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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 17, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PST

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and chr and good monday morning to you. starting off the work week with a live picture from downtown san jose. you can see the flickering light or really rolling light there of the christmas of the tree tree -- well, christmas of the park tree. >> well, it's a mouthful. >> it's monday. >> it's monday. >> let's get started. thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. it's rainy out there. damp roads, be careful. >> those roads are very wet. we have a lot of standing water, even as the rain moves out of the bay area. we can see the line moving through the m us, and as this sm winds down, we dry out for the rest of the day. still high waves along the coast, even as another storm system approaches.
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i'll be tracking that as we head into tomorrow. right now, it's really soggy out there. we see the wet roads toward evergreen. cool start, low 50s, headed into the upper 50s by noon, but we will get a lot of sunshine today. we'll talk about our chance to dry out and what else is ahead and mike, you're seeing scattered reports of flooding. >> the opposite of dried out. we have big standing water, big puddles in the south bay, reported 280 around saratoga, 17 and hamilton, both affect the off-ramp, i warn you for slicker conditions. all the radar activity kari is talking about over here, for folks coming out of tracy, but that leaves that green highlighting still for the wet roads. wetter over here in the east bay and tri valley, but thea sees t. in san francisco, a solo car spinout north 101 at vermont. as you get toward san francisco be careful because there are more traffic andng busy, even n
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4:30. there is the north bay, guys, the glow and the fog. back to you. >> thanks, mike. new for you, a stretch of first street in san jose is back open after a deadly crash. this is what that scene looked like, overnight near 880. it's not clear if weather played a role in this accident but it was raining at the time of the accident. there were also, there was also a big police presence and fire response there at the scene, as that crash was called in just before 1:00 this morning. >> this latest storm certainly packing a punch on the coastline. heavy surf pounding many beaches. high surf warning is in effect. the highest tides are expected a little later this morning and as "today in the bay's" sergio quintana reports, in some cases, the combination is making for dangerous conditions. >> reporter: some people ventured to the beaches just to see the massive waves. michelle convinced her friend to drive from pittsburg to see the surf. she even felt the spray of one of the waves while she was talking to me.
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what the heck are you doing out here? >> coming to see this beautiful -- >> reporter: coming to see that. >> yeah, coming to feel that, not see that. >> reporter: this weekend's high surf warnings included advisory for choppy conditions inside the bay. this is what it looked like at ft. point at the foot of the going going. the city of san francisco took the proactive step this weekend of asking people to stay away from ocean beach warning the forecasted waves at high tide could extend to the sea wall. the evening waves looked ominous but there was plenty of beach to walk along. there were some san francisco residents who came out to see how big the waves are. >> just the thought of the waves getting really huge, because we have a hugend no one ever sees big waves like that, that often. >> we were watching the reports last night and they said it's going to be like 50 feet, it was going to hit the sea wall. i was like, we got to see that. >> all of that surf froze there in town, but mavericks will not
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go ahead this week as many had hoped. initially the waves were too rough for the competition to be held. later this week, they aren't likely to be big enough o even consistent enough. the good news is that organizers say that january is typically the best month for mavericks, so fingers crossed. 4:34 right now. the latest storm is bringing that snow to higher elevations in the sierra. some places are getting more than a foot of new snow from the storm. >> for anyone daring to hit the roads, strong winds are also a concern especially on interstate 80 near donner summit. one driver talked about trying to make it home before the worst of the storm arrived. >> it's rocking and rolling. i'm glad there's no ice yet. the ice will set in, in about a couple hours. >> because this is a warmer storm, the snow is supposed to come down as more of a rain and snow mix in lower elevations. to always keep one step ahead of the wild weather, download our nbc bay area app.
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it's free, and you'll always know what to expect before you t crashing through a restaurant window in hayward. police say that pickup truck was headed south on hesperian boulevard. it smashed through the front of the sizzler, which was full of customers when this happened yesterday afternoon. people who were actually there say it happened in the blink of an eye. >> the glass started flying, people started screaming, and when i looked over, i saw that the truck had come through the window, and the girl was kind of trapped under the table with the truck tire holding the table down, so myself and another gentleman rushed over and started lifting the table. >> that crash sent five people to the about, this one in san jose, where two cars were
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hurt. it happened saturday night on the recommend itib ibtremble of 101. car with four people was hit behind by another. the driver has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. an east bay man will be sentenced after pleading guilty that he provided material to isis sympathizers there. berkeley high grad amir al hagagi entered a builty plea in july after originally saying he was not guilty. the fbi says the 23-year-old promised to unleash a wave of violent terror attacks across the bay area. al hagagi opened multiple sympathize at didas open the accounts but never planned to carry out an attack. he could be? enced to nearly 50 years. this morning, police say
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24-year-old hernandez ov into his ex-girlfriend and the man she was with at 30 miles an hour. he sped off, leading police on a short chase before getting out and running. he now faces several charges, including two counts of attempted murder, felony dui, resisting arrest, and domestic violence. both victims were badly hurt. more americans seem to question president trump and whether he's telling the truth in the russia investigation. that's the findings of a new nbc/"wall street journal" poll. 62% do not believe the president about russia in edling in the election, this as the investigation gets closer to the president's inner circle. peen it comes robert mueller, democrats have a far different opinion than those close to the president. >> no winner here. >> they're a joke. over my dead body. >> more and more people are believing in mueller. fewer and fewer people as your
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survey showed believe the president. >> one of latest tweets, the president is calling michael cohen a rat and calls the mueller investigation a democratic scam. 4:38, coming up next on "today in the bay," facebook under fire. the millions of private photos exposed without users' permission and how you can find out if your photos were impacted. plus the new film swinging into the top spot at theaters this weekend. and taking a live look outside, as we mentioned, slick roadways out the next? we'll take a look, coming up. 4:38.
