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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 30, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. good evenr joining us. i )m vicky nguyen, terry has the night off. we begin with a microclimate the news at 11:00 starts right now. thank you for joining us. terry has the night off. we begin with a moimt weather alert. we're tracking strong winds that will affect most of us. along with the wind, temperatures are expected to plunge as people head out to celebrate the new year. this is a live look outside right now at the golden gate bridge. a beautiful shot. rob mayeda is tracking all of the weather for us. >> not too windy right now. the sutro tower camera showing the golden gate just fine. it has been expanded now to include san francisco, bayside locations of the east bay and the lower peninsula, starting at midnight tonight through 10:00
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a.m. tuesday. could see gusts up to 45 miles per hour bayside, and the hills could get up to 60 miles per hour. you'll notice these winds picking up as we approach sunrise tomorrow morning. so a larger area being impacted now by the gusty winds. the other side of the coin is the very cold air that's going to come blasting in time for new year's eve. notice the winds, midnight tomorrow, still gusty. you combine that with the air temperatures that will be in the upper 30s to upper 40s and wind speed. we don't often talk about a windchill factor, but it looks like that's the case. tomorrow night look at the numbers. the feels-like temperature on your skin around the tri-valley is the low 30, even 40s. to bring in the new year. we'll talk more about the temperatures and rain chances ahead in the seven-day forecast coming up in ten minutes. >> all right, rob, thank you. when you don't have rob, a great way to find out how cold it is to download our nbc by area app. you don't even need to step outside. you're just one swipe away from being in the know. we turn now to our other top
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story. nearly a decade after a bart police officer shot and killed oscar grant at the fruitvale station in oakland, some are asking what has changed. grant's death became a national flash point, but his family tells us a lot more change still needs to happen. nbc bay area's marianne favro with a look at how they plan to celebrate his life. >> tonight oscar grant's family held a healing dinner oakland. oscar's uncle said he wants his nephew's legacy to be one of love and fatherhood. they pulled oscar grant off the train for fighting with another officer. a short time later bart officer johannes messerly shot him in the back, killing him. 22-year-old grant was unarmed. messerly was charged with murder and testified he thought he had grabbed his taser, but instead used his gun. in 2010, a jury convicted messerly of involuntary manslaughter, and he was sentenced to a minimum of two
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years behind bars. tonight grant's uncle says his nephew's tragedy touched off an international conversation about racism and violence. ten years later, not enough has been changed. >> no. we haven't made enough strides because there's too many people that are still dying in a violent way behind police violence. and so i'm broken hearted. >> but acknowledges there has been some progress, including new legislation addressing police cameras, records released to families after a police shooting, and revealing the work history of police officers. that's all in the last decade. he says the family hopes that bart will agree to rename the fruitvale station where he was killed and call it grant station to remind people who he was and reinforce the need to do more to
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prevent a similar shooting in the future. a mural of oscar grant is set to be unveiled at the fruitvale station come march. and a vigil to remember grant will be held tuesday at the fruitvale station in oakland. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> hard to believe it's been a decade. marianne, thank you. water shooting into the air today after a suspect crashed a stolen car into a fire hydrant, you see it there. it happened in san francisco's tenderloin district this afternoon. this video was taken at the corner of turk and jones. the driver ran from the scene, but was later caught and arrested. another suspect in the car was also arrested. a pedestrian at the scene suffered minor injuries. also in the tenderloin, an arrest has been made in a violent attack we told you about friday. police announced they arrested earl kelly of oakland. they say he robbed and brutally beat a man near the square on friday. the attack was caught on camera. the victim remains in the hospital with life-threatening injuries.
