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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 10, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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tonight, growing outrage over videos like this one, t right now at 11:00, they are on the naughty list. growing outrage over videos showing people trashing a san francisco restaurant with a santa hat in hand. >> when i came in today, i saw the door was broken. i couldn't believe it. >> and the vandalism didn't stop there. >> this all happened after the annual santa bar crawl, which is a popular event in the city. we tracked down several videos and photos of those suspects.
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jean elle joins us in san francisco with a story that's new at 11:00. jean? >> reporter: employees here just locked up and turned off the lights. but take a look at the front door. it used to be a glass door. employees here say vanld vandale that door and the cash register. this video was taken saturday night. the cash register, the stereo, most everything that was on the counter is tossed on the floor. he says a group of partiers came in around 7:00, demanding food they never ordered. >> they said, give me my food. i said maybe you have food next door. >> reporter: that's when he says a woman started shoved
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everything towards workers and threw a sugar shaker at him. a bad santa even shattered a front door with a chair on the way out. >> when i came in today, i saw the door was broken. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: he says he avoids santa con, because of all the bad behave yosh. when he heard about the vandalism, he posted pictures and video on twitter, demanding the guilty parties come forward and help his favorite restaurant fix the damage. >> they owe them a big apology, and offer to replace the door. undo the damage. >> reporter: as you can see, that door still needs to be replaced. they closed for about an hour saturday night so workers would clean up. they did file a police report. if you recognize anyone in that video, police would like to hear from you. jean elle, nbc bay area news. this just in, a family rushed out of their house in
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antioch as it caught fire. the family pet stuck inside. investigators say a woman tripped while carrying a candle that started the fire. two people were rushed to the hospital. but they are going to be okay. a parrot and german shepherd and turtle were inside, but firefighters managed to get them all out. someone or something pulled the plug on the uber app causing a worldwide headache, especially in high traffic spots. the app was off line for more than an hour earlier this evening, and many say they were charged for a ride they never took. ian, what happened and what's the aftermath? >> reporter: well, raj, uber suspect saying what caused the app to go down, only that it is back up now. when it does stop working, there are backups and even commotion
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at places like sjc. tonight, the ebb and flow of rideshare pickups returns to normal. much better than earlier. >> the app has a big problem, okay? so do i. >> reporter: arlene boyd was trying to get home with her husband, but since the app was down, there was confusion. >> it's very frustrating. >> are you coming? >> reporter: there was finger pointing at times. >> okay, but you see, i got a notification to rate my trip. >> reporter: they come in head scratching stories. drivers and riders couldn't connect, even though the app said they did. >> it says it's still searching for somebody trying to find my car and went on for six minutes, i canceled it. they charged me for it. >> reporter: the website shows the problem was widespread across the u.s. and canada, and even reached europe, india, australia, and new zealand. drivers couldn't work until it was fixed. >> it's like if your microphone
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doesn't work. >> we can't get inside the app. so many things we can't, because we didn't have access. >> reporter: some complained on twitter, where the company apologized and said it was working to resolve the issue. when it was back online, boyd was better. >> we got the second driver. >> reporter: after a long wait. >> now 45 minutes, probably. >> reporter: finally on her way home. many others just switching over to taxis or to lyft. if you were charged for a ride but never got one, keep your confirmation number and e-mail. reach out to the company right away, and double-check your bill. reporting live, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, ian. new at 11:00, some tense moments at a community meeting dealing with people living in rvs parked in san francisco neighborhoods. >> you represent us! >> the supervisor held the meeting where some are asking for a ban on parking big
