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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 19, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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and good wednesday morning to you. 4:30 right now as we take a look at sfo this morning. lot of people coming. lot of people going but i'm glad you're starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia is off. i saw a storm ranger cranking in the background. what are we looking for, kari? >> we're just looking for nothing right now. it's all dry. we've got it cranked up just to make sure there's no smoke or anything. we can detect all kinds of stuff. live look outside san jose this morning, it's clear. let's head over to sunnyvale. temperatures nice to start but warmer today. highs in the south bay headed u for this time of year.
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little bit warmer for antioch88 and 73 today in oakland. we'll talk more about higher heat in our forecast coming up and mike, you're checking on a couple of hazards. >> just because they're in the report, kari. we'll point them out to folks as they appear on the maps. on the peninsula there's an orange cone left over from roadwork. not a problem from 101 toward 380 and the airport sfo. on the other side of the bay the other incident that's reported was an earlier car fire, as you traveled south out of hayward, around industrial parkway, this may still be on the shoulder but it happened just under an hour ago. the activity still reported on the shoulder but the fire undoubtedly out. no injuries reported. good stuff there. and a nice easy drive in through the maze. contra costa county looking at speed, highway 4 out of antioch down into hercules a little bit of slowing. overnight road crew leaves one lane blocked westbound 80 through hercules clear by the time you get to richmond. >> thanks, mike. the palo alto woman who
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accused brett kavanaugh of sexual assault is in a full-on effort to avoid the public eye. she and her family say they are now getting death threats. among the questions, will she testify on capitol hill? dr. ford is calling for an fbi investigation before she takes the stand. >> this is dramatic shift at the is 1th hour of the confirmation process. "today in the bay" has the latest. >> reporter: before she meets lawmakers on capitol hill the palo alto woman at the center of the absation against brett kavanaugh wants an fbi investigation. dr. ford's lawyers say they want this done in a non-partisan manner. dr. ford claims the supreme court nominee sexually assaulted her in the 1980s, when both of them were in high school. the president is the only one who could order the fbi to examine the accusation that kavanaugh is categorically denying. >> i don't think the fbi really should be involved because they don't want to be involved. if they wanted to be, i would
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certainly do that. >> reporter: senate republicans are asking ford to step forward and testify next monday. >> i think her story deserves to be heard, and the committee process has been made available to her. >> reporter: ford's attorneys also say the hearing was scheduled and would include interdpags by senators who appear to have made up their minds she is mistaken and mixed up. earlier house minority leader nancy pelosi said she doesn't know if ford will show, but predicts it won't go well for republicans either way. >> i don't think they have any idea what is in store for them because women across the>> repo" >> 4:33 now. the man accused of stealing more than $100,000 of things from people's homes is now behind
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bars. san francisco police arrested this man 61-year-old george lima. they say over a four-week period this summer he burglarized a string of homes, allegedly stole bikes, laptops, electronics and cash. help from above, i want to you take a look right here. the coast guard rescuing a woman yesterday. this was about 35 miles southeast of the golden gate bridge. that woman in her 70s was on board a cruise ship when she started having stomach pains. they hoisted her up, taking her to get treatment. no word on her condition. 4:34 right now. happening today, san francisco schools introduce a new curriculum designed to prepare students for the next big one, focused on quake and uses san francisco as its earthquake history and sort of a learning campus. usgs scientists say there's a 72% chance a uake will strike sometime in the next > te
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the bay area's transit system. man's passion project to rethink the maps piqued our interest. he tells sf gate he started sketching these out while he was stuck on b.a.r.t. in the trans bay tube. on his wish list, better rail coverage in mission bay. we can tell you he's not alone on that one. his maps expand access into the east bay. he believes this is all doable by 2050 but insists he's not going to cover the bill. after 80 years woodside is getting a new fire station. work on the $10 million skylonda station on sky line boulevard is complete. today they'll hold a ribbon cutting. neighbors are invited to check things out. it replaces the old station which was built back in 1939. a live look at san jose's s.a.p. center, where things are starting to heat up on the ice. hockey season right around the corner, officially, though the sharks played their first
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preseason game last night. it was not on tv, but we do hear they won. and if you're a sharks fan, you know who this is, two-time norris trophy winner eric carlsson. the sharks got him in a trade with ottawa. later today he'll meet with the media and take part of the first practice with the team. should be a lot of fun. >> official first game is next tuesday. >> are you going? >> no, but he better hit the ground running or he's ice skating. >> either way, get to work. coming up on "today in the bay," too soon to talk about christm christmas? >> yes. >> some retailers are already looking at the possible trend and looking like it will be a very green christmas. plus, are you driving the most stolen car in the country? which car thieves look at as an easy and profitable target.
