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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 11, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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a deadly and devastating crash -- on this rainy friday we begin with breaking news in contra costa county. a deadly kroosh this rainy friday night. you can see the white suv wrapped around that tree. six people rhe age of 18. two of the passengers have died. four others wereut of that suv rushed to a local hospital. this is happening in antioch in the busy part of town.
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lone tree way, right off the highway, near the walmart. this happened about 90 minutes ago. officers confirming the roads were wet but aren't saying if the weather was the cause of this crash. we're keeping a close eye this deadly crash and we'll bring you any updates as we get them in. our other top story, a grieving college town left without its rising star. there is a growing memorial outside the davis police department pass tight-knit community mourns the death of rookie police officer natalie corona. >> personality. radiant. the 22-year-old rookie was ambushed. tonight her father opens up to us. cheryl hurd joins us in davis with the teefrl interview and the chilling new details about this crime. >> reporter: you can see how much this town is grieving. take a look at this sign. it says thank you for your service. and then there are the flowers. the police chief tonight
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releasing new detailed information. we spoke with her father who is dealing with this situation the best way he can. >> i just want her to know that i'll miss her a lot. everybody. the whole flam miss her a lot. >> reporter: he says his daughter natalie never wanted anything else but to be a police officer. >> i couldn't get her to think about being anything else but laol in my footsteps. >> reporter: his daughter's dream finally came true last summer when she graduated from the police academy. >> after she graduated, she said, okay, dad, i can call you brother cop now. i said yeah. now you can. she just smiled and gave me a big hug. >> he had no idea his daughtert price many officers face so soon. officer corona was shot and killed thursday night when she was responding to a routine traffic collision.
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>> the suspect rode up on his bicycle and was in thetoniht th chief won't to say his rookie police officer was in the street when the suspect opened fire. >> shot her once. and she went down to the ground. and he then ended up shooting her multiple times. >> reporter: police are calling this an ambush. the suspect reloading his with that several times, shooting wildly if many directions. the chief said he was wearing a bullet-proof vest once they caught up with him in the home where he was living. he shot and killed himself before police could make an arrest. >> we wouldke of question. we're not angry people. >> reporter: now, the coroner's office is not releasing the suspect's name. meanwhile the crona family i know what the city are planning funeral arrangements. nbc bay area news.
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>> a very difficult story. she was the oldest of four sisters. you saw the family photo. governor newsom has ordered the flags to fly at half-staff. he says he joins all californians in mourning the loss of this rags officer. in a statement, he said officer corona was protecting her community from harm when she was tragically shot by an armed subject. to other news, it is here. this is a live welcome at the toll plaza. the storm has moved in and the roads are wet and slick. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri? >> a lot of the rain is moving north as we continue through the next several hours.has moved a an half nc is across the peninsula. also the north bay moving to the north and the east. that would keep the showers to 11:39. san anselmo, 11:48.
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to the south, that's where the bulk of the activity has been coming. another batch that's developing to the south of monterey. it won't last long. several storms as we head throughout next week. and check this out. it has been busy this month. january in napa. 223% of normal. if all this stays on track, we could be at 300% of normal by the end of next> okay. see you then. expect delays on a major south bay thorough f guy right here. maybe a little difficult to see. that's a sinkhole. here's a view of it of milpitas. between trade zone that the railroad tracks, two lanes are closed. they could close a third lane if
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the sinkhole continues to grow. crews will work on it all throughout the weekend and next week until those repairs are done. we reached another low point as of tonight. the government shutdown is now the longest in u.s. history. this is a live look at washington, d.c. while politicians continue to squabble, local families are banding together to help those here in the bay area who are feeling the pinch. >> a lot of people are without a paycheck. >> reporter: yeah,rog. they just wrapped up a busy evening. they're one of the few businesses in alameda that quickly pitched in to help the families and the ongoing shutdown. it's friday night and the alameda island brewing company is busy. >> i was happy that we made plans with our friends to come out to chill out and relax a little bit and just take edge
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off some of the stress. >> reporter: amy's husband is in the coast guard and required to report for duty. he's not getting paid. this week she's been having to juggle the family's finances. >> family takes care of family. >> reporter: local businesses like the brewing company have been collecting supplies and gift cards to benefit coast guard and personnel. or coasties. >> we have at least seven groups in here that are all coast guard. we love them. they love us. >> reporter: they areowith the wives collecting donations at the armed forces ymca. they'll be distributing them this weekend. she tells me it is bad enough to make ends meet but she isions >> suggesting that people to support themselves through these times of not getting a paycheck is to have a yard sale. which is the most ludicrous thing that i think i've ever heard. >> reporter: in washington, there are no signs that president donald trump or congress is budging.
