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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 9, 2019 11:00am-11:28am PST

11:00 am the bay area dries out .. and in some cases cleans up .. from right now at 11:00 the rain continues to fall. the bay area trying to dry out. in some cases managing to clean up from a round of messy weather. here is a look at our sky cams across the bay. good morning every. i'm scott. lots to get to. glad you're with us. let's talk abthout that rain. a live look from san francisco. still lots of gray out there. kari hall is tracking that rain. >> it depends on where you have. the weather is drastically different as you head towards
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the north bay where moving through. this is extending up here. we have heavy rain coming down to the south. a pocket of heavy rain moving over towards crockett and parts of the delta. we head down to the south bay where the rain has been more spotty and light. the snow passing through. in between you may catch a few breaks and peeks of sunshine and maybe a rainbow or two. we'll see that as we go through the next few hours and then see the activity tapering down. we are looking at the hour by hour outlook. shows some of the same area in the north bay as well as the south bay. later this evening there will be clearing. itou she fog. i'll have details on that, what to expect as we go into the weekend coming up in the forecast. we are also watching the
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follow-up to a deadly crash in san jose. all lanes of 101 to the north just about open. it took a long time. investigators say this box truck overturned around 3:45 this morning. the three right lanes closed. a passenger icnside that truck was killed. they say he may have fallen asleep behind the wheel. he is expected to survive. >> we do have several witnesses who stayed on scene and were able to give us information as to how this crash happened. we have a lot of information for this. there was no -- it's no suspicion of reckless driving. >> both of the people involved in the crash is. onetrfic from the crash was at standstill all morning. this is video from nbc's bay area sky ranger at 9:30 this
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morning. backup lasted well into the morning. we are monitoring the latest lingering traffic. good morning. >> good morning. this is another view. you can see only that far left lane open. it is the case until a short time ago. about 45 minutes ago they opened all but the right lane. the reason is because of this damage. look at that side railing. because of this damaged rail they still have this closed. it will remain closed for another hour. we haven't gotten an update on when they can reis is jammed up. it is recovering. ck.ut 10 pliemiles of that backo folks are struggle liing past i. this is the final stretch. but this morning thichks are tied up for 680. this is north 280 getting out of
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the way. we also had the ripple effect. it is finally starting to show a better drive as well. that crash, the ripple effect from the backup. it is on 680 and 280 combined with the rain is the radar. it causes a big problem an the rest of the bay shows a nice easy drive. >> that's what we want to see. you mentioned that 680 crash. we had video from that crash. it closed several lanes of the interstate. it happened early this morning. this was also in the northbound direction. so very tough on commuters. they say the drivers of both cars were not cht wet roads not the only problem during the secomtorm. the targe mother nature.
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you can stay up to the latest. mike and kari are updating our app. take it with you where ever you go. a deadly shooting shook up the bay area. we have the latest on information that bart police released moments ago. what's the latest? >> reporter: bart police have a news conference here at their headquarters. this is the third anniversary of the murder of 19-year-old carlos romero on a bart train. during this news conference they did release details butn hopesovhopes of someone listening might be able to there is the bart police chie
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you can see a surveillance image that police released. without going into detail police believe the name of the suspect could be matt, mattie or matthew. they believe his father could be vick or victor and his father owns a ford crown victoria car. now, police tell us they don't have a motive into why this suspect shot and killed the 19-year-old boy on the sfo bound train as it was approaching the west oakland bart station. police know that the two had boarded a bus prior to getting to bart. they interacted with each other during the ride but don't that. >> we are on this tape. we are coming after you. we are going to solve this. it is just a matter of time.
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for him to stop looking over his shoulder and to turn himself in would be the ideal situation for us. we are committed. we are motivated and we are going to solve this case. >> here is another look at that suspect surveillance image. they believe his name is matt, mattie or matthew. bart also increased the reward today for any information leading to his arrest from 10,000 to $25,000. nbc bay area knew was. >> thank you. about an hour from now oakland police chief will talk about a disturbing hit-and-run which was caught on camera last wednesday. a 14-year-old boy was struck and dragged four city blocks. t happened near the fruit stat.
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car. police plan to provide an update at noon. a man wanted for exposing himself to two young girls near a school. it happened outside taylor middle school on taylor boulevard. they say he pulled down the girls. anyone with information should call the police department. no information on a shooting that killed a student on the peninsula. students are mourning after the death of the 17-year-old. he played on the school's high school football team. they say someone shot and m other. killer. this morning state lawmakers they believe the two knew each trump threatened to cute brough today in the bay. we have been making calls to get
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reaction. good morning. >> hi there. as you said, it started with a very simple tweet from president trump. as you mentioned, we first brought it to you as breaking news. president trump wrote in part billions of dollars was went to help are wild fire recovery efforts then claiming the state would not need the funds if there was proper forest manage m. trump add unless they get their act together which is highly unlikely i ordered fema to send no more money. it is unclear at this point whether trump already directed fema or whether he would be asking fema to do that. the president's comments come one day after he announced plans w prevention. he announced which you know are two other fire prone ddly fires including the recent deadly
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fire. he tweeted disasters are no time for politics. i'm already taking action that manage our forrest and emergency responses. people of california, folks in paradise, should not be victim. would with hold funds from california. you might remember that last year as wil officials at the time we knew it was federal government that manages many of california's forests which were you. s room california senator sounds like she is closer to announcing a
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2020 presidential bid. she will make an announcement on or closer to the m.l.k. holiday. they say the source involved in the national democratic fundraising system says harris's team is already making calls to key donor groups. an announcement about his political plans this afternoon. he is holding biggest fundraisers and has been extremely critical of president trump. he had been calling for his impeachment. new developments in the federal shutdown aea mexico's president is saying about paying for a border wall, $10 million, winning it in the lottery. how about your roommate stealing the tickets? developing now on c
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no cmiit, installation fee. visit to learn more.