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thanks meg. good morning. i'm meg terrell at cnbc global headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is indicated to open higher today after rallying on tuesday despite escalating tensions in the u.s./china trade war. the index hit its highest intraday level since january. the nasdaq tacked on 60 points and snapped a two-day losing streak. today we'll get data on u.s. housing starts and building permits. bears stepping its weed
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willer roundup after a jury ruled in favor of a former groundskeeper who claimed it caused his cancer. they are asking to reduce or eliminate the $289 million damage award potentially worried about the precedent it sets for future cases. the suit in question was among the first of thousands filed by gardeners and farmers claiming the herbicide gave them cancer. deloitte projected sales growth up to 5.5% from last year which could push sales above $1.1 trillion. the optimistic outlook fueled by record low unemployment and strong consumer confidence sees sales growth in e-commerce rising to $134 billion, up 22%. retailers are carefully watching for impacts from tariffs, especially as tensions escalate with china. marcus and kris, back over to you. >> thank you very much. >> 4:40 right now.
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if you drive a honda civic you're asked to be careful because you have gotten the distinction as having the car that is the top stolen in the country. >> oh, boy. >> if you own a honda, we're pretty sure you've heard the story before. the national insurance crime bureau released its annual list, topped by civic with more than 45,000 stolen. usually hop da accord is on the top of the list. that came in second followed by a full-size ford pickup, the full-size chevrolet pickup and toyota camry. i've owned two of those cars on the list. >> you'd think they'd want more fancy. >> quick. >> it's true. coming up on "today in the bay," your wednesday forecast with kari hall. >> it's going to be a little bit warmer today, compared to yesterday. we're checking out palo alto right now and our temperatures to go from the low 50s this morning to the upper 60s this afternoon. we'll get a look at all of our microclimate and the temperatures ahead, coming up next. a live look at dublin shows
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you 580. we have company. we're not the only ones who are up, you and i at home. smooth drive through the dublin interchange. we'll talk about what's going on a little farther north. gate bria
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morng to you, 4:44 right now, as we take a live look at the golden gate bridge toll plaza right there. not too many people on the road, but i'm sure that is going to change today. >> big towers. >> mike, are you going to try to
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go home early? look at that? i'm done here. >> a little too early for that. >> but a clear look there in that picture, so cooler temperatures. >> cooler temperatures and we're going to have a warmer afternoon, so even though it starts out cool this morning, things are going to heat up fast. here is a live look outside, and san francisco right now once again the lack of fog and low clouds, but we'll see that changing over the next couple of hours, and as the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen, you'll see that it's going to be warmer, as we lead into the weekend, but look at how cool it is now. napa 48 degrees, and it's cooler in santa rosa at 47. yes, you need a jacket. it's 54 degrees now in san jose. livermore 52, so as you're headed out to the dublin b.a.r.t. station this morning, it's going to be chilly out there, only the low 50s, and those temperatures continue through about 8:00, and then as we go through the day, we're going to see temperatures going up pretty fast. as you're getting dressed this morning, you need a jacket to
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later on today it will be all about the short sleeves and maybe a hat to give you some shade. it's going to be a warmer afternoon compared to what we've seen recently, but nothing that we haven't been used to. we're reaching up to 85 in east san jose, and 80 in milpitas and we'll see some upper 80s for much of the inland parts of the east bay, up to 87 in walnut creek, and in danville. oakland today 73 degrees for that high there, and 72 in san mateo. redwood city reaching 78 degrees and 67 in the mission district today. only up a few more degrees in the city, while the north bay will feel a bigger difference in those temperatures with ukiah reaching 88 and 84 today in novato. here is a look at our seven-day forecast. we go from the 80s to the 90s over the next few days and it doesn't look like our temperatures will cool off as quickly as we originally expected, so for the first day of fall it's still going to very much feel like summer, 90 degrees on saturday, and just a little bit lower on sunday.
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san francisco heading into the low 70s, and not as much in the way of clouds and fog as we wake up the next several mornings. mike, you're saying that the road crews are starting to clear out. >> they typically do that the first phase clears about 5:00 and that's usually the commute direction and the second phase the non-commute direction will clear about 6:00. highway 1 we had that clear overnight and the last couple of days they've been working on one of the tunnels at the tom lantos tunnel, formerly known as devil's slide. both tunnels in service. there is the south bay and we get a wide look, easy drive. we'll move the map up toward cocoa county, concord through cocoa is just fine. we see a little slowing here as well. we still have the one lane blocked west 80 coming down through hercules. more slowing over the last few, indicates that crews are moving and going backwards on the roadway to remove the cones and flares and likely what's happening over there, no major problems. over toward the timing, we saw
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the clear green sensors still at 16 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge because o have our 1 or 14 so you're delayed by two minutes, not a big deal folks. when you get there, the cash lanes, choose carefully, the cash lanes to your left, backup waiting for one lane to open, a typical pattern getting into san francisco. you want to avoid any backup which was minor. looking at b.a.r.t. with a great ride under the water and a smooth ride on the rails for the rest of the system. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 4:48 right now. there's relief on the peninsula this morning for family and friends of two teenagers murdered by a man known as the gypsy hill killer. back in 1956, he raped and murdered several young women. >> for years, this was a cold case that haunted bay area law enforcement, as "today in the bay's" gene ellie reports, 42 years later, a jury found him guilty. >> a lot of the women were very afraid to go out by themselves.
