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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 10, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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out of the teeth of the wind. and so we feel safe here, but i will tell you, in all my years of covering hurricanes, this is the first time that i felt necessary to actually retreat from the room into the hallway. and, again, we've left this open just for -- so we can show you folks what it looks like. i'm not extremely comfortable having this window uncovered, but we're kind of protected by a balcony. so duane, our camera guy has just cracked it open a little bit just to give you an idea of what this is like. when you talk about this kind of wind speed, i couldn't see it from duane's view. he said he saw a tree just go down a moment ago. it looks like a fair amount of flooding in the outskirts of the parking lot. and to the point i was talking about yesterday, this spun up very quickly, as many of you know, we were doing the show in montgomery, alabama, last night, and we left afterward to come this direction. and no rain, no sprinkles, no sign of any kind of a hurricane,
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woke up this morning, raining a little bit. not bad. and then it just seemed all of a sudden like a switch went on. we were in the middle of a major, mainly hurricane. i want you to just take a moment and listen to what it's like. it's like an airplane taking off, if you've stood at the end of a runway and heard an airplane taking off, that is what it's like. and the force is just remarkable. trees lying on their side in some cases right now. the wayward position, it's blowing roughly parallel to us. so that's why we're able to have this door open. i can't imagine what it would be like, though, to stand in the face of that. power, as i said, went out about -- maybe 45 minutes ago around here. but as we drove through town, we could see more and more lights turning to black. just going to try and peek out of here. can't see anything in that direction.
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>> lester, it's kate. i think i could probably echo everyone watching and say please stay away from that window. it's making us nervous, too. and feel free to cover it, if you need to. >> reporter: yeah. >> give me a sense for what you saw -- what did you see driving in? we've gotten the sense that the national guard is on stand by. all the government agencies, the president just an hour ago spoke about government agencies being on high alert. did you get that sense driving in, that there is a staged operation ready to go once this passes? >> reporter: frankly, no. we didn't see any traffic moving in either direction. we actually found a gas station that was still pumping gas at about midnight last night, which is unusual. usually in the day or so leading up to a hurricane, that becomes a difficult thing. they start closing down. so, no, there were no signs of anyone on the streets. as we went out earlier today,
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this spun up so quickly and typically first responders basically say after 50 miles per hour or so, we're staying off the streets and with good reason. we all have that sense of dread. i basically went out to tape a standup for a story i've been working on for red thyide and t effects the storm could have. and from the time we left here to the time we went to our location ten minutes away, we went from okay to the danger zone. and so it was -- let's quickly get our business done, get in the car. you're always worried about power lines and, of course, trees and flying debris. and as we're coming down, we were frankly joking about the port-a-potty blowing down the street as things really cranked up. so we got back here and took refuge. i took refuge in the room. and then ultimately it just got too bad and felt better to be in the hallway. >> yeah. there comes a point, we've all covered these hurricanes. there comes a point where you just need to get indoors and be safe. lester, stay with us. we're trying to reach kerry sanders. not sure if we have his shot up
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yet. no kerry just yet. the problem right now, obviously -- >> reporter: kate snow, i'm here on the beach where we're getting probably the strongest winds we have had here since this hurricane made landfall. the eye, about 15 miles to the east of us. that's the eye wall. so the winds that we're seeing come through here at times are picking up debris. so we've got a little bit of protection out here. what's going to happen in a little bit is we're going to see with the winds changing directions here that the gulf of mexico, which has been holding off a little bit, is going to have the wind coming from the back side or off the water. and that's going to begin to push the water on shore. that's the storm surge. so it may look like everybody skated here. but that's not the case. we still have hours to go with the direction of the storm. kate, it's estimated about 24,000 people stayed in their homes. according to the fire
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department, many of them have been calling, saying, can you come get us out? the fire department not only not responding, but taking those 911 calls on pieces of paper, because they say we can't get out there, we're going to write your addresses down. we'll check on you after the hurricane passes through. it's like impossible to hear you out here. but what i can report is, there has been minor structural damage. the power lines are out. but we have not gotten any reports of anything dramatically taken out. we still have hours to go. >> that's what i was just about to ask. what you're seeing around you. because that wind looks absolutely fierce. i know you probably can't hear me very well, kerry. for those who stayed behind, is there deep concern about the wind? is it more the storm surge? what's the biggest concern? >> reporter: he probably can't hear me in all of that wind. kerry sanders is in panama city