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kelly is facing several felony charges, including attempted murder, robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon. kelly was recently employed by glide memorial church as a temporary 90-day worker. tonight glide put out a statement that reads in part our thoughts and our loving prayers are with the victim and his family. we also sincerely wish that melton finds the help, hope and inner strength to cultivate the better nature we all have within us. in martinez, an alarming wake-up call for one family early this morning. neighbors heard small explosions, then they saw these flames spreading from the home's gas meter. it turns out hot ashes in a plastic garbage bin started a fire that spread to the gas meter and then to the house. neighbors pounded on the door and got everyone out, but the fire was very destructive. firefighters say it was a difficult fire to control. >> gas meter is feeding the fire, and that's what took us a few minutes to get the gas meter
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shut off. and once that was shut off, we were able to declare the fire under control. >> there is heavy damage to the garage, roof, and attic. nine people were in the home at the time. everyone is okay, including their two cats. well, new tonight, pg&e could face murder charges if it is found criminally liable for any of the state's recent wildfires. that's according to a court filing from attorney general xavier becerra. the brief was filed friday in district court. it comes after a judge ordered the utility giant to determine whether it played a role in the camp fire in butte county. 88 people died as a result of that fire. even if pg&e is not charged with murder, they could face other felony crimes if the company's acts are found to be reckless. stealing from those who lost everything. two fema trailers set up for camp fire victims were told len on friday. tonight two men are behind bars, accused of taking them. police say 58-year-old wayne
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bergman admitted to stealing one of the trailers. it was spotted with a helicopter crew. after his arrest officers caught up with 40-year-old zachary crouchly who is accused of stealing the second trailer. investigators say he was also driving a stolen truck and in violen violation of his parole terms. a big week ahead in the south bay. a week from tomorrow night, the college football champ championship will be decided right here in the bay area. alabama plays clemson at levi's stadium. organizers have several events planned in the south bay in addition to the game itself. >> a family friendly condensed footprint. lots of great things for families to do. play-off starting friday afternoon. at&t play-off list live, our free concert series. >> it will be in downtown san jose. laura continues our coverage at 11:30. a lot of people will be out celebrating the new year. look at that gorgeous shot over san francisco. if history is our guide, tens of
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thousands of people will head to the popular fireworks show on san francisco's embarcadero at midnight. that's where we find nbc bay area's roz plater who has details about the preps under way, and the best way to get there and back home safely. hi, roz. >> hey, how you? this will likely be a hot spot, even though it may be very, very cold tomorrow night. the sidewalks will be crowded. the streets will be crowded. we also talked to people who told us they're planning to stay in this new year's eve. our survey is hardly scientific, but here is what we found. a few folks planning a big night out on the town this new year's eve. >> sparkly dinner, clubbing, and going to bed at 12:01. >> others planning on taking in a little football. >> a college football or bowl game in santa clara, oregon versus michigan state. >> but by far most folks told us they're planning a quiet night at home with family. >> thank god for all the places
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we got this year through him. and just trying to enjoy time together. >> i'm less and less about the consumerism of this whole season and more and more about the connectedness. >> reporter: this family recently here from india will venture out to watch the fireworks display along the embarcadero. and they will have plenty of company. the fireworks bring out roughly 200,000 revellers. the barge with the pyrotechnics will sit out in the bay, near pier 14 south of the ferry building. signs are already up warning there is no parking along that stretch of the embarcadero from mission street to fulsome, and the barricade lsd go up soon. here is a few suggestions how to get around new year's eve. san francisco muni rail is offering free rides from 8:00 p.m. monday until 5:00 a.m. tuesday. caltrain will be offering free rides. the last train will leave san francisco at 2:00 a.m. bart will extend service until 3:00 a.m., but note that certain
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bart trains will not stop at embarcadero, montgomery and west oakland because of the expectled crowds. and lastly, aaa will provide free rides home and the tipsy tow service. the san francisco police department says it has a safety and security plan for the new year's eve celebrations. they expect to release details about that early tomorrow morning. live in san francisco, i'm roz plater, nbc bay area news. the microclimate weather alert on the last day of 2018 for a pretty large scale wind advisory affecting most of the bay area tomorrow. it's not just the gusty winds we're tracking, but the impact on temperatures that i think will surprise a lot of folks tomorrow. we'll take a look, coming up. also, a tragic story out of north carolina. a lion broke free from its cage at a zoo. the death under investigation tonight. and the shutdown stretches on, past the holidays and possibly into the new year. is there an end in sight?
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new talks between the president and members of its party show where things stand tonight.
