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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 26, 2018 6:00am-6:57am PDT

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a good wednesday to you. thank you for joining us. >> we have look at traffic in just a moment. first we want to start off with a look at our weather today. another hot one. the hottest day of the week. >> as we reemp hump day our temperatures will also start a downhill slide into weekend. here's a look at cupertino temperatures throughout the day. warming up fast. at 10:00 at 65. lunchtime, 76. heading into the mid 80s there. as you make your way out the door to the freemont warm springs bart station it will be a cool start with mid 50s and heading into the low 80s there. we will talk about all of our micro climates and the cooler air for the weekend coming up. mike now you are tracking two traffic alerts. >> two traffic hen advisories. out to san jose. and the trivalley. we will start with 680 s -- 680
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northbound, the two middle lanes are blocked by a crash there. and chp cannot move one of the vehicles involved in the crash. they have to wait for a flat bad tow. we are following the build. this is unexpected for folks from freemont heading into the dublin interchange to san ramon. southbound is affected by all the lotus. the south valley, jammed up north of the 101 split. brakes all the way up, crawling towards blossom hill road. this crash still blocks two lanes. two lapse are cleared of vehicles. there are thou injuries. that's the better news. a of the south bay moves smoothly. watch out for emergency vehicles approaching any scene. more of a concern is the surface street traffic over there in tr
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center. we have been talking about it. even though traffic getting into san francisco, we have the bigger issue in san francisco. for that i hand it back to you. >> right now we want to go to the ground to get you perspective from the riders this morning. >> that's right. where the transbay transit center the closed because of safety concerns. peter issed a owes is live at the temporary transit center. >> reporter: good morning. things are starting to pick up at the temporary terminal. of course you have the south po sales force transit center down the way from me shut down. and ridersre being die verted to this area. this was the scene yesterday when authorities evacuated the transit center after in a steel beam over freemont street. that's part of the support for oing to happen now?bus deck. they are going to send engineers in there to take a look at the
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beam to determine exactly what caused the crack in the first place. it is causing a bit of an inconvenience for some of the riders i spoke to this morning. here's what they had to say not long ago. >> you know, i have to get to my job, it takes two hours. it does affect me. plus when i work we have people that use transbay all time. they are like what is going to happen? where are we going to go now? >> reporter: that's a big question for a lot of riders this morning as we take you back out here live to the temporary terminal where thing will pick up in the next couple of hours. we are expec ting update from transbay officials at 1:00:p.m. live in san francisco, peter issed a owes today in the bay. >> to high pressure you understand the closure at your own pace our website and app ow.e the traffic info you need a tour of the transit center.
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new this morning, police say some kind of malfunction sent the driver of a volvo off the road and into a nearby freemont home. it happened about 1:00 in the morning on eggers drive. the car slammed into the garage after hitting a car in the driveway. the driver was not hurt. everyone in the house was okay as welling. police say the driver was not impaired. also new this morning, at 6:04, yet another apple to be robbery in the bay area. this is at least the seventh case we are covering in the past couple of months. yesterday in emeryville police say six or seven people stole multiple devicstate. grab and run fests. we showed you this video from new case is connected to other sunday at the santa rosa store. this morning we had to update our map. a theft. a follow-up for you, going forward pol i berkeley will reportedly no longer post mug shots or information of people arrested during protests. >> late last night
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councilmembers voted on a new ban. it lilts the information police can post. it follows backlash after an august protest when police posted mug shots of anti-faish fascist count demonstratordemon some of them were later harassed. police will still be able to post information on protesters who pose an immediate threat. late last night city council shut down devep's plan to build an ikea near the regal theater. the debate went late into the night. even though it would generate millions of dollars, opponents are concerned about traffic impact. >> traffic is huge. the noise, the pollution, the safety. if you have one accident on dublin boulevard. >> it's created a nightmare for those who have to travel from east to west. >> the project this morning is
