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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 5, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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stories. a deadly police shooting in a quiet south bay right now at 5:00, we're following two major stories. a deadly police shooting in a quiet south bay city. within the past few minutes, the investigation takes a dramatic turn. first, the bay area under a microclimate weather alert. rain and strong winds cause plenty of problems. the news at 5:00 starts now. good evening, everyone, thank you for joining us. >> a strong storm rolling through the bay area packing a one-two punch. >> a live look right now at san francisco. minor flooding there, downed trees, and raindrops, you see them still on our camera. we have team coverage beginning with meteorologist rob mayeda tracking the conditions. >> a big rain event. we saw gusts over 70 miles per hour atop mt. diablo. interesting that around sunol
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ridge near the hills of sunol grade, winds of 60 miles per hour today. at sfo, a major travel impact for some flights. 52 mile-per-hour gusts a bit earlier. the wind speeds have come down, as you sigh, at 32 miles per hour. the current gusts at 33. oakland and parts of the east bay, more in the santa cruz mountains with rain at times off and on over the next couple of hours. this storm, by the way, starting to wind down. from here we'll see less showers as we head toward midnight and very early tomorrow morning. but the break is not going to last long. here comes our sunday storm, once again increased wind speeds around the bay area. we could see another round of gusts above 45 miles per hour. the rain becoming more widespread, and unlike today, rain totals were pretty low. tomorrow, longer duration rain event means higher totals which could mean more runoff issues. the full timeline on the second storm coming up in 12 minutes.
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>> see you soon, rob. the storm causing plenty of problems on the roads. several spinouts and accidents on highway 17 in the south bay, including this crash that shut down southbound 17. happened just north of the summit when a pickup overturned. chp says four people were hurt in the crash. some were kids. their injuries were minor. chp says there were about six crashes today on 17, and many of them were spinouts. meanwhile in santa rosa, a lumber truck overturned on the todd road off-ramp from 101 southbound. the on and off ramps were closed while crews cleared the scene. the weather leading to dangerous conditions right along the coast. we even somehow flooding along the embarcadero in san francisco. nbc bay area with more coverage. it caused pier 14 to close for a short time. >> reporter: that's right. it's calmer right now, and that is why people are back out on pier 14.
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earlier, this area was closed because wild waves were crashing over near the sidewalk. along the embarcadero, water rolled over the sidewalk from the bay due to high tides and choppy water. caution tape was up blocking a place where visitors typically enjoy the view. >> i'm shocked, surprised. >> reporter: dominic staccato lives in the city but has not seen this before. his group took pictures. >> this is so cool. like we don't get stuff like this in iowa. >> reporter: port workers urged people to avoid the area, but they still wanted to look. on the street, water blocked a section of the roadway. pier 14 was temporarily closed. >> like seeing how rough it is right next to like the road and like all the civilization, it's like a little awe inspiring, humbling, i guess. that also makes it scary. >> reporter: near the coast, rough waters. the coast guard urging boaters to only go out if necessary. at the beach, an increased risk
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of rip currents and sneaker waves. >> yeah. very scary. >> reporter: strong winds made drivers hold on tight across the bay bridge. in the city, rain fell on and off, heavy at times. in the mission district, this tree was a casualty of the weather. over in berkeley, a toll tree came crashing down blocking centennial drive near the lawrence hall of science. this weather does come on suddenly. and then it seems to go away quickly, as well. right now people out here enjoying it. in the east bay as we were driving around, we did see, as we mentioned, trees down and some fences down. but also tree limbs. so something to consider as you park your car. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> good heads-up. the storm causing problems for air travel, as well. live look at sfo where we're told 83 flights both in and out were canceled today. more than 400 delayed. airport officials say the winds the biggest problem.
