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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 3, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> the president's commentrong >> to discuss something this sensitive in a political r not . >> the white house is pushing back portraying judge kavanaugh as a victim as well. sarah sanders said the president was not mocking dr. ford, instead, just stating the facts. >> well, many others are stunned with president trump's speech last night. sex assault victims fear the worst. marianne is there with a vigil now. marianne. >> reporter: they are calling this the stop kavanaugh rally. you can see they are singing, some of them have signs that say kava-no. some want president trump to stop verbally attacking alleged victims. during a rally last night in mississippi, president trump commented on the testimony of dr. christine blasey ford. the palo alto mother who accused
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supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual assault. many see it as the president mocking a victim to a cheering crowd. >> how did you get home? i don't remember. how did you get there? i don't remember. where is the place? i don't remember. how many years ago was it? i don't know. >> reporter: dangerous words, says erica elliott, the sexual a assault and community manager at community solutions in the south bay. >> i think again it sends a message for survivors you could be called into question you're not credible, and that you're not going to be believed and that there is this idea where you have shame you'll have to deal with and that creates silence. >> reporter: she said the president and the public need to understand the complexities of trauma. >> it is not uncommon when survivors try to recollect the trauma that happened they can't recall all the details of the incidents. >> reporter: today the white house press secretary defended the president's comments. >> the president were stated in
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facts facts included in prosecutor mitchell's reports. those say the comments from the man in the nation's highest office are a painful reminder much more work needs to be done to stop victim shaming. since dr. ford came forward with her accusations, the ywca here in san jose says it has seen a spike in victims coming forward. this rally will continue here in san jose for about the next hour. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you. also noted here, palo alto congresswoman anna eshew was the first politician she went forward with her allegation against judge kavanaugh. >> yonti don't understand why t haven't interviewed dr. ford and judge kavanaugh. >> and so far they have not. coming up at 6:00, our own robert honda talks with the congresswoman about this friday's possible senate vote. and if any senators will be
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swayed by the findings or lack thereof of this fbi investigation. >> take a live look across the bay area right now. storm ranger is tracking some more wet weather that is over the bay area. parts of the bay area. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking it, too. where is it coming down the heaviest, jeff? >> it looks like now based osht current data we have, it's along the interstate 5 corridor and it's now hitting tracy. you can see all of this heavy rain, numerous lightning strikes, even hail as we pull up particulars on storm ranger, you can see hail a half inch in diameter, possibly moth ball size hail there on interstate 5 corridor. 42 lightning strikes over the past half hour and it is moving off to the north through tracy into 5:18 tonight. that tracy triangle popular for commuters coming from the bay back to tracy is going to be very tough as we head throughout the next 45 minutes. also rainfall here through the livermore into 511 tonight. more wet weather through san ramon into 5:18.
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back off to the south bay. we've seen this wet weather for the east foothills. that will continue at least the next ten minutes. i'll show you which bay area ty from this recent storm is now 3,075% abnormal when it comes to rainfall season. >> thank you, jeff. you can track what's happening on our website with the exclusive storm ranger radar. click on the see full radar tab and zero in on your neighborhood at >> if you have a cell phone you probably got the alert. president trump's text alert was the hot topic across the country today. the message pinged millions of cell phones and triggered the hashtag, presidential alert. this is our social media heat map. you can see where it was the most active. that hashtag, the bay area, l.a. and new york. you can see there the bay area, l.a. and new york lighting up in the red there. but everyone who didn't know about this thought maybe it wasn't a test and that led people to call 911. nbc bay area's melissa colorado joins us from berkeley with the details. melissa.
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>> reporter: raj, at 11:18 this morning you could just hear that loud alarm coming from people's phones, people looking down at their screens and showing their friends, did you get the text, too? now, most of the people i spoke with tell me they think this is an effective tool to alert people in case of an extreme emergency, but those same individuals also tell me that they think this tool could use what could cause widespread panic if it is not used correctly. >> my heart just went like, what's happening? what's going on? it's just a test. >> reporter: millions of people in the bay area heard their phones sound off and vibrate at the same time today as part of . >> i just thought of an amber alert immediately. >> this is a test of the -- >> reporter: the fema system that sent out today's alert is seml similar to those that send out amber alerts, extreme weather and local emergencies. users have the choice of opting out of those alerts.
