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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 25, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the words a mother is happy to hear after her 6 year old boy who was kidnapped from modesto is found here in the bay area. good morning, and thanks for joining us. i )m laura garcia. and i )m marcus washington. you might have gotten that amber alert yesterday afternoon. now the saga is over more nearly 60 miles from where it started. nbc bay area )s pete suratos is live at the la quinta hotel in dublin where the boy and his nbc bay area's pete suratos is live. pete, what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. guys, those amber alerts that all of us got here in the bay area, i spoke to modesto police and they're saying it was the help of the community, those
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amber alerts, as well as the county sheriff's office helping to locate that 6-year-old and his father who is accused of abducting him just yesterday in modesto. right here behind me at the laquinta in dublin. i just got that update with more information from modesto police. i want to show you a facebook post from the mother who has to be relieved that her 6-year-old was found safe and sound here in dublin. of course, we're talking about jace koso. you see she is thanking law enforcement, trying to get more information, as well. but here's what we're learning from police. they're saying roughly about 7:35 a.m. yesterday morning, they got a report of a home invasion slash child abduction in modesto. they say this father, john koso, the name we're getting, did this abduction, carried out this abduction, with the help of several associates. in fact, they're saying that they used pepper spray to get into that home. now, eventually, police more than 24 hours later, located the father here in dublin, along with that 6-year-old.
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and also the father's 17-year-old son from another marriage. now, they're saying that it looks like the 17-year-old may have been one of those several associates i just mentioned who helped out with this abduction. now, i want to point out, modesto police tell me in the past half hour that all of the subjects were safe. there was no use of force. as far as finding the father and finding the 6-year-old. we did speak to hotel guests who said they saw police arresting that father when it took place. here's what they had to say. >> when i was coming back from dropping off my fiancee, i saw a guy get tackled by a s.w.a.t. team looking type thing. and then a child screaming and crying for their dad. it was kind of crazy. so i just used a different entrance. so -- that was pretty much what you saw. >> like half a dozen were here. and i didn't know what was going on. so i was on my way out, so i just left. i came back and still saw them. i was kind of worried.
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>> reporter: i'll take you guys back out here live. they're saying that 6-year-old inside there is eventually going to be brought back to modesto to be reunified with his mother. modesto police will handle that. they're also saying that the dad, john koso, and his 17-year-old son face charges in all of this. they'll be taken in custody by modesto police. they're saying the 17-year-old, his charges are pending. but i want to read off the charges for the dad. they're saying he faces kidnapping charges, domestic violence charges, child endangerment, and burglary charges and his bail is set at $300,000. live in dublin, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> i'm so glad that boy was found and e safe, pete. thank you. always good to hear a happy ending. one ends here too. we have breaking news this midday. a search is on for 71-year-old fisherman, believed to have accidentally fallen into the delta in rural livermore. sheriff deputies say they are using drones, helicopters, dogs,
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motorcycles, whatever they can. they're even out there on foot, trying to search for him. we'll, of course, continue to follow this story and bring you in i available updates. a developing story for you, and we're waiting to learn the fate of bill cosby. it could come down at any minute. the now convicted comedian was seen outside the courthouse near philadelphia this morning. inside, more testimony was heard during the sentencing phase for this conviction on three counts of aggravated indecent assault. the 81-year-old cosby is facing potentially the rest of his life in prison with prosecutors asking for five to ten years behind bars. cosby's lawyers, meanwhile, requesting house arrest, citing his. age and poor health. we'll bring you a special report the sentencing happens. and new details, the final word on a close call. the ntsb announcing how an air canada plane nearly crash-landed into several a planes taxiing a sfo. that video emerged showing that
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plane just a few feet above the taxiing lanes. you may remember this story back when it happened last year in july. that incident led to new faa rules covering nighttime landings. the ntsb is holding a hearing right now, and we're listen in, and will, of course, bring you why updates as they come down. a few fuel leak at sfo overnight leaves many passengers stranded. a viewer shot this video. the plane was supposed to take off about 1:00 a.m., but then fuel started leaking, about ten gallons of it. that meant the flight to mexico city wassa cancelled. our cameras found the plane early this morning still at the gate. the airlipassengers we spoke to thee airline left them hanging. >> it was some type of fuel leak, and so we're really glad that nothing happened. and then we were told to wait an hour. and then another hour. and we were thinking that we might be able to board another
