after this crash was caught on camera. we covered it as breaking news yesterday morning on "today in the bay." maybe you saw that dash cam
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video yesterday showing the bus actually jumped the divide, slammed into a building on lombard street. you see it there. it was such an impact. the bus crashed into a dry cleaning business. the owner says a tree out front helped reduce the impact of that crash, and may have saved lives at the motel next door. access to what may be a life-saving device just got a little easier. that's because a new competitor to epipen injectors are coming to the market. the epipen can make a difference between life and death for someone with a severe case of allergic reaction. walgreens and drug companies caleo just announced a partnership to sell an injector device called quavq. it's similar to the hard-to-get epipen in may. >> what i hear from my sources, this shortage that we have
5:27 am
currently should be fixed quite quickly. >> and for people with the right health coverage, the new device may be available at no cost. your next trip to some restaurants may be a little less expensive. tariffs imposed on u.s. exports driving food costs down across the country. cnbc reports the tariffs are causing a pile-up in supplies of items like cord. it's becoming more expensive to ship overseas because overseas buyers don't want to pay the tariffs. it's driving down prices in unamas here in the bay area. >> the fact we are seeing a decrease in costs, there's nothing but positive for us and i hope it continues. >> in the meantime farmers are losing money because of declining prices. analysts say if the tariffs continue they may lower production of certain items which would cause lower prices to go back up. a sneak peek from today's episode of "ellen." >> heidi clum says drake asked
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her out on a date. >> i guess he asked to have my number and he texted me. oh my gosh, this is so weird. i never texted him back because i found the love of my life. >> he texted you, and you didn't even respond? >> no. >> maybe he should have been thinking, hey, heidi, do you love me ♪ >> she didn't respond. i guess that's the answer. >> watch "ellen" at 4:00 followed by "nbc bay area news" at 5:00 and "nightly news" with lester holt at 5:30. >> wouldn't you feel obligated to respond? >> hi. >> thanks but no thanks. >> at least. coming up next on "today in the bay" category 4 hurricane set to slam parts of the east coast. new this morning, the help from the bay area already heading there to respond. and breaking news here at home, a growing vegetation fire in marin county, and evacuations are under way. live report is straight ahead.
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welcome back. 5:31 for you right 31znow. as we take a live look there in new york city at ground zero, where the tragic september 11th attacks happened. of course we're going to continue to cover this throughout the day here. we're going to have a live report there from ground zero on the national moment of silence, that's coming up for you in about 15 minutes. and good morning. thank you so much for starting your morning right here with us on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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let's get a look at our forecast right now. meteorologist kari hall is here. >> cooler today, a live look outside in san jose as you get ready to head out the door. we'll have temperatures in the mid-50s at 7:00. so it's a cool start. grab a jacket before you step out the door and sunglasses for later on as temperatures head into the upper 70s. it's going to be comfortable. still pretty warm in martinez with highs reaching into the mid 80s for early afternoon. be prepared for that and getting out the door for school this morning in the tri valley, livermore expecting our start at 55 degrees, walking to school, at lunch time in the mid-60s and then heading into the upper 70s by early afternoon. we'll talk about the weekend coming up in a few minutes and mike, you've got a look at the commute this morning. >> kari, we'll look at both sides of the bay bridge. obviously behind me you see the backup which is forming much less of a backup than we saw at this time yesterday. it's interesting for traffic tuesday. we expect that volume to kick in
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though about 7:30/7:00 for the last week. backup here, in metering lights just yet but they should be turned on any second and the fast track lanes are starting to track up. here the maze not showing a problem but we did get another incident reported a fender bender south 242, as there was the recovery from the other traffic alert, and the build coming off highway 4. there is the build that cleared the big rig from walnut creek just in time. the other side of the bay bridge we talk about this slowing almost completely recovered. the earlier disabled rig right around cesar chavez and the distraction cleared. little slowing but fine by octavia. both sides looking better than 10, 15 minutes ago. the metering lights we should see the backup forming quickly over the next few minutes. it's 5:33 right now. here that is an obstruction, a little debris in the roadway. the dublin interchange is fine
