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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 4, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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coming up at 6:00. >> thanks for joining us, lester holt is up next, anchoring nightly news from washington, d.c. >> we'll be back at 6:00, bye. tonight. a massive plunge on wall street. fear and confusion over trump's trade war and his new threat. it's a big hit for american businesses and for your 401(k). the powerful moment an american hero is helped out of his wheelchair to stand and salute another. bob dole's emotional final gesture to george h.w. bush. a murder sending shockwaves through baltimore. a woman who rolled down her window to help a panhandler killed in her car. her family pleading for answers. authorities hunting for a cold blooded killer. caught on body camera. the moment police opened fire on a homeowner who called them for help with an intruder. >> drop the gun. >> let's see your hands. >> hey, get your hands in the air! >> a fatal mistake. why the officer won't face charges. a woman who claims
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she was secretly taped in her hotel room shower and then blackmailed with the video. >> just absolute horror. i started screaming and crying, and all i could think of is my life is absolutely over. my life is ruined. >> what that hotel is saying tonight. a major recall alert. eight different brands of pet food pulled for potentially making dogs sick. what every pet owner needs to know. the 9-year-old boy with the bow tie, fighting for the right to have fun. what he just did and won that will make you cheer. this is "nbc nightly news with lester holt." good evening. wall street tonight is apparently not buying president trump's rosy talk of a truce of the u.s.-china trade war. many investors sensing the opposite, drove the stock market into egg, the dow shedding 800 points as all three major indices lost more than 3% of their value, amid
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signs the economy may be hitting the brakes. tom costello breaks it down for us tonight. >> reporter: red down arrows on wall street and in americans' retirement and pension funds today, the s&p 500 and nasdaq both down 3%. investors focused on president trump's warning that if the 90-day trade war truce doesn't hold, he is a tariff man. at risk, billions in u.s. exports to china, from agricultural products to cars, to construction equipment. while americans could pay more for household goods made in china. midday, the treasury secretary weighed in. >> i think the market is now in a wait and see, and the market's trying to figure out is there going to be a real deal at the end of 90 days or not? >> you have stuff plunging on fears of slowing economic growth. >> reporter: among the hardest hit, bank stocks and companies that do business in china, including boeing, caterpillar and apple. >> the markets dropped on concerns that the global economy may be
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slowing. growth in the united states is doing fine right now, but over in china, there's clearly a slowdown. >> reporter: while treasury secretary mnuchin says china has agreed to address over 100 issues of concern, the lack of a signed deal or a concrete timetable has investors fearing the trade war could heat up again. lester? >> tom, thank you. here in washington, moments at the capitol today, powerful moments as thousands paid respects to former president george h.w. bush, including long-time friend former senator bob dole, who rose from his wheelchair to give an emotional salute. here's nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: late tonight, a son paying tribute to his father, george w. and laura bush returning to the capitol to say thanks. earlier today, president trump and the first lady visiting with them after quietly honoring 41 last night. despite fierce criticism of the bushes in the past, the president tweeting, looking
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forward to being with the wonderful bush family. and a moving final gesture of respect. senator bob dole, now 95, standing to salute. from americans young and old, grief and gratitude. jenna and barbara bush tonight with savannah guthrie on their dad's eulogy. >> there's a lot of pressure for him to get it just right. >> and i think he also wants to make sure that he can get through it himself without breaking down is something else that he's working on. >> reporter: son neil bush, carrying on his father's commitment of service, at the points of light foundation. >> what would your father make of all this? >> i think he would be a little disappointed that everyone was saying so many nice things about him, truth be told, because he was always so humble, and he never looked for taking credit. >> reporter: a somber day but a fitting goodbye.