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we'll be following the storm on air and on our digital platform. download the i can't be. you can get updates on the timeline and forecast for your neighborhood. to our other top story where south bay police shot and killed a gunman who opened fire inside a gas station store early this morning. it happened at a rotten robby on lafayette street in santa clara. now investigators believe the gunman may have been connected to another crime. nbc bay area has more on the details. marianne? >> reporter: well, this went down just before 6:00 this morning at the rotten robby gas station. you can see that this is still an active crime scene. in fact, we have the crime seen unit out here -- crime scene unit out here. 11 hours later police are still investigating. the man had a rifle, a handgun, and possibly several other weapons. heaped fire inside the store -- he opened fire inside the store with several workers and customers inside. fortunately they were not hurt. we have cell phone video taken
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by a witness. it shows police outside the gas station as the man remains inside. we talked to another witness who also asked that we not show her face. she described the harrowing scene. >> we walked outside to get ready to get into my car, and gunfire started. so my husband told me, you know, get on the ground, stay low until they stop. >> when our officers arrived, they could hear and see the suspect inside the convenience store shooting indiscriminately. they were not aware as to the status of any victims at that point. they engaged the suspect and were able to shoot and kill him while he was inside the store. >> reporter: police say the suspect who still has not been identified worked at another rotten robbie on stevens creek boulevard in cupertino. they believe he may have set fire to that gas station before he came over to this gas station
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on lalafayette. santa clara police say no one was hurt in that fire, as well. also because police officers were well staffed for the pac 12 game on monday and all the activities today, they said that they were able to quickly send about ten officers here to the scene immediately. now all the officers involved in this shooting are on paid administrative leave which is routine for this type of investigation. the santa clara county district attorney's office is also investigating the officer-involved shooting. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. still no arrests made in a triple homicide in oakland. we first reported this story to you as breaking news last night at 11:00. the shooting happened near center and 10th streets. just a few blocks from the west oakland b.a.r.t. station. all three victims were found inside a car. their identities have not been
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released. but we are told that the victims are 21, 29, and 31 years old. this is believed to be gang related. it's also the first triple homicide in oakland in more than two years. an emotional tribute for a fallen police officer. family, friends, and fellow officers gathered to remember raneil singh. the police officer was killed in the line of duty the day after christmas. his death uniting police officers all across california and the country. nbc has more from modesto. ♪ >> reporter: his smile was one that launched a thousand laughs. >> walked by him, and he had that grin on his face. you can look at the pictures here. that was his faces all the time. >> reporter: family came from as far as fiji, officers from as far as canada to say farewell to their son, brother, husband, corporal, and most of all friend, raneil singh. >> for hobbies we used to play with coconuts. when we first got our
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television, he started watching "cops." >> what a shining star of an example. he's the best of us, you know. someone who came from another country, worked so hard to overcome so many obstacles. >> reporter: the noonan police officer was killed in the line of duty the day after christmas. his family thanks officers for making an arrest. >> knowing my brother, i know this is what he wanted. he wanted justice, and justice will be served. >> reporter: at his memorial service in modesto, the 33-year-old inspired just as many laughs as tears. >> ron wasn't a very good driver. he wrecked, i believe, three of our patrol cars. [ laughter ] >> i was hesitant to ride moped as it was a one seater. >> people that he had arrested coming up and said, yeah, though he arrested me several times, we're going to miss him. we loved him. >> reporter: in modesto, nbc bay area news.
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♪ >> lovely service. as the government shutdown enters its third week, vice president mike pence and other leaders met with the congressional delegation to continue negotiations. the meeting lasted more than two hours, and the vice president -- in the vice president's ceremonial office. pence tweeted after the session ended. aides called the session productive, saying the group has agreed to meet again tomorrow afternoon. lawmakers remain split, though, over funding for the presidential border wall plan. as the shutdown appears to continue tomorrow, it will become the third longest in history. a new concern emerging during the shutdown. the possibility that some tax refunds may be delayed. right now only 12% of irs staffer are expected to -- irs staff are expected to work during the shutdown. a spokesman for the federal tax agency would not speculate on how long the shutdown would have to lost in order for there to be a delay of refunds. last year the irs kicked off the
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filing season on january 29th. two local members of congress took a stand against the government shutdown. volunteers were out today in san francisco at ocean beach and land's end cleaning up trash. park service workers are furloughed during the shutdown, and trash and debris piling up in the parks. among the volunteers helping out, maybe you recognize them, congresswoman jackie speer, congressman huffman. >> the stunt that has been undertaken is costing people money and anguish and lives and probably, you know, some health conditions, as well. we're out here today to make the point that the president's stunt's got to stop. >> volunteers were cleaning up trash at aquatic park. visitors are being ask today to dispose of trash outside of the park while the shutdown rolls on. still ahead at 5:00, a new neighbor coming to the state capitol. gavin newsom and his family set to move into the governor's mansion. the historic home hasn't always been popular with governors.
