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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 21, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the nasty divorce is in oakland. the raiders are currently in talks with the giants about temporarily moving to at&t park. this is a story we broke earlier today, and the giants are confirming our initial reports. the raiders would share at&t park with the giants in 2019. the giants are actually excited about their proposal. can they reconfigure at&t park into a football field? the simple answer is yes. several football games have been played there over the years, most notably, the cal game in 2011. it is a unique setup. but let's be very clear. the raiders would need the approval of the nfl and perhaps
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even the 49ers. san francisco is officially the 49ers' territory. they would prefer to play in the bay area before moving to las vegas in 2020. the raider the has have said tht want to play in oakland because the city is suing them. can you imagine the oakland raiders playing in san francisco and the san francisco 49ers playing in santa clara? this all comes as quite a shock to local football fans. >> i think it's just weird. because the niners are originally from san francisco. they don't play in san francisco anymore. now you're getting someone from across the bay to play in your own city? it's kind of disrespectful in a way. >> they are oakland raiders forever and ever. they always have been. they always will. >> it's another twist in this long story. here's the giants' response. quote, there has been initial interest in exploring the possibility of the raiders playing at at&t park.
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many details would need to be figured out. this is certainly not a done deal. however, it is very viable and both sides continue to talk. if the raiders do move to at&t park next year, we have a cluster of teams, the raiders and the giants and the warriors all playing within one mile of each other. jessica? stand by. that is the order for lawmakers in washington as the federal government heads for a partial shutdown. the count down is on with less than three hours until several government agencies run out of funding and shut down. lawmakers who had hoped to be in their home states by now will instead convene tomorrow, hoping to keep the shutdown brief. late today, the senate barely approved a vote on a bill which includes $5 billion for the border wall. the dow plunged more than 400
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points today ending its worse week since the 2008 recession. the federal reserve's rate hike on wednesday also helped drive this week's losses. a lot of questions in sunnyvale after our exclusive report. a police officer recently made a porn video with her husband. she's not in trouble. the officers who passed around that video are in trouble. nbc bay area's damian trujillo broke the story yesterday. today he's back in sunnyvale to see if the city plans to change its policy when it comes to porn at work. >> reporter: nbc bay area is not naming the female officer in the explosive allegations. but sources tell us she live streamed a sex scene with her husband on porn before she was recruited. some think it's not a big deal. >> no. >> no. not at all. >> reporter: but i asked five bay area police chiefs if they
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would hire an officer who was once involved in a porn video. all said no. >> we all need to be held to a higher standard. >> reporter: mark garcia performs background checks as a private investigator. it's not that difficult to find out if a job candidate was once in porn, especially with extensive background checks. >> it's the investigator's job to find out other people, do you know somebody else who may know something about mark garcia? oh, yeah, i know person. >> reporter: sunnyvale officers didn't seem to have much trouble finding the video. two have been fired and two suspended for sharing it at work. the female officer remains a cop today. the department does not maintain a specific policy on viewing or distributing pornography at work. today the city manager's office said it has no plans to change that, stating, quote, the city already has several policies in place that can be applicable to a situation of viewing or
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distributing pornography at work depending on specific facts of a particular case. i'm told there's a lot of unease within the ranks and inside sunnyvale city hall with no one willing to go on camera to talk about this explosive issue. we're in sunnyvale, nbc bay area news. new details on the shooting investigation at the daley city b.a.r.t. station. we're now learning that two sams trans buses were struck by gunfire. luckily, no one was struck and the drivers were on break. the shots rang out in the parking lot. no victims have come forward. b.a.r.t. trains were delayed for about an hour. a rare attack in palo alto and it has neighbors concerned. it happened around 6:00 near palo alto high school. a woman was walking when a man came up from behind and put his hand over her mouth. he then pushed her down into the bushes. when that woman started screaming, the man punched her in the face repeatedly.
