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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 31, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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effect. strong winds across the bay area. and it )s going to affect your new year )s eve plans. full coverage along with preparations for the big parties. good morning, and thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i )m scott mcgrew. marcus and laura are off. right now -- there )s an airport weather warning for sfo. vianey arana is tracking the strong winds. vianey -- ad-lib weather app push.
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new year )s celebrations
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have already kicked off across the world. this is what it looked like when sydney, australia rang in the new year. nbc bay area )s pete suratos is live in san francisco as crews get ready for the party on the embarcadero. pete -- tens of thousands are a long night for people. and then over there, and we're
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if you're going to ride san francisco muni, it's going to be free between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. there will be no stops at the embacadero, and aaa is offering
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free rides with tipsy tow service. with more than 100,000 people heading into san francisco today for new year's eve, make sure to have a good plan in place. >> make sure you know how to get to and from your place of residence or where you're staying. make sure you're prepared for the cold weather. it's going to be cold out, so bring some extra clothing. bring some blankets if necessary. and if you're going to be enjoying the spirits tonight, with a little alcoholic beverages, make sure you have somebody who is responsible as a designated driver or designated party for your groups. >> reporter: back out live to the embacadero. a busy night tonight with the new year's eve celebration. san francisco police says as always, to see something, say something. if you see something suspicious. we're showing a sign where you can text the city for alerts if you're out tonight. we have the information for you on our website at live in san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> all right, pete. thanks.
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as we wait for those fireworks, do leave them to the professionals. in the south bay, police will be looking for people who light off their own, setting off any kind of fire work or sparkler in san jose is illegal. the city is hoping neighbors can help them catch violators and take pictures or video. and report it online or call 911. if caught, people can be cited and fined up to $1,000. from fireworks to drunk drivers, it's an all hands on deck for chp over the next couple of days looking for dui drivers. thom jensen is live in contra costa county with the story of a man who is apparently not getting the message, thom. >> reporter: that's for sure, scott. and good morning. police across the bay area are certainly happy this guy is not on the road tonight for new year's eve or hopefully for a while. check out the pictures from petaluma pd. they're pretty startling. you can see this driver failed to negotiate the turn on
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petaluma boulevard at about 9:30 last night, according to petaluma pd. and police say 33-year-old was not supposed to be drinking when his car went up the guide wire on a power pole and went upside down on a sidewalk. now he's in the sonoma county jail facing a third charge. chp is warning not to drink even a little bit if you plan to drive. officers made 1,200 dui arrests during the christmas holiday statewide and through january 2, they will have every available patrol car on the road looking for impaired drivers. >> you know, one drink is enough to put you over the top. you should take advantage of all of the options available to you.
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i know b.a.r.t. is running. there's taxis, uber, lyft. you have friends and family who can give a ride home. >> reporter: of course, a lot cheaper than taking those free rides than getting a dui and safer for everybody on the road. and you heard pete tell you about all of the different options available. a lot of extended service, as well. also note that chp is not only looking for impaired drivers, they're going to be looking for distracted drivers. so keep your hands off your cell phones and stay sober tonight out there. there is going to be a lot of officers out there and a lot of drivers. live in martinez, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> good advice, thom. if you stay home, tune to nbc bay area shortly before midnight to see our very own lester holt push the crystal button that lowers the official new year's eve ball in times square. he will be representing the committee to protect journalists and celebrating journalism and
