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tv   Today  NBC  December 7, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back with more live, local news at 7:25. >> join us for in being bay area news at 11:00. it is friday. enjoy your time and your weekend. thanks for starting your day with us here on "today in the bay." . good morning. monster storm, more than 30 million people from arizona to virginia in the path of a dangerous system bringing heavy snow, ice and torrential rain. causing flooding, mud slides and this plane to slide off the runway. across the south, many bracing for a historic snowfall. >> the next three to four days will be very busy. >> al says this is just the beginning. >> he's out. kevin hart stepping down days after being announced. this morning the backlash over his homophobic tweets. former president george h.w.
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bush laid to rest in texas alongside his beloved wife and their daughter after a final day of touching tributes. and the moving moment the flag from his casket is given to his only daughter. all that, plus the race against time. a frantic search to find five marines still missing after that mid-air collision. >> responding to sexual misconduct allegations by at least three women as one of his accusers breaks her silence. and tennessee titans running back makes history, tieing the longest touchdown run ever in the nfl. >> 99 yards! >> and that was just one of his four touchdowns on the night. his amazing run to the word books today, friday, december 7th, 2018.
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from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda. >> it is 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. nice to have you with us on a friday morning. big story out in the west coast. a big weather storm making its way toward us. >> but breaking news out of the white house. the president has just announced his picks for both the next attorney general, as well as the u.s. ambassador to the united nation. there is also word that the president's chief of staff, john kelly, could be on the way out. let's get to pete williams on this news about the attorney general. pete, good morning to you. >> the choice is william barr. he is a respected lawyer with a long career in government and private practice. president trump made the announcement after 24 hours of rumors about who the next attorney general would be. >> i did not know him for -- until recently when i went through the process of looking at people.
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and he was my first choice from day one. respected by republicans and respected by democrats. he will be dominated for the united states attorney general. >> barr is 68. he was a lawyer at the cia, the reagan white house and the justice department before becoming attorney general during the george h.w. bush administration. since then he's been mostly a corporate lawyer. unlike jeff session, who was forced out as attorney general by president trump, barr likely won't have any reason to recuse himself. that is to take himself off the russia investigation. he didn't campaign for president trump, which is something sessions did. but the timing of the nomination, though, is notable because the prevailing thought was that the white house would wait until the robert mueller special counsel report came out before nominating somebody to prevent the confirmation hearing from becoming solely about how the new attorney general will preside over the mueller investigation.
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so when that hearing is held, likely next month would be my guess, we can be certain that the issue of mueller will be the critical one because it is the attorney general who will decide, for example, whether to make the mueller report public when it's done, send it to congress presumably to the public as well. >> i guess unless the mueller report comes out before those hearings. >> unlikely. >> okay. if you say it, we believe it. the other big story of the morning, that dangerous winter storm that brought snow and mud slides to california now is taking aim at tens of millions more across the country. we've got everything you need to know for the weekend starting with al. >> thanks so much. we are still watching that rain coming into southern california. that's moving out. that's the good news as it pushes out. it makes its way towards texas. we will be looking at coast to coast impacts. some places could see 8 to 10 inches of rain. power outrages possible from
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texas all the way into kentucky and north carolina. snow for texas fairly light. but as we make our way east into the carolinas, could see a foot and a half. charlotte four to eight. virginia four to six inches of snow. for today airport delays. saturday more of the same. dallas, new orleans and atlanta airport delays. the roads throughout the southeast, the major interstates will be slick. as we move into sunday, the big problems will be in the mid-atlantic states from atlanta all the way to raleighraleigh-d >> it is already causing a lot of problems with a lot more to come. we are in houston, texas.
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>> reporter: good morning. a flash flood wash will be in effect here. could cause dramatic flooding. this is all part of that massive storm system sweeping across the country. >> parts of the south are bracing for a winter weather wallop from texas to the east coast. could be buried in snow, something folks there are definitely not accustomed to. >> i'm kind of excited. >> reporter: in sa lem, hardware stores stocking up. travelers and airlines already on high alert. delta, united, southwest and frontier waiving ticket change fees for some weekend travel. the massive storm sloging east after drenching southern california thursday. firefighters swooping in to save this man trapped in the raging flood water. in orange county, mud and debris
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surging down land forcing evacuations and road close yours. in burbank, a southwest plane skidded while landing on a rain slicked runway. everyone on board okay. a surprise snowstorm shut down a stretch of interstate 5, stranding driving for hours. >> i wasn't expecting this. >> i've never seen snow. >> reporter: here in houston, the rain is expected to begin later today. authorities are warning residents to expect dangerous driving conditions tonight into tomorrow. thank you so much. now to that stunning news about the oscars overnight days after kevin hart was tapped to host the awards show. he is now out. miguel in los angeles on the story for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. not long after he got the gig, critics almost immediately
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started blasting the popular actor for old tweets and comedy routines they say are homophobic. then hours later, he called it quits. >> writing on twitter, i have made the choice to step down from hosting this year's oscars. this is because i do not want to be a distraction on a night that should be celebrated by so many amazing talented artists. i apologize to the lbgtq community for my insensitive words from my past. he added, i'm sorry i hurt people. my goal is to bring people together, not to tear us apart. that apology coming shortly after he posted a more defiant video on instagram. >> i just got a call from the academy and they called to say, kevin, apologize for your tweets of old or we're going to have to move on and find another host.
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talking about the tweets from 2009, 2010. >> the comedian's change of heart coming three days after he was tapped to host the 2019 oscars, following the announcement criticisms pounced, condemning several of his old tweets and comedy routines as homophobic. in one of those posts, hart reportedly wrote, yo, if my son comes home and tries to play with my daughters doll house, i'm going to break it over his head and say stop, that's ga. >> one of my biggest fears is my son growing up and becoming gay. i'm not homophobic. but we being a male, if i can prevent my son from being gay, i will. >> hart tried to explain himself on another video on instagram. >> guys, i'm almost 40 years old. if you don't believe that people
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change, grow, evolve as they get older, i don't know what to tell you. >> at 39 years old, the stand-up comic has become a bankable hollywood star, appearing in a string of big-time block busters. but hosting the oscars brings a new level of scrutiny. usually hosts are criticized for what they say during the academy awards, but hart won't get that chance after exiting stage right. >> so this is hollywood. you talk about who could possibly replace him. >> well, when they selected hart, you would think that the academy had several candidates to choose from. it is possible one of those candidates could step up to replace him. there was no comment overnight. >> thank you. and craig is here with more on the remembrances honoring the life of george bush 41. >> those continue this morning after a week of moving tributes.
