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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 16, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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the chance of rain, not looking good at least at this point. we'll talk more more about that at 6:00. thanks, jeff. that does it for us. see you at 6:00. breaking news tonight. is it evidence of murder, what investigators have reportedly found inside the saudi consulate where "washington post" journalist walked in and never walked out. and the emergency u.s. mission, face-to-face with the crown prince. president trump lashes out at the porn star who claims they had an affair, calling stormy daniels horse face. his history of insulting women's appearance is flaring up, video of a fake portraying the first lady as a stripper in the oval office. evacuations of a new flood
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swept away in their cars. >> the water is filling up way too high. >> the frantic effort to save them. shocking new video of a store owner opening fire of a man trying to make a run for it. a plane crashing into the ocean, rescuers pulling the pilot out alive. and dad shaming 007. the photo and snarky comment that has dads around the world proudly standing in solidarity. >> this is "nbc nightly news with lester holt." good evening, everyone. denials, possible evidence, and now president trump coming to the defense of saudi arabia, as the plot thickens in the to you two-week long disappearance of washington post journalist jamal khashoggi. turkish forensic they found signs of toxic materials and fresh paint. tonight, president trump is saying it's another case of guilty until proven innocent, coming hours after
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president trump spoke with saudi arabia's crown prince, who denied any knowledge of khashoggi's fate. we start with bill neely in istanbul. >> reporter: turkish police, sealing off the home of a top saudi diplomat, and searching for clues to a suspected murder. a forensic team has taken soil samples, bricks, and other evidence from the nearby saudi consulate. including, says turkey's president, toxic materials, and evidence that the saudis repainted walls inside, literally covering something up. in the building they showed to journalists last week where jamal khashoggi was last seen.
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the saudis aren't allowing the turkish police to interview any of their officials. and just hours before the search here began, the top saudi diplomat fled this house. turkey is convinced khashoggi was killed at the consulate. detectives say evidence will likely be revealed within days. what they haven't found yet after two weeks is the body of the missing journalist. bill neely, nbc news, istanbul. >> reporter: this is andrea mitchell. as america's top diplomat on an emergency mission to find out what happened to jamal khashoggi, again, gets denials from the aging saudi king and the real power behind the throne, his son, the crown prince. >> thank you for hosting me. >> reporter: then the crown prince with mike pompeo calls president trump who tweets, just spoke with the crown prince of saudi arabia who totally denied any ha consulate and said he's already started a full and complete investigation. the president telling fox business -- >> it depends whether or not the king or the cr happened. but whether or not they knew about it. if they knew about it, that would be bad. >> reporter: but some white house allies believe the crown
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prince had to be involved. >> i believe that this was orchestrated at the highest levels of the government, and he's the one pulling the strings right now. >> reporter: the president criticizing the condemnation of saudi arabia, telling the ap, here we go again with your guilty until proven innocent. on the line, the president's big bet that the saudis could deliver billions in arms deals, dominate iran, and help him achieve middle east peace. now colliding with the alleged murder of a u.s.-based journalist in their custody. >> andrea mitchell, thanks. the president, with no public events on his schedule, instead leveling a personal attack on the porn star who claims they had an affair. the president callin as republicans face a major gender gap just three weeks until the midterm elections. we get more now from halle jackson. >> reporter: from the president, a triumphant tweet with a gratuitous insult, after learning a
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defamation lawsuit filed against him by stormy daniels has been dismissed. great, he wrote. now i can go after horse face and her third rate lawyer. daniels responded, game on, tiny. tweeting about his hatred of women and lack of control on twitter again. for the president, horse face is just the latest insult aimed at the looks of women he doesn't like. take his 2016 opponent, carly fiorina. look at that face, he commented. would anyone vote for that? >> i won't spend a single cycle wondering what that means. on former miss universe -- aused him of sexual assault. >> yeah, i'm going to go after her. believe me, she would not be my first choice, that i can tell you. >> reporter: and this about megyn kelly, after a testy debate exchange. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her wherever. women! do we love women!
