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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 10, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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sports person of the year. >> it is a tribute to the team. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. lester holt is next with nightly news. >> see you at 6:00. tonight, a knockout blow from a massive winter storm leaving cities paralyzed buried under feet of snow and a brutal deep freeze now. a race to restore power and get thousands of cancelled flights back on track. outrage as a former fraternity president charged with sexual assault is allowed by a judge to cop a plea deal and serve no jail time. his accuser says she was violently raped and she's devastated by the decision. help wanted after a shakeup at the white house. why aren't contenders knocking down the door for a job at the center of power? a mother screams as officers try to pull her baby out of her arms. >> oh my god! oh my god! >> a shocked crowd looking on. the video spreading
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like wildfire. what police are saying about all this tonight. caught on camera. the heart-stopping moment a man is shot while streaming live on facebook. >> we live in the 15th ward supporting joseph williams. >> tonight, the hunt for a mystery gunman. 'tis the season for porch pirates stealing your holiday packages but tonight authorities want to know what kind of grinch would send a child to do their dirty work. the amazing reunion after the wildfire that wiped out a city. the family separated from their dog for weeks returns home to find him guarding what's left. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, everyone. the snow has largely moved on, but the emergency is no less urgent across several states in the south tonight reeling under double digit snow totals on the ground from a deadly winter storm. schools and businesses closed today after record snow totals virtually cut off some communities perhaps
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for days, and leaving many more facing a night without power. tonight, plunging temperatures threaten to refreeze melted snow making for treacherous black ice conditions on the roads. nbc's miguel almaguer has the latest from north carolina. >> reporter: buried under a blanket of snow, sleet and freezing rain tonight this is the frozen fallout from a massive winter storm crippling the southeast. >> roads ain't plowed. we'll be stuck at home. >> reporter: with up to 34 inches of snow smothering parts of north carolina, so heavy a roof collapsed at this marina, highways and roads littered with hundreds of spinouts from virginia to north carolina. treacherous conditions turning deadly. >> unfortunately, the snow has turned into a nightmare and a tragedy for some. >> reporter: after historic snowfall in some communities, the whiteout triggered
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blackout, hundreds of thousands losing power. the governor ordering the national guard to carry out rescues. in north carolina, andrea goodwinn's 64-year-old father was stranded and needed dialysis. >> it's a life saving procedure. >> reporter: with schools and businesses shut down, crews are working around the clock. hundreds of flights still cancelled. black ice paralyzing the region. >> absolutely worse than i thought. >> reporter: tonight the southeast shoveling out after a deadly deep freeze. while the storm has passed here, the cleanup has just begun. in communities like this one they are still pulling cars out of ditches and black ice surrounds roads all across this region. lester? >> miguel almaguer, for us, thank you. now to a developing story in texas. anger after a former fraternity president charged with sexual assault was allowed by a judge to cop a plea deal and serve no jail time. his accuser slamming the decision. we get late details on
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this from nbc's kerry sanders. >> reporter: outrage in texas tonight. >> do you have anything to say? >> no. >> reporter: former baylor university fraternity president charged with four counts of sexual assault. in a no contest plea deal tonight, the 23-year-old given what critics call a light sentence, three years probation and a $400 fine. under the terms of the deal, he will not have to register as a sex offender. his unnamed victim, a then 19-year-old sophomore, claimed she had been raped two years ago, telling the judge today i am devastated by your decision to let my rapist, jacob walter anderson, go free without any punishment. he stole my body, virginity and power over my body, and you let him keep it for eternity. she also writes that she is angry the prosecutor didn't show up in court today. if i had the courage to come back to waco and face my rapist and
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testify, you could at least have had enough respect for me to show up today. assistant district attorney hillary la board in a statement says, all of the facts must be considered and there are many facts that the public does not have. tonight, anderson who will serve no jail or prison time will have to complete a mandatory sexual offender treatment program. kerry sanders, nbc news. authorities in ohio have made two arrests in two terror plots, one woman accused of plotting a mass murder at a bar and a man who allegedly planned to attack a synagogue. both suspects are from the toledo area. our ann thompson has details. >> reporter: social media posts led the fbi to arrest a man and a woman in northwest ohio who they called would be terrorists, though they have no apparent connection. authorities say 23-year-old elizabeth lacon wanted to kill. >> she discussed plans