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the former president has been laid to rest in his home state of texas. peter has been following this story all week for us and joins us now with more on that. >> what a week. good morning to all of you. george h.w. bush's final resting place is at his presidential library on the campus of texas a&m university right beside his beloved wife daughter and their three-year-told daughter robin. the late president described simply by his pastor as a man that we all adored. george herbert walker bush now at rest. after days of tributes, 41, the world hero turned world leader was buried at a private ceremony in texas. the moment congressmen rated with full military honors, and a roaring navy salute. his final journey aboard this presidential funeral train,
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union pacific 4141, painted to resemble air force one. thousands of well wishers lining the route, all bidding farewell to the president. from george w. bush, thank you for making 41's last ride so special. earlier at the houston church where they worshipped for more than a half century, prayer and song from the oakridge boys ♪ amazing grace. >> and reba mcintyre, who made 43 cry with her stirring version of the lord's prayer. friends and family including george p. bush, paid their final respects. >> george herbert walker bush is the most gracious, most decent, most humble man that i will ever know. and it is the honor of a lifetime to share his name.
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>> granddaughter barbara fighting back tears. >> he leads me beside the still waters. >> james baker, 41st friend for more than 60 years recalling his unique way of ending a spirited discussion. >> he would look at me and he said, baker, if you are so smart, why am i president and you're not? >> remembering him as an incredible human being. >> we rejoice, mr. president, that you are safely tucked in now and through the ages with god's loving arms around you because our glory, george, was to have had you as our president and as such a friend. >> so many moving remembrances and tributes this week. a chance for all americans to celebrate 41's life and to pause and reflect on our own. >> indeed. thank you so much.
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we want to mention again that jenna bush has a special tribute to her grandfather. you can see it right here on nbc. also this morning, new controversy involving sexual misconduct allegations at cbs. "the new york times" reporting the network is still paying out a more than $5 million settlement who says he repeatedly sexual assaulted her and destroyed her career. this morning another black eye for cbs. the late don hewitt created "60 minutes" in 1968. but a new report paints a much darker image of the man revered as a journalistic legend. "the new york times" reveals cbs is still paying a settlement to a woman who says hewitt repeatedly sexually assaulted her and destroyed her career.
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according to the report, the settlement has exceeded $5 million in total plus annual payments of $75,000 for the bret of her life. the settlement was reached in the 1990s and amended multiple times, including this year, nearly a decade since hewitt's death. the replacement was fired by the network last september for threatening a cbs news reporter looking into allegations about his behavior. the draft report calling his firing justified, adding he had engaged in certain acts of sexual misconduct with colleagues and failed to stop misbehavior by others. telling the times in poart, thi is the first time i'm hearing some of these allegations about my personal conduct. the report which will be presented next week stems from an independent investigation into cbs launched after the
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network ceo stepped down amid multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. the times obtained a copy of the draft report, which also detailed shocking new details about the ousted executive. among them claims a cbs employee was on call to perform sex acts. the report also indicating he engaged in multiple acts of serious nonconsensual misconduct involving 17 women, including at least four cbs employees. his lawyer telling the times his client denies have any nonconsensual actions. cbs declined to elaborate on the report saying, in part, our work is still in progress. anyone that may have disclosed draft information to "the new york times" did so in violation of their obligations. his contract required him to fully cooperate with the investigation.
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meaning, that failure to do so could cost him his $120 million severance back ppac -- package. breaking news on the president's next attorney general. there is more news out of the white house at this hour. sources telling nbc news that chief of staff john kelly is likely to be leaving the trump administration in the coming days. kelly is a retired four-star marine general. he previously served at the department of homeland security. he has had frequent clashes with the president. nbc news reported last month that friction with the first lady had made his position even more tenuous. but kelly said he would stay on through the 2020 election at the president's request. now it seems that it may be sooner, his departure that is. >> all right. we will switch gears. >> we are.
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big weather story. >> today is the anniversary of the bombing of pearl harbor. but today we are looking at some clouds moving into the pacific northwest. plenty of sunshine. some showers and wet weather moving out of california. thank goodness. we have wet weather now. partly cloudy. 65 denver fair and 40 degrees. look for clouds in seattle. 59. los angeles sunshine and 68 degrees. rain comes to and end there. we are watching this storm system, the one that caused all the problems. the chill continues back through the upper great lakes and a few ♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. you're going to get some mostly sunny skies today and the highs reaching into the low 60s. overall, really nice, and then clouds will move in tomorrow, with highs reaching into the low 60s. by sunday, we will keep the mostly cloudy skies. rain moving in late during the evening into the overnight hours, and continuing throughout the day on monday. by tuesday, we'll get clearing, highs in the upper 50s and we'll stay in the 50s through the middle of next week. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thank you. coming up, the growing sexual al, thank you. th
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when your hands are busy... you show everyone what you're capable of. the all-new ram 1500. motor trend's 2019 truck of the year. nbc bay area skyranger a good morning. it's 7:26. i'm marcus washington. nbc bay area sky ranger a short time ago flying over a deadly accident in san pablo. that is where a driver struck and killed someone walking on montalband drive, not far from it the elementary school. it happened 5:30 this morning. the dlifr stay edriver stayed a and is cooperating with investigators. activelies at san jose state set out a camp to address student homelessness. more than 13% of san jose state students were homeless at some point in the past year. the highest of any cal state
7:27 am
school. the forecast starts out cool but we'll get sunshine and nice weather headed out to christmas in the park in san jose. as we head over toward willow aga glen, 45 degrees at 9:00 and highs reaching into the low 60s, which is slightly warmer than normal, up to 63 today and 62 tomorrow. it will be mostly cloudy. by sunday, we will start to see some rain moving in, that will be with us through the end of the weekend, into the start of the new week. let's get an update on the commute from mike. >> light volume of traffic in the south bay. north 85 at camden, there is a crash still reportedly blocking your fast lanes. watch for slowing in the valley. the dumbarton bridge looks like it's a slower drive overall than the san mateo bridge. stowing starts from 101 and the bay bridge toll plaza has your metering lights on. good recovery the last half hour, good to walnut creek but now slowing for lafayette and the east shore freeway. it's not bad but you jam up right around university and typical on a friday.
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back to you. >> thanks, mike. i'll have another local news update coming up in half an hour. also, we're always on at enjoy your friday.
