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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 25, 2018 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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jammed. the new salesforce trasit center will remain closed get ready for grid lock. downtown san francisco will be jammed. the sale force transit center will remain closed after crew found a cracked steel beam in the bus deck. >> there are several questions about what caused the crack and what the means tety the buildings in the city with
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more on the jean. >> reporter: that's right engineers are taking a close look at that cracked steel beam. it's up there in the ceiling of the bus deck. they need a cause and fix before it can be reopen. city workers tell confused comcommuters the transit center is closed. as crews but barricades in place, a plaza was off limits for those in >> reporter: they transit center just before 5:00 after workers, tiles on the thir discovered a crack in the steel beam this morch morning. >> the behavior of the beam is unpredictable and that's why our engineers are cautious. >> reporter: it's part of the support structure for the
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ceiling of the bus deck and the roof top. tonight fremont street remains closed. during the height of the evening commute creating chaos for drivers and pedestrians rushing for buses that were a few blocks away at the old transit center. >> we were talking about how long before there were problems and it didn't take long. >> in another spot than have a beam fall o.t before opening anyt ofhe building. between mission and howard will be closed tomorrow morn ipg. buses will be going in and out of the old temporary terminal. the transbay joint powers authority says it plans to give us an update on what the finds here and what its plans are by noon tomorrow.
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okay. let's show you exactly where and what we're talking about. by the way sales force bought the right frds a reported 110 million bucks. earlier we launched our sky ranger. there, sitting right on top, that much hyped five-acre park. trrs the lush green gardens really a selling point with all of this. let's cut this in half, show you the cross sections. eventually the trains will come town here. fremont street, for example. and here's the problem. the cracked beam. we're going to isolate this for you on the third deck right there on the ceiling and that's what shut this down. really an embarrassing setback for the city. >> not only did cause big headaches for commuters tonight,
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it's expected to have impacts on the morning commute too. buss are being rerouted through the old temporary terminal. that's at howard and main and commuters say they're grateful it's still there. >> it's definitely kind of inconvenient. i'm glad the old terminal is still here. hopefully they have a plan. the corner but they do not believe there's a connection between the tower's structural problems and the crack at the transit center. our investigative team has been investigate thing high rise. they were checking that 36-floor window that suddenly cracked over labor day weekend.
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within 90 days, all 416 units must be checked for similar window cracks and at this point the big question is whether the tower's tilt is to blame will we have a new supreme court justice by the end of the week? we have new details on the congressional hearing thursday morning. brett kavanaugh is fighting back against two, possibly three women accusing him of sectsual misconduct. senate repubns in an to question ford and kavanaugh. >> this prosecutor is a sex crimes prosecutor in the phoenix area. the 11-senate panel republicans chose her to question the witnesses, hoping to depliticize the process and get to the
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truth. >> reporter: when they're under oath thursday, rachel mitchell will lead the questioning. republicans choose thing prosecutor of 25 years. she's the special victims division chief in maricopa county, arizona, trying sex crimes and family violence cases. >> we have hired a femaln staff ask these questions in a >> reporter: it's uncsional way. today republicans announce they've scheduled a conformation vote for friday. many ground breaking information their minds are made up. >> i will respectfully listen but if there's nothing new i won't deny him a promotion based on a 35-year-old accusation. >> i think if he does get on the court, he will there under a cloud.