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here's to the stair takers, breakfast makers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers, and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way. on 2018... a different countdown stretches on... tonight, as the clock runs out on 2018, a different countdown stretches on with the
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government closed for a ninth straight day. some are now wondering and warning if the blame game doesn't end, neither will the shutdown. at the white house, while we're hearing new talk of optimism on the part of the president, there's been no action. nbc's white house correspondent kelly o'donnell reports. >> on shutdown day 9, a new signal from the west wing. >> the wall has become the metaphor for border security. >> reporter: trump ally and south carolina republican senator lindsey graham said he spent two hours strategizing with the president. >> he was in a very good mood, and i think he's receptive to making a deal if it achieves his goal of securing our border. >> graham claimed president trump is open-minded to a compromise that would extend work permits and temporary legal status to qualify undocumented immigrants in exchange for billions to build border barriers that mr. trump calls a wall. today's private meeting comes as the president spent a fourth
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straight day with no public events, but active on twitter, the president blasting "democrats who left town and who are not concerned about the safety and security of americans". >> what donald trump and republicans want to do is waste $5 billion in taxpayer money on an ineffective medieval border wall that is a fifth century solution to a 21st century problem. >> reporter: it's renovation, not negotiation today on capitol hill, where office moves are under way as democrats prepare to take power in the house. trump adviser kellyanne conway growing impatient. >> we haven't heard from them. it's complete crickets for partisan political reasons. >> reporter: the senate's top republican and a senior democrat on the appropriations committee say talks need to get serious. >> i think it's everybody's fault. this is unacceptable. >> if we blame each other, this could last a long, long time.
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>> and that was kelly o'donnell reporting. a lion at a north carolina zoo escaped a locked area and killed a 22-year-old intern who was just two weeks into her job. the mauling happened at the conservators' center in burlington. a trained animal keeper was doing a routine enclosure training when one of the lions somehow escaped a locked space. the victim, alexandra black had just graduated from college. the lion was shot and killed by sheriff's deputies. a man and his dogs needed to be rescued after being trapped in the mud in san francisco earlier today. first responders say the mud was waist-high. firefighters had to use a special small boat to save them. this is an area near sfo. you see the boat there. the man and the dogs are safe. two hotel employees are out of a job a week after kicking out an african american guest. this happened last saturday at a doubletree hotel in portland. the guest says he was in the hotel's lobby talking to his mom on the phone when he was confront beside asecurity
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officer. video of the exchange went viral. the security guard, who is now being called hotel earl asked the man if he was a guest. after he said yes, the officer insisted another employee call the cops, accusing the man of trespassing. the two employees were placed on leave, but the hotel chain announced the men have since been fired, stating the actions of the employees were, quote, inconsistent with our standards and values. the new year brings a new chief of staff for president trump. general john kelly leaves the white house this week. on his way out, he is opening up candidly about what he did and did not do for the president over the past 18 months. nbc's white house correspondent jeff bennett reports. >> reporter: tonight john kelly talking candidly about his rocky tenure as white house chief of staff. in an interview with "the los angeles times," general kelly says president trump long promised southern border wall is not what he had portrayed. to be honest, it's not a wall,
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general kelly admits, and he blames former attorney general jeff sessions for the policy of separating undocumented immigrants from their children at the border. kelly says the move took him by surprise. it was just one of the many controversies he weathered during his 17 months in the white house, something he called a bone-crushing hard job. >> the last thing i wanted to do was walk away from one of the great honors of my life, being the secretary of homeland security. but i did something wrong and god punished me, i guess. >> reporter: hired to instill order in a free-wheeling west wing, kelly was dogged by constant rumors of his firing. >> i'm not quitting today. i don't believe, and i just talked to the president, i don't think i'm being fired today. >> reporter: the retired marine general says while mr. trump often pressed the boundaries of his legal authority, the president never ordered him to do anything illegal. and kelly argues his legacy is best measured by what the president did not do, such as
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pulling u.s. forces out of south korea. the president didn't comment on the interview. when asked why he stayed on the job, kelly told the newspaper, military people don't walk away. let's give you a live look at the bay bridge that is a beautiful sight, like a postcard. when the new year arrives, seven bridges around the bay area will see a toll hike. it's the first toll increase for state-owned bridges since 2010. the bay bridge will turn toon weekdays. $5ed on weekends. tolls for other bridges will also increase by $1. can't get enough of that sight. rob mayeda is joining us now. clear, not as windy as we had yesterday. >> today is a nice break. >> tomorrow is coming back. >> by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, the gusty winds will be back. all the pretty camera views will be shaking around a lot more. wind first, and then the windchill setting up. right now pretty view outside.
