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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 26, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning, it's cold out there. >> it's cold, grab a nice warm jacket. take a look at the temperatures you'll feel as you get ready to step out the door. lot of low 40s in the north bay and upper 40s for san francisco. it's now 46 degrees as you head out in san jose. we will start to see a few more clouds moving in, into the afternoon, and the rain arrives tomorrow, so we'll be tracking some of the showers moving in, as we go through tomorrow morning's commute for the north bay, and the rest of the bay area seeing it by the afternoon. i'll talk more about rainfall totals and what else to expect this week coming up. mike, you're checking out the reports in the east bay. >> that's right. the reports in the south bay held steady, the speed sensors have not been a problem. we're watching crashes 101 and 880 on the shoulder, from what i understand. looking at the approach contra costa county, a smooth flow out of the north bay across the bridges, carquinez bridge and benicia bridge just fine. the bay bridge an accident 124 at broadway, reported off to the
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shoulder. the disabled vehicle should not be a problem. also moved the camera here from emeryville. you see some flashing lights that's eastbound 80 passing ashby in the area where we hear a report east or westbound, there's a crash. i don't see any traffic flow interrupted but again, those flashing lights there, and also over there on the westbound side are a reason for concern. i'll track that but so far, do you see the traffic flowing. we'll bring you the latest. back to you. >> thank you, mike. we've seen this in the bay area paying for a faster commute. looking to create carpool lanes on 101 and 280. >> "today in the bay's" thom jensen is in san francisco this morning. >> reporter: good morning, the city or county players are looking at an option to spend about $4 million to look at just how viable these optionsor put carpool lanes or possible toll lanes on two of the wuziest highways, 101 and 280,
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converting existing lanes northbound and southbound lanes on highway 101 and interstate 280 through the city, specifically they'll look at about five miles of 101 from the 280 interchange to the county line and the last mile of 280 heading northbound toward the embarcadero into the city. the county transportation authority board approved funding for the study just a few days ago. they'll consider converting some or all of the stretches into carpool lanes for vehicles with two or three or more passengers and drivers who talked with "today in the bay" this summer said something definitely needs to be done to ease these traffic jams. >> that sounds good for me. >> i would like that, yes, because the traffic out here is ridiculous. it's crazy. all these accidents keep happening. >> i think it would help with the traffic most definitely. >> reporter: it has been
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unpopular with some of the supervisors and drivers who say they're concerned about creating traffic lanes that are only used by people who can afford to pay those tolls, and also going through city neighborhoods, but those studies also suggested that carpool lanes only might actually cause more congestion. we will likely get worse, because other studies have showed that, over the next 11-plus years, there will be more than 100,000 new vehicles traveling between san francisco and the south bay. we're live in san francisco, thom jensen, "today in the bay." video of an early morning crash, the chp says it looks a lot worse than it was. an suv caught fire after crashing on northbound 880 in san lorenzo a little after midnight. good news here, the driver was not hurt but the chp says the driver was arrested. however, officers did not explain the reason why.
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well, happening today, one former trump campaign adviser goes to jail, the same campaign's former chairman will make his plea to stay out of jail. "today in the bay's" tracie potts tracks it all, live from washington this morning. >> good morning. we start with george papadopoulos, the former trump campaign aide who admitted that he lied about his russian connections. he pleaded gultilty but hired n lawyers and tried at the last minute to get the judge to delay his sentence. it didn't work. former trump campaign aide george papadopoulos reports to prison today. he'll spend 14 days behind bars for lying to the fbi about trying to set up a meeting between the trump campaign and two russians who claimed to have damaging information about hillary clinton. also paul manafort asks a judge
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to go light on his sentence. manafort was convicted on eight counts of fraud and pleaded guilty to conspiracy, not related to the trump campaign, but the special counsel could use that to find out what manafort may know about any connections between trump and russia. >> he's going to lay out the facts. leave it to congress to decide whether that rises to the level of impeachable offense. >> there is sufficient evidence this president violated the constitution. >> reporter: the senate is still investigating. >> we're working on the collusion issue now. we're still calling witnesses. >> reporter: when democrats take over in january, they may invite fired fbi director james comey to testify in public. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. at 5:05 this morning, breaking news out of southern california, where an ied, a bomb has been found beneath a car. it was detonated just a short time ago.