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>> reporter: but now, three weeks from the midterms, the latest polling shows more than half of all women strongly disapprove of the president. >> women who previously voted republican just aren't going to do it this midterm cycle and they might not ever do it again in their lifetime. >> reporter: in that new interview with the associated press, the president says he will not accept blame if republicans do lose the house, pointing out he's not on the ballot. the president is also talking about michael cohen, saying cohen lied when he testified donald trump directed him to break the law. remember, cohen pleaded guilty to campaign violations after making a hush money payment. lester? >> thanks. with the president's comments about women under scrutiny, staffers for melania trump are lashing out over a rap star's new video featuring a look-alike of mrs. trump doing something very suggestive in the oval office. nbc news white house
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correspondent kristin welker has that story. >> reporter: this viral video of a melania trump look-alike, has the real first lady's team fuming. the clip, part of a promotional rollout by rapper t.i., shows a fake mrs. trump stripping off a replica of that infamous green jacket, her spokpe of the rapper. these kinds of vulgar attacks only further the divisiveness and bias in our country. it needs to stop. t.i. didn't respond to our request for comment, but tweeted with the video, dear 45, i ate kanye. that, a reference to last week's controversial visit to the oval office by rap superstar kanye west. >> there was something about when i put this hat on, it made me feel like superman. >> reporter: t.i. blasted west as a puppet for president trump. but his online video is aimed at a first lady who has made her anti-bullying campaign her signature issue. >> as adults we can and should be best.
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>> reporter: recently saying she feels like a prime target. >> i could say i'm the most bullied person in the world. >> reporter: a controversy that lays bare the bitterness of the national discourse. nbc news, the white house. in texas tonight, we're following breaking news of a major flood emergency. a river rising way too fast, a bridge washed away, and people swept away in their cars. calling 911. kerry sanders now with the latest on the rescue operation still under way. >> reporter: in just 24 hours, the river rose an incredible 35 hree stories up. when the river crests at 32 feet, the national weather service classifies the impact a disaster. tonight, it's seven feet above that, a catastrophe. after more than ten inches of rain in 36 hours, the flash floods washing out bridges and roads, submerging homes and businesses. in some cases, motorists caught off guard.
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swept down liver in their cars. >> the water is going up way too high. >> there is help coming, okay? >> oh, my god. >> reporter: residents a quarter mile from the banks of the rivers, urged to evacuate if they haven't already, as the flood waters are forecast to rise even more tomorrow. kerry sanders, nbc news. the death toll has soared dramatically to 29 six days after hurricane michael devastated the florida panhandle. the enormity of the recovery effort is now sinking in. >> reporter: tonight, power, gas, and comfort are scarce in the florida panhandle. we've seen hurricane michael's apocalyptic aftermath in mexico beach. but only when you look closely at one street, say 35th street, do you truly understand the magnitude of the loss. >> this is just a little piece of heaven. >> reporter: cheryl moved here with her husband, johnny, an air force veteran, 35 years ago. this was their dream
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home. now, it's shattered. >> this beautiful little town, it's like somebody dropped a bomb on it. >> reporter: he passed away four years ago. today, she found his old pictures. >> his dog tags were upstairs. i wish i could have gotten those. >> reporter: her neighbors say they will rebuild. she will not.ify? >> to me, just the end and they'll be a new beginning. >> reporter: a new beginning for 35th street. not quite the end of the road. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, mexico beach, florida. late word tonight of a dramatic rescue off the florida coast. a plane crashing in the ocean off of daytona beach shores. miraculously, officials say the pilot survived the crash. alert and on the wing when rescuers arrived. amazing. now to maryland, where police say one of their own has been charged with raping a woman during a traffic