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free speech around the world. a developing story and live look at the big board this morning. up 174 points on the dow. today is a trading day, and, of course, we're coming off one of the worst decembers since the great depression. the partial government shutdown is now in its tenth day. senator lindsey graham met with president trump at the white house on sunday and says the president may be willing to compromise on funding for the wall for a border between mexico and the united states. nbc's jeff genne nbc's geoff bennett has the latest. >> reporter: the partial government shutdown is heading into its tenth day, with both sides stuck in a standoff over the proposed border wall, talk of new optimism on the part of the president. >> he was in a very good mood, and i think he's receptive to making a deal if it achieves his goals of securing our border. >> reporter: trump ally, senator lindsey graham, strategizing sunday with mr. trump over a two-hour lunch. the senator sending a surprising
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new signal from the west wing. >> the wall has become a metaphor for border security. >> reporter: graham suggesting mr. trump might consider a compromise that would extend work permits and temporary legal status to qualified undocumented immigrants. in exchange for billions to build border barriers. >> the president didn't commit, but i think he's very open-minded. >> reporter: that private meeting capping president trump's fourth straight day with no public events. the president out of sight, but active on twitter, leveling a stunning accusation after two migrant children died in federal custody earlier this month. any deaths of children at the border are strictly the fault of democrats and their pathetic immigration policies. mr. trump arguing migrants would not make the journey if we had a wall, they wouldn't even try. democratic lawmakers say a border wall is a deal-breaker. >> he's trying to extract $5 billion from the american
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taxpayer to pay for something that clearly would be ineffective. >> reporter: adding his voice to the debate, outgoing white house chief of staff, jon kelley, saying trump's long-promised southern border wall is not what he has portrayed. kelly telling the "los angeles times," to be honest, it's not a wall. and also blaming former attorney general jeff sessions for the policy separating undocumented immigrants from their children at the border. kelly saying the move took him by surprise. >> and on sunday, the president raised eyebrows by tweeting about former president obama, writing, president and mrs. obama built, has a ten-foot wall around their d.c. mansion compound. i agree, totally necessary for their safety and security. the u.s. needs the same thing, slightly larger version. the shutdown means federally owned land in parks generally are closed. for instance, point reyes. while the park itself is open,
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visitor centers within the park are closed. restroom facilities are limited. parking limited, because some lots are closed. and the light house is closed. that's actually due to construction separate from the federal shutdown closures. some locations are off-limits to campers, as well. the raiders were crushed by the kansas city chiefs sunday, so that ends the season for the raiders. new this morning, the raiders have hired mike mayock to be the team's next general manager. the nfl network analyst will replace reggie mckenzie. mckenzie was fired earlier this month after leading the raiders sense 2012. and soon we will hopefully find out where the team is going to play next season. could it be at&t park? maybe san diego. what about london? the daily mail reports the raiders are in talks to play their home games at london's wembley stadium. so far, no word from the team. coming up, one prominent democrat already throwing her hat into the race for 2020.
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elizabeth warren is the first to announce her candidacy. we'll take a look at where california politicians are. plus, a deadly attack at a zoo. a new intern killed in north carolina. the changes that are done to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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welcome back. new details, a deadly lion attack at a wildlife conservatory in north carolina under investigation. the victim, an intern who started working there less than two weeks ago. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the story. >> reporter: this morning, the family of 22-year-old intern, alexandra black is heartbroken. authorities say she died sunday after a lion somehow escaped from a locked space during a routine enclosure cleaning at the conservator center, a wildlife sanctuary in north carolina. the sheriff's office says deputies shot and killed the lion after efforts to
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tranquilize it failed. >> it's sad that it was a loss of life. and then a loss of a majestic animal. but, you know, we had to do what we had to do. >> reporter: black was a recent graduate from indiana university. she started working at the center as an intern just ten days ago. her family saying in a statement, she really wanted to make a career of working with animals, adding she was a beautiful young woman who had just started her career. she died following her passion. [ growling ] the north carolina chapter of the humane society has identified the lion as matan, featured in one of the center's videos. the lion's profile in which he's described as shy and nervous, has been removed from the center's website. the sanctuary was founded almost 20 years ago, and is home to more than 80 animals, including more than a dozen lions, many of which were rescued from poor living conditions in ohio in 2004. the animals featured on the center's social media profiles and youtube page.