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to launch what she called an up scale mass murder at a bar in toledo. >> reporter: authorities say her social media account was filled with pictures glorifying mass murders and corresponded with dylann roof and visited columbine high school. under arrest for buying black powder and hundreds of screws for undercover agents the she thought would be used to make pipe bombs. damon joseph planned to attack a synagogue says the fbi. the isis supporter was arrested after receiving two semiautomatic rifles from an undercover agent. >> he made very clear that his intention, his personal goal was to kill a rabbi. >> reporter: inspired by the pittsburgh synagogue shooter, say authorities, joseph just last week deciding between two targets allegedly stated, which one will have the most people? what time and what day? go big or go home. ann thompson, nbc news. it is help wanted tonight at the white house with chief of staff john kelly on his way out there is
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an opening for one of the most powerful positions in the country, if not the world. so why aren't contenders rushing to apply? here's hallie jackson. >> reporter: president trump under pressure legally and about to be under staffed internally now that john kelly is on his way out. >> john kelly will be leaving, retire -- i don't know if i can say retiring but he's a great guy. >> reporter: the chief of staff's resignation has been rumored for months as his relationship with the president deteriorated. >> people leave. they come in. they're here. it's a very exhausting job. >> reporter: now the hunt is on for chief number three. a title typically among the most coveted in washington, but this time contenders aren't exactly knocking down the door. nick ayers, who works alongside the vice president had been expected to take the job temporary but those talks fell apart. multiple sources familiar with the discussions say the scramble for a plan "b" include matt whitaker and conservative freedom caucus mark meadows. >> it's flattering.
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i'm not out campaigning for the job. >> reporter: whoever it is will have to handle looming legal challenges from democrats controlling the house, promising investigations and possibly from the special counsel. the president denied any wrongdoing. today tweeting there is no smoking gun. no collusion. but james comey, the former fbi director fired by donald trump now one of his critics, argues the president is tiptoeing toward becoming an unindicted co-conspirator for the hush money payments to women during the campaign. >> if he's not there, he's certainly close given the language in the indictment, in the filing that the crimes are committed at his direction. >> reporter: now the next chief of staff will have to juggle not just those investigation questions but the 2020 re-election meaning political strategy skills will be especially important for whoever the president picks, lester. >> hallie jackson, at the white house, thanks. from the drama here at home to the drama for two of our closest allies. the leaders of britain and france facing major crisis points of
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their own. protests in paris, shouting matches in london and bill neely has all the latest. >> reporter: two leaders, two crises, tonight, their future is at stake. for france's president macron, the threat from the street. thousands protesting saturday, running battles with riot police. revolution the cry. it's the start of a revolution? their targets, high taxes and macron. tonight he responded. promising the minimum wage will rise. by more than $100 a month. the protesters have dismissed his concessions as too little too late and they say they'll be back here next weekend. in britain, protests against prime minister may over her controversial brexit deal taking britain out of the european union. today facing a huge defeat over it, she killed a vote. >> if we went ahead
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and held the vote tomorrow, the deal would be rejected by a significant margin. >> this shambolic government. >> reporter: unpopular leaders, uncertain times. two nations in turmoil. bill neely, nbc news. back home tonight, there are a lot of questions over videos showing police arresting a mother and ripping her child from her arms at a government office. nbc's stephanie gosk has more on the uproar. >> you're hurting my son! you're hurting my son! >> reporter: the mother's screams filled the social services office in brooklyn. multiple new york city police officers tried to pull jasmine hadley's 1-year-old son out of her arms. the more aggressive they became, the more shocked the crowd grew. >> oh my god! what are they doing to her? >> reporter: witnesses say it all started because the office was crowded. >> there was nowhere to sit so the lady,