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good morning. i'm kate rogers at cnbc global headquarters. wall street is set for a negative open after suffering big losses on friday. all three major u.s. indices closed in correction territory following disappointing economic data out of china. the dow dropped 497 points, closing at 24,100, while the nasdaq closed nearly 160 points lower at 6910. today investors will get data on home builder sentiment and earnings results from tech companies awaiting the federal reserve's two-day policy meeting which kicks off tomorrow. the fed is widely expected to hike rates for a fourth and final time this year. nder fire once again, the social mnetwork disclosed it exposed private
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photos of users without their permission. bug allowed third party app developers to access photos users may not have shared publicly. the company believes nearly 7 million users could be impacted by the bug. sony's new spider-man film swung into the top spot this weekend. it earned $21 million internationally and topped north american charts at $35 million in its debut. meanwhile, clint eastwood's "the mule" landed in second place at the domestic box office pulling in $17 million. marcus and laura, back over to you. >> i'll have to put that on my to-do list. >> add it to mine as well. thanks, kate. 4:42. do you recall that romaine lettuce recall recall? the farm linked to ie products. adam brothers recalling red and green leaflet tus as well as cauliflow
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cauliflower. it may have come into kablgt with e. coli. dozens got sick with the strain linked to the lettuce. people should avoid romaine lettuce from the central valley as other nearby farms may be dangerous to eat. coming up on "today in the bay," kari is tracking your morning forecast, that includes rain. >> yes, that rain is moving out. we're going to get sunshine today. we head over to martinez, where we'll dip down into the upper 40s at 7:00 and head into the upper 50s by early afternoon. here is a look at storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar showing spotty, light showers left over. we'll take a closer look at this and the week ahead coming up next. >> yes, kari, leftovers for breakfast, i'm a fan. we see palo alto with the sheen and puddling on the roads. we'll talk about your conditions and a new crash over in the east bay. plus, shocking ande that caused three construction workers to lose their jobs.
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very good monday morning to you. the rain washed things clear in the bay area. taking a live look outside, sfo, lots of people, no doubt, coming and going, in the coming weeks, with the holidays quickly approaching. we're in it. 4:46 right now. for one pr chicago clinching a was the start of a big celebrati >> he found his teammate in life also. >> jennifer marie ross, would
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you love to be charles, i mean jennifer ma leelenrie leo jr.? >> she said yes. the stadium was full of screaming friends there. he got on one knee, popped the question to his girlfriend at the 50 yard line. those fans witnessed the whole thing on the jumbo tron. charles and jennifer, consider yourselves officially on the clock. >> yes, lots of smiles there. >> i'm sure a lot of family members are like, when is the wedding? when is the wedding? >> where did he keep the ring the whole game? >> it was cold, too. and he's s. >> now they'll call her jleno. >> i like that. >> she's here all week. >> let's start out with the rain this morning, trying to get you ready for the work day. we're still really sloppy out there on the radioed. as the rain clears out we're seeing some spotty, light
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showers, especially across the north bay. i wanted to give you a closer look at our storm ranger mobile doppler radar, where we are seeing some light rain moving through parts of marin and southern sonoma county and we're also seeing some spotty rain across parts of contra costa county, as you get ready to drive, but the rain is just enough to have you turning on the windshield wipers and just kind of clears out. i'll also be tracking another system moving in. this one will keep the waves high along the coast today, but as it moves in, this looks to mostly be a north bay rain that moves in tomorrow, but let's look at some of our rainfall totals. i picked out a few spots and boulder creek, the santa cruz mountains had about two and a half inches of rain. mt. tam an inch and a half there. pacifica an inch and a half and cloverdale close to two inches of rain. san frarteansc of an inch. most of our rainfall totals around the bay area were anywhere from half an inch to about an inch and some of these
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were the higher amounts. we're still going to have the high waves along the coast today, and up to possibly 40 feet over the next five days. longlasting waves that could continue and never turn your back to the water. best advice, no swimming. it's too rough for mavericks, as we'll see the high waves continuing throughout the day. our highternoon after all of th clears out. upper 50s for the peninsula. as you are getting dressed this morning, you need to make sure that you'redyt and a jacket wils we head through the forecast, we'll see another wave of spotty, light showers moving in, but mostly that will be for tomorrow morning, and to the early afternoon for much of the north bay. so i'll be tracking that, as we head over to mike, drivers should take it easy. it's slippery out there. >> as you've been telling folks i borrowed storm ranger, that's the red arm sweeping around here and the radar showing activity through the central valley.