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>> reporter: the hearing set for 7:00 a.m. pacific time thursday. >> and you can watch that hearing live right here on nbc bay area. we'll also be streaming it on three to ten years in state prison. the mug shot of the legendary entertainer was released late today. you can see him with his suspenders on. it star of "the cosby show" was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constan. she was one of dozens of women who said cosby sexually assaulted them. they said this trial unmasked the real bill cosby most people never knew. new athe battle lines are being drawn over plans to build a new ikia store in east bay. while some people want it,
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others think big business will bring bigger problems. live in dublin where the planning commission met. >> reporter: it's really late but they're sfwil hind closed doors, discussing and trying to figure out how they're going to vote. it can still go forward. >> it's just a wrong place to put ikea. >> reporter: some say it's the wrong place to bailed a new ikea store buters. >> it takes money to run a city and this will bring in a great deal of revenue. >> reporter: ikea said it would generate $14 million from the start, 247,000 of that would go to the dublin unified school tistricate. district. >> traffic is huge, the noise,
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the pollution, the safety. if you have one accident, you've created a nightmare for those that have to travel from east to west. >> reporter: the store would sit on a 27 acre site. ikea officials say they're sensitive to traffic concern. >> everywhere we go people ask us the question of traffic and one of the things we pride ourselves on is addressing any issues that come up. >> reporter: in dublin, cheryl herd, nbc bay area news. it was a near catastrophic mistake, now the ntsb is outlining how it happened. in july of last year an air canada plane flew less than 50 feet over four fully loaded airliners waiting for take off. the pilot was coming in on the
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wrong runway is pulled up just seconds before the collision. >> their failure to use the instrument landing system, to back up the visual approach, their effects of fatigue on an overnight flight and the break down in their crew resource management contributed to the misidentification. >> they issued four -- including enhancing the runway identification at night at the airport. poisoned on the job by a powder in the air. >> my whole body was starting to shut done. >> reporter: a talks experience and why it's a wake-up call for first are responders everywhere. fog in san francisco right now but i'll let you know when we could get rain in the area. plus it's one of the first of its kind. the universal locker room and what sets it apart from so many others. proof vests. but more ane
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bay area police officers are adding another critical tool to their arsenal: narcan. well, they carry guns and wear bullet proof vests but many are angtd another critical tool to their arsenal, narcan. >> it's intended to save members of the public but liz wagner spoke to a local officer who owes his life to a fellow deputy who had his back and narcan. >> this is what one dose looks like. easy to use, works like nasal spray and can cost as little as 35 bucks and without it an alameda county narcotics detective wouldn't be here today. just three months after he nearly died in a hayward motel room from an accidental over dose. >> taskforce 3 -- >> it started out like any other
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day for the members of the alameda narcotics task force. wrong. day i will never forget. >> reporter: this detective had to come back out, lips tingling, eyes burning, covered in sweat. what did it feel like? >> remember grabbing the hotel railing and i remember thinking i can barely hold myself up right now. i felt it taking over my whole body. >> reporter: the sergeant suspected a drug exposure and had him take narcan. but it didn't work. so his sergeant doeszed him again and this time he woke up. >> you know i was dying and
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thankfully they gave me another one and it brought me back. >> reporter: as he was coming to the sergeant started to feel sick but just one boughtel of narcan. >> all i could think of is what if one of my other guys got exposed? >> so he held off taking any until paramedics arrived. now he knows they should have been stocked with two doses per person. >> we were ill prepared to deal with further exposures. >> reporter: turns out that usually without the user's knowledge. it's especially dangerous when it's airborne. they say a tiny amount of the stuff, just 2 milligrams, measured here with salt, can be lethal.
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167 of them in the bay area. the detective could have been one of them. >> if we didn't have this equipment with us, i probably wouldn't be here today. >> this is the man who helped bring narcan and training to the sheriff's office a year ago. >> you're fooling yourself if you think this doesn't effect your community in some shape or form. >> do you think this evenlt was a wake-up call for other agencies in the bay area. whaufb rr been fiejd calls for umdifferent departments. what to they want to know? >> what is narcan, can we get it? can you provide us training? >> as in april, san francisco
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sherifff's deputies do too. the oakland police department says it's work with withing on a policy. san jose pd doesn't require them to carry narcan at all. >> for the public and their own officers, they a narcan program together and carry it on a person. whoob who says this is cost prohibitive i tell them to look their left and right and tell me how much those people are worth on either side of them >> they have about 280 nar can kits too, bump it up by 1,000 by the end of the year. it happened in ohio and new jersey last year too. back to you.
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>> 23 you haif you have a story investigative unit you can call 1-888-996-tips or go online investigate. we're getting close. is it even tuesday? >> thursday is close. >> we're halfway which means almost thufrz. >> it's almost wednesday and certainly a lot of changes. you're probably 3rd the buzz about maybe kind of sort of the possibility of wet weather and real ea that's what we're looking at over the next several days. we'll talk more about this, break it down for you in less than two minutes. i want a set up. a lilt bit of fog near the coast and patchy fogs in the bay.