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woman called englewood police at about 9:30 on sunday night saying there was a suspicious car parked in an area not too far from an elementary school. the bomb squad arrived on the scene, as i mentioned, detonating that live explosive device that was found underneath that nissan. englewood police releasing the photos to us. the wires were seen from the woman hanging out of the bottom of the car, said to have been connected to some sort of package. now it's been successfully detonated. no word on who owns that automobile. 5:06 right now. new report is putting pressure on san francisco's archdiocese to name clergy tied to sexual abuse. according to "the examiner" since 1990 there were nine accusations of sexual abuse by minors involving priests. the church did not comment on the report but previously promised to release the names of the accused clergy members by the end of this month. it's not clear if it plans to follow through on that promise. in a few hours we expect to
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learn more about shots fired by a police officer in san jose. this happened friday at a home on barrow court. police say a man opened fire at officers and then barricaded himself inside a house. at least one officer fired back, hitting the suspect. officers arrested the man, took him to the hospital. he's expected to be okay. jeff eddie garcia plans to release more details at a news conference at noon today and we'll have more when that occurs. >> it is 5:07. happening today, two white house members visit the camp fire burn zone. they will tour some of the damage in paradise and also meet with community leaders and camp fire survivors. last week's rain gave firefighters that boost they needed to completely put out the fire. sadly, the number of confirmed deaths now stands at 85, with just under 300 people still unaccounted for. well, it's not hard to be touched by the tragic camp fire. we want to help in any way possible. not just relief agencies asking for donations, san jose's
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windmill springs elementary is among the latest to help, launching a spare change collection through december 14th to assist students and teachers in paradise. if you would like to help, certainly give the kids your spare change but we'll do something as well. we'll host an all-day telethon along with telemundo 48 and the united way, answering your calls from 6:00 in the morning to 7:00 tomorrow. we'll help victims find housing and cover other courts. for more information you can go to >> it is 5:08 right now. if you've taken b.a.r.t. lately, rides are getting a little quieter as the agency repairs the train's steel wheels. b.a.r.t. began shaving about two millimeters of metal off of every wheel in its fleet a couple of years ago. the project is nearly complete, and as "the chronicle" is reporting, noise complaints have dropped 73% so far. b.a.r.t. says it will save about $2 million a year with the tapered wheels.
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right now at 5:08, as you get ready to head out, it's a chilly start, mostly clear skies and we'll start to see clouds moving in out ahead of our next storm system, and it will bring us some rain for tomorrow. still dry today but here's what to expect. the rain moves in by tomorrow morning for the north bay, the afternoon for the rest of the bay area, and then there will be another stronger storm moving in between wednesday and thursday, and at that time, the winds will be gusty at times, also have some heavy mountain rhine aain sierra snow and increasing surf for the coastal areas. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. mike taking us back to berkeley. >> we have an update, we had crashes reported in both directions for the east shore freeway. you see flashing lights westbound, that would be your commute direction. there was another set of flashing lights, so both look like they're clearing from the area, westbound they're starting to move whatever was going on in the center divide there and frontage road, by the way, west frontage road, that looks like
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they're about to clear those, so all the incidents look like they should be clearing. the last one, there may be a second one over there by university. okay, more homework for me. back to you at university avenue, that seems to be where all the activity is. the rest of the bay, a light drive. back to berkeley in the next report. >> thank you, mike. coming up next on "today in the bay," apple goes before the supreme court, the anti-trust fight that could affect the way you get apps. and cyber monday, off to a hot start. we'll tell you about the big items everyone is clicking on today.
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good monday morning. we're coming up on 5:13. let's head over to ccupertino, it's starting out chilly with upper 40s. we'll be at 52 at 9:00 and then at noon, 62 degrees. we'll only make it up to about 64 degrees today. i'm tracking the clouds moving in out ahead of our next storm system. more on the rain, that's coming up in less than five minutes. and right now, we see the two crashes we talked about. look, you can see flares laid out in the fast lane, your left lane. two, possibly three lanes blocked west 80 right about university and look over here on the frontage road, also a stall, so both reports were correct for your commute direction through berkeley. we'll give you the latest, coming up. good morning, i'm frank holland here at cnbc global headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street looks like it will open sharply higher this morning.