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plane. and basically, the flight was cancelled. >> that passenger saysd he, alg with several others, booked another flight out of oakland, but it doesn't depart until 11:00 tonight, and it's not direct. just a few hours ago, president trump spoke to the united nations. the president told the world he rejects globalism and international dictate. he was caught off guard a bit when he heard light laughter there when it broke out in the chambers as he boasted of his accomplishments. >> in less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. america's -- so true. [ light laughter ] diplom didn't expect that reaction, but that's okay. >> so the president's second address to the united nations general assembly also included warnings to iran, syrian
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dictator assad and the oil-producing nations of opec. he said that the days of america offering foreign aid to countries who do not support u.s. interests are over. as in subsidizing the bulk of their defense. in a major contrast to last year, there was no talk of rocketin man in his speech toda. instead, he thanked north korea leader kim jong-un, evenca thou sanctions remain in place on that nation. now too a look at your microclimate forecast. a live look at dublin right now. it's going to be heating up. summer hanging on. a lot to talk about. that warmup. and also a red flag warning is still in effect. >> yes. that continues until 5:00 today. and that just means that humidity is low, and that we have a lot of dry brush. and things that could burn fairly quickly. so you do have to be careful as we go throughout the day. and we see all these areas shaded in red. that is where we have the red flag warning. and the winds are going to pick up too as our winds increase to
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about 35 miles per hour. here is a live look outside with all of the haze we are seeing with our camera view from emeryville. it is a spare the air alert day. high levels of ozone in the atmosphere. and that means that if you are unhealthy, if you have breathing problems, you should limit your time outside for the inland parts of the east bay, as well as the santa clara valley, and most of the north bay seeing some moderate air quality. we also advise everyone to take public transit if you can. if you're on your way to run errands, heading to the dublin b.a.r.t. station, it's about to heat up. we are going to reach into the low 80s within the next hour. but then quickly temperatures jump up into the low 90s for the middle of the afternoon. we are going to have some hot weather today, slightly hotter tomorrow. and then a big cooldown in the forecast. so i'll have more on that and a look ahead to a chance of rain in the forecast. that's coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> all right. thanks so much, kari. new at 11:00, lanes of northbound expressway back open
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now. it was closed for hours as police were searching for evidence. we told you about it this morning on "today in the bay." the shooting happened about 12:30 this morning. not one was hurt and police ha not released any information about suspects. another twist in the supreme court nomination of brett kavanaugh. a third woman now accusing kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. kavanaugh on tv last night denying all three allegations, insisting he will fight for a fair hearing. that hearing set for thursday. nbc's tracie potts has more from washington. >> i'm not going anywhere. >> reporter: judge brett kavanaugh on fox last night with his wife emphatically denying three allegations of sexual misconduct. >> i've never sexually assaulted anyone. not in high school, not ever. >> reporter: he is set to appear at a hearing thursday with dr. christine blasey ford. she claims kavanaugh attacked her at a house party in high school. a second woman, deborah ramirez,
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tells "the new yorker," kavanaugh exposed himself in college. >> we have someone on the record who remembers him, who describes him as often incoherently intoxicated. >> now an attorney says he represents a third kavanaugh accuser, who will go public before the hearing. >> we've asked the committee to allow her to testify. we have asked the committee to turn this over to the fbi. >> reporter: president trump is standing by his nominee, blaming democrats for false accusations. >> this is a fine man, and we certainly hope he's going to be confirmed and quickly. >> reporter: republicans are promising a quick vote. >> and it's not untypical for our friends on the other side to pull that kind of crap. >> i think this is exactly why victims of sexual assault and abuse for decades have hesitated to come forward. >> reporter: thursday's hearing, a chance for ford to tell her story. a chance for kavanaugh to clear his name. ford's attorney says even though she plans to be here, she's agreed to be at the hearing. they are still working out
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details. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> thanks for the latest. happening now, if you're not going, you probably know someone who is. what we're talking about is sales force's dream force conference happening today in san francisco. nearly 200,000 people expected to attend over the next four days. huge traffic impact, as it is every year. third and fourth will be closed around the moscone center. ask there will be a lot of speakers, including libby schaaf, jeb bush and al gore and alsoso warriors' favorite andre iguodala. dream force wraps up friday. coming up, a south bay police department scandal, the reason one officer says he's had enough. plus, is your spouse working? brand-new rulesth from the trum administration which will have a big impact on thousands off spouses of h-1b visa holders. it's a controversial rule that could affect your home's budget.
