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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 25, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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taking a look live now from san jose, christmas in the park. you see the wet roads out there. the big question, will the rain continue throughout the day? we'll find out in a second. starting your christmas morning here on "today in the bay," i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia, kari hall is in for herself and mike inouye for the traffic. >> everything is nice and quiet on this christmas morning. we start out with some wet roads, though. after some rain moved through yesterday evening, storm ranger showing that now, we are getting a clean sweep, not a lot going on, but this weather system as it moves away, bringing still sop light snow to the sierra on this christmas morning. let's head over to walnut creek, where our temperatures will be in the mid-40s as you head out the door and we'll get sunshine and warming temperatures as we get a look at what's happening in the north bay. we have' had some patches of fog moving through parts of the north bay, as the rain clears out, but it's all clear right here on highway 101 in san
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rafael. let's look at our traffic map quick. it's looking good and we had a couple of minor issues because of the water left on the roadways and tri valley and altamont pass. overall, we're seeing roads smoothly around the bay area. i'll keep tabs on that and the forecast for the rest of this holiday week coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. we want to get to the breaking news we were telling you about on this christmas morning, shots fired in a san jose neighborhood. an officer may have been involved. >> this is unfolding not too far from san jose city college, where we find our bob redell, on the scene with a closer look at what witnesses saw. bob, that video is incredible. >> reporter: it's frightening. good morning to you, kira and marcus, here at fruitdale avenue, the scene is about a block away at the intersection of lee avenue and san jose police have a lot of police officers here and we have
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reached out to police to confirm this is an officer-involved shooting. witness partially shot some of the shooting this morning, take a listen. >> holy [ bleep ]. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: now, i did speak with this woman about 30 to 45 minutes ago. she is with her boyfriend, she shot the video around 2:30 this morning. she says she saw a car crash into a fence, what appears to be a school or playground at the intersections of fruitdale and lee avenues. the suspect vehicle then hit a police officer's squad car, another squad car arrived to block in the suspect. on the have you had yo, you can hear what sounds like officers nelg out comman yelling out commands. the suspect vehicle backed up into a police car, when the officers opened fire. she is under the impression that the suspect is dead, but again,
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we do not have confirmation yet from san jose police. we can tell you there's a heavy police presence out here and of course you heard that video with the shots being fired. again, we're waiting for san jose police to get back to us to confirm some of the details. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we'll see you again soon with an update, bob, thanks. new this morning, a fatal stabbing is under investigation in san francisco's mid market neighborhood. it happened just after 6:00 last night on sixth and jesse streets. police say officers responded to the scene and found one person with stab wounds. paramedics tried to save the victim, but were unsuccessful. no motive has been released, no arrests have been made. and a rude awakening for a family in an atherton home this morning. tree crashed through their roof overnight into a bedroom, where a child was asleep. photographer on the scene spoke with police. they say nobody was hurt. when we were there, the family
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was packing up their christmas presents and heading to a hotel. in washington, president trump is reflecting this christmas. the president and first lady melania trump observing mass together at the national cathedral last night. the president most likely would have been attending christmas services at church near his estate in palm beach, florida, however, he scrapped his plans to head to florida for the holidays, this is after parts of the government were forced to shut down in a stalemate with congress. as we head into the day, the shutdown, there's still no sign of a deal, and right now, "closed" signs hang at some national parks and landmarks. the budget standoff is all over funding for the president's border wall. president trump wants nearly $6 billion for the southern border wall. democrats and some republicans are opposed. democrat representative anthony brown says he just wants congress to come to an agreement.
