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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 9, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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well, it certainly wasn't on the menu. it was shocking and disgusting. and it happened in a san francisco mcdonald's. look at that video. a man brings in a dead raccoon into the fast food restaurantt camera. >> as you can imagine it horrified everyone inside that mcdonald's. nbc bay area's is in san francisco with more on this bizarre and creepy surprise.
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>> i looked and there was a guy with what i thought was a dog at first but after further examining i saw it was a raccoon. i ran. >> reporter: chris brooks ran out of mcdonald's sunday morning and then took this video. an elderly man with a bloody raccoon inside the restaurant. >> it's gross. and especially if you don't know if it was alive or not. >> reporter: the raccoon was dead. brooks says the man was asking for help. mcdonald's staff told him to leave. when he did, he left the carcass on the table. someone eventually put it in the cdonald's says "the restaurant was clothe rest. the health department visited the restaurant this afternoon and cleared the restaurant for ull operations." was busyhiners tonight. brooks says he won't be eating there again and has some direction for peoplecorol's a b
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away. why stop here? you could have went to animal control. >> reporter: animal care and control says you can call monal pick that up carcass for proper disposal. reporting in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. pg&e may be cutting your power. all in the name of fire prevention. >> tonight a federal judge is forcing the embattled company to cut power if strong winds threaten transmission lines. small businesses stand to lose a lot of business and many neighborhoods would be left in the dark. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney joins us from the pg&e facility in san carlos with the details. terry? >> reporter: yeah, a federal judge today ruling that pg&e is in violation of its probation for the 2010 explosion and fire in san bruno that killed eight people. so more penalties coming to pg&e and the consumer will be feeling the impact. the crackdown by federal judge william alsup is because pg&e entered into a $1.5 million settlement with butte county for
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the 2017 honey fire and did not inform the court. >> as part of probation a corporation is required, a, not to violate the law and, b, if they do violate the law they're required to tell their probation officer. and what's alleged here is that pg&e did neither. >> reporter: the judge says pg&e must reinspect its entire electrical grid and rate the safety of each segment. come this summer if winds are stronger than the power lines' rating those lines must be deenergized. >> just the sense i got from reading it, he's outraged that it wants to do something and feels he has to do something to protect california during the next fire response, "we are aware of judge alsup's orders and are currently reviewing. we are committed to complying with all rules and regulation that's apply to our work." >> shouldn't the lines be like coated and stuff to prevent grounding and they should be maintained. like it's pretty obvious what needs done. >> reporter: the ruling says pg&e cannot take into account the reliability of electrical ervice in deciding which
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deenergize. safety first. >> i think pg&e needs to make stronger power lines is the answer. >> reporter: the judge is giving pg&e until january 23rd to tell him why these new rules should not go into effect. live in san carlos, terry pac sweeney, nbc bay area news. an 89-year-old woman robbed and severely beaten. san francisco police are now looking for clues in a troubling crime. miko wong is in the intensive care unit tonight after police responded to a home on a burg r burglary call. it halftime yesterday morning on visitacion avenue just a few locks from mclaren park. when police arrived wong was across the street in grave condition. >> uncertainty whether she'll make it. and -- >> police say they are
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canvassing the area looking for more evidence. in the meantime wong's family is asking for more officers to be patrolling that neighborhood. okay. check it out. does this face look familiar to you? palo alto police releasing a sketch of a man they say attacked a woman downtown. it happened at 4:00 on monday on everett avenue near el camino park. the woman says she was walking to her car when the man asked her for change. she looked for some and he hit her in the back of the head, sexually assaulted her and stole her wallet. well, tomorrow morning things are changing at at&t park, especially the name. at&t is out and oracle is in. get ready for oracle park. >> definitely going to miss this one. this one lasted a while. yeah, man. bummer. >> that's how we know the name of the park, at&t. it's weird to change the name. >> it's going to be a name change. it's a 20-year deal for these naming rights. terms were not disclosed. but it should be upwards of $200
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million. that goes right to the giants. oracle park will be the fourth name for the stadium since it opened back in 2000 as pac bell park. all right. not just washington, d.c. the problems are piling up across the nation. tonight we've learned that the government shutdown has stopped most food safety inspections. you're looking at a live picture of the capitol. the fda has suspended all routine inspections of domestic food processing facilities. the agency says it is working to bring back about 150 employees to inspect riskier foods such as cheese, infant formula and produce. to do it, though, it will have to force furloughed workers to come back without a paycheck. the fda, by the way, inspects 80% of the nation's food supply. well, tomorrow's supposed to be payday, but it's not. this is the first time since the shutdown that federal workers won't be getting a paycheck. nbc bay area's sergio quintana joins us from moffett field in mountain view, where most workers have been furloughed.
