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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 19, 2018 6:00pm-6:58pm PST

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the news at 6:00 starts right no. good evening and thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. last night we broke this story. tonight mayor london breed is responding, urging the governor to free her brother, a convicted killer serving a four-decade term in prison. >> mayor breed is standing her ground despite harsh criticism from the victim's family, who says her intervention is an abuse of power. here's investigative reporter jackson van derbeken. >> it's sadly been twisted in an unfortunate way. >> reporter: mayor london breed spoke for the first time today about the fallout from nbc bay area's investigative unit revelation that she wrote this letter to the governor, asking him to release her brother from prison some 15 years before he's fparo. napoleon brown is serving more than 40 years for push iing lenties white out of a car into golden gate bridge traffic while fleeing a robbery back in 2000.
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today breed acknowledged that her plea for clemsy may have backfired. >> unfortunately, i am in a situation where i am mayor and it will probably have the reverse impact of what i was hoping that it could possibly do, which is you know, get my brother a reduced sentence and get him into treatment and get him the support that he needs. >> reporter: mayor breed says her brother has been treated unfairly by the justice system, like many other african-american men. napoleon brown is serving twice the normal term for manslaughter and other crimes because i care about along with so many>>eport written letters on her brother's behalf before. but she wasn't mayor then. >> when i was asked to write of course concerned that you know, as mayor this could backfire. this could have the reverse impact. and i knew the letter would be public. so i wasn't necessarily trying
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to hide anything, but i was concerned. >> reporter: while she made no mention of the victim or her family in her letter to the governor, breed went out of her way today to express her sympathy. >> my thoughts go out to, you know, the family of lenties white. i know members of the family. i'm very close with them. and i know that unfortunately the situation has sadly opened a lot of old wounds and it's a tragic situation. >> i feel disrespected. >> reporter: sandra mcneil, the alough she's known the mayor t for many years breed never reached out to her about her letter to the governor until today. >> it's g back. it's not justice for me. >> reporter: jaxon van derbeken, nbc bay area news. >> we of course will continue our reporting of that story. well, just into our newsroom, are you seeing this in the sky? a lot of our viewers from across the bay area and in the sacramento area have been calling us and sending us
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photos. maybe a shooting star, a meteorite, a contrail from a jet or something else. right now it's not clear what this mysterious streak is. we do know this, though. a rocket launched in santa barbara about 30 years ago was scrubbed. so we know it's not related to that. it's also not weather-related. we have called norad. we are in touch with norad and we are waiting for an update. once we hear something i will let you know. a dramatic end to a police chase in sonoma county. after a suspect stopped his car along highway 37 and then runs into the nearby marshlands. it happened about twoago at sags island road. a ranger shows the sheriff's yept diz carrying the suspect into an ambulance. they say he got stuck in the mud and at first he asked deputies to shoot him. after a brief standoff he then asked deputies to rescue him. there's video of that rescue happening. chp helicopters lowered a basket to get the man who had crawled in and then was transported ashore. deputies say he's a wanted felon. no word on his condition.