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the center says it's devastated by the loss of a human life and will be closed until further notice as the investigation moves forward. >> working with wild animals like this, this is a highly skilled profession, and it's something we take very seriously. so any sort of incident like this is devastating to everyone. >> reporter: park officials say there were visitors onsite at the time, but they were escorted to safety. it is still not clear how that lion got out. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. decision 2020. senator elizabeth warren is running for president. she announced it earlier this morning with a video on her social media accounts. we told you about it right when it came out on "today in the bay." this makes her the first big-name democrat to formally vie for the party's presidential nomination. it comes just days before she swears in for her second term as senator from massachusetts. with 2019 just about here, the picture may soon get more
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clear about who is in and who is out in the next presidential race. at least three californians are among those rumored to be considering a run. senator kamala harris leading the list. some pollsters believe things may have cooled amidst beto o'rourke's buzz. tom steyer has hinted he could take a shot at president. steyer has no prior political experience. in the past, he's been more coy about a run, saying he would first want to see if there is anyone else worth supporting. a lot of football today. stanford is playing pitt, so go cardinal, and a bowl game at levi stadium, as well. fans gathered in san francisco's justin herman plaza yesterday ahead of today's red box bowl. today's game kicks off a little
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after noon. bowl organizers also call today's game a practice run for the national championship game at levi's. one week from today is clemson taking on alabama. let's get a check of your weather. >> it's really, really windy when we can actually show it based on your cameras. there is an airport weather warning. the national weather service issued this. and what that means, it could impact your travel, because of these strong, gusty conditions. so make sure to check for any possible flight delays, if you'll be flying out of sfo for today. this will be in effect through 11:00 p.m. tonight. look how shaky the camera is. certainly already gusting, but is there also a lake wind advisory. if you had plans to head up to lake tahoe through today and tomorrow, they have actually impacted some of the resorts because of the winds and how gusty they are. they have actually closed down some of the resorts so make sure to check that out before you head out the door, as well, if you have plans to head up there. now, this wind advisory will remain in effect through tuesday
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morning. so we've already seen some very strong, gusty conditions, especially for the hilltop areas. and we're expecting this to continue really through the entire afternoon into the evening. for the san francisco shoreline, if you're going to be heading out of the city for the new year's eve celebration, extremely gusty. temperatures topping out in the mid 50s. as we dip down into the overnight hours, we'll pair the strong, gusty winds with some very cool temperatures. so let me take you through the time line. by 5:30, you can see we've got the gusty conditions remaining, especially through the mountainous areas. but it even remains fairly breezy in through the city. and if i fast forward this time line all the way to about 11:00, just before the clock strikes midnight, santa rosa, 22. look how gusty it will be in san francisco. that really gives you an idea. but take into consideration now that the strong, gusty conditions carry into tuesday morning, we've got temperatures that will bring the feels-like temperatures much less than the current temperatures. that's going to drop our temperatures down to 30s, possibly below freezing in some
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areas, especially for sheltered valleys. talking possible patchy forecro tonight. the fireworks could easily scare off your pets into the overnight hours, and we don't want any lost pets for the 2019 new year. all right. so cooled overnight lows. less wind wednesday, and the first weekend of 2019 for saturday and sunday is when we're going to see the return of some possible rain in the forecast. we'll start to get some cloud cover in on friday. but, again, the main event for today is going to be those gusty conditions. make sure to layer up and bundle up tonight. it is going to be absolutely freezing if you're going to be outside celebrating. don't forget those hand warmers and protect your plants and bring in your pets. scott? >> thank you much. coming up, someone might start the new year as a millionaire. the huge mega millions jackpot up for grabs. it will probably have you buying a ticket today. russia says it has a u.s. citizen in custody accused of espionage. that country's federal security
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service says they have detained u.s. citizen paul wheelan in moscow. he was court during an espionage operation, but russia gave no further detail. the u.s. state department has not confirmed the identity of the man that russia says they have in custody. but acknowledge receiving formal notification from the foreign ministry of that detention. we'll keep an eye on it and be back after the break. deal talk.
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she posted well, there's kari hall! she had forecasted some snow for her tahoe trip. she posted a photo of her and family on snow mobiles. you can follow her. she is karihallweather. looks like they're having a great time. if you're looking for a great way to start 2019, here you go. $415 million up for grabs in a new year's day mega millions lottery drawing. nbc's kerry sanders has that. >> can i get the winning lottery ticket, please? >> reporter: this morning, the registers are ringing. ticket-buyers hoping to ring in the new year $415 million richer. >> we could definitely spare a couple bucks for that. >> reporter: the drawing new year's day has a lot of people dreaming. >> vacations, vacations, vacations. >> student loans. >> pay off my current house and probably buy some more. >> reporter: if one person wins
11:25 am
the jackpot and takes the cash option, they would go home with nearly a quarter billion dollars. >> charity. first charity and then i would just travel around the world. >> reporter: or maybe it's a diamond cartier bracelet you've been dreaming about. the white gold one with 624 diamonds. could you afford more than 2,800 of them. or that porsche 911 gt2rs you've had your eye on for nearly $300,000. you could get 848 of them. but remember, save money for gas. or you could snag the most expensive house for sale in america, this bel-air mansion, listed at $245 million. but there wouldn't be much left for furniture, would there? the jackpot has been rolling over since october, when one ticket worth more than $1.5 billion was sold in south carolina. who that lucky winner is, still a mystery.
