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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 3, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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who was jogging on a popular trail. a shocking andperience for . jogg jogging by woman you see re happened in morning run. >> beaten and bitten by her attacker who had two dogs. cheryl hurd with the details. cheryl. >> reporter: east bay regional
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park police detectives are investigating the case. female jogger was bitten by woman and has the bite marks to prove it. >> pretty obvious not canine but human teeth. >> reporter: human teeth marks on the forearm of woman who told the police bitten by woman finishing up run thursday morning. >> in addition to the bite, punching and kicking when the dog owner dragged this girl -- stopped her on the track, on the trail. >> reporter: around 10:00 a.m., woman claims running near goldenrod trail, noticed two dogs and woman. attempted to bite her. >> carries pepper spray, pulled it out and sprayed the dog.
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dog stopped. >> reporter: continuing running. on the way back, dog owner attacked her. as attacker walked away, victim shot this video, following her at distance, trying to entice her to turn around. didn't work. police investigating this as violent response from dog owner who too exception to owner getting dog sprayed. says there's a problem with dogs off leash but this alleged attack is unbelievable. >> obviously crazy that she bit her. that's just absurd and crazy behavior for human. understandable for a dog, not a human. >> reporter:ol asking for the public's help on this. if this woman is caught, could be charged with aggravated assault. live in castro valley, nbc bay area. just into the newsroom, plea
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for help from investors in the east bay, identified the woman found in the altamont landfill christmas eve. it's near marsh creek park outside of livermore. investors believe she was discarded in another city and transferred to landfill by local garbage crew. had a history of mental health and substance abuse issues. cause of death still unknown. violent attack on surveillance video, skateboarders assaulting a security guard in san francisco's financial district. tonight the family speaking publicly when t publicly about the attack that changed his life forever. jean elle is live with more. >> reporter: happened in this plaza on the corner of kearny
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and california. no skateboarding sign posted. trying to block access when they turned violent. victim's family says he's facing a long road to recovery. dan jansen putting up barricades, while he's putting up gates, group of skateboarders are taking them down. up in right corner, jansen attacked, brutally knocked to dpround and left motionless as skateboarders take off. >> he's conscious, able to move limbs and have conversations with us. >> reporter: skateboard to the head caused severe injury. emergency surgery, more than a month later doesn't recognize loved ones and having to relearn basic skills. >> can't walk yet. he can feed himself. started to brush h own teeth.
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that was a huge accomplishment. >> reporter: friends and coworkers gathered at scene to draw attention to the case. eight people accused of assaulting japson, only one in custody. jesse viera arrested weeks after the incident. held without bail for assault with deadly weapon. his attorney says he's not aggressor and will play video to prove it. nbc bay area. first weekend of 2019 is rainy. satellite radar shows storm headed toward us. jeffrey neary with the time line. >> certainly looks like everything is on track for rain on the weekend. storm ranger mobile doppler radar, dry from north bay to
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south bay. wider view, all the storm activity. several storms in pacific headed right to the west coast. as we move through tomorrow, stay dry most of the day but rainfall offshore by 10:30 on friday and eventually first round of heavier pockets of rain 4:30 in the morning on saturday. had a lot of storm systems off and on but we can use every drop. 52% to 67% of normal. talk about this storm and two more chances behind it coming up in 15 minutes. first night of the newly sworn in congress, it was a busy one. by the end of the night, no progress on the number one issue on the table. ending the government shutdown. democratic controlled house passed bipartisan spending bills to reopen the government but
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republican-controlled senate said don't bother. president trump won't sign it. doesn't include the money for the wall. >> we're not doing a wall. anybody have any doubt we're not doing a wall? >> hours of elected speaker again. house democrats are willing to give millions to increase border security in other ways, not a wall. >> first of all, if you want infrastructure, we need more at ports of entry. if you want to detect drugs as we all do, there is technology that can scan these cars coming through. ound today made a surprise appearance in the briefing room surrounded by border patrol officials to strengthen his case for border wall. >> i've never had so much support as i have in the last week over my stance for border
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security, border control and for the wall or the barrier. >> nancy pelosi, i extend to you this gavel. >> walls broken down in 116th congress, most diverse in american history. more than 100 women, new record. congressional black caucus welcoming biggest class ever. and muslim and native american women joining very first time. in the senate republicans increasing majority by two seats. house and senate facing increasing pressure to end the government shutdown in day 14. back to work tomorrow but not for 800,000 federal workers. new congress has their hands full. >> nancy pelosi. >> pelosi. >> family affair. see that girl, one of speaker pelosi's nine grandchildren bella, a twitter sensation today
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as she cheered palo alto congresswoman voting for pelosi and won the crowd over again as pelosi voted for herself. west oakland b.a.r.t. station, protesters essentially shutting it down. trying to bring attention to a deadly police shooting that happened there exactly one year ago. that station has since reopened. b.a.r.t. police department released body cam footage of the deadly shooting a year ago. shows officers shooting and killing tindel in a fight near the b.a.r.t. station, officer cleared of wrongdoing. police say he reached for gun on the ground before the shooting. first he hits a woman with his truck. lies about his identity to police officers. new details in search for wanted man in east bay. driving this truck, hit a