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neighbors heard the screams and came outside to help. that man then took off. one year after the feds broke up a christmas eve terror plot targeting pier 39, san francisco police still are not part of the terrorism task force that uncovered that plot. and the question is, why? nbc bay area's sam brock takes a look at whether the strained relationship is impacting law enforcement's ability to keep us safe. >> reporter: almost exactly a year ago to the day, a modesto man plotted a terror attack at pier 39, where he planned to flush people out with explosives and gun them down. the fbi thwarted the attack while sfpd was in the dark. with another local case now making headlines, this time an oakland man talking about poisoning people at a san francisco nightclub and setting neighborhoods on fire. the importance of coordination
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co comes into focus. san francisco is now the only major city in the country not to be a part of the joint terrorism task force. >> it hampers the ability to quickly share information. >> when you look at pier 39 last year, there was a relationship, there was coordination. >> reporter: san francisco mayor london breed says communication between the feds and city police continues above the political fray, but tony montoya believes it could be a lot clearer. >> we received what we were able to receive on the news once it broke. we were notified after the fact. prior to us leaving jttf we would have been working hand in hand with the fbi. >> reporter: the partnership was put on hold in 2017 after civil rights groups raised red flags over tactics and a ten-year old
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agreement between the city and the fbi expired. >> we know jttf is involved in activity in areas that could be premature to terrorism. we understand they have been targeting some community members. >> part of what we're looking at is if we decide to rejoin we want to ensure there isn't this racial pro file. >> reporter: john bennett calls this a false claim. >> we have to are have a violation of law or security to move forward. we do not investigate people based on religion or ethnicity. >> reporter: and to even conduct some of these more invasive techniques like wire tapping or tracking, the fbi needs to demonstrate probable cause and also obtain judicial floauthori from a court.
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there are signs that there could be a restoring of this relationship, but that cannot happen until the san francisco police department update its code which hasn't been touched since 2008 when iphones were starting to become a thing. the police commission will have to sign off on all of those. reporting live from pier 39, sam brock. it's hip to be square. a huge get for the city, and it continues as oakland continues to evolve and grow. square, the notable tech company is expanding beyond san francisco and taking over a vacant office complex in oakland. our business and tech reporter, scott budman, a proud oakland meit native joins us. is it a mixed reaction? or is everyone happy there? >> reporter: a lot of changes. when i was a kid the building behind me was abandoned and damaged. then things got renovated and hot as more jobs came to the
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area. now in what will be the biggest deal in oakland history, more tech is coming to the town. farley's east kwocoffee shop wan oak rapid's oakland's uptown area before things got hot. now their patience is paying off. san francisco payment service company square says it will lease all of the building's 356,000 square feet of office space bringing 300 to 500 employees with room for more into the area and local businesses sdprchl businesses. >> we heard they're not going to have a cafeteria and they want to encourage their employees to patronize local businesses. and we're excited about that. >> reporter: uber bought the building in 2015 but sold it two years later. as this area gross now, it's
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growing with some concern. keep did oakland keep it oakland. >> we expect them to show their values when they make their decisions purchasing goods and services. we expect them to shop local and support many of our social enterprises. >> reporter: a sentiment echoed by those who have lived here for a while. >> there's always a concern about gentrification and rents. but business is business. the more moving to oakland the better the city will be. >> reporter: square says it plans to move into the building sometime next year. it has room for up to 2,000 of its employees. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. what investigators found about a mailbox taken out of the ground.
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talk about bad timing. the reason there's not enough crab to go around this christmas. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'm tracking another chance of rain ahead, and i'll let you know why we may have flooding problems near the coast. my forecast in about six minutes.
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it . a cluster of mailboxes taken right out of the ground in the south bay are back.
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here's a look at the mailbox in san jose. the postal service put it back up this morning. deputies say thieves ditched it near a rail station. they found it while patrolling the area. we first brought you the story yesterday. home surveillance video shows a truck pulling up to a group of mailboxes in an upscale neighborhood and boom, the truck drives away with the entire box of mailboxes in the back. neighbors say there wasn't much in there but holiday cards and letters. no word on whether any mail was missing when it was put back into the ground. a fire ripped through a san jose apartment and kill add m . killed a man. it happened near the expressway. when firefighters got to the scene, the man was trapped inside that burning apartment. crews did access and get in and perform cpr but could not save him. some neighbors were sleeping
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through it all until firefighters woke them up. >> they knocked on our door and told us to leave. we had to get out. >> firefighters kept the fire to one unit. that's the good news. the man's name who died has not been released. a violent attempted robbery left a man pistol whipped and b.a.r.t. riders nervous. it happened in the middle of the morning commute, too. i know you just spoke to police, what did they tell you? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. we did hear from oakland police this afternoon. not only was the victim pistol whipped, but the gun went off. no one was shot, but he did go to the hospital. now they're trying to find the person who had the gun and attacked him. crime tape still hangs near the macarthur park b.a.r.t. station. officers learned that the suspect approached the victim
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and during this attempted robbery struck him with a firearm. the gun went off. no one was hit and the victim wasn't seriously hurt, but it happened at a typically busy time for riders. this rider says she watches her surroundings. >> it's a little brighter. it makes a difference when days are a little darker. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says service was not disrupted and the attempted robbery did not happen on their property. but it is the location where nia wilson was fatally stabbed in july. they're trying to determine how it escalated. a >> we do not know if the discharge was accidental or intentional. >> reporter: some told us they brief the area has improved. a councilman says they are working on it but there's still much to do. >> the crime has gone down compared to 2012, 2013. doesn't mean we're okay where we
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are. we have too many no matter what. but we are reducing crime. we're having marginal success. we need to have more success. >> reporter: it's unclear exactly where that victim was headed when he was out this morning. police are reviewing surveillance tape and looking for a suspect, but they have not released a suspect description. christie smith, nbc bay area news. we have crushing news about crabs. just days before christmas, we're learning about a crab shortage in san francisco. say it isn't so. retailers blame it on a number of things, actually. dangerous weather and not enough boats coming in from the north. swells in recent weeks have surged to 40 feet or more. part of a string of storms that have left crab pots sitting idle. a lot of customers are going home empty handed. >> this is one of my favorite crab stores. walked in, thought we were going to grab a couple crabs and take them home.