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not completely dead. planners still approved the next step in the president cess, which is an environmental impact report. and city council members may still vote to approve the project as soon as next months. 6:06 less than an hour ago, christine blasey ford's attorney gave new information to nbc news. also this morning, we now know who will ask the questions tomorrow when ford testifies before congress. >> tracie potts johns us live on capitol hill with that development. plus two more accusers? >> reporter: yes works more accusers. but we will not hear from them tomorrow. one yet unnamed, expected to go public today. the other, who was in "the new yorker," we do know that her attorney has tried to get in touch with the committee, but they say the committee is not
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interested or has not made it easy to even set up a phone call. what we will see tomorrow is rachel mitchell. she is a veteran sex crimes prosecutor out of maricopa county, arizona, the phoenix area. she spent decades doing this type of work. republicans are bringing her in to question dr. ford. remember, there are 11 men on the republican side of this panel. no women. and so optics. they did want to avoid the image of all men questioning a woman about her sexual assault, alleged sexual assault, bringing up images of what happened years ago in the anita hill hearing. so they are bringing in this prosecutor to do the job. democrats criticizing that as a lack of an investigation here. judge kavanaugh will also testify. he is said to be eager to tell his story. it will be interesting to see how this plays out. we don't normally see a prosecutor, someone who is
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trained to ask questions and elicit information in court, in a congressional hearing. democrats by the way plan to do their own questioning of the witness tomorrow. marcus, laura. >> tracie potts reporting for us from washington. >> a programming note for you. you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. our coverage of the hearing starts tomorrow during today in the bay at 6:30 a.m. right now at 6:08 it is a cool start. mostly clear for a lot of our inland areas. and some postal fog. our numbers start out at 53 in fran. 57 in palo alto, san jose, and morgan hill. you do need a jacket as you get ready and head out the door for school this morning. in antioch we have have some mid 50s at 7:00. and then as the day goes along our temperatures really start to get a boost. we will be at 84 degrees by 1:00 today. here's a look at all of our high temperatures with antioch
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reaching 94 degrees. in concord, 96. some of these temperatures a little bit hotter than yesterday, with san jose pretty much the same as yesterday, reaching the upper 80s. morgan hill, 93. and 89 today in napa. we will talk about what's going on today for freemont. and make, you say those traffic alerts still continue. >> that's right. the one counter-commute, northbound 680 in the trivalley. we see slowing but not as dramatic as this one. we will focus on the san jose one. north 85 still only has two lanes open north of blossom hill road. you see all the traffic jamming up pretty much from just after the 85 splits with 101. that's no the south pouring of san jose. this 101/85 split. you notice the shift in the last couple of minutes. south 87 also slows coming into the area. the distraction from all the activity is causing a slower driving. there is an overcrossing. the fly over, you can get a glimpse of all the activity in
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the area. it's having a ripple and it is unexpectedly slow on southbound 87 right now. the south bay and the peninsula look great. 680 at bernal, a slower drive. and surface street congestion. the transit center is closed. earlier temporary transit center is once again your transit center this morning. and howard will be affected. new this morning, the changes uber is making to be better prepared during disasters and terror attacks. plus -- paying student debt, ivs oney treatments. >> sign of the times. an inside look at a new wedding trend. the things younger couples say they do want after saying i do. you are watching today in the bay. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive
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and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. it is time to wake up and get moving. we are making it on through the work week right now. at 6:13. we are taking a live look outside. freemont it's going to be another cool start with mid 50s lieu the morning hours. then another fast warmup. today the peak of the heat before our temperatures go downhill. we will talk about what is ahead for the weekend and the chance for rain in the forecast. that's coming up in five
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minutes. northbound 85 is blocked past blossom hill road this. crash involves a fire truck. distraction for south 87 as well. we will see where that is in relation to san jose and the rest of silicon valley. we will track this one. today's top business headlines. wall street is pointed toward a positive opened to. the dow erased early gains yesterday though following tough trade talk were president trumped a administration officials. say that could mean will be a long process to resolve the trade disputes with china and other countries. on today's watch list a report on new home sales and the fed wraps up a two day meeting. it's wadely expected to again rise interest rates. it could raise borrowing costs on mortgage rates. yesterday the dow fell, and the nasdaq rose.