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pedestrian in crosswalk, in pleasanton just before christmas. shaken but not seriously hurt. suspect stuck around to talk to police. closer look from surveillance picture. police say everything checked out at first but then investors found out it was all bogus. >> at the time didn't have information for license plate or who this person was. part of the reason we had to do investigative work. >> hope someone will recognize the man and come forward with who he really is. field about ready, finishing touches at levi's stadium for the college football national championship game. who are you rooting for? alabama or clemson? title is monday night. santa clara and san jose rolling
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out red carpet, cal trans is picking up trash. block up roads and redirecting traffic as fans arrive. tickets relatively cheap and game not expected to be sellout. >> about 56% less on the ticket price but it was driving distance for both fan bases last year and iconic matchup. >> not so much this year. not many fans making expensive cross-country trip from alabama or south carolina, stubhub seat in upper deck. super bowl for college football, national championship trophy was rightheer nbc bay area studios. lot of bling. weighs more than 30 pounds, made of 24-karat gold, bronze and stainless steel. >> stunning. we're back in 60 seconds,
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what is apple's problem? led a m plunge on wall street. >> wait in line in the cold for hours. dedicated warriors fans got hands on big ticket, steph curry's golden tickets for tomorrow night. rain for weekend and gusty winds. details in about six minutes. a
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even if you don )t own apple stock, it dragged down the rest of wall a horrible day for apple. even if you don't own apple stock, dragged down the rest of wall street. warning of lower than expectedi down 10%, worst single day loss in ten years. tim cook called for all hands meeting to brief employees on the status.
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telling cnbc the trade war is major factor. >> looking at china, clear that economy began to slow there second half. what i believe to be the case, trade tensions between the united states and china put additional pressure on their economy. >> also many customers in china and here in the u.s. say they can't afford an iphone price at $1,000 or more, choosing cheaper brands instead. still on the loose tonight, search continues for driver who hit a 14-year-old boy on his bike and dragged him several blocks. hit and run happened around noon near the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. lodged about four blocks before he freed himself. man and woman abandoned the
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vehicle. teenager is in critical condition. encouraging news in oakland, violent crime on the downswing. new numbers on a trend in the past that's plagued the city. latest statistics, 68 murders in oakland last year, lowest number since 1999. but wasn't all good news. cases of arson shot up 30% and commercial burglaries up about 40%. oakland received good news about violent crime stats, bay area's biggest city is dealing with uptick. says not happy to see the violent crime rate increase about 6%. trying to keep things in perspective while wor tos solutions. >> we're fortunate in san jose we don't have volume of calls that other major cities have with regard to crime. but trend in san jose is unexpected here and not what we want. >> chief garcia firmly believes more officers will help make the
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city safer. property crime is up 3% in san jose. former 49ers linebacker reuben foster won't face charges following allocation that led hit being cut from the team. night before playing in tampa bay police arrested foster after incident at team hotel with ex-girlfriend. today prosecutors said there's not enough evidence to file charges. hours after that 49ers released the officer and is now picked up by washington. waited in line for hours, say it's worth it. outside steph curry's pop-up shop in oakland. free tickets handed out for warriors star's concert tomorrow night. >> reporter: ones who stood in line longest ce pop-up
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store with smiles and big plans. >> be in line at 4:00 or 2:00. >> reporter: free tickets for 225 lucky fans to a party geared towards oakland's youth with promises of live locale performers all night and appearance by steph curry himself. >> thank you steph. love you. >> reporter: celebration of curry's decade in warriors uniform. >> excited? >> yeah. going to see steph curry. >> reporter: announced on instagram. hundreds waited wednesday, only too find noickets until noon today. another letdown for fans who didn't get here early enough today but many warriorsprsing number commitment to oakland and fans. >> give the kids something
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positive to do. outstanding. >> reporter: should be quite a show with big local rap stars. e-40, p-lo, mr. fab and sweetie. heck of a party. >> e-40 is going to be there, pretty nice. four years and $550 million, mosconi center remodel is finished. leaders came out to see the redesign. 20% more space. one of the largest convention centers in the country. before this multiyear project, san francisco at risk of losing conventions to cities with slicker facilities. not anymore. new plazas, patios, public art and better buildings. first snow pack survey of 2019. good and bad news. phillips station is below average but better than last
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year at same time. department of water resources is blaming global warming. this supplies 30% of the city's water needs. >> they always walk out. put the thing there. ten cameras watching them. >> it's fun. how much are we going to get? guy that's out there doing it has done it for years. >> his deal. did you just say it's fun? >> yes. >> snowshoeing out there. >> only a meteorologist would think that. we'll add to the snow pack. weekend storm in here. take a look in a little bit but first storm ranger mobile doppler radar. try throughout theay area. storm ranger is active with sweep. others are minutes behind.