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there's no crabs left. >> so they went all the way there and realized there was no crabs left. if you completed your order back in november, last month, you should be fine. if you didn't, maybe go to plan b, which is turkey or ham or prime rib. >> oh, my gosh. >> change your holiday plans. >> not with the prime rib. >> we're in christmas weekend now. >> i'm feeling it. are you feeling it? >> you have a festive dress on. >> it's to mask the anxiety that i have. >> i'm feeling some of that, too. let's get it over with. we have weather that's going to help you out. a little rain and cloud cover to make it feel like december and the holidays, but no big storm over the next seven days. so i think we're going to be able to manage just fine. take a look at this. we do not have a better sky camera, it's in cesar chavez park. christmas in the park happening
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until midnight, right up through christmas. and then it's going to be dismantled after christmas. you have a couple more days to go out and have some fun. if it you' if you're going out tonight, it is a chilly one, so you'll need the jacket if you are headed to christmas in the park. let's focus on the weekend weather. the big world of warning is to watch out for low-lying flooding that could happen near the coastline and the bay, king tides returning. the highest of high tides. you might get a little minor flooding if you live near the bay or marshy area. we'll be covering it as we head through the weekend. we'll get you to the hour by hour forecast. 10:30 tomorrow, we're going to try to see sunshine break out. keep your eye to the north. we have cloud cover that will start to move back in by 1:00 p.m. and the evening. not the sunniest of days as we head through the afternoon tomorrow. once we hit sunday, we might get a break with a little sunshine in the south bay. but eventually we get rainfall
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returning by 11:00 p.m. on sunday. we're tracking the rain chance late sunday night, also into monday. maybe into christmas morning. right there on tuesday. my next update at 6:48 tonight. we'll let you know how much rainfall you could get. also a live check at the airports and how much those delays are right now. her late husband's wedding ring got lost at a local costco. then the all-out effort by employees to recover that treasured moment toe. a priceles.
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a woman realized her late well, a trip to costco ended in panic, because a priceless memento was lost there. >> woman learned her late husband's wedding ring was gone. but not for long thanks to some costco employees. tell us a positive story here. >> reporter: i will, raj, stay tuned for this right now. you take a look at costco. you walk around and realize that the average costco has 150,000
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square feet. but when employees heard this woman's story and what she had lost inside they knew they had to help. seven years ago, carrie ryan highten lost her husband cj when he was hit motorcycling to work. his birthday was tuesday and she was wearing his ring to honor him. >> keeping him in my life is something i try to do. >> reporter: she stopped by the nearby costco to look around but left empty handed. >> the moment i realized it was gone my heart just dropped. >> reporter: the next morning the ring was missing. she searched her house and costco with no luck. she left the store in tears having no idea that the manager and employees felt her pain and spent four hours combing through the building and found the ring under a clothing table. >> the fact that they just stopped what they were doing. i mean, this ring is like a
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needle in a haystack in the biggest kind of store that there is. >> reporter: the good news traveled across the costco and to customers. >> i think it's fantastic, the perfect christmas story, actually, you know. >> reporter: the next day, carrie brought the workers donuts, golden rings she says, because after all that grief they delivered a gift. >> they were teary and i was giving them this because it meant the world to me. >> reporter: and she is happily remarried. she has a baby boy due in february. as for costco, it is the busy shopping season, they were a little too busy to talk to us. but the gm says this is what they do for their customers. >> such a good story. up next at 6:30, 150 minutes and counting. the last ditch effort to avoid a partial government shutdown. what's eating away at the bay bridge?