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it pushed through the entire bay area. all of the roadways having been hit overnight. the green road weather index shows you where things are tougher in portions of the south bay, where we had flooding at 280 off-ramp there is. san francisco and vermont adwa be blocking your fast lane, eetting away from the bay b another crash reported and may headed toward powell just low os and fog, we have a lot of moisture in the air and the bay bridge we have the cash lanes which will move better after both have an additional toll taker in the morning. we often see damp roadways there. weather not affecting b.a.r.t. or the ferries. no delays and service restored for caltrain after the weekend work. >> thanks so much, mike. making fun of someone's tragedy cost three construction workers their job. they were hired to clear the wreckage of the camp fire in paradise, but they posted insensitive pictures of homes destroyed and they were fired. one photo showed the man sitting on a burned out rv pretending to
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drive, another featured a plan playing on a burned fire truck toy. one picture was too offensive to show on television. the construction company the men worked for, big crane and rigging, called its incident an abhorrent event. the destruction of the camp fire didn't just displace tens of thousands of people but many pets as well. >> we report on how the animals are being helped. >> reporter: the flames from california's deadliest and most destructive wildfire killed 86 people and destroyed more than 14,000 homes. and inheir best be. >> reporter: lonnie walker is in a desperate search for his golden/lab mix and maybe a way to ease some of the grief. >> i lost the most important thing in my life, and that's my wife. the dogs mean something to me, being able to find them, but can't bring back the really most
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important thing in my life. >> reporter: at the height of the camp fire crisis, more than 2,000 animals were displaced, about half are still in shelters. their owners with no homes of their own. >> is it's incumbent on us, it's our duty to take care of them. >> reporter: norm leads the north family animal disaster group, 300 volunteers on the front lines of pet wal fare going well beyond area shelters, navigating the fire zone, tending to animals left behind with food, water, and lots of love. >> they might have lost everything, they come back and there's this happy and they're smiling because their animals are still alive. >> reporter: diana harriman was finally allowed to return home after and her thelma safe. >> i wanted to get in here and touch her and pick her up and tell her it's okay. >> reporter: it's gratifying work for this group of volunteers. >> you see a lot of hard things out here and you got to do your best and know that you're trying
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to help. >> reporter: bringing hope in the if you ary form of unconditional love. >> you're very good. >> reporter: steve patterson, nbc news, paradise, california. >> heartbreaking for those people. 4:53 right now. coming up here on "today in the bay" -- >> the number of stolen cars here is simply mind-blowing. we have a new breakdown, plus some new technology t from your car. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. first, happening now, you may want to strong up ock up on postage stamp. the u.s. postal service is requesting a price of five cents, the biggest price increase since 1991. if approved, the new rates would go into effect next month. forever stamps are valid regardless of the price you pay for them. more news after the break.
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and a good monday morning. just look at this, you can see the wet fncisco there, looking at the golden gate bridge. starting our monday morning, mike's goingha at that commute for you. kari will have the weather for you in a bi busy here. the holidays are such a busy time for all of us but especially car thieves. >> chris chmura, our consumer investigator there, has an al m alarming finding. >> good morning. more cars are stolen on new year's day than any other holiday. thieves boosted about 2,500 cars nationwide on the first day of this year. that's from the national insurance crime bureau. car theft here in the bay area is well above the national average, according to the fbi.
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more than 14,000 cars were stolen in our nine county area in 2017. that is at least one car stolen every hour of every day, and it happens faster than you might think. watch this. that car thief got in and drove off inside of 20 seconds. his joy ride was caught on camera by a bay area company. after "the voice" tonight, we're going to show you how they do it, plus two other local companies helping car owners like you fight back against thieves. if you have a consumer complaint to investigate, please call us 888-996-tips or visit i'll see you again tonight after "the voice." >> sounds good, chris. coming up next on "today in the bay,"ing shots fired inside a contra costa county mall. the photo of the suspect police want you to see this morning.
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and as we start out this morning, it is still wet, after all that heavy rain moved through, but sunnyvale we're looking at a lot of sunshine today and some mere normal temperatures, reaching into the upper 50s. we'll about our drying trend and what else is in the forecast, coming up next. and a look at the richmond-san rafael bridge. the sheen on the roadway, you can see that because the tra ffc is so light. as the sun comes out, dry out but we've already had a couple of spinouts. just letting you know. a live lo
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san jose. monday morning. let's take a peek outside, 101 in san u ,n see the sheen on th roadway, lots are on, folks out the door, getting their work week started. good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. hope you're coming off a great weekend. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm twmarcus washington. mike will help us out with the roads but first we start with the culprit of it all, the rain. >> not me. all the rain has


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