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uber is overhauling its disaster response procedures so it doesn't get caught during major events like a hurricane. in the past uber relied largely on local teams to make decisions about suspending service or capping surge pricing. now those decisions will be handled by uber's new global security center. uber has been criticized for failing to suspend surge pricing during the terrorist bombings in new york and new jersey in 2016. and it was dogged by false claims of price gouging following the terrorist attack in paris in 2015. dunkin donuts is dropping half its name. it is dropping the donuts part. the move is part of focus on beverages. starting in january, dunkin's advertising, website, packages and other public messages will use the name dunkin and the stores will be remodeled but donuts will still remain a
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focus. >> i don't think they should change the name. >> it is what it is. thanks eric. forget the wedding gifts. this is a new trend. >> a lot of people getting married these days, they want the cash. according to a planning e, the are creating honey moon funds. cash registries are up 50% in the last two years. >> with people getting married older they don't need a can opener or a set of dishes. >> now the new mr. and mrs. can pay off student loans. maybe they can put a down payment on a new home. the average cash wedding registry there is about $1400. >> you need a lot of cash gifts for a down payment on a new home in the bay area. >> $1400 sounds like a down payment. >> depending on where you live. but not here.
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>> you know, it's wedding season for those fall weddings. and we have some iffy weather heading into the -- part of the weekend for the north bay and then a better rain chance next week. here's a live look outside in emeryville this morning. it is a busy start. it's wednesday. we are going to coast right into the weekend. but we just have to get through this hot day with unhealthy air quality. it is a spare the air day. unhealthy air quality for the east bay as well as the south bay. the reason why is because we have high pressure. high pressure causes the air to sink. and whatever we throw up out there as far as pollution and all of that stuff, it just gets trapped in the valleys because of that. so we are having to breathe that in. as you try to help reduce the impact of all the pollution that's put out there, maybe you are on your way out to the pleasant hill bart station. it is going to be a cool start. mid 50s during the morning
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hours. then it will be another day like yesterday where those temperatures go up really quickly, reaching into the mid 80s. making your way out the door for school this morning in san jose, expected to start out with mid 50s once again there. then as the kids head out for recess it is going to be very comfortable with some low to mid 70s. then on the way home, some low 80s. it's time to get ready for work for school you are goating your hair ready, and we do start out with some patches of fog and high humidity. overall as the day depose along it will dry out. if you are wondering if it is this kind of day or this kind of day. overall it is a smooth hair day. urs just give your hair a couple of squirts of hair spray. humidity drops and temperatu th. livermore is reaching 95. 96 in cop san francisco keeping
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and the clouds a little while longer. we are about to see a change in our weather pattern. we going to see the approach of an area of low pressure. look at the wpds that flow around low pressure. that will bring in a brisk ocean breeze and drop our temperatures of then it also causes the air to rise. that means more clouds and a little bit more turbulent weather. but this can tap into tropical moisture all the way on the other side of the pacific and bring that right into the bay area. i am thinking at this point our rain chances after seeing several runs of the computer models are looking good for monday into tuesday of next week. of course we will have more updates on that. then our temperatures go from upper 90s today down to 80 by friday. some upper 70s for the weekend. a slight chance of rain in the north bay. elsewhere all clear. and a more significant chance across the bay area for monday and tuesday. mike you are update both of our
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traffic alerts. >> the south bay, san jose one, and the one into the trivalley. first the san jose one at the bottom of the screen. overall, the peninsula site is very calm. look at all the trivalley and south bay activity. the south bay crash, northbound 85. we had a crew pass through the area in route to another item. they say it looks like all the veegs are getting ready to clear. i will say another five or ten minutes before they clear all the lanes for northbound 85. and north 101 folks diverting their path there. and southbound 87 also the distraction, more slowing there. this is what we are talking about, the ripple already threw that portion of of silicon vall fine. north of there looks clear. 85 will send traffic into zaire saratoga and cupertino as the a. northbound 680 only one lane
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blocked now from the second alert. at the bottom of the screen. traffic held up there, at share ton, there was a crash that never cleared. and then there was a secondary crash there as well. in through freemont. please be cautious approaching flashing lights and activity. the bay bridge metering lights are on. potential delays for muni, ac transit base they are tempy center because the sales force transit center is closed. here's a story we are working on for 6:30. staying put, for now. a big update on the saga of a south bay homeless village getting a new lease on life. newer kmip cards are supposed to be more secure but thieves are still hacking our accounts. one weak spot. gas pumps. they are not required to take these cards yet.
