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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 5, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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rare gathering. president trump and all four living past presidents. the crowd with foreign dignitaries, past and present and recalling his trademark sense of humor. >> he loved a good joke but he never ever could remember a punch line. >> reporter: the most tumping tribute from his own son sharingless sons passed from one commander in chief to another. >> he showed me what it means to be a president who serves with integrity and acts with love in his heart for the citizens of our country. >> reporter: invoking his dad's trademark phrase. >> his was the brightest of a,000 saa thousands points of light. >> reporter: the best father a son or daughter could have. in our grief by knowing dad is hugging robin and holding mom's hand again.
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>> reporter: from a family and a grateful nation. a final farewell to the 41st president. the tributes will continue tomorrow with another public service in houston. the late president will be laid to rest at his presidential library alongside his wife barbara. >> it was a beautiful and touching ceremony for so many of us. you see prince charles. angela merkle and king abdullah. another live look now at the president's casket at st. martin's church in houston where more tributes are planned tomorrow. funeral starts at 8:00 a.m. and at 10:00 a.m. the casket will be transported by train to college station. mr. bush will be laid to rest at his presidential library at
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texas a&m university. to our forecast. another rainy day in the bay area. it's coming down this morning on the peninsula. the wind shield wipers were going. the umbrellas were out as students were headed to school. we're seeing a bit more rain. jeff is tracking it for us. >> the storm system is slowly trying to get out of here as the center of the storm is moving out. we've seen several times some of the moderate to heavy pockets move in. storm ranger with dry conditions in the north bay, east bay and
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peninsu peninsula. a batch of wet weather in the south bay. it's moving off to the north. it will bring rainfall to sunnyvale. some showers now approaching morgan hill and gilroy. we're tracking how long this chance will last and brand new chance for the upcoming weekend in about 15 minutes. traffic in san francisco is a mess. a big rig has traffic backed up into the city. you can see the surface streets in san francisco backed up. traffic is at a stand still. crawling as people try to get on to the bridge to go to the east bay. a truck jackknifed earlier today blocking three eastbound lanes on the bridge. the accident was cleaned up fairly quickly but it took a while to clean up the fuel on the road. the lanes of the bay bridge did
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reopen about an hour ago. you can see traffic is slow in san francisco. an officer involved shooting has left one man dead. sky ranger was over the scene as investigators flooded the scene near martinez. it was a close call for the deputy who returned fire. christy smith is live with the laet breaking inin inin ining >> reporter: the deputy was not hurt. we heard late this afternoon and here is what they are saying. they say it was a short foot pursuit and the suspect would not listen to what the deputy was saying. there was a struggle and they say that the suspect pulled out a gun and fired it and the deputy fired back. >> i'm in the shop and i hear shots. >> reporter: he was startled by the unmistakable sound of gunfire. >> i walk outside and i see or hear the lady screaming, no, no,
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no. the cops pull her to the one car that's here. >> reporter: he says man was laying motionless many the street. >> just gut shots. >> the deputy went to contact the individual. the individual kept reaching into his waistbands. >> reporter: a contracosta spokesperson said it unfolded quickly. a deputy saw a man with an out standing warrant for evading and resisting arrest. there was a struggle and the suspect fired a shot. >> the suspect was aiming towards the head. it didn't het the deputiit the was close. >> reporter: the man died at the scene.