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that's a nice one. look at downtown san francisco. no fog. that's one thing we haven't talked about. fireworks viewing tomorrow, no problem. no clouds, no fog. but the fireworks may be getting kind of blown a little bit around by gusty winds heading into tomorrow. right now 51 degrees in san francisco. sfo seeing a west wind at 20. that's some of the stronger wind we're seeing right now anywhere around the bay area. already down to 42 degrees in dublin. in san jose right now 47 degrees. so wind speeds picking up here on the coast. we'll see stronger wind moving out of the north by hills into the diablo range. the wind advisory does include the hilltops for the gusts of 45 to 60 miles per hour. most likely around mt. saint helena to mount diablo. the peninsula bayside locations of the east bay also included in this. so the issues with any tree branches coming down or local e localized power issues might be a little higher with this particular event versus what we saw last week.
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morning temperatures in the 30s to some lower 40s, and then the wind starts to pick up during the day. you got nothing but sunshine, but highs in the low to mid-50s, and the wind will not make it feel like 57 degrees in san jose tomorrow. it will feel more like the 40s outside, even if the sunshine. and as soon as the sun sets, temperatures will be dropping quickly. wind speeds tomorrow morning strong nest the hills. notice as we approach midnight, still gusty in the north bay hills. we might see the winds back off a little bit around the santa clara valley, but when we factor in wind speed, and the temperatures outside, the feels-like temperature on your skin will actually feel like the upper 30s and low 40s, even for oakland and san francisco. meantime, you can see out towards the tri-valley or north bay, wind speeds will be stronger. it may feel more like 30 degrees outside. notice the temperatures as we head towards tuesday morning, patchy frost possible on the wind-sheltered valleys. and new year's day temperatures only low 50s for highs.
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it is going to be a chilly start to the new year. a dry start, though. you'll see the windy conditions tuesday into wednesday. then things get a little more interesting. late week we'll begin to see a chance of some showers coming back. right now saturday might be trending a little bit dryer. then as you get into sunday now, changes ahead in the seven-day forecast. you go from windy, dry and cold, but our standards, quite cold with windchill factors being talked about for your new year's eve plans. and gusty conditions that will take us into new year's day tuesday. and after that, winds start to back off, but it will be another chilly start to the day there on wednesday. then we begin to see the chances of rain making a comeback. we add more moisture to the air. bring in an ocean breeze. that should take away those freezing temperatures as he head toward next weekend. for any plans outdoors tomorrow, bundle up. >> that's the trade-off. at least we don't have the fog. folks coming out to see the fireworks are going to have a great view. they just have to cuddle up. >> yeah. >> all right, rob. thank you. still to come, precautions
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for the party. a live look now at times square, another gorgeous city. we're less than 24 hours away from the new year in new york and on the east coast. the new security measures that will be in place at tomorrow night's celebration. plus, it's all systems go for the ball drop. why lester holt will be among the people triggering the countdown, and the test to make sure everything will be perfect in times square. tonight as we h
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year )s eve -- security and the weather. heavy snow is in the forecast two big concerns tonight as we head into new year's eve, security and the weather. heavy snow is in the forecast for parts of the plains and midwest, while a lot of rain is expected in the east. that includes new york, where a million people are expected to gather in times square. we get more now from nbc's matt bradley.