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>> this is going to have an impact and it's my hope and plea to the president, open up government. >> some 800,000 federal employees are in limbo, many are furloughed without pay. white house official says the shutdown might last into the new year. this morning, the u.s. stock market is closed, but across the world, asian markets are taking a dip, as investors await wall street's next move. major u.s. stock indices fell more than 2% yesterday, making it the worst christmas eve in wall street history by far. analysts say president trump's attack on the federal reserve spooked the markets. investors are worried the president might try to remove the head of the u.s. central bank. it is a bay area holiday tradition that feeds thousands of families every year. >> "today in the bay's" thom jenson is live at the san francisco salvation army, where the meals are being prepared. good morning to you, thom. >> reporter: good morning and merry christmas. they expect more than 500 volunteers today. they've been doing this for 50
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years, serving peas and sweet potatoes, ham and stuffing to the people who are getting the meals today. more than 4,100 of these meal boxes along with another bag of dried goods and juices going out to folks. 1,500 pounds of ham they'll be serving up to people today, and then delivering those meals at about 8:00. how do you pull this off, getting this many meals together? this is major mark nelson from the salvation army. how do you get this pulled off with volunteers, get all the deliveries made today? >> well, with the help of staff and many, many volunteers, as we said, over 500 volunteers, we started yesterday, packing meals, and funnishing it this morning and they're out. >> reporter: so they'll get these meals out in trucks and get them to households or where are they going to? >> they'll go in family cars, so families come and volunteer on christmas morning, they signed up, and they've been assigned a
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route and they'll take them out. >> reporter: thank you, mark nelson with the salvation army. 8:00 they'll start delivering these meals and as mark said, they're going to start going out then and they'll get them delivered by this afternoon to families, having a nice warm holiday meal. they served 3,800 at thanksgiving, the same thing, 3,le 00 turkey meals out the door. they do a lot of good work here. we're live in san francisco, thom jenson, "today in the bay." >> wonderful people doing great work on christmas morning. if only more good news existed. this could be a good one, a white christmas. people along the east and west coast are waking up to the white christmas. snowy weather came for many, even here in california on christmas eve, near kingvale. holiday travelers got stuck with the roads on the mountain pass there coming to a standstill there. it was a similar situation in truckee, where the chain controls are in effect.
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farther north in oregon, flakes were falling as well, and on mt. hood, skiers and snowboarders are taking advantage of the fresh powder there. kari, you told us that was coming in the higher elevations. >> i said also to get there before christmas. >> you did. >> and christmas eve, that's when the snow is coming down. as we get a look at what's happening across the region, now the weather is quieting down, the snow flurries starting to taper off in the sierra and it's looking better, as this system moves away from the bay area, and continues to head off toward the south and east, now taking with it some of that rain. we're going to be left behind with some pretty decent rainfall totals, looking back over the past 24 hours, in the santa cruz mountains in ben loman, over an inch of rain. san jose a quarter inch of rain, san mateo a half inch. danville measuring over an inch of rain. it depends on where some of the heavier showers set up. in san francisco, three-quarters of an inch, and santa rosa about half an inch of rain. as you head out this morning,
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roads are still wet, but we will be drying out throughout the day. pittsburg goes from 46 to 57 by noon today. here is a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. i'm looking for some headlights. i don't see anybody coming across right now. so if you're getting ready to head out, everything is looking pretty good, as we get a look at our maps here. it is green around the bay area. i've been seeing some slowing going southbound on 680, so maybe a problem as you approach fremont, but maybe because the roads are still wet and people are slipping and sliding. so be careful on this christmas morning. i'll have a look at everything coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. 5:09 right there, and coming up for you here on "today in the bay," have you finished all your christmas shopping yet? >> i hope so. >> some people haven't. we'll tell you about some stores open this holiday in case you need to make a quick run at the last minute. plus the average time christmas cooks are spending in
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the krichen today, you might be surprised and some tips if you're firing up the often this morning. stay tuned.
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merry christmas right now. at 5:12, we are starting out with some dry weather, after a pretty good downpour yesterday evening. palo alto starts out cool with some upper 40s. it will be very slow to warm up today, but still not bad, if we're headed outside and taking in some sunshine. we'll take a look at the rest of our forecast for the rest of the work week, coming up in less than five minutes.
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>> thank you, kari. all right, so are you feeling lucky? the largest mega millions drawing offered christmas day is set to happen tonight. with the jaing pot estimated at around $321 million, this is the fourth time the drawing has taken place on the holidays. so far, no one has ever won on december 25th, but it would be a nice christmas gift for you. >> first time for everything. >> i'm going to win it. i said it. >> so i won't see you ever again. >> i'll come back. we have to celebrate. it might be christmas, but some grocery stores and restaurants are still open. here is what we found, cvs and walgreens are open all day. so are ihop and denny's, safeways are open until 5:00 and delivery service like uber eats and door dash will run as well. target, however, closed all day. >> wow. good for the employees who get the day off. >> i would always have to make
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the runs on christmas day, cranberry sauce. >> we have a few more hours on the air and then you can go shopping. if you're the cook this christmas, you're probably spending a lot of time in the kitchen. survey from the food brand three bridges says people spend an average of five hours preparing for a christmas meal. experts say you can cut the time down making fewer side dishes or buying pre-made food. another tip, if you're cooking a butterball turkey today, don't rely on the turkey talk line. it is closed. which surprises me. i thought it was always open on christmas. in the bay area, many people running out to get last-minute items for their christmas meals found themselves in the rain last night. these people at union square in san francisco had to dodge raindrops, maybe a penalty for procrastination. >> don't wait until the last minute. i did. caught in the rain. 5:14 for you this morning. "today in the bay's" jean elle is in san francisco where this
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christmas eve with a was a weather adventure. >> reporter: last-minute shoppers hide under umbrellas at union square. on this christmas eve, keeping gifts dry requires some planning. >> i had an umbrella and hoodie, so i didn't get caught. >> reporter: visitors say downpours made for a long, tense drive, but they were determined to experience the magic of the season. >> oh my god, on the way out here, caught in the rain, it took us three hours to reach here, but still it's worth it, seeing the christmas tree. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: in between the raindrops, bubbles filled the air. >> it's raining bubbles, which is exciting. i came here just to see the bubbles. >> reporter: bubbles or rain, an escape wasn't far away. >> we ran into the macy's. >> reporter: ever aall, most were here to shop. >> you always think of little things like people you didn't get a gift for. >> some electronics for my little brother and my mother.