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through tomorrow morning, no rainfall, chilly to start. no 20s or low 30s like past mornings. probably okay without covering plants tonight. 39, 38 for east bay, 44 san francisco and 37 in the north bay. increased cloud cover from storm system offshore. dry but storm system starting to get closer. get comfortable there. going to go over the hour by hour time line. tas r 10:00 on friday night, storm system is developin near the coastline. not seen big changes in timing. 5:00 in the morning saturday heavier pockets, yellow and
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orange, storm front hitting 5:00 and continuing in through 8:00. saturday morning. then we head through the afternoon, looks like enough instability as storm passes, thunderstorms. scattered for the afternoon and spotty rain until 7:30. after this should undergo a break into sunday morning. but keep eye out here to the top of the screen, another wave of wet weather by sunday afternoon and into sunday evening. ratotals, estimates. key at top. lot of colors here. find y generally at quarter to half inch from south bay to san francisco and east bay. north to one inch range. higher elevations could be one inch or above but good sized
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system saturday. rain. 20 to 35-mile-an-hour gusts saturday morning, winds from the south. extended forecast. second chance coming monday. tenth to half inch. larger storm may not get here until next wednesday, half to 1 1/4 inches. cool. jacket needed. sierra, 10 to 20 inches. take it slow, you'll be good to go. >> i love that rhyme. >> good start to the year. thanks jeff. big surprise after big heart ache, special gift the of the p high school football team in butte county. >> a >> throwing tridents with jason
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m mamoa. stay tuned. funeral planned for herb kelleher. largest u.s. domestic airline. company described him as pioneer, maverick and innovator. we'll be back with more news. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go-- text a friend, call a cab, share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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a drink with friends can turn into two, and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go-- text a friend, call a cab, share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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outlets. two suspects, sho well the search is on for thieves who robbed a store at livermore outlets. suspects, two of them shown here, allegedly stole several hand saying which store was hit. food delivered by car but not driver. door dash is testing food delivery using autonomous vehicles. partnering with general motors
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and crews to develop the service, tested in san francisco where door dash is headquartered. first tests in march. warriors and rockets, wild game. if you saw it, stick around to watch highlights again. if you didn't see it, you have to see this. stay with us. game?
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a lot of screaming and cheering across the bay area did you watch the warriors game? >> we watched. >> i know. i was trying to work and so much screaming in the newsroom. >> lot of things going on. might have been most exciting game of the season and saw league's hottest scorer at oracle, james harden. right to overtime. steph curry gets ball. three-pointer. warriors lead in ot. thought okay, warriors are going to win this game. but no, final second of overtime, harden gets ball with three-pointer.n him puts up that's it. exciting hot to watch. here it is again. that's it. warriors lose to the rockets, 135-134. football news, who is it
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going to be? finalists named for this year's class of hall of fame. 49ers gm and former all-pro safety john lynch and former raiders head coach tom flores who led the team to two super bowls. find out day before the super bowl. special gift for head coach of the paradise high school football team, playoff season cut short because of the camp fire. kyle shanahan gave the coach two ck to the super bowl. 49ers also paying for his flight and hotel room. coach isin his wife of 38 years. be right back. air sweeping into
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vianey is tracking our weekend forecast as you make pla series of storms and cold air sweeping into the bay area. >> tracking the weekend forecast as you make plays. >> east bay homeowner fed up with fridge. >> frosty reception. >> tomorrow, 4:30 to 7:00. up.kickg off with bang of excitement. did you watch the titan games on nbc? >> yes. >> unique ultimate fitness challenge hosted by dwayne "the rock" johnson, a hayward native.
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two from the bay area. carla miranda of san francisco. >> takes a lot of dedication, discipline, taking care of your body. also a mental game. you have to have right mindset. >> i was watching tonight. you were. >> yeah i was. >> fun. 54-year-old mother of four from alamo also competing. airs thursday nights. >> try that. >> i have no desire. >> looks fun. >> wouldn't be able to move. >>he's goton >> bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in roel tonight show starring jimmy fallon." ♪ tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jason momoa, j.k. simmons,


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