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beach, about ten miles west of where we just saw lester holt in his hotel in panama city. just to remind you, this is the largest recorded hurricane ever to hit this part of florida. the florida panhandle. the records go back to the 1850s, and this is in more than a century of record keeping. they have not seen a storm quite like this. at the moment, we're at about 155-mile-an-hour winds. the hurricane just made landfall, just within the last hour. let's go back to lester holt, who, again, is in a hotel because -- for safety reasons, inside his hotel room. and lester, we just saw kerry. i know you can't see him. we just saw him blowing around about ten miles west of you. doesn't look quite as bad as where you are. when we looked out the window. >> yeah, kate, we've reached a point we're going to put a mattress in front of this window. know that we take a lot of
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precautions and take safety first. and i'm going to stay on as long as it takes them to put this mattress in front of the window. you know, we want to be on the air, but we've got to take care of each other. and so we're going to do that. so know that we're safe. but we're going to have to sign off. and we'll send it back to you, kate. >> lester, we'll keep track of things from here. get back to us as soon as you feel you can safely do so, even just by phone. that's a real behind the scenes look at what we all go through when we cover these storms. we try to take the utmost precautions. i tell my mother this every time i go into a hurricane. we try to make sure we're safe, number one, because that's the most important thing. so we'll let lester be. i think we have on the phone now panama city beach city manager, mario gizbert. are you with me, sir? >> caller: yes, i am. >> tell me what your sense is for what the damage is so far. we' seeing howling winds. we could hear it when lester put
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his microphone out the window. what's your sense for the damage and are people safe? >> i would say that right now, based on the radar that we're looking at while we're sitting here talking, the storm has passed us to the east and south. which might have saved us, you know, more wind damage here on the beach. it looks like panama city might have seen brunt of the storm in mexico beach. >> and how many folks stayed behind in panama city beach? that's your jurisdiction. >> correct. in my jurisdiction, my total population is only 13,500. and i would say we probably have 5 or 6,000 people here, which is more than i had hoped. but still a minimal number. >> and you're hopeful right now that most people are safe? are you getting a lot of 911 calls? >> again, we're -- we have police officers still out on the streets, you know, patrolling the neighborhoods. and checking on houses if they
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have any damage. but the majority of the damage that we're seeing right now are downed trees and power lines. we don't really see any building damage. we have seen some signage damage and debris that's flying around. >> that's good news. >> the wind direction has now changed to about north-northeast, which means that the storm has pretty much passed us. >> we can see that from the radar map. can i just ask about the power situation? you mentioned power lines down. is power out in your town and throughout the region? >> i would say that power is down in many places, but i'm looking at my fire station that does not have a generator and it still has lights on. the building that i'm in right now does have a generator, so i know that i'm running off generator power. but it's very patchy. it all depends on if there is a tree down in your area. >> and you're talking about a lack of wind damage. but there is also so much concern about the storm surge. can you paint us a picture?
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is that a concern for you, where you are on the beach? >> again, with the direction that has been hitting the beach this entire storm coming from the east and now from the north, it pushes water away from the beach. >> right. >> so we're not seeing a big storm surge on the beach itself. we do have portions of the island that touch the bay, and, again, with the storm passing east and south of our pass, it would be hard for the storm to have pushed water into the bay. >> right. >> the storm would have had to have passed to the north so that eastern wind would have pushed it into the bay. but since it passed south of it, it shouldn't have pushed that much water into the bay. >> where you are. right. but the concern, i assume, will be to the east of you. to the east of the eye of the hurricane. those beaches might have a completely different story. >> correct. mexico beach, based on the radar and what i see, mexico beach, port st. joe, apalach, got the
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brunt of the storm. >> please stay safe. appreciate your time. i want to go back to lester holt. lester, i'm assuming the mattress is firmly in place in front of the window now. what's the situation? it's still howling. >> well, we're stable now. our tech manager made the call that it was time to block off this window, and my producer helping to hold it in place. we have the same situation playing out in another room down the hall that we expect to broadcast "nbc nightly news" from. but it's important to know this is not about us in general, but it's important to note people see us sometimes in these situations. you should know, we take a lot of precautions, and we make decisions -- tend to make decisions as a group in terms of our own safety. so we feel better having this room sealed off. it's dead in some of the south, but we can still hear that storm howling outside this window. and i mean howling. racing parallel to where we are now. several times, i have felt this building -- we're in a
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three-story hotel. several times, i have actually felt it move beneath me. buffeted by the winds, i don't feel we're in imminent danger, but it gives an idea of the force of this wind. some of the gusts have been extremely fierce. as we noted earlier, we went out there, our people, including ourselves who have retreated in some cases into the hallway, interior hallways, which is always good advice when you are riding through a storm like this. we feel sheltered and protected. there is water coming in a few of the rooms in a minor way. it's good to know that perhaps this eye now is moving past us now, and things should calm down, because the storm is moving so quickly, kate. >> lester, stay safe. again, thank you. want to go to dylan dreyer with us, watching the path of this storm. dylan, we were just talking about how things may be worse for people to the east of the eye. maybe you can explain more about that. some of our correspondents can't even check in with us from that area right now. >> yeah, because it's that eye
