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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 3, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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it's the iphone economy, and that economy is being questioned. brutal sales sent the stock market reeling. it's the fundamental question, are iphones too expensive. ? we a we are joined by scott budman from the los gatos apple store. >> reporter: china's economy is slowing down, but apple itself is having trouble convincing some of its users to pay a premium for the new round of iphones. even after the holiday shopping season, bay area apple stores have been packed. but that's not enough to keep apple sales or stock price sky high. >> our shortfall is over 100% from iphones, and it's primarily in greater china. >> reporter: a rare warning from apple that sales will come up
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short since its share is slightly lower. tim cook having a meeting and warning businesses from cars to computer chips about a china-spurred economic slow down that could affect consumers all over the world. >> if they have a business in china or manufacturing in china, they have their, you know, supply chain in china, they will suffer from that. it's contagious in this case. >> significant impact in what consumers bought, and it wasn't just wle other, other goods that were at the high end. >> reporter: but apple's problems aren't just found in china. the company released a hard-to-keep-track-of new set of phones. >> you wanted the x, what is it called? >> reporter: with prices too high for even some long-time faithful. >> the prices are getting higher.
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i'm an apple user, and yes, i'm ready for an upgrade, but i'm not going to shell out over a grand for a phone, that's ridiculous. >> reporter: apple share's down 10% fotoday, the worst performae in six years. their mare ket value has declined $400 billion in the last powfour months. she's back. san francisco representative nancy pelosi has regained the gavel and is once again speaker of the house. tonight she and house members are still at work holding votes to reopen the government. she's using bills written by senate republicans. >> we are sending them back exactly word-for-word what they have passed. >> she's insisting to president trump that congress is a co-equal branch of government and not just taking orders from the white house. we have more on this historic transfer of power coming up at t
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in the east bay. it happened in oakland. a woman walking her dog whom you can see in this surveillance photo allegedly attacked the jogger. police say one of her dogs attacked the jogger who pepper sprayed the dog. the walker punched the jogger. a 6-year-old girl is recovering after she was struck in the head by a stray bullet. it's tough to track down the shooter. the bullet remains lodged in the girl's head. we are ginnjoined from children hospital with the latest. >> reporter: police tell us that bullet is still lodged in that little girl's head and it's too risky to remove it. without the bullet police really
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can't determine what kind of gun was used. that little girl and father were at a new year's eve party in east oakland early tuesday morning. the host of the party told us, when her father noticed she had fallen in the back yard he took her to the hospital only to find out that she was shot by a stray bullet in the head. oakland police tell us the little girl is recovering and showing signs of improvement, even though police will not be able to recover the bullet that remains in the little girl's head, they're still holding out hope that they can solve this case. >> the bullet is lodged in her head. so it's not going to be able to be recovered. it's extremely dangerous to remove it. that's a challenge in itself. we don't lose hope, we don't lose sight that this couldsolve. >> reporter: oakland police say the little girl is in stable whicond is a good sign she is improving. there is a $5,000 reward for
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anyone with yinformation that could lead to arrest. melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. a car that hit a boy on his bike is still on the run. it happened near the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. the boy was riding his bicycle to a nearby bike shop. he was dragged for four blocks before he was able to pfree himself. the teenager is still in critical condition at highland hospital. we have new surveillance video of a hit-and-run in pleasanton. thankfully she wasn't serio d. here's where the story is unique. the man police are looking for, investigators say he did stop
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but provided false information. ifou recognize him, you'reged t police department. a court is ordering pg&e to turn over more information on whether its power lines caused the wildfires last year. that wildfire burned more than 50,000 acres. earlier, the judge instruct the u.s. attorney and state attorney general to weigh if on whether pg&e could face criminal charges. there's an app pour that,fo app to tell us if an earthquake is coming. but some key questions remain, like how well the app actually works and how much warning time does it provide?
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how come we can't get it? sam brock joins us from san francisco's city hall with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. this is the app, shake alert l.a. it is free. it gives you a five to ten-second warning tops if an earthquake is coming, if you live in l.a. so i'm sure the first question you're asking, what about san francisco? when can we get this? the city is taking a wait and see approach. for bay area seismologists who have been developing an earthquake detection service for a decade. >> it will give you and your family precious time. >> reporter: they have an alert that alerts smartphone users, but only in l.a. >> we have the technology for a while now. what's been missing is the last mile, the technology to deliver
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the alerts to everybody's smartphones. >> reporter: dr. robert allen said b.a.r.t. linked into the system back in october. so did hospitals and utilities like pg&e, but not the city of san francisco yet. >> we look forward to evaluating the results. >> reporter: francis samora says they studied alerts a few years ago and weren't overwhelmed by the results. >> there simply wasn't going to be enough time to send out an alert through the mobile system to make it useful for people. what we focussed on was more automated, automated alerts. >> reporter: those kind of alerts prompting fire stations to open their doors or schools to make p.a. announcements are mo now a few years away. no one knows exactly how much time you're going to get, because it's a brand new system. it's never been tested before.