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peter alexander, nbc news, the capitol. >> you can see more of the interview with jenna and barbara bush tomorrow morning on "today." senators from both sides of the aisle emerged more certain than ever that the saudi crown prince was behind the murder of "washington post" journalist after receiving the cia briefing they have been demanding. nbc's andrea mitchell has details. >> reporter: the young saudi crown prince, shunned by many at the g20 because of the killing of washington post writer jamal khashoggi. after the cia's secret senate briefing today, accused by top republicans of ordering khashoggi murdered and dismembered, even monitoring the killing. >> the brutality of this murder is beyond my sharing it with you. there's not a smoking gun, there's a smoking saw. >> if the crown prince went in front of a jury, he would be convicted in 30 minutes. >> reporter: senators already furious cia director gina haspel didn't brief them about the murder last week, the administration sending
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secretary of state pompeo and defense secretary mattis, who denied solid evidence, including intercepted messages implicating the crown prince. >> it feels like a coverup to me. the cia is always in the position of stepping forward and talking truth to power, and power doesn't always like it. >> reporter: the question tonight, will republican senators carry out their threat to come down on the saudi crown prince like a ton of bricks? despite the president's determination to protect his ally. andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. let's turn now to police asking for help in the urgent search for suspects in the murder of a good samaritan and mother who thought she was helping someone in need in baltimore. nbc's ron mott has more on the community on edge there tonight. >> reporter: jaclyn smith and her husband, keith, were driving home from a night out dancing. >> it was just a beautiful night. >> reporter: celebrating their daughter's birthday, when they saw a woman in need, carrying what looked to be an infant in her arms, in the rain holding a sign that said please help me feed my baby.
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to give her money. >> reporter: when she rolled down the window to give the woman money, a man approached to thank her, but then stabbed the 54-year-old mother and engiero ath, stealing her necklace and wallet before the pair ran away. >> i'm from baltimore. the last thing i thought they were going to take my wife's life. and so now i've got to live with that. i've got to live with that every day. >> reporter: the brazen attack prompting a response from oprah, a former anchor in baltimore, tweeting this story struck my heart. i've done this a thousand times, but will think twice before ever doing again. police have not caught the couple. >> we also want to caution the public about engaging with panhandlers and recognizing the fact that not all of them have honest intent. not all of them are in red. >> reporter: a good deed punished by a senseless death. >> she was my soul mate and my everything. >> reporter: ron mott,
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nbc news. new video out of colorado tonight showing a veteran shot and killed by police after defending his home from an intruder. the tape reveals confusion and chaos before police opened fire. nbc's gadi schwartz tonight in why the officer is not facing charges. >> drop the gun. >> reporter: in colorado, newly released body cam video. two officers responding to reports of a man who broke in, attacking a family. right before police go in, the sound of gunshots. a man appears with a gun. >> drop the gun! >> hey, get your hands in the air! [ gunfire ] >> reporter: investigators say that man was the homeowner, richard black, holding a gun because he had just shot and killed the intruder, as he tried to drown black's grandson. >> he died saving the life of hi and he died saving the life of his family. >> reporter: the district attorney now says the officer who opened fire would not face charges a
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re had reason to believe there was a threat. that officer now reassigned to a non-enforcement role while the police department begins its own investigation. gadi schwartz, nbc news. president trump is no stranger to feuds. he's had more than a few. but it's the growing feud between his family and a top republican attorney, that's particularly awkward. because that attorney is the husband of one of his top advisers. here's hally jackson with more. >> reporter: president trump has plenty of critics, but only one who is married to his senior adviser, george conway, husband of kellyanne. his criticism of the president now spilling into a public fight with the president's son. eric trump tweeting, of all the ugliness in politics, the utter disrespect george conway shows his wife her career, place of work, and everything that he's fought so hard to achieve might top them all. a white house source says trump was
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defending a woman's honor, apparently prompting george conway's implication of tampering with witnesses in the russia investigation. and after op-eds questioning his wife's boss. >> you mean mr. kellyanne conway? he's just trying to get publicity for himself. >> reporter: conway dismissing the drama -- >> if i had a nickel for everybody in washington that disagreed with their spouse about something that happens in this town, i wouldn't be on this podcast, i would be on a beach somewhere. >> reporter: kellyanne conway, bristling at any implication a high profile woman should be defined on any terms but her own. >> it doesn't affect me or my job at all. i'm sure the feminists are cheering me on, an independent, strong, strong willed, strong woman in a very powerful position who disagrees with her husband. >> reporter: hally jackson, nbc news. if you thought the midterm drama was over, think again. republicans are being accused of attempting to steal power after a tough loss in wisconsin, while allegations of election fraud left a north carolina race in limbo. here's nbc's kristen welker. >> reporter: political drama unfolding in wisconsin. republicans after the loss of governor scott walker accused of a