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>> reporter: steve bischoff remembers when his friend paul baxter disappeared in 19 6. while helping police search, he found baxter's body. >> there under a sink was paul. >> reporter: baxter was one of several young women found raped and murdered during a four-month period 42 years ago on the peninsula. investigators searching for the so-called gypsy hill killer finally got him. jury in san mateo county found 70-year-old rodney halbaur guilty of two counts of murder, one count for the murder of baxter and another of 18-year-old veronica casio. blood from the victims led investigators to attack halbauer. >> she stabbed him off and fought him off and survive. he was arrested, convicted there, and the state of oregon took his dna and put it in a
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national database. >> reporter: district attorney steve wagstaff says he faces two lengthy prison terms and another term in nevada. justice provides some relief. >> for me anyway it's hugely important, knowing what happened, scary as it was, to go through it again, you know, now we know. he'll be in jail for the rest of his life. >> reporter: jean elliott, "today in the bay." an escaped inmate is on the run and authorities believe he may be headed here to the bay area where he's from. justin tyquinco walked away near nevada city yesterday, serving six years for armed robbery. he was sentenced in contra costa county back in 2015 and supposed to serve one year in alameda county for second-degree robbery. the popular drug humera may
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be helping doctors and hospitals too much. the state's insurance commissioner is suing the company, accusing the company of providing cash, gifts and medical software to hospitals to push t drug on to patients. health insurers have paid $1.2 billion in humera's claims over the last five years. the commissioner is calling this the largest health care fraud case in california history. humera treats arthritis and crohn's disease. california's once again suing the trump administration but this time over pollution. attorney general javier bacerra says the administration is rolling back a rule reducing pollution from energy drilling on federal lands. the lawsuit was filed hours after the interior department announced it was rescinding the rule which focuses on methane pollution. new mexico is also joining that lawsuit. staying with the trumpnot b.
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according to a new test report from the u.s. prototypes can be breached. those tests showed the walls can be physically penetrated or scaled. the department did say that it would take specialized equipment to breach the prototypes. coming up on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> seven figures, two languages and one mission, to get you your money back. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. but first, happening now, we're waiting the formal charges against the man suspected of killing oakland native and iowa college student molly tibbits. in hours he will be arraigned for murder. cornfield a few weeks ago before going missing for a months. the arrest of the farmhand.
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more headlines in two minutes. you could save energy by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold.
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do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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our money-saving consumer team just hit a great new benchmark for our viewers. 4:55 for you right now, and our money saving consumer team just hit a great new benchmark for our viewers. >> consumer investigator chris chmura has the exciting new numbers. >> good morning, we've been fighting to get money back for consumers a little more than two years now. we track every get people back and as of today, we are proud to tell you we have now recovered more than $2 million for nbc bay ar add our at a time just like we closed for mauro in hayward. an auto repair bill he thought was inflated by more than $1700.
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we contacted the shop's corporate office and mauro got a refund of $1781. our sister station telemundo 48 is helping viewers in spanish. consumer investigator arlen fernandez and her team held hortencia in san jose, upset with a dental clinic over its week. she received a refund of more than $3,000. as of today combined telemundo 48 and nbc bay area have recovered just about $2.25 million for our viewers. perhaps you have a consumer problem. call us in english 888-996-tips or in spanish, 844-408-4848. >> i like that, .there. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> 4:56 for you now. if you're a bay area commuter looking for a work-around for the overcrowded bridges, we have an answer for you. >> take a look at this man in florida, nonchalantly, showing
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you his jet ski, how he caught the attention of a lot of other drivers, he's appropriately dressed too. james bond may have already called him for a test spin, the u.s. coast guard does say using watercraft improperly can be dangerous. how is that possible? >> i don't know. he does have a helmet. that's the good thing, right? >> that's determination. wherever he's going, he really wanted to get there fast. >> go around the traffic. 4:57. coming up, a quick look at your morning forecast. >> it will be warmer today. lot of people are taking their jet skis to the beach today, as we check out cupertino this morning. we're going to have a cool start with some mid-50s at 8:00, and a lot of sunshine today, looking at some upper 70s by early afternoon. we'll talk about our warmer microclimates and what's ahead, coming up next. if you don't have your jet ski aouple of
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spots to watch. a live look outs-
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emer and good wednesday morning to you, as we start our day almost 5:00 for you, so if that's your wake-up call, wake up! >> you're supposed to be more gentle. >> wake up. there is a bay bridge, beautiful shot. thanks for starting your day with us ontoay."
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i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. the weather forecast the if you have some outdoor plans today, get it done early, if you're making your way out the door to the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station on the way to work. it's going to be cool, grab a jacket, only mid-50s and at 9:00 at 65 degrees, mid-70s. look at our highs today, notice it's going to be warmer today compared to yesterday. you may have to turn on the air conditioning for a little bit in antioch, headed up to 88 degrees. i'll talk more about this and also the increased fire danger as our temperatures heat up, that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right, kari. folks are wrapping up their work day. folks working around the clock around the bay area, i saw a big line at starbucks around 4:00 in the morning. in the south bay we see a smooth drive on the peninsula, affected later in the commute, tend to see later wor


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