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well, several boat owners are calling an east bay marina a lawless harbor where homeless people are threatening boaters and breaking into their bathrooms. now they're calling on the city of oakland to do something about it. here's nbc bay area's melissa colorado, who joins us now from union point basin in oakland with the details. melissa? >> reporter: well, raj, before you enter the marina you have to pass through union point park and as you can see there's a large encampment right behind me with a number of tents as well as piles of belongings. the boat owners i spoke to say they understand they have to share the space but now there are some serious safety concerns. >> and if you're not on your a-game, this is the wrong place for you to be. >> reporter: if his navy hat didn't give it away, ed mckay of oakland prefers life on the water. he's been living in his boat in union point basin for the last 20 years. >> because the people rp unpredictable. desperate people do desperate
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things. >> reporter: he's referring to the dozen or so homeless people who set up their tents along the marina taking over the grassy lawns of union point park. >> cars get stolen all the time. i've had probably five cars in the 20 years i've been here. probably three of them have been stolen. >> reporter: ed pays roughly $500 a month to moor his boat here. that also earns him access to these bathrooms and showers. >> they're not safe. and i don't want to be in a confrontation. >> reporter: ed refuses to use them because he says homeless people are constantly breaking into them. and this past summer someone torched a nearby maintenan shed. >> they outnumber us by 8-1. >> reporter: we noticed a bullet on the ground just outside of the bathroom. another boat owner said he was too afraid to go on camera for fear of retaliation. he did allow us to record this. >> we're a community too. we're trying to co-exist with
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this particular community. and they're just not keeping up the minimal end of the bargain. >> reporter: we reached out to owni oakland police as well as the city's park department to see what they're doing to address these safety concerns, and we have yet to hear back from them. that's the latest in oakland. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. a house of horror is about to be demolished. the evidence has been collect, photos have been taken and now what's left of the ghost ship in oakland is cleared for demolition. this week the burned-out building was released back to the property owners. it's been two years since that raging fire killed 36 people. relatives of the victims say they support demolishing the building but they want the court to block a sale of the property. permanent mernl'll built on aa sobering report that shows just how many of us are at risk when it comes to wildfires.
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according to analysis by the "l.a. times," 1 in 10 homes in california is situated in a high-risk fire zone. the map shows the trouble zones here in the bay area. those are the spots in red. and there's a lot of them. nbc bay area's sam brock joins us live from one of them in the foothills of mount diablo in contra costa county. that report sun nerving for any homeowner. >> it should be not just surprising but make you think, jessica. certainly that is cal fire's thought process. where i'm standing right now at mt. diablo state park, this is exactly the kind of spot that raises concern. behind me you have hillsides with dry vegetation and trees and wedged right in the middle of it all, homes. a recipe for fire danger. on mt. diabolo's scenic boulevard the views live up to the name. but beneath an irresistible aesthetic lies a more unsettling reality. fire danger is always top of mind. >> i live on the other side of
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the valley. >> reporter: amanda quatro grew up about ten minutes from where we're standing and tells me she's accustomed to scarce. >> earlier last year there were fires that burned my neighbor's back deck and got within like three feet of mine. >> reporter: a torrent of devastating wildfires in recent years has prompted a closer look at high-risk homes. the "l.a. times" analyzed updated maps drawn by the department of forestry and found 1 in 10 homes sits in a high-risk pocket. it's more concentrated in pervasrn califnis. speak of are in high fire danger >> most of those homes you're zones. >> reporter: mark marcucci with cal fire says more californians have been added to the list as californians have expanded into wild fire areas. his best advice is to know your situation and clear out vegetation. >> we're seeing the ember cast coming off of fires a mile away landing in their yard. if you have junipers up against
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your home you've got to get rid of that. you've got to make your home a fortress against fire. >> reporter: despite the need for heightened protection many in this east bay community say they have no regrets. and the morgan fire right here, about five years ago, burned 4,000 acres. forced almost 100 evacuations in this area. but still the residents tell me if they could do it all over again they would buy their same homes, it's so beautiful here, just with more precaution. reporting loiv from diablo sam brock, nbc bay area news. whiplash on wall street today as the federal reserve said it plans to raise interest rates again, the fourth time this year. the announcement causing the dow a sudden plunge after beginning the day with a promptsing rally. the dow finished at its lowest level since september of 2017. a lot of buzz around the bay area and really around the country about that tesla that caught fire twice last night. tonight we have some context about car fires, comparing
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teslas and gas-powered cashes. our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us in the south bay where that tesla model s is being stored. we see it right over your shoulder there. >> yeah, it is being stored here in campbell. it's also being watched over because as you said after all it did catch fire twice. but firefighting crews here in the bay area tell us that's the exception, not the norm, and that electric car owners should feel safe.the tesla model s tha fire in los gatos and then again in campbell got a lot of attention. but for the firefighters who worked to put it out -- >> vehicle fire. >> reporter: in fact, teslas catching fire are very rare. the national fire protection agency and highway traffic safety administration agree. you're five times more likely to experience a car fire in a gas-powered vehicle than an electric car. >> so far in 2018 we've
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responded to 67 vehicle fires. last night and this morning's fire involving the tesla were the only one this year to date involving a tesla. >> reporter: now, if you're the guy who watched his brand new model s suddenly burst into flames, you're likely concerned. >> no more tesla. because if this guy been in the house and if we were on vacation and this thing caught fire in the garage the whole house would go under. >> reporter: but most tesla owners we spoke to, even after seeing the video, say they feel safe. >> i think it's the safest car we've ever had. so i love it. >> i think it's safe. they've made enough of them and they've been on the road long enough that i don't feel unsafe. i'm not going to get rid of it. >> another note of perspective on this. firefighters tell us when electric cars catch fire t fire. just in case they say they'd do the same for gas-powered cars.