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federal shutdown will become the longest in american history. president trump and lawmakers are meeting to try again to reach a deal. earlier this morning, house speaker nancy pelosi, senate minority leader chuck schumer-- along with more than a dozen f president trump and lawmakers meeting again to try to reach a deal. chuck schumer and others held a news conference urging the president to end the shutdown. they say they are willing to talk about border security to say the government has to bereo. >> appealing to fear instead of facts. the reality is that the president could end this trump shutdown and reopen government
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morning mitch mcconnell said they need to negotiate with president trump. >> i cannot urge my democratic colleagues to get past this purely partisan spite. rediscover their own past positions on border security and me geshua negotiate a fair solution with the president. >> trade deal is great but we must fix our southern border. mexico's new president said he won't comment calling it wal. the news conference in nemexico said. he did sugiest the best way to confront the migration is to pompeo in iraq for an unannounced stop on h mideast tour. it is meant to on iran. the trip comes amid-confusion
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over conflicting statements over senior u.s. officials about a planned u.s. troop withdraw. iran is backings assad in civil war. police looking into this case. we tell you how they sorted out a winner from a loser. >> a man thought he was the lucky winner of $10,000 terbuy ago scratch off ticketmoh. he was so excited he told his roommate. unlucky for him place say he stole it. t with this number to down here. >> they went to the same store and switched it out with the winning one. >> this is a copy of the altared ticket. he changed the 28 so they matched the $10,000 prize. that's how investigators caught him. the real ticket wasn't worth
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$10,000 but 10 million. >> we want to make sure to true o owner will get this. >> he showed up yesterday thinking he was collecting his winnings. this is where investigators arrested him. they say it the because he altered this one and pocketed the winning one. >> if you are the true owner you will get your many people try system. >> be careful what you trust. >> sign it. put it in a safe place and then. >> the california lottery automatically investigates winnings over $350,000. normally it takes a month before they actually get their money. investors closely watching the negotiations. the dow is up about 150 points.
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the nasdaq is gaining 15. google looking to expand the presence in southern california. according to developers they are releasing a massive shopping mall. by the end of the month they say the three story mall will close and construction crews will make it look like this, a new google campus. they hope to open offices by 2022. morning jeff and his wife are getting a divorce. the couple announced that on twitter this morning. he and his wife are splitting up after 25 years of marriage. macenzie bezos is often noted as supporting her husband. his net worths said to be
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worth more than $160 million. we will see waves of showers moving through. we just had some rain that moved through. you can see the car kicking up some of that water on highway 101. it may slow you down a little bit as you head out for that drive. look at storm ranger. it is giving us up to the second view of where the rain is falling. we have seen it changing minute by minute across the bay area. santa rosa getting a dose of heavy rain. av seen rain moving throughell . the santa cruz mountains and
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san jose. as we go into the rest of the day this area of low pressure pushes off to the east. we'll start to see rain chances going down. we did measure pretty high wind gusts for some of our hills. san jose we had report of a large tree down and the highest wind speed we measured was 22. the ground the saturated. we do have scattered showers in the forecast for the rest of the day. by tonight we start to see some skies clearing and we could also start to see development of fog during the early morning hours. throughout the day tomorrow we are going get some clearing skies. once that fog clears out but by friday our next storm system will be approaching. it looks like by the evening hours that round of rain will be moving in.
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as we head over we will catch a break for the rest of the day. fairly mild temperatures with highs reaching into the low 60s. we'll drop it back to the upper 50s by 5:00 this evening. some of those could reach 27 feet. we have forecast heading for early next week. the next one will bring in light snow >> unexpected delivery became an unforgettable traffic stop far highway patrolman. a massive mud slide, a hill gave way after more than 5 inchesov 5 inches of rain spilled over the land.
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it destroyed more than 100 homes. >> drinking water might be contaminated with lead. more than half live in states without lead testing programs. california is not one of them. we are back after the break. nbcl
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journalist jonathan bloom is there! consumer electronic show is underway this week. jonathan is there trying out
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electric scooters. see more new stuff. him on twitter. very excited about a brand new show. it airs after the midday newscast. it focuses on some of the golde. and have you heard of a rage room? that's at 11:30 right here on nbc bay area. the first steps and bold plan to build a stadium in concord will stay on hold for now. council members agreed to take it up later this month. they are presenting the idea of rights to a team. we have a team but no stadium. it centers around approving an
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exclusive negotiating deal. one highway patrolman is getting a big thank you after a surprise and sudden offer was if a traffic stop on highway 99 in sacramento county. another car with a pregnant woman inside pulled up behind them. you know what happens next. he jumped to action grabbing medical equipment and the baby was born about two minutes later. >> i grabbed the baby. she wasn't making any sound. the i said what am i supposed to do now? i put her on mom's stomach and the baby instantly started crying. >> firefighters and paramedics took over. the baby and mother are doing just fine. let's check that weather
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with kari and all of the rain. >> yeah. we are tracking it on our exclusive storm ranger. you can get alerts. as we go through the next several days we will take a break tomorrow from the showers. by friday another storm system moves . saturday afterno swill be back. week as well. >> yes. >> hey, we'll see you tomorrow it is starting us out early next morning. a day -
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our kimberly caldwell is stirring i thinks up in chinatown. take a close look at this 58-year-old woman. you're not going to believe what she looked like after being put through the time machine. california live reveals the docs that can turn back the clocks. >> the hotter it gets the hotter you get. >> and don't mess with dani.
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i'm in the rage room and i've got a bat. it's all coming up right now on


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