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wall that's moving on shore right now. here is the eye of the storm. the point where if you were outdoors, you could see right up to the sky, and it's very unsafe place to be, because around the eye of the storm is the eye wall. right where lester is in panama city beach, and you also have mexico beach, is right in those two areas, where winds are strongest. those 150-mile-an-hour winds are possible in that area. so the rain is torrential right now. especially back through panama city beach. the debris can get picked up very quickly in those kinds of winds. and that is the situation we're going to see. but also, you see this counterclockwise rotation? you were pointing out the eastern side of the storm. that's where that storm surge is going to be a major issue for areas like mexico beach, where we could see that 9 to 14-foot storm surge, because all of the water is moving onshore. that's not the case in panama city beach, where the winds are out of more of a north to north-west direction. so the storm, now that it is on shore, will continue to weaken. but even as it weakens to a
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category 2 storm by the time it reaches georgia, you still have winds up around 100 miles per hour. and the potential for gusts to be up in that area. so even as it moves through georgia, we're still looking at wind damage with the leaves on the trees, the power outages are going to be widespread. because the ground is saturated, as well. current wind speeds that we have right now are up to 128 miles per hour in tin dell air force base. apalachicola, 140 miles per hour. they'll increase across georgia. rainfall amounts up to 7 to 12 inches, leading to fresh water flowing. but, again, it's the eastern side of the storm that will push that storm surge and really push that water on shore, especially near mexico beach. kate. >> it is far from over. dylan dreyer, thanks so much. you can stay with us on this nbc station throughout the day. we will have continuing coverage of hurricane michael. we'll continue to check back in with lester holt. lester will also be reporting from the storm zone tonight for
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"nbc nightly news." for the moment, i'm kate snow. nbc news in new york. and you just heard that special report from nbc news, dylan with hurricane michael, a category 4. the strongest storm to hit the florida peninsula in decades. thanks for joining us for our midday newscast, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. you can see how strong the storm is, a great illustration as they were in the hotel room, you can see the winds whipping by. kari hall has been following it, as well. look at the radar behind you. >> yeah, this storm is just huge. and if it was just one mile stronger, it would have been a category 5 hurricane. so this very powerful as it moves into just to the east of panama city. and we're seeing some of those rain bands, the bright reds and orange showing some really intense rainfall along with that storm surge. so we will continue to follow
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this as it moves farther to the inland areas, and it will remain a category -- at least a 3 for quite a while throughout the afternoon. and then weakening to a category 1 storm. and then even as we see it just to the east of atlanta, it's still going to be a tropical storm as it races off towards the north and east over the next couple of days. so that wie'll continue to monitor. here at home, we are looking at some very calm and quiet conditions and also some very cool temperatures as we get a look at our microclimate forecast for today, enjoying a nice cooldown, and our temperatures today for some of those inland valleys reaching into the low 70s and some upper 70s for concord and antioch. we'll have another update on hurricane michael and also tropical storm sergio coming up in a few minutes. laura? >> i'll take it from here, kari. we will continue to track hurricane michael, minute by minute. stay with nbc bay area for more as the storm makes landfall. nbc news will cut in for those
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special reports and our app is a great place to get those updates. back here at home, a developing story we're following that warehouse in oakland that went up in flames this morning, sending smoke billowing into the air. certainly taking away, diverting attention for drivers on 880 during the morning rush hour. nbc bay area's kris sanchez joins us live at the scene this morning. the fire is now out. look at the damage behind you, though, kris. >> reporter: yeah, they're still putting water on it, because there are still hot spots. oakland fire thinks the fire started here on this corner of holly avenue. you can see some of the power lines that came down that crews found when they first arrived. now, because of the wide open nature of this warehouse, the fire just ripped virtually all the way across the block. you see homes in the distance. oakland fire did take a defensive position to try to protect those homes. and then here to the other side, you'll see, this is a parking lot for the coliseum b.a.r.t. station. this was half shut down throughout most of the morning, creating a lot of frustration
