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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 4, 2018 4:00am-4:28am PST

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nothing lasts longer for powerful cough relief. george herbert walker bush demonstrated the finest qualities of our nation and of humankind. a great leader and a good man. >> the 41st president of the united states is lying in state inside the capitol rotunda as the nation remembers the last major u.s. leader from the gr t greatest generation. to the current president, whose latest deal with china sent stocks soartest tweets h c words witness tampering. formera taking subtle stab at sheryl sandberg while on
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her book tour. snl's pete davidson strikes back against internet bullies. plus you won't believe how much the highest paid stars of youtube are raking in. "early today" starts right now. ♪ good tuesday morning. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. the remains of president george h.w. bush are in washington, d.c. this morning, lying in state at the capitol rotunda. after a brief ceremony with family and dignitaries, members of the public came in by the thousands to pay their final respects to the nation's 41st president. >> and back in bush's hometown of houston, mayor sylvester turner hosted a public memorial to pay tribute to 41. the mayor calling him an influential and important neighbor who was at the sa imtime do time down to earth. nbc's jay gray has more on the first day of mourning.
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pausing to say good-bye, president trump and first lady melania as former psitime. >> inhe finest qualities of our nation and of humankind. >> reporter: dignitaries, family and friends honoring his lifetime of service as a fighter pilot shot down during world war ii, a congressman, ambassador, director of the cia, vice president, then president. >> we thank you for sharing this special man with our nation and the world. >> reporter: and out of office, he championed a host of charitable causes until his final few years when illness confined president bush to a wheelchair and his thoughts turned to what was next. >> i used to worry about death. i don't anymore. cornerstone of an era of civ afifpatriot, president, and the civility in politics that many fear is now gone with his passing. as we saw, president bush
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was honored in a ceremony inside the capitol rotunda. members of congress, supreme court justices, and others joined the bush family with several speakers remarking on the president's life of service and dedication to family and country. nbc's tracie potts joining us now from washington. trac g >> reporter: hi there. good morning. well, what we saw yesterday were the dignitaries paying respects to former president bush. today the public. people will get a chance to enter the rotunda and file past his casket and remember the president that he was. we saw president and mrs. trump last night paying their respects. he is expected to meet with the bush family at blair house across from the white house today, a private meeting with the bush family. but publicly the nation reflecting not only on presiden character. >> he kept us flying high and challenged us to fly higher still, and he did it with
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modesty and kindness that would have been surprising in dimension one-tenth as tough and accomplished as he was. >> reporter: his son, former president george w. bush, at times visibly trying to maintain his composure as some of the leaders, washington's elite, reflected on his father's service. now, today he will lie in state. tomorrow that national serve. national cathedral. it is also declared a national day of mourning. phillip. >> what an accomplished life's work. tracie, thank you. we will have extensive coverage of the state funeral for the former president at the natnal cathedral. join lester holt and guthrie tearoern on nbc. it is turning out to be a crucial week for the mueller investigation. the special counsel is expected to make court filings on three major players this week. michael flynn, paul manafort, and michael cohen. in it we could learn the details of their cooperation with the russia investigation.
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mueller's sentencing memo for the former national security adviser michael flynn is due today. here with more is nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson. >> reporter: the president's message sent to 56 million followers but meant for one person, the judge sentencing michael cohen. the president pushing for a full and complete sentence for his former attorney, who, quote, makes up stories to get a great and already reduced deal for himself. soo next week on multiple charges, including 2016 campaign finance violations. democratic senator mark warner raising a red flag. >> the president of the united states using his public twitter account to try to influence witnesses or people who have pled guilty within the mueller probe, to me, smells pretty fishy. >> reporter: the fury over cohen a contrast with presidential praise for former trump confidant roger stone. he says he will never testify
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against the president. >> i'd have to make things up, and i'm not going to do that. >> reporter: president trump tweeting, nice to know that some people still have guts. >> i think the president is swimming in very dangerous waters here. you don't have to read too far between the lines of these tweets to see what he means. >> reporter: a series of court filings may soon reveal the new details robert mueller has learned from people who were once in donald trump's orbit, like cohen, former trump campaign chair paul manafort, and adviser michael flynn. here on capitol hill, there's been a different kind of drama. that scramble to avoid a partial government shutdown over a stalemate on border wall money. but nbc news has learned from multiple house leadership sources that there is a deal for a two-week extension. that puts the new deadline to avoid a shutdown the friday before christmas, frances. >> hallie so slamming kellyanne conway's husband for what he called utter disrespect. trump tweeted, of all the ugliness in politics, the utter disrespect george conway shows
