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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 5, 2018 4:30am-4:58am PST

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at 4:30 on your wednesday morning, it is a national day of mourning. president george h.w. bush will be laid to rest today. it will be the first of actually two funerals to be held. this one in washington, d.c. and another private funeral planned in texas. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we'll have a look at the commute in a bit. first, we want to look at the weather outside. >> we had a system move in last night that brought a good amount of rainfall. overall, a some over a tenth of an inch. i want to show you some showers using our doppler radar. you can see showers pushing mainly to the north and
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scattered showers in through santa cruz. not a heavy pocket of rain yet. but we have a chance of seeing more showers through the afternoon with this system. one thing that will change through today will be a decrease in the wind speeds. i'll go over that timeline and when the rain expected to move out in a bit. first, it looks like the wet roads may have caused a crash in san jose. let's check in with mike. >> i can't say whether they officially caused the crash. it's tougher to drive as far as the traction. you're stopping and that would allow for tracking the grip on the roadway. you saw the green wet roadways registering on our conditions reported there. capital expressway at snell, just past the monterrey road, down towards 87. reports of a crash overnight there. let me show you videos from the where a car came down the roadway hitting the light pole. those familiar with the intersection hit a chevron.
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that's the light pole. both the passenger and the driver airbags are deployed. we're not getting a lot of detail. we do know they're -- that will likely mean there is no major injuries. no one died as a result of the crash, likely because they are cleaning that so soon after the crash. watch that one intersection, guys, you see the wet roads. back to you. >> thank you very much mike. it's 4:32. breaking news from fremont with word of a deadly double shooting. on newton court and chauser drive. the details are limited. but one person was shot and killed, a second injured. from the video, it appears the victim was shot inside the car. police are gathering information working to confirm information as well. he's talking with police. he'll join us with a full report in our 5:00 hour. new for you this morning, victory for google and its search to bring a massive new
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development to the south bay. they approved a deal that will transform downtown san jose. that paves the way for google's proposed village. the area may bring in 25,000 ou public testimony earlier in the day. here's a map showing the properties san jose plans to sell to google in order to launch the project. all of the parcels are between santa clara and san parcels street. "today in the bay" chrkris sanc will have reaction live at the top of the hour. our other top story, reflecting on the life and legacy of former president george h.w. bush. the nation's final farewell to our st presint in the rotunda there. eventually, it will be moved to the national cathedral in washington where s 8:00 a.m.
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obama, bush, clinton and carter will pay their respects. president trump also expected to attend. >> since president bush's death friday night, there's been a massive effort in the few days since to get everything just right. now, although, like other presidential funerals, this morning's ceremonies and the eventual leading up to it has been planned for years. the funeral follows a private greeting from president trump and a steady stream of visitors at the capitol where president bush's body has been lying in state. people waited for hours for the moment to say good-b neil says he's grateful for the support. >> i'm not grieving. i'm celebrating just human bein. >> former president george w. bush who struggled with grief at the capitol monday will eulogize his father today. thetate duty
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are involved. this morning, president and defense department personnel bush's two granddaughters are reflecting about their final moments with their grandfather in an exclusive interview with savannah guthrie. >> what did that mean to you and your family to spend these final days and weeks and months with him? >> i mean, we didn't take it for granted because we knew most likely this was his last summer. we all knew that. so we took communion with him on sundays. one of my favorite memories were my little gills singing jesus loves me and watching myitas be. that contrast between the old and the young. >> the sisters added that we should all make time for loved you. nbc's live coverage starts at 7:00 a.m. the funeral starts at 8:00 at the washington national cathedral. at 4:45, the former president
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bush will lie in repose at st. march continues episcopal church in texas. investigators this morning don't know how an elderly man wound up dead along highway 84 in newark. a little before 7:00 last night a driver happened to pull over the exit and he saw the man's body. investigators say they did not see any signs of foul play. crossing fingers, full service of the busy t light rail line can resume today. it's been halted due to work on a platform near the warriors new arena. it's not the layup they hoped for. crs are widening the platform to accommodate large crowds. they were supposed to finish it before monday but rain and unexpected boulders are causing delays. riders have been forced to hop on shuttle buses at mission, leaving many frustrated. >> we have to get on a bus and disembark and get on another