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>> reporter: this new year's eve, the famous ball won't be the only thing over times square. new york city police will launch drones, keeping eyes in the skies on what could be hundreds of thousands of revellers below. >> with the drone, this is the first time we're going to be using it as a large scale event. >> reporter: police are pairing those with more than a thousand surveillance cameras. along with bomb-sniffing dogs, helicopters, snipers, and 200 blocker vehicles, and thousands of uniformed officers, many taking up positions in hotels around the square. >> and the bottom line is this. people will be safe on monday, and they should feel safe too. it's going to be one of the most well policed, best protected events at one of the safest venues in the entire world. >> reporter: that's reassuring for cameron greg from yorktown. are you excited? >> i'm excited. i'm not worried about anything. i'm just here to have a good time, and this is my first time ever seeing a ball drop. so i'm very, very excited.
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>> very exciting. a live look at new york's times square where a test run of tomorrow's ball drop went off without a hitch today. the ball slowly slid 130 feet down that pole, adorned with nearly 32,000 loyd le ds and crystals. organizers of the ball drop chose to honor freedom of the press and journalists this year. the overall theme is harmony and humility. >> the gift of harmony, and that's what we're going to be doing, all together as one, counting down. there is no other moment like it where you bring all the world together, east and west to celebrate in harmony. >> it is a special moment. the ball drop typically brings a million people out to times square, as we said earlier. another 190 million americans are expected to watch. still to come, the hype is building in the south bay. a football rivalry is about to
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for the fourth year in a row, either alabama or clemson will win the national championship in college football. the two teams are bringing their rivalry to the bay area. the game will be played january 7th at levi's stadium. nbc area's laura sambol gives us a preview of the big game and all the events leading up to it. >> reporter: this will be the third time alabama has taken on clemson in the cfp title game. not only does that mean a great game here at levi's stadium, but also several days filled with fun for families. they're back. after clemson steamrolled notre dame in the cotton bowl, and alabama dominated the oklahoma sooners in the orange bowl, it's
11:31 pm
cfp's title game number three between the crimson tide and the tigers. the fourth time in a row the team face off in the play-offs. >> that's a really cool thing that the bay area can have this. >> whenever the games come around, everyone is always really excited. >> reporter: he manages a mexican restaurant near levi's stadium. he says big games like this always bring in big bucks for its business. >> typically, around those days, we do close to 400 orders, where it's normally maybe around 200 to 300. so it's pretty drama sometimes. >> reporter: most of those orders are likely for out-of-town families here for the festivities. >> downtown san jose we're going to host our championship campus. it's a family friendly condensed footprint. we'll have play-off band central starting on friday afternoon. we'll also have at&t play list lye, their free concert series. >> reporter: to super fans who have been living atop a
11:32 pm
billboard in downtown san jose since the play-offs began hope the visitors will stop by and say hi. >> don't afraid that give us stickers to decorate the bill bold. show your support. >> reporter: most of the events mentioned earlier begin this friday, january 4th. kickoff is one week from tomorrow, here at levi's stadium. reporting from san jose, laura sambol, nbc bay area news. >> levi's stadium will also host another bowl gym before the national championship. michigan state plays oregon in the red box bowl. today a rally was held for both teams at justin herman plaza in san francisco. kickoff is scheduled for noon tomorrow. new at 11:00, a south bay congregation is mourning tonight after its beloved pastor died while snowboarding. pastor craig was pronounced dead on wednesday after being found unresponsive at the sierra at tahoe resort. the 53-year-old was a pastor at venture christian church in los
11:33 pm