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reporting live in campbell, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> okay, scott, thank you. up next here at 6:00, stolen from their home in san jose. we're talking about puppies. the reason the owner of these puppies are concerned for the dogs' health this evening. plus on our way to the bay area, an update on when we can expect a mother originally banned from entering the country. she's expected to land at sfo and go directly to see her 2-year-old who is sadly on his deathbed. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. did you see that bright light in the sky? i'll tell you more about what i think is going on here in the sky tonight. that new update in about six minutes. this little home of mine,
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my name is tito, and i'm a tech ops manager at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. did you see back to that breaking news we told you about at the top of this newscast. that light in the sky is strange. lots of people have been calling from across the bay area. and in sacramento people have been calling and sending us photos too. so what could it be? a shooting star? a contrail from a jet? something else? right now not clear. these are some of the pictures people have been posting on social media. they're coming from all across northern california. now there, was a rocket launch in santa barbara county that was scrubbed. so we know it's not that. it's also not weather-related. we have called norad and are waiting for an update. another live picture over -- you can't really see it anymore. jeff ranieri, our chief meteorologist, joins us now.
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and jeff, what's your take on it? >> whenever we get a picture in like this, you really just are kind of trying to rule everything out. the first thing my eye does on this photo that we've been getting in is take a look at the bright light and compare it to what else is happening in the sky. you can see we do have some cirrus clouds right here in the photo. the contrast between what we're seeing in the sky and the clouds, it's just too entirely different. so we're definitely ruling it out as any kind of cloud formation. there was no airplane crash we know of that as well. it's not something from something devastating like that. i just saw some video that is now starting to populate, i was tagged on in twitter. and it appears like this could be a meteor. right now maybe a meteor fireball. it happened around the 5:00 hour. two bright flashes with this. again, visible for miles and miles on end. not a cloud formation p likely a meteor fireball, which basically is a very bright meteor.
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so that's what we know right now. we are waiting on confirmation from the american meteorological society. they take in these reports. and we're going to get more eyeballs on this. right now not a cloud. likely a media fireball. any more information i have coming in from this photo, i'm going to share it with you throughout this hour. >> very good information, jeff. we're also awaiting word from norad as well. well, they're cute and they're cuddly and now they are gone. burglars stole two puppies from inside of a home in san jose. the family is worried. of course they are 37 about these three-week-old pups that might not get the care they need. nbc bay ariae favro joins us at police headquarters in san jose with some details and hopefully some answers, marianne. >> reporter: san jose are not unusual puppy snatchings are . roket nto this east san jose home saturday night, stealing two lab mix pups.