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train. definitely an inconvenience. >> created a hectic day for me because i had to wait extra time and i didn't know this was going on. >> so it's a pain in the butt? >> yes, it is. >> riders should brace for more of the same issues during most of january and february. that's when shuttle buses will fully replace the t-line to accommodate for the same platform widening project. 4:37. up next on "today in the bay," you might want to hold on to a classic. a new brand of groceries could soon make its way to the bay area. how the nation's leading supermarke c
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good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc global headquarters. the u.s. markets are closed today to observe the national day of mourning for former president george h.w. bush. yesterday, wall street -- it closed down nearly 800 points. the dow, the nasdaq s&p a month. overseas, asian and european markets are across the board today. investors are skeptical over how significant the deal the u.s. and china reached this weekend to delay new tariffs will actually be as both sides are offering very few details. there are mounting concerns about a slowdown in the u.s. and the global economy and the possibility of a looming recession in the next year. auto news, volkswagen says it
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will stop producing gas-powered cars after 2026 to focus entirely on electric vehicles. it's really a radical move for the best selling passenger car brands and many parts of the world, including europe and china. but a volkswagen executives say they're takingte warming. vw is forming an alliance with ford to possibly use ford plants to increase its u.s. production. consumer news. the largestirst express will op in -- at about a dozen walgreens locations inth will offer secti those are your cnbc business headlines. marcus and laura, back to you. customers take to it. >> we don't have a kroger here. but i remember shopping in there when i was little back home in memphis. >> memories. >> memories ♪ >> thanks, frank. coming up here on "today in the bay," backing the ongoing -- the radar picking up some
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moisture tracking through the north bay right now. showers are expected to make their arrival in through san francisco. i'll take you through the timeline in a bit. got the radar, got the live traffic showhill, national cathl
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welcome back to "today in the bay." today is a national day of mourning as a nation gets set to bid farewell to president bush. a live look outside of the capitol rotunda where his body
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lies in state and the national cathedral on the right where today's funeral will take place. there will be a private funeral for the family back in texas. woel continue to monitor that.showill be covering t r extensively. in the meantime, rain in the bay area. >> the roads are wet, mike we'll check in with you in a little bit with that. the rain comes in, people in california, you know how it gets out there. storm ranger picking up decent moisture. you can see it using the storm ranger. that's that red skin there. on top of san bruno mountain. i want to zoom in and show you showers pushing through. portions of fairfield about to get some rain through there. light rain in through san francisco right now. san mateo as well. this system did move in overnight. into today, we'll see the last of those showers. los gatos, we've got decent heavier pockets of rain. whenever you see the yellow or the orange hues there as the
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storm ranger makes a decent rae head in towards the next couple of hours. drizzle. as you drive this morning, don't be surprised. it kind of goes away and it comes back. that's how it's expected to be right now the temperatures not too cold. pretty mild. 48 degrees for livermore. 53 for san francisco. but i do want to show you your hour by hour outlook in terms of the timeline of when this rain is expected to make its exit. here it is. by 7:30, you notice we seem to be getting heavier pockets of rain through santa rosa, san rafael. the peninsula might get moderate rainfall within the later portion of the morning. by 10:30, the rain starts to decrease. we keep scattered showers in the forecast. look at by 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, anything that's left behind is residual moisture and it really seems to c cover,h
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is great news. it seems like the system is making an exit earlier. as far as the microclimate highs, 50s on the map. mid-50s for oakland. scattered rain will continu through the afternoon. here's a look at the estimated rain totals. not a lot of rain from the system. just under a t we'll see more snow for the sierra which is fantastic to see. a quick check of the forecast. we dry out for tomorrow and friday, by sunday, looks like another decent system that could bring more rainfall to the bay area. let's send things over to mike. >> sunday means not sunny day. that's the important difference for the nonmeteorologist. water on the lens here. it's been less than a minute and a half there. that will be a factor. drizzly, rainy over here. slicker roadways. be careful out there. we have just the lanes off to the left as you approach. those are one that is remain
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with one those still with the green. also the road weather index showing wet roadways peninsula. i've brought in the weather system. we can show you the radar. traffic and weather working together, obviously. we do have more rain registering in the east bay. getting back to the bigger map, there we go, with more of that stuff going on. there's our storm ranger with that really accurate low-level radar going on showing you what's really happening on the peninsula side and parts of south county will get hit with rain, we're just tracking that. no major problems. the live look at the san mateo bridge shows you that despite the radar activity, looking fine. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 49 right now. our investigative is talking about the millennium tower that's sinking. the new plan to fix the problem. san francisco city planners are reviewing the proposed solution for the tilting tower.