11:26 am
they have until april to come forward. the long odds, 1 in 302 million. no deterrent when the jackpot is this big. >> i hope it's the winner. >> reporter: so many resolutions as we head into 2019. to lose weight, to go to the gym, to quit smoking. but if there is one sure-fire way to change your life, it would be to win the mega millions. kerry sanders, nbc news, lake worth, florida. >> this is the fifth time there has been a mega millions drawing on new year's day. but out of all of those, only one new years winner, back in 2008 with a winner in texas taking home a mere $33 million. coming up, about 12 hours from the ball dropping in times square. the new technology the nypd is making sure that millions of people are safe.
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weather alert. strong winds welcoming us into the new year. welcome back. we're in a microclimate weather alert. strong winds welcome us into the new year. a red flag warning in effect across the bay area. and it will affect your new year's eve plans, as well. >> we're talking major wind chill tonight and current temperatures now in san francisco, 53 degrees. but when you have winds gusting upwards of 39 miles per hour, you can see the camera shaking there, that's when the cold settles in. and it will remain in effect through tuesday morning. right now we are enjoying nice, clear skies. 54 degrees. wind speeds lighter in through san jose at 13 miles per hour. and here's a look at what we're tracking through the overnight hours. the wind advisory, again, will be in place through 10:00 a.m. we're talking about hills, especially gusting upwards of 6 miles per hour. the wind chill factor tonight
11:30 am
that will mean some frost will be possible. so, again, please, please, please bring in all of your pets that either might be scared off by the fireworks or just will be way too cold to be outside. also protect your plants and your pipes. the three ps. and, of course, always check on your neighbors. now, as we head into early tomorrow morning, we will have a couple of changes. i will break that all down for you, plus i'm tracking when our first chance of seeing rain in 2019 will be, coming up. scott? >> thank you. santa clara county shelters opening up more beds due to that cold overnight. at least 115 more beds available. this will last through wednesday. the county's office of supportive housing also opening nearly two dozen warming centers. four are open overnight. all of them in san jose. well, you can check the weather yourself. we have a free app that will give you news and weather and lots more. you can download it anywhere you get your apps. tonight up to 2 million revelers will pack new york city's times square. and before the final countdown, law enforcement officials have
11:31 am
already begun working to make sure they don't drop the ball when it comes to keeping everybody safe. nbc's stephanie gosk has details from new york's times square where security is going to be tight. >> reporter: long before the new year even begins, law enforcement officials in new york city are working on their resolution to keep times square safe. while millions of revelers look up at the famous crystal ball in times square, the nypd and the fbi will have eyes everywhere else. >> the new york city police department is going to have the largest contingent of new york city police officers ever seen at any event in new york city. >> reporter: that increased police presence reinforced by bomb-sniffing dogs. more than 200 blocker vehicles and 1,200 cameras, which include drone technology for the first time ever. >> what we're using drones for is they can go in lower than a helicopter can go in, and concentrate on an area. >> reporter: detectives will also take positions inside new
11:32 am
york city hotels, in an effort to prevent an attack like the 2017 mass shooting in las vegas where this new year's eve vegas officials are leaving nothing to chance. >> increases in security will include strike teams in every hotel, on the strip, and on fremont street. >> reporter: in los angeles, the hollywood sign will have extra security, after prankters targeted the landmark in 2016. in new york, while officials say there are no known specific or credible threats, they're urging revelers to remain vigilant as they ring in 2019. >> everyone needs to be ready if they see something, if something doesn't feel right. you've got to tell an nypd officer, so they can have that information and act on it. >> tune in to nbc bay area shortly before midnight to see our own lester holt push the crystal button that lowers the new year's ball in times square.
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lester will be representing the committee to protect journalists and this year's efforts by organizers to celebrate journalism and free speech around the world. i.c.e. agents are talking about the man accused of shooting and killing a police officer in stanislaus county. officer singh died wednesday during a traffic stop. investigators say he pulled the suspect over for driving under the influence. authorities later arrested the man, gustavo perez arriaga, a native of mexico and here illegally. i.c.e. says they had no prior run-ins with him. agents detained seven others. all likely to be charged with aiding and abetting. still not clear how soon or if the inmate who escaped from san quentin last week will be back in custody at san quentin. authorities say shalom mendoza was arrested at a taco bell on saturday after someone recognized him. called 911. corrections officers say he was
11:34 am
working outside san quentin's security perimeter wednesday when he bolted. he's currently being held in salinas valley state prison. prosecutors are weighing new charges, including carjacking and escape. this morning, the family of a south bay woman shot by police after they say she attacked officers is asking for help. jennifer vasquez's family is raising money for funeral expenses. a small group gathered yesterday to sell food and take donations. she was shot and killed christmas day. officers say she was driving a stolen car and fled from police after a traffic stop. vasquez eventually crashed into a fence on fruit dale and lee avenues. police say she tried to ram officers with her car. they opened fire. her family is still grieving. >> i want to go ahead and thank everybody who helped and donated to our family so we can actually get stuff done.