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♪ back, now, 7:30 on this friday morning, with a view we never get tired of. that's our rockefeller center christmas tree. and right beside it, another icon. fao schwarz just opened up around the corner. there's usually a long line of people out there, too. >> there is. >> it could be good news if you're looking for boargains jut ahead. >> at any store, actually. monday on "today," we're going to reveal the short list for "time's" person of the year. and on tuesday, we're going to announce exclusively who has been chosen, if it's a person or group of people. we will find out exclusively on
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tuesday. why don't we get a check of headlines. thousands of people coast-to-coast, are in the path of a dangerous system bringing snow, ice and heavy rain. mud and debris surged down land scorched by wildfires. a plane skidded off of a runway, everyone was okay. back east, north carolina could be buried in snow this weekend. hardware stores are stocking up on shovels. al will have everything covered in a few minutes. bombshell in the entertainment world, as kevin hart dropped out as host of the academy awards. he came under fire for old tweets and standup routines that critics called homophobic. i have made a choice to step down from hosting this year's oscars because i don't want to
7:32 am
be a distraction to all of the artists. i sincerely apologize to the lgbtq community about the incensensitive words of the pas. there's no word on his replacement. now, to the incredible run in last night's football game. everyone will be talking about it this morning and for weeks to come. tennessee titans taking on the jaguars. derek henry, taking the ball from his own 1 yard line. he goes down the sideline and sheds would-be tacklers, stiff-arming them one at a time. >> stays in bounds. he might go. 99 yards for the touchdown. >> he did go, all the way, 99 yards. it ties the nfl record for longest touchdown run in league history tony dorsett with the cowboys did it in 1983. by the way, the titans went on to roll over the jaguars, 30-9. derek henry had a phenomenal game. >> i'll bet he is watching
7:33 am
highlight reels this morning. >> the whole game was a highlight reel. another high-profile figure is under fire over sexual misconduct allegations. this time, celebrity scientist neil degrasse tyson. stephanie gosk is here. >> reporter: good morning. three women have come forward with sexual allegations against neil degrasse tyson. the tv host denies allegations of rape, while those that host his shows are investigating. we talked to all three accusers and one of them sat down to tell us her story. neil degrasse tyson takes complex science and makes it entertainment. now, this astrophysicist is accused by three women of sexual misconduct over a number of years. ranging from inappropriate behavior to unwelcome touching to rape. >> i feel better. i'm not scared.
7:34 am
>> reporter: she and sizen were friends in the 1980s. both were graduate astronomy students at the university of texas. it was there she says tyson raped her. >> he offered a glass of water. i didn't ask for it. i accepted it. ten the next thing i recommend was coming to naked in his bed. and i couldn't move. >> reporter: tyson responded to the accusation in a lengthy facebook post over the weekend, writing, it never happened. i remember being intimate only a few times, all at her apartment. but the chemistry wasn't there so the relationship faded quickly, which is not how almet, who wrote about her allegations in a blog post before the era of #metoo, remembered it. >> i was never into him. i never liked him that way. >> reporter: caitlin ailers
7:35 am
tells buzz feed tyson inappropriately touched her tattoo of the solar system in 2009. tyson apologized in that facebook post, writing, in part, i don't remember searching for pluto at the top of her shoulder, it is something i would have done in that situation. adding, going forward, i can surely be more sensitive to people's personal space. production assistant ashley watson who worked for tyson on the fox production "cosmos," tells buzz feed, the 60-year-old made an unwanted sexual advance at his home. saying i want to hug you so bad right now, but if i do, i'll want more. tyson confirmed on facebook he made a similar comment, but says, my intent was to show restrained but genuine affection. tyson says he welcomes the investigations into his behavior being conducted by both fox and national geographic tv network. accusations can damage a reputation and a marriage, he writes. sometimes irreversibly.
7:36 am
nbc news has not independently verified the women's allegations. we have reached out to tyson for a response. he is not commenting beyond what he wrote online. tyson accuses the reporter who published the story as a, quote, kind of solicitation bait to get other women to come forward. >> thank you, stephanie. we'll switch gears. al is a busy man today. good morning. >> that's right. a lot of cold air to talk about today. this morning, it feels like 14 in burlington, 19 in cleveland, asheville feels like 29 degrees. saturday morning, the windchill will feel like 17 in new york city. green bay, you're at the goo gooseegg. st. louis, 4 degrees below zero. portland, continues single digits. 24 in
7:37 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have some much more comfortable weather here for the bay area. looking at some upper 50s in san francisco, and low 60s for the inland valleys. up to 64 degrees today in morgan hill. inland valleys in the 60s, with mostly sunny skies. by tomorrow, more clouds move in, and there will be some rain arriving late sunday evening into early monday morning. after that, we go back to our upper 50s, as our skies clear for the middle of next week. >> that is your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thank you. coming up, is it time to consider sending your children to video game rehab? the new solution for parents for kids a little too into fortnite. also, the man who found diane keaton's lost wallet. what he is revealing about that discovery, 50 years in the making. and the accident that brought these two men together and the power of choosing love
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carson joins us with "in-depth today." the shopping and shipping frenzy. >> christmas is over two weeks away.
7:43 am
if you have presents to buy or all of your presents to buy, and mail them, too, don't stress. kristen dahlgren has done all of the hard work for us. good morning. >> good morning. i'm still out there shopping. and retailers are no longer just banking on black friday. and they're not exciting with luring shoppers with cyber monday deals. you may not have missed the best deals. this year, the deals are spread out. not everyone is into the sport that black friday has become. >> we try to avoid that as much as possible. >> reporter: and the mad dash for cyber monday can be overwhelming for some. >> i'm here to get it all done. >> reporter: this year, you're in luck. many retailers have extended sales and special offers, especially this weekend. big names like bloomingdale's, macy's and target from 25% off through sunday. amazon is offering 12 days of deals. walmart and best buy are advertising 20 days of deals. >> the fact of the matter is, while black friday/cyber monday
7:44 am
is a big shopping period, more than half of americans still have all of their shopping to do. and deals are the best way to entice people into the stores. >> reporter: this holiday season is already breaking records, with online sales on black friday topping $6 billion. and cyber monday sales nearly hitting $8 billion. some of the busiest shopping days are still to come. >> many americans think that the deals only get better as the holiday season goes on. and in some cases, that can be true. >> reporter: including the second monday in december, known as green monday for its spike in sales. and the weekend before christmas, called panic saturday, by some. >> any day is good for shopping. >> reporter: other dates you need to know, your shipping deadlines. december 20th is the last day to ship packages via priority mail. because of the weekend, december 21st is your last chance to ship via fedex or u.p.s., for next day delivery on the 24th.
7:45 am
another tip. hold on receipts. retailers are price match for things before christmas. >> hoda? >> nothing. not one. >> you wait until panic saturday? >> i wait until head explodes sunday. >> al, are you done? >> almost. >> are you close? >> i'm ahead of the curve this year. yeah. i got a lot done. >> how about you? >> the best deal for me -- i'm a sucker for free shipping. if they put it in my house, free shipping to me is genius. >> how about you? >> i'm doing okay. >> none at all. i don't do a lot anyway. >> you do gift cards. >> big gift card fan. i don't like crowds. it's too much. >> kristen, thanks for that. up next, new details on the up next, new details on the wild story about diane peppermint mochas for lia.