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and won't be until 2020. thieves know that. one way to perhaps protectture account number right now? pay for your gas inside with the cashier instead of at the pump. let us know if you have a consumer complaint. the number is 888-996-tips. or on line at are stag
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in the way of solving violent gun crimes? several critics tell our investigative unit the answer 6:24 right now. are state politics getting in the way of solvingio
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that question is >> theedery poi program meant to solve and prevent gun cr question is called the national integrated ballistic missiles information network. it's like fingerprints or dna, but for guns, bullets, and shell casings. we found many big labs here in california don't use the program. you are faking a look behind the scenes at one of the atf labs where they can match ballistic missiles across city county and even state lines. none of our state labs participate in the program. you would admit when you don't put all the data isn not in the information there could be a
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correlation that wehought about that deeply when we were considering there. >> reporter: find out why a bill that would have expanded the program here in california was spot shot down and failed in the legislature. that's tonight at 11:00. >> if you want to get ahold of steven or anyone from our investigative unit give them a call, 888-996-tips. if it is easier, log onto our website, investigate. suing target for disability discrimination. and not on pace, the shockingly low number of affordable homes built as part of one south bay city's housing plan. plus -- >> the development is staggering. and when you drive around here, as a parent the on thing i can think of is where are all these kids going to go to school?
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>> the catholic community in a county, the diocese needs t a l give its blessing. good morning u
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for joining us. i )m laura garcia. and good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >>washington. right dr this morning. ect as we head >> we are all feeling some cool air. but seeing some different views. here's a look from high above the fog and the clouds. this amazing shot of san francisco. and the only thing sticking up is the very top of the sales
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force tower. inland, in dublin, the sun is coming up. skies are clear. temperatures are pretty even, starting out in the mid 50s. with it being a spare the air alert day we do want you to catch public transit. temperatures will be going way up. we should see 90s this afternoon. it will be a very hot day, 95 in livermore. 96 in concord. and in oakland today, 77 degrees. we will talk more about the weekend com in a few minutes. mike have the traffic alerts cleared? >> they have both cleared. in the last ten to 15 minutes we have had big progress. a little bit lighter traffic flow than yesterday. we will start with 680. the alert over at bernel that cleared. we had all lanes clear. but the backup was north 680 approaching sheridan. the crash also cleared. we should have a smoother drive.
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through the trivalley we are showing a pleasant drive for south 680. in the south bay, it is this sex of 680. this alert has cleared, northbound 85 around blossom hill. toward the rest of coco county, over here, florence and concord, bay point and pittsburgh for highway 4. upper east side shows the build. this is the trend we expect toward the bay bridge where the metering lits are on. that's not a surprise. the note getting in towards san francisco is the closure at the transbay tunnel -- that was an odd map. i am having remote issues. the transit center continues to be closed. the surface streets, freemont,d e a closure for howard around the moss coney center. plan on delays through that area. for more on why the new transit center was closed i hand it back to you. >> i have a live look at the
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temporary transbay transit center you mentioned. good thing it is up and running. that's where commuters will be dropped off and being picked up by buses. could be a traffic delay in the commute this morning. a crack in deal beam off the bus deck was discovered. >> we will have a live report on how this is playing out in san francisco. that's coming up in 30 minutes. that's right. our website also has more information as well for you should you need to get around that area this morning. also, a new life this morning for people who were recently forced to move from their south bay homeless camp. right now we want to go to today in the day's bob riddel in dublin. talk to us about what's going on there. >> reporter: some commuters are
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taking the advice of muni not to drive into san francisco today because of the closure at the transbay transit center. the bart official we have certainly seen a steady stream of riders. most have clippercards. but others have gone up to the ticket gateha indicating they are fhe advice of officials. if you and cross use the freemont street you are going to hit howard and right there you are going to hit a roadblock as the transbay transit center is closed down. avoid that area, you can take bart, ac transit, cal transor uber, lyft or ride sharing taxis or car pooling. especially because today is a
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spare the air day, anything you can do to keep your car off the roads that would be helpful. it appears some people are heeding the advice, if you have to go over the bay bridge into the dont area, muni is advicing you not to take your car. >> to understand the closure at your own pace, our website has traffic updates photor center. it is 6:34 right now. new this morning, san jose appears to be fng promise to build 10,000 affordable housing units by the year 2022. the markry news reports so far the city has only built 64. the mayor introduced the housing a year ago. and nearly 600 units are under correction right now. and about 270 are in developing stages. the city's housing department actually say they have been working with less funding after the state eliminated local redevelopment agencies. 6:35 right now.