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legislative coup, voting on bills to limit the powers of the incoming democratic governor, and the incoming democratic attorney general. one proposal would restrict the governor's ability to enact laws. another measure would weaken the attorney general's office. >> an unprecedented act by the republican legislature. something that's never been done before in our state's history. >> reporter: but republicans on defense, say their goal is to establish a balance of power. >> i would support what we're doing here today as a way to equalize that authority and bring us together. >> reporter: and there's also uncertainty in north carolina, where the state board of elections has decided not to certify the ninth congressional district results between republican mark harris and the democrat dan mccready. at issue, allegations of election fraud at the hands of a republican political operative who has a felony record and a history of financial
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fraud. investigators are looking into whether he or an operation he ran manipulated absentee ballots after the state recorded an unusually high number of unreturned absentee ballots. >> whether you have a party trying to put limits on the incoming governor or a situation where there might be election fraud, this is a messy situation. >> reporter: all underscoring the bitter partisan divide still on display one month after the midterms. kristen welker, nbc news, washington. new accusations of hacking during the 2018 elections, this time it's the house republicans campaign organization, which claims thousands of e-mails from four senior aides were exposed. a foreign agent is believed to be behind it due to the nature of the attack. the fbi is investigating. billionaire jeffrey epstein reached a last-minute settlement in just one of the legal challenges he's facing, related to accusations he sexually abused young girls. it comes after his unusually lenient plea
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deal with prosecutors a decade ago over those accusations. but victims say that secret deal was a slap on the wrist. here's nbc's cynthia mcfadden. >> reporter: brad edwards, the lawyer working on behalf of dozens of women who accuse billionaire jeffrey epstein of sexually assaulting them when they were teens, is calling today's court hearing and financial settlement a win. >> given today's victory, we have heard from others who we had never heard from before. more willing than ever now to speak up with confidence. >> reporter: that, after epstein apologized to edwards for lying about his legal work. epstein writing, the things i said to try to harm mr. edwards' reputation were false. i sincerely apologize. but he still faces legal jeopardy in another case brought by edwards. victims who say they never got their day in court after having been lured to epstein's mansion where he allegedly sexually assaulted
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them. victims outraged that epstein was allowed to plead guilty to two prostitution counts, getting just 13 months in county jail, when, according to police and prosecution documents obtained by nbc news, he could have been put away for life. now, bradley edwards, determined to get a federal judge to overturn the sweet heart plea deal. >> somebody with money and power was able to communicate with the government in secrecy, in direct violation of the rights of the crime victims. >> reporter: tonight, mr. epstein declined to comment. cynthia mcfadden, nbc news, new york. new developments in the case we've been following of the american tourist who vanished in costa rica. authorities arrested a security guard at the complex where she was staying. a body was discovered at the property yesterday, but police have not confirmed it
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is her. now to the international outrage after a female soccer superstar was asked a question that many say wag shockingly sexist, while receiving a historic award last night. >> reporter: a historic night for the norwegian soccer player, winning the award for the best women's soccer player in the world. then, from the host, a question no man would get. "do you twerk?" a firm no. stunned looks in the audience, on social media, outrage. from u.s. soccer's abby womback, this is disgusting. and ridiculous sexism from wimbledon winner andy murray. tonight, the host apologizing. >> i didn't mean to offend anyone. >> reporter: for her, apology accepted. >> i didn't consider it as a sexual harassment. i think it's a fantastic day for women. >> reporter: she said what she wants people to remember is not that question, but the message in her speech that young girls should believe in themselves. lester? >> kelly, thank you. also tonight, the
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hotel guest outraged after she said she was secretly recorded and extorted. the massive recall every dog owner needs to hear. and the young hero who got a town to overturn a centuries old ban on wintertime fun.