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in the north bay watch out you're going to need your jacket. san francisco 55 and east bay 59. easy way to look at the forecast is you head away from the bay, away from the coast and get a lot more hotter. so down through the south bay, 88 and closer to the bay you're at 85 in cupertino. through the east bay hottest weather right here trapped in the inland vallees. we're looking at 90s. 88 in fremont and 7 in oakland. slight wind off the bay. and 85 in palo alto. from the embarcadero. and through the north bay it's
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going to get hot for a few select locations. like nevada going up. i do see this taken a dramatic drop into the system. our rain chances don't look that great. betr chance for some wet weather could come next monday and to. it could sol so pull in moisture from a tie foon in japan. >> it does not look like a lot at this point. the american model. only showing trace amounts to 1/2 of an inch. is only showing trace amounts of if 10th of an inch. so not a big storm.
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we're holding on. once we hit next maenz and wednesday forecast. down to 78 saturday and also at it's an evolving story each and every day. we'll no kboer on that. free water, my garden needs it friendship and the holds and gophers are wing out. i'm a true meteorologist at heart. up next the south bay war memorial. and here's jimmy fallon. >> hi, guys. we have taraji p. henson and a dance off with bc srk.
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happening now legal troubles for retail sergeant. and an if says he didn't get an interview in till message didn't send that. target oo fils wurntz immediately available for the comment on the law. to build a s site. but they are stopped in their tracks. why they )re doing more than praying that some county leaders will say yes this time. join us tomorrow from 4:30 to 7. good morning, it )s 7:26... in an emergency, minutes can mean the difference between life and death. proposition 11 saves lives by ensuring medical care is not delayed in an emergency. proposition 11 establishes into law the longstanding industry practice of paying emts and paramedics to remain on-call during breaks
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and requires they receive fema level training in active shooters and natural disasters. vote yes on 11 to ensure 911 emergency care is there when you or your love one need it.
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contra costa county. 71-year-old "enrique pina" is facing seven felony counts. his bail is set at 12 million dol a school grounds keeper accused of molesting a child in contra costra if county.
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bail is set at $12 million. he reported being in the sheriff department who made the arrest. worked in watt walnut creek but say the victim is not a shoot shudant there. the d.a.'s office reviews the case. the people in charge of removing achbsive toasts on fairk are suing facebook. they filed the louis in san mateo county. they're paid to look at and remove images on the roit. frrts the moderator says all that content has affected hem and they're suffering soikological trauma and p trk sd. >> its tlr first oofr its kind
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that doegt allow as weegter male or female, it spent more 32.7 mellian there. three years ago the student body voted in favor of imposing an annual fee upon them selves to pay for the new lockerroom. up next the warriors back to work and maybe the most dramatic night of the season. beer flowine
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lockeroom ... it )s understandable if the a aft w ad beer flowing last night in the lockerroom, it's understandable if the a's were a little slow tonight. >> or hung over. hereser the good news the playoffs begin one week from tomorrow, most likely in new york city a's and yankees. the a's blow a late lead and lose that mariners. ait bottom of the 11th inning. ends the game with this two-wrun homer. and that's it. they beat the athletics 10-8. the giants and padres. look who's pinch hitting.
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madison bumgarner in the middle oof the 12th and they celebrate like they just won game seven of the world series. >> look at that. >> they beat the padres 5-4. >> they opened training kachbl their practice. and warriors play the timber wolves at a preseason game. the
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bay memorial. last month vandals doused the "sons of san jose memorial" with acid. an 8-year-old girl is part of the effort to resteer south bay memorial. they doused it with acid. it honors those who -- the google has pitched in and so has 8-year-old bella. she put up the lemonade stand and donated $200. they say they still need about $2400 for the repairs. >> that's a nice story.
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thanks for joining us tonight. have a great day tomorrow. >> hey, jimmy, i'm really excited -- >> jimmy: oh, hey. oh, hey. >> about the show tonight. >> jimmy: no, i'm -- oh, yeah. hey. wow. >> what are you doing? >> jimmy: i was just -- somebody gave that to me. what -- i'm just -- can't wait see the show. >> thanks. >> jimmy: see you on the show. i'm -- i'm gonee


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