11:35 am
>> the officers who were involved in the shooting are on standard paid administrative leave pending the investigation. tomorrow marks ten years since a b.a.r.t. police officer shot and killed oscar grant. jurors convicted officer mehserle for killing grant. it happened at the fruitvale station. cell phone video captured mehserle fatally shooting grant who was unarmed in the back. the officer later says he mistook his gun for his taser. we spoke to grant's family members during a healing dinner last night in oakland. they believe more change is needed. >> no. we haven't made enough stride, because there's too many people that are still dying in a violent way behind police violence. and so i'm brokenhearted. >> this is video of mehserle in court some years ago. supporters tonight plan to hold a vigil for oscar grant at the
11:36 am
fruitvale station. other news this morning, new details pg&e could face murder charges if the company is found criminally liable for any of the state's recent wildfires. this according to a court filing from the attorney general. the brief was filed friday in federal court. it comes after a judge ordered the utility company to determine whether it played a role in the camp fire in butte county. 88 people died as a result of that fire. with all the headlines general motors made this fall, the plant closings, buyouts, thousands of layoffs, one key piece of news may have slipped under your radar. the announcement that gm would hire skill sets of the future, it calls it, as it shifts its focus from autonomous vehicles to older technologies. nbc's ron mott has that. >> reporter: annette diver's morning routine hasn't changed much over the years. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: get her boys up and fed, pack lunches, kiss her
11:37 am
family goodbye for the day. and now she's leaving the house, too, heading back to work at gm as an engineer after taking 15 years off to be a mom. it's part of gm's rehiring initiative, called take two, aimed largely at women just like annette who have technical expertise. >> how would you say take two has changed your life since you decided to take the plunge? >> i would have never believed that years ago when i was going to stay home, did i ever even have any idea that i was going to return in my 40s doing the same type of role when i was in my 20s, with a completely different outlook. >> i've learned a tremendous amount. >> reporter: take two essentially is a 12-week paid tryout, giving prospective employees a chance to see if it's right for them to return and their skills are a good fit. >> i sacrificed ten years of my career, but the seed that was planted is blossoming now in my life. there is no way for someone who
11:38 am
has been out of the work force for 18 years to reengage without a program like this. >> reporter: of the 84 people who have participated so far, 87% were offered full-time jobs at gm, all but one accepting. >> our initial start was just into the s.t.e.m. space, into engineering. we have expanded into i.t., into finance. into manufacturing. into customer care and after sales. and we're looking to take it global, as well. >> reporter: for annette, her professional passion may have been on hiatus, but hadn't disappeared. >> i'm not near retiring, and i feel that i have so much more i want to do. >> reporter: a career act two at gm, the intermission as long as it needs to be. ron mott, nbc news, warren, michigan. back here at home, concord may soon become the latest bay area city to adopt rent control. next week, council members will debate new protections for tenants. it's likely they'll create a special committee. that committee would then be assigned the job of coming up with limits on rent hikes. san francisco transportation
11:39 am
leaders reportedly scaling back plans to limit taxicabs at sfo. the idea began as a way to help struggling cab drivers who have paid the most money for their medallions. but the examiner says it backfired among other cabbies. so instead, as a compromise, the ban will only apply to about one-third of the overall medallion holders. those who purchased their medallions will still receive priority pickups at sfo. that plan takes effect in february. as the year comes to a close, let's take a moment to remember the americans who gave their lives on the battle field. nbc's pentagon correspondent, hans nichols, introduces us to some of those who made the ultimate sacrifice this year. >> reporter: for american troops fighting from africa to the middle east, 2018 started out deadly. sergeant first class golan became an american citizen and died in afghanistan on new year's day. one of 13 americans killed in combat in afghanistan. including major brent taylor, a
11:40 am
father of seven and the mayor of his town in utah. the victim of an apparent insider attack. killed by the very afghans he was trying to train. >> i love you, honey. stay strong. >> reporter: dedicated to helping others. >> it just keeps coming back to service, to god, family and country. they're one to him. >> reporter: the deadliest single incident in the year took place in iraq when a special operations helicopter crashed at night, killing all seven aboard, including two new york city firefighters. christopher tripp and christopher raguzo, remembered for their service. >> the guy loved to save and help people and that's what he did. >> reporter: a total of nine americans died while fighting isis in syria and iraq, part of a global fight against extremism that also took the life of 26-year-old sergeant alexander conrad in somalia. in all, 23 americans lost their lives in four countries this year. their lives and their love
