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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 9, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PST

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nasal congestion, body pain... all in one. did you really need the caps lock? get tough on cold and flu symptoms. mucinex cold and flu all-in-one. microclimate weather aler a very good morning to you. wednesday, january 9th. nbc bay area has issues a microclimate weather alert as another storm moves across the bay area. here say live look at our radar right now, powered by storm ranger. you see all of that green out there. lot of rain coming down, causing a lot of ponding, actually causing accidents as well this morning quite possibly. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus washington. breaking news, a crash shutting down lanes on 101 in san jose. mike inouye is on that. >> we can show you we have all this activity above the roadway,
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that's rain. the green blobs right here, and over here in san jose is where the bleaking news is. everything else moves smoothly. 101 northbound completely blocked northbound right about mckee road, just past the on-ramp. the on-ramp i'm told is also shut down by san jose p.d. and the chp, and the reason is, there's an overturned dump truck. in addition to that, chp confirmed to someone at least one person died as a result of this crash, and because there will be a crash investigation, that will take quite some time to clear it. that is the impact on your roadway and we're concerned about the impact on the people and related parties. there may be another crash north 60 at barriessa. 101 northbound, let me get back in here, sorry, producers, northbound 280 to 87 is your alternate right now and 680 as well. as the traffic builds, for a while, this traffic will become a problem for the south bay. pack to you. >> let's talk about the weather
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right now. rain is coming down. let's check in with kari hall right now >> as we get a look at storm ranger this morning, that's our mobile doppler radar. we have it parked on san bruno mountain giving us a high detailed view as the rain continues to fall, mostly across the north bay, as we were seeing some pockets of some heavier rain moving north of napa and just to the east of santa rosa, and extending up toward clear lake and for the east bay we've seen a couple of spotty showers just east of livermore and some light rain here and there across the peninsula, and also across the south bay. that may create some slick roads out there, as you get ready to head out the door. we'll be tracking this and also some gusty winds across the bay area. more on that coming up in a full microclimate forecast. >> we'll check back with you, thank you, kari. more than just slick roads, the storm also causing some damage across the bay area. overnight, strong winds caused a tree to come crashing down in san jose. this is new video just in to our newsroom. look at the size of those roots, happened downtown in the area
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tea lar between 15ther. download our free app and take our live radar with you wherever you go. >> let's take you out live to capitol hill. in just two days, the ongoing federal shutdown will become the long nest american history. president trump and lawmakers will try again to reach a deal today, following his prime time appeal on border security. >> this is a humanitarian crisis, a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul. >> president trump made an emotional appeal last night to build what he now calls a steel barrier along the mexico border. the president focusing on crimes by immigrants. democrats meanwhile focusing on out of w and financially strapped americans. >> mr. president, reopen the government, and we can work to resolve our dver border security, but end this
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>> democrats and republicans head back to the white house this morning to seek compromise on border secure and get the government running and ensure 800,000 workers get paid on friday. president trump heads to the border tomorrow. milpitas police asking for help finding a gunman who fired shots into her home. there are some of the bullet holes, it happened monday night just before 10:00 near the 808/237 interchange on easter avenue, not far from the great mall. police say the residents were inside the home but they were not injured. right now, there's no motive, and no suspects. 4:34 on your wednesday morning. happening today, oakland's police chief plans to talk more about a disturbing hit-and-run, the end of which was caught on camera. you may remember that story last wednesday, a 14-year-old boy was struck by a car and dragged for four city blocks. it happened near the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. man and the woman in the car caught on video. the man briefly got out of that
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car. as of last week, the boy was in critical condition. police so far have not announced any arrests. governor gavin newsom already talking about a new plan to spend $300 to boost wildfire safety. he plans to budget the money toward wildfire prevention. this comes after the governor met with fire officials in colfax, a very high-risk wildfire spot, as you head up to the sierra foothills. some of the money would pay for high-tech tools, forest management and more funding for local governments to handle emergencies. >> we will invest in prepositioning in ways we haven't in the past with more support at the local level, more mutual aid. > governor newsom also says of counties recover from last year's devastating wildfires. the first steps in a bold plan to build a $750 million, 18-feet soccer stadium in concord are on hold for now. last night, councilmembers agreed to take up the issue
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later this month. the plan calls for a stadium convention center and hotel built on vacant land near the concord b.a.r.t. station. the investment group presenting the idea recently acquired rights to a u.s. soccer league team. the debate right now centers around approving an exclusive negotiating deal. coming up next on "today in the bay," sears survival. the lifeline the company is getting as it works to keep stores across the nation open for business. plus, the three samples amazon sends out to shoppers based on their purchase history.