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the markets fell on friday as big tech stocks came under a lot of pressure again, and oil prices plunged on continued worries about too much supply and not enough demand. the dow, the nasdaq and the s&p 500 all had their worst thanksgiving since 2011, and the dow had its worst performance on a black friday since 2010. on the watch list this week, reports on housing, consumer confidence and third quarter gdp. apple is going before the supreme court to defend the way it sells apps against claims by consumers it's unfairly dominating the market. apple is seeking to end an anti-trust lawsuit that could force the iphone maker to cut the 30 it, commission it charges developers as apps whose products are sold exclusively through the company's app store. apple says it doesn't own the apps or sell them, but the lawsuit claims apple has a lot of control over the process, including a requirement that prices end in 99 cents. consumers may click their way into the record books today. cyber monday is expected to
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generate sales of $7.8 billion, that's according to adobe analytics. that would be up about 18% from a year ago, and would make it the biggest online shopping day in the u.s. retail experts say electronics are big items on cyber monday as stores offer better deals on laptops, game consoles and other devices than they do on black friday itself. and those are your cnbc business headlines. scott, if you're wondering, my size is 75 inch flat screen. you need to get me that, just putting it out there. >> fair enough, making a note of that. >> thanks, frank. another hit for this morning for the recently fired ceo of nissan. mitsubishi board members removed carlos ghosn from his role as chairman, this comes in the wake of nissan firing him last week, after an arrest for alleged financial misconduct. mitsubishi, nissan and renault all share a global alliance, so for now, mitsubishi's current ceo will serve as the carmaker's interim chairman. ghosn is still chairman and ceo
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at renault. it is quarter after 5:00. elon musk is opening up about how his car company almost collapsed. in an interview that aired on hbo, the tesla company founder said his money was bleeding money like crazy as it worked through the model 3 production rampup in the spring and summer, revealing it almost died before meeting its model 3 production goals. musk who also founded spacex says there's a 70% chance he will personally use his spacex rocket to fly to mars. when times are good, u.s. companies often decide to splurge with an office holiday party. >> if your company is skipping festivities you're not alone. low employment and until recently stocks riding all-time highs, economic conditions are ripe to celebrate, but experts say only about 65% of all companies will do so this year. the reason has less to do with
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money than legal liability that's grown out of sexual misconduct scandals and the me too movement. >> companies are worried about potential lawsuits stemming from inappropriate behavior that happens typically at holiday parties, when it's afterhours, when there's alcohol flowing. >> some companies are still going ahead with the office holiday party, deciding instead to simply cut out the alcohol. be responsible as well, if you're an employee. >> i like the office parties where you get to meet the spouse or the partner, because it gives you insight into the person you work with every day. i think that's great fun. >> i'd rather skip the party and just get a bonus. >> then i'll bring my spouse in to get the gift card. >> okay, enough of this. >> whatever, i met your husband, i don't need to anymore. bring on the money. >> right. and so we're starting out this morning grabbing a jacket in
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that holiday spirit. we're starting to see the clouds rolling in this morning. although for most of us you're seeing mostly clear skies, as we head out around concord, 45 degrees, clear skies and look at the clouds that start to move in later on this morning, as temperatures head into the low 60s by noon. as you get up and get ready, you need a little bit of extra hair spray, our relative humidity at 89% and it's going to be one of those days where it starts out humid, and then we'll see it drying out, but we'll still have some clouds overhead. here we are, taking it into about 8:00 tomorrow morning and we'll see some rain moving in for santa rosa and farther to the north, and then as we go into early afternoon, the rain starts to reach into san francisco, oakland, and then approaching the south bay. we will see the scattered showers continuing into the evening, a little bit of a break through wednesday morning, and then a round of heavier rain arriving by wednesday night. this one looks to be a little bit more stronger, as far as the
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winds and the rounds of heavy rain, and we'll see that into early thursday, before we take a break on friday. so during this time frame, we have two storms moving in throughout the week, and we're looking at rainfall totals for the north bay over an inch, maybe even an inch and three-quarters in ukiah, while the south bay measures about half of an inch of rain and maybe lighter in some spots. for the sierra, it starts out as rain. we're looking at nine inches or less and the nine inches will be for the very high elevations. as we go through the week once again, we have the first round of scattered showers moving in tomorrow, heavier rain wednesday night into thursday. as we look ahead to the weekend, there will be another system approaching that could bring us some rain for saturday into sunday. so it looks like it starts to get pretty active here, as we go throughout the forecast. showers today or rather showers tomorrow. we're dry today, and our temperatures will be cooling off as well.