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plus, a lot of hype and rosy predictions when recreational marijuana became legal. is it bringing in as much money as everybody thought it would in its first year? we'll take a look at the numbers. and taking a look at our storm ranger mobile doppler radar, still picking up some isolated downpours around the bay area as storm number one begins to wind down. we're closely monitoring storm number two. winding up for your sunday, packing a lot more wind and rain. set to officially take
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leadership of the state on monday... and many governor-elect gavin ft. lewisam is set to officially take -- gavin newsom is set to officially take office monday. many are thrilled that he and his wife and the children will be living in the historic governor's mansion downtown. the victorian home was built in 1877. has not been popular with former governors. nancy reagan once called it a firetrap. arnold schwarzenegger preferred a room in a hotel when he was in town. >> yikes. >> governor jerry brown and his wife moved in after a $1.6 million renovation. and now newsom, his wife, and their four children going to be settling in to the delight of some lawmakers and neighbors alike. >> it shows that he's invested in, you know, being around this area. and i work down the street, so it's awesome to be able to see that and kind of maybe have some interaction, say hi. >> i couldn't be happier that the family, the newsom family is
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choosing to live in the capital city. >> the newsom family moving from marin county. tomorrow night the governor is hosting a concert fundraiser for wildfire victims. it's been a year since california legalized recreational marijuana, and surprisingly it's been a much slower year than expected. cannabis sales haven't lived up to first-year projections. state officials projected that the new law would bring in cannabis tax revenue, but a lot of that money hasn't yet rolled in. for the first half of 2018, the state brought in about $84 million, less than half of what they had estimated. the bay area's bloom farms owner blames strict regulations including expensive packaging requirements. despite the slow year, though, he is hopeful for the future. >> we're excited about this year. you know, we've always been, you know, at the top of our game as far as executing our plan. this year, we now know what the rules are. >> michael ray explained how the state's added taxes make his product at least 35% more
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expensive, sending many customers to the black market. one research firm says california's marijuana black market grew by more than $1 billion since its legalization. still ahead on bay area news at 5 clark g:00 getting ready f big college showdown. >> we were there as they caught up with media and players and coaches with local ties. and players from out-of-state talk about if they were part of playing in california. we're seeing windy conditions around the bay area. more of that as the second storm arrives on sunday. our stormtracker mobile doppler radar picking up more rain approaching the tri-valley. how much more you can expect as we wrap up the weekend coming up. the college football
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national championship is on monday at levi )s stadium, but plenty is happening leading up to the game. the college football national championship is on monday at levi stadium. but plenty's going on leading up to the game. >> today was media day. several players and coaches have local ties. ian cull spoke with them and others about what it's lying to be playing in the -- it's like to be playing in the bay area. >> reporter: before the team takes the field monday, it's time to talk about it at media day. while clemson doesn't have players from northern california, alabama has four players and a coach with roots here. [ cheers ] the bright lights are common for these two teams. this will be the third time in the last four years clemson and alabama face off for a national championship. but this time, it's in the bay
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area. >> we was talking about the whole week and how good it is to be home. >> reporter: the standout running back is from antioch. he was considered the number-one high school recruit two years ago. >> want to get a limited amount of tickets. i give out mostly to my brothers and sisters. then i'm trying to get some more, you know, it's hard now. trying to focus on football. >> reporter: it's also a homecoming of sorts for the crimson tide defensive coordinator. he thrived as a player at de la salle in concord. >> there's a lot of similarities with the coach, coach sabin, accountability standpoint. >> reporter: a top nfl prospect in fulsome high school grad jonah williams says his first stop last night was in and out with a hefty order. >> four by fours, two flying dutchmen, neopolitan shake. >> reporter: there were 20 clemson players there, too, with mixed reviews. >> disappointment -- >> not good. >> reporter: as some tigers took pictures with the national championship trophy, they say the trophy they beat alabama for two years ago was displayed in their team meeting room all