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a new life line this morning for people who were recently forced to move from their south bay homeless camp. for weeks, we have been following the story of hope village in san jose. it was originally a tent city that cropped up on state-owned land, which the state shut down. but yesterday, county supervisors approved a deal to lease nearby city-owned land. that deal will keep hope village operating as part of a six month pilot program.shter up to 30 le diocese of san jose wants to at 6:35, the catholic build a new high school on an open plot of land in morgan hill. but several times the plan was shut down by a state mandated agency intended to prevent urban sprawl. >> this time the diocese may have a prayer here. today in the bay's kris sanchez is live in morgan hill. this has been going on a long time. >> reporter: it's been 14 years since the idea of a catholic high school in morgan hill was first floated. in that time.
6:36 am
theyt diocese bought this agricultural land hoond me. the rectangle is the proposed high school site. murphy avenue is the west, barrett avenue is to the north and farmland to the east. the other shaded areas could see a border change as a result. i will walk through the civics lesson i had to get in researching this story testimony diocese owns the land but cannot develop it until it has city services like water and power. in order for that to happen the city has to annex some land to bring it into city limits. approval for annexation can only come from santa clara county's lasco, the lal agency formation commission which is a state-mandated agency intended to protect open space like this one and agricultural land, also prevent urban small and promote service efficiency. with that aim in mind lasco has said no to several prior
6:37 am
development plans. according to the city of morgan hill which plans to take t the again, they say there is no available plot of land within the city limits big enough for a campus and because the diocese is committing to preserving agricultural land. >> what we are offering is we want to keep morgan hill beautiful. what we are offering is a one to one mitigation. for every acreage of land for the children and students we are going to reserve another acre to keep it agricultural. >> i don't understand why it is not a slam dunk with the diocese offering the one to one ratio giving more than 30 acres back of its 60acres, et cetera going to build on. a lot of parents in the area are not sure why this hasn't been a given. >> reporter: well, the morgan hill city council did vote to take this issue to lasco.
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they have one week to do that. it's due by october 3rd which is next wednesday. lasco won't comment on anything related to this plan until they see the plan. but they are likely to take up the issue at their december meeting. until then, this seems to be quite the talk of the town. in morganhill, today in the bay. >> a big plot of lands. and a lot of people who want to see it happen. 6:38 right now. affecting where you shop. a target inos contra costa just with a discrimination lawsuit. a deaf man says he applied for a clerk position at the target in antioch in to 14. he had an interpreter to communicate over the phone with the hiring team but hayes claims that human resource representatives hung up on him twice. he says he never got an interview and antioch hired seven non-disabled people. >> i am sure we are going to follow that one. interesting over there. meanwhile in the south bay
6:39 am
this is of interest to me. the build here north 101. we expect this to happen at the 101 and 680 interchange here. here at the bottom of the screen we are seeing traffic continuing heavier than you would expect up toward capital expressway. this continues to be the rip frel the earlier crash that cleveland over there at blossom hill. north 85. this ripple over here, stick to your route. things are slow through san jose. and everything else throughout the south bay looks great. the rest of the bay is looking good except for one stretch of 680 at the bottom of your screen there. north 680 approaching sheridan we have slower drive. the last of the crashes we were tracking have cleared. it is counter-commute. and on the bay bridge toll plaza
6:40 am
of course the metering lights are on. >> of course. >> we are halfway through the work week. >> if you don't have air-conditioning and you have been dealing with these temperatures in the 90s you are really looking forward to the weekend. look at the numbers we will see on saturday. we will see more clouds rolling into the coast, reaching into the mid 60s. the bay reaching 71 degrees. these are our high temperatures. 78 on sunday. we are looking at mostly sunny skies and pretty much matching saturday's forecast, with upper going to do? maybe check out the beach festival. it's capitola, it starts erlg in the morning with fun runs, events, anday. it will be chilly out there with mid 50s tlourt the early hours reaching into the 60s throughout the day. also for cooler weather you can head to san francisco where there will be a kids carnival happening a the palace of fine arts. that starts at 11:00 in the morning. we will be at 56 degrees.
6:41 am
making it into the low 60s. make sure the kids have on a nice warm jacket. napa valley? no jacket needed. it is going to reach into the upper 70s on friday. and very comfortable throughout the weekend with some 70s and mostly sunny skies. looking at yosemite where our sun is then some lower 60s for the highs on saturday and on sunday. going to monterey this weekend, it does stay in the mid 60s, with those clouds rolling in on friday and sunday. i will have a look at today's temperature trend. we are making it through the week. we will look at that in about three minutes. brand-new overnight, research impacting families of teens struggling with their gender identity. the health risk doctors are warning about this morning. and later -- >> oh, my god! >> yes! >> are you feeling all right? >> the fresh prince of big air. will smith's incredible stunt has everyone talking today. the big event he was celebrating
6:42 am
and what he is saying thit the big board. the dow and the nasdaq and s&p vestors are looking ahead at thepolicy.