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they say he's an active gang member. >> he's had extensive law enforcement contacts. >> we never have any problems here. >> reporter: sheriff spokesperson did not say how many shots were fired but we're told the deputy is on paid administrative leave and several investigations are under way and also in the past couple of minutes before we came on a woman came out. she spoke with the media. she was in tears. she said that she knew the man who was shot and killed today and in her words it unfolded much differently. we'll hear from her at 6:00. >> thank you. a bizarre shooting turned into a murder case in fremont. investigators are trying to determine what happened. it started a rn around 11:00
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a.m. on chaucer drive. the driver ran away and a neighbor rushed to save the passenger. >> we shook him again and he gasped for air. i thought he was going to make it. unfortunately, he didn't make it. >> that passenger died. officers found the driver in the neighborhood. he have treated for non-life threatening wounds. at this point they are treating both men as shooting victims. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear more about the dramatic rescue attempt by the neighbor. for the first time in nearly a month some residents are allowed to return home. evacuation orders were lifted at 10:00 this morning for certain sections of paradise. for many it will be a return. the campfire destroye advising e careful. >> there's still a lot of
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hazards up there. drive at a reduced speed. watch for utility crews and equipment and be mindful of your fellow citizens and everybody trying to help restore our community. >> 85 people were killed in the camp fire. ten people are still unaccounted for. the land deal is done. san jose is selling more than $100 million of city property to google. there's many more steps remaining. it's a big deal. >> it really is a big deal. this is one of the six properties that the city is selling. the company plans to build a 20 acre megaco complex. first the soil underneath a lot of these properties need to be cleaned up. >> reporter: despite protesters chanting and chaining themselves to seats last night, they agreed
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to sell this fire training center in san jose to google for more than $42 million. the city also agreed do sell six other properties to the tech titan. the deal puts google well on its way to developing a mega complex downtown that could create more than 20,000 jobs. some fear the project will push families out. >> the only home that my children have known due in large part to google i'm likely to lose that home. >> reporter: affordable housing will be part of project but first a lot needs to happen. >> these were industrial sites. trying to figure out what it will call to remediate the soil so it can be built on and be safe. we're still trying to assess the building height. >> reporter: the city needs to make changes to the plan and
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change land uses. google sun mibmit a project application. it will be two years before the google project will be up for approval. the mayor says it will likely be at least ten years before thousands of google employees will be moving into a new campus here. >> thank you. a different approach to tackling the heavy bay area commute. allow buses to drive on freeway shoulders. according to the valley transportation authorities, state transportation leaders are pushing to allow buses and cars to drive on the shoulder during heavy commute time. the goal is proposed legislation next year. areas bein considered highway 87 and highway 101. uproar over a dispensary move sboog ting into the east b.
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why parents say it's putting that are kids at risk. hailing a taxi without a driver telling it where to go. we'll explain how it will work and when it will make its way to the bay area. a little bit more rain showing up. we'll put a track on it and details on this weekend. that's in about seven minutes.
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some people in the east bay -- are upset that a maruanaiua dispi=ensary could be moving
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next t some people in the east bay are upset that marijuana dispensary could be moving next to a kungfu studio where most of the people are children. >> reporter: we're here along webster street. it's a pretty popular area that gets a lot of foot traffic. this empty store front could become the first marijuana dispensary. right behind the store is a mosque. right next door is this marshti arts studio that caters to children. >> reporter: bright colored backpacks means class is in session. >> math tutoring and english tutoring. >> reporter: the manager says more than 80% of her students are under age. the institute also hosts free toddler play dates but under the eyes of the city of alameda. >> martial arts stud yios are n
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considered for the youth. >> how about the perception we're sending the kids. >> we want to make sure we have opportunities for cannibas to locate many the city and not have restrictions. >> reporter: they do have buffering zobuffer zones for those considered youth centers. they feel like it's excludesing the studio purposely. >> kids in the school have buffer zone protection. how about after school when they get off from school they are still children. they still need protection. >> reporter: there wil storesco. that's because there are three other permits up for grabs. if this business obtains the cl opp starting in early 2019. that's the latest here, i'm melissa colorado, nbc news. many of us are getting
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packages delivered during the holiday season which is attracting thieves. police say this is one of them. security camera captured her stealing packages. officers arrested her and last week she pleaded guilty. more driverless cars. the mountain view based company launched the first driverless taxi service today in phoenix. it works with the phone app. customers can use their phones. the company says it will find its way to the bay area. potential they are a bit nervous about hopping in. >> think data, some more real l examples happening before i would put myself in a driverless
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car. >> that's something. a safety driver will be in the car during the taxi rides at this point but eventually lit be driverer le driverless. in the south bay tiny homes are solving problems. the residents are students. about a third of the students are couch surfing or sleeping in their car. >> they are less well. our goal is to have our students build the tiny homes and they be build them and live in this them. hee placed on property owned by six income seniors and low income family who is will benefit from the extra rent money. it will be turn things over to our chief meteorologist. i'm still thinking about the driver lessless taxi. >> would you do it?