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when it comes to the presidential alerts, fema says there's no way you can block those texts. if the next presidential alert was the real thing, it would mean there's a national crisis happening, like a missile headed for the main land, a terrorist attack, or a tsunami. >> it was an immediate danger, people probably would respond to their cell phones a lot more considering how prevalent cell phones are to our culture today. >> reporter: mass alerts have gone horribly wrong in the past. in january, hawaii's emergency agency mistakenly sent out a warning of a missile threat leading to widespread panic. marina martin said the alerts are efficient, but even a test was enough to spark some fear. >> i think it scares people more than anything. >> reporter: now, most emergency call centers here in the east bay did not see a change in call volumes today. however, over in marin county, one person actually dialed 911 to tell dispatch, hey, i get the
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alert now, what do i do? two other people also in marin county contacted authorities to complain that they did not receive the alert. we'll have more on that coming up at 6:00. that's the latest here in berkeley. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> a north bay city is considering letting go dozens of employees. santa rosa city leaders might have to cut 50 jobs city wide to help with the budget deficit. the city said it had to go deep into the reserves to fight last year's wildfires. santa rosa says most of the 50 positions it has to cut are open. no one loses their job. city employees say that's not good news because departments are under staffed. >> an east bay man accused of murder has confessed to the crime. court documents say anthony pimentel said he killed his ex-girlfriend. he covered her body in branches and drove off in heon monday he
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unidentified body near lake shabo dam in san leandro. family members believe it is her body. investigators have yet to confirm the identity. a veteran of the alameda county sheriff's department are facing prosecution. he illegally recorded four attempted robbery suspects. allegedly happened in march. they talked to their attorneys in sheriff interview rooms. according to prosecutors, body camera footage captured sergeant russell telling his lieutenant he was recording the meetings. >> we all know, all of us who work in the criminal justice system, that the attorney/client privilege is sacrosanct and it is a crime to violate that privilege. >> td.a.'s office dropped felon eavesdropping charges. we'll tell you what the sheriff's department is doing to prevents again. >> we know it is expensive to live here. that means people are lehmaning
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and that is creating a problem for the san jose school district because teachers are making an exodus for more affordable areas. nbc bay area a niskane high witx the school district has but the fix is creating a whole new problem? >> reporter: absolutely janelle, it is. the school says it is hiring about 200 new teachers each year because dozens are leaving once they realize they can't afford to buy a home here or start a family. >> if we don't do something, we do have a concern, we won't be able to fill our classrooms with the highest quality teachers. >> reporter: here's an idea they're considering to fix that problem. the san jose unified school district has put together a list of nine buildings that could be converted into affordable housing for school district employees, like teachers and principals. the list includes four elementary schools, three middle schools, one high school, and the district's main office on linden.
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according to san jose unified, they build newer better schools on nearby undeveloped land that the district owns. >> we're looking at all of our options, focused on what's possible, doing our due diligence to narrow the list and support the community. >> reporter: the list of possible schools to be converted into housing includes rethart middle school and leland high school. that made a few people upset. greg started a petition on called save leland and brett heart. several thousand people have already signed, concerned about property values and moving kids to another school. >> people buy their houses in this area in order for their kids to go to this school. >> we have the same incentive to maintain property values. school districts are funded through property taxes. >> reporter: tonight the school district will hold a public meeting to answer questions and address concerns about a proposal it says is necessary to keep teachers in school. the district says it hasn't made any decisions at this point and
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this is a long-term project that could take at least four years to complete. reporting live in san jose, a newsham aras that, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. people on the flight path will continue to see jets flying overhead. they may not be as loud. that's what sfo told homeowners who have been complaining about the noise issue. in a meeting last night they said they are investing in a satellite landing system. it will adjust the altitude and angle of descent over these neighborhoods. the hope is that the noise level will decrease. the airport is also drawing up adjustments to approach patterns which it will submit to the faa for approval. >> storm ranger on mobile doppler radar showing this wet weather will put a track on it. let you know when this moves out and fire danger increases. that is in about 7 minutes. >> cleaning up dirty streets, one picture at a time. the bay area man behind this