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when uc berkley tried this out on a couple thousand phones, it took about two and a half seconds. now how about 8 million phones? that is why there is so much intense interest in finding out how this works in l.a. the next time a quake hits. sam brock, nbc bay area news. former 49ers linebacker, rubin foster will not face domestic violence charges in florida. in november, the night before the 49ers played a game in tampa bay, miss arrested foster at the team's hotel after a confrontation with the player's ex-girlfriend. today prosecutors say there's insufficient evidence to file any charges. he was released by washington a -- released and picked up by washington. free tickets do one to one
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hottest tickets in town. fans waited in line for hours for the free concert tickets. >> reporter: they sure did. i hope melissa colorado was able to get tickets. she's a true rap aficionado. and with local performers, i know she'd want to come. a couple hundred excited fans did get tickets and are pumped up about the party at the fox theater tomorrow night. the ones who stood in line the longest came out of steph curry's store with big plans. >> be 2:00. >> reporter: free tickets for 225 lucky fans to a party geared toward oakland's youth with promises ofnc all night and appearances by steph curry himself. >> thank you, steph, love you! >> reporter: a celebration of
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curry's time for a decade in a warriors' uniform. he announced the party on instagram. >> we're going to have a special performance at the fox theater downtown oakland. >> reporter: and hundreds of people waited outside wednesday only to find there won't be any tickets until noon today. another let down for the fans who didn't get here early enough today but many still waited to buy warriors' gear, poised to praise number 30 and his commitment to oak hand aland an warriors fans. >> i think it's great, great for the kids to have something positive to do. >> reporter: we heard that over and over from fans in line. even though they were disappointed that they didn't get tickets, they were supportive of steph curry and all the work he's done on behalf of oakland and especially the youth of oakland, nbc bay area news. up next, getting ready for thousands to come to the south
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bay. and what crews are doing to the highways. it's below average, the results of the first sierra s w snowpack numbers. >> and we'll have details of how much rain and how much snow in the sierra. championship game.
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ticket prices for monday )s college football t . it's a rare chance to see a championship game. ticket prices for monday's college football title game at levi's have taken a big dip. and there's a lot of speculation as to why it's happening. anousha rasta joins us. this is an expensive cross-country trip for alabama and clemson fans. >> reporter: it is very expensive for them to fly in to here to san jose airport, which may explain why stub hub says
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most of the ticket diebuyers ar from california and half of them from the bay area. the big prize is here, even making a stop at the nbc bay area studios today. nearby, cal trans says it put extra crews to work collecting trash. we're signing poli we're seeing police officers already directing traffic to prepare for monday's college football title game. tickets are taking a dip. >> compared to last year, we are seeing roughly about 56% less on the ticket price. >> reporter: these teams have played in the national title games three of the past four years. some believe fatigue over the matchup, coupled with the long trip alabama and clemson pans ne fans need to take would be driving down demand. the average price is $125.