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here's lester holt. good day, everyone. we're coming on the air with breaking news right now. bill cosby, once one of the country's most beloved and successful entertainers, has just been sentenced moments ago in a pennsylvania courtroom. this following his april conviction in a sexual assault case. that case brought on by former temple university women's basketball and director andrea constand. more than 60 women have come forward in recent years to accuse cosby of sexual misconduct. but the constand case is the one that led to a trial, a conviction and now a sentence of cosby at the age of 81. let's go right to nbc's stephanie gosk, who has been covering the cosby trial and has the latest from outside the courthouse in norris town.
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. >> reporter: the man once known as america's dad has been sentenced three to ten years in a state prison. this comes after not just one trial, but a retrial after a hung jury. the judge saying that no one is above the law. what's interesting in this sentence, lester, is that it is the maximum would be ten under pennsylvania law, the three charges of aggravated indecent assault merge into one. so that would be the higher end of the sentence. also because of the way pennsylvania law works. because it is three years, he will not be let out on bail during the appellate process, which means effectively he will be leaving the court today and going straight to prison. of note as well, his wife camille, who has at times appeared during this trial at his side, has not been with him during this sentencing hearing. clearly knowing that there was a possibility he would be going straight to prison. lester? >> so you say another option was a county jail?
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or do we know for a fact it will be prison? >> reporter: well, the defense was asking for house arrest. that was actually what they were asking for. the judge clearly deciding that he was not going to do that in this case. and there's precedent that back when he committed the crime in 2004, it would not be an option for someone guilty of this kind of crime to be put under house arrest. that law was later changed. but no, bill cosby going to state prison. >> and preceding this sentence, the judge declared he was a violent sexual predator. what does that mean in practical terms if he's going to prison? does that fall in line once he would be released? >> reporter: it is. and it's an important designation of sexually violent predator designation. it means that he has to register on the sex offender registry. that is a lifetime registration. as a sexually violent predator, he has to check in with state police quarterly. he has to show up at a police station, take photos and confirm
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that he lives where he lives. he has to get counseling, he then moves residences, he has to alert the police, whether that's here in pennsylvania or to another state. he also has to tell the community around him as a way of warning. it is in effect, as you know, about community safety. lester? >> have people started to file out of the courthouse yet? >> reporter: at the moment, they have not started to file out. but i can tell you, lester, that it has been in turn very emotional over the last couple of days. in addition to andrea constand being in court, there were a number of other accusers. some of whom, and i've been covering this from the beginning, some of whom have been here for every step of this process. they have told us repeatedly this case was a symbol for all of cosby's accusers, many of them not able to bring their charges to court because of statute of limitations laws. they see this case as being representative of them all.
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>> i've been looking at another monitor here, a camera inside the courthouse that appears to show the courthouse security taking up positions, as if people will be coming out soon. there will no doubt be a lot of emotional reaction. we saw certainly after his conviction some months ago that emotional reaction, as stephanie gosk noted, three to ten years, the sentence. three to ten years in prison. the sentence handed down in pennsylvania against bill cosby. and as stephanie noted, he will be taken into custody and straight to prison. we'll have full details when we see you tonight on "nbc nightly news." for now, i'm lester holt, nbc news. a muslim san jose police or is suing the department. he claims for years he )s been the target of some other top stories now. a san jose police officer is suing the department. he claims for years he's been the target of taunts from other officers, ever since the 9/11 terror attack. in may, nbc bay area first told you about this officer's claim. he recently received legal permission to sue.