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>> reporter: shopping, while soaking up the raindrops and special moments with loved ones, even the four-legged loved ones. >> that was jean elle reporting. if you're headed to the movie theater this christmas, we have you covered. here is a look at the weekend's top box office choices, pulling in the most sales was aquaman at $67 million, it brings to live d.c. comics characters as they battle for the underwater city of atlantis. coming in second "mary poppins returns" at $22 million. it stars dick van dyke and emily blunt. behind it was "bumblebee." the adventure takes place in a california beach town and features a special volkswagen. >> it's a christmas tradition to eat and go to the movie theater. i did it last year and fell asleep. >> it must have been a bad movie. >> it wasn't my choice. yes. >> the movie shall remain nameless. >> yes.
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>> it's a good day to go to the movies, go outside, even go to the beach and see where "bumblebee" was filmed. as we look at san francisco this morning, it is nice and starting to clear out. roads may still be wet as you step out the door this morning, and temperatures will be dropping with the breezy winds. check out the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. we are seeing the things clearing out, as we go throughout the day, and then as we look at storm ranger, that's our mobile doppler radar showing that everything is looking much better, after the rounds of heavy rain we had moving through yesterday evening, and now that system is pushing off toward the soit sou south and east. headed south on i-5, the roads will be wet and some fog developing in spots. if you're headed out the door in los gatos this morning, upper 40s to start out the day on christmas, and you may be up and out the door early, if you even are staying at home with the kids already to open presents and play with them.
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as you get ready to head out this morning, rain is moving out but we will still have the breezy winds and maybe the day for extra hair spray. checking out our high temperatures, it's only going to reach up to 59 in san jose. 57 in milpitas. the winds picking up this morning will make it feel a little bit cooler, as our highs reach the upper 50s and low 60s for the east bay, some mid-50s for daly city, palo alto reaches 59. we'll be up to 56 in the outer sunset and the north bay reaching 55 in point reyes and 59 in about heading to the beach, we'll reach into the low 60s so a nice day to be there. for our inland temperatures over the next several days, we'll see highs reaching into the upper 50s, morning temperatures are going to start to get quite chilly. we may have a freeze by saturday morning, with highs reaching 55 degrees, with some sunshine. also be watching out for a
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slightness c neschance of rain . it mostly stays to the north of san francisco as our highs reach into the upper 50s. this is a live look outside the at the san mateo bridge. everything is flowing smoothly if you have to head out on this christmas morning. the winds are still gusty across some of the bridges but as we look at the sensors around the bay area, mostly green, but wanted to take you into a closer look at how the roads are moving, if you're getting ready to head out on 85, a little bit of a slowdown headed northbound and also looking at in san francisco, there was a non-injury collision there on 101, just past the airport. as of now, it doesn't look like it's causing inany major proble to the main commute. heading out around the bay area, it is a nice morning, but the roads may still be wet so heads up about that. i'll have another look at weather and traffic in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. all that green looks good. coming up on "today in the bay," it is christmas morning. you'll likely receive a gift
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card or two. we'll tell you what you need to know to make sure they don't become worthless. plus, it's a holiday tradition. new orleans helps light up the path for santa. look at the christmas festivities. 5:20 right now, you're watching "today in the bay." arena right .