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idea. >> what the coast guard discovered on a bay area-based ship worth more than 300 million bucks. m on city
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ways to deal with an unsanitary problem on city st san francisco is coming up with ways to deal with an dog w sidewalks. one man has come up with an app
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he believes stream lines the reporting process. it's called snap crap. nbc bay area's christy smith joins us live. christy, they have a reporting app. this is another one? >> reporter: that's right. certainly people can use 311 directly, but the creator of this app said he wanted something quicker with things like auto fill "options action"s and it has comments like whoever cleans this up deserves a bonus. he says initially among friends there were some jokes about the whole subject, but he thinks this needs some help. >> it was very bad, extremely bad. >> reporter: he reported it immediately calling 311. a man south of market using the sidewalk as his own personal toilet. he was relieved the city responded to the service request fast and knows about the 311 mobile app and says it is an ongoing challenge. >> i want a solution where i can pull out my phone, take a
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picture and text it. >> reporter: sean miller came up with snap crap, it offers fewer steps than 311. >> you have to add a comment, select an object, all that sort of thing. my app is specifically for street and sidewalk cleaning for human and animal waste. >> reporter: it has auto fill and location. he says initially there were some jokes about the subject matter, but they also saw it as serious. he's seen waste problems in his own neighborhood. >> it's notoriously filthy, right? seeing this every day i got really frustrated. >> reporter: the idea he says is not to undermine sf 311, but to simplify. >> we certainly started to take a look at it after it was brought to our attention. >> reporter: rachel gordon is with public works. she says the 311 app was made with key features. >> with the 311 app if you punch in the details of that, you can by hand, you can put in the correct location of where the problem is.
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>> reporter: while the app was just released a few days ago, it does have a 311 dial feature. we couldn't get that to work on our phone. he says he is looking into that, though, and making some updates. public works says they get about 10,000 requests for cleaning per month in san francisco and about 1300 of those are related to human or animal waste. reporting life in san francisco, christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thank you. from drunk driver to scooter rider san jose is creating policies for the motorized scooter companies. this comes after the first dui case involving a scooter rider in l.a. county. driving under the influence is illegal whether the driver is operating a car, motorcycle, or one of these scooters. the san jose department of transportation is working on policies that would require scooter companies to educate users about safety. >> with the scooters, we had a motorized machine that you're
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riding that can go up to 15 miles per hour. you could seriously hurt yourself or hurt other people so you need to be alert and in control of that scooter. a proposal will be sprent presented to the city council later this fall. >> take a look at what 22,000 pounds of cocaine looks like. inside these bundle, pure cocaine. it was seized by the coast guard and is worth an estimated $300 million. the bundles cover almost the entire deck from alameda. it was seized from eight different boats from august to mid september. before being lifted off by crane, the bundles were sorted, indexed and wrapped in clear plastic. for the crew it's all hands on deck: >> it was hours. we have to make sure we're ready to seize them, get them wherever they need out there. >> authorities arrested 23 suspected smugglers in all. the cocaine will be handed over to the dea and eventually destroyed. >> okay, check it out. our sky ranger over the bay today getting these magnificent shoctober, right? hose military ships coming into our bay.
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fleet week celebrates the bay area's naval history and plays tribute to the armed forces. the celebration usually draws millions of visitors to the city each year. no different this week. the plate of ships is this friday beginning at 11:00 a.m. for one hour followed by fleet week's signature air show. fleet week runs through next monday. we are ready to go. >> yeah. >> it's so fun to tour the ships. you see these inside nook ands cran iz you didn't know about. the angels. >> looking like this. >> i think we're going to have excellent visibility based on the forecast right now which is good. you might need to hold onto your hats once we get into this weekend forecast due to some wind. but i think we're going to be just fine out there for fleet week. as we get a live look, i did want to start off with this fact and it is certainly very sensational when you look at the number. but it really goes to show you how far of a jump we've seen at the start of the season. so off to a very strong start for some cities in the bay area.