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in a tweet, bay area congresswoman jackie speier said she is refusing her salary in solidarity with federal worker. she is among other lawmakers who volunteered to forego their paychecks until the shutdown ends. this evening, i talked to few office here's voiced some concerns for members of two different kirts that just took off on assignment a couple days ago. that's because the crew members are off serving their families while their families are here trying to figure out how to get through this shutdown alone. renb out of the home after flames tore through an apartment building in campbell. this right here is new video that we' aftermath. firefighters say it started fo. luckily everyone made it out okay but for the people who lost their homes, their emotions are visible. >> i was not here.
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i just went out a lyft pick-up. i got a phone call from my neighbor staying building was on fire. >> reporter: what are you going to do? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is under investigation. the first homicide of the new year in san jose. a woman was stabbed to death. her body found last night inside her home on darrell drive just off san tomas express way. officers are responding to home after a call about a possible dead body. no other details are being released to us. no suspects have been named. >> reporter: a grieving community says goodbye today to 17-year-old mohammed, the bell monday teenager who was shot and killed on monday. as family and friends gather for his funeral, police are on the desperate search for his killer. here's more from belmont. >> reporter: a grieving mother says goodbye to her 17-year-old son.
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someone shot and killed mohammed, the high school senior, outside central elementary school on monday night. >> i didn't believe it. >> reporter: friends say they are stunned, describing the football player as both tough and kind. the softest heart and a baby face. he never shied away. he was like the life of the party. i want everyone to remember him for his good parties. he was my brother, my best friend. just a fun guy and i'll going to miss him. >> reporter: friends and loved ones gathered to pray for him. his family said they were looking forward to attending the teen's high school graduation in june. not his funeral. belmont police are still searching for the gunman. >> that's the hardest part.
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to bring an extra layer of sadness for us. we'll be bur yig him without even knowing how did he leave the world. a string of boat thefts over the last couple months. they say leaves the targeting engines and speakers for boats. then they're setting them on fire. there have been a few arrests. authorities want to remind boat the dock is that remove any valuables. still ahead, is she running for president? senator harris. we knew it was jamie immediately. a stunning turn of events. a kidnapped teenager found alive three months later.
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how she led police to her kidnapper. we'll let you know when the storm moves out. that's coming up in six minutes. s
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-- that senator kamala harris will announce her new at 11:00, she is in. sources are confirming to us that senator kamala harris will announce her candidacy for president. she's expected to make this announcement as early as next week. this week, the oakland native is still finalizing her campaign staff which includes some th i. >> she may announce in or around next weekend west spoke with top campaign managers about what it will take to expand her reach and win the democratic nomination. >> that i'm not ready to make my announcement yet. she has been side stepping all week.
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>> i might. >> reporter: tonight two sources confirmed to nbc bay area she will run for president. likely announcing during martin luther king jr. weekend in oakland but that could change. she is finalizing her campaign staff including key people. >> you have to be able to connect with voters. >> buffy has worked on four presidential campaigns. she was the california fi 2008 and she says there are many more tools for candidates now. >> in 2008, i think the obama campaign, we sent out about five tweets. twitter was brand new. you look at what has evolved in 2012 and 2016 and the use of social media. >> reporter: she thinks senator harris will have an advantage because california's primary was moved from june to early march. >> i'm excited that california will play a crucial role. >> reporter: what will it take
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to win? >> they're going door to door. >> reporter: the primaries begin in 13 months. ian cole, nbc bret baier news. justice ruth bader ginsburg doesn't need any more treatment following cancer surgery last month. many people were quhernld the 85-year-old justice missed oral arguments monday. it was her first absence since joining the supreme court. in 1993. for now she'll work from home relying on written briefs and transcripts. she was missing for months but tonight a brave 13-year-old girl has been reunited with her extended family in wisconsin. jayme closs was kidnapped right
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after her parents were murdered. she made a daring he is came. she then helped police find man accused of crimes. >> reporter: tonight 13-year-old jayme closs is alive and safe. >> my legs started to shake. it was awesome. >> reporter: three months after she disappeared, jayme turning up 70 miles there the home where her parents were murdered. police say she escaped her captor. >>old girl to survive and escape. >> reporter: thousands of volunteers have been looking for her for weeks. police told