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that )s where warriors fans will pack in for the christmas . welcome back. it's 5:22, here is a live look at oracle arena right now. this is where warriors fans will
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pack in for the christmas day game against the lakers later today. the matchup marks the first time the dubs will play lebron james in a lakers uniform. this year's top selling gift is once again the thin piece of plastic that requires your immediate attention. >> did you know shoppers spent nearly $30 billion on gift cards this year? consumer investigator chris chmura has some advice to make sure your gift cards don't become worthless. >> merry christmas. chances are high there's a gift card in your stocking or under the tree. the national retail federation surveyed holiday shoppers and found 59% expected to get four apiece and put about $49 on each of those gift cards. here is the thing. thieves are hungry to steal from those gift cards. these days, they don't need to
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take the card itself to swipe the value. let's say they're low-tech and highly effective. we've dealt with several cases where people lost all the money they parked on their gift cards and the thief is never found. the solution is to beat the bad guys to the punch, to use your gift cards quickly, before the crooks swoop in and drain them for you. here is more motivation to act fast, after christmas sales, why not spend your gift card right away while everything's on clearance? stretch out that card. just keep buying until the balance is zero. if you have trouble with a gift card that you can't solve yourself, please, let us know. maybe we can help. 888-996-tips or online at merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you too, chris. look at this! people in new orleans gave rudolph some help last night, hundreds gathered to set off bon fires along the levees of the mississippi river. you can see all of the bright festivities there, looked like a lot of fun. the partiers lit fireworks all around the ground and sent fireworks flashing through the
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sky. they say they hope this shines a path for santa to head right to their houses and of course new orleans. >> so fun. that looks better than fourth of july. >> i know. this is from the cincinnati zoo that got a special christmas gift thisser yo eyear, it welcos little anteater. you can see the baby crawling around with its mom here. zookeepers haven't announced the name or the gender yet but say the pup and its mom are doing great and it can have a big appetite. zookeepers say the anteater can eat up to 9,000 ants a day. >> anty. 5:25 right now. actor will ferrell and elon musk now have something in common. they both deleted their facebook accounts. say it isn't so. this is not just celebs and titans of the industry. others who are well off are doing the same. new study found people with higher incomes are more likely to deactivate their facebook
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accounts. another study offered money for the vole tiunteers found they'de up facebook for three days for about $15 and take $40 to skip the site for a week. to suspend their account for a year, guess how much they said they wanted? $1,000. to not use facebook for a year. >> i would do it for a year. i already don't use it. >> i would just be giving you $1,000. >> i'd love it, if you have it, i'm right here. it is 5:26. kanye west surprised bay area fans with this social media post, a video of himself hitching a ride in san francisco. whoa! the rapper posted this video to twitter while cruising down a busy street in a petty cab. west last visited the bay area in september, when he performed at tiana taylor's show. >> i heard about that.
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>> how cool. >> with pink hair. >> yep. >> happy holidays. >> a security guard is probably somewhere. that looked very in the open. >> sometimes you just need to let go. merry christmas to you all. >> celebrities are just like -- >> a little bigger bank accounts. >> that's true. >> 5:27 right now. coming up here on "today in the bay," our team is following breaking news in the south bay. shots fired in san jose, this is in a neighborhood and all on video, a live were roh frreport. plus, did you see the raiders play what could be their final game in oakland. how fans are mourning the years spent at the coliseum.
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rush to work, grab a drink, hurry home. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! don't be on your phone. let someone else take the wheel. make a little eye contact. make a plan. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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you hurry to work, so you can take it slow. - [cell phone beeps] - stop! let's stop looking at pedestrians as a nuisance, and carless objects, and start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. we're all in it together. go safely, california. welcome back, at 5:30 on your christmas morning, a live look at san jose christmas in the park, it actually is christmas in the park. beautiful, clear morning out there. >> good morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kira klapper in for laura garcia. kari hall is here, doing weather and traffic, and the great news is, they're both looking good. >> yes, the rain that we had yesterday evening moving out and so far, so good on the roadways. here is a look at the rain as it moves away from the bay area. if you will be traveling today, it looks pretty good, as we are starting to see those wet roads drying out. let's head over to our