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look at how cool it will be this weekend, only some mid to upper 50s, and some rounds of showers moving in. we'll talk more about that coming up, and mike, you have the crashes. have they cleared out from the south bay? >> they cleared from the south bay, kari, so 880 and 101 cleared from the reports, and no slowing there. no slowing over most of the bay, except for out of theality mo a 580 a build toward north flynn. moving the map up, where we have the crash, the continued issue at berkeley, and you see the slower drive from golden gate field, things jam up right about university, where we continue to show our cam camera, and the flares blocked off two lanes of westbound 80, that's your commute direction, this flood of cars, the jam right here because you're funneled down to just three right lanes. that is a problem in your commute direction. this crash, major damage but no major injuries reported. second issue on the frontage road, west frontage road to be specific, that's the name. we have a disabled vehicle there. it's been there for about the same amount of time as the
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crash, that's for folks alongside the freeway as well. i'm not sure if chp knows about that, given the report, someone called in to make sure they have that information. b.a.r.t. through the area, no delays there, no delays for any of these rail systems. we just did a story how b.a.r.t.'s trying to reduce the noise, that's great, nothing to complain about right now. the bay bridge toll plaza shows a lighter flow of traffic as they've opened all cash lanes now. they're ready for all the traffic, which has held up right about there on university area and that will once it releases get over here and fill in that toll plaza. back to you. >> thank you, mike. come up, concerns for an east bay city, we'll tell you about the crime that happened in one woman's home, shocking the whole neighborhood. former vice president joe biden visiting the bay area. the places you can hear him speak. berkeley police are tryin
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track down a man suspected welcome back everyone. it's 5:24, and right now, berkeley police are trying to track down a man suspected of sexually assaulting a woman in her own home. it happened on blake street, 2400 block there. the man broke into the home shortly before 6:00 yesterday morning, assaulted the woman and then stole some of her belongings before eventually just running away. a body was recovered off the coast of pacifica early yesterday morning. fisherman in a boat just off linda mar beach spotted the body floating in the water. it was recovered and taken to pillar point harbor. recently there have been two
5:25 am
missing person reports filed along the pacifica coast. northern california deputies mourning one of their own killed last night in the line of duty. stanislaus county deputy tony died as his car struck a utility pole, he was on his way to assist in a car chase, the car crash happened in riverbank. a bad fall left a fisherman in need of help. firefighters say he was walking at the glen cove shoreline when he slipped and fell. helicopter rescue crew answered that call. he was eventually lifted to safety, you see here, yesterday. he was taken to a hospital to be treated. right place, right time. if you know the mpsf speaker series, you probably already know it's a tough ticket, but this weekend's featured speaker, former vice president joe biden. he's hosting engagements over the next four days at san rafael, oakland, san mateo and
5:26 am
then back in san rafael. each engagement already sold out. an oakland native moving ahead on "the voice" after being saved by america last week. ♪ >> we've been following lin linea maura. she's inspired by her fans on youtube. she has over 200,000 subscribers. >> i just wanted to do them justice and i want to spread the love back to them. i want them to hear the song that i sing next week and be like, that was for me, thank you. i love you so much. thank you for this, and i just want to spread the love and pass activity as much as possible back to my fans, who deserve it. >> you can watch "the voice" here on nbc tonight at 8:00, followed by "manifest" at 10:00 and "nbc bay area news" at 11:00 p.m. coming up on "today in the bay," the new report putting pressure on san francisco's archdiocese to name priests tied to abuse. plus breaking news, a
5:27 am
showdown at the u.s./mexico border. the new threat president trump is issuing this morning over the so-called migrant caravan. and in the south bay an alleged hit-and-run driver accused of killing a woman behind bars, thanks to good samaritans. we'll tell you what led to the arrest. taking a live look outside sfo, it's a cool start to our morning. we're tracking some rain coming in later this week. we'll check the full forecast with kari and of course your monday morning commute. 5:27.