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>> last year, it was an iconic matchup. >> reporter: but if you're coming from out of town and want a room near levi's stadium for two nights, a representative from hilton santa clara says that hotel is sold out. as of thursday afternoon, a representative on the phone with next door hyatt regency told me they only have one room left to book and it will cost you $749 per night. flights are pricey, too. one round-trip ticket from either birmingham, alabama or greenville, south carolina will cost you at least $1,000. sjc says that the two teams will arrive here tomorrow along with their bands and their fans. reporting live from san jose airport. violent crime in oakland is at record lows. last year there were 68 murders,
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the lowest number since 1999. rapes, burglaries also dipped. arson shot up by 30% and commercial burglaries went up by about 40 brs. >> i'm an action woman, and we're going to take action to turn the ship around. >> we are seeing a shift in the choices that people are making, in their behavior toward one another. >> the mayor libby schaaf says gentrification is not playing a crimes. san jose police chief eddie gae's not happy to see his city's crime rate increase by 6%. property crime is up 3% in san jose. the chief says he's trying to keep things in perspective while working toward solutions. >> we are fortunate in san jose that we do not have the volume
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of calls that other major cities have with regards to crime. but the trend in san jose is something that's unexpected here and something that is not what we want. >> one thing he wants, he firmly believes more officers on the streets will help make san jose safer. the search is on for thieves who robbed a store at the livermore outlets. they allegedly stole several handbags worth $20,000. they took off in a dark suv. police haven't released what store was robbed. if you recognize either of these men call police. mixed news for the snowpack survey. the snowpack for the phillips station in el dorado county is below average but better than this time last year. >> the warming pattern is consistent with what we've seen. we've beenumber of years now, consistently since 2013. >> the department of water resources bourss
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the snowpack supply is about 30% of the state's water needs. when are we going to get more water and snow? >> we're below average still, right? >> we have a really good-sized storm heading our way. if you have any plans to head to the sierra, be prepared for wintry conditions and gusty winds. you'll be able it to sto see th estimated snow, 24-30 inches. ho look at this brighter pink color hear. that's what we expect through the higher elevations. we expect to boost the numbers which is 80% pofor lake tahoe. statewide, we're at 67. there's plenty of room for i t have much-improved conditions by this time next week. it's all coming from a storm system that we have been talking about all week long.
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i want to get you an early look at the hour by hour forecast. dry through tomorrow, 10:30 at night on friday, storm system is still out in the pacific. by saturday, 5:00 >> a.m., starts to move in. 5:00 to 8:00 a.m. on saturday this gets going. then thunderstorms could develop and that would bring heavier downpours in to about 2:00 p.m. we should get a break on saturday morning continuing into sunday morning and by sunday evening another round of wet weather returning. i know there's a lot there, but we're going to go over each and every day on the seven-day forecast and let you know how much we're going to get over the next seven days coming up at 6:48 tonight. >> we will see you shortly, thanks, jeff. up next, it's all done after a couple years. the expansion is done. we'll take you inside the new and improved moscone center. sfx: squeak
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sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. so chances are, you've seen us around the house. or... around the yard.
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on the shelf... or even... out in the field. your mom knew she could always count on us... and your grandma did too. because for over 150 years, we've been right by your side. advancing the health of the people, plants and pets you love. so, from all of us at bayer... thank you for trusting in us. then... and now. and now -- its done. they spent $500 million for
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this makeov renovation and expa the moscone center. >> it's expected to keep the city competitive with other big cities that draw big conventions. small businesses are hoping to see a boost, too. christie smith is live to explain. >> reporter: all that construction has given way to a redesign here in san francisco that is much bigger and brighter than what you remember from the foot bridge all the way down to the street. it's much easier to navigate. the first convention rolls in soon, and small businesses are eager to welcome them. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: a celebration today of the expansion of the moscone center, nearly double the flexia new ballroom, outdoor terraces, art >> this will be the busiest year san francisco has ever seen in terms of businesses.
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hopefully it will make up for the challenges businesses had to struggle with during the construction. >> reporter: tourism generates $10 billion in spending for the city. and down the street at the oasis grill, they're excited. >> more people, more business coming in. for us very good. >> reporter: construction workers and convention visitors did come but traffic and construction wasn't easy for some people. >> just because they're thinking all area is busy, so they go somewhere else. >> reporter: the expansion puth mayor talked about theund largest in the country, and the woaid t keep residents and visitors safe. >> we're putting more beat officers on the streets, we also provide social services. >> reporter: she also points to a drop in violent crime as the city celebrates the revival of the moscone center. >> i'm committed to ensuring that the people from other cities and states and countries have a great experience.
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>> reporter: so when you drive by, i want to give you an idea what the south lobby looks like now. there is also a large balcony upstairs. the first convention rolls in january 13th, that is the fancy food show. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> fancy and yummy, thank you, christie. up next, an unexpected appearance. what president trump had to say in the pressroom. also new, cutting edge technology for a pair of wayward otters. we'll show you how it's giving bay area marine biologists valuable information. history ine
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116th congress is right now at 6:30, history on capitol hill, the 116th congress is sworn in. the most diverse group of lawmakers in history and a transfer of power in the house. democrats now in control, but with washington still in the midst of a partial government shutdown, new members already have their hands full. [ applause ] >> reporter: on capitol hill, it's the changing of the guard. >> i extend to you this gavel. >> reporter: for the first time in eight years, democrats taking house control, and with it, restoring the gavel to nancy pelosi. house speaker for the second time. >> so help you god. >> i do.