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cupertino, if you're on your way out the door, going to work this morning, it will be in the low 50s, starting out today, but we are going to get a lot of sunshine, and it will be a very nice afternoon. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza on the approach, everything is flowing well, just a few cars here and there, maybe you can leave a little bit norm. let's look at our maps as we are starting to see a few areas slow down but maybe because there is still some standing water and people are not going as slowly as they should be, even though the rain has stopped falling, we are going to see still the possibility of wet roadways. overall, things are looking good. we'll get a look at our weather and traffic coming up in just a few minutes. kira, marcus? >> thank you, kari. breaking news now in the south bay, shots were fired in a neighborhood near san jose city college, and witnesses tell us they think an officer was involved. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell has been there at the scene since 4:00 this morning, and are police confirming any of
5:32 am
that information yet? >> reporter: they have not as of yet, marcus and kira. you can see there are a number of what looks like detectives out here at the scene, the intersection of fruitdale and lee avenues. you can see detectives there are taking photos and if you pan to the right, a police officer squad car and in between you could maybe see the tail end of a white car, that's what we believe is a suspect vehicle that crashed up against the fence. we did speak to a woman who witnessed the crash this morning, she says, and the shooting that ensued. take a listen to the cell phone video she shot. [ gunfire ] >> holy [ bleep ]. >> reporter: now this woman tells us that she was with her boyfriend when she shot that video, when the shots were furd around 2:30 this morning. she says she saw the car crash into the fence and it's a playground might be attached to a school, it's hard to tell in the dark at fruitdale and lee
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avenues. the vehicle hit a squad car, another squad car arrived to block in the suspect vehicle. on the video you can hear what sounds like officers yelling out commands to the driver of the white car. the witness tells us that the suspect then backed up into a police car, and that's when the officers opened fire. she's under the impression that the suspect is dead, but again, we do not have confirmation yet from police. we did email them, reach out to them say 90 minutes, two hours ago, early this christmas morning. there's definitely a tremendous police presence out here at the scene, where again, there's a suspect vehicle that crashed into a fence, a lot of squad cars here, they are investigating what they believe is an officer-involved shooting. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the update, bob. this morning on capitol hill, the government shutdown is entering day number four.
5:34 am
"closed" signs hang at some national parks and landmarks. the budget standoff is all over funding for the president's border wall. estimates to build it range as high as $70 billion. incoming white house chief of staff mick mulvaney says the president backed away from the $5 billion he originally demanded but rejecting democrats' $1.3 billion offer for border security because it excludes a wall. and despite the shutdown, the national christmas tree in washington, d.c., is back open to the public, thanks to the national park funation. visitors are able to see the exhibit. the organization provided enough grant money needed to reopen, operate and manage the site. some of the areas, however, are still restricted. 5:34. an oakland police car is stolen and later recovered. the department is confirming that it happened last night. however, we're still working to find out where it was taken from
5:35 am
and how that car was recovered. at this time, it's also unclear if police equipment was inside or if any arrests were made. this morning, raider nation is celebrating a big win. here is a live look outside the coliseum in oakland. >> fans were treated to a dominating performance as the team beat the broncos, 27-14. >> but if it could be the last, it really could be the last game ever in oakland. >> as roz plater reports, emotions ran the gamut. >> raiders! >> reporter: one thing you can always count on, raider nation knows how to throw a party. ♪ this celebration is a little bittersweet. >> raider nation, baby! >> reporter: as this fan's sign says "the end is near, thanks for the memories." this could well be the silver and black's last home game here at the oakland coliseum. merlin edwards has been bringing his son here for two decades.
5:36 am
>> now it's gone. it's gone. it's gone. that's it. that's all. >> reporter: and you're sad. >> i'm sad. i don't want them to go. i'm mad at them for leaving, but you know, it is what it is. >> reporter: the raiders are headed to vegas in two years. the city of oakland is suing the team over the move, which has the raiders angry and looking for anywhere but oakland to play next year, because their lease is up at the coliseum, and their new stadium won't be ready until 2020. the raiders are talking with the giants about possibly playing at at&t park, but some fans still aren't giving up. >> we're oakland. hopefully they stay one more year here at the coliseum. >> reporter: for now, many are savoring this game. >> are you ready for some football? >> reporter: clinging to the memories of games gone by, and some, like this fourth generation fan, say they'll follow this team wherever it goes. >> you not gonna stop us. we're not gonna stop us. it's not gonna happen. it's not gonna happen. we gonna ride until the wheels fall off. >> reporter: i'm roz plater, "nbc bay area news."