5:34 am
and looking toward the south bay with northbound 101 a little bit very slight, we're still at speed through san martin but expect that to build as the volume comes up over the next 20 minutes or so and looking right here, the first burst happened just about 5:20 this morning so we see this little slowing here through san jose north of 680 no concerns. this will smooth out never the next half hour. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. is 5:34. breaking news we're covering from the north bay. brush fire continues to burn this morning. it actually got larger overnight. this is aerial video showing the line of fire in marin county. the fire is burning right now outside of samuel taylor park near la gunitas. it started a little before 8:00 last night. at least 100 acres burned. up to 30 structures are threatened, some of them homes. the fire is just 10% contained. and all new overnight, our crews spoke to people forced to evacuate, some with animals. >> and i started packing up my
5:35 am
vehicles and my pygmy goats and decided to get ahead of it even though i'm not in a mandatory evacuation area right now. >> reporter: but you're a block away. >> i'm one street away. that's too close, especially if you got goats. >> our pete suratos on his way to the front lines right now. he'll join us with a live report on "today in the bay" coming up in our next half hour. hurricane florence is taking aim on the east coast. bob riddell is here with who is going to help. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. there's a group of 16 local firefighters all trained in water rescue. they're on the road for a 2,900 mile road trip to north carolina where hurricane florence is expected to make landfall early friday morning. this was the scene overnight in oakland. this is the warehouse where california task force 4 stores all of their equipment. members of that team packed a
5:36 am
lot of gear for their trip out east, including eight boats and enough fuel, food and water to be self-sufficient for five to seven days on their own. they are driving nonstop, expect to arrive in north carolina thursday morning, and then wait for florence to come ashore. >> find a safe place to shelter, whether away from where it's hitting or to the north or south of where it's hitting. our practice is not to endanger our rescuers and make sure they're safe during the brunt of the storm and as soon as it gets to a safe but acceptable level we'll deploy resources and start search and recovery efforts. >> reporter: task force 4 will receive its specific orders from a local incident commander in north carolina after the hurricane makes landfall. their job is strictly to do water rescues. the team is part of fema's urban search and rescue program. 28 teams deployed, some in hawaii but most are headed to north carolina. reporting live here in union city, bob riddell, "today in the
5:37 am
bay." >> thank you so much, bob. 5:36 right now. happening today, leaders from around the world are gathering in san francisco for the global action summit, which officially kicks off tomorrow at the mosconi center. today governor brown will attend a kickoff event with forest and climate experts, plan to announce global efforts to combat climate change. former vice president al gore will attend a second kickoff event a symposium on how to improve global climate. some of the focus including the devastation there in california with the recent wildfires. be warned the commute on highway 17 will be a little more difficult starting later this morning. cal transwill work on highway 17 between vine hill road and scotts valley and summit road. the northbound lane closed from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 in the afternoon. tomorrow and thursday a southbound lane will close between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. this is maintenance to get the highway ready for the winter.
5:38 am
if this is the raiders last season in oakland, it didn't get off to such a great start. >> the raiders lost their opener last night against the l.a. rams at the oakland coliseum. live look right there, all quiet now but last night the black home was rumbling with fans pumped to welcome back head coach jon gruden. in the second half the rams took advantage of carr's three interceptions and scored 23 unanswered points. the final score there 33-13. mike, as they always say, next time. >> they also say raider nation! >> they do. you need some face paint. >> that's right. over here we're looking at much more of a nation building here at the bay bridge toll plaza. the fast track lanes are filled in and just after we ex-ided the traffic report last report at 5:30 we had the metering lights registering on. we had them on for about five, almost ten minutes now and still have a subtle build so the volume coming in, manageable.