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next tonight, the $100 million lawsuit filed against hilton worldwide and its franchise partners by a woman who says she was secretly recorded showering in her room, then victimized again. miguel almaguer now with the disturbing story. >> reporter: it happened inside this albany, new york hampton inn. while taking a shower, jane doe says in a lawsuit, a hotel employee used a hidden camera to record her. she agreed to an interview without
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showing her face. >> just absolute horror. i started screaming, and crying, and all i could think of is my life is over if this gets out. my life is ruined. >> reporter: jane doe, who has filed a $100 million lawsuit against the hotel, hilton worldwide, and others, says she learned of the recording through an e-mail, after the video was posted on x rated websites and shared with her colleagues, the perpetrator demanded money. >> i'm so angry. >> reporter: in 2016, broadcaster erin andrews was awarded $55 million after a stalker filmed her through a peephole at a nashville hotel. >> erin andrews involved an individual targeting of a single person. this is a systemic problem where videos were taken of many people. >> reporter: in anst stunned to learn of the allegations. hilton adding, we take the safety and well-being of our guests incy seriously. the hotel, working with authorities, says it's found no evidence so far, having
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recently undergone renovations. but jane doe says a makeover can't cover up the damage already done. miguel almaguer, nbc news. up next, a major dog food recall.
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the fda is recalling eight brands of dog food which it says could be toxic to your pet. nbc's ron allen has more on the advice to pet owners tonight. >> reporter: the recall warns of potentially serious health problems for dogs. kidney failure, even death, due to dangerous levels of vitamin d in dog food. as much as 70 times higher considered safe. the fda recalling 12 products from eight brands of dry dog food, with a wide range of ingredients sold in various sized bags. >> if your dog has too much vitamin d, what kind of symptoms could you see? >> lethargy, not feeling very well, loss of appetite. sometimes they can
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vomit or have constipation. >> reporter: the fda trying to figure out how such toxic amounts of vitamin d got into the dog food and warning more may be added to the recall list. ron allen, nbc news, new york. up next, a boy who convinced a town to lift a ban on a winter pastime. "nbc nightly news" is brought to you by -- right now... and i )ll tu
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about the new storm coming in for the weekend. plus, a potential new fix for the millenium tower - now leaning 17 inches. we investigate the new plan to straighten it out. next at 6 a colorado boy is being hailed as a hometown hero of sorts after he got officials to lift a ban on something kids love in the wintertime. here's kevin tibbles. >> ouch! son of a nutcracker. >> reporter: even elf will farrell would have been a felon in severance, colorado, because for almost a
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century, snowball fights were against the law. >> i broke the law a lot. >> reporter: so snowball slinging 9-year-old dane bess rode into town to tell him what he thought of it all. >> it's pretty lame. >> reporter: his posse, mom and dad, encouraged dane to step up. >> i asked my mom if she could do it, and she told me i had to. >> reporter: the mayor said to fight city hall, he better come armed with a power point. so he did. >> today kids need reasons to play outside. kids want to have snowball fights without breaking the law. >> reporter: after all that hard work, the vote was unanimous. snowball fights are a-okay in severance, colorado. >> throw your first snowball, the first legal one. >> reporter: but remember, kids, play nice out there. as for the kid in the bow tie, he's got plans. >> i want to be president, because i can make more changes and i get the whole white house to myself. >> reporter: snowball fights in the rose garden for all.
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kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. >> i bet even kids there are hoping there's a snowstorm soon. that's "nightly news" for this tuesday. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night.the land alone is worth billion dollars. and that )s why the futu right now at 6:00, the land alone is worth $1 billion. that's why the future of reed hill airport is up in the air. what county leaders are debating tonight. plus, it's a jammed meeting, the topic, google's plans for san jose. but first, it is cloudy, dark and wet. those are rain drop on the lens
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there. we're in the middle of a new round of rain. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us, i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. the rain is back and gearing up for more. not too bad for now, but it will hamper the drive home for many on the road. >> it's just starting to pick up right now. storm ranger, mobile doppler radar shows a heavier pocket into the north bay. we'll take you into the top spots. to get you prepared if you're heading anywhere over the nextt. likely continuing into novato by 6:28. off to the south, trace amounts to


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