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stop. as police investigate, they say it might not be the first incident with that officer. >> reporter: once hailed as officer of the month, now ryan macklin has been charged as a sex offender, accused of raping a woman during a traffic stop last thursday. >> i'm very disturbed by these circumstances. >> reporter: according to the charging document, his accuser told police macklin pulled her over at about 1:00 a.m. in a washington, d.c. suburb. the surveillance video capturing that moment. according to the woman, macklin then ordered her to drive oral sex. eventually a witness the alleged victim called earlier arrived on scene and macklin left. now authorities say it may not be macklin's first crime. >> we have, during the course of the last 72 hours, come into information which leads us to believe that there may be additional people impacted by this officer's conduct. >> reporter: the alleged victim is an undocumented immigrant. but tonight, police do not believe that is why she was targeted. >> he saw this individual, and chose
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to target her simply because she was a woman driving at a late hour in prince george's county. >> reporter: macklin has been suspended, stripped of his gun and badge. a six-year veteran of the force, now facing years in prison. nbc news. now to the new alert about the flu. word of the first pediatric flu death of the season. as doctors encourage people to get their shots, our medical correspondent john torres goes inside the lab where they're on the front lines of the flu fight. >> reporter: we put on protective clothing before we're taken inside a highly secure lab, where scientists are creating this year's flu shot. our equipment, sanitized, because just one rogue germ because ruin the entire batch. >> this is really to protect the product, not to protect you. >> reporter: the
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dilemma for these scientists, the vaccine was only 25% effective against the most common and deadly flu strain last year, h-3 n-2. this year, scientists making a vaccine they hope protects better. >> it's a guessing game, right? >> it's like reading the future. we look at somewhat has happened over the past months, the past flu season, and make an educated guess on where they think these strains are going. >> reporter: the cdc warning no matter how effective, everyone needs a flu shot. >> sit the best way to protect from getting illness, from having to see the doctor, getting hospitalized. >> reporter: the cdc recommends everyone six months and older get the flu vaccine. new this year, nasal spray version, flumist. >> the advisory committee does not have a preference for taking any one vaccine over the other. >> so john, i got my shot today. and a few people say you get sick sometimes. what's the deal, do you get sick from the shot? >> the flu shot cannot give you the flu.
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but some people might feel like a mild cold a day or two afterwards. that mild cold that people feel is the immune system ramping up to fight off the flu. >> feeling fine. dr. john, thank you. for the first time tonight, we're hearing from the american astronaut who survived a russian rocket ma a harrowingsct, plunging back here's nbc's tom to frerth the edge of costello. space. >> reporter: for nick hague, two years of training in russia turned into a very close call. >> i imagined that my first trip to outer space was going to be a memorable one. i didn't expect it to be quite this memorable. >> reporter: a sudden rocket failure and automatic abort. >> the first thing i noticed was being shaken violently side to side, as the safety system pulled us away from the rocket. >> reporter: they were in a harrowing steep, uncontrolled free fall. nick hague could only look out the window hoping to survive. >> were we going to land in water? did we make it far
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enough? >> reporter: 34 minutes later, touchdown in a remote field. he tried calling his wife on a satellite phone. >> unfortunately it went to voice mail. she's got a voice mail that she can keep as a memento the rest of her life. being able to finally hold my wife in my arms and give her a hug was just enormous, and it made me feel like okay, i'm finally back and safe. >> reporter: home, safe, and ready to try again. tom costello, nbc news, washington. a follow-up now just five days into the job the interim chief of usa gymnastics has resigned. she faced growing criticism and many questioning whether she was fit to lead the organization. after olympic star simone biles called her out for bono's tweet for nike's hiring of colin kaepernick on an ad campaign. we'll take a break. just ahead, the shocking video. a city official fatally shoots a man for allegedly shoplifting.
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then he's bond, james bond. why so many fans are rushing to defend actor daniel craig.