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wallet. it was lost by oscar-winning actress diane keaton 50 years ago. >> this morning, that guy is opening up about his discovery in an abandon storage locker, the wallet and the precious memories it holds will soon be back where they belong. memories lost a half a century ago, now found. first, this treasure hunter did not think much of the old wallet he found in an abandoned storage unit he won in an auction. >> i'm looking at the pictures and they're all black and white. >> reporter: the face looked familiar but he couldn't place it. >> you have no idea who i am. >> reporter: the name on the driver's license, diane hall. the actor's card had another name, diane keaton. he reached out to the oscar winner with no luck. then, he posted his story, with
7:51 am
one of these photos saying, can you believe those bangs? and keaton said, this is the craziest story. i'm not surprised because i lost my wallet many times. >> to me, that's a big thing, for someone to say that. thank you, a celebrity to reach out to you. >> reporter: he has sent the wallet back to be reunited with its rightful owner. >> diane, i'm glad you're getting your wallet back. don't lose it. ♪ seems like old times >> reporter: a 50-year-old story with a real hollywood ending. for "today," gadi schwartz, nbc news, los angeles. >> that's amazing. >> wow. >> i find a dry cleaning ticket. >> or a lottery ticket. straight ahead, what happened when dolly parton played a game of dolly would or wouldn't? and we'll introduce you to two men who chose friendship over anger after the tragedy that changed both of their
7:52 am
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give joy, get joy - saturday at kohl's. right now at 7:56 on this friday morning, we are starting to see sop clouds. here is a live look outside at christmas in the park, and downtown san jose. if you're going out there today, it's going to be really nice. highs in the low 60s, and mostly sunny skies. we'll be up to 60 in antioch today. 58 in san francisco and 63 in santa rosa, and in napa. then tomorrow, we'll start to
7:57 am
see more clouds moving in, rain holds off until late sunday evening. this should not affect your weekend plans. lot of it will be moving in after sunset and continuing through early monday morning. then we're going to have slightly cooler temperatures, highs in the upper 50s. morning lows in the 40s for san francisco. more of the same with our highs in the upper 50s and our morning starts in the upper 40s. we're also going to see the time line of rain moving in late sunday night. let's get an update on the commute from mike. >> i just noticed a crash west 580 right there around north livermore. the second one for the morning. it does show a little slowing there. there may be activity a few folks arrive on the scene and crews will show that. the san mateo and dumbarton bridges, 101 and 880 slowing your usual pattern but the bridges themselves move nicely. slow through oakland past the coliseum. walnut creek, danville, dublin, a lower drive. east shore freeway westbound through berkeley, same thing.
7:58 am
back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening new, a new shakeup in the white house on two fronts. president trump announcing his attorney general noment know, bill barr who served the same role under george h.w. bush as john kelly may depart in at matter of days as chief of staff. more details on our home page. grammy nominations are out. hip-hop artist kendrick lamar is the top contender with eight nominations including album of the year for "the black panther" soundtrack. click on our twitter feed for the full story. more in 30 minutes. workers at k
7:59 am
permanente mental health clinics across the state plan to walk off the job monday. the demands they )re making. plus: what happens when you lose your license at the airport?! the print out that will give you hope. monday morning from 4:30 to 7.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, let it snow. more than 30 million people from arizona to virginia facing a massive winter storm, bringing snow, sleet and freezing rain. and making for a nasty early winter weekend. al has the latest forecast. plus, finding forgiveness. we'll introduce you to two inspiring men who formed a special bond after a devastating accident changed their lives forever. >> he said from the start that he forgived me. and to hear him saying those words, it just impacted my life completely. and 'tis the season.
8:01 am
we have today's ultimate hot list for the holidays. great gifts for every person on your list. today, friday, december 7th, 2018. ♪ >> hi to our family. >> in alabama. >> from chicago. >> hi, dad. >> family trip from georgia. >> for my 16th birthday. ♪ >> start spreading the news. >> turning 50 today. >> friends for 25 years. and we are divas in the city. >> first time in the city. >> first time on "today." ♪ >> okay. the award for best sign goes to that one, right? good morning, everybody. welcome back. it's friday morning. doesn't that feel good. >> tgif. >> thank you for starting your day with us. >> a great crowd. >> it is. let's start with the news at 8:00, and the weather tops it. snow and ice are about to slam parts of the country where that doesn't happen very often.
8:02 am
a massive storm is heading east from california. al is all over it. good morning. >> good morning, guys. you talk about california. this is what we were worried about, mudslides and debris floe. this is in southern california, because of the burn scars, no vegetation to hold in the moisture and, boom, there it goes. 32 million people under weather storm warnings. dallas, over 17 1/2 inches of rain so far for the year. san antonio, over 8. shreveport over 7. more rain on top of this is going to cause massive problems and flooding. here's what we're looking at, coast-to-coast storm impacts. torrential rain and flooding, through sunday, 8 to 10 inches of rain in texas and louisiana. hourly rainfall rates, 2 to 3 inches of rain. icing from texas into the carolinas and virginia. dangerous freezing rain and the snow, while it's fairly light, texas and oklahoma, as we make
8:03 am
our way to the east, here's where we see the biggest impacts. an early, heavy season snowfall, boone, north carolina, a foot and a half, possible. asheville, a foot. charlotte, north carolina, 4 to 8. roanoke, virginia, 4 to 6 inches of snow. here's the impacts. on friday, dallas, san antonio, houston, memphis, all because of the rain. the roads and icing for amarillo. 45 and i-40 from dallas to houston on i-35. and saturday, dallas, oklahoma city, memphis, atlanta gets involved at the airports. on the roads, i-20, i-55, i-40. on sunday, mostly in the mid-atlantic states. raleigh, durham, charlotte, atlanta, and orlando. on the roads, i-75, i-85, i-95, jacksonville to richmond. we're going to be tracking this all weekend long, guys. >> thank you. comedian kevin hart stunned the entertainment world overnight by dropping out as the newly named host of the academy awards. he apologized to the lgbtq community.
8:04 am
miguel almaguer has the latest on this story from l.a. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. critics almost immediately started blasting the actor and comedian for standup and tweets many found offensive. hart refused to apologize. now, he's out. in a tweet overnight he wrote, i have made the decision to step down from hosting this year's oscars. this is because i do not want to be a distraction on a night that should be celebrated by so many amazing, talented artists. i sincerely apologize to the lgbtq community for my insensitive words from the past. it comes days after the comedian was chosen to host the oscars. he called it the gig of a lifetime. some of his old tweets were shared by critics. in one now deleted, hart wrote, yo, if my son tries to play with my daughter's doll house, i'm going to break it over my his and say, stop, that's gay. hart says he's matured and
8:05 am
grown. there's no word yet on who could replace him. >> thank you, miguel. and there's a nationwide recall for infant ibuprofen. some bottles contain more of the pain relieving and fever reducing drug than what's on the label. too much ibuprofen can cause nausea and stomach pain. the medicine was sold under the brand names family wellness, equate, and cvs health. that's the news. one thing left. >> what's that? >> "the boost." >> a hollywood stunt inspired by the will ferrell movie "elf," has taken off on social media. >> pillow fight. pillow fight. >> that's brendan edwards. he dressed like buddy the elf, and walks up to strangers and tosses them a pillow and challenges them to a pillow fight.