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towards his wife, her career, place of work, and everything she has fought so hard to achieve might top them all. kellyanne is a great person and frankly his actions are horrible. while white house counselor kellyanne conway is one of the president's most ardent supporters, her husband has been a frequent and vocal critic after president trump commended roger stone yesterday for saying he wouldn't testify against the president, conway replied with a section of the u.s. legal code dealing with witness tamp everying and obstruction of justice. he did not reply directly to eric trump but did re-tweet others who were critical. wall strehe andhinese leade jinping agreed to a temporary truce on new ri nearly 300 points, and while the s&p and nasdaq were both up over details about the deal according to "the wall street journal." president trump has named china hard-liner robert lighthizer to
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laid the trade negotiations, suggesting the u.s. will take a tough every stance in the talks. nbc's tom costello has more on the trade spat's impact on americans. >> reporter: virginia farmer john boyd has got far more soybeans he can sell after china slapped tariffs on u.s. farm exports, he's had to stockpile his harvest. >> i can't afford to wait another 90 days to find out what's going to happen with this truce. i need some answers, and i need some answers right now. >> reporte b a 90 day truce with china, though china on a range of issues including intellectual property protections and bo sides have agreed china will buy more u.s. goods. >> the president h b if we don't have a real agreement, the tariffs will>> r incredible deal, so far china
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has only said it will work to open its market and resolve trade issues. a pause in the trade war would leave in place tariffs on $250 billion in chinese goods, but postpone additional tariffs. there continues to be great uncertainty about whether americans will continue to pay more for goods made in china and whether american exporters and farmers will have a chinese market to sell to. tom costello, nbc news, washington. we have new developments for you this morning. authorities have found a body in the search for an american woman who disappeared in costa rica near the airbnb where she was supposed to return home last wednesday from vacation in san jose where she was celebrating hethorities have also found traces of blood inside the apartment, but are awaiting results of an autopsy to confirm the body. but this morning her family is still holding out hope, anxiously awaiting answers. in baltimore, an act of kindness ends in tragedy. police say a woman was fatally stabbed after rolling down the won't of her car to give money to a panhandler.
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apparently a young mother in her 20s. the suspects are still on the loose. according to the woman's husband, his wife gave her donation, and that's when a man approached the vehicle, reached inside to grab a wallet, and then stabbed jaclyn smith in her torso before running away with a female panhandler. smith dies from her injuries. this morning the woman's husband says he is remorseful for stopping to help. let's gears here take a look at the weather. >> pretty quiet east of the rockies over the next two to three days. let's go all the way to friday with rain breaking out into areas of texas. this is a storm that's going to be in california over the next two days. by the time we get through saturday morning, a lot of heavy rain through louisiana and arkansas. look at the blue. that's the snow on the back side of this storm on saturday in oklahoma possibly, northern portions of arkansas and up through the ozarks. then on saturday into sunday, this mess will move through the appalachians. snow could be possible in areas of tennessee, kentucky, south carolina, north carolina, and
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virginia. we'll see how it plays out. a bunch of days to fine tune rest of this week. much colder today in areas especially of northern new england where it won't even get above freezing. it still doesn't look like the northeast will be hit by 24 storm. this looks like a mid-atlantic snow threat. as i said, we've got a bunch of days to see how it plays out. >> bill, thank you. the cher show based on cher's life debuted on broadway last night, and kanye west got a lesson in broadway etiquette. he was at the show when the actor playing sonny bono tweeted. kanye west, if you look up from your cell phone, you'll see we're doing a show up here. it's opening night. >> kanye responded, please pardon my lack of etiquette.
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indulge in irresistible freshness. febreze unstopables. breathe happy. the former first lady unfiltered. michelle obama taking some fans byk tour in new york this week. >> she spoke candidly about the work/life balance and perceived swipe at facebook coo sheryl sandberg. nbc's stephanie gosk has more on the moment that has everyone talking. >> reporter: the event billed itself as an intimate conversation with michelle obama. what the crowd got was the former first lady unfiltered. according to multiple people who attended, obama had this to say about marriage. that whole, so you can have it all, nobody, not at the same time. that's a lie. and it's not always enough to lean in because that doesn't work all the time. then laughter reportedly erupted in the arena. >> oftentimes it's not equal, and you feel a bit resentful
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about it. so then it's time to go to marriage counseling. >> reporter: obama seemingly taking a swipe at facebook ceo sheryl sandberg's book lean in. >> we don't sit at the table. we don't raise our hands. we don't let our voices be loud enough. >> reporter: although sometimes criticized. sandberg's book was a best-seller and so is michelle obama's. her memoir leapt to the top of the best-seller list for 2018. her book tour events have been packed. the 54-year-old sometimes dropping the first lady formalities. >> one of the keys to a successful marriage is separate bathrooms. when he enters my bathroom, sometimes i'm like, why are you in here? >> reporter: that sense of humor was on display saturday night, punctuating her straight talk with an unexpected expletive. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. >> yeah, i would have been like, did she just say what i think she said when it comes to that? i'm sure a lot of people areat,
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this is charlie not coughing because he took delsym 12-hour. and this is charlie still not coughing while trying his hardest not to wake zeus. delsym 12-hour. nothing lasts longer for powerful cough relief. terrifying. >> it's ryan of ryan's toys review. according to forbes, the 7-year-old is the highest paid youtube star of 2018.