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and welcome back to you on this monday morning. hope you're up and at 'em. this is a live look out in san francisco this morning. it is chilly out there. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. marcus has the day off. >> i'm laura garcia. it is a little chilly. feels like winter. i know we're still in fall, kari. >> we're still in fall but nice to see the winter rain approaching as we're going to see the clouds rolling in. we're seeing patchy fog along the coast and the rain getting here by tomorrow morning. here is the look at the clear shot in san jose. christmas in the park all lit up. if you're going out there today, it's going to be cool, especially for the early hours, and then the middle of the day, we're looking nice, partly cloudy and highs reaching into the mid-60s. we'll take a look at when that rain arrives, coming up in a few minutes, and mike, you've got the backup. >> i do right over here the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a lot more vehicles and we have the metering lights turned on, so there we go. we're back to work for a lot of
5:31 am
folks, but we'll see even more come back toward tomorrow, some folks like to take the last day after traveling on the weekend. we have one last flare as well but all lanes are open westbound 80 and sounds like the berkeley pd got our note about frontage road and cleared that stall. all the folks that were held up as they come past golden gate field will be let loose toward the berkeley curve and the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. overall, berkeley sees the traffic flow except out of the altamont and we'll watch it build. we have breaking news this morning, some chaos at the border. zwr the border is open and the back-and-forth continues to ramp up. kris sanchez joins us live from our newsroom with the president's response this morning. kris? >> hey there, laura and scott. we know how many people were arrested after successfully
5:32 am
crossing that border and president trump this morning urging mexican authorities to deport anyone who was left behind, back to their native countries. just this morning two hours ago, president trump tweeted they are not coming into the usa. we will close the border permanently if need be. congress, fund the wall!" in the same tweet, he wrote of the migrants, "many of whom are stone cold criminals." but that is counter to this image captured by a reuters news photographer of a mother running with little girls, one of them who isn't even wearing shoes. they were among the 500 central americans trying to rush the san ycedero point of entry after they were denied to seek asylum in the u.s., which is not illegal to seek asylum in the united states. the crossing was shut down by mexican federal police and u.s. customs and border patrol agents who used tear gas after agents claimed some migrants threw rocks at them. the american civil liberties
5:33 am
union denouncing that action writing "under no circumstances should customs' bon der patrol be using tear gas on children. this show of violence is outrageous and inhumane." in the last half hour, the chief border patrol agent for san diego said 42 people were arrested, including eight women and some children, which for some folks in the u.s., feels a bit like a war zone. >> the group breached a couple sections of that, actually tore down one small section, started to rush across and that's another time they started assaulting our agents. we were able to hold them back using riot techniques. >> does it feel like a war zone to you? >> absolutely does and i think it's intimidation. >> mexican federal officials say they will deport anyone who violently tried to cross the border. the mayor of tijuana is calling this a humanitarian crisis and is asking for the united nations to intervene. this is a fast-changing situation. again, now we know 42 people were arrested on the u.s. side. we nomex khan authorities
5:34 am
arrested several dozen on the mexican side as well. the border, by the way, is now open. laura and scott? >> thanks. we know we'll continue to follow that one, kris. 49ers head coach kyle shanahan will hold his regular post game conference at levis but this time he'll have more to talk about than the latest game. shanahan will no doubt be asked about the releasing of reuben foster. authorities in tampa arrested him at a hotel there saturday night. he's accused of domestic violence. niners gm john lynch did not specifically address the latest accusations against foster but explained the team's rationale for cutting him. >> nobody's bigger than the team, and as talented a player as he was, as many positive steps he was making, we felt this was the best decision to make. >> in february, the same woman claimed foster struck her in los gatos. she later recanted saying she made it up to ruin his career. eventually those charges were
5:35 am
dropped. the golden gate ferry about operate on a normal schedule today involving a crash of one of its boats. on friday the ferry crashed on the dock, leaving a big hole. two of the 53 people on board were hurt. the investigation continues to determine what caused that crash. a new audit reportedly explains san francisco's inability to finalize changes in the way police shootings are investigated. two years ago, the department and the da's office agreed to change policies, including launching a new bureau in the da's office. according to "the examiner" the bureau's final authority is held up by labor negotiations. city controllers are urging the union to sign off on the plan. the union didn't respond to the examiner's reports. >> it is 5:35. inside san jose allege and hit-and-run driver accused of killing a woman is behind bars, and police say it's thanks to good samaritans. police say a 50-year-old woman was crossing
5:36 am
the street near capital expressway and silver creek road, when ubaldo munoz hit her and drove off. the accident happened just before 10:00 on saturday night. two other drivers followed munoz's truck and blocked him in until police could arrive. it marked san jose's 19th deadliest pedestrian crash this year. three young people are in custody accused of leading police on a chase in a carjacked vehicle. martinez police posted these photos of the car on al hambra yesterday afternoon. officers tried to stop it before realizing it had been stolen last week. the car struck a curb, when officers were able to safely arrest the three juveniles inside without incident. a quick-thinking boy helped save lives at a north bay assisted living facility. a fire broke out late last night at magnolia manor in healdsburg. a 10-year-old saw the fire,
5:37 am
called 911, got his mom, the two helped everyone get out safely. six seniors were living there at the time. >> called it in, called 911, got his mom, and were able to evacuate all the residents, so very quickly, so up to the young man, carlos, very good, and very smart. so really made a difference. >> you saw the flames in the video. the care center sustained extensive damage. an investigation is under way. 5:37. san francisco trying to stop the record high numbers of car break-ins and today, a state senator is pushing new legislation. state senator scott weiner along with san francisco district attorney are introducing the bill aimed to close a loophole that allows some car burglars to escape consequences. our investigative team found out there were nearly 30,000 break-ins in sfrap san francisco last year. happening today, lgbtq community members plan to hold a solidarity picket with marriott strikers today. they will march outside the marriott on fourth and market in san francisco this afternoon.