8:06 am
it reminds people to have fun during the hectic rush. can you imagine if someone tossed you a pillow and were like, go. >> people are going for it, too. i love that. just ahead, are your kids playing a little too much fortnite? or maybe your carson daly is? maybe they have to go to video game rehab. a surprising step being taken by parents. a story that struck a chord with me and hopefully it will for you, too. two men becoming friends in the wake of agonizing heartbreak. first, these messages. h ties sog that your hearts are bound ♪ ♪ hold them near ♪ the ones you've found found found ♪ ♪ for you know that this is really love ♪ ♪ and your head goes spinning round round round ♪ ♪ 'cause you've found what you've been dreaming of ♪ ♪ but yeah you know that this is really love ♪
8:07 am
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8:10 am
if you're a parent or me, you'll know that fortnite's seven season has begun. what do you do if you're worried about all that time that your husband -- i mean kids, spend playing the popular game? joe fryer explains. some parents are taking a drastic step, sending their kids to video game rehab. >> reporter: like so many popular games, fortnite plunges players into a virtual multiplayer world. in the real world, the game's creator says more than 200 million people have accounts. now, a survey finds that 61% of teens have played fortnite and 20% of parents whose kids play it have expressed concerns about how much time they play. >> this year, the drug of choice, as we call it, is fortnite. >> reporter: michael runs reset summer camp, a camp that focuses on teen camp addiction.
8:11 am
about 60% of campers that came this year were playing fortnite excessi excessively. do they realize they're playing it too much? >> ursually not. most of the kids that come to our camp say, i don't have a problem. i don't need to be here. >> reporter: when kids are at your camp, is it like a detox? >> absolutely. most of these kids have been staying up until 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. they have terrible eating and sleeping habits. it takes about a week to get everybody on the same schedule and knew frinutritional plan. >> reporter: r.j. morris was playing a variety of video games for about three hours a day. >> i did my homework with less detail i probably should have. i didn't focus as well on things i should have. and i just zoned out at times. >> reporter: this year, the 14-year-old's family signed him up for reset summer camp. >> the first camp for computer gaming addiction. i thought, we are always arguing about computer games. >> reporter: with no devices for a whole month, the camp focuses
8:12 am
on therapy and teaching life skills like cooking and laundry. >> i like to think i'm a bit more mature. i've been managing my time with electronics quite a bit better. i'm all-around improved. >> reporter: his family uses a timer to limit his play time. >> i want you to have an ending on the game, when the timer goes off. >> can do. >> reporter: he still can play. after all, technology is not going away. >> we tell kids, we're not telling you not to game. we're not telling you never to be on social media. it's in your world, it's in your life, it's going to be exposed to you. we want you to use it in a healthy, self-moderated way. >> reporter: for parents worried specifically about fortnite, they recommend setting time or the number of rounds they play, and learn how to use privacy settings if you are worried about kids talking to strangers. joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >> it's so fun. like the piece was talking about, joe was there, it's a
8:13 am
balance. everything is a balance. my 9-year-old goes to school and makes his bed before he gets up. he has to go to ccd. he has music lessons. >> we're not worried about your 9-year-old. we're worried about you. >> i host the "today" show, i host "the voice," i should be able to play fortnite. >> until you want to. >> that's the problem. >> our parents did the same thing. they set limits. >> oh, my gosh. i remember in junior high, phone time. i was allowed to have one hour. >> how long would you talk on the phone for? >> i would sit on the phone for hours. we didn't have call waiting. it was the '80s. >> the busy signal. my dad was like, do your business and get off the phone. we would be like, hi. what are you going to wear tomorrow? >> you remember emergency break-ins. >> oh, yes. emergency break-in from moses. yes, i remember it well. you're a busy man. you have "pop start" for us,
8:14 am
too. >> dolly parton has been on a press tour for her movie, "dumpli "dumpling." and she was joined by jennifer aniston, joining james corbin. playing dolly would or dolly wouldn't, she had a hard time deciding. >> chandler was already with monica in the show. that's out. >> to be clear, they're all single. >> they're not. >> they're all single. >> we're girlfriends. we wouldn't do that. now, joey -- >> you have to choose one for each. you have to marry one. >> i'm going to take joey. >> you'll mary joy. >> you'll mary ry jry jry joey. >> you are going to go on a cruise with chandler. >> why is not. >> you got out of that one.
8:15 am
>> i did. i already did it. >> there you go. their movie is out on netflix today, as a matter of fact. up next, "six-minute marathon" with savannah recently debuted. this is a digital series, where you ask questions. she sat down with jeff goldblum. this week, the marvelous mrs. maisel stars took the challenge. >> when was the moment you realized i have made it. >> i don't know if that moment ever comes. you feel like it's come, it's about to end. >> it's hedonistic adaptation. we're never going to feel like we're done or satisfied. >> you use such a good word, hedonistic. what is a degree in rhetoric all about? >> i have a b.a. in b.s.
8:16 am
>> you're really quick or you've been asked that before. >> both. >> that's good. that's the show. that's the show right there. that's the show. >> i said if you have regrets, he said, this interview. >> that's honest. want to see a full episode of "six-minute marathon" go to just last month, bryan cranston was here in the studio and telling us about the play called "network." it's really interactive. he wasn't kidding. just last night, al roker and our executive producer found themselves -- there's the play. bryan cranston was wedged between them. that was bryan, right? >> that's howard beale. he is ready to talk to the audience. he says, let me come down amongst you. he comes down and sits on the armrest between libby and myself, which is not comfortable. and he was pulling on libby's hair, kind of. >> that was all part of the show. >> the intermission?
8:17 am
>> how was the show, by the way? >> it was terrific. it's a tour de force by him and everyone else in the show. i don't want to give anything away. >> did it make you want to get back into broadway? >> yes. a little different playing old joe. a little different. >> that's your second broadway show this year. >> carson, thank you. mr. roker, the weather, stir? >> all righty. let's show you what we got going on. for today, we're looking for the chill continuing around the great lakes. storm watches are up from oklahoma into texas. we're going to finally see the rain ending in southern california. a beautiful day in the pacific northwest. mid-atlantic, sunshine today. that's going to be changing as this storm makes its way t that's what's going on aaron the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside. in san francisco, mostly sunny but still cool out there. we're going to gradually warm it up into the upper 50s there today. and low 60s for the south bay. 62, livermore. 64, morgan hill.
8:18 am
napa, high of 63. tomorrow, more clouds. the rain holds off. we will see the showers arriving late sunday night, moving from north to south and continuing throughout at least the morning hours for monday. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thank you. now, to more of hoda's ongoing series, "finding forgiveness." >> this morning, the story of two men from atlanta brought together by a heartbreaking trage tragedy. how they handled it may change the way we all think about what matters most. >> you see, we prefer to wait until we feel like forgiving. but if we do that, our lives are dictated by -- >> at the fire department, we work 24-hour shifts. and that particular day, we didn't get hardly any sleep. it was literally three or four seconds to nod off and to cross the center line and to meet the other car. >> forgiveness is a choice, not a feeling.