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san jose, the police department, chief eddie garcia and five other officers are named in the lawsuit. in a statement, san jose city attorney says the city sees no basis for legal liability. new video to show you this morning of a car crash happening in the south bay. we spotted this, an overturned car just off of 880 at first street in san jose. the chp says someone got out, but they ran away. and did you see this? new video showing what led to a high-profile attack on b.a.r.t. more than a year ago. dozens of young people barreling through the oakland coliseum b.a.r.t. station without paying. three of those people arrested and accused of taking part in a mob-style attack. this whole incident led to police policy changes, and new safety measures at b.a.r.t. that includes nearly $7 million in federal grant money with the majority being spent on security cameras. and upcoming change in u.s. immigration policy could have a lot of families in silicon valley abuzz. this is because it could cut their income in half. the department of homeland security is working on a ban,
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h-4 visas available to spouses of h-1 visa-holders and their children under 21. there were about 125,000 issued last year. homeland security cites unfair competition for u.s. jobs and in a court filing, the ban could come within three months. that fear is that if the spouses of h-1b workers cannot earn an income here, tech workers may choose to leave their positions. and according to one tech ceo, those workers are needed in silicon valley and bay area. >> h-1b really helps us in terms of accessing a global pool of resources. >> now, public comment session could come within 30 to 60 days of any policy change. poisoned on the job. just seconds after bursting into a motel room during a drug bust
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this june, a local narcotics officer felt his body suddenly shutting down. >> now he's speaking exclusively to liz wagner about his near death experience. >> the alameda county narcotics detective actually experienced an accidental drug overdose in the motel room. he inhaled a trace amount of fentanyl in the air. just a tiny bit of the stuff can be lethal. right away, he knew something was wrong. he recalls those harrowing moments when the drug took over his body. >> my lips were tingling. my nose was burning, and i decided that i've got to go out and get some air, because i felt like something wasn't right. >> what did it feel like? >> i remember grabbing the hotel railing, and i remember thinking, i can barely hold myself up right now. you know, my whole body was starting to shut down. >> soon after, he was unconscious, but fellow officers managed to bring him back with an antidote they were carrying.
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coming up tonight, you'll hear the detective's plea to all law enforcement in the bay area. why he says a new drug-fighting tool is now just as important for keeping officers safe as their guns and bulletproof vests. that's tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area. see you then. >> and if you have a story for our investigative unit, give them a call. that number, 888-996-tips. or go to >> all right. time to take a break from the day's news and get to the microclimate weather forecast. summer is just hanging on. >> yeah, seems we can't get rid of it, but fall is here officially. >> it's going to feel like summer. we're talking about swimming and breaking out the shorts and trying to go to the beach. it's that kind of day. although it won't stay like that. here's a live look outside in san jose with all of that hazy sunshine that we are seeing right now. and at least as of now, it's still comfortable. we're at 67 degrees here, and it's a little bit warmer in livermore. 75 degrees there.
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76 degrees in fairfield, and in napa, oakland, 60 degrees. 6 2 san francisco. with it being a spare the air alert, we advise you to take public transit if you're going out for the afternoon, going to work, running some errands. our temperatures will be heading into the mid 80s in san jose for the middle of the afternoon. still fairly comfortable within the next couple of hours for going outside and doing outdoor activities. and it's going to really crank up the heat in concord today with highs reaching into the low 90s and then quickly dropping back into the 70s right around sunset this evening. as we look at the south bay, our high temperature this afternoon reaching 93 degrees in gilroy. and 87 degrees in cupertino. we'll be up to 91 in martinez, while hayward reaches 83 degrees. some mid 60s for half moon bay and 86 degrees in palo alto. looking at mostly some 60s in san francisco, although as you head over toward the east side
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of the city, it's going to be in the low 70s today. and then we look at napa today with highs reaching 90 degrees. if you do plan to go to the park this evening, it is going to be cool and breezy. first pitch at 7:15 at the giants game, and we'll be mostly in the upper 50s. a few clouds starting to move in, and it's just going to be cool and breezy. and also cooler weather for the coast, half moon bay only reaching the low 60s today. and we do have this hot, broad area of high pressure that's keeping it very dry and warm. now we're looking at some changes on the way as we see this area of low pressure approaching from the coast. this will bring in some cooler breezes, and then also bring in a slight chance of rain in the forecast for early next week. so i'll talk more about that and where the moisture from this rain could possibly come from. that's coming up in the next microclimate forecast. >> thanks, kari. coming up, oakland a's
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heading to the playoffs for the first time in four years. a look at how the town rallying behind the team. but first, happening now, a south carolina community that's never flooded before now facing a long recovery due to hurricane florence. people of conway are shocked at the amount of waterin undating their homes. after all, hurricane florence made landfall northeast of there, and more than ten days ago. now the homes are nearly under water and folks need a boat or even kayak to travel. the city administrator toured that area to survey the damage, but he says that the full intent won't be known until about ten days when the water recedes. and that could really take a lot of weeks. kayaks are being provided by local businesses eager to help out. we'll have more news for you after the break. to build a scho site. but they are stopped in their tracks. why they )re doing more than praying that some county leaders will say yes this time.