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for commuters, as well. that was closed because of the fear of flying embers. now, at this point, the fire is still putting out some smoke, and that's because oakland fire doesn't want to send firefighters in. they want to bring in some heavy equipment to take it down. >> having firefighters go in and tear it apart is not really worth it right now. >> reporter: now, at the height of the fire, oakland fire had about seven engines and three trucks out here, two battalion chiefs. but because the fire burned right across the street from the b.a.r.t. coliseum parking lot, again, that was shut down for much of the morning. some viewers, as you mentioned, did see it as they were riding by on b.a.r.t. some neighborhood streets still closed to traffic at this hour. pg&e tells me the power is back on to about half of the 500 customers whose power was cut as a precaution so that firefighters could do their work without danger. but you see there here, there is a cherry picker up on that line. the firefighters are still
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trying to fix the power line that did come down, and that's when -- when that's done, that's when everybody else will get their power back. the fire is under investigation. we asked if it's a possibility that this was caused by somebody living illegally in this warehouse space. at this point, that doesn't appear to be the case. but i can tell you, it was empty because this was all slated to be affordable housing. in oakland, kris sanchez, nbc bay area. >> thanks, kris. right after this fire broke out, we sent out a push alert to our viewers. you can download our nbc bay area app to get notified about breaking news. a busy day for firefighters. a tire shop goes up in flames in contra costa county this morning. the fire destroying the building and significantly damaging two others. we brought you live coverage of this story all morning long on "today in the bay." nbc bay area's pete suratos is live in oakley. and pete, you've been at that scene all morning long. this has to be a devastating time and news for those affected. >> reporter: yeah, very
11:20 am
devastating indeed, marcus. now that we're getting a little bit of daylight, you can see exactly how much damage we're talking about to this tire shop on main street in oakley. it went up in flames, a complete loss, as we're looking at it. now, it's up to investigators -- in fact, i saw atf here on the scene, and it's up to those investigators, along with others, to determine exactly what caused the tires next to it to catch on fire. when we arrived on-scene this morning, we noticed a small group hugging each other closely. as we expected, they were connected to the tire shop business that went up in flames just hours before. >> they're crying. i'm from sacramento. they just called me. i just got here. i'm so hurting right now. >> reporter: sam najar is the brother-in-law of the owners in oakley. he drove down from sacramento after hearing about the fire that completely destroyed the family business. >> they have nothing. no job, nothing else. that's all the family has. >> reporter: according to east contra costa county fire, this fire began on the 3900 block of
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main street, roughly around 2:15 a.m. the tires outside of this building catching on fire, and the fire extending into the building, destroying the tire shop and significantly damage two others. it took two hours to put out the fire, and it wasn't an easy task. >> the age of the building, the access, its location, being it's near the railroad tracks, we have to have the railroad tracks shut down. it's on an elevated platform. >> reporter: he owns a boot camp gym right next to the tire shop. he woke up to missed calls and text messages, telling him about the bad news. his building is significantly damaged, but he's trying his best to stay optimistic. >> our biggest mantra, there is no excuses. so kind of -- something doesn't have to be your fault to take ownership of it. so it's just going to be another challenge and in a weird way, it's kind of embraced. >> reporter: thankfully, there were no injuries to firefighters or civilians. but we're showing you guys the railroad tracks, because a firefighter actually almost got
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hit while battling the fire there. thankfully, he wasn't hurt. but, of course, the cause of this fire is still under investigation. live here in oakley, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> busy morning out there. thanks so much, pete. pressure is growing on the president this morning to be more outspoken about the disappearance of a "washington post" writer who may have been murdered. >> scott mcgrew, the president has been somewhat noncommittal. >> he really has. he said he doesn't know much about this case, marcus. we have seen other branches of the american government speak out more forcibly about the disappearance of jamal could she ogee. he was getting documents for an upcoming marriage. the turks say he was murdered saudi agents. this is surveillance video of him walking in. but the turks say he never walked out.
11:23 am
turkish officials say he was murdered and his body cut into pieces, though they're not offering any public proof of that. he was a frequent critic of his own saudi arabia, and its leader in particular, mohamed bin salman, or mbs, as people often call him. he met with president trump recently. president trump, for all this matter, has been, as you say, noncommittal. recently he said, right now nobody knows anything about it. but there is some pretty bad stories going around. i do not like it. we have also heard from vice president pence, as well. vice president pence has been much more firm with this, saying that the world deserves to know the truth about this. of course, saudi arabia and the united states are very close allies, as we are with the turks. and this has become a very awkward situation as we try to figure out what's true, what's not true. but we do know, and here you see the president of the united states meeting with mbs there. what we try to figure out, what is true, what's not true.
11:24 am
and who is telling the truth? >> it's interesting, too. hasn't the embassy said they can come in and look? i believe they have. >> the consulate, yes. right, yes. so it's doing the turks and the saudis at this point. and we're caught in the middle. again, not an american citizen, but an american resident. >> okay. one we'll continue to follow. thank you. coming up next, girl power. we'll show you a group of women that's taking over a male-dominated field. it's digital only content airing for the first time.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t.