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good morning. i'm fronk holland at cnbc global headquarters. wall street is poised to open up slightly higher this morning. yesterday the markets rose with the dow up more than 250 points, notching its first three-day winning streak since november. apple and amazon outperformed and investors are now also cautiously optimistic that the u.s. and china can move towards a trade deal after talks in beijing were extended to a third day. on today's watch list back here in the u.s., the minutes from last month's fed meeting, which could offer more clues into what the fed plans to do this year, with interest rates. and sears gets an 11th hour reprieve. the and kmart stores will give e lampert until 4:00 p.m. to give $120 million deposit and new
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deal terms to be allowed to take part in a bankruptcy auction next monday if he doesn't. liquidators will likely prevail in the sale and sears will most likely go out of business. lampert's rescue plan would keep 425 stores open and preserve about 50,000 jobs. amazon is sending shoppers free samples that are curated to their taste as part of the company's push into advertising. axios is reporting products you like free of charge may show up on your doorstep, based on your purchase history. on the amazon website, it says the idea is similar to its product recommendations but in real life, so you can try and taste some of their latest items. amazon says there's no obligation to buy or review the items and you can opt out at any time. who doesn't like free stuff? those are your cnbc business headlines. >> you said taste t i order a lot of dog food on amazon. i'll leave it to my pets to do the tasting. >> it's optional, laura.
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>> i can't wait, though. i'll let you know what i get. >> it would be fun. frank, thank you. coming up next on "today in the bay," we're keeping track of the rain that is coming down out there. kari has a look at our forecast. >> the roads are still wet, especially over the south bay, as we continue our microclimate weather alert due to the gusty winds, and east san jose and evergreen we are still going to have some rain chances throughout the morning and early afternoon. more on that, and the top wind speeds we've measured, coming up. and almost no speed here. this is 101 northbound, blurry lens because it's wet. rain in san jose. this is 101 just north of 680. 101 shut down, 680 a crash in the middle of the roadway. we'll talk about what's going on, and the investigation that continues.
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welcome back to "today in the bay." we are looking live at our radar this morning, including our storm ranger, which we activated, all of these green storms move in. we have mike and kari here. mike has a pad crash for what's happening. >> it's weight cross the south bay. other parts of the bay area you haven't measured much rain. we had the gusty rain tng hours. storm ranger our mobile doppler radar and the red scan you're seeing there is picking up on a current view of the rain, as it is falling. as we zoom into the north bay, we've seen pockets of heavier rain moving through in guernville and clear lake, it's a en wet but other spots have costa county, some peninsula
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seei b raining around san jose and as you head farther to the south, so as you head up from morgan hill and gilroy, you will run into some pockets of rain, and it's going to make things very slippery, as we start out on this wednesday morning. so here's the system that's moving through. we still have a little bit more of that energy to work with to go throughout the morning, and then we're going to see things drying out, and then our next storm system is on the way, that will be here on friday, so there will be a break in between. let's talk about these wind speeds we've measured, because mt. diablo a peak wind gust of 54 miles per hour. this is not as strong as a system as we head over the weekend but still some high wind gusts that could bring over, knock over some trees and also cause some issues. in los gatos a peak wind gust of 46 miles per hour,nd44. lot of people reporting that the windows are rattling and they also had a lot of those winds