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join us tomorrow from 4:30 to 7. good morning, it )s 7:26...
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around? this was the scene after last night )s game against the how about champagne all around? this is the scene after last night's game against the mariners. the a's learned they clinched a spot in the postseason when tampa bay lost to the yankees. they will most likely be playing an all or nothing wild card game next wednesday and whoever has a better record will host the game. talk about story book. before this, no major league baseball team had ever reached the postseason with the lowest
11:27 am
opening day payroll. so go guys, go. >> there you go. and that story book would be "money ball," talking about the a's. we had the money ball movie. you mentioned -- what's that guy's name, brad pitt, he was in that. "moneyball 2" being cited by one of the fans, talking about what a great value some of these folks were. we had jonah hill and social media lighting up with all kinds of gifs. jonah so excited, talking about getting back to work on this day after the a's had made it, and people feeling like this. you talked about the champagne popping, and all of these pictures on social media. we've got brodie brazil on nbc sports, happy for sure. but look at this picture. kim s from work posted this picture, champagne. there's orange juice. mimosas. this may be a special occasion. sounds like they're stocked for margaritas.
11:28 am
i don't know where kim works, but that might be the place to party. if you follow the a's, where are they going to party? with the wild cards. the tickets not on sale yet, but go to oakland a's website to find out when tickets go on sale. you will be apprised of that. they'll go on sale friday at 9:00, but you'll find out where it is. and we'll have our special section on the oakland a's. folks who have made it to the wild card position. we'll send it back to you, a's fans. >> always. coming up, we investigate. >> really bad, man. >> how would you rate the cleanliness of san francisco? how about a near perfect score? seriously. that's what one report found. and it turns out, you're footing the bill. i'm in san francisco. we investigate, next. francisco?
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nearly spotless? that )s what a public relations how do you picture san francisco? nearly spotless? that's what a public relations
11:31 am
firm wants you to believe, even though complaints about trash and filth are skyrocketing. turns out san francisco paid that company. >> yeah, so your investigative reporter has new information involving your tax dollars and a government contract that's bringing some concerns inside city hall and on the streets. ♪ >> reporter: if jazz is the inner section of chaos and beauty -- ♪ -- san francisco might just share the same address. that's at least how ricky wilson sees it. he's a 70-year-old jazz singer who spent his entire career performing at clubs across the city. what are you walking over every day? >> you name it. ♪ you step over [ bleep ] you step
11:32 am
over pens, you step over garbage. and the main thing you step over are people. human beings. >> reporter: san francisco public works is in charge of cleaning up the city. its $72 million street cleaning budget has spiked more than 80% in six years. we also learned the department has been paying a public relations firm that wants you to believe the city is pretty much pristine. public works hired the pr firm, jbr, five years ago, to survey san francisco. the team walks the city, looking for trash, syringes and human waste. they then rate san francisco's streets and sidewalks each year on a scale from 1 to 3. 1 being very clean. 3, very dirty. last year the pr company gave san francisco an average rating of 1.18 for commercial areas. 1.06 for residential neighborhoods. those are near perfect scores, which means san francisco should be just about spotless.
11:33 am
what does that make you think? >> they're lying. >> reporter: the pr company never responded to our request for comment, but san francisco has paid the firm more than $400,000 for its work. >> that's boggling. mind-boggling. >> reporter: according to that same pr agency, last year san francisco was the cleanest it's been in four years. but during that time, those in the city noticed more filth, not less. last year, san francisco received 20,000 complaints about human feces. 58,000 about trash on streets and sidewalks. and 6,000 complaints about used drug needles. that's up 228% in just four years. that raised some red flags for you. >> yes. >> reporter: dan is a budget analyst for the city and says he was shocked by the results of that pr survey. why were you so surprised? >> i live in the city, and i don't picture san francisco as being a very clean city. >> reporter: is that part of
11:34 am
your concern, that their findings might be flawed? >> i -- yes. yes. why are these performance measures showing improvement when at the same time the number of complaints to the city has continued to increase year after year? >> reporter: we've also learned san francisco pays millions more to clean its streets and sidewalks than other larger cities with even bigger populations. including chicago, san diego, san jose and los angeles. in fact, l.a. is ten times larger than san francisco. and collects nine times the amount of trash. but san francisco still spends about 20 million more dollars on street cleaning each year. at the end of the day, you're in charge of keeping this city clean. >> that's right. >> reporter: would you say that you're doing a good job? >> i'm trying.