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engineers submitted the yesterday. th w52 piles, 200 feet into the bedrock to shore up the building. the old foundation would then be jacked up and anchored to the new higher one. our investigative unit spoke with a structural engineer. he calls the plan an effective solution but worries about the impact on residents. >> there's a lot of drilling. when they do that drill, how much of that drilling sound transmits up into the occupied spaces, you know, that's something they'll have to determine. >> before any drilling ever begins an independent peer review panel will have to sign off on the $100 million fix. it's not clear who is paying for the fix due to the ongoing legal dispute. >> 4:50 right now. washington's nfl team has a serious quarterback problem. kevin durant thinks he has the answer. he posted a photo of former 49er, colin cappkaepernick on h
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instagram account. washington is down to its third quarterback due to season ending es.u while k.d. is pushing hard for kap, the team signed josh johnson as the new backup. if you can believe it, turns out even emergency alert systems are fair game for most bloodmers authorities in san mateo county are warning about a new scam involving fake text messages. besides being part of the emergency notification system. the scammer claims deputies may need to conduct a random inspection and need access to their property. a sheriff's department believes it's thieves trying to get into people's homes or businesses. >> we would never ask to comeo your home or turn off your alarms or enter your house without probable cause or a warrant. that's kind of first heads-up that something is suspicious here. >> you can't say that enough. sheriff's offwi never send a textsa access to your home or business.
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anyone who receives a fake alert should contact the sheriff's office. 4:51 right now. the bay area is known as a worldwide premium wine growing region. we're profiling winemakers and growers in the next installment of our documentary series. >> in sonoma, it's one of the oldest family owned wineries in the bay area. it survived an earthquake, prohibition and recently the family home burned in the wildfires. they didn't lose the winery with the vineyard. gus recalls the support of strangers. >> people had heard it had burned. i was just like, people i never seen before and it really just showed it was a wakeup call, there's so much that this place means beyond just to aa revelat america's wine country airs this saturday at 10:00 right after "saturday night live."
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coming up here on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> they're losing tens of thousands of dollars. but is anyone helping them? i'm investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. happening now, breaking news for you. we're getting our first video in a shooting at a food supply warehouse in baltimore. we know one person was shot at the business. there is a very large police presence at the scene. the suspect is not in custody and it's not clear if he's inside that building. we'll have more news for you right after the break. area is il
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estate wire fraud.
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welcome back. wednesday morning. 4:55. throughout the year, nbc bay area investigated real estate wire fraud. it's a fast growing crime leading to staggering losses for miryg to help them put their lives back together. >> good morning. it's been seven months since cindy brunell lost her nest egg to thieves. today she's no closer to getting her money back. we first brought you her story in june. hackers intercepted her $25,000 cash payment when she tried to buy a house. the crooks used a bogus e-mail to trick her into transferring the money to the wrong account. it's gone. cindy had no warning this could happen. >> i wasn't aware of wire fraud. i didn't know that i should have called the title company. i didn't know all these things. >> why can't law enforcement do more to help fraud victims like cindy? tonight at 6:00, we ask bay area s it so difficu to keeping them identify and arrest hackers in
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these cases. if you have a consumer complaint call us at 888-996-tips or visit i'll see you again tonight at 6:00. >> all right, chris. coming up on "today in the bay," tracking a soggy commute for some of you this morning. >> indeed. we've got showers pushing through the bay area right now. san francisco, though, you can see we're not seeing a lot of fog because of that rain. i'll track down when this is expected to make its exit and how much rainfall are we expecting from the system. details, coming up. you'll still have slick roadwa roadways. this is 580 at the top of your screen. the taillights are going over the dublin interchange just fine. we'll show you if we can find rain on your windshield coming up. plus, brand new video this morning, waymo full speed ahead when it comes toself-driving e n bay." a live look at the nationa
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it is just moments before 5:00 on this national day of mourning. president george h.w. bush being laid to rest this morning in washington, d.c. the national cathedral there. his body now lying in the u.s. capitol rotunda. thank you forodni in the bay." i'm marcu >> i'm laura garcia. to get yourxtensive coverage of morning going, see how the commute is going. >> we've got a couple of showers. the heavier of the rain moved in last night. th satellite and radar is showing.
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a lot of the rain now off to the north. but i do want to show you what your storm ranger is showing. this gives us a better look at it pushing through san francisco. light drizzle. napa getting pretty good pockets through there. san jose not getting a lot of rain out of this system. we've still got moisture left. that's going to bring the chance to see more showers throughout the day on and off. not expecting heavy rainfall, but could see periods of moderate downpours in some areas through the afternoon. by 4:00 or 5:00, we're going to get a change in our weather forecast. i'll tell you exactly what that is. first, we have tock in with mike and a check of traffic. >> rain remains a factor here. you can see here at the truck stop on the side of the road on 101 north through san rafael,
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