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now to video just released of a florida store owner fatally sheeting an alleged shoplifter making a run for it. the shop owner is an elected city official. miguel almaguer has details. >> reporter: the video captures a business owner struggling to stop an alleged shoplifter from walking away, when he pulls a handgun and opens fire. the store owner, michael dunn, a lakeland city commissioner, killed 50-year-old cristobal lopez, a transient, after he stuffed a $60 hatchet into his pants and tried to get away. >> we heard a boom, boom. it was real, real loud. >> reporter: two weeks after the shooting, the elected politician is speaking through
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his attorney, who is also his business partner at their army/navy surplus store. >> there was, again, a person who was shoplifting who has a weapon. >> reporter: if criminal charges are filed, it's unclear if dunn would use florida's stand your ground law, which became high profile in the george zimmerman case and again in this shooting after a dispute over a parking space. >> i don't think a man has a right to shoot anybody for petty theft. >> reporter: with police saying little about their investigation, city leaders are saying even less about their colleague. >> i don't have any comment on this. >> reporter: tonight, this video may have captured more than a shoplifting case turned shooting. some say it's a clear example of stand your ground, while others call it murder. miguel almaguer, nbc news. up next, as we continue tonight, the insult that has dads defending a hollywood star.
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we're back now with dads defending james bond star daniel craig after he was shamed on social media for trading the trademark tux for a
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baby carrier. here's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: daniel craig's james bond is near perfection. and like all bonds before him, quite irresistible. but for british talk show host piers morgan, the dream was shattered with just one photo. new dad daniel craig, carrying his baby girl. morgan tweeting, oh, 007, not you, as well. #papoose, #emasculatedbond. the comment triggered a firestorm. papoose wearing papas popped up everywhere. chris evans, better known as captain america on screen, got personal. writing, you really have to be so uncertain of your own masculinity to concern yourself with how another man carries his child. morgan was ready. captain america wouldn't wear a papoose. maybe he's right. but dads these days love the papoose. >> it has benefits for the parent and the
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child. >> reporter: once strapped on, it works like a charm. >> do you feel emasculated? >> not at all. >> reporter: even with the pushback, he tweeted, we need a new james bond, and piers morgan knows just the guy. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. >> dads sticking together tonight. we'll take a break. up next, a billion dollars up for grabs. a billion. someone reaches in as
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your purse. the warning about a bold crime spree in one bay area community. plus, a new plan to ease the housing crisis. the surprising la s jose may let families live. next. right now at 6: there's still time to get your ticket for tonight's $667 million mega millions drawing. if you combine that with tomorrow's powerball jackpot, $1 billion is on the line. nbc's joe friar with our snapshot. >> reporter: mania is defined as excessive
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enthusiasm. look in the dictionary, you might find a picture of these long lotto lines. >> this may be my lucky may, and then it may not. >> reporter: so great is mega millions mania, it can't be dampened by the news that the odds are winning are 1 in 303 million. that you're more likely to be attacked by a shark. the jackpot is $667 million, the largest mega millions haul ever. if you took the lump sum, $380 million, you would be richer than taylor swift, which puts her net worth at a mere $320 million. or buy apple's most expensive apple iphone more than 338,000 times. fand you lose, no worries. and tomorrow's powerball is now at $345 million, so the mania lives on. joe friar, nbc news. >> get the tickets ready and good luck. that's "nightly news" for this tuesday. trying to ease the housing crisis. the idea in the south bay to allow people to live . right now at 6:00, trying to
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ease the housing crisis, the idea in the south bay to allow people to live out of their cars. plus, stopping sideshows, a plan to curb them in contra costa county. and a smash and grab has an east bay community on edge. thanks for joining us, i'm jessica aguirre. brazen car break ins. they are grabbing bags sometimes when the driver is still at the wheel. jodi hernandez has more on this crime wave. >> reporter: these purse snatchings are happening in the most unlikely of places, including at intersections. the bad guys wait for traffic to stop at a red light and then strike. you're looking at a bold purse snatching, caught on camera. dropped off by a get away car, a
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hooded thief grabs an antioch shopper's purse in a grocery store parking lot full of unsuspecting people. >> our dispatch is noticing a trend of these sort of crimes and wanting people to be aware. >> reporter: but the thieves are getting bolder. the bad guys often aren't waiting for people to stop. >> they k


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