5:38 am
workers are demanding higher pay and better working conditions. marriott says it's provided millions of jobs in the u.s. and around the world. they say, though salaries vary, marriott pays more and provides generous benefits. workers disagree. happening now, cyber monday shopping is under way. expect a lot of maybe lost productivity at work. yeah, your turn to read. >> hold on. okay. warehouses for big retailers workers already shipping things that people are ordering. here is jo ling kent in southern california. >> reporter: happy cyber monday, it is busy in eastvale, california, at an amazon fulfillment center. the boxes and the deals are already flying out the door. coming up on the "today" show, we'll talk about why today may end up being a record cyber monday for retailers across the board, where you can find the best deals, and what you need to know to protect yourself, as you
5:39 am
go online and shop. they want to make it easy, but you got to make sure your payments are safe and secure. >> you'll find expanded shelves across a number of retailers, in particular, we would highlight walmart, target, and five below as going after the toys business very aggressively. >> reporter: all that coming up this morning on the "today" show. new this morning, a chinese researcher is claiming what would be a first in human genetics, but so far skeptics finding it hard to believe. researcher says a chinese couple recently gave birth to twin girls with edited genes. that researchers say their dna purposely altered to include a trait that allows them to resist hiv infection. so far, there's been no confirmation of his claims. in the united states, scientists are prohibited from altering dna. happening today, san francisco will kick off the holiday season, mayor london breed joining other local
5:40 am
leaders for the annual knob hill tree lighting ceremony. the event is happening at huntington park tonight at 6:00. mike, you helped kick off tree lighting. >> l.e.d. lights in motion in downtown san jose. please come on down, raising money for the north bay fire reli relief. this is our tree of travel times and at the top, lit with orange because it's slow down near the berkeley curve. berkeley curve getting more traffic, traffic around berkeley itself, university is starting to recover. the early crashes, plural, have cleared from the area, that's good but slow around golden gate field. the rest of the bay an easy, light flow of traffic. we're getting back into the work week. some folks may still be on vacation. but the san mateo bridge is working hard right there. >> some people are headed to work but in vacation mode. >> we just talked about shopping a couple minutes ago.
5:41 am
>> some are having a four-day weekend but probably looking forward to the next one as well. >> we have a lot of plans this time of year, getting into the holiday parties and shopping and all of that stuff going on. as we approach the weekend, another round of rain will be moving in, so most of the day on saturday, sunday morning looks a little wet, and that's after a couple of rounds of rain, as we go throughout the week, so we are going to have at times some showers moving through. if you have plans to go to the sierra this weekend, that's a live look at squaw valley. as we go into friday, that will be our break and your best chance to get there before the snow starts falling on saturday, and then the snow will taper off on sunday. for the coastal areas, half moon bay will only stay in the upper 50s, and some times of sunshine for friday, if you're going to l.a. this weekend, expect it to be raining on thursday, and then clearing out for the rest of the weekend. so we'll talk about what's going on, as well as what to expect as our rain moves in, that's coming up in about three minutes.
5:42 am
>> sounds good. thanks, kari. 5:41. coming up, president trump heads back to the campaign trail today. the candidate he's backing. plus an all new report revealing the potential flaws san francisco high-rise buildings are facing ahead of the next big earthquake.
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good monday morning. time to get up, back to work and back to school for the kids. it's 5:44, with a live look outside in palo alto. it's another chilly start with
5:45 am
temperatures in the upper 40s. we'll head into the mid-60s today. this is our last dry day before another storm system moves in. we'll talk about that rain come ing up in less than five minutes. >> that is a cool shot, emeryville into san francisco, but we love the bay bridge traffic moving smoothly on the span. this is what the span looks like in numbers, 11 minutes to cross there, no delay. developing now, a clash at sea raising tensions between ukraine and russia. ukraine claims russia opened fire on and seized three ukrainian vessels and wounded two crew members in the waters off crimea yesterday. russian state media confirm that russia used weapons to stop ukrainian ships in the black sea, each side blaming each other. russia recently opened a bridge spanning the strait and blocked the ships from passing. president trump will hit the 2018 campaign trail again one last time today.