11:35 am
>> reporter: muhammad nuru is the director of public works and says city hall is taking steps to clean up san francisco. extra crews have been assigned to wash away feces and picked up used drug needles across town, and the city helps to staff 23 public restrooms, five just opened this summer. but nuru says san francisco is still in the midst of an emergency. how, then, could a pr company, your department hired, come to the conclusion that san francisco deserves a near perfect score when it comes to cleanliness? >> we continue to work at this every day. these are situations that no one of us created. >> reporter: but forgive me, mr. nuru, i didn't hear an answer there. are you familiar with the jbr report? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: you've been paying jbr upwards of $400,000. >> and that data is being used to make decisions for the city around cleanliness of sidewalks in neighborhoods.
11:36 am
>> reporter: but the reality is, people are stepping over needles and human waste, and a pr company you paid says san francisco is spic and span. >> there are many parts of our city that don't have some of the things that you are talking about. some of the nicer parts of the city. >> reporter: city auditors helped design those surveys. about but now even they have concerns the findings are not accurate. they're partnering with public works to overhaul the way san francisco measures cleanliness. ♪ ricky wilson knows this city. he's walked the streets. and says trying to pass them off as pristine is tone deaf. >> because there is a cancer in this city, man. because this is the city, man. don't keep stepping over it. don't keep talking about what it is when it ain't. because it's a beautiful place, man. and there's beautiful people. >> reporter: it should be better
11:37 am
than this. >> and it can be. and it will be. >> reporter: based on the lingering questions over just how san francisco is spending its street cleaning budget, the city's own analysts recommended again, giving public works any kind of long-term funding increase. but san francisco lawmakers and the mayor decided to give the department a boost anyway. over the next two years, that's about an extra $13 million. >> if you want to get hold of the investigative unit, 888-996-tips or log on to this next story involves an ongoing problem for south bay little league. the parents say the fields are overrun by homeless. >> and hanging around like it's their park. it's all of our park. and i want the kids to feel safe here. >> san jose's spartan little league says that the homeless
11:38 am
are leaving the tully battlefield littered with trash and species. yesterday there was a town hall meeting. nguyen wanted to hear from homeless advocates and parents to they could work towards a solution together. berkeley police may soon face limits in how they post photos of people arrested during protests. tonight council members will vote on banning police from posting mug shots of those arrested unless they pose an immediate threat to the public. leaders came up with the measure after police released the mug shots of counter protesters arrested in early august. critics argued, it left those people vulnerable to harassment and personal attacks. happening today, you might see oakland teachers protesting. they are locked this bitter contract talks. organizers say those protests will start at the end of the regular school day. so starting at 3:30, teachers are planning to rally outside of several schools, which include oakland international high
11:39 am
school and east oakland academy. happening today, california's republican candidate for governor talks money here in the bay area. bay area council hosting a meeting with john cox. cox will share his thoughts and solutions for some of the state's largest economic challenges. a recent reuters poll showed cox trailing gavin newsom by ten percentage points. a vick try he to tell you about for animal rights groups. many are applauding the legal decision that blocks what would have been the first grizzly bear hunt in more than 25 years. a montana judge yesterday restored federal protection for some 700 grizzlies in and around yellowstone park. last year the trump administration lifted the bears' protections. this would have allowed for first hunts since 1991 in idaho and montana. and an indicted san diego congressman, duncan hunter, made his last court appearance before the midterm elections. yesterday a judge set for a hearing, hunter and his wife for
11:40 am
december. both have pleaded not guilty to charges of using more than $250,000 in campaign funds for personal use. hunter says his wife was behind the spending, since she was his campaign manager. you'll probably see register to vote posts all over your twitter and facebook feeds today. it is national voter registration day. have you registered yet? if you haven't, you can find booths like these in san francisco. educational popup events will help register people in several neighborhoods throughout the city. oakland hosting its own get out the vote rally, as well. folks have been asking for warmer temperatures, kari. we delivered today. >> yeah, but we're going to make everyone happy here. if you don't like the warm weather, hang out a little while. we're going to have some cooler temperatures. here's a live look outside in palo alto. we're reaching into the upper 70s here, and even some 90s for the inland valleys. we'll talk more about that, and the chance of rain in the forecast, coming up next. a paint job doesn't hold up only a year after the work was