8:19 am
>> i'm supposed to be a helper, an emt, a paramedic and a fireman that helps in these tragic situations and i caused this. >> forgiveness makes us victorious. >> reporter: two men of service. one, a pastor. the other, a rookie firefighter, forever bound in tragedy. for them, it's hard to believe over a decade has passed. >> i can still see it. i can still smell it. the horrendous noise and the glass breaking. >> reporter: when the grief counselor approached in the hospital, eric fitzgerald knew his wife, june, was gone. leaving their 19-month-old daughter, faith, without a mom. >> faith is sitting there playing on the little hospital bed with the nurse. of course, she sees me and just reaches out. i don't know what she
8:20 am
understood, really. but she crawled into my lap and she just went to sleep. and i was thankful because i didn't have to pretend that everything was okay. >> i was at the hospital. and a police officer had come in and he said, i don't know if anyone has told you, but june didn't make it. and then, he also told me, he said, and by the way, she was seven months pregnant and the baby didn't make it, either. >> reporter: eric, you had the opportunity to really say to the judge, you know what? i think this guy deserves some hard time. what did you do? >> i remember somebody said this in a sermon. in moments where tragedy happens, or even hurt, that there's opportunities to demonstrate grace or to exact vengeance. and i chose to demonstrate grace. >> reporter: the men knew of each other but endured their
8:21 am
grief apart until the two-year anniversary of june's death. matt had stopped by the grocery store to get a card for eric. and he spots him in the parking lot. >> eric starts walking towards my truck. >> reporter: what do you see in the window? >> he was just bawling. i just walked up and i just hugged him. i mean, what do you say? you know? sometimes things are best said with no words. >> that hug must have felt like someone put a pin in two years of pressure. >> that was the biggest relief i had ever felt. he said from the start that he forgived me. just hearing him say those words, it just impacted my life completely. >> reporter: they talked for two hours that day. and where you might imagine the relationship would end -- >> i said, i don't know what you're going to say to this, but i feel like in my spirit, i'm
8:22 am
supposed to stay connected to you somehow. he said, dude, i feel the same way. >> reporte >> we knew it was something special. we had this instant bond. it's unexplainable. it's easy to talk to each other. >> look at that deliciousness. >> we just talk about life. how we're doing and moving forward. and he said, look, don't let this define you. meeting with eric, it gave me hope, that we're going to be okay. >> "sports illustrated," baby. >> reporter: as the years unfolded, strangers became friends and something even more. i'm witnessing a little bit of a miracle with you two sitting here together. >> there's a bond that we have that's unexplainable. >> he's like a big brother to me. we have a lot of fun together. as weird as it may sound and crazy, but we do. it's unique. i can't say this is a beautiful
8:23 am
story and it has a great ending. it doesn't. it's nasty. it's real. and it's something i'm going to struggle with for the rest of my life. >> reporter: both men view their friendship as a sign from above. another sign, years later, eric remarried and was expecting a child. the baby was born on the same due date as the son he had lost. >> forgiveness is not minimizing the offense. >> reporter: eric practices what he preaches and raised his daughter, faith, to choose love over anger. >> next year, that means you have to play varsity. >> most likely. >> i usually just say my mom got in a car accident. i don't want people to think that matthew's a bad person because he isn't. he just made a mistake. >> i want her to know that she's loved. she's not alone. dang it. throughout her whole life, i
8:24 am
will be there for her, no matter what. just seeing faith, you know, holding my kids, it puts a smile on my face. it hurts but it's the cards that we were dealt. and now, it's our story, together. it reminds me that there's grace and there's hope and there's good. >> june is in heaven. one day, we'll get to all hang out. you know, god's a big god. i think that's going to be a great day one day. >> it does make you kind of re-evaluate your life, doesn't it? when you think about what they've been through and how these two men can become friends. i was thinking, what if they didn't forgive? they would probably be leading two broken lives. >> yeah. >> they chose that path. >> grace over vengeance. >> i still couldn't get my head around it.
8:25 am
>> that story this time of year is to impactful. i think the literal definition of christian is christ-like. and that pastor displays -- i don't know if i have that ability to do that. >> that's what is literally miraculous for that pastor to be able to forgive. it literally feels like god among us. >> that's what made me feel that way. >> what a testimony. >> incredible story. thank you for sharing that. still ahead this morning, we have a couple of lovely ladies in our studio. hilaria baldwin and daphne oz have teamed up for a podcast. i love the title of youri )m ..
8:26 am
nbc bay area skyranger - good morning. 8:26. i'm kris sanchez. sky ranger flying over a deadly accident in san pablo just about 90 minutes ago. a driver struck someone who was walking, not far from an elementary school in that neighborhood. it happened about 5:30 this morning. the driver did stay at the scene and is cooperating with investigators. we hope to know more later. also, a call to action from san jose state students. activists set up overnight to camp out on campus to address student homelessness. a recent report found that more than 13% of san jose state students were homeless at some point just in the last year. that is the highest rate for any school in the cal state system.
8:27 am
now we want to look at your traffic picture. it was rough a little this morning. >> a little, patchy here and there. right now, still patches. oakland right here, north of 880, past the coliseum. how bunched up it is. just for this one short session past the coliseum. 580 and highway 13 slow from where they split, then disperses. berkeley actually with much better, good recovery of the morning commute but the backup still at the bay bridge toll plaza. everything else smooth. scattered crashes on the shoulder here. northbound 101, slow past oakland road and past sjc, international airport. back to you. >> sounds good, thank you. we'll have more local news for you in half an hour. ♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome to monowi, nebraska, population one. me. i'm mayor, secretary, treasurer. every decision you have to make yourself. four out of five women will become solely responsible for their finances. i like the independence and every woman should have that, you know? i make my decisions, and if they're wrong, i live with them.
8:30 am
if they're right, then i'm very proud of myself. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. hey, everybody. it is 8:30 on this friday morning. it is december 7th, 2018. it's a cold one on the plaza. we have some folks out here enjoying it. thank you for starting your day with us. >> hello. good friday. >> i know. >> you're taking pictures. i'm taking pictures. who is doing the intro? guys, we have a great "crowd moment" this morning. >> this is a great crowd. >> don't you feel like here at the peacock we're all family? >> yes. >> i want to introduce you to
8:31 am
the peacock family. there they are. are you the peacock family? are you mrs. peacock? >> i am. >> and you're mr. peacock? >> i am. >> and you also raise peacocks. >> yeah. these are from them. >> is it a peacock farm? are they your pets or what? >> they're our pets. we're from indiana. >> but your last name is peacock and you raise peacocks and you're a fan of the peacock. that's why you're here today? >> that's right. we're at the peacock network today. >> we love it. thank you so much. now, you're part of our family, too. thanks for being here. >> savannah? will you ask them if they're proud as peacocks. >> are you proud as peacocks? >> yes. >> we are, too. nice to meet you all. how good is that? >> i got one more. that was awesome, savannah. by the way, i got one more right here. this is john. take a look at john. he's deployed.