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primarily for the north bay. santa rosa right now for the rain season to date is 3,075% of normal. we're only the third day into it. it goes to show you how strong that first storm was. we picked up one in 2300. the same span is only 4/100 of an inch. off to a nice start. no way we can keep that number that high. every little bit does help the fire danger. this is a storm system moved off to the south. it will keep stability with us. we've seen this on storm ranger. a lot of this activity is bubbling at the interstate 5 corridor near tracy. we'll take you down to that after we have some penny-size hail being detected by storm ranger. also in the past 15 minutes, 16 lightning strikes that's moving off to the north would continue wet weather through tracy into 5:44 tonight. right on that 205 corridor. even some wet weather there on 580 near livermore. near livermore it's calming down
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but we're seeing another batch over san ramon. that would continue off into danville into 5:48 tonight. off to the south we've had plenty of rainfall over the eastern foothills of san jose. some of that's moving off to the north. this would continue into fremont through 6:12 tonight. you could really see what we're dealing with here, these isolated pockets of rainfall. i think once we hit tomorrow's forecast, we're more on the cloudy side to start, losing a lot of the chance to rain, low to mid 60s to the tri-valley. we'll look here at 50s to 60s east bay to the north bay. a slight chance of maybe getting a pop-up shower. you can see it there on futurecast. not a big chance tomorrow morning. really the trend as we head through the day is clearing on out. getting that sunshine once we hit 3:30 in the afternoon. temperatures actually cooling off a few degrees as that system starts to pull away. this willve us a se. plenty of low to mid 70s back here across the east bay. peninsula, 71 in redwood city.
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going to satisfy for fleet week? take your jacket. it will be in the 60s. across north bay, 63 in santa rosa. extended forecast, san francisco all goord fleet week. look out, it gets windy on sunday. 72 degrees. that that gusts up to 35 miles per hour. for the inland valleys we are going up to 84 with that dryer warmer wind on sunday. we might have a red flag fire warning issued. we'll stay on top and bring you more as we get closer a. a lot of things happening the next few days. thank you, jeff. up next here at 5:00, how is this for a com toys r us might not be dead after all. we'll explain. we want to bring e
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on that breaking news we )re tracking on the peninsula. news on the peninsula. witnesses at the scene now tell us a san mateo county s we want to update you now on our breaking news we've been following on the peninsula. you can see our nbc bay area sky ranger is overhead. witnesses at the scene now tell us a san mateo county sheriff's
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deputy is hurt. the suspect fought with several deputies and died as he was being taken into custody. but also says no shots were fired. the san mateo county sheriff's department has not given us any kochlt. we do know this. a stretch of el camino at mill wood drive remains shutdown. this is in millbrae. we have a reporter on the scene and we'll continue to bring you updates online and right here on the air as we get them. >> we're going to move to some other news right now. the brewing company. >> tonight layoffs at the company, 12% of its work force will be out of a job. the company has abouthe decisio do t declining sales and more competitors entering the market. >> okay. toys r us could be making a comeback. lenders who own a key piece of
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the bankrupt toy store reveal they are keeping the corporate brand names and jeffrey the mascot. and the company might resurrect itself with a new name. jeffrey's toy box. over the summer the company closed all of its stores nationwide after declaring bankruptcy, was planning to hold an auction to offset some of its $5 billion debt, but that auction has now been canceled. investors think the company can make more money by reviving toys r us instead of selling off its parts. >> coming up we say good-bye to a dear member of our nbc bay area family. we'll explain. do you hear that? no. it's quiet. too quiet. xfinity home cameras. xfinity home gives you an extra pair of eyes to help watch over your family.
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plus, you have added peace of mind from 24/7 professional monitoring. xfinity home. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity customers, add xfinity home and get a great offer. plus, ask how to get free installation. call, go online, or demo in an xfinity store today.
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gavin newsom... next month -- we will elect our tonight at 6:00, who is it going to be, john cox or gavin newsom? next month we will elect our next governor to replace jerry brown. the one place a bay area political expert thinks might be able to tighten this race. that story and more coming up on our 6:00 newscast. >> finally at 5:00 it's a bitter sweet day at bay area. one of our long time friends is retiring. we're happy for him but sad for us. >> we say good-bye to one of the nicest guys we have worked with. john shot his first story in 1987. he shot his last story for us today. steve is retiring after a long
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career of covering the news. we wish him the best. >> we love you, steve. we're going to miss you so much. visit us. >> you've got choices, steve. breaking news tonight. we're getting word of at least five police officers shot in an active shooter rampage in south carolina. a major emergency response under way. first responders flooding the area. people being warned to stay away. we'll have a live report. also the supreme court cliffhanger. the fbi's report could be released tonight, sent to the senate, and locked in a secure room. what did the feds find and will you get to hear it? as nbc news has learned dozens of potential witnesses weren't interviewed. and tonight, backlash after president trump mocked dr. christine blasey ford. >> how did you get home? i don't remember. how did you get there? i don't remember. where is the place? i don't remember. how many years ago was it? i don't know. i don't know. [ cheers and applause ]


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