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we investigate if teeny microbes are to blame. checking the clocks
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counting-down to the partial right now at 6:30, checking in with that clock, which is counting down to the partial shutdown of the federal government. the money to keep it going runs out at 9:00 p.m. here in the bay area, which is about two and a half hours away. at this hour, president trump remains at the white house. he canceled his holiday trip to florida saying he's going to stay in d.c. as long as the government is shutdown.
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>> some senators who had already flown back to their home states astates. that's why it was held open for those senators to come back to washington. lawmakers will convene tomorrow hoping they can make this shutdown brief. >> i hope senate democrats will work with the white house on an agreement that can pass both houses of congress. and receive the president's signature. >> we are willing to continue discussions on those proposals with the leader, the president, the speaker of the house and the leader of the house. all five are necessary to get something done. >> now what the senate did agree to do is to consider a house-passed funding bill which would include more than $5 billion for that border wall. >> now the yes, ma'impending sh
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affect federal workers and businesses that cater to them, that includes around here. >> reporter: as the war over the wall rages on across the country in washington, the possibility of a government shutdown threatens the jobs of hundreds of thousands of federal workers everywhere. that worries people like hung tu here at home in san jose. he owns culinary corner, an asian fusion restaurant across the street from a federal building downtown. >> down here, there's a lot of government workers. and they come down, eat, and support the community. and that helps us, the community a lot. >> reporter: but if those workers are septembnt home with pay, there goes business for hung, who says it's already slow around the holidays. >> i'm going to struggle. they're a little more than half of my clientele. >> reporter: some departments do have enough funding through next september, but agencies like
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homeland security and transportation would run out of money by midnight tonight. and visitor centers for national parks would be closed. anousha rasta, nbc bay area news. christmas four days away, you may wonder if the post office will be able to deliver your cards and gifts. it will not be affected. in a 5-4 vote, the high court refused to overrule a ban on president trump's proposal. last month as the migrant caravan was walking to the u.s., the president proclaimed any immigrant who entered illegally would be ineligible for asylum. >> ruth bader ginsburg cast her vote from a hospital bed. she had surgery to remove tumors from her lungs. she is battling cancer for the third time since joining the high court.
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doctors say they found no evidence of the disease elsewhere in her body and no additional treatment is planned. the chp has kicked off its maximum enforcement period. if you are heading to a holiday party or sell brags, make sure to have a designated driver or take a uber or lyft. >> with lyft and public transit, there are so many options out there, so many ways to get home safely, so you really don't have an excuse anymore. really think, if you have to ask yourself that you're okay to drive, you're probably not. >> the chp maximum enforcement period runs through christmas. the vote counting is finally over in the south bay. several races triggered an automatic recount including the
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cupertino race. four candidates were seeking three spots, and the third and fourth place candidates switched. nita moraga specktor became the third trustee winning in the recount by two votes. we could have a problem on the bay bridge. the question is, what's eating away at the bridge? despite a $1 million study, cal trans cannot determine if microscopic organisms are eating their way into the steel piles holding up the bridge. we have the inside story. >> reporter: these piles serve a vital function. sunk way down to the bottom of the bay, they literally hold up the massive tower of the new bay bridge. and like many critical parts of the structure, they're made of steel. and it turns out the san francisco bay is teeming with
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the vir u length creatures that eat steel. it is an ancient form of bacteria, gouging the steel. they suspect microbes to blame for pits. cal trans spent nearly a million dollars to find out. the conclusion? they still don't know. >> there's no evidence that we have micro biological corrosion. right now we're not sure whether those little pitting areas are due to natural causes. it could have been there originally in the original pile. so we're just going to go back through, monitor these on a normal program and try to determine whether we really do
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have a problem or not. >> reporter: berkley-based corrosion expert, lisa fulton briefs that believes that's a dangerous strategy. some could be deeper than those already found. she doesn't understand why they didn't take samples from the pits to test for the sulfur and iron sledge the microbes leave behind. >>na >> that is conclusive evidence that there is bacterial corrosion going on. the fact that they didn't do that, it's really alarming. >> reporter: instead, cal trans will direct inspectors to be on the lookout for pitting and will put out bait to see if the microbes are there. the span's 150 year life-span to
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be cut short. they set up about an inch extra to account for rust. but some of the allowance is already gone in just 15 years. so that reserve could be gone in some places in as little as 60 years. still cal trans figures there's plenty of steel left in the bay at this point. >> we really don't have any safety concerns. we're not worried about the rate of corrosion right now. we expect it to go down as time continues. >> reporter: jaxon van derbeken, nbc bay area news. spreading holiday cheer. the flight to the bay area where every passenger got a free ugly sweater.