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california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. gunman who opened fire our top stories we're following this midday. the search continues for the gunman who opened fire outside an east bay grocery store, killing a teenager. it happened at the lucky's on east 18th in antioch yesterday. police aren't saying much about the shooting, except that a juvenile was pronounced dead in the parking lot. a key test today for a bay area man who received $289 million after jurors agreed his cancer was caused by the weed
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killer, roundup. duane lee johnson has lymphoma. he worked as a grounds keeper for venetian schools. friends and family will say a final farewell to a woman known for her tamales. for many, virginia ramos was known as the tamale lady. she served across the mission, castro, really for decades. she sadly died last week at 65. her funeral is this morning at san francisco's mission dolores church. new at 11 -- not a great day with the opening bell there at the new york stock exchange. the dow dropped 500 points, as stocks sank today, led by steep decline in tech shares as this month's selloff continues. new at 11:00, the british supreme court is backing a bakery that refused to make a gay marriage cake. it ruled that the christian
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owner of the northern ireland business were not obliged to complete that customer's order. asher's baking and belfast was originally found guilty of discrimination in 2015 for refusing to make the cake. the bakery owner said today's ruling was a vindication. northern ireland is only part of the united kingdom, where same-sex marriage is not allowed. some original digital content now. have you ever wanted to take part in engine, size of a house or tighten a lug night as big as your head? you'll find both on this rare public tour of united sfo space. it is led by chicks fix. digital video journalist jonathan bloom posted this story on so watch it here first and then share it online. >> being an aircraft technician has been traditionally very
11:29 am
male-dominated. the rosie the riveter days. we were the first major airline to field an all-female technician team in this competition. >> it's the olympics of aircraft maintenance. >> exactly. >> we all hit it off. it was so much fun. like we knew each other forever. >> to ensure aircraft across the world are safe. that is our only purpose. >> here in san francisco, this is a crown jewel for united airlines. >> united president kicked off its family day in honor of fleet week. with a little help from the navy. ♪ and a lot of help from a few women. who know how to twist the biggest torque wrenches you've ever seen. >> has huge. >> feel how heavy it is. you need both hands. >> they're trying to make a point about their profession. >> even though it is dominated by males, it is nothing that women can't do. >> and last april, that point
11:30 am
was heard loud and clear when six women from all over the country formed chics fix, the maintenance competition. >> there are 36 events, timed events and judged events that happen over two-and-a-half days. >> from changing tires to sealing windows, they competed with over 50 teams. they won one event, but the real prize was lifelong friendship. >> never met each other before. they came together just through training, bonded and formed a phenomenal team. >> in a rare chance for the public to see united sfo maintenance base, the team members showed how it's done. >> is it just me or is this very large? >> it's very large. but it's a very large airplane that it goes on. and it only gets two of these. >> they open up and inspect the new dreamliner's giant jet engines. >> all these lines are air for all the different components that use air, like your air conditioning on the airplane. >> and maintain the hydraulics that raise and lower the landing gear. >> this is a wheel well of the aircraft.
11:31 am
>> a 737 like this one gets brought in for inspection every 18 months. >> we take the covers off of the actuators that activate the wing. >> and up in the cabin, they take everything apart. >> we lube all the cables for the flight controls. >> hundreds of screws and fasteners hang in tiny, plastic bags so they don't get lost. >> so it's like a little cup you put screws in, in the workshop. >> exactly. >> and down below, hundreds of wires. >> we're looking for faulty instrumentation. our technicians will track that wire and some of them go all the way to the tail of the aircraft. >> that's a long wire. >> yes, it is. >> there are even more challenging jobs. >> we go with full gear. >> united set up a demo of how they climb into a fuel tank to make repairs or check for tiny cracks. >> we take it down to a minus 2 psi, so we can go in there. >> just like pulling an airliner with a big piece of rope, all these jobs require teamwork, and for the women of chics fix, this
11:32 am
family day is a reunion of their team. >> we haven't seen each other since april. and all of us were looking forward to it. >> a team they hope will set an example. >> that this can be a career for women. >> there you go. all right. let's take a look at the forecast for today. really a pleasant day on this wednesday. >> yeah. we're going to enjoy some cooler temperatures for today, and then tomorrow it gets hot again. we have a lot of changes here in our forecast. here's a live look outside in san francisco right now with a clear sky that we are seeing. not only there, but all across the bay area, dublin looking good, as you get ready to head out. and then our temperatures are once again cooler than what we have seen recently. and let me show you the difference, because right now we're all mostly in the mid 60s. and then when you compare it to where we were yesterday in santa rosa, it is 13 degrees cooler now than yesterday at this time. and livermore, it's about 9 degrees cooler. so if you're getting ready to head out for a run around mill
11:33 am