6:43 am
6:44 am
the clouds have started to roll into palo alto right now. at 6:45 as we approach sunrise. we are not going to see it here. and our temperature also start out with some low 60s at 10:00.
6:45 am
and then going into the upper 70s. upper peninsula, nice and comfortable. but the valleys still dealing with high heat. we will talk about when that ends and our rain chances in the forecast coming up in less than five minutes. look over here, the travel times. the top number, that's the one that's tough. 45 minutes from 8 85 to 85. unexpected slowing there. recovery for highway 85's traffic alert though has cleared. >ooks like all systems go for tomorrow's scheduled hearing for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. as we know who is expected to ask those questions to kavanaugh and his accuser, palo alto professor christine blasey ford. rachel mitchell is a sex crimes prosecutor from arizona. republican lawmakers plan to hold a vote on the nomination as soon as friday. a programming noted for you. nbc's coverage of this hearing starts tomorrow. this is during today in the bay,
6:46 am
at 6:30. new this morning, lanes of capitol expressway near 680 are back open. they were closed this morning because of this, this is the scene after officers say they spotted a possible drunk driver. the car hit a light pole. the p away rise for aers. according to a new poll teenagers who identify as gender con conforming are more impressed, more likely to feel sad, hopeless and have suicidal thoughts. they are also more lickly to use drugs and alcohol. experts say schools and the communities need to support these teens more. this is a story all about how will smith's life got turned upside down, literally. >> pretty cool right there. he celebrated his 50th birthday yesterday by doing this. that was terrible. that was just terrible. >> he looked down.
6:47 am
may have scared him. but he did it anyway. bungee jumping. it was part of his challenge from the yes theory. >> green light. >> green light, green light. >> disconnected the bungee cord. >> there he goes, making a big jump out of a helicopter, plunging down into the grand canyon. he landed safely on to mats below where he was cheered on by a big crowd of fans there, including his children and some other cast members from the fresh prince cast. >> saw alfonso. >> there he is right there. >> temperatures here, maybe a nice day to do that if you have the area? >> if you have the guts to do that. he it doesn't have anything to it to talk about supplies coming out of sfo. we have seen some delays this morning because of eclds that w
6:48 am
with. here is the live look. average delays of about 48 minutes. make sure you check ahead if you have a flight getting out of town on this wednesday. then here around the bay area we are dealing with some unhealthy air quality in the east bay as well as the south bay. and we have the spare the air alert in effect. that means that all of the pollutants that we put out in the atmosphere are getting trapped in the valleys. that makes it unhealthy to be out there for a long period of time. make sure you are aware of that. maybe catch public transit. if you are out to the fruitvale bart station it is a cool morning. we have clouds rolling by. we will see the clouds clearing out and temperatures warming up. we are heading into the mid 70s in oakland. highs reaching 77 degrees. and then you make your way inland and it is going to be another really hot day. today, though, the peak of the heat, reaching 95 today in livermore. and up to 87 in santa rosa. san jose reaching 88 degrees. and in palo alto today 85.
6:49 am
as you are looking yt are getti a sleeveless shirt and shorts. if you can, why not make it a beach day. it feels like summer out there. break out the bathing suit and the flip-flops and maybe head to the beach today. it is going to be a lot more comfortable there. i wanted to show you the changes we have on the way as this area of low pressure moves in. that's going to give us a stronger ocean breeze that on-shore flow brings us some cooler air and even a slight chance of rain for the north bay. then this taps into some tropical moisture. i'm thinking after seeing plenty of runs of the computer models it looks good that we will have a chance of rain by monday or tuesday of next week as this tropical moisture from a super sigh foon near japan moves all the -- super typhoon near japan moves all the way across the pacific to the bay area. that's not seen significant rain since april 14th. it will be nice to have rain in the forecast.