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>> we feel violated in a sense because you know, it was something very personal. they were so little. only three weeks old. >> reporter: too young they say to be weaned from their mother. >> too little to eat solid food. you know, they need somebody to actually be taking care of them and giving them a bottle of milk. more than likely they're not taking care of them. >> reporter: and she says ever since chicky's pups were stolen the new mom is now avoiding the rest of her litter. >> she's actually very sad. we've noticed that. she doesn't want to see the puppies anymore. >> reporter: the thieves ransacked the home, overturning mattresses and stealing electronics. this surveilla neince vbor show up to the house saturday night and a person going in and coming out minutes later. karen ramirez says she planned to raise two of the puppies and give the rest to family. now she's offering a $1,000 reward to get the two puppies back. and reunite them with their
6:19 pm
heartbroken mom. >> i just don't understand how people have the heart to do that. >> reporter: the family does not believe this was a random burglary. they believe the thieves actually knew they were going to be gone that night and specifically targeted their home. and now police say they have not identified any suspects. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, marianne. in just an hour a very grieving mother isbefore rushing to the her dying son. she is in germany today as she connected through munich. shaima swileh was granted a visa to be with her dying son. her visa was originally rejected because she's from yemen, which is one of the countries part of trump's travel ban. doctors say that abdullah, who was born with a brain condition, may only have a few days left to live. jeff ranieri is back with
6:20 pm
us, and we'll talk about the weather in a moment. but first, this meteor, or whatever we think it is. >> fascinating stuff with these photos coming in. we definitely have been taking a closer look at that photo. we just brought you that update earlier. in case you missed it and you're just trying to now get caught up, this is what everybody has been seeing. thought we'd show it to you again. it's too bright in this picture compared to clouds from what i can tell that would be any kind of cloud formation. this likely could be a meteor fireball happening in the 5:00 hour. we are working to continue to watch some video that's coming into the ro this for you. but again, likely a media fireball. we saw reports all the way to the central valley of california. it's been seen across a lot of northern california. and again, we're going to continue to follow that. right back here across san francisco you can see clear skies tonight. at least at the lower levels. we still have some clouds just above, at least kind of hanging out. some higher clouds. 55 degrees right now. dropping down to a colder 48
6:21 pm
once you hit 1:00 in the morning. through tomorrow i think we're going to stay dry. cloud cover lingers throughout the day. you've got 58 here in livermore, upper 50s in san jose. as well for the north bay san francisco right there at 58. but we are looking at the chance of rain returning as we head through tomorrow night. now the big storm system. but i think from 7:00 to about 11:00 tomorrow night we could see some scattered rainfall return to the bay rying out. also for saturday. then another chance of possibly some showers once we hit sunday into mondaymas into next wednesday. coming up at 6:48 tonight we'll let you know how much rainfall we get from each and every one of these rain chances. again, we'll see you then. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks, jeff. up next, making sure no one even thinks about doing it again. the california lawmaker trying to prevent a future on that proposal. bear bandit has been a.
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oakland police arrested andre murphy today. he got the the man known as the teddy bear bandit has been arrested.
6:25 pm
oakland police arrested andre murphy today. he got that nickname for allegedly burglarizing a flower shop in san leandro back in october as you can see it there, stealing flowers and teddy bears. this is surveillance video of the store. other police departments are investigating whether he's responsible for some other burglaries as well. an orange county woman is accused of using a recent wildfire to pull off a scam. prosecutors say ashley bennis posed on social media as the wife of a firefighter working on the holy fire in august. they say she claimed to be collecting donations for firefighters. investigators say she collected more than $2,000 worth of cash and emergency supplies and they didn't go to any victims. here you go. you can keep texting. there will be no tax. state lawmakers are working to block any potential taxes on text messages. it comes after a failed attempt by the california p.u.c. to impose a tax on texts. but the fcc ruled texting is an information service that the cpuc has no authority to tax now
6:26 pm
or in the future. >> the problem is that you're already seeing pushback from the proponents of the tax saying no, the cpuc can still do this. so my fear is you're going to see them try to bring this back at some point. it's my legislation just prohibits that. it says the cpuc does not have the authority to impose a text tax now or at any point in the future. >> the cpuc says it planned to use revenue from the proposed tax toes californians. up next at 6:30, did facebook lie about how much of your personal information it gave to other companies? facebook responding tonight to a new bombshell report. your car can be stolen in about 20 seconds. see some new innovations aimed at shutting down car thieves. i'm nbc reporter chris chmura. that's next.