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>> 5:36 right now. an incoming san francisco supervisor isn't so keen on the idea of the silver and black making the move across the bay. matt haiey took to facebook saying the team's move to at&t park for that one year will be "a slap in the face to oakland." he says that the raiders are retaliating against oakland for filing a lawsuit and allowing the team to play in san francisco would be rewarding them for bad behavior. this is a bay area tradition that feeds thousands of families every year. >> thom jenson is live at the salvation army where they're boxing up and delivering a ton of food this morning. good morning, thom. >> reporter: good morning, and merry christmas. you can see all the volunteers hard at work. they'll have about 600 volunteers here actually today, packing up these christmas meals into these microwaveable
5:38 am
containers. they have as you can see ham and sweet potatoes, peas and stuffing and put about 20 into each box and deliver 4100 of these meals today. they'll get all these packed up and delivered out to the public, all in one day. they've been doing this for about 50 years and we've got major mark nelson from the salvation army with us. this is quite an accomplishment. how do you pull this off with these volunteers in such short order in. >> we've been organizing this for several weeks with our staff, and loyal volunteers that come back year in, year out, to help us out on this day. >> reporter: what is the one thing that people can do to support the salvation army? is it the volunteerism? >> yes, they can volunteer. we have many different programs throughout the year, every day of the week, we're helping people in san francisco and they can come join us in that. >> reporter: and you serve meals every day. >> yes, we do.
5:39 am
we serve seniors, and then kids after school, lots of different opportunities to help. >> reporter: people can logon to it and i believe your address is, if you want to volunteer, just plug in your zip code and it will show you how to become a volunteer, which is so important for the salvation army. we're live in san francisco, thom jenson, "today in the bay." >> really is important. such good people doing that work this morning. thom, thanks for bringing it to us. in more good news, thousands of parents in san francisco are waking up to a sight they never thought they would see. >> we're talking about toys actually under their tree and it's all thanks to this toy drive. lefty o'doul's had their toy drive. people dropped off thousands of gifts and san francisco firefighters helped santa get the gifts delivered. >> lefty always liked kids.
5:40 am
never had any kids of his own, always wanted to do something for children, and this was one of the ways we can do that and carry on his memory, by helping the firefighters. >> some lucky kids can have the christmas morning they wished for. a great way to wake up to the go i was under the tree, kari, and hopefully a nice forecast out there. >> yes, we are going to see still some good conditions, whether you have to work or you'll be staying at home. let's get you out the door with a look at how those roads are moving. we have a lot of green here, which of course is what we like to see on christmas morning. so if you will be driving around the bay area, you don't have the heavy traffic that we sometimes see during the week. only a few yellow sensors being picked up here, showing some minor slowing, but that may be because people are hitting some of the puddles from the water that fell yesterday, and the rain that still lingers around the bay area. here is a look at the tri valley drive times, westbound 580, looking good. i did see there was a problem on
5:41 am
680, headed northbound near dublin, but overall, it is not causing any major delays and as we head over toward our bridges, it is looking all good as you head out to drive on this christmas morning. >> it's one of the days you almost want to drive just because it's so empty out there. >> probably not. >> no, no. >> all right, let's talk weekend weather now. since it's christmas, let's go skiing in colorado with santa. how cool is this? this is yesterday on christmas eve. santa also met with little boys and girls. santa looks fit there. >> santa has been working out. our weekend weather, how is it going to look? >> it's looking much better. we don't have any issues here, as we go throughout the week. the only thing i'll be watching for will be the cold temperatures, which i go's we can expect as we approach the new year. morning temperatures may be freezing in some of our inland valleys especially on saturday morning and our highs reaching the mid-50s. there will be a slight chance of
5:42 am
showers mainly farther to the north, while the rest of the bay area does stay dry. looking at highs reaching the upper 50s and new year's eve on the map, and for san francisco 50s, all throughout the week. so if you're planning to head to yosemite, to celebrate the last weekend of the year, it will be in the upper 20s on friday, cold, but it will get milder as the weekend goes along. in napa, it will be a great weekend to go there, but there will be some showers farther to the north, and that could include napa on sunday, but friday and saturday are looking nice and dry, with a mix of sun and clouds. going to carmel valley, there will be highs in the upper 50s. not a bad weekend at all to go there but you may encounter showers moving in by the end of the weekend, headed way out of town, maybe going to santa barbara, it will reach into the low 60s and a nice beach weekend as a lot of people like to do, to get ready for the new year. so i'll have a look at our forecast for today, as that rain moves out. we'll get another look at that forecast coming up in about three minutes. >> all right, kari, thank you.