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vehicles. although it is technically illegal to live in an rv in san francisco, the city says there are hundreds of people doing it, and in some cases, because they just don't have any place else to go. she wants a designated place in the city who are stuck living in rvs so that they can get services. >> i am so frustrated at this point. by the absence of leadership coming from the department of homelessness and supportive housing, that i'm at a loss. >> we're trying to prioritize our work to serve the sickest and the longest term homeless in the city and the people who are in need of help. i think people in rvs are a little more settled. >> the san francisco supervisor is working on similar legislation, aiming to get people living in rvs to stop parking in residential neighborhoods. pg&e announcing measures to decrease the risk of wildfires. among the changes, expanded
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inspections, on the ground and in the air. the utility also expects to add at least 1300 more weather stations by 2022. they announced added support for customers and families impacted by the camp fire, appointing a person to oversee the long-term rebuilding efforts. the community is asking questions and the napa police accident department is responding with body cam video. [ gunfire ] you can hear some gunshots there. this released body cam footage shows us some of what happened last wednesday. the officer responded to a report of an assault. when he got there, police say he and 27-year-old david molina got into a struggle. molina was able to fire a few rounds from the officer's rifle
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before it was used against him. >> the officer regained control of his firearm, recharged the weapon, and was charged by molina. at this time, he then discharged his weapon. >> reporter: molina was hit four times. he died before paramedics could get there. a community fed up with crime has tried everything from security, home camera and private security guards. now they are turning to license plate read toeers to fight backm crime. more and more communities are using similar devices, including homeowners in alameda and along the peninsula. >> almost every weekend, there's some sideshow, and since the camera has been in place, it's been reduced. >> license plate readers have generated privacy concerns with organizations like the aclu. they're concerned about the
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readers tracking people's movements and how long that information is being held. we reached out to the president of the police association in oakland, he said police officers are still needed, because someone has to make an arrest. many kaiser workers will continue to strike tomorrow. today, thousands of them kicked off a statewide five-day strike. this one in san jose. they're striking to increase staffing and improve patient care. kaiser says they've already done this and argue that the workers are after higher wages. similar protests are planned tomorrow in oakland and santa clara. dozens of oakland teachers are heading back to school tomorrow after ditching class today. they held a walkout demanding better pay and smaller class sizes. the district says they've already have multimillion dollar deaf sit, bficit deficits. in search of a chief of staff, president trump is having
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trouble filling a key position in his administration, chief of staff. nick ayers, who works alongside the vice president, was expected to take that position temporarily. but that's not going to happen. multiple sources say a few names have been talked about, including acting attorney general matt whitaker. budget director nick mulvaney. and conservative freedom caucus chairman mark meadows. >> it's flattering. i'm not out campaigning for the job. >> whoever ends up working for the president, will have a lot to do, including widening questions around the russia probe and james comey, the former director of the fbi, who all but called the president an unindicted co-conspirator. nancy pelosi is working on a c compromise that could make her speaker of the house next month. so what's the congresswoman's plan? she wants the gavel temporarily before handing it off to the next generation. pledging to be a transition
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leader, but the question is, how long? pelosi has yet to reveal a timeline. up next, not a smash and grab, but a crash and grab. this new video of a bold break-in at a sporting goods store. plus -- >> changing their tune about a christmas classic. why one local radio station is bringing back a song that's been banned from the airwaves across the nation. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. check it out. rainfall off to the north. we're talking about two different rain chances this week, a brand new update in eight minutes. plus, why you need to be concerned about fog tomorrow morning. ♪
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obsessed with the zodiac killer case , they are now scrapping >> >> change of plans for some amateur detectives obsessed with the zodiac killer case.