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>> congratulations madam speaker. >> reporter: it's the most diverse congress in history, more than 100 women, a new record, the congressional black caucus welcoming its biggest class ever. and native-american women joining the congress for the first time. >> our democracy will be strengthened by their optimism, idealism and patriotism. >> reporter: in the senate, republicans increasing their majority by two seats. but with democrats taking house control, the new congress means new headaches for president trump. today making a surprise appearance in the white house briefing room, surrounded strengthen his case for a border i have never had so much support as i have in the last week over my stance for border for frankly the wall or the barrier. >> reporter: the government shutdown over that wall now in day 13. >> we are diligent.
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diligent and persistent in trying to open up government. >> does anybody have any doubt that we're not doing a wall? >> reporter: and stressing democrats are not backing down. and at this moment we are no closer to the end of that shutdown. house democrats are introducing a bill tonight that would reopen the government. senate republicans and the president have already made clear that's going nowhere. >> pelosi. >> it's a family affair. one of speaker pelosi's nine grand children, bella, became a twitter favorite today as she cheered when palo alto congresswoman voted for pelosi as speaker. that's my grandmother. as pelosi voted for herself. if you're planning on traveling to china anytime soon, a warning. the level two warning urges
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americans to use increased caution while visiting the country, because it says there are arbitrary enforcement of local loss. the warning also says chinese authorities have been using exit bans to prevent u.s. citizens from leaving the country. it comes after the arrest of a high-profile executive at huawei in canada at the request of the u.s. new at 6:00, disturbing video that shows skate borders attacking a security guard as he tried to enforce a no-skate boarding rule. from 555 california street shows the young men riding their skate boards in an apparently restricted area and attacking the guard as he pulls out barricades to stop them. they start hitting him in the head with their skate boards. that guard is dan jensen. today his family and supporters gathered at the site of the attack to let everyone know one of those blows to the head has left him in a coma.
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he had emergency brain surgery the night of the attack and is now in a rehab facility. they say he doesn't recognize family members and must relearn basic skills. >> he can't walk yet. he can feed himself, he started to brush his own teeth. that was a huge, huge accomplishment. >> 24 year old jesse viera faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon, held without bail and expected in court tomorrow. his attorney says, though, he has video that will prove the skateboarders were not the aggressors and plans to play in court. the victim's family says viera is one of as many as eight skateboarders who attacked jensen and they want the others arrested and prosecuted. after a member of the planning commission was arrested on duchlti charges.
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he was caught intoxicated behind the wheel of his tesla. they suspect he was using the drive assist mode. it is not meant to replace the actual driver. he will return to court for a pretrial hearing in april. an east bay man admits to an unthinkable crime involving his own pet. a 9 month old pit bull was brutally beaten by her owner. he pleaded guilty to felony animal cruelty and sentenced to 30 days in jail and three years probation. aaliyah continues to recover from a fractured gary brown issued the oath of office to a new state supreme court justice. judge groban's confirmation marks the third time in decades the majority of appointments made to the high court were made
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by democrats. >> i think he has the values, and i think it is very fundamental that we must understand our traditions, our roots, where we come from, we also have to be open to change. >> the governor says his only advice to justice groban was don't screw up. governor brown leaves office on monday as gavin newsom is sworn in. the new year is bringing hope for a pair of rescued sea otters. they were nursed back to health at the mammal center and are becoming a part of cutting-edge studies. >> they seem to be quite taed t. they're constantly seen swimming together. >> reporter: everyone needs a friend to get through hard ter: and for a pair of otters, a pool in sausalito's mammal center is where
6:36 pm
friendship blossoms under the most difficult circumstances. what they had in common, they were both survivors. >> langley was found clinging to her mother onshore. and her mother had been attacked by a shark. >> reporter: sprout discovered in monterey bay. >> she was very, very thin and emaciated and suffering from demollic acid. >> reporter: animal rescuers separately nursed the otters back to health and brought them here to recover. >> decided the two of them would be good companions. >> reporter: but more than just a bond of friendship, the two are sharing a role in scientific history. >> heart rate 145. >> reporter: along with researchers from the monterey bay aquarium, the mare mammal center is surgery inserting two tracking devices in each otter. a radio tag tracks location. the other is a newly-developed device called the life history tag.