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introdeli trio and turkey, bacon, and cheddar pannidos, both on toasted ciabatta bread. served in a no-mess bag, they're the ultimate on the go subs. so panni-do eat one while you are tackling errands. but panni-don't... huh? [buzzer] ...while you're getting tackled by a guy named aaron. order a pannido with doordash today. sky. we )re getting a lot of video ad photss from our viewers. stockton. the national weather service captured on top of diamond peak.. you can see that streak right there coming into the sky. how about this? the national weather service capturing this from diamond peak. this is in north lake tahoe. pretty impressive and pretty mysterious. still don't know exactly what this is. here's what it looked like. another shot in folsom.
6:30 pm
near sacramento. now, we are waiting word from the a.m.s. and norad to get some updates on what exactly this is. >> all the headlines at 6:30. more trouble for facebook. the social media giant on the defensive tonight after startsling accusations. it turns out your private facebook messages weren't that private after all. and facebook is in trouble again. >> a lot of people concerned here. nbc bay area's anoushah rasta spent the day at facebook headquarters in menlo park and has the company's response. >> reporter: facebook is under dibility being questioned. >> i think about maybe i will shut down my account one day. >> reporter: iivacs scandal afg other companies like microsoft, amazon and net flikts read your private messages. >> in some situations they can delete it. >> reporter: in a statement on its online blog facebook explains that they allowed their partner companies to access your
6:31 pm
private messages if you signed into your facebook account through the partner's app. to be clear, none of these partnerships or features gave companies access to information without people's permission. nor did they violate our 2012 settlement with the fcc. cybersecurity expert ahmed benassa argues that signing into your facebook account on another company's app is not giving them permission to read your private messages. >> you have to make it clear to the consumer, to the users that this is what they're doing. >> reporter: facebook says in 2014 i let users link their accounts with other services to see public information that their friends ed company does a developers may have still been able to access personal information. >> we cannot be left alone to face this by ourselves. we need regulations now. >> reporter: "the new york
6:32 pm
times" first broke the story, and facebook responded a day later with a blog post. the "times" also claims that facebook's deals for sharing your information with other companies benefited more than 150 other companies and helped facebook bring in more users. in menlo park, anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. >> all right, anoushah. another problem for facebook tonight. a civil lawsuit claiming the social media failed to protect user data. that lawsuit filed by the attorney general for washington, d.c. points specifically to the cambridge analytica scandal. it's the first formal efforto t scandal in which cambridge analytica was able to acquire facebook user data. the lawsuit has not named the dollar figure it seeks from facebook. in a statement the company says it is reviewing the complaint and looking forward to continuing its discussion with attorneys, the attorney general in d.c. and elsewhere. speaking of what's happening in washington, d.c. a mad
6:33 pm
scramble to avoid a partial government shutdown. while congress is close to a deal, it's not clear whether president trump will approve it. the threat of a partial government shutdown over the border wall appears to be winding down. senate republicans are proposing a short-term spending bill which would keep the government essentially open but only through february 8th. democrats are on board but there's still no love between the parties. >> we can make sure we don't end this year the way we began it, with another government shutdown because of democrats' allergy to sensible immigration policies. >> reporter:um if he'll sign ity friday's midnight deadline. on twitter today he pledged "one way or the other, we will win on the wall." more cars are stolen on new year's day than any other holiday. >> one specific day. consumer investigator chris chmura has some ideas to help protect your car. >> reporter: good evening.