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they're scrapping plans to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first murder. ironically, it's because of the threat. jodi hernandez has the details. >> the blue flowers will be for david. >> reporter: sandy betts has been busy making crosses in honor of the zodiac killer's first two victims, crosses she will place at the crime scene on the 50th anniversary later this month. >> i was making some crosses for both victims with lights on it with flowers and things. it was a big deal. >> reporter: but she plans to visit the site have been sc others planned to spend the upcoming anniversary like the 40th, on a zodiac crime scene bus tour, end bring the spre sta spree started, where two teenagers were shot and killed. but the tour organizer said he got threats from a man, threats he felt were so credible he canceled it. >> he was threatening to commit
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violent acts on people who would show up on the 50th anniversary. i'm not willing to gamble with anybody's life, and having a bus full of 60 people is a big responsibility. >> reporter: betts says she's disappointed, but she doesn't feel safe going to the site either. >> it's a shame, because we want to show our respects and keep the case alive for the victims. we want this guy caught. >> reporter: but she won't let it stop her from sleuthing. she lived in vallejo when the killings happened. >> the first thing i think of in the morning and the last thing i think of at night. >> reporter: the fbi san francisco office confirms they did get a tip about the public about the threat and forwarded it to the sheriff's department. the sheriff's department says they are aware of it and plan to do extra paroles on the 20th. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. talk about a smash and grab.
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take a look at this surveillance video. you can see thieves using a van to smash into the windows of a sporting good store in dickson early this morning. the store owner says the two bandits were in that store for about 90 seconds, and they made off with about $10,000 worth of hunting gray. san francisco police chief phil scott opened up about how gun violence impacted his personal life. he's working with the a group that's promoting a gun buyback on saturday. it is a personal issue for the chief, and for gun buyback organizers. >> personally, i lost friends to gun violence, family members to gun violence, fellow officers. >> it may kill somebody you know or somebody you love before you can see the reality behind it, how serious it really people $ for a hand gun or shotgun, and
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$200 for an assault rifle. another twitter backlash for twitter's ceo, jack dorsey. he traveled to myanmar for a meditation retreat. in several tweets, he encouraged follows to visit the country. critics say he failed to mention the accusations of mass killings and war crimes reportedly carried out by the country's military last year. last month, dorsey found himself in hot water again. this time for his visit to india for posing with the poster that many users considered offensive to a hindu castle. google plus is shutting down. the company is speeding up its plan to get rid of its social media network after a security breach. the company's ceo says there's no evidence a third party accessed their system. google plus will shut down in april, which is four months earlier than planned.
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after major backlash, it's over. a christmas classic is back. ♪ baby, it's cold outside i've got to go away ♪ >> it's an oldie and a classic. but it was recently pulled from the airwaves after a nationwide outcry saying it sent the wrong message to women. the program says the station didn't want to offend anyone, but when they got more backlash for not playing it, they made the correction. >> we decided to put it back in, because that's what people wanted to hear. >> listeners say they understand why the song is disparaging to women, but banning it was just going too far. >> i've seen it in the context of an old christmas song and an old movie. it's not really applicable to today. >> of the 22,000 listeners that
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responded to the poll, wanted "baby, it's cold outside" back on the airwaves. a tiny home might solve a big problem. san jose unveiled a new prototype. take a look. it's a 70-square foot structure with a bed, cooling, heating and access to electricity and water. 70 square feet. the city housing department proposed building a total of 80 units at two different sites in san jose to help curb the homeless problem. critics say the solution is small minded and wastes too much money without helping enough people. the city council is scheduled to vote next week. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we have weathered a series of storms and we're now we're preparing to weather a series of storms. >> i know. we could use a little more rainfall, even though we've had a lot lately. we're running about 75% to 85% of normal, so there's room to catch up. we'll talk more about the rain chances, but i want to get you
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up to date on the latest thing i'm tracking right now that could slow you down in the morning commute. that is the fog. we have thick valley fog developing right now. and that's starting to push over into the east bay, making its way to the north bay, also with ground fog. so quarter mile and half mile visibility in napa. and it's dropping to three to four miles here in concord and livermore. so if you're traveling tomorrow, be prepared for areas of patchy, dense fog you could encounter. besides that, we'll start off cool. you'll need that jacket with you. again, you have that fog in the north bay with 40 degrees, as well. san francisco, 47. east bay at 42. typical december morning when it comes to the temperatures. through the day, we're going see things warm up, just not a big increase. so i think it's going to feel chilly for the afternoon. 59 in cupertino. 58 in san jose. and 61 there in morgan hill.