pee milpitas, 70s today. as we go to the south bay, look at our microclimates. cupertino, 72 degrees. and san jose, 73. normal is about 76. that's where we'll be in danville and oakland today. 67 degrees. only 60 degrees today in half moon bay. while palo alto reaches up to 74. expect a high of 66 in the mission district and the outer sunset, 61. and in sonoma today, we're looking at highs up to 72 degrees. here's an update on what else is happening out there in the tropics. we have tropical storm sergio, and this is going to be moving off towards the east over baja california. that western coast into the next couple of days. so by friday morning, it's moving through, producing some rain and also some high winds in that area. and then we're also keeping an eye on what's happening with hurricane michael as it continues to move inland, making
11:34 am
landfall just below a category 5, as a category 4 hurricane, and moving quickly with a speed of about 14 miles per hour. so this is going to rush off towards the north and northeast over the next couple of days. and then also producing a high storm surge for florida. as we bring it back home, our inland temperatures are going to be nice and seasonal for the next couple of days. but we're going back to summer in time for friday, as well as the weekend. my main concern for the weekend will be the high fire danger, especially for the hills, with our high temperatures reaching into the upper 80s. we should also see some high wind gusts, dry northerly wind. and we have a lot of dry fuels in our hills. so any sparks could spread rapidly. and just be mindful of that as we go into sunday, as well. slightly cooler for the beginning of next week. while san francisco has mid 60s today, you will get some warmer, more comfortable weather for saturday and sunday. all this going on around the bay area, looking pretty good. and then we'll be back into the upper 60s by tuesday of next week.
11:35 am
but in the near term, we are looking at some pleasant weather as we continue to monitor what's happening along the gulf coast. marcus and laura? >> all right. yes. certainly busy back there. thank you, kari. coming up, new alleged racial bias is grabbing attention. a man says police were called on him because he was babysitting while black. but first, happening now, police have arrested the son of the limousine company owner in connection with a deadly new york crash. charges against him are pending. 17 passengers who rented the limo for a birthday party and two pedestrians were killed in that crash. it was tragic. in business news, sears may be days away from bankruptcy. the company is facing a deadline monday to pay $134 million on its debt. stocks have plunged nearly 28% so far today. we'll be back right after this break.
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breaking news we're following on this midday. live pictures of nbc bay area sky ranger overhead in morgan hill, where the santa clara county sheriff's department, the s.w.a.t. team, in fact, has been conducting a raid this morning. we're told it's a large pot grow near the intersection of doherty in morgan hill. if you're familiar with that area, it's not too far from the high school. just east of monterey road.
11:39 am
east of 101, as well. we have been monitoring live pictures for quite some time, seen people taken away in handcuffs. and also this is video that we have there with a flashbang that was used, potentially to bring some people out. but there is heavy sheriffs deputy presence, as well as the s.w.a.t. team out there this morning. we'll bring you any available updates as they come into us. in other news, a new incident of alleged racial bias is grabbing attention. a georgia man says he had the police called on him while he was babysitting. and he believes it was because he is black. and the children in his care were white. >> that man at the center of all of this is calling it babysitting while black. he started streaming that incident on facebook, and after he says that he was confronted by a white woman. he didn't expect this ordeal to go viral, but now he hopes that it will lead to change. here's nbc's morgan radford. >> got these little kids scared. this lady following us.
11:40 am
>>. >> reporter: a babysitting job taking an unexpected turn for cory lewis. >> all because i've got two kids in the back seat that do not look like me. this lady has taken it upon herself to say she is going to take my plate down and call the police. >> reporter: lewis, who runs a youth mentoring program in marietta, georgia, streaming on facebook live after he says he was confronted by a white woman while watching 10-year-old addison and 6-year-old nicholas parker. >> she said, something is weird here. and i said, i assure you, we are fine. >> reporter: after lewis refused to let her talk to the kids, he says the woman followed them for an hour, back to his house, and then called police. >> just frozen in fear. i had no idea what was happening. >> i was really shocked. i was angry. i was scared. >> what's up, ma'am? >> i'm being followed and harassed, that's what's up. >> the officer asking to question the kids. >> i wish the cops never came. >> and i was also worried, if he
11:41 am
got arrested, what would happen to us? >> reporter: the officer then calling the parents. >> he was doing us a favor. how they ended up on the side of a road being spoken to by police was just something that i couldn't wrap my head around. >> reporter: it's not clear what happened before lewis started filming. but his videos now have hundreds of thousands of views. it's the latest in a string of viral videos appearing to show alleged racial bias. >> she doesn't want to talk now. >> reporter: over the summer, one white woman earned the nickname barbecue becky after calling police on black men having a barbecue in a park. there was also permit patty, who appeared to call police on an 8-year-old black girl selling water. >> crazy. >> reporter: lewis now just hoping that his experience will educate others. >> at the end of the day, just because someone does not look like how you prefer for them to look doesn't mean they're a bad person. >> the kids were visibly scared.