5:46 am
he's supporting republican senate candidate cindy hyde in mississippi's still undecided election, it's a runoff. the incumbent faced harsh backlash for using the term "public hanging" in a joke. she's running against mike espy, former agricultural secretary for bill clinton. president trump, who won mississippi by 18 points, predicts hyde will win. he's headlining two rallies for her today. >> 5:46 this morning. trying to account for those killed and the missing in the camp fire started. sadly, the number of confirmed deaths now stands at 85, with just under 300 people still unaccounted for. a colorado company used rapid dna testing. jim davis reached out to the butte county sheriff offering to
5:47 am
help, but the job is difficult for everyone. >> for somebody to come in and give a dna sample, they're making a decision about what they think, you know, happened to their loved one. >> in less than two hours, davis says his company's technology can analyze the dna samples, which can then help identify the victims. as our investigative unit has reported, government leaders trying to make sure california's emergency alert systems are efficient and helpful. tomorrow, members of the state assembly will meet near santa barbara to discuss emergency alerts. the hearing will discuss lessons learned from recent fires, as well as figure out ways of improving the system. if you want to help camp fire victims, tune in tomorrow. we're hosting an all-day telethon, along with telemundo 48 and the united way. we'll be answering your calls from 6:00 in the morning to 7:00 at night. the money will go to fire victims to help them find housing and cover other costs. for more information, head to >> it's 5:47.
5:48 am
a new report indicates nearly 70 san francisco high-rises may be vulnerable in the event of a major earthquake. according to "the chronicle" the list includes 68 of the city's tallest structures, all were completed before 1989, all have so-called structural skeletons assembled with what are now considered outdated welding techniques. inspections are still being done to determine the potential danger. new video shows an intruder entering a california highway patrol facility in butte county. the suspect in question a bear who made his way into the building. the bear appears to take a peek inside the building, maybe looking at the vending machines, opens the door to go inside, the donner pass commercial enforcement facility. eventually the bear walked out the same way it came in, followed out by two armed officers who led the bear off into the woods and hopefully never to be seen from again.
5:49 am
>> i don't know. >> this someone too eone is too. >> have you been to a vending machine lately? they're all too expensive. >> $2! >> i'll buy my twix bar on credit. >> this morning, we need something nice and warm, some hot coffee. it will be chilly out there. we're watching our storm system approaching from the north. we have storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar powered up and ready to track the storm that will arrive tomorrow especially during the afternoon hours for much of the bay area. there will be another stronger storm moving in between wednesday night and thursday, and that one could bring some gusty winds at times as well as some heavy mountain rain and a little bit of sierra snow and also the increasing surf for the coastal areas. as we're starting out this morning, looking out the window getting dressed t is chi, it is. grab a warm jacket and light
5:50 am
long sleeves will keep you comfortable throughout the day. we'll see an increase in cloud cover today and we take it through 8:30 tomorrow morning and see that rain approaching santa rosa, and areas to the north. as we go through the rest of the day, still some scattered showers that will be moving into parts of the east bay as well as the south bay by early afternoon, and some spotty rain into the evening. we'll be a little bit of a break on wednesday, at least the start of the day, before some heavier rain moves in late wednesday night, and then it continues into the day on thursday, and that's where we'll also get the gusty winds. we'll see some dry weather on friday. so during those two storms moving in, we have the potential of getting about a half of an inch of rain for much of the bay area. some areas getting three-quarters of an inch of rain in the east bay, and then over an inch for much of the north bay. the sierra once again, this will be a warmer storm, so this will bring a little bit more in terms of rain and then we'll taper off with about four to nine inches of snow, while we will see a
5:51 am
couple of rounds of rain moving in, and then only really dry day will be today and then again on friday. so we're making plans for a pretty wet week that we definitely welcome. as we head over to mike, you're seeing something in san jose. >> a little slowing, welcoming back folks to the work week as well. from now 'til the end of the year we see that slide, where traffic slides off from the morning and pushes toward the evening and afternoons. right now, we are seeing more traffic north 101, just north of 680, right where we're seeing the orange and red right there, just as we are passing by alum rock. that's it for the south bay. one crash reported south 680 at bar barryessa. the rest of the bay light, slow at the pleasanton and castro valley "y." highway 4 i was covering that up, slowing there. contra costa county, the build as well through walnut creek out of concord through south 680.