6:34 pm
that new year statistic is astounding. 2,500 people woke up january 1st to find their cars gone. so we went looking for ways you can fight thieves. and we didn't have to look very far. tonight we're showing you three innovations from bay area companies. a gps insurance gadget. a chameleon license tag and a camera that can film a felony in progress. you're watching a car thief in action. the bunch has been incredibly busy. by the end of december they will have stolen 14,000 carsaround the bay area, according to the fbi. even if your ride stays put, you're still paying a price for car theft. through higher insurance rates. but you can fight back. with technology hatched right here in the bay area. >> what we've seen, at least a few dozen car thieves be
6:35 pm
identified and arrested. >> reporter: andy hodge is ceo and co-founder of owl cameras in palo alto. perched atop the dashboard, the owl cam gives a bird's eye view of your car's interior. but the camera also contains sensors that can recognize a break-in. any sudden jolt starts the camera rolling, catching thieves in the act. that video live-streams to your phone and is stored in the cloud as evidence. hodge doesn't necessarily want to catch crooks on camera. he wants the owl cam to just scare them away. >> you're hoping a criminal sees that camera and says i'm moving to the next car? >> we see a lot of people breaking into cars. when people send us the video back. and you can tell they didn't know one of these existed and they look up and they pretty much all have this look that goes, huh? >> another idea is california's quirky obsession with sending messages on license plates. but this isn't driven by ego. instead it just announces to all the crime that's taking place.
6:36 pm
>> we can still film it on the plate. >> reporter: revival in foster city makes the digital r plate, a digital license tag that can morph, notably when your car is in the wrong hands. >> once you find your khawr car is gone we'll know where it is. because it has gps. it has an lg connection. >> if a thief tries to pry the plate off your bumper you'll immediately get an alert. another garnlth tries to block car theechz in a roundabout way. >> san francisco startup metro mile sells insurance essentially by the mile. it uses these small trackers to figure out how much you owe. the gizmo goes wherever your car goes. which means if someone takes it on a joy ride metro mile can track exactly where it went. >> you call us up. >> deterrence is the tee but it comes at a price. the owl cam is 350 plus an annual fee. the owl plate is $700 plus a
6:37 pm
monthly fee. metro mile's rates vary depending on how much you drive. i know it sounds obvious, but always lock your doors. you'd be surprised how many people don't. never leave anything in plain sight and always try to park in a busy well-lit area. tough a consumer complaint for us to investigate call us 888-996-tips. or visit >> thank you, chris. two women hit by a car near san jose elementary school. the clues detectives are releasing as they search for that driver. bay.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
tonight, we have new sil police still searching for a hit-and-run driver in the south bay. tonight we have new surveillance video. the video shows the moments before the crash. happened just after 6:30 this morning at berry wood drive in san jose. this is near darling elementary. investigators say the two women were hit in the crosswalk and then the driver took off. the women were taken to the hospital. one has life-threatening
6:40 pm
injuries. police say the suspect is possibly a dark sedan. they're going beyond the football field. the 49ers are bringing police officers and the community together. >> we've got to start having difficult conversations between police and the communities. >> candid conversationsize a new video series featuring bay area residents and officers talking about the challenges of policing in america. these conversations allow both sides to share their views this was by colin kaepernick's plea to improve social justice. you can watch "cdkriegss" at the city of se will be cracking down on electric scooters. part of a new permit program approved by the city council last night. the program will give the city's transportation department the authority to manage scooter companies which operate in san jose. they will make important decisions like regulating the number of scooters allowed on the streets and requiring companies to keep riders off sidewalks. that program goes into effect in
6:41 pm
february. we have an update to our breaking news. we've been following this now throughout this newscast. that mysterious streak in the sky. this is some dashcam video. if you go on social media or our website right now, we've spoefted all sorts of videos and photos. this happened 90 minutes ago. norad has responded to us with the following statement. here we go. and we quote. "there is no threat to canada and the u.s. at this time." >> we don't know what it is? >> they didn't say what it is. just a simple statement. jefflrone is going with the meteor perhaps. but that's the official statement from norad. no threat to the u.s. >> another thing definitely canceled off the list. that's what we do in these situations, take a look at what we see happening, then narrow it down. we do have a new update on this as well from our perspective. there is what everybody is reporting. so it happened in the 5:00 p.m. hour. two bright flashes along with that bright streak in the sky. definitely not a cloud formation. likely a meteor fireball. but here's the new connection.