11:42 am
morgan radford reporting there. police are not identifying the woman involved. as for lewis, he's a family friend of the parker family and says he would babysit for them again, something the family also looks forward to. coming up, a new kind of california lottery. one that could decide whether your home survives an earthquake. it's time for the ross fall dress event. yeah? so you can find a party dress at a price yeah. that makes you want to celebrate. find the perfect dress for every occasion. it feels even better when you find it for less at the ross fall dress event. yes for less. it's my job to protect as a public safety,pg&e, keeping the powerlines clear while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing.
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fall's best accessories are even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. earthquakes. a new state progra welcome back. well, it's a bit of a lottery here for earthquakes. a new program will give you money to make sure your home is more safe during an earthquake. >> nbc bay area's melisexplains you can get a check in the mail. >> reporter: she is confident her house will still be standing if the big one hits. >> it might move a bit. but, yeah. i don't think it's going to collapse on top of me. which was something that i kind
11:45 am
of stayed up at night worrying about before. >> reporter: she is relieved because her basement looks like this. anchor bolts to her house's foundation, and planks of plywood to stiffen the walls and prevent the home from collapsing. >> you are avoiding damage that can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> reporter: patricia was able to afford to retrofit her home after she received a check for $3,000 from the earthquake brace and bolt program, which receives funding from the california earthquake authority and fema. out of pocket, she paid $6,000 to the contractor for the work. >> i wouldn't have done it if there wasn't the subsidy, because i don't have a lot of money. >> reporter: the california earthquake authority wants to help 2,000 other homeowners just like patricia protect the home of their dreams. >> i sleep much better now, yeah. i used to be very concerned about the quake. and now i feel much better. knowing that i've done everything i can. >> reporter: melissa colorado, nbc bay area news.
11:46 am
>> i understand her feelings there. >> of course. more to come for you. kari is tracking this beautiful weather we're going to have today. >> yeah. when you take a look outside, this is what a lot of people are enjoying right now. nice little breeze in fremont, as you get ready to head out. and our temperatures in the low 0s today. a look at all of our microclimates, come up next.
11:47 am
11:48 am
well, another pleasant day that we can experience out here. and kari, you've been telling us, today is going to be the coolest day of the week. >> yes, today is the coolest
11:49 am
day. and i think, you know, pretty much all of us in the bay area can turn the air conditioning off, open up the windows, enjoy this day with our dip in temperatures that will not, unfortunately, last that long. here's a live look outside right now in palo alto. it's a busy day for all of the people out there. maybe getting ready to head out on their lunch break. as we look at our temperatures for the rest of the afternoon, we'll reach into the upper 60s there, and the winds coming in from the west. and that ocean breeze is what's helping to cool us off. and in just a couple days ago, a northerly wind brought in hot and dry weather. as we take a live look outside in sunol, and sunshine and hazy conditions, that layer of haze you can see in the distance. and the temperature at 63 degrees. as you get a look at the bottom of the screen, our seven-day forecast is up. you can take a look at your microclimate as we talk about the warmer weather that will be on the way. looking at napa and our current temperatures, it's 63 degrees. also 63 in oakland, palo alto
11:50 am
65. and 65 degrees in san jose. antioch reaching 67 degrees. and 62 now in morgan hill, if you're going out, maybe running some errands around dublin, as around the b.a.r.t. station, it will be around 68 degrees at noon. and then some low 70s at 2:00. hitting up to about 74 degrees before those temperatures start to come back down in time for the evening commute. if if you can make it a beach day, it's going to be nice there. and some low 60s in the forecast. no clouds and fog. and we are going to see that continuing for the next couple of days, actually, some warmer weather there in time for the weekend. as we get a look at our high temperatures for today, gilroy will reach up to 74. also see 74 in milpitas today and then in fremont, 73 degrees. 73 in martinez. and then in livermore, 74 will be the high today. half moon bay once again reaching low 60s. daly city, 65. and in redwood city, 72 degrees. and the marina district, expect
11:51 am
a high of 62. and we're in the low 70s for much of the north bay. and then another update on hurricane michael as it continues to move inland around the florida panhandle. and we do have now some tornado warnings being issued over just to the east of what we are seeing where the storm is making landfall. so this is going to be the concern for the rest of the day. not only that high storm surge on the eastern side of the hurricane, but also the tornadoes that may spin up as this continues to move to the inland areas. and then right now wind speeds still measured at 155 miles per hour. and it's racing to the north and northeast at about 14 miles per hour. but it's going to be a very long day with some high winds there. and we'll have more updates throughout the afternoon from nbc news. now, as we look at our temperatures here, looking at upper 70s for the inland valleys and then as we go into the weekend, we talked with b this. we're going back to summer with some upper 80s in the forecast.
