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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 10, 2018 5:00pm-5:28pm PST

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and then five or ten minutes it said rate your driver, we never saw the driver. >> reporter: tonight, in fact, it is not just the ride share server, it is uber eats having problem. in an area where we are dependent on ride sharing and food delivery it is going to be a tough night. thank you. the bay area, new york, and toronto, this app is called the down detector, and it shows where the outages are. plannin plan. nbc bay area, jodi hernandez is near with the details. >> reporter: this is where the first killings has happened. a popular parking spot for teenagers, a lot of people plan
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to visit this teen in ten-days on the 50th anniversary, but not anymore. >> the first thing i think of in the morning and the last thing i think of at night. i am obsessed. >> reporter: for the past 50 years, following the zodiac killing place. and even thought the killer was after her. >> i study it all the time. >> reporter: betts and others plan to spendanniversary on a be crime scene. two teenagers were shot and killed in 1968. but the tour organizer said he got repeated threats from a man, threats he thought were so credible, h threatening to commd show up at the crime scene outs of vallejo. i am not willing to gamble with
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anybody's lives. and having a bus full of 60 people is a big responsibility. >> the blue flowers will be for david. >> reporter: she is not longer going, but will give them to somebody else who plans to go despite the threats. >> it is a shame, we want to show our respect and keep the case alive for the victims. we want this guy caught. >> reporter: the fbi san francisco office confirms they got the tip from the public about the threat andwaed it onto the sheriff's department. the sheriff's department tells me they are aware of it. we are getting body cam now of the confrontation in napa. you can see what happened before the police officer shot a man. this hpened wd molina was running from police.
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responding to a reported assault, he activated his body cam and repeatedly told molina to stop and put his hands up. >> get your hands up. >> stop. >> you see where molina starts to comply and there is a struggle and you will see different shots occurring at this time. officer regains control of the firearm and we charged the weapon, and it was charged by molinahis time he discharged the weapon. >> he wanted to release the video before the community started to assume what happened. it is clear, and it is cold outside. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri
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tracking the rain so far and looking at whether this is going to be an el niño year. >> a lot of interesting things to show you right now. we have cleared out from some of those spotty showers we had earlier last night. give us an update, santa rosa 88% of normal. liver more doing the worse at 62% and san jose 74% for the rainfall season. so definitely room for improvement. it does look it is a phase. a cser look at t numbers, over 68 year average of those weak he will anyonio
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events. remember, when you hear el niño, it is not always a guarantee. >> jeff has been tweeting all afternoon about the next storm coming in. you can stay in the loop by following in sick out in oakla. dozens of teachers called sick ando protest. a lot at stake here. nbc bay area melissa colorado is at oakland high. >> reporter: teachers and students here at oakland high school took it the streets.
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this walkout was not sanctioned by the teacher's union. this walkout was disruptive for the students because high school finals are a week away. it was a lesson in civics that you can't learn from a textbook or a tablet. >> i have had teachers applicat >> reporter: dozens of teachers and students called out sick today and took the oakland unified school district giveea minimize class size. >> i get paid to work seven hours a day, but it is between ten and 12 hours plus weekends. >> reporter: starting salary with a bachelor's degree is less than $47,000.
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how much can the struggling district afford to give? the district said it is dealing with a multimillion dollar deficit and will have to close several schools. >> if we give them a 1% raise, that is $2 million that we have to cut elsewhere. >> reporter: the oakland association wants a 12% raise. >> teachers are overworked and under paid. >> reporter: dozens of teachers to take part in the protest might face disciplinary action. unclear what that potential disciplinary action is. thank you. thousands of kaiser permanente health care workers began their
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own strike today. >> mental health workers and supporters chanted and marched outside in san jose today. >> the most important thing is how long our patients are waiting for appointment and have them for a long time. they wait four to eight weeks for a return appointment. >> this is not about patient wages. >> staffing by 30% and invested $175 million to improve. similar protests are planned in front of hospitals in santa clara and oakland. the pressure is mounting for president trump. he is unleashing a twitter attack against james comey and his former attorney. trump denies directing michael
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cohen to pay up. the president calling it a simple private campaign. >> people say this is about giving money to women to be quiet don't understand the gravity of wire fraud. >> the president again attacked comey claiming he lied repeatly to house members during a closed-door meeting on friday. comey struck back. nancy pelosi is flexing her muscle behind the scenes. she is reaching out to prominent business leaders to lobby on her
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a small block of democrats are pressing for term limits. pelosi says she is sympathetic but limiting would make her a lame duck. local radio station pulled the plug it's cold outside. today the song is back on the airways. sam brock is here to tell us more. >> reporter: even christmas classics, but taking a poll found that most responding listeners thought banning baby it's cold outside is going too far. san francisco radio station, koit has a simple message over
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the holidays, get people in the spirit. imagine veteran host terry king's surprise when the station got complaints about this song ♪ i got to go away >> reporter: flirtation holiday fixture. >> we never expected the backlash on this record. it is incredible. i have been in the business a long time and never seen this kind of response to a record. >> reporter: for a short while, the song was pulled from the koit rotation. then this poll was put on. and 80% saying bring it back. >> why wear the shirt? >> i don't see anything wrong with the song there and today.