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just howling during the overnight hours. as we go through the rest of the day, by 10:30, much of the rain is just concentrated over the north bay and we ares going to see a drying trend going into the afternoon. by tomorrow partly cloudy skies and even a little bit of sunshine, and our next storm system is arriving on friday, mostly during the afternoon, as we start to see some of the rain approaching the coast by 2:00. we are also going to be measuring some additional rainfall as we go into friday. the potential of getting another 0.1 to.03 of 3 of an inch this morning. we'll get additional light snows on top of what we measured but what could be ahead for next week, some significant snowfall possible as we go into sunday and monday of next week. and while they get snow, we'll get some more rain, so it's going to be off and on. tomorrow is our break and also saturday afternoon. other than that, we do have
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rounds of rain and storms that will be moving in, and of course, i'll keep you up to date on that. mike, you have that freeway closure in san jose. >> that's right. you saw this picture, we share cameras. it looks like a still but it is not. traffic is still northbound 101, but you see the droplets on the lens, definitely wet roadways. rain falling, light rain through san jose. this is northbound 101, just north of 680/280 interchange and that's the section that is currently closed because of a crash just north of mckee road. i show you the south bay right now. we're going to zoom in. here is north 101, it is starting to jam up before you get to the 680/280 interchange and it is completely closed north of mckee, just shy of alum rock. you can take 280 to get around toward 87 right now, while the traffic flow is light. do not take northbound 680, because there's another crash at barriessa road in the middle of the roadway. chp can't get their crews over
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there, because they're over here. this is a deadly crash investigation. bob redell is on scene trying to get more detail. we're concerned about the people involved and also showing you the traffic flow. on top of that backup, we had the rain coming into the area, so the two things happen about the same time. be very careful this morning, as the rain continues to flow around the bay. it's hitting over here, for this portion of san jose and over here toward the tri valley, the altamont pass. we have the traffic and the weather systems tied together. as we move north of the san mateo bridge, traffic flows nicely, a smooth flow through contra costa county, the bay bridge toll plaza. no real problem but as we look at oakland, we see there's a good amount of traf o there, and keep also, gusty winds reported at times across the bay bridge. looks like we, in fact, lost that camera over in emeryville for a couple of seconds. it tends to do tt with the cables during windy times and over here dublin we have the build for 580 coming out of the altamont. back to you. >> mike, thank you. we have new details on a contra costa county fire
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district chief accused of stealing drugs. police arrested richard stevenson after investigators say his roommate found hundreds of vials of fentanyl and other highly-addictive drugs in his bedroom. >> they believe he used his powerful position to get his hands on the drugs. stevenson is chief of emergency medical services. >> so i walked down there and he was sitting -- >> scott hanson knows richard stevenson. >> my interaction with him is, was my wife had a medical emergency, and when the ambulance came, the ambulance people talked and he offered, say,f any more problems, give me a call, i'm right next door. >> reporter: he's shocked about sunday's arrest, when martinez police took stevenson into custody, after allegedly stealing prescription drugs. according to police documents t comes after the woman he was renting a room from in martinez ther drugs in a vials of
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laundry basket, while cleaning his room. the documents say she noticed other medications and hyperdermic needles. she brought the drugs to martinez pd with the intention of turning them in. those same documents say stevenson had access to pharmaceutical bins, fire trucks and other prescription drug disposal areas. police believe he could have been selling them on the street. >> if it's true, it's disturbing, especially coming from an emt. supposed to be out there helping people. >> reporter: nbc bay area is learning stevenson may have needed help himself. those same documents say stevenson was in detox at the time of his arrest. the california emergency medical service registry, a man named richard pau his emt license suspended in 2010, the suspension was to be lifted in 2020. cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." >> one we'll continue to follow there.