5:39 am
through the maze no major problems and down the east shore freeway we're fine. over here in contra costa county we had the earlier traffic alert which cleared but it set off some early slowing through walnut creek and it's kind of sticking around. because more folks continue to feed in off of highway 4, pitts bug, bay point and just off of highway 4 on 242 southbound we do have another fender bender off to the shoulder, a little distraction as folks make their way in toward concord. as we show you the rest of the bay, we see a pretty typical pattern but a little bit lighter than we do on a tuesday. we haven't come back for the early commute but a little bit later in the morning, things are getting tough for the last few mornings through the bulk of your commute through the south bay but there's dublin more clearly when you have cars coming in out of the altamont and headed to the dublin interchange. >> everybody's working. >> hello. >> for the weekend. >> and the weekend is a day clos closer. >> yes, we made it past monday, making it through wednesday and then into the weekend. here is a look at the cooler air in the forecast for the middle of the week for the inland
5:40 am
valleys. we're going to have a taste of fall for a few days and the weekend looking pretty nice, too. as we look ahead in san francisco, also going to keep those same temperatures in the low to mid-60s. so if you're making plans to head to napa valley this weekend, it may be smoky, we have some wildfires burning in the area and temperatures reaching into the upper 70s. if yosemite is in the plans for you, highs into the mid-60s with sunshine all weekend long, great weekend to go there. if you are heading down to santa barbara for a beach weekend, it's going to be in the upper 70s for saturday, as well as sunday, and we are going to have some breezy winds still kicking up. we'll take a look at today's temperature trend for san jose coming up in about three minutes. >> we'll look forward to it, thanks so much. 5:40. coming up an nbc news special report of america remembers 9/11. plus the search for an arsonist, the help the fbi needs from you after a planned parenthood went up in flames.
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it's 5:43 now on this tuesday morning. we are in for slightly cooler weather today. live look outside in san jose, with a clear start this morning. lot of sunshine going throughout the afternoon. our highs today reaching only into the upper 70s. we'll talk about what's ahead for the rest of the week, that's coming up in a few minutes. a light build although the metering lights have been turned on at the bay bridge, that top
5:44 am
number only a 15 minutes from highway 4 to the backup and through the south slowing now for 101 northbound, clustering right around 680, up toward oakland road. we'll follow that as you leave and then build again. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. 5:44 right now. all new, three men facing charges for stabbing a teenager in the back in morgan hill. you are looking at two of the suspects. the third only 17 years old. so police did not release his picture. this happened friday. the 16-year-old victim went to the hospital and is critically hurt. officers took all three suspects into custody on saturday. they face attempted homicide charges. today a flight over once south bay group's solution to help the homeless takes a new step. >> they set up a new type of
5:45 am
encampment. the problem officials are telling them to get out. san jose hope village formed on this parking lot over the weekend just south of the airport. it's safe, clean, proper fencing, toilet and community area as well. on monday, authorities gave them an eviction notice, since the site is on state property. organizers point out no one uses the lot. it's away from neighborhoods and there's another encampment ten feet away. we are expecting a special report from nbc news. of course it is the anniversary of 9/11.
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>> of course all of us can recall where we were on 9/11, just -- >> that was my second day of work on the station, you were on the air. >> and flight 93 was headed toward san francisco. i just ran into mark bingham's mother last week at the store, and it's hard to, you know, brings back all those memories but it's nice to see that we will of course never forget. >> every day, every year we're regaining that faith and confidence right here at home. >> you know what would be nice to see is the reunification of the united states as we were after those days following. >> yes. >> yes, coming together. there you go. okay, we'll move on with the day's news, traffic, weather. >> weather is looking really good around the bay area. we're going to enjoy a couple of
5:51 am
really nice cool days, even a taste of fall for some, as we take a live look outside in emeryville as you get ready to step out the door and our air quality is improving except for the north bay. we still have some wildfires and even some new ones starting to burn as we wake up this morning. some moderate air quality and drifts of smoke there, but a lot of that smoke moving away from the rest of the bay area, as we go into the afternoon. so as you get ready to head out for that morning commute around pittsburg our temperatures start out cool with some upper 50s and heading into the low 70s for late morning into early afternoon, and then getting out the door for school this morning, as you head out in martinez, we'll be at 58 degrees and then 72 degrees at 11:00, as you go back to pick up the kids, it will start to warm up with some upper 70s and our highs will be heading up to 87 degrees in concord, livermore 82 degrees and 79 in san jose. san francisco reaching up to 67 degrees. getting dressed this morning, it will be a day for just trying to stay cool because our
5:52 am