8:32 am
hang on. let's say hi to his wife real quick. >> i love it. >> thanks. >> that's your husband? >> yes. >> oh. >> he's in qatar. merry christmas. >> we love you, honey. >> merry christmas. >> oh. >> merry christmas, john. thank you for your service. >> yes. >> this is the most awesome crowd ever. >> this is a good crowd. >> coming up, you guys, the popular new podcast, all about the ups and downs of motherhood, called mom brain. we're thrilled to have the creators here, daphne oz and hilaria baldwin. we're going to pick their brains ahead. do you have holiday shopping to do? fear not. we're about to reveal our first-ever "today" hot list. toys, gadgets, clothes, lots more that will be flying off of the shelves in the next wo wetw
8:33 am
weeks. with a cold and snowy weekend, how about recipes to heat you up, courtesy of the grill dads. >> where are they? >> they should be in that shot. >> grill dads, where are they? >> they are in the control room. >> you know why? it is our co-executive producer, tom mazzarelli's birthday. since he is in charge of this whole show, sneaking a cake into the control room was not an easy task. >> not an easy feat. >> here's a gift for you. there's a gift. >> oh, my gosh. you were on "little house on the prairie"? >> it's richie cunningham. oh, my gosh, opie. >> we love you. >> you have the bowl they used to cut that hair? >> he can clip your mic any time. let's get a check of the weather from al. check of the weather. >> this "sunday night football"
8:34 am
weather is brought by verizon, the unlimited plan you need on the network you deserve. >> let's check your weekend weather and see what we've got for you, starting off with saturday. heavy rain through the southeast, snowy through the texas/oklahoma panhandle. look for showers in the pacific northwest. sunday, sunday, heavy snow through the carolinas and virginia, wet weather in the southeast, a northwest storm coming onshore. sunshine that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a lot of sunshine in the forecast today. and nice pleasant temperatures with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. into the weekend, dry, but more clouds moving in tomorrow with highs inland reaching the low 60s and showers moving in mostly during the late evening hours on sunday into early monday. and then after that clears out, we're in for some more sunshine and highs in the upper 50s to
8:35 am
low 60s in san francisco. >> it's been a rough week. that doesn't matter because we have a great day coming up because it's the best night of the week, sunday night, "football night in america." the rams are pushing their way into soldier field in chicago. clear, cold and 30 degrees. the bears, the rams, "sunday night football" night in america. back to you. >> you think we have a little energy today? >> al, thanks. it's time to kickback a bac throw off the heels because it's time for real talk. >> that's right. daphne oz and hilaria baldwin are creators of a new podcast called mom brain. with seven kids between them, all under the age of 5, these ladies know what they're talking
8:36 am
about. daphne, hilaria, good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm happy we're in our fuzzy slippers. >> this is the best way to go to work. >> you teamed up for this podcast. how did this all come about? >> through play dates. we would have play dates together. they would be playing and doing exactly this in our fuzzy slippers. we would be talk about all things mom. we thought it would be amazing to create platform where we can bring moms together and brainstorm. >> mom brain is a real thing. >> we can attest to that. >> when you're growing a baby, they are sapping all of the energy from your brain. that's when you start to see how much more forgetful you become. and juggling toddlers, kids as they get older, you space on things. you miss things and you rely on your community, "a" to help you manage, and "b" to help you feel good. and to get through the stressful bits to enjoy the beautiful bits. that's something that mom brain does for us, too, and we wanted.
8:37 am
it's a metaphorical village. it takes a village. we do so much parents in isolation, it feels like. how can we create that village online and give it a place to breathe. we have conversations about everything. >> give us a little something. >> how much can we say here? >> absolutely. >> we have everything from meeting night. we're going to keep it pg here. >> you might want to go deep. >> like the pta meeting? >> this literally changed my marriage. we had adam grant on the podc t podcast. he was our first dad on the podcast. then, alec came. we talked to him about how you keep a marriage stable or a partnership stable. he said so much of the management of home life is making sure this relationship is good. instead of nagging each other, did you get the garbage bags, don't forget to pick up the kids. they sit down one hour every week and they get through the annoying stuff. then, when they find alone moments the rest of the week, they get to enjoy each other. >> you scheduled the logistics
8:38 am
so the rest can be your relationship. >> exactly. >> wow. >> isn't that fun? >> it is. you kind of said that momhood can be a little isolating. it's nice to just talk about, not only parenting techniques, like my kids having tantrums. >> we do that. >> we do this every day, too. >> that's what all moms do. we go through -- down this rabbit hole. and you can be doing it for hours and hours. when we have group dinners, alec puts -- my friends and i are on one side. >> i can't hear it anymore. >> are you trying to be a perfect mom ever, hilaria? >> a perfect mom? oh, gosh. i don't think that exists. but i try to do my best every day. and then, every day, i try to do a little bit better. that's the whole thing. there is no perfection. there's no ability to get it right. >> what's the best mom advice you've gotten or given? >> you have to laugh.
8:39 am
>> i think it's laughter and having fun with it. it's for entertaining at the holidays. you have to have fun. i think happy kids have happy parents to show them how it's done. if you let yourself be superstressed out or holding up insane standards you will never meet, or miss the chance to bond with someone in the same life experience, you did that, too? >> we have some paddles. >> is it a drinking game? >> we know you played never have i ever. >> a drink tea game. >> exactly. okay. we're going to do the mom never i have ever. never have i ever let my kids go a day or two without eating a single vegetable. that's called weekends for me. yes, right? >> that's the one thing i can say. it's the only thing -- the only good thing i can actually say because i do smoothies in the morning. i sneak the veggies in there. >> do you do spinach? >> i sure do. >> never have i ever made cereal or popcorn for dinner. >> heck yes.
8:40 am
>> i have never. >> you never? >> you're missing out. >> that's what is for. order in. okay. never have i ever gone to the bathroom just to get three minutes to myself? >> yes, yes. >> i see the fingers underneath the door. >> please. my baby comes in and holds the toilet paper. >> why is that their favorite time to be with us? >> they love that. >> congratulations on the podcast. we love seeing you guys. you can listen to "mom brain." you have to subscribe on apple podcasts or where you get your podcasts. and hilaria is contributing to today's "one small thing." sign up by testing ost, one small thing, to 66866. coming up next, what are the season's must-have gifts? we're about to reveal today's holiday hot list. first, thiss i
8:41 am
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we're back. it's 8:42. we have something special just in time for the holidays. this is the first "today's hot list." our editors from have combed the internet to find the best, most in-demand products to make this a december to remember. here is emily, "today's" senior lifestyle editor. i can imagine all of our editors deciding what is the best of the best. how did you decide? >> we starteded with a li with 0 items. we talked to retailers to see what was flying off of the shelves. we looked at gift guards and saw what was on our site and other sites. we narrowed it down to eight items that we know will be the big sellers. >> these are the must-haves. i love this. like vanna white right here. it's a nintendo game. what is this? >> this is exciting. it's supersmash brothers ultimate, released today. gamers have been counting down, waiting for this day. it's finally available,
8:44 am
exclusively on the nintendo switch, which is a popular gaming device, as well. you can play it on the go or on the big screen. >> how much does it cost? >> $60. >> okay. our next up is hairdorables. what is it, exactly? >> as you know from vale. the best part of these is the unboxing. that's the exciting part. there's 36 different options. you pull this and reveal which character you get. >> you don't really know. >> this is the best-selling toy on our website. >> really? what do you do with it? >> each little box has its own accessory. >> this is cute. >> the doll and all of her story. there's a youtube channel, everything. >> gosh. seems like fun. this was how much? 13 bucks. that's good. >> i'm going to keep going down. the scruffalove.