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>> in a culture where we have these rap songs talking about sex all the time, at what point do we make sure our daughters and sons are responsible. it issong. >> reporter: the song was banned for good by a station in cleveland. mothers daughters in their cars who are hearing an antiquated conversation, an antiquated message. reporting live this evening, sam brock. thank you, brock. san jose showing off tiny homes to house the homeless. guilty pleasure for a lot of people, but a new warning not to eat that raw cookie dough. even recipes without eggs are not safe. two more chances ahead this
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week for rain coming up. it )s l)
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today, san jose unveiled the so- called tiny home prototype ) tht okay. it is a tiny home, and today san jose unveiled the so-called tiny home prototype that could be used to address the homeless problem. some say the solution is small minded. robert handa joins us live and
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shows us why it is generating really, such divisiveness. >> reporter: this is a tiny home which they call an emergency sleeping cabin. costs $6,500 to build. some people say it could be a possible solution while others say it will make things worse. there was big hoopla for the tiny home. san jose officials gave the public its first look at a 70-foot square proto. approved y will build them and then transitioning to permanent housing. >> access to electricity and water and sewer so bathrooms and a kitchen.
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>> we can demonstrate these tiny homes can be successful. and we can show the rest of the city and the rest of the reasoning. >> reporter: critics aren't convinced. they say it is still more l toi shower. it is like a jail. >> we could provide a more relief in a shorter amount of time. these tiny a waste of time. >> reporter: the decision time is coming and it will be up to the city council to decide on december 18 which way to go with tiny homes. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc, baynow we shouldn't do it, a reminder from the fda to leave the raw cookie dough on the cookie sheet. using the words from dr. seuss. raw egg might contain
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salmonella. twitter backlash for twitter ceo jack the country, dorsey failed to mention the accusations of mass killing and war crimes. last month dorsey found himself in hot water again this time in india for posing with a poster that many users found it offensive. a sudden passing of san francisco's mayor ed lee. today a celebration of his life. organizing today's event, it comes as the community considers naming the square after the landmark. >> do the community service that he has always focused on. >> lee'sigture line with
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let's get to work. there is no rain, but that's tinchange. >> we had a few showers. >> >> we picked up trace amounts. most of us sleeping when that happened. as we take you into our microclimate forecast, starting out with storm ranger. it is dry here from santa rosa down to san jose. going to talk about two more chances ahead, coming up in my extended forecast in two minutes. tomorrow morning, most of us will start off with sunny skies. what i am keeping an eye on though is fog developing in the central valley. this might bring us fog through the tri-valleys. watch out for that if you are
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commuting in and around the tri-valley tomorrow morning. the same thing for watching for thatow temperatures going to warm up. you will be able to keep that ck with you through the still going to be on the side. some people called it chilly today. tomorrow will feel the same for you. 58 in san jose. through the east bay, more upper 50s and low 60s from vallejo and concord. the peninsula, plenty of upper 50s from palo alto through bay city. and across marin, napa and sonoma counties, 59 in mill valley, 60 in napa. sun through the afternoon tomorrow. weak offshore system tomorrow.
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then as we hit wednesday, we clear out a nice start there for wednesday morning and then really pushing ahead thatex friday. primarily right around the afternoon with wide spread us. on friday, that first chance of rain returning 10:00 a.m. t 5:00 p.m., totals by saturday morning. then by sunday a second chance. that could bring us .25 to .5 of rainfall. we will stay cool here for inland valleys as well as these rain chances come in. in the sierras, we could see another one to two feet of snow across the sierras. of keep us from any type of
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problem. >> now we start planning for the and watching the holiday parties closely. thanks jeff. a plan is i rebuilding a landmark from the past, and ther a ut the wish list in butte
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county -- is a lot more pressing.. a lot of kids want a new bike for christmas, but the wish list for butte county is more pressing. today they kicked off a program called bikes for butte. raising money for bikes and helmet and other equipment. one of the deputies came up with the idea there after seeing the devastation. >> when all you see is metal bicycle frames there. if i can mend somebody's heart, an help a kid, that brings joy to me.
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>> a lot of people will jump on board and help this causes. hoping to collect enough money to purchase at least 100 bikes. >> more than 100 years since a windstorm blew down historic electric city light tower. it won't be built in the same place, a spot near the sap center is more likely. a new honor for the warriors today and it is a unique one. way to stay connected. enhanced coverage, and lets you control your network with the xfi app.
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it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. ♪thisi'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪
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been fixed, and everything coming up at 6:00, we continue to monitor the uber app outage. the company says it is fixed. is everything back to normal? checking back in with scott budman live. we'll have that story. >> prestigious sports award of the year. not this time. sports illustrated named sportsman of the year. it is the entire team. this is the picture. coach steve kerr says he is touched by the honor calling
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this coach an incredible award. >> so collectively they are the sports person of the year. >> it is a tribute to the team. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. lester holt is next with nightly news. >> see you at 6:00. tonight, a knockout blow from a massive winter storm leaving cities paralyzed buried under feet of snow and a brutal deep freeze now. a race to restore power and get thousands of cancelled flights back on track. outrage as a former fraternity president charged with sexual assault is allowed by a judge to cop a plea deal and serve no jail time. his accuser says she was violently raped and she's devastated by the decision. help wanted after a shakeup at the white house. why aren't contenders knocking down the door for a job at the center of power? a mother screams as officers try to pull her baby out of her arms. >> oh my god what police are saying
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