6:37 pm
>> the tag has a bunch of different sensors that look at light, temperature. >> reporter: it will record the animal's biological information throughout its entire life. it will send that data to a satellite once the otter dies and the tag is released from the body. >> with all the different data collected with the tag, you can make a lot of inferences about the whole life of the otter. >> reporter: there aroma estimated 3,000 otters in the wild in california. the biggest now it's the shark bites preventing them from expanding their range. >> reporter: what beganhs will one when the otters are released in month ray later that month. a pair of friends heading out. the next phase of life's journey. joe risotto junior. >> and they've been paling around every since. >> a quick thinking young boy helped the marin county
6:38 pm
sheriff's department catch a m couple thieves. austin watched two men walk into the garage and take his brother's bike. he told his mom who called the sheriff's department. they tracked them down. delivering a food without a driver. doordash is teaming up in the bay area. is in trouble after hea
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mailbox. he's in some trouble. a teenager in sonoma county windsor. a man calledial license plate n. deputies tracked down that truck. the passenger, a 17-year-old boy admitted he litd a fire work and put it inside the mailbox. the teenager apologized and offered to pay for the mailbox. he was cited for vandalism. no need to tip the driver. food delivery service doordash will test deliveries with
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autonomous vehicles. they're partnering with general motors and its crew to be tested in san francisco where doordash is headquartered. the first tests will begin in march. china is going where no man or in this case, robot, has gone before. idehas successfully landed a of the moon. the unmanned probe touched down overnight. it's carrying instruments to explore the unexplored geology . they hope to provide new information on our planetary system and it has planted seeds and silkworm eggs for biological experiments. this was so cool to read about this, to be on that side of the moon, and china has done it successfully. >> wow. we have rain coming in, like several days of rain. >> yeah, a couple different storms.
6:42 pm
looks like three of them at this point. you can see how busy it is in the pacific. we're going to track how wet it's going to be for the weekend, how much rain, how much snow, in a few minutes. a four-figure dispute with the dentist. how we handled this case and how you can escalate yours. i'm chris chmura, nbc bay area responds next. the west oakland .
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our skyranger is overhead. we're following some breaking news at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station. look down ba hlot of people there, our skyranger is ahead. protesters are blocking the fare gates. no trains are stopping at the station, in an effort to keep passengers safe. the protesters are upset with b.a.r.t. police who shot and killed salean tyndall near that station exactly one year ago. we'll continue to follow this story on our social media platforms as well. nbc bay area responds to an east bay man with a dental
6:45 pm
dispute. >> chris chmura and his team sorts it out. >> it all started when he had a bridge fitted in his mouth. he says the dentist didn't cement the partial bridge correctly. he said it was uncomfortable and you can see metal when he hoped his mouth. he complained to the dentist as well as the insurance company, but they both denied his request for a refund. he reached out to us, we reache. we didn't hear back but bob did. a week latehan 100 people with complaints about dental ility to discipline dentists.boe if your beef is with your dental insurance, you can challenge them through the department of managed health care. filing a complaint with either agency is pretty easy and shows you are serious.
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you will find links on our website to do so at, or can you call us, 888-996-tips. fun fact, question, how many dentists are licensed in the state of california? >> ooh, got to be thousands. >> yeah, 34,000. that's incredible. >> that's a lot of dentists. >> a lot to choose from. >> it should be easy to get an intmen >> make sure you floss, chris. >> every day. >> from your dentist. she just texted me. thanks. 64 people from across the country are set to put their bodies on the line as they compete in the newgame among those competing is carla miranda, born in puerto rico and now l fra iisco. it ishe rock johnson, a hayward native. they battle each other in a variety of unique games. >> it takes a lot of dedication, discipline, taking care of your body.
6:47 pm
it's also a mental game. you have to have the right mind set to go through the titan games. >> you can watch carla compete on the titan games beginning at 8:00 p.m. right near on nbc bay area. >> she doesn't have to compete against the rock, does she? >> it looks like they're go being to zoom that out. >> unfiltered. storm system this weekend, it's going to be moderate for a lot of the bay zones will get in on stronger rainfall. we'll detail that for you, as we start out our clite forecast. want to give you a look at storm ranger. you know it's active when you see the red sweep. it's bringing you live data every single sdekecond to other radars which are two to five seconds behind. we're going to give you the most up to daete information. we've been talking about this chance of rain all week long.