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police in london now say they've made two arrests in the drone sightings that shut down gatwick airport. they had to shut down the
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airport twice because of drones in the area. it was the worst airport shutdown in history because of a drone. last week, the california air resources board voted to require all buses to be carbon free by the year 2029. that means the state will buy 12,000 new electric buses. the board predicts it will cut emissions by 19 million metric tons. that's like taking 4 million cars off the road. environmental groups are cheering, but taxpayer advocates point out each new bus will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> the existing bus fleets that we have now that run in natural gas are very low polluting. so the question is why do we need to take it to the next level particularly in buses that could cost three times as much. >> this could be a battle. it make california to be the first state to make a full shift to electric public buses.
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flights from seattle to san jose received a free ugly sweater. they said they are the merrier carrier. they will be treated to movies today. >> that's a big party. >> sweet. >> they aren't that ugly, right? >> no. i would wear that. great color. a little branding going on. >> do you work for alaskan? >> i bet some people are already trying to sell them online. maybe. >> right. >> do we have airport delays? speaking of the flights crisscrossing the country? >> we do have delays. can you see a live look at the national map. we are tracking the latest on how far those airports are running behind. airlines are strict with bag fees. so we're checking the accuracy of the scales they use for
6:42 pm
checked luggage. i'm chris mora. if you )re flyin
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season, there )s a good chance you )ll have to pay extra to check your bag. but the okay, if you are flying this holiday season, there's a good chance you'll have to pay extra to check your bags. the airline will weigh it first. >> there's big money on the line. our consumer reporter chris camora wondered if the scales at the airport are accurate. >> let's go back to the money first. airlines raked in $4.5 billion in baggage fees last year. and they are on track to collect even more this year. often airlines charge another fee if your bag exceeds 50 or 70 pounds depending on your ticket. but how reliblin reliable are t scales? weights and measures workers haul in weights to make sure the readout is accurate. so how did the three big bay
6:45 pm
area airports do on these tests? we looked into it. all 65 oakland airport scales were ruled accurate. inspectors checked 142 in san jose and found one that failed. at sfo, inspectors looked at 333 scales and found 18 not accurate. five were underweighing bags, 13 were overweighing them by a couple pounds. so how do you, the every day traveler know which scales to avoid? it's pretty easy. scales that are overweighing tags get that red tag right there. they're supposed to be taken out of service for repair. a blue tag is taped onto scales that is underweighing. they can still use them but are supposed to fix them within a month. if you see an airline using a red tagged scale let the weights and measures folks know about it. you can also call us or
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>> good information. thank you, chris. it's the hot ticket in town. "too short" is headlining in san francisco for victims of the butte county fire. we caught up with too short whose real name is todd shaw. if i'm not here at 11:00, you know where i'll be tonight. i'll be at the too short concert. he was hanging out at empire, a record label. he's credited his success to the bay area and is always willing to help the area, even the county. the proceeds will go to the camp fire evacuation relief fund. >> i live in l.a. now. a lot of fires going down also at the same time. i'm a bay area guy. so when they call, i come. >> so cool to see him. very nice what he's doing. the show is at 10:15. fulsome the club tonight. >> too short, too nice. we're going to update you on
6:47 pm
a story we've been following. they started a program called bikes for butte. they wanted to collect 100 bikes. but now so many more, because they want to bring holiday cheer to kids who lost everything. this is them heading there this morning with trailers full of bikes. they also collected helmets and safety equipment. they were hoping for 100 bikes. they got more than 400. jeff ranieri back with us. we saw fog. how are we looking for tomorrow and the santa arrival on monday and tuesday? >> it's not going to be the bluest of skies. but you're still going to be able to get from point amount to point a to point b. you might be heading to the airport for yourself or picking somebody up. we are still holding tuonto thi storm that had heavy rain in
6:48 pm
florida. most of the activity is in new england. the real time delays show boston 100, new york city 122, chicago at 29. and we have cleared out from weather delays in san francisco. that's a little better news. once we hit tomorrow, that storm system moves out. if you have any plans to fly on saturday or sunday, you'll be a lot better off when it comes to weather delays. but if you know anybody that's going to be traveling next friday or saturday maybe back home, we could have another major storm system for the eastern half of the u.s. that's something to file in the back there and just kind of be aware of with your traveling plans. right back here in the bay area as we head through the weekend forecast, we do have king tides we're watching. these areas in green are under a coastal flood advisory tomorrow. king tides are the highest of