6:42 pm
there was a undocking at the nasa space station at the same time. maybe it was a little bit of space junk possibly from that. again, we're putting this out there. it was around the same time. a meteor fireball or maybe some space junk. that can also look like a meteor fireball. as we get more, we'll have more
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
right now -- it )s 8 bucks w/o a fast track pass. soon -- it could be $10. al to the bridge )s future. nbc bay area )s christie smith explains toss to wx . considered vital to the bridge's future. nbc bay area's christie smith explains. >> this is still the discussion phase but the bridget district says they do have to make up for a projected budget deficit somehow. they're looking at a number of options that vary on whether
6:45 pm
someone has -- yuri hooker is considering he may have to pay more to drive across the golden gate bridge. >> it makes you not want to go over. >> we're looking ahead and seeing that we have a $75 million deficit. >> reporter: spokesperson for the golden gate bridge district and says tolls bring in 75% of the on thing revenue. >> we spend that money n on maintaining and operating the golden gates bridge but also on our other services. so we send our bridge tolls on subsidizeding our bus and ferry tolls. >> reporter: ferry riders say they understand the need. >> we are lucky in the overflow parking we found one spot left this time of day. >> reporter: a district committee is looking at what five tolerate options could do. >> one would raise -- that would go toward our capital
6:46 pm
contribution. >> reporter: she says the benefit to drivers is less road traffic. the proposals do vary. it's $7 right now for fast track users and a little bit more for those who don't use it. >> the change is going from between $7 and $8 right now. between $8.25 and $9.80 at the end off raising the price to get people out of their cars and into the boats. i think it's a better way to go. >> you can't just ever rest here. you're always worried about the cost of living. >> these options still have a number of hurdles to get by from committee to the full board to approval. and of course there would be public comment. but it is possible that the first toll raise could start in july of next year, being phased in through the year 2023. in san francisco christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> okay, christie, thank you. jeff is back with us. we're talking about the space junk 3450e9 yore theory here. right? >> it's either going to be one
6:47 pm
of those two things -- and we're going to get a closer look at that video, just in case you missed it and you had some pictures of your own and you wanted to see some video. take a look right here and you can see how fast it comes right toward the camera and there's that bright flash right at the end. i'm not sure if we have this looping around. here we go. right here. anflash. let's go ahead and take a look at the still picture of this. a lot of you have been tweeting us abcphotos. and this is really the liken of what we are getting in all of our reports. certainly not a cloud, again, with that flash we're seeing in the video. here's the deal. happened in the 5:00 p.m. hour. two bright flashes for many people then that long streak with that somewhat explosion toward the end. so probably at this point a meeter fireball could be a boloid, which is basically an exploding meteor. it's hard to tell on some of
6:48 pm
those videos. we're going to get more anless on this. but if there's a little more of an xlogs at the end it's an exploding meteor. it's very similar to a meteor fireball. it's just the way it ends that makes that different. the other thing i want to throw out that i've been mentioning is the nasa space station there was an undocking happening around the same time and sometimes space junk can often mimic what a meteor fireball will look like. we're going to work to confirm eithne nasa. we definitely have called out there. meteor fireball or maybe some space junk that does kind of mimic the same sort of situation in many cases.d again, i apprec and send them to me on twitter @jeffranieri. i really appreciate it. or get a hold of us at nbc bay area. back here at home we're taking a look out here in space and you can see the cloud cover here offshore. that's our next storm system that would be moving in. no rainfall here across the north bay. down to the south bay. dry as you can see on our storm ranger scan. but eventually tomorrow we do
6:49 pm
get that chance of wet weather moving in. i think we're dry for the commute. we have the clouds, temperatures in the 40s also here for the north bay. san francisco at 50 and the east bay at 47. no sunglasses for the morning commute. and really as we head through the day we're going to hold on to the cloud cover in the forecast. temps in the upper 50s and thro. right here across the east bacon cord at 58, fremont 6 o'. peninsula, 59 at redwood city. san francisco mid up toer 50s. 58 in sonoma. what about those rain chances? dry through the day then once we hit tomorrow night wole see that chance of scattered rain by 9:00 p.m. in the north bay. better bet to get? totals as it moves to the south bay around 11:30 it starts to break up. we're going to have a hard time get something rainfall down to san jose and eventually we'll start to clear out once we hit 5:00 a.m. on friday. totals only trace amounts to .15 of an inch. another chance on monday, .3.