11:41 am
done. we help the homeowner get things brushed up. i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. nbca
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11:43 am
san jose homeowner who wasn )t welcome back. nbc bay area responds to a san jose homeowner who was not happy with how her house was repainted. >> so she called consumer investigator chris chmura's team for help. >> back in 2016, ann hired done
11:44 am
right remodeling to repaint her house. ten months later, it looked like this. the paint was already peeling and chipping away in some spots. it just wasn't done right. ann told us she tried to reach the contractor to get it fixed, but didn't get a response. so she asked us for help. we contacted done right remodeling. a manager told us ann was calling the wrong person. then done right made things right and repainted the entire house and threw in a three-year warranty. all worth about $3500. ann later sent us a photo of what the house looks like now. looks pretty good. now, when you have work done on your home, we recommend snapping photos before, during and after the work. just in case something goes wrong. save them, along with the contract and the warranty. both of which you insisted on getting in writing. right? call us any time with your consumer complaints. the number is 888-996-tips. or visit
11:45 am >> thanks, chris. all right. happening today in san jose, the city council takes on car impound fees. get this. a tow and a single-day storage will cost you more than $600. nearly 50% more than what it costs in l.a., san diego, new york and chicago. a new audit headed to city council today recommending slashing the towing and impound fees by more than 75%. san francisco recently reduced towing fees for first time and low-income earners. but for most parts, the fees remain about $4-hundred. in that range. >> i was thinking about that person seeing their car getting towed away. bad feeling there. >> i've been walking up on my car as they're writing the ticket, and i'm like, wait, wait. >> we've all done that. already started writing. >> people are thinking about that, because it's almost lunch time. people are getting ready to head out. and our temperatures across the bay area starting to heat up. here's a look at our clear
11:46 am
skies, although it is hazy as we get a look at dublin right now. and we are starting to see our air quality go down hill. it is unhealthy to be out there if you have asthma, young children or the elderly should not spend a lot of time outside today. it will be unhealthy in the inland parts of the east bay, as well as santa clara valley. and even as you just look up, you can see how hazy it is as these temperatures heat up. not only that, but we will have a high fire danger today and that's the reason why we do have a red flag warning in effect. that just means that we have low humidity and winds picking up. and for those hills, that could mean that we should see -- we could have the potential of some quickly spreading wildfires. so just be really careful out there today. and this should expire at 5:00, as conditions improve later on tonight. our temperatures right now, 62 degrees in san francisco. it's 60 in oakland and 66 in palo alto. san jose now at 67 degrees, and warming up as you head inland
11:47 am
with some mid 70s right now. but still not too bad. so if you're getting ready to head out, running some errands, heading to the b.a.r.t. station in fremont, it's still going to be in the low 70s in the next hour, as you go out for lunch. and then throughout the day as you head out around dinner or shortly after work, it's going to be in the low 80s there in fremont. as we look at our high temperatures for the south bay, heading down to gilroy, it's going to be 93 degrees today. 89 degrees in los gatos. and for the east bay, 91 degrees in martinez. antioch reaching 94 degrees. and it will stay comfortable for half moon bay with a high of 64. daly city warming up to 70 degrees and 70 on the embarcadero in the north bay. reaching into the upper 80s and lower 90s. we have high pressure that's giving us some hot weather, and then we are going to see some changes heading into the weekend. by saturday, this area of low pressure moves in. more clouds and we can see the
11:48 am
winds flowing around that low pressure, meaning a stronger ocean breeze. but this could also tap into some moisture that's right now way across the pacific. in japan right now, there's a super typhoon. and the way that the weather pattern will be set up, we could see the connection of that tropical moisture moving into the bay area by the end of the weekend into early next week. so i'll be watching that, fine-tuning the forecast. meantime, it's just going to be hot and dry, some upper 90s for today and tomorrow. and then cooling down on thursday. look at how much cooler it will be for the weekend. upper 70s for the valleys. san francisco going from the low 70s to more clouds and cooler temperatures. the weekend, only looking at highs in the mid 60s. and, of course, really excited about the rain chances, laura and marcus. it hasn't rained her since april 16th. so it's been quite a long time with some measurable rain. >> we need that rain. >> big-time. thanks, kari.