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she sat on the floor. >> reporter: officers asked her to leave but she refused and created a disturbance. the video posted online does not show what took place before the confrontation turned physical. hadley faces four criminal charges including resisting arrest and endangering a child. while she remains in jail held on a separate arrest warrant issued in new jersey, her son is with his grandmother. >> i honestly want them fired. i really do. >> reporter: the violent struggle clearly striking a nerve. >> we're better than this. and this is a blemish on our entire city. >> reporter: both the brooklyn d.a. and nypd announced investigations and both described the video the same way. troubling. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. now to the tragedy in ohio where a house fire killed five children including 1-year-old twins in youngstown. fire officials say their mother jumped from a second-story window to escape. the other victims were 2, 3 and 9. the cause is under investigation. in colorado
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tonight, there is an increasingly desperate search for a young mom who vanished without a trace on thanksgiving. she was last seen at a supermarket near her home, but investigators say her cell phone was detected hundreds of miles away. our gadi schwartz has details. >> reporter: night after night, prayer vigils held for 29-year-old mother kelsey barrett last seen 18 days ago on thanksgiving near her colorado home. >> we've reviewed video from the local safeway grocery store and it showed kelsey shopping with her daughter kaley on november 22nd. >> reporter: police saying the father of the 1-year-old is cooperated and reported last seeing his fiancee on thanksgiving when she gave him their daughter but she wasn't reported missing until december 2nd by her mother. >> she's not the kind that runs off. this is completely out of character. >> reporter: investigators say a few days after she was last seen, a text message from barrett's phone was sent to her
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work where she flew as a pilot saying she wouldn't be in for the rest of the week. then her cell phone gave a location 700 miles away in idaho. no cars missing, food and her purse taken. police are treating this as a missing person's case while the family is hoping the young mother will be found soon. >> kelsey, we just want you home. call us if you can and we won't quit looking. >> reporter: gadi schwartz, nbc news. we have done plenty of stories on porch pirates around the holidays but we don't often see this. police in hartford, maryland are looking for a child no older than 8 caught on camera stealing a package. they believe a quote grinch was using her to commit the crime. and a lot of us are feeling extra stress this time of year, which is why this is the busy season for the booming business of meditation apps like head space. tens of millions looking for a quick moment of zen. our kate snow takes us inside to see how they work. >> as you breathe in,
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just taking in that fresh air. >> reporter: on venice beach, andy is showing me what he does. >> just a sense of letting everything go. >> reporter: for millions of people every day. >> come on in. >> reporter: in a small studio nearby he records short meditation sessions for head space, the app he and a partner founded eight years ago. >> just noticing how the body feels. >> reporter: 37 million users in more than 190 countries, 300 companies now provide the app to employees as a benefit. >> some days meditation will feel easy. on others, it might feel difficult. >> reporter: do people stop you in the street when they hear your voice? >> sometimes they do. it's always a surprise to me when they come up and give me a big hug. >> reporter: it's just one of many apps catering to mindfulness according to the cdc, the number of americans who meditate has more than tripled. it's really a gigantic business right now. >> it's reflect of the world in which we're
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living in right now. there is a lot of people looking for a way to cope. >> we want to try to focus, relax, get calm. >> reporter: the app is free for los angeles schoolteachers. sherri uses it with her second graders. how many people think it calms you down to do head space? yeah? most everybody. >> you're like getting this energy to be ready for anything. >> it's hard to get rid of some of my thoughts because there is just too much. >> reporter: there is a lot of research showing health benefits of meditation but not much on whether apps work. for the skeptics who would say five minutes of meditating on an app on your phone, come on. >> i would encourage everybody to discover for themselves. if you're sure it's not going to work for you, try it. prove it to yourself. do it for ten minutes, five minutes a day for ten days and just see if it makes a difference. >> reporter: even in the craziness of the
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holidays, he says anyone can meditate anywhere. >> our external circumstances don't define our ability to discover inner peace, you know? we can discover it wherever we are. >> reporter: kate snow, nbc news, venice, california. >> a lot on our minds. we'll take a break. also tonight, streaming shocker. the shooting on facebook live and the search for a mass gunman that opened fire. weeks after the devastating fires, the long awaited reunion. the act of kindness for a mom and baby, inspiring america.
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we're back with the heart stopping moment caught on camera. a campaign worker out knocking on doors in a chicago neighborhood while streaming on facebook live when suddenly someone opens fire. here is catie beck. >> out here this evening knocking doors in the -- >> reporter: on chicago's south side, campaign volunteer maxwell little was on facebook live as he hit the streets sunday afternoon. >> live in the 15th ward, support joseph williams.