gatos. the church says he suffered a heart attack while on the slopes. he is survived by his wife and three children. special celebration remembering him will take place tomorrow afternoon at his church. even more violence in the tenderloin this weekend, this time a stabbing. a bystander captured this video shortly after it happened. this was 11:00 this morning on o'farrell street at jones street. police say the victim survived but is in critical condition. the suspect fled the scene, but officers quickly caught up and made an arrest. a grieving family is asking for help after losing a loved one in a police shooting. a small group gathered in san jose today to sell food and take donations to pay for jennifer vazquez's funeral expenses. vazquez was shot and killed by san jose police on christmas. officers say she was driving a stolen car and fled from police after a traffic stop. vazquez eventually crashed into a fence on fruitdale and lee avenues. police say she tried to ram
11:34 pm
officers with her car which prompted them to open fire, killing the 24-year-old. >> i want to go ahead and thank everybody who helped andone nated to our family so we can actually get stuff done. >> a passenger in the car suffered nonlife-threatening wounds. the officers involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave. as 2018 comes to a close, we take a pause to remember some of those we lost over the last year. many well-known personalities who have left an indelible mark on our lives. ♪ ♪ amazing gra, amazing grace ♪ ♪
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>> thank you for everything. for -- well, you know. >> the true gift is in your head and in your heart. and in your soul. >> it's no fun reading about somebody who is perfect. you want to read about people that you can identify with, because we've all got problems, and we're all flawed. ♪
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>> for a better america, for an endless enduring dream and a thousand points of light. >> i've kind of banned the use of the l word, legacy word. i think feel find out some of the things i did wrong and perhaps some of the things we did right. >> i wish all of you great adventu adventures, good company, and lives as lucky as mine. from bay
11:37 pm
state capitol. the new laws you )ll need to knw starting next week. plus: vianey is tracking your new year )s eve forecast as you prepare to celebrate! join us monday morning from
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christmas is over and austria is in the middle of a recycling crisis. paper new at 11:00, christmas is over and austria is in the middle of recycling crisis. paper waste there is at an all-time high this time of year. it's so bad garbage collectors have to work extra shifts. paper waste is 15% higher there than any other country. people are blaming three things. awesians don't like to give gifts without wrapping, and recycling. the end of the year is a time to look forward and back. and as 2018 draw to a close, the folks at seattle's famous fish market are doing just that. as nbc's joel fryer tells us, the touch is landing in new hands. >> reporter: in seattle, celebrities don't walk on red carpets, they swim with the fish. >> hey! >> catch it! >> reporter: these are the famous fishmongerers at pike place fish market. >> i like the fish.
11:39 pm
>> reporter: drawing crowds daily. >> i've seen some things on tv where they were throwing the fish, and i said i got to see that. >> reporter: it's more than a gimmick. owner john yokoyama calls it a philosop philosophy. >> our first intention is to create a relationship of love with our customers. after that we know we've got them for life. >> reporter: that goes for the workers too. when he decided to sell his legendary business, he knew exactly who should buy. >> i love you, matt. >> reporter: jason ander, sam, and reece. four of his employees are now the big fish. >> it's a dream come true, man. i'm living the dream. >> reporter: are these guys like your kids? >> they are my kids. >> reporter: he could have probably sold to someone else for more. >> we need to call those customers. >> reporter: but this just felt right. >> johnny was very generous. >> reporter: one of the guys, jason, was practically born
11:40 pm
here. his mom worked next door. >> i grew up in the market, running around this place. i always thought man, it would be cool to own that fish market. >> i couldn't be more excited. we're going keep the legacy going. >> reporter: an institution that's still flying high, with the familiar wind beneath their feet. joel fryer, nbc news, seattle. just ahead, it's not quite new year's eve, but people in san francisco are already ringing in the new year. we'll show you the traditional ceremonies to usher in the good. and we're beginning to watch wind speeds picking up around san francisco and the coast as a wind advisory takes aim on the by area. plus some very cold winds to ring in the new year. look at the impacts on temperatures, when we come right back.