11:41 am
leaving behind holes impossible to fill. but examples for all. >> i'm going to want to look out for people like if i see someone sitting alone at lunch or anything, i just want to help everyone. >> reporter: hans nichols, nbc news, the pentagon. and we'll be back in just a moment. up another successful yer
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fighting for people like you. our consumer team is wrapping up another successful year, fighting for people like
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you. consumer investigator chris chmura is here with a money-saving report card of sorts. >> happy new year. we asked you to send us, and wow, did you ever. between our busy phone lines and our stuffed in box, you sent us 4,417 complaints this year. that is a total of 368 per month. which works out to about 17 per business day. every business day. we took action in 2018. here are just some of the viewers we helped throughout the year. holly with insurance, phil with a car dealer, april with health coverage. david with computer issues. jeff with an auto shop down in the south bay. peter with life insurance. and daniel with a hospital bill. mike with his bank also down there. i can keep going on and on, but let's get to the money. with these cases plus hundreds of others that weren't on tv, we helped recover $901,000 for viewers just like you. we added that amount to our running tally we started with
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our debut back in december of 2016, and as of today, the nbc bay area responds team has recovered more than $2.1 million for bay area consumers. our resolution for the new year is to continue speaking up when you feel silenced. so if you have a consumer problem you can't solve yourself, please let us know. 888-996-tips or visit happy new year. >> and to you, as well, chris. two things to think about on in years eve. very high winds, very serious and it's going to be cold. if you go to the embacadero, you're saying really cold. >> really cold. considering it's already gusting upwards of 30 miles per hour, think about it like this. factor in the temperatures, you're going to get a wind chill below freezing in some areas tonight. so bundle up, layer up, do it rural california style. they might think we're being chickens because of the cold, but i think it would be appropriate. here is something you should also be warmed out. the national weather service actually issued an airport weather warning for sfo, because
11:46 am
of how gusty the conditions are. and this, unfortunately, could impact some of your flights, causing delays, possible cancellations. so if you have a planned flight out of sfo, please make sure to check that before you head to the airport and you get stuck there without even knowing it. all right. so another thing to look out for, if you're heading to lake tahoe, there is a lake wind advisory. in fact, the gusts are so strong, some resorts have chosen to close, which is unfortunate. you want to check that before you head out. beautiful, though. clear, skies shining. we don't have a lot of cloud cover, but that's also what's causing our temperatures to dip down. once the sunshine leaves, our temperatures will drop, and they're going to drop rather quickly, because we won't have any sun. and that's going to bring that wind chill effect. that wind advisory, again, will remain in place through tuesday morning. those higher elevations have already seen peak gusts upwards of, getting this, over 70 miles per hour for mt. diablo. here's a look at your wind gusts, hour by hour. once again, we'll see very gusty
11:47 am
conditions right around your dinnertime. so that's going to continue, really, overnight into early tomorrow morning, especially for the north bay mountains. if you're concerned about tomorrow's winds, well, again, the north bay mountains will continue to seep. look at the rest of the bay area. the winds will calm down significantly by tomorrow afternoon. all right. here are those feels-like temperatures once we factor in the wind speed. so it's going to be very, very cold tonight. like i mentioned, we're dropping down into the 30s and possible 20s, which will mean patchy frost. all right. so as we head into the overnight hours, very cold. wednesday we get less wind and then into friday, that increase in cloud cover will definitely be noticeable. so even though we're starting off on a dry note to 2019, we're going to get rain very quickly into the first weekend saturday and sunday is looking like our next best chance of seeing some rain. bundle up, share this with family and friends, bring in your pets and be safe. let me know if you have any
11:48 am