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>> reporter: he was campaigning for a city counsel candidate when suddenly a barrage of bullets began to fly. his live stream abruptly cut off. >> if you live in the 15th ward, support joseph williams. >> reporter: little hit in the leg. he was rushed to a local hospital. >> said he got shot at 66 and marshfield by a male wearing a red mask and a black coat with patches. >> reporter: little says the shooter was wearing a red ski mask and ran quickly from the scene. candidate joseph williams just two doors away. >> maxwell ran right past me and said, joe, i got shot in the leg. >> reporter: the shooting one of 29 this weekend in chicago. little who was treated and released believes the incident was politically motivated, posting later, this was no random shooting. someone wanted me dead. tonight, police not confirming a motive and have made no arrests yet. catie beck, nbc news. still to come here tonight, loyal best friends reunited nearly a month after
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tragedy struck their home.
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all right. just in case you need one, here is another a reason to love dogs. a four-legged friend that refused to abandon his home even after it burnt to the ground in the devastating california fires, joe fryer has the touching reunion. >> reporter: fast-moving fires spark life-changing choices. >> it was the worst feeling in the world. it was like you have to choose. >> reporter: for andrea gaylord that choice came last month with the camp fire. with little time to flee, she called for her two dogs madison and miguel but the shepard mixes that live outside could not be found. andrea had to escape without them. >> i felt so horrible leaving them. >> reporter: her home burned to the ground but andrea wasn't allowed to go back until last week when she saw this. >> it's just like there is a higher power. you're just in time. >> reporter: madison had been there all along waiting for his family to come home.
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>> it was like a sigh of relief. >> reporter: andrea is grateful to shayla sullivan, an animal rescue volunteer who had been leaving food and water on the property just in case. >> i figured, if they are there, they won't go hungry. >> reporter: a marvel one dog was found. turns out volunteers rescued the second one, miguel. >> things are right again. >> reporter: a family separated by flames reunited by devotion. joe fryer, nbc news. >> that's why we love our little friends. up next, the good samaritan and a first class fate. area.
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the uber app is back up after being down for hours. now the question is... what went wrong? plus dr. christine blasey ford makes headlines again. because she )s on the short list for a prestigious honor. next. right now at 6 in this busy holiday travel season, we have a moving story of a good samaritan and what he did for a mom and her baby on a flight. rehema ellis has our
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"inspiring america" report. >> reporter: kelsey was flying from orlando to philadelphia so her 11-month-old daughter lucy could be treated for a chronic lung disease. with baby and oxygen machine, it was a complicated balancing act. then, something unexpected and wonderful happened. >> i noticed she had her arms full and wanted to help out. >> reporter: an american airlines flight attendant asked kelsey to switch seats with a man that wanted to switch. she was in economy, he in first class. kelsey sharing her gratitude on facebook. not able to hold back tears, i cried my way up the aisle while my daughter lucy laughed. she felt it in her bones, too. real pure goodness but jason councilman says it just felt like the right thing to do. >> it made me feel good that i made her a little more comfortable and happy. >> reporter: smiling with lucy in first class, kelsey promised to pay it forward writing, we truly feel inspired by your
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generosity, and in the season of giving, so do we. rehema ellis, nbc news. >> kelsey says she can't wait to tell her daughter about the act of kindness some day. that's "nbc nightly news" for this monday. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. heated confrontation betn right now at 6:00. body cam foot and released hours ago. confrontation between police and a suspect. the moments before the officer fired deadly shots. >> i'm tracking two more rain chances ahead tho week. and what it could mean this winter. >> first a worldwide problem for uber. causing a lot of headaches for customers and drivers. >> the news at 6:00 starts now. good evening. >> it was a widespread outage
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and put the brakes on uber this evening. started around 4:00. when people started to complain they couldn't use the app. and the problem stretched around the world. >> business and tech reporter joining us at san jose international. it's been a hemic couple hours for the company and the customers. >> here's what we know. at this point as far as we can tell, i have been talking with app developers. the app was unable to connect riders with drivers. there was no ride sharing or food delivery. the uber eats for about an hour. >> ride sharing came back online. after a widespread glitch in the uber app. slowed things down. >> it's like the app wasn't running properly. and it was displaying information differently. >> uber acknowledges the ride share and uber eats app were not


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