8:45 am
>> it needs a makeover. >> you dunk it in the water and scrub it up, blow dry it, love it, and you can adopt the toy at the end. >> he's all soft. >> it's on amazon's top toy list. >> it teaches kids how to take care of somebody. >> right. >> and now, fila disrupter shoes. >> this the shoe of the year, from footwear news. usually it's a celebrity-driven shoe. every tween and 20-something wants this style. >> why? >> it's street style and leisure. the pink style is sold out. this is available as of this week. >> this next one, i know, my husband loves these shoes. these are the all birds. >> they are called the world's most comfortable shoe because they're made of sustainable materials, light and flexible and selling out like crazy. these are brand-new colors, limited edition.
8:46 am
once they're sold out, they're gone. french fry and fun names, too. >> all right. what's the next item? >> next item. >> this is beautiful. it's makeup. >> charlotte tillbury is a celebrity makeup artist. she did amal clooney's makeup for her wedding. this is her bar of gold line. >> is it eye shadow? >> they're highlighters. you can layer them and use them as an eye shadow. >> you use it like a blush or something? >> like a highlighter, top of your cheekbone. >> all right. instant pot blender. >> remember that insta pot was the holiday gift. everyone is looking for this one this year. it is a blender, hot or cold. it can make ice cream or soup. yeah. it can handle anything, all in one pot. that's the best part. >> 99 bucks for that one. >> less than most blenders,
8:47 am
actually. >> these are the speakers. >> the sona. >> they connect with every speaker, with alexa. this is a special collaboration with a danish furniture brand. these colors, it normally comes in black and white and that's it. >> all of that hard work was worth it. if you want to find out about the products, go to be sure to check out a new interactive gift guide that covers anybody on your list. we have it online. just ahead, we'll turn up the heat and spice with new recipes from the grill dads. first, this is " first, this is " to
8:48 am
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nothing like smelling steak in the morning, right? we're back with "today loves footba football." big game on nbc, the rams taking on the bears. it's going to be a cold one. here to keep our stomachs warm,
8:50 am
the gill dads themselves. we should mention here, mark, of course, is our executive producer's cousin. >> the birthday boy. >> that was a great picture, by the way. what are we making? >> these are picante steak tacos. we do the lime zest. we do the zest instead of the juice. >> is that easy to fine? >> it is. the name is more synonymous with a brazilian steak house. we have oregano, cumin, chipotle and salt and pepper. we're going to mix that around and let the steak marinade in that rub for three to four hours. >> the lime is strong. you don't need a lot of time. you will let it sit out for about 45 minutes. >> why do we do that? >> you don't want it to be ice
8:51 am
cold in the middle. now, we're going to sear it. >> oh, that's gorgeous. >> we're going to sear it on both sides for two minutes. the sheet pan, we have this rack. we just built this beautiful crust. we don't want to steam this crust. we cook it like this. it will be nice and crispy. you're going to put it in the oven. 325 million it hits 130 degrees. let it sit out for ten minutes, let it rest. and we're going to show you how to cut this thing. you can see the grain through here. >> i do. >> and we want to cut across the grain, that makes tender steak. >> cut across the grain. >> i thought we weren't doing math. >> we want to go through super thin. >> are you cutting up? >> i am. >> we were like "mystery science theater" over here.
8:52 am
>> that's every day. that's every day. >> pretty much. >> this is oaxaca cheese from mexico. and we do a little lime. don't forget the hot sauce. >> never forget the hot sauce. rhett's g let's get to the potatoes. >> we're going some hassleback potatoes. it was served the first time in the 1700s. we're going to take two wooden spoons. >> always a russet potatoes? >> always a russet potato. we put two wooden spoons on either side of the potato. >> that's a great idea. >> pro tip. >> why do you do that? >> invented that. >> totally. it wasn't me. >> nothing to do with mark whatsoever. >> why do you do that? >> you don't want them to go all the way through because you will have them open up. >> amazing. i didn't know. >> you didn't? >> no. i learned something. >> there you go. >> after that --
8:53 am
>> we're going to brush this with this oil combination here. it's garlic, ancho chili, cumin and lime juice. we're going to brush these potatoes. s&p. salt and pepper, mark. >> what kind do you use? >> kosher salt or sea salt. we're going to let these bake. >> we're going to put them in a salt bed. >> that's a lot of salt. >> we're going to bake them at 425 for 30 minutes. >> can i ask a question. if the salt is on the bottom, how does it get into the potato? >> we don't want it to get in the potatoes. the essence of the salt -- >> it holds them up. >> what kind of cheese here? >> this is cotia cheese. this is another mexican cheese. this guy has been done. simply -- >> yep. >> go for it. it's creamy on the inside and crispy on the outside. awesome way to have potatoes.
8:54 am
>> grill dads, mark, ryan, a big thanks to both of you. you can find your recipes, also, watch sunday night, rams/bears. what have you got? >> rams. >> coverage starts at 7:00 eastern, on nbc. we'll be right back. first, this is "today" on nbc. way to stay connected.
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manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. peter will be back tomorrow morning. what have you got, willie? >> ben stiller cominga call to n jose good morning. 8:56. i'm kris sanchez. a call for action. activists set up tents to camp out to address student homelessness. a recent report found that more than 13% of san jose state students were homeless at some point in just the last year. that is the highest rate for any school in the cal state system. president trump this morning announced he is nominated bill
8:57 am
barr to be his next attorney general. barr served as attorney general during the first bush administration from 1991 to 1993. the president also plans to nominate former tv news anchor heather nauert as the next u.n. ambassador. happening now, that is the start of the latest white house shake-up. sources tell nbc news that chief of staff jon kelley's resignation is only a matter of days away. we va that in our midday newscast. stocks are on a serious downward slide. the dow is down close to 400 points amid new trade concerns and unimpressive job numbers. it's actually above 400 now. the grammy nominations are out with hip-hop artist kendrick lamar a top contender with eight nominations including album of the year for the "black panther" soundtrack. >> nbc bay area, winner of the award for investigative reporting. workers at kaiser
8:58 am
permanente mental health clinics across the state plan to walk off the job monday. the demands they )re making. plus: what happens when you lose your license at the airport?! the print out that will give you hope. monday morning from 4:30 to 7.
8:59 am
9:00 am
live, from studio 6a, this is "today." >> you good? ready? >> i'm holiday shopping. >> good morning, everyone. i'm dylan, with carson, al and jill martin. you're back. that means we must have gifts to ve. >> yes. today is a very exciting day. carson, you said you were not done. >> i'm not done at all. >> i'm in the process. i'm getting there. we're calling today's show gifts so good. that has a lot to do with jill. we're going to help you find something for everyone on your list. we have really good deals. i don't know what you do at


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