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sergio. >> reporter: raj, there is a security patfficer that came by here a little earlier this evening and said that the whole area here has basically been like a ghost town for the last three weeks. tomorrow the federal employees union plans on doing something for its membership to help them as this shutdown continues. at the front gate the guard still screens vehicles entering the grounds, but at the visitors center a sign post on the door tells the full story of what's not happening here. most workers haven't been here for a while. >> i've been furloughed since the 25th of december. >> reporter: janette rocha is among the couple thousand federal employees at the nasa ames research center that have been deemed non-essential and were sent home for the shutdown. since then she's been working on personal projects, but as the sole brinf a big family not getting a paycheck tomorrow will hurt. >> it's going to hurt me. it's going to hurt the grandchildren. it's going to hurt my kids and my husband, who has, you know, $600 to $700 a month in medical bills.
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>> reporter: in an effort to help with the upcoming financial crunch rocha says the federal employees union will be giving members a rebate of their dues to help offset some of the costs of not getting paid. in washington signs of ending the shutdown are nowhere in sight after talks collapsed at the white house. >> it's cold out here, and the temperature wasn't much warmer in the situation room. >> reporter: president donald trump walked out of the room full of democratic and republican lawmakers. in a tweet the president called the meere he asked for a border wall "a waste of time." writing "nancy said no. i said bye-bye, nothing else works." for janette rocha, who describes herself as a republican, she doesn't hold back on her thoughts about the president's strategy. >> it doesn't make sense. it just doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> sergio says in an effort to draw more attention to the pain federal employees are feeling a protest is planned for tomorrow at noon at the epa offices in san francisco. a developing story that could inflame tension between
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the united states and iran. tonight an irani official confirms they are holding a navy veteran from california hostage. michael r. white is an iranian -- is in an iranian prison tonight, and he's been held there for the last six months. he's the first american known to be detained under president trump's administration. white is from imperial beach. his mother telling nbc news that he was captured by authorities in late july while visiting his iranian girlfriend. secretary of state mike pompeo in jordan today says the u.s. is doubling its efforts to put real pressure on iran.he teenager wh was gunned down in belmont will be laid to rest. mohammed othman was killed monday connues for the shooter, who he knew. police say they've served a number of search warrants across the bay area, including one at a home in pleasanton. now, classmates of othman at carlmont high school are shocked. >> he was such a good person. he had such a good personality i
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really can't believe he was the target of anything like this. >> we had a moment of silence as well. our school set up a lot of counselor systems. >> belmont police tell us they're following promising leads and want anyone with any information to call them with tips. one down, one to go. oakland police say they've arrested one of the two suspects in a horrific hit-and-run. last wednesday a 14-year-old boy was riding his bike near the fruitvale bart station when he was hit by a car and then dragged four city blocks. there's graphic cell phone video that shows the boy on the ground pleading for help while a woman and a off. police not naming the person they've arrested. the boy remains in critical condition. a battalion chief for contra costa county fire accused of using his job to steal illegal prescription drugs will be arraigned tomorrow morning. chief richard stevenson was arrested on sunday and charged with stealing fentanyl and other addictive drugs. according to police documents, stevenson had access to pharmaceutical bins and drug
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disposal areas. police believe he could have been selling them on the street. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'm tracking fog for the morning commute and more rain on the way. this is a brand new storm system. when it arrives and how much more into next week. coming up in seven minutes. just felt this incredible pressure on like my legs. and i could hear all the fiberglass and foad brng scary encounter with a shark off the california coast. and the quick move he made that likely saved his on the market t ring or 1.6 million bucks, and we're back in 60 seconds. drove the price way down.
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this is a fight. not to the finish. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, new at 11:00 tonight, helping them to heal by showing them support. an east bay school community rallying behind two women run down and critically injured over the weekend. school board president judy
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appel seen in this photo, wasn't in her usual seat tonight but she and allison bernstein are recovering. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is live in berkeley with how this accident is impacting so many people in that community, cheryl. >> reporter: well, it was a wake-up call for t at the school district that crossing the streets here in berkeley can be firsthand. dozens of people came here to the school board meeting tonight rallying around that couple who were involved in a very serious accident. >> director khadija brown. >> present. >> reporter: as they were taking roll call at tonight's berkeley school board meeting, one person was noticeably absent, board president judy appel. >> as many of you know, judy and her wife, allison -- mm. were in a very serious accident. >> reporter: it took place around midnight friday at martin luther king jr. way and stuart street.