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4:51. instead of delivering a speeding ticket, one highway patrolman is getting a thank you after a surprise and sudden delivery. >> central valley chp officer jeff lloyd was in the middle of a traffic stop yesterday on highway 99 in sacramento county, dealing with that driver but another car with a pregnant woman inside pulled up behind them on the shoulder. that woman was in labor. officer lloyd jumped into action, grabbing medical equipment from his suv, newborn born about two minutes later. >> i grabbed the baby, find out she wasn't making any sound. the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. i unwrapped her, said what the heck am i supposed to do now, t firefighters and paramedics took over. the mother and baby are said to be healthy and doing just fine. ff>> stopt "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> movers broke their family heirloom, but when they asked for reimbursement, they didn't get what they expected. i'm consumer investigator chris
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chmura, "nbc bay area responds," next. but first, happening now, breaking news, nbc news reporting this morning the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein plans to leave the justice department. sources tell several news organizations it will happen shortly after william barr, the president's nominee for attorney general, is confirmed. we'll be right back after this break. crash
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this morning. these are live northbound 101, just north of the mckee exit this morning, where you see traffic at a standstill. that's because a garbage truck overturned in that area.
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fuel could be leaking in the area. chp has arrived on the scene. we understand there is a fatality as well. we're monitoring this. alternate routes for you could be 87 at this point. you could get back rerouted on to oakland road. mike inouye gathering all the details for us. 4:55 right now. nbc bay area responds to a sonoma county man who had trouble with a moving company. >> let's turn to consumer investigator chris chmura. he gets a lot of complaints in his inbox. >> our team has logged 58 moving complaints about various companies over the past two and a half years. in this case, greg lynch passed and we to move her furniture from lake tahoe to sebastopol. on moving day't g o'briens to p full to replace it, so he turned to us for help. we contacted o'briens. the compadny it offered greg $150, and noted he had agreed to basic protection of just 60
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cents we are pound so 150 bucks for a mirror was pretty generous. nonetheless, the company made an exception and paid greg $484, the cost of replacement that he had sought. superstition says shattered mirrors are bad luck but greg had good luck. o'brien's went out of his way to give him his 100% placement cost he wasn't entitled to. moving companies contracts are strict, and fall into two categories you really need to know. we have at releasedrth just 60 cents pe. at full value, $6 but full move. will y s value will cost you more to your estimate, and again on your recei receipt, what movers call the bill of lading. federal law requires it. if you have a consumer complaint, box them up and send
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them to us electronically, or call us, 888-996-tips. >> all right, chris, thank you. we were talking about this yesterday, a legendary south bay restaurant has shut its doors for the last time. >> harry hoffbrow served its last dish last night. people lined up to get a taste of bratwurst or turkey sandwich. some customers told us they've been going to harry's for years, ever since it opened 42 years ago on saratoga avenue. the owner says he lost the lease but will do whatever he can to help employees find jobs. at two other locations in redwood city and san leandro. >> it's stuff. we're trying to relocate them in our other operations but there's a lot of people who work here and we're doing our best to try and make it right. >> right now, the city is looking at a number of development options for that spot. it's a very big thoroughfare
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there. ever been to harry's? >> i have not but now it's too late. i can go to the other ones. coming up on "today in the bay," kari is tracking rain that's moving through. >> we're starting out with some rain falling in fremont as well as you get ready to head out. here is a look at 880. roads are wet. you still need the windshield wipers, and a chance of rain throughout the day. not only that, but we have gusty winds. we'll talk about our wind advisory and what to expect the rest of the day, coming up next. and live pictures from the scene or near the scene north 101. it was completely closed, because of a deadly crash and investigation. box truck is involved right here. it looks like one lane opened seconds ago but look at the backup, approaching 680. we'll talk about that crash, the investigation, another in the area, and those conditions as well.
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s th bay are it is wednesday, january 9th and we have a microclimate alert as another storm moves across the bay area. radar, powered by storm ranger. we cameras as well, the bay bridge toll plaza and san jose. in the meantime, let's take you a


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