temperatures will be warm in spots. t hichb shirt and shorts good options for you but need more than that if you're going to the giants game later on this evening. first pitch at 7:15, temperatures in the lower 60s. we'll have more weather coming up. mike, you're giving us a look what's happening in dublin. >> kari, we looked at the camera and i saw things slowing down behind this overcrossing was a disabled vehicle. took a while to get to the shoulder. both sides of traffic are flowing smoothly. took about ten minutes for them to clear that, so that will be a sticking point and you see that on our maps, right up here, but overall the arrows are showing you where we typically see very light but they are in your typical pattern for the tri valley, the east bay, the south bay. not a major issue. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge and that's your biggest gathering. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> 5:52 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," outrage over colin kaepernick's nike deal reaches new heights in one u.s. town. the unusual step now being taken
5:53 am
by the mayor there. but first, happening now, we're finding out more about the two people who were taken out to sea along the oregon coast. the married couple were two recent immigrants from china who were visiting the beach when they were washed over the rocks and swept them away. their 10-year-old daughter was with them at the time. she made it out alive. more news coming back in two minutes. a hearing for a 30-year
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
welcome back, everyone. it is 5:55. happening today, a hearing for a 30-year-old pennsylvania police officer charged in the death of an unarmed black teenager. it is a case out of pennsylvania. former pittsburgh officer michael rossfield is charged with shooting 17-year-old antoine rose, a high school senior. rossfield faces criminal homicide charges. investigators say he shot rose three times as he ran away from a traffic stop in june. prosecutors say the officer was never threatened and acted with "no justification." to the latest on a controversial shooting involving a police officer in texas. we have brand new video into our newsroom overnight showing protests in the streets of dallas, crowds marched from dallas police headquarters to the dallas police association and back.
5:57 am
they are protesting the death. guyger facing manslaughter charges but this morning the d.a. says murder charges are possible. >> yes, i love our police department. yes, i support them. but they know that i am committed to equal justice, even justice, and i will do that at all costs. >> the officer's explanation for this is she says she thought she was going into her own apartment, didn't recognize gene and shot him to death. but it was actually his own apartment. she was on the wrong floor. >> 5:57 and a big scare at an east bay high school. paramedics were called out to richmond high school yesterday afternoon after five students showed up in the nurse's office complaining of nausea. turns out they had eaten marijuana edibles.
5:58 am
the students are okay. school officials say they could face some kind of punishment. no nike purchases for sprts centers in kenner, louisiana because the mayor just banned the parks and recreation department from buying nook nike products, the same day nike released its new ad campaign with football social activist colin kaepernick. some people stood by the mayor's view while others took to social media to voice their disbelief. >> highly disappointed, can't believe that somebody of that political stance would do something against children. >> the mayor says that nike ban is effective immediately. >> firefighters making a rescue in indianapolis. firefighters were pulling boys up with ropes. the boys were playing by a creek when they got swept into the current. they started screaming for help and a man walking nearby called 911. firefighters found one boy hanging on to a tree branch.
5:59 am
the other trapped in a different area. the boys eventually rescued, taken to the hospital and happy to say they're in good condition. the $5 footlong may soon disappear for good at subway restaurants. the ceo of the chain tells "usa today" that starting this month, franchisees will be allowed to decide whether to keep the iconic sub on the menu. it says that many were not happy when subway brought back that deal last year after a long hiatus because they didn't make as much profit from the discounted sandwich. subway restaurants are 100% franchise owned. right now at 6:00, monster storm headed straight for the east coast. the work under way to get ready now and the brand new video from inside the eye of the storm. >> and more infighting, the legal battle set to play out in the south bay courtroom today between leaders at an already embattled school district. >> and just too expense sufficient? the multimillion-dollar price
6:00 am
cut for peninsula home that just won't sell. another sign of the times for local real estate. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we'll get to weather in a moment. right now mike with traffic has concerns for drivers. >> we had early concerns but looks like things are holding up pretty well. the speed is enfors for the last 20 minutes have been holding steady and this is a lighter volume than we often see on a tuesday. yesterday we saw monster commute in many parts of the bay really kicking in and holding steady until about 9:00 and then things started to ease up, so it does look like more folks are dropping their kids off early, letting them get to school on their own. looking to the south bay look how light 101 is. it's improving over the last 15 minutes and a live shot it was going to show you some headlights but right now it shows you nothing so we'll move on to the transit system as we get out of your way. notice the transit syste


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