6:48 pm
the biggest change we have coming tomorrow is increased cloud cover and the good news, not nearly as cold as it has been in the mornings when we've had 20s and 30s. we're going to start out at 40. san francisco, 47 and the east bay 43. i spent a lot of time on the hour by hour forecast. i want to make sure you're ready for the weekend and everything that would be coming ouray goinh 10:00 p.m. on friday. you can see all the rainfall associated with it. by 10:00 p.m. we might get a spotty shower near the coastline, but it's primarily the cloud cover. once we hit saturday morning at 5:00 a.m. you can see yellow and orange. >> those are heavier pockets ld be hit being ting us across the coast. that would continue until 8:00. this really starts going about a:00 5:00 in the morning. looks like enough uplift as it
6:49 pm
passes over to give us isolated thunderstorms. by the evening hours, we start to try to get an a little bit of a break. a little isolated activity. as we head 8:00 in the morning sunday a break coming our way, but another line is lining up and will move in once we hit sunday afternoon, also sunday evening. so definitely a lot happening this weekend. i don't think it's going t bre. overall rainfall totals on our estimate are going to vary widely. take a look at this map, find your city. colors at the top here and line up those colors with your city. what you'll see is generally a quarter to a half inch from south bay right up through about san francisco in the east bay. and the higher elevations, it's going to be more of the three quarter to one inch. and to the north bay, most areas would be in the half inch to one inch zone. the coast and elevations
6:50 pm
definitely getting hit harder. i want you you to to be aware o winds. we could have trees come down or power outages. it looks the wettest on saturday. my extended forecast, we'll see a second chance on monday, a tenth to a half inch, then a third storm which cou stronger next wednesday and thursday, a half inch to one inch. the same forecast form the inland valleys and temperatures in the 50s. inerra, we're looking at 10- 20 inches of snowfall. wind also could be around 50 miles per hour. travel at your own risk, take it slow, it looks snowy. >> and the rain here in the bay area. >> it's going to be good. to be lazy on saturday. >> thanks, jeff. up next, what now for jimmy g and the 49ers? colin resch talks to the 49ers quarterback
6:51 pm
and his backup in a moment. matc
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6:53 pm
the warriors hosting the a live look at the oracle, good matchup tonight. the warriors hosting the rockets. houston is one of the hottest teams in the nba right now,
6:54 pm
winning ten of their last 11 games, tipoff about 30 minutes from now. >> who's it going to be? this year's class of the pro hall of fame could have a local flair. among them, 49ers gm john lynch. former raiders head coach tom flores who led the team to two super bowl finals. we'll find out who makes the hall on february 2nd. >> both of them great men in football. when jimmy g now to the 49ers got hurt, it was a lost season for the 49ers. >> what happens next season? here's colin resch. >> you try to the silver lining in everything. it was tough, i'm not going to lie. >> jimmy grop learoppalo with t injury. >> reporter: his unfortunate week three led to opportunity in week nine. mullens never looked back. >> here is one wide open for the
6:55 pm
touchdown! what a start for nick mullens! >> before you never play you don't know how awesome it is to an extent, know what i'm saying? >> reporter: what will happen is this, minus an unforeseen setback, garoppalo will start again, despite mullens' numbers throumirror garoppalo's. >> jimmy's a phenomenal quarterback. i wish you guys couldit's absol. it's up to us to help him get back in the feel of things. >> reporter: that thought consumes garoppalo's mind as well. now three months into rehab he says the injury has offered him a new perspective on every
6:56 pm
aspect of the game. >> getting out there on the field is wild. it's the fielding of getting out there with the guys and being in the huddle. little things like that. you miss a full season of it and you realize how much you appreciate it. >> reporter: colin resch, nbc bay area. >> the playoffs begin this weekend right here on nbc bay area. >> saturday. >> saturday and sunday. >> and hopefully. >> hopefully we'll get him back next season. >> rain on the way, you guys, we'll give you an update here. saturday a quarter to three quarters of an inch possible. maybe isolated thunderstorms and then a second and third system as we head into next week. >> we get ready for a big seven days. thanks for joining us at 6:00, have a great evening.
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step counters, faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers, and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way.
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♪extra, extra now on extra. olivia knew ton john shutting down rumors she has weeks to live. >> it is exaggerated. >> her new video message today with the truth about her health. tiffany haddish about her headline making new year's eve show. >> it's not the first time i ever bom nicole, they'll all be right here on sunday. >> andy sand berg. >> are we going to see you guys singing up there, dancing? >> then j.f.k., jr., 20 years


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