6:50 pm
spotty rain for christmas. also the day after on wednesday. i don't think it's going to be any major ranl for christmas. we'll keep a close eye on that wet weather. always an exciting night across the bay area. something happening. >> maybe it's santa making an early -- houl put that that.hat out. >> thanks, jeff. as the 49ers season winds down, me being recognized for their efforts on and off the field. colin resch shows us why. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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"missy franklin" said it )s the well, she is retiring at the age of 23. on twitter today olympic swimmer missy franklin said it's the hardest letter she's ever written. she's stepping away from the sport that she dominated. she won hearts around the world along with four gold medals at the london olympics back in 2012. we remember that well. franklin is from colorado but the bay area embraced her when she enrolled at cal. she's battled some serious back and shoulder injuries, wprhichp. it's been a disappointing season for the 49ers but they have some players who've done some amazing things. both on and off the field. >> they're doing it beginning with their kicker. here's nbc bay area's colin resch at levi's stadium.
6:54 pm
>> reporter: you give the media free food, and i'm going to be honest here, we're like a pack of wild dogs. 49ers kicker robbie gould up for the walter payton man of the ye a token of his appreciation for the media support he brought us all pizza wednesday afternoon. that was the before. this is the after. as i said, a pack of wild dogs. >> you know, obviously the walter payton man of the year is a big deal. i know what it is. having played in chicago. obviously i'm third right now in the voting. you guys have been awesome. i'm very thankful for the help that i've received. i hope you guys enjoyed it. sorry you're going to be a little heavier. but you go to the gym a little extra. that's all. >> reporter: gould vying for the nfl's top humanitarian honor off the field while on it named nfc's special teams player of the week for his performance against seattle. on tuesday pro bowl recipients announced. gould special team and mark zatcha and defensive plooin
6:55 pm
deforest buckner named alternates. while carl yuschek his third straight trip and george kittle his first. >> extremely excited to have george wy first year making the pro bowl definitely an exciting year. i'm excited for his excitement. it's going to be fun. >> kind of felt like a little kid. i don't know how to explain it. it was just a fantastic feeling. >> speaking of niners feeling good about themselves in recent weeks with back-to-back wins in chicago coming to town sunday. it's starting to feel like 2017 when they finished the season on a five-game win streak. >> i just feel like this is a young team that was still trying to learn how to win, how to finish games, and i feel like some of those young guys are starting to figure that out. they're starting to piece it together and we're seeing it -- we're seeing the results the past two weeks. >> niners-bears, a 1:05 kick sunday at levi's stadium. in santa clara colin resch, nbc bay area. okay. we've been talking about it here tonight and people have been talking about it out there.
6:56 pm
we're following that mysterious streak in the sky. seen from santa cruz to sacramento. coming up at 11:00, we're going to find out compactly what it is and find out more about it. >> and jeff's been actually weighing in on a lot of options bout it. >> meteor fireball is definitely at the top of thespace can mimic what that look been pheno. >> thanks for watching us at 6:00. have a great evening. >> we'll see you at 11:00. rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop!
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