5:52 am
recovery past golden gate field and the backup atle be at bay b. no problems on the span, that's a good flow of traffic toward san francisco. again, we have about 35 minutes still because of all the gradual slowing from highway 4 spread out down to the berkeley curve. back to you. >> thank you, mike. are you advir visiting rela finally gone from thanksgiving? fresh worries for travelers headed east. and nasa hoping for a successful landing on mars. the mission, what happens next, and where you can watch some of it live, right here in the bay area. but first, happening now, hundreds of people are hurt in iran, after a strong earthquake in the western part of the country. right now, at least 716 people have been treated. magnitude 6.3 hit on sunday, bringing down buildings. people in the iraqi capital of baghdad, about 175 miles away, felt it. more news after the break.
5:53 am
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get back home after the thanksgiving welcome back, everyone. it's 5:5. this morning, millions of americans are trying to get home after the thanksgiving holiday. >> winter weather led to more than 600 cancellations at chicago's o'hare airport on sunday and we're seeing highway
5:56 am
shutdowns as well. the expectation is nearly 50 million americans will have traveled back home in the last two days. but the worst could be ahead throughout the northern midwest. these are snowy scenes from several states including iowa, illinois, missouri and nebraska. >> 5:56. a sad follow-up to a story we first reported on friday morning, a deadly shooting in an alabama mall on thanksgiving night. police now say they accidentally shot a man wrongly identified as the gunman. initially authorities announce maddox bradford, jr., was the man who was shot and killed. they say he may have been involved in some aspect of the altercation. his parents are speaking out in his defense, and demanding answers. >> they basically said he was walking around the mall waving a gun, running, trying to escape. that wasn't my child. >> police say the actual gunman
5:57 am
is still at large. tensions are rising between russia and ukraine after a new crash at sea. the u.n. is scheduled to hold an emergency meeting. on sunday ukraine claims russia opened fire on and seized three ukrainian vessels, wounding crew members. tugboat and two other ships were sailing through an area which separates mainland russia from crimea. russia opened a bridge spanning that strait and blocked the ships from passing. ukrainian authorities say they gave advanced notice to the russians they were going to sail. just this morning, two of the ukrainian ships, two of the three involved in the incident were seen moored in a harbor in crimea. hours ago, russia apparently seized them. a milestone for brexit. britain and the european union sealed an agreement on terms.
5:58 am
the united kingdom is set to leave the european bloc in march. the question now, can british prime minister theresa may sell the deal back home? her political future is on the line. hey and the eu leaders say this is the best deal available, but britain's parliament is skeptical. a swimmer in an eye-catching wet suit is teaming one an artist to raise awareness of plastic pollution. they navigated more than 100 miles of england's chilly thames river. lindsay cole swam 21 days, four hours a day, look at that, in a mermaid outfit, followed by an artist in a trash sculpture, this is how an urban mermaid get ready for work. >> you've got one, two wet suits? >> two wet suits because it is cold. >> would you like me to zip you? >> i put the tail on. >> she's hollow with the concept we film her with all of the rubbish that we found along the way. we've got way more than we need to fill her. >> now the swimmer say she was inspired to do this after
5:59 am
cutting herself on a piece of plastic while free diving in indonesia. >> how interesting that would be to see in the river. >> it would be hard to do, too. the two hosts of the "today" show are going to try out cool stuffing. >> the company is a leader in the nonevasive fat reduction market, a $4 billion industry. >> the fat come back? >> it does not because of the fact that we're freezing the fat cells, to the point we cause fat cell death. your body will naturally eliminate them in the course of the next two to three months. they're dead and gone permanently. >> the full story airs in the 8:00 a.m. hour of the "today" show. nasa is set to make its first mars landing in six years. >> a craft called insight tasked with studying the evolution of terrestrial planets. nasa's insight will study the interior of the red planet mars.
6:00 am
today in oakland the space and science center will host a live stream at 11:00. wet week ahead, rainy season really here. the two storms set to arrive in the coming days, after last week's much needed release. carpool lanes coming, new detail on a story of the push to make your next trip in and out of san francisco faster. have you started shopping yet? six hours of cyber monday have already come and gone! at 6:15, a look at how much money americans are set to spend, and at 6:45, we go inside an amazon warehouse working to get you your orders. "today in the bay" continues right now. double clicking with daddy there. good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus has the day off. as laura said, it is going to be a cold day ahead. >> it starts out cold and we'll start to see more clouds moving in as the temperatures go up just a little bit. we're going to have one more


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