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apelle and her wife, allison bernstein, were walking near their home in south berkeley when a driver crashed into them. that driver is cooperating with police. >> both of these women are very fierce warriors that are going to fight this and work very hard to heal. >> reporter: their healing is important to this community. >> it's more of a small town than people realize. >> running for state assembly. >> reporter: she made an unsuccessful run for state assembly. her wife, an attorney with the state public defender's office. appel is known as being courageous and a leader, and the community tonight making sure she knows she is missed. >> she really looks for community service to help our family, to help our district do a better job. >> we know what judy would want us to do. >> reporter: that is, she says, to carry on until she gets back. police are investigating the case. reporting live in berkeley, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news.
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>> cheryl, thank you. his killer is still on the run. bart police are ramping up their efforts to catch the gunman who killed a 19-year-old on a bart train in oakland. it happened on this day three years ago. today police released new information about the suspect. they say his name might be matty or matthew and he has ties to the antioch area. police believe the suspect's father's name is vic or victor. they still don't have a motive for the shooting. the reward is now at well, firs with his truck. then he lied about his identity to police. tonight investigators in pleasanton say they have positively identified this man. he was driving a truck that hit a pedestrian near the gateway shopping center just before christmas. here's video of it. you see that woman right there in the crosswalk. thankfully, she wasn't hurt seriously. an anonymous tipster gave police the man's real name. police are not releasing his name yet. okay. if you're a romaine lover you can rejoice.
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the cdc says the e. coli outbreak is over. illnesses began back in october. 62 people in 16 states became sick, several of them hospitalized. now, the e. coli outbreak eventually traced back to adams brothers farm in santa maria. the cdc saysne has become ill since december and all potentially affected lettuce is off store shelves by now. well, as we get closer to peak flu season, health officials are urging californians to get vaccinated. it comes as two flu-related deaths have been reported in the bay area. one occurred in santa clara county, the other in san francisco. there had been 42 deaths statewide. typically, the flu reaches its peak in february, and last year the virus killed more than 80,000 people. here's the hot story of the night. a home for sale on the peninsula. take a look. it's turning a lot of heads. outside a nice family home in a good school district, but inside you can see it, charred remains from a fire. in this market no kitchen, no problem. 1.6 million bucks in san carlos
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is probably a good deal. here's nbc bay area's ian cull. >> it's very unique. >> reporter: there are appealing things about this san carlos home for sale. the outside. the location. >> not that far from downtown. >> reporter: the asking price is $1.6 million. not eye-opening perhaps, until you see the kitchen. >> yeah, it's just going to take a little bit of work. >> reporter: a fire destroyed ago. there's smoke damage all over the top floor. the homeowner just settled with the insurance company and put the home on the market. >> the seller wanted to see if he could sell it as is. the market's still pretty good. >> reporter: the real estate agent, debbie lim, says the four-bedroom, four bath has 2,350 square feet and is listed as a fixer-upper. if this were fixed and ready to around 2.6. move in, it would be listed >> reporter: she says despite the glaring damage inside it is priced to sell in this part of the bay area. >> i'm showing it almost every day. >> reporter: the median home
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price in san carlos is around $2 million according to zillow. lamica estimates it will take around $400,000 to renovate the property. she already has seven offers. in san carlos, ian cull, nbc bay >> i don't cook. i rarely eat. so i think it's a perfect house me. i' needed. >> as a former san carlos resident, that's a great town. we should all do it. >> oh, man. that would be good. okay. you're going to need the roof the next several days definitely on your house. we do have some rainfall coming our way. let's go ahead and bring you into that microclimate forecast. what you're going to see here is yet again another storm system now lining up in the pacific. the energy from this that will bring the rainfall is not going to get here until friday. so we are in a break from that wet weather. we're looking at dry weather as we head through thursday's forecast. there's a little bit of good news for you. you can see on storm ranger our mobile doppler radar we have cleared out.
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the thing we're moving into tomorrow morning that i want you to be aware of is the possibility of some ground fog development. looks like two mile and less vifshlt here for concord. napa, san rafael, also santa rosa at 5:30 in the morning. and we stay between that 1 to about 2 1/2-mile visibility for parts of the east bay and north bay into about 8:00 in the morning. by the afternoon we get improved visibility but we'll still have some high clouds in place. so we'll get a little bit of that sun breaking out once we hit the afternoon. let's focus in on the temperatures now that you're ready for that fog, you'll need that jacket. temperatures in the 40s. 45 for the east bay, san francisco 47, and the north bay 44. we're not going to warm up a whole lot through tomorrow. so we're going to go ahead and skip right on into that seven-day forecast. you can see afternoon temperatures, they're going to hover right around 56 degrees. again, tomorrow is the break. once we hit friday, that next storm system starts to arrive. here's what we know about it right now.