5:43 am
coming up here on "today in the bay," the request from san francisco mayor london breed that governor brown is denying this morning. plus, some much-needed christmas cheer for victims of the camp fire in butte county, as survivors gather for the first time since the fire hit their community. kari weather tee
5:44 am
5:45 am
new this morning: a man is right now, at 5:45, if you're waiting for sunrise in martinez to take the toys outside, it will be a cool start, and everything may still
5:46 am
be wet after that rain moves through. we'll see our temperatures though urm with though warming up into the upper 50s by noon. we'll talk about how much rain we measured and also what is ahead coming up in less than five minutes. a man is recovering after being shot in downtown san jose. this is new video showing police and paramedics rushing him to the hospital to save him. this is along stockton and lyndon avenue. according to investigators, the victim said he was asleep when someone shot into the tent, hitting him in the leg. it's not clear if the victim and the suspect knew each other. the victim was taken to the hospital. this morning, governor jerry brown is deciding not to get involved in a high-profile bay area case. he is turning down a plea by san francisco mayor london breed to release her brother from prison early. napoleon brown is serving more 40 years for killing a family
5:47 am
friend back in 2000. oz our investigative unit first reported last week, mayor breed wrote to the governor saying her brother's sentence is excessive and should be reduced. the governor released a lengthy list of pardons and the mayor's brother is not on it. this christmas survivors in butte county are gathering to reflect. >> all right! all right, there you go. >> thank you. >> that was at paradise alliance church last night. for some, this is the very first time seeing one another since the wildfire in november. children were able to meet santa and mrs. claus and enjoy a choir singing holiday hymns. the church held two services. both services were open to the public. after 0 years, jesus is returning to one community in new jersey, a statue of jesus, that is. >> someone stole it from the church decades ago, and now the church is hosting its first christmas services with it back.
5:48 am
get this, the baby jesus was found and delivered to our lady grace church back in march. the father of the church said someone apparently stole it back in the 1930s. now that it's returned, he says the statue will be part of christmas services today. this morning a christmas gift for brand new babies and parents in hawaii. take a look at these adorable photos of newborns tucked into stockings. >> cute. >> the medical center for women and children in honolulu is celebrating the whole days providing babies with homemade items made by volunteers. many of the babies were bon in the last few days and will soon get to ed hhead home. >> imagine if your babe yy was that stocking, that would make me cry. >> the best stocking stuffer i've seen. >> the kids have to share their birthday wit
5:49 am
birthday with jesus so they're always competing. we start out this morning with some showers moving through, and we are seeing it moving away from us, so our weather is improving although the roads may still be wet, let's talk about how much rain we measured after some of us had some heavy downpours, in the santa cruz mountains we had over an inch of rain. san jose a quarter ichbnch of r and in danville an inch and san francisco three-wart ethree-qua inch. now a cold front is moving through and we can tell by temperatures where it is. it's only 36 degrees right now in ukiah, and with everything still being wet and temperatures dropping, it may be slippery on the roads. santa rosa 40 degrees. it's 49 in oakland and still 50 degrees in san jose and half moon bay. palo alto at 51 degrees. the front continuing to move through and as you start out this morning, getting ready for the day, if you have to head
5:50 am
into the office, wear a nice warm hat and also a jacket. we're all rocking our christmas colors for today and looking at highs that will start to warm up with gilroy reaching 60 degrees, cupertino 56. still breezy to start out today with the winds coming in from the northwest and highs reaching into the upper 50s and low 60s. redwood city up to 59 the degrees and 58 on the embarcadero. north bay reaching 56 degrees in sonoma. if you're planning to head out to christmas in the park today, it's going to be a really nice day, in kt fact, it doesn't gety better than this, with highs in the upper 50s and all clear skies going into the evening and looking at some nice weather for this christmas, although still breezy, and then our temperatures are going to stay in the upper 50s. it will get colder as we go into the weekend. look at saturday's forecast with some freezing temperatures possible early in the morning, and then a slight chance of showers in the north bay for sunday. other than that, we're going to continue on with some mainly dry
5:51 am
weather and also staying cool. here is a live look outside in fremont this morning, if you're getting ready to head out on the roads. 880 is looking good and looking at sensors around the bay area and our traffic map, it shows that we are going to see a smooth flow of traffic, although there still may be some wet roads. be mindful of that. slow it down. our bridges are flowing well and as we head down to the south bay, only going to see a few minor slowdowns as you head out of the city. our south bay drive times are still flowing smoothly, and normal drive times of northbound 101 from 85 to also highway 85 in mountain view, we'll see about a 19-minute drive. maybe you could leave a little bit later than you no remembrma. there's not a lot of company on the roads. look at weather and traffic coming up in a few minutes. >> if they're leaving the house at all. thanks. much more ahead on this christmas day on "today in the
5:52 am