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2018... some people in the bay area are already "ringing" in the ne as we close in on the final day of 2018, some people in the bay area are already ringing in the new year, literally. [ bell [ . >> it's really soothing, isn't it? at san francisco's art museum, the 33rd bell ringing ceremony took place today. the museum invites the public to reflect on the passing year, then ring a 2100 pound 16th century japanese bronze bell to welcome the new year. >> the stress and chaos of 2018, we'd like to leave that behind
11:44 pm
and open ourselves to a more peaceful, inclusive and collaborative new year. >> the bell is struck 108 times to curb the 108 mortal desires that buddhists believe torment humankind. okay. check this out. it's a frozen race all the way in china. it happened earlier today. they call it the dragon boat race. it's the first of its kind in that area. here's how it works. three teams from russia, 14 from china all competed on a 100-meter long ice track. the teams raced on boats shaped like dragons and used like paddles. it's bone-chillingly cold. witnesses say it helped to lighten the mood during the long winter there. >> that's how some people will feel around the bay area tomorrow. >> not quite. the fur collar thing going. >> but you're going to want to bundle up like that. we don't often have windchill factors to talk about during new year's eve, but we're going get
11:45 pm
one this year. it will start with the gusty winds that you're starting to see develop out by the coast. by tomorrow morning it looks really blustery around the bayer. temperatures have dropped off to 40 in napa. 42 in livermore. and we'll probably still reach some 30s tonight before the winds pick up. it will actually kind of mix in more mild air towards sea level. tonight not the coldest night we'll see this night. but come tuesday morning and wednesday morning, patchy frost very likely. here are the wind speeds picking up around the coastline. eventually they'll turn gusty in the north bay hills and east bay hills as we head towards tomorrow morning. we have another wind advisory, where the strongest gusts will be on the hill tops. we could see 60-miles-per-hour gusts around the diablo range. notice how bayside locations here, more populated areas, contra costa, alameda counties, down into the peninsula, and even san francisco under that wind advisory, which is going to be all the way until 10:00 a.m. on tuesday. so an all-day and all night event for tomorrow, and those
11:46 pm
gusty winds will continue into new year's day. so tomorrow, the winds start to pick up. we'll have 30s and 40s for the morning. as we head through the afternoon, even if all the sunny skies, highs for most of the bay area will be in the low to mid-50s. and it's not going to really feel all that warm, even with the sunshine event. cold, dry air, north wind coming in, which is going to keep our temperatures cooling quickly, just after sundown. you'll notice as we approach midnight, it's going to be very chilly by bay area standards. we'll be looking at the wind speeds that are gusty. not just from the morning, but all the way to midnight. still gusty in the north bay, east bay, and san francisco, where fog is not being to be a problem. you're going to have perfect visibility. it will be downright cold. notice the north bay still gusty. that's the reason why the wind advisory at least for now will continue until 10:00 a.m. on tuesday. so look at these temperatures as those winds are ongoing, air temperatures will be in the 30s and 40s. so the feels-like temperature
11:47 pm
outside, where you're seeing the gustiest conditions around midnight, could feel more like the upper 20s. so a cold start to your new year's day, and a kind of sneak preview of the forecast for the temperatures for the first day of the new year. highs around the bay area, low 50s. this is a cold pattern for us which we think as we go through the week, as high pressure starts to weaken, will eventually bring an increasing chance of seeing some showers. that's going bring in more moisture, which will bring our temperatures up, and we hope some rain chances as we head into next weekend. the story, as we go through tomorrow, won't be the rain chances, but the gusty winds, and cold temperatures, that windchill index, we're going to become very well acquainted with the start of the new year. we'll see less wind around wednesday, another chilly morning, and maybe rain chances. the first rain telephone new year possibly saturday night into sunday. >> and everyone gets so dressed up, looks so good on new year's eve, and you go outside and bury it under a pile of clothes. >> multiple. >> all right, thank you. the raiders season ended
11:48 pm
today. now the wait begins to find out where the team will play next season. could it be at&t park, maybe san diego? how about london? "the daily mail" reports the raiders are in talks to play their home games at london's wembley stadium. it could with a long shot, but we'll see. here now with the rest of the day in sports, dave feldman. >> big rivalry games today in the final week of this season for both teams in the bay. the raiders head to arrowhead to face the chiefs, plus the niners travel to l.a. to take on the rams and have a record-setting day. highlights after the break.
11:49 pm
a drink with friends can turn into two, and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go-- text a friend, call a cab, share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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a drink with friends can turn into two, and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go-- text a friend, call a cab, share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california. hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman at the xfinity sports desk. it's the final week of the nfl season, and while it's been a disappointing year for both the hitters and the raiders, they each had a chance to upset a divisional rival and set a new year on a high note. the niners and rams in los angeles. niners are past midfield, third
11:51 pm
and one. kyle stretching for the first down. he just coughs up the football. aqib talib scoops it up and goes 47 yards to the 7 yard line. three plays later jared goff rolls out to the right. rams upset. another niner mistake. nick mullens picked off by koy littleton. littleton takes it inside the 10 to set up another rams touchdown. rams up 14. now we go second quarter. niners down 11. and deep in their own territory, mullens over the middle, picked off again by littleton. his second of the day. the rams up 18. later in the second, niners down 25. mullens connects with reggie james jr. nine-yard touchdown pass. niners trail, 28-10. fourth quarter, niners down 24. so the game is over. but george kittle yards away from breaking the single receiving record for a tight end, and he does just that.