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5:00 to 10:00 p.m. on friday, 1500ths to a half inch. looks like that would be the best bet for the north bay and the immediate coastline. lingering shower into saturday morning. we should have dry weather for saturday afternoon and saturday evening. then we get our third system of the week arriving on sunday. 8:00 to 11:00 in the morning. that looks to linger right into monday. a quarter to 3/4 of an inch possible with that sunday to monday storm system. we get some lingering rain on tuesday and then potal next wednesday's forecast. still early but we have a lot of stuff happening here the next seven days. i feel your pain. it gets exhausting when we get storms back to back like this. it's great. it's january. we should have a lot of wet weather like this. but the problem we start to get into when we get rain each and every day is the threat of flooding. by next wednesday, if this is a stronger storm we're definitely going to have to be watching those creeks, rivers, and streams very closely.
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i did want to give you an early look. russian river is one we always watch. sunday when that storm hits it will be at 17.92 feet. that's well below flood stage at 32 feet. by next wednesday it will be up to 19.60 feet. but again, remember, once we hit next thursday, maybe into nextf stronger storms coming in and that could raise that even more. we'll keep a close eye on that but keep the the umbrella handy. >> it's been an active few weeks p ever since winter started. >> it certainly has. up next, are you thinking about buying a tesla? you may want to ask fast. the surprising announcement from elon musk tonight. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. gwyneth paltrow's my guest tonight. plus we have tony hill. do not change the channel. come on! the state began issuing the i-d cards last year. happening now, a last-minute extension for the real i.d. program. the state began issuing those real i.d. cards last year, but
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homeland security says the dmvs didn't properly verify people's addresses. california was operating under an extension that was set to expire tomorrow. it now has until april 1st. we're back in a moment. the question isn't whether he should be impeached any more. he's the most corrupt president in american history. and we all know it. the question now is, how fast can we move past this president so we can d s o are demanding action now. because there's nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. together, we will make this happen. need to impeach is responsible for the content of this ad.
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new at 11:00, two popular vehicles about to be taken off the market. we're following a major announcement from elon musk. in a tweet the ceo said come monday tesla will no longer be taking orders for its lowest-range versions of its model s and model x. now, higher-end versions of both models will still be available, and they'll come with a higher price. tesla did not respond to inquiries from us or cnbc as to why the s and x was pared back. well, take a look. pictures from a popular pizza restaurant in pacifica have gone viral, leaving many customers in disgust. a customer posted these images of a papa murphy's showing filthy conditions including an e
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time being. well, it may have saved his life. a surved a shark attack near san luis obispo by kicking the shark. it happened offshore at montana de oro state park yesterday not far from morro bay. the shark bit cal poly student nick weckner on the leg. it came from beneath him and chomped down on his ankle and thigh. he believes it was a 15-foot great white. >> head of the shark was like this big. the body was -- i saw 80% of the body and it was just massive. >> reporter: now, with his adrenaline rushing he says he kicked the shark in the nose and wrangled his foot from its mouth. he then swam to shore and his friends took him to the hospital, where he got 50 stitches. >> that's pretty scary. >> poke them in the eye too. >> the kick worked pretty well. we're back in a moment with a big decision from the a's' top draft pick. we'll explain next.
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all righty. football or baseball. which will he choose? >> you make more money playing baseball. >> oh, then i'd go with that. >> a big decision it seems like we have from the a's' top pick, kyler murray. nbc sports confirming tonight
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the former oklahoma quarterback and heisman trophy winner is expected to declarent overall pd gave him nearly 5 million bucks as a signing bonus that allowed. that doesn't necessarily mean, though, that murray's giving up baseball altogether. aext b month when he'll have to choose between going to a's camp or the nfl combine. well, the vips were out tonight for a rare awards ceremony that celebrates the coaches. the fifth annual coaching core game changer awards was held tonight at the fairmont in san francisco. the event features top bay area athletes celebrating the profound influence that coaches have had on their lives and how their coaches pushed them to be the best that they could be. >> he forced me -- buckets --
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>> giants third baseman pablo sandoval, a's short stop mark seem yen and 49ers wide receiver marquise goodwin. you can watch the entire ceremony sunday at 7:00 right here. we're back in a moment. get into
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r di )t last. our consumer team helps smooth things out. tomorrow morning from
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4:30 to 7. well, it hasn't happened in nearly 30 years, buthost. variety of a-list celebrities to instead producers will choose a introduce the various segments. you may remember that kevin hart stepped down as host after backlash over some controversial tweets that resurfaced even though he sent them years ago. the comedian has apologized for them, which some were offensive to the lgbt community. hart says there's no chance he ends up hosting this year. so that's why they're switching to a no host format. but i think you should do it. >> jeff or me? >> either one of you. >> how about all three of us? >> it would be fun. >> it if it was on nbc. >> maybe they'll put it on nbc if we're doing it. that'll go over well. >> vote of confidence. >> we came up with all that. >> have a great day tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart
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of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- gwyneth paltrow, tony hale


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