bay" including new details on sexual assault charges kevin spacey is facing and the bizarre way he's responding. and a christmas message from pope francis. what the pontiff says the day should be all about. we'll be right back. ♪ whoa! the mercedes-benz winter event is back
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christmas. welcome back. you're watching "today in the
5:55 am
bay" on this christmas morning, and on this day, pope francis is reminding all to focus on simplicity, charity and love. today the pope will hold a christmas day message and blessing. yesterday on christmas eve he spoke of greed and how he believes the rich get richer at the expense of the poor. the pope will hold a prayer service tomorrow and an evening prayer and mass christmas eve. christmas comes with continued protest in france and dozens of demonstrators hit the streets of paris calling for their president's resignation. this is video from last night christmas eve and protesters in their signature yellow vests. police kept them away from famous monuments. some were vandalized in protests a few weeks ago. the demonstrations were over proposed fuel taxes which didn't go into effect. now protesters are rallying against the president's economic policies. now to the search for survivors and victims following the deadly tsunami in indonesia. just in, the death toll stands
5:56 am
at 429. more than 1,000 were also injured. new this morning, brand new video of the volcanic eruption that may have started it all. new videos are now popping up on social media. that eruption and tsunami hit over the weekend, meantime, search and rescue teams are examining damaged areas in those homes and hotels, looking for survivors. most big waves follow an earthquake, but this is what experts are calling a thief attack. as you can see here, a plane flipped over and crashed on a florida beach yesterday not far from miami. amazingly, all four people walked away with just minor injuries. the faa is looking into why that plane went down. and some holiday gifts will be arriving late in massachusetts, and you're looking at why. fedex truck lost control and ended up on its roof. it happened yesterday as the driver was making deliveries. the packages ended up spilling
5:57 am
onto the highway. luckily police say no one was hurt. they're still investigating the cause. this morning, for the first time we hear from actor kevin spacey after sexual assault allegations. according tos "the boston globe" it claims he sexual a assaulted the son of a former boston tv news anchor in a restaurant in 2016. in the last 24 hours, spacey posted a video on youtube in which he appears to be in character as frank underwood from "house of cards" on netflix. here is some of what he had to say. >> you wouldn't believe the worst without evidence, would you? you wouldn't rush to judgments without facts, would you? did you? >> spacey was removed from the cast after the sexual assault allegations came to light. he's said to be arraigned in massachusetts next month. the new year means new laws in california, and one is
5:58 am
changing health insurance plans, short term plans called junk insurance will be banned beginning new year's day. the trump administration wants to expand access to those plans because junk insurance usually is cheaper but health care advocates say the plans leave people uncovered for services they might need. >> this doesn't mean that people won't be able to get coverage in the short term. they'd still be able to buy coverage month to month at covered california in the open individual market, but it's about getting rid of the substandard plans that don't actually cover people when they actually need them. >> some insurance companies are against this ban. they say short term coverage is a good alternative for people who miss enrollment deadlines. a new ruling may allow people to keep vacationing in south lake tahoe. the el dorado county judge temporarily blocked restrictions on vacation rentals there. tahoe locals want to limit the number of people who can actually stay in rental houses on the south shore, but a group
5:59 am
of property owners sued to block that measure, they say that it's unconstitutional because it limits what homeowners can do with their properties. >> it draws the distinction between visitors and locals. if you live in a house, you could have 16 people there. if you rent, you can only have 12. we don't think the constitution allows a city to discriminate against families in that way. >> a judge will decide next month whether to extend the order while the lawsuit goes through the courts. 5:59 right now. back to christmas. kids are waking up to living rooms filled with presents this morning. we have some tips to help keep your little ones safe. >> remove all the tags, ribbons and string from toys so kids can't choke on them. you may need to monitor their child to make sure they're playing with toys correctly and when it's time to put the toys away, have a bin or toy box with ventilation holes in case your child falls in. to a christmas miracle, look at this lexus. you can't see it, but a bobcat was trapped under the hood of that car for nearly three days.
6:00 am
that car was parked at orlando airport in florida. worker heard growling and called for here is the rescue. oh, wow. okay. we know that the bobcat sounds upset but we're pretty sure it's saying "thanks, gentlemen." it had two broken front legs but expected to make a full recovery. the driver probably didn't know the cat was there. now at 6:00, breaking news in the south bay on this christmas day. [ gunfire ] >> holy [ bleep ]! >> a barrage of bullets, shots fired in a san jose neighborhood overnight, all captured by witnesses, and police may have been involved. we're live on the scene. plus the partial government shutdown continues today. hundreds of thousands of federal workers don't know when their next paycheck is coming. still ahead, where it all stands this morning. and christmas is all about gi,


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