questions on instagram, twitter, snapchat and facebook. coming up, uber or lyft. which is the ride share company that's better? nbc's jeff rossen takes a ride and he'll tell you the price differences. after all.. some dre
11:49 am
11:50 am
for both. all right. is there really a difference between uber and lyft? after all, some drivers drive for both, right? lyft has a better reputation, sure. but is uber faster or cheaper? nbc's national investigative correspondent, jeff rossen, taking a lot of rides to find out. >> reporter: wherever you look, you see them. ubers, lyfts, and this year more than 60 million people will use a ride-sharing app. but which one is cheaper and gets to you faster? to find out, i'm taking rides across the country. and i've enlisted the help of my trustee producer, connor. i'm going to be using uber exclusively, ordering uber xs. we're going to go to three different cities and take two
11:51 am
rides per city so we can compare. >> exactly. and i'll be using lyft, and only taking the lyft economy line, which is pretty much the same as uber x. >> so, we're interested and curious which car comes first. because we're going from the same location to the same location, hit the button at the exact same time. which car comes first, and more importantly, what's the price difference? first stop, new orleans. we both order our rides at the same time. in just two minutes -- connor's is here first. connor is getting into his lyft. but i'm right behind him. once inside, i get beads? i love this uber. but when i arrive -- resulted time -- uber cost $16.94. >> and my lyft cost $14.97. so almost $2 cheaper than your uber. >> that's right. lyft is cheaper. now for our next ride. >> order at the same time. 3, 2, 1, order. >> when my uber arrives -- >> uber is here. i always tell you to confirm the
11:52 am
license plate. we're going to confirm the plate. yes. this is my uber. who are you here for? >> mr. jeff. >> mr. jeff! that's me. >> yep, that's me. >> soon, connor is on his way, too. and the price? my uber cost $15.34. but his lyft only cost $12.15. yep, lyft was cheaper for both rides in new orleans. next stop, new york city. we take our rides. see ya! lyft is cheaper both times here, too. but there's a problem. on one of the rides, connor had to wait more than 17 minutes for his lyft. but just watch what happens in california. a twist. this time uber is cheaper. but the very next trip -- >> 3, 2, 1, order. >> back to the pattern. lyft is cheaper again. this time, by double digits. our nationwide results, lyft coming in cheaper for five out of six rides.
11:53 am
saving connor $20.18 to go to the same places. as for who showed up first, a tie. uber three times and lyft three times. uber telling nbc news, they strive to be the most consistent and reliable, and they are constantly working to deliver an even better, more reliable experience for riders. lyft saying, we're thrilled to provide affordable and reliable rides. happy riding on your next trip. now, the six rides that rossen and his producer took were all regular fares, no discounts. but there are some money-savers. cool things that uber and lyft do. they offer discounts sometimes to riders. keep an eye on your app. you may be eligible. and both uber and lyft just announced rewards programs for riders. just like airlines. rolling out across the country in a couple of months. we'll be back in a minute.
11:54 am
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11:56 am
hundred-30 years in the making. the annual rose-parade in a new years celebration 130 years in the making. the annual rose parade in pasadena one day away. crews have been working hard to bring it to life. the route will feature floats, marching bands and horses. every year roughly 18 million flowers are used for the celebration. some of the floats to look out for are from stella rose wine and u.p.s. store of all things. you'll be able to catch the parade on new year's day right here on nbc.
11:57 am
you know, i checked, times square is going to be warmer in new york than embacadero new year's eve. >> yeah. and in new york, they're tracking 50s in the forecast, but they're going to see rain. we are going to need a scarf and gloves, and the entire weather gear, because we're talking about really, really windy conditions paired with some chilly overnight lows, dropping down into the 30s and even some 20s possible, which means below freezing temperatures. and as we wake up tomorrow morning, we're expecting those winds to carry over into the start of 2019. but it will be less windy throughout portions of the bay area. so bundle up. you have been warned. >> yes, you have. and be careful. >> yes, please. >> out there. we want you to join us again tomorrow, because we'll be in bright and early tomorrow morning, right, when you're stumbling in. we'll see you tomorrow morning. our next newscast today, 5:00 and have a great day.
11:58 am
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we are live in five, four, three, two , one. >> jennifer marie leno jr., will you? you accept? >> yeah. >> i love you baby. >> we love it. charles leno on his knee and proposed to his girlfriend. welcome to "access live," love is in the air. nothing better to kickoff the holiday week. nfc north title in eight years. that's a rean


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