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>> if the ride was free maybe. >> it's a money decision. >> you could be a tester. >> i'd risk my life if it was free. we did have some higher totals for the peninsula. i wanted to show you storm ranger. we do have two different ones scanning now. we have our one in los angeles and you can really see the storm has started to move down there. we're still holding onto some residual rainfall. let's get a closer look at this. really the bulk of the wet weather has started to move out. we have a bit of activity. there in the south bay. you have wet weather in san jose and campbell. now as we continue through tonight, i still think we'll have the possibility of spotty
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showers into 11:00. we'll start to see things change as we move into tomorrow's forecast. as we hit, 7:00, 8:00 many the morning we'll see sunshine in the north bay. still clouds to start to the south bay. we're really working for blue skies. we head into thursday afternoon. i think it will be a nice set up for us at 1:30 in the morning. let's see how that will impact temperatures the tomorrow it will start off cold. you still need that jacket. 37 in the tri-valley. the south bay at 40. also down to my coldest average after 36. with that anticipated blue sky by the afternoon i do think temperatures will be warmg up. let's get a look at the forecast. you can see across the south bay it's many the low 50s. . close to the 60s for a lot of spots if not the low 60s. 60 in gilroy. you'll find very similar
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temperatures no matter where you go across the bay area. just the way things work after our storm system moved in. upper 50s for the peninsula. that sunshine for the afternoon. san francisco will return to 58 across the embarcadero. it will be a bit widespread warmer with the low 60s here. that's where we anticipate the sunshine to build in first tomorrow. my extended forecast has more sun coming our way. you'll like the next three days. you get the sunshine for tomorrow, friday and saturday. once we hit sunday night you get a chance of rain developing for the morning. that will last into the morning. totals 3500. it's not a big storm system but we'll keep our eye on that. we'll dry out as we head into next tuesday and wednesday. we'll see temperatures warm up the next couple of days but not going to be a warm day for us. really looking ahead towards the nice weather and the rain chance
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on sunday night. i think tomorrow will be really, really great day. >> looks like it. up next, amazon workers rush to the hospital after a mishap in the warehouse. a robot was responsible for causing this emergency. we'll explain, next. sfx: squeak sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california.
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it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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traffic is jammed-up. skyranger, over the embarcadero ... where you see developing news in san francisco where traffic is jammed up. this is sky ranger a few minutes ago. you can see the red bright lights. cars trying to get out of the city. they are having hard time doing this after a big rig jackknifed earlier. the crash was cleaned up but it took a while to clean up the
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fuel. all lanes reopened at 4:00. traffic is still bad. a lot of downtown streets clogged. if you're expecting someone home from san francisco, they will most likely be late. scary moments at an amazon warehouse in new jersey. 80 employees, nearly 80 employees were sickened after an aerosol can containing bear repellant was punctured by a robot. employees say they are having trouble breathing with a burning sensation in eyes and throats. 24 people were hospitalized. one worker is in critical condition. facebook says the public is seeing one side of the story. that the company's response to release of private e-mails by british parliament. the 250 pages of messages are posted online as they say facebook wasn't giving investigators straight answers. the parliamentary committee is
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examining disinformation and fake news on fake book and seized it from a developing once they learned he was in london. they show how facebook wields data troves. the bay area is one of the world's premium wine growing regions. we're profiling our local wine makers and growers in our next installment of bay area revelation. it's one of the oldest family owned wine rries in the bay are. the family home burned in the north bay wildfires last year. they did not lose the nery or vineyard. >> people lined up on the fence r crying who thought they heard it was burned. people i had never seen before and it really just showed, it
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was a bit of wake up call. there's so much that this place means beyond just to us. >> whether you're a wine expert or a novice or you want to get into wine, this is great program to watch. we're happy to produce it. it airs this weekend, saturday night 10:00 p.m. a bay area tradition is putting smiles on kids faces. we'll show you next. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike,
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i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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working tonight at 6:00, using oranges and water bottles. the way some tesla drivers are working around the restriction of the auto-pilot feature. how the chp is hoping to stop them. that's coming up at 6:00. a bay area holiday tradition that's making a lot of children happy. >> toys for tots kicked off this morning at city hall with a toy and book festival. more than 1300 kids in need received books, bo ttoys and puzzles. donations are now being accepted through the holidays. a lot of kids need our help. >> they really need dolls this year. >> okay.
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>> love those donations. >> thanks for joining us. lester holt joins us next from washington, d.c. tonight, the extraordinary farewell in washington for george h.w. bush. presidents, princes, and prime ministers packing the national cathedral for a moving goodbye. >> the best father a son or daughter could have. and in our grief, i just smile knowing that dad is hugging robin and holding mom's hand again. >> the 43rd president's emotional salute to his father, the 41st. breaking news, an intense search for after two military haid of gm confronted by our correspondent over those massive job cuts and plant


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