6:50 am
updates to come on that. mike, the commute was odd today? >> unexpected for some folks. the south bay is recovering from an earlier crash on 85. that caused traffic to shift over to 101. that doesn't affect the peninsula really, still we are watching for folks now pushing over from the east bay as well. where towards the east bay and trivalley it is been north 680 that's been the problem. unexpectedly slow. counter-commute. the crash at sheridan. looks like all the activity is on the offramp. it may be visible and that may be why thengn iing district on trivalley. we are operating smoothly. not problems or traffic in the 880 past the san mateo and bun bar done bridges it builds up. the flat sections it slows down. and the high-rise is not visible. low clouds and fogs are hovering
6:51 am
around. no problems related to it. bust a note to be cautious out there. tlas for muni and ac transit. golden gate transit as well getting into the transbay center at sales force. the sales force transit center is currently closed because of structural issues and concerns. i'm concerned about freemont, fulsome, howard street in the area. they will get surface street traffic. 6:52 right now. coming up a quick look at the top stories we are covering. distance relationship.
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this is long distance with the best wifi experience, plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. to stream the most free movies and shows from anywhere. plus, staying connected on the go is easy with xfinity mobile. switch today and see how you can save. click, call or visit a store today. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today in the bay-- welcome back. before you head out the door here with the top stories we are covering on today in the bay. >> a live look for you right now at the temporary transbay transit center in san francisco. a brand-new transbay transit
6:54 am
center is closed. workers there discovered a crack in a steel beam there. nearby freemont street is also closed. that may create serious traffic problems later this morning. workers found the crack yesterday. the $2 billion tower just opened weeks ago and it is not clear if this problem is isolated or part of a larger issue. that's what inspectors wigurout send a driver on eggers live. the car slammed into the home i okay, the driver was not impaired. this is the seventh case of an apple store robbery in the last two months. yesterday in emeryville, police say six to eight people stole multiple device from the store along bay street. they are not saying where weather this recent case is connected to to other grab and go fest from sunday from the
6:55 am
pleasant mall in santa rosa. this morning we had to update our map. you can see all the cities which have seen these thefts. emeryville had a different apple robbery in august. police in derek lee will no longer post mug shots information on people during protests. councilmember voted on the new ban. this limits the information police can post. it follows backlash after an ant counter-demonstrators. some of them were later harassed. police will still be allowed to protest images of any protester who owposes any immediate threa to the public. in the past uber was criticized for surge pricing during bombings in new york and terrorist attacks in pair isz. now the company has global security center to make those pricing decision. san jose university received a bomb threat yesterday morning.
6:56 am
university officials say the threat was phoned in around 9:00 in the morning but campus officials did not warn students until four hours later. this comes after the university received a shooting threat this past february. all those plans for ahe hea try israel now harry appear to be on life support. efl doers want to build store near the regal theater on hacienda drive. planners approved the next step, an environmental impact report. and councilmembers may still vote to approve the project. dream force is ready to rock and shake a till feather for a few. for weeks we have known that metallica will be headlining tonight's private dream force concert, which benefits the children's hospital. the performance starts about 8:30 at civic center plaza. but this just in, janet jackson
6:57 am
is also on the bill. yesterday dream force announcing janet 8:00, inside, nearby at the bill graham auditorium. a fun night for all of those participating to enjoy music. going to be good weather. >> you said shake a tail feather? what are you, 80? >> i am an old man when it comes to music. >> and then he moves on to metallica and janet jackson. >> together they shake a tail fetter. >> cut a rug! >> we are going to have great weather for that, or whatever you are doing. it is a nice try to try to stay cool for the inland valleys. it is going to be hot. but looking forward to cooler air over the weekend. 60s in san francisco. cooling down to the low 50s later on the for the concert. >> mike is looking at the traffic. >> horseless carriages.
6:58 am
exceptionally slow in this portionan 680. tough getting into and out of the area past both of the mission exits. we are looking at an earlier crash. there may on the northbound shoulder with a big rig on the northbound side. >> that's it for today in the bay. >> joins for bay area news at 11. thank you for starting your morning with us with today. this morning we are going to continue by shaking a tail feather, cutting a rug. >> doing whatever. good morning. on offense. the president takes on the second accuser who claims judge brett kavanaugh exposed himself to her in college. >> she was totally inebriated and all messed up. and she doesn't know it was him but it might have been him. >> just ahead, the woman's lawyer reacts here. the clock ticking on capitol hill. 24 hours from now, the first
6:59 am
woman to come forward testifies under oath. downfall complete. bill cosby himorning, sentenced waited
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