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ryan raked in $22 million from june of 2017 to june of this year by playing with toys, doing that right there. he also has his own line of collectibles at walmart. jake paul, the younger brother of logan paul attracted more thanlion views to h $21.5 million. and the five man crew known as dude group known for place with $20 million in earnings. so when your kid com recording right now, this is the future they have ahead of them. twitter became a parenting community yesterday thanks to chrissy teigen. the star shared that her 6-month-old miles will be wearing a helmet to correct his flat head syndrome. this immediately sparked a thread of replies with parents sharing pictures of their own kids in show head-shaping helmets. teigen posted her own baby miles
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say, not to worry. he is a happyug he's very cute. stickers and deck ra decorations to make it more fun. the force really wasn't with a man from tennessee. the guy's name, luke skywr.e w violating his probation. walker was found with stolen items in his car after a traffic stop. so actor mark hamill, who played skywalker in star wars, tweeted this. the real crime here is mr. and mrs. walker saddling this poor guy with that name in the first place. and used the hashtag #also too short for a storm trooper. obviously the parents were huge luke ack in the day. skywalker. >> pretty cool name. just ahead, the eagles soared past the redskins. washington's woes got a whole lot worse. we'll show you more when we come back. e? ♪ the beat goes on. it looks like emily cooking dinner for ten.
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weather for us. >> cold and chilly is the bottom line out there. it's going to be t we go throug the rest of this week. the windchills will be what you really feel the most. it's kind of seasonable but a little bit below average. little bit below average. about 10 to 15 degrees in many olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams costing over $100, $200, andev for skin that looks younger than it should. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay regenerist. now try olay hydrating eye. hydrates better than the #1 prestige eye cream. brushing only reaches 25% of your mouth. listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ i am not for just treating my symptoms... (ah-choo)
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i am for shortening colds when i'm sick. with zicam. zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines... ...zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam. orr nasal. would you l stars as captai marvel in the brand-new trailer which dropped last night. it's already burning up the internet. marvel movie hits theaters on march 8th. the character is also expected do play a big role in the hotly anticipated sequel. mental health is no laughing matter for "saturday night live" star pete davidson, he's hitting back against online bullies in a candid statement, reflecting on his breakup with ariana grande. nbc's joe fryer has more.
4:26 am
>> pete davidson. >> reporter:vion, a serious mes. he says he's been getting bullied online and in public for the past nine months, facing a barrage of negative comments about his looks and his whirlwind romance and broken engagement with singer ariana grande. on instagram, davidson writes, i'm trying to understand how when something happens to a guy, the whole entire world just trashes him without any facts or frame of reference. he adds, i've spoken about borderline personality disorder and being suicidal publicly only in the hopes it will help bng dh borderline personality disorder, a form of depression. >> reporter: davidson opened up about his mental health struggles last year on snl. >> if you think you're depresses, you know, see a doctor. >> reporter: he and grande broke up in october, and bullying from the public intensified. the pop star references their relationship in her new song, thank u next. but still facing attacks,
4:27 am
davidson felt he had to speak out, writing, no matter how hard the internet or anyone tries to make me kill myself, i joe fryer, nbc news. >> bullying across the broord from high school to big celebrities like that. >> people are vicious. >> hate for everybody it seems like behind that keyboard. >> stay strong. you remember ron burgundy. everybody's favorite san diego anchorman. check it out. >> i'm in a glass case of emotion! >> the character played by will ferrell is coming back in a very 2018 way. he's going to start a podcast. burgundy made the announcement on his new twitter page tweeting at don lemon to say his white house credentials have been pulled. burgundy announced his podcast plans. the ron burgundy podcast will launch on iheartradio in 2019. >> can't wait to hear the headlines on the world today.
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thanks for waking up early to join us. i'm frances rivera. >> i'm phillip mena. as we go to break, 'tis the season for over the top decorations. a family in austria went full griswold here. more than half a million christmas lights on their house. guess how much this cost a month? $2, lib live picture - ch
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and it is tuesday morning, 4: 4: 4:30. downtown san jose there. christmas in the park, always a great time. >> let's get a look at the forecast, a little warmer this morning. the clouds are keeping us warm. >> the clouds have moved in and as we take a look at storm tdi. ranger, right now showing no rain as you get ready to head out the door. don't forget to grab the
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umbrella. we'll track the system that will bring us showers, really ramping up f t we go


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