6:49 pm
high tides. we could see low-lying flooding in the bay or marshy areas. tomorrow as you move through the morning fog. patchy. tomorrow 41. san francisco 47 and the east bay 43. i'd hi i'd like to give us blue skies as we head through tomorrow, but it's not going to be in the cards. cloud cover will stay in place tomorrow night, but it's dry, so you don't have to worry about any major storm system. as we hit sunday's forecast, the next chance of rain is going to hold off until about 11:00 at night and most of the chances are off to the north. right now the way we see it, the weekend does hook dlook dry. once we hit monday, it looks
6:50 pm
like everything will be pushed right ahead in front of christmas. as we hit tuesday, on christmas, a slight chance of a spotty shower in the morning. then sunshine in here, dry weather wednesday, thursdayen a and friday. i think we're going to be good to go here. we know a lot of you are heading to the sierra, maybe family vacation on christmas. you want the snow, we have a big system coming our way, by monday, 8 to 24 inches of snow possible. look at this, santa, he's made it onto my seven-day forecast. he's waving. >> yay! >> he's saying everything's going to be okay. i got to check the computer. i don't know how this happened. >> that's what you do in your office, working on cool graphics. >> i didn't do that, i didn't do that. >> he just came in. >> that's the way santa works. >> i got connections. >> highly connected. >> thanks, jeff.
6:51 pm
up next we want to get back to the raiders moving to san francisco. a possibility. there are negotiations and talks. part of our top story, stay with us. way to stay connected. it gives you super fast speeds for all your devices, enhanced coverage, and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today.
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sfx: stair creak sfx: clink
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sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. raiders possibly moving to san francisco -- and sharing att we want to get back to our
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top story in the newscast. we broke the news about the raiders possibly moving to san francisco and sharing at&t park with the giants. >> can you imagine that? that could happen next season. they are in talks with the raiders, but here's what we know. the raiders would play at the ballpark in china basin in 2019. sources close to the negotiations tell me this is a distinct possibility. at&t park as you may know is no stranger to football. several football games have been played there over the years. the team would need approval from the nfl. the nfl would prefer them to play in the bay area before moving to las vegas in 2020. the raiders have said they don't want to play in the coliseum in 2019 because the city of oakland is suing them. the bottom line, stay tuned. there's a lot more to go on this story. also we have giants and a's news. here's kelli johnson. >> i'm kelli johnson at the
6:55 pm
xfinity sports desk. baseball's hot stove is heating up in the bay. pat ven debtee was signed to a deal. the new giants president of operations was the general manager. ven debti originally broke into the big leagues with the a's in 2015. and a three team trade included the tampa bay rays. last year clowe far was once ranked the number one prospect in all of baseball. the a's also added an arm, signing joaquin store yeah to a contract worth $15 million. he struck out 75 batters with the white sox and brewers. that will do it for sports, back to you. it is a celebration if the
6:56 pm
south bay coming up at 11:00. how the k-9 unit plans to bring a community together. and jeff ranieri taking us outside with the weather, the traffic, all sorts of things happening on this friday. >> and the good news right now is you do have dry roads. you have rainfall this morning but things are drying out. no big problems tonight. tomorrow we get the cloud cover lingering. we'll see a little minor flooding near the coastline. dry for the weekend. only a slight chance of a shower once we hit 10:00 p.m. on sunday. and so far so good there for christmas next tuesday. just a slight chance, very early on in the morning. now we do want to let you know if you're heading to the sierra. we get 8-24 inches of snow again. it's good to go on tuesday. >> i know you're tight with santa, can you tell him i've been super nice?
6:57 pm
>> yes! i'll make the call. >> have a great evening.
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♪"extra" "extra" ♪ now on "extra," surprise baby news. >> i'm going to become a father. >> andy cohen's emotional announcement about a new bravo baby on the way. we're behind the scenes of his late night reveal. >> who is the mom? is that you, khloe? unrecognizable after dropping the baby weight. the slimmed down kardashian and her celebrity trainer tell us how she did it. >> it's so much more challenging than i think i expected it to be. >> being very extra today. >> 18 was the good, bad, and the ugly year.


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