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across the east bay, you're in the upper 50s to low 60s. fremont, 59. oakland, 58. and very similar temperatures through the peninsula. car thermometers not going to change a lot. upper fifts from palo alto to daily city. and the same here in san francisco, as well. this time of the year we don't have too many microclimate temperature extremes. when we get system after system moving in, leveling us off with cool air. 56 along the embarcadero. 59 in santa rosa. so sun by the afternoon tomorrow, but then by tomorrow night, there's going to be a system off to the north. we don't think there will be in rainfall. and after that, the next focus is our next chance of rainfall. and that looks to arrive once we hit friday. so here's how we have laid it out on my seven-day forecast. that returning again, that chance of rain on friday, total up to a quarter of an inch.
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a second system by sunday, a quarter to half an inch. so the sunday to monday system could be better for us to pick up on the rainfall. inland temperatures, 50s and 60s. a couple seconds left on the clock if you're heading to lake tahoe. two chances of snow. we get rain, they get snow. snow level around 5,000 feet with maybe 1 to 1 1/2 feet of snow up there. >> baby, it's cold outside. >> yes, it is, officially. >> thanks, jeff. up next, yes, they are cute, but they cannot come on your flight. the changes a major airline just made to its policies on support puppies and kittens. happening now, one of the most prestigious sports awards of the year, it usually goes to an individual, but not this time. sports illustrated named its sports person of the year to the entire warriors team. the magazine comes out next
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monday. back in a moment. sidewalks: e-scooters taking over! tomorrow--one city wants your input on making rules and regulations. plus: earthquake insurance prices are higher than many expect. how you can get a lower rate. join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7. morning from 4:30 to 7.
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morning from 4:30 to 7. ♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet,
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we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. emotional su delta is cracking down on emotional support animals. the airline barring emotional support and service animals that are under four months old on flights longer than an hour, all support animals are banned. the number of attacks and animals urinating on flights have skyrocket eed over the las two years. in two hours, time magazine will announce the person of the year. among the contenders, dr. christine blaze ford of palo alto, who channeled brett kavanaugh's confirmation to the
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supreme court. and the second, oakland native ryan kugler who directed "black panther." the rest of the list, president trump, the families separated at the border, vladamir putin, robert mueller, jamal khashoggi, the march for our lives activists, south korea's president, and meghan markle. >> quite a list. >> and maybe draymond green is on that list. we'll show you what he did tonight. stay with us. thi
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okay, this is more like it, the warriors getting healthy, beginning to get on a roll, getting their mojo back. >> this is good news for us, some bad news for the rest of the nba. we start with boogie, that's his nickname, remember? damarcus cousins practicing in santa cruz. he's recovering from an achilles injury and expected to make his debut in a couple of weeks. and that's draymond green back in the lineup for the first time in nearly three weeks. draymond did draymond things. warriors win 116-108. wild night at the shark tank. the sharks hosting the devils.
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very serious pete da bore there. timo myer going top shelf. that's his second goal of the night. yeah, sharks are happy. they beat new jersey 5-2. happy all the way around. from bay area to butte county, help is on the way in the form of two wheels. we'll tell you what that means when we come back. way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, enhanced coverage, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today.
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don )t have much mon okay. their bikes burned in a fire and many parents don't have the money for christmas presents. that prompted the butte county sheriff's department to help. the goal is to raise money to buy bikes and other equipment. they're hoping to collect enough money to buy at least 100 bicycles. >> jeff, you said you remembered when you got a bike when you were 5? >> it was gray, it has these hub cap things on them. >> i remember when i was 10 years old. >> i think for girls that are were called the huffies. >> banana seats, remember those things in >> we know how important it is.
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we think everybody is going to step up. >> tell us about tonight. >> fog in the north and east bay, so watch out for patchy, dense fog. by the afternoon, chances of rain on friday and sunday. >> thanks for joining us. have a great day tomorrow. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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