11:49 am
coming up, train on players. sport night's huge success means predators are using it to target children. what you need to know to protect your children. we )re learning more about an
11:50 am
11:51 am
we )re learning more about an alarming sting operation out of new jersey. some two dozen men we're learning more about an alarming sting operation out of new jersey. some two dozen men have been arrested for allegedly using popular video games like fortnight or mine craft to prey on children. >> learning a lot about this one. nbc's gadi schwartz has details on this story, along with some tips every parent should know just to keep their kids safe. >> reporter: if you don't recognize the colorful hair or the excited laugh -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: -- your kids probably will. this is tyler beliefin, the most famous fortnight player in the
11:52 am
world. while he's streaming to millions of fans, a lot of times he's also giving other gamers important advice. >> you don't know this person. so, like, don't trust them. don't give them any personal information. >> reporter: those words after a recent undercover investigation in new jersey netted 24 arrests, accused sexual predators using some of the world's most popular games like fortnight and minecraft to prey on teens, all charged with second degree child luring, all but one a registered sex offender released on bail. among those arrested, a police sergeant allegedly using a messaging appear called kick to set up a meeting with a girl he thought was 15. he's now suspended, authorities said, and on house arrest. >> anything that gives strangers access to children potentially through the guise of a game has the potential to be dangerous to a child if misused by the person. >> reporter: this year, with over 125 million players logging on to fortnight and more than 250 million copies of minecraft sold, experts say virtual worlds are becoming playgrounds for predators to easibly blend in.
11:53 am
>> scary, because he's right there, and i'm not paying attention to it. and obviously, i should be. >> reporter: experts say parents should not only talk to their children about the dangers, but also set some ground rules about playing online. never share personal information or photos. only play with people you know in real life. only allow game plan in a room where parents can overhear and never behind closed doors and disable chat functions whenever possible. we reached out to minecraft, fortnight and kick. so far, only microsoft has responded regarding minecraft, saying helping kids stay safer online is a priority for minecraft, and we help parents choose the content, communication and sharing settings right for their families. parents also need to be aware of their kids are actually doing online, making sure it really is just fun and games. >> fortnight is meant to be played. it's a video game. if someone tries to meet you outside of the game, that's a no go. >> parents should know, they need to remind their kids and
11:54 am
teenagers more than once about common sense safety, and it should be an open-ended and i think a continued dialogue. i watch my kids like hawks. but it's hard. >> you were telling me about that. and i'm just shocked about -- >> yeah. >> all the dangers that lie just within that game. >> yeah, they're upset when i'm like, you can't play that one any more. sorry. >> good mom. >> mother hen. we'll be right back.
11:55 am
at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet,
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we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. back. all right. so tonight you want to make sure you have a large box of tissues by your side, because america's
11:57 am
favorite drama heading back tonight. >> check, check, check. the third season of "this is us" premiers tonight. we've got a preview. >> two tickets. that will be five bucks. >> okay. >> no, no, i got it. >> really? >> yeah. >> thank you. >> see the game? >> crazy. >> crazy. >> did you see the game? >> what game? >> new to america. >> okay. they're such a great couple on that show. going back in time for the new season of "this is us." you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. it starts tonight at 9:00 followed by another brand new show, "new amsterdam." check it out. and then nbc bay area news at 11:00. i've got to take a nap so i can watch "this is us" tonight. >> that would be me, what game. we can all relate to that. it's going to be hot and cooling down as we head into the weekend. nice weekend ahead, looking forward to that. >> looking good. all right. join us tomorrow morning. we start at 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> thanks for joining us. have a great day. area, dot com.
11:58 am
ha a great day.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
♪ we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ >> wow. >> now there is a movie star. all glittery. huge night in hollywood. there's bradley cooper. lady gaga. at the "star is born" premier. and then duelling premiers of kevin hart for "night school." scott evans is running ragged. he was at both. we'll have it for you in a bit. >> he needs a cape and running shoes. he is superman. welcome to "access live." mike is with us this morning. on a perfect morning because this is big, people.


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