11:52 am
san francisco will be warming up, as well, with some upper 60s and low 70s for saturday and sunday. and then early next week, we're looking at a high of about 70 degrees on mondayful. we'll have another quick update and look at the forecast coming up in a few minutes. laura and marcus? >> sounds great. thanks. coming up, nbc bay area responds on how victims of disasters can get the most from their insurance companies.
11:53 am
in an emergency, minutes can mean the difference between life and death. proposition 11 saves lives by ensuring medical care is not delayed in an emergency. proposition 11 establishes into law the longstanding industry practice of paying emts and paramedics to remain on-call during breaks and requires they receive fema level training and active shooters and natural disasters. vote yes on 11 to ensure 911 emergency care is there when you or your love one need it.
11:54 am
that the santa clara sheriff )s we continue to follow breaking news out of morgan hill. these are live pictures from nbc bay area sky ranger. we found out that the sheriff's department is doing some sort of raid on what is believed to be a pot grow. we have seen several people handcuffed, taken from the scene. but there are multiple s.w.a.t. vehicles there, and they at one point threw in some flashbang cannisters, hoping to bring people out. this is a look at that video we took previously. you see it kind of there, the flash go out. there are numerous people that
11:55 am
are in the vicinity of this area. they have actually cordoned them off, brought them down to the ground, and where they're all sitting on the ground. so it is certainly a developing story. it's been going on now for quite some time. we'll continue to follow that, and, of course, bring you the very latest online. i'm posting updates on twitter, as well. follow me at laura garcia, nbc. many people lost their homes in north bay fires and are dealing with mountains of insurance paperwork. >> if you're ever in their shoes after a disaster, consumer investigator chris chmura says you can hire someone to help and probably get a bigger payment. >> reporter: if you're filing an insurance claim after a disaster like this, there is absolutely no rush to take the first offer from the insurance company. they'll send out an adjuster, who will assess how much of your home and its contents were worth. if you disagree with that number, you don't have to accept it in. california, you have the option of hiring a public adjuster. someone who can come out to the remains of your home and provide their own assessment of how much your home and its belongings
11:56 am
were worth. then you can compare that against the insurance adjuster's claim and begin to negotiate. it's your right under california law. if you have a consumer complaint for us, call us, 888-996-tips or online at here's a new one for you. a southern california girl is taking her jokes to a new level in the new viral video. >> so watch as she follows her dad around grocery store. >> ha choo! [ laughter ] orange you glad i came? you're the apple of my eye. >> what? >> do you know how much i love you? >> the video posted to twitter by kylie has nearly gotten 5 million views. i've seen a few others of a young kid playing jokes on his mom all of the time. and it's cute, because it's kind of innocent fun. >> right. >> until my kids do it to me.
11:57 am
>> all right. >> seem to be having fun. >> yeah, they are. so a lot of people are getting ready to head out to the grocery store, going to lunch and running some errands around the bay area. we have some amazing weather with our highs reaching into the upper 70s for some of our warmer spots in the inland valleys. and we're also going to enjoy more of the same tomorrow. then as we go into the weekend, we have some highs reaching into the upper 80s for the inland valleys. >> all right. right now, 150-mile-an-hour winds are whipping the florida coast. the state's governor saying this is the strongest hurricane to hit the panhandle in more than 100 years. thousands are evacuated now. live pictures from panama city, florida. as you can see, barely can see much of anything right there. of course, we will continue to follow this coverage for you all day right here at nbc bay area. we'll post it as well on social media. as well as facebook and twitter. >> that's right. thanks so much for joining us for this midday. our next newscast is coming up at 5:00. we'll see you here tomorrow morning. 4:30 to 7:00 a.m.
11:58 am
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it was time to update the bathroom but we wanted to work with a company we could trust and rebath made it effortless. a rebath design consultant came to our home and presented us ideas and products in a way that made our decisions simple. they took away the old installed the new
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and gave us the bathroom we've always wanted. call 925-233-6471 and save $1000 off your complete bathroom remodel this is an nbc news special report. hurricane michael. here's kate snow. >> good afternoon, everyone, we're coming back on the air to bring you the latest on hurricane michael which just in the past hour has come ashore along the florida panhandle as a dangerous fast moving category 4 storm. as we have been reporting, it is the most powerful storm on record ever to hit that part of the gulf coast. now heading inland, losing strength some, but going to pass through georgia and head toward the carolinas which


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