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week. >> inspiration a little, you know, extra motivation to win it. i think we've done it once, and to have this opportunity again is really awesome. >> reporter: no matter the outcome, a clemson star wide out wants to explore the bay area right after the game. >> going to the golden gate bridge, seems like 45 minutes away. whenever the game gets over, if we win or -- we lose, hopefully we win. >> reporter: in san jose, ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> the two teams get into town yesterday. they're probably expecting great california weather. and they get hit with all this rain. >> yeah. >> and wind -- >> the good news, the weather for the game itself looks pretty good now. >> really? >> yeah. >> monday night? >> cool. >> between monday, we've got sunday and that doesn't look so good. tomorrow, we'll look at more rain. a lot more wind picking up, as well. right now one of the main impacts has been for travel, maybe for alabama and clemson fans trying to get to the bay area. tough at sfo. flight delays, still over two hours. a lot of cancelations due to
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wind gusts at times. above 50 miles per hour. still seeing gusts above 30. more flight delays, very likely around sfo tomorrow with more wind and rain. dublin, about to see more rain come in. we've got winds at 23 miles per hour. in san jose, not a lot of rain today. windy throughout the day. 55 degrees. and as we go through the next few hours, still some scattered showers. i think as you approach 11:00 tonight to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, we'll see the showers begin to wind down. there you see the isolated showers around the tri-valley. pretty good downpours near palo alto which eventually will get closer to san jose in the next half hour. the trend will be on the decrease in terms of those showers that should take us into the morning forecast through 7:00 a.m., not a lot of rain expected. things will be changing rapidly around midday. more wind picking up. highs again staying fairly cool in the mid 50s. and this time around we're going to see a lot more rain. we'll show you the timeline coming up. first, the wind. picking up around midday. again tomorrow looks like wind gusts may be as high as 45 miles
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per hour in the hills. notice how the wind speeds stay high through 9:00 tomorrow night. what's different about the sunday storm is once we go from scattered showers, what we're seeing now and once the rain gets started around late morning, notice how we go from 11:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m., to 7:00 p.m., it's still raining out there. that will support much higher rainfall totals, probably one to two inches in most spots, especially in the coastal hilltops. by monday, just like magic as we approach the championship game, we begin to see the showers gun shut down. rainfall projections here, with the sunday storm, three to four times more than what we got today. even san jose probably closer to a half inch to three quarters of an inch of rain. some of the coastal mountains, santa cruz mountains, north bay hills, not out of the question. you could see two to three inches of rain for tomorrow. monday, brief break, and then another powerful storm lining up for tuesday and wednesday, and that particular storm has the potential for some pretty big waves heading to the coast. look at that seven-day forecast. every two days or so, a strong
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storm keeps coming on in. we've got another one from midweek and another friday heading into next weekend. we'll have more news after this short break. samberg co-hosting s
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golden globes tomorrow night on nbc, things are bound with sandra oh and andy samburg co-hosting this year's golden globes tomorrow night here on nbc, things are bound to get a little unorthodox. >> yeah. take these glamor shots tweeted by the golden globes announcing the newest member of its security team for the big event. the mission for this hawk -- to
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watch over the skies over the red carpet and scare off any unwanted feathered visitors. got to protect those very expensive outfits everyone will be wearing from pigeons and seagulls. >> and they're left behinds. >> no joke right here. i'd be scared of that guy. the golden globe awards airs tomorrow here on nbc bay area. the show airs live from the beverly hilton in l.a. at 5:00. we'll have a final check of the forecast when we get back.
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a view of our storm ranger mobile doppler radar picking up rain from the tri-valley into palo alto. scattered showers as we await this to wind down. sunday's storm ramping up. if you like wind and a lot more rain, you're in luck. that's the way your sunday's going to shape up. we think a break with isolated
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showers heading to the championship game at levi stadium on monday evening. >> fantastic. thank you very much, rob. thanks for watching. we're back at 6:00. tonight as the partial government shutdown drags into a third week, a bipartisan group tries to find common ground. amid new concerns about disruptions for millions of americans who receive government food assistance if the stalemate lasts much longer. almost a week after the murder of 7-year-old jazmine barnes in houston, a community comes together. >> please let there be justice for her. i ask from the bottom of my heart. >> her mother joined by thousands of supporters as police hunt for the suspect. the massive recall by ford, almost 1 million vehicles may have problems with their air bags, what consumers need to know. a wakeup call about the safety of those popular escape rooms, after tragedy strikes


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