11:52 pm
43 yards to the house. kittle finishes with a new record. the rams win, but kittle on his big day. >> yeah, it hasn't really hit yet, but definitely exciting. i mean, it definitely wasn't just me. had three quarterbacks throw me the ball. we had our o-lines, just ups and downs throughout the year, guys in and out. it's just a credit to our team to keep pushing, grinding the whole year no matter what happened. i definitely would have enjoyed a win today, but this definitely makes ate little bit better. raiders and chiefs in arrowhead. pat mahomes in kansas city, looking to secure the number one seed in the play-offs. two minutes into the game, mahomes, how good is this guy's arm? pretty good. tyreek hill. gone. 67 yards, and the chiefs are upset. later in the first, same score. derek carr intercepted. daniel sorenson, 54 yards to the house. caught his first interception in his last 333 pat attempts.
11:53 pm
third quarter, raiders down 18. mahomes airs it out to demarcus robinson. 89-yard touchdown passes, 50th of the season. only the third quarterback all-time to do that in a single season. and then in the fourth quarter, raiders down 25. tyreek hill on the fly sweep. turns it upfield. 15 yards for the touchdown run. they win, 35-3. the raiders finish the season,-12. >> our men learned a system of football that we're playing here. i think they believed in one another. they got to know each other. we had so many players going, it's hard to have camaraderie and unity. all those things are really important in football. look at the chiefs. those guys have been here a while. they've been building this operation. it's going to take us a little bit. and we have some things to look forward to i think in the off-season, but it's a bittersweet ending for sure.
11:54 pm
it's hard to lose a game to like we did today. >> all right. that's all the time we have for now. i'm dave feldman. more news after the break. i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic.
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time to reflect on the events of the past 12 months...but it wasn we are getting close to the end of the year, which means it's getting time to reflect on the events of the past 12 months. it wasn't all serious. here is a look at the lighter side of 2018. >> reporter: we sing the praises of 2018. it was a year filled with ups and downs. >> oh! >> reporter: and some ups that felt like downs. [ screaming ] >> reporter: one definite up was this new jersey father and son, celebrating the boy's release from the hospital. or this 2-year-old discovering that his ball magically comes back. most days of 2018 probably wept
11:57 pm
like any other. you awoke to the sound of your alarm clock, got dressed to impress, and had a healthy breakfast. but don't get deputy brian bowman started on the commute. >> come on, brand pa. i got places to be. >> reporter: hopefully he is not trying to get to the scene of this crime where the break-in is wrong, but the moves are so right. if you like dog sports, check out these expert fetchers at the champions tournament in london. and notice how bennie the hockey dog manages to stay out of the penalty box, despite roughing. animals are supposed to help keep your blood pressure low. >> can you stop, please? >> reporter: but bears out there are keeping your car insurance right high. >> he's on the car! >> reporter: so for new year's resolutions, you should always take the stairs to keep healthy. but sometimes the stairs take you. to reduce your carbon footprint,
11:58 pm
try catching a bus. and always remember, keep your eye on the ball. nbc news. >> always fun to watch those videos. well thank you so much for watching. rob, we have time for a quick little look? >> the wind advisory expand over the last hour. this includes a much larger area into tuesday morning. so a windy and very brisk and cold start to the new year. >> okay. well, we'll be here to ring it in with you. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. have a great night, everyone.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
. this week we are at the 70,000 square foot orlando mansion of shaquille o'neal. >> trust me, i'm just getting started. >> one of the most dominating centers in nba history, he's now an analyst for "in the the nba." >> i told you! >> but the majority of his success today is tied to big business. >> it's been a great run. i'm not going anywhere. >> shaq is known not only for his larger than life personality, but also for a well publicized feud with teammate kobe bryant. >> just felt sometimes that he didn't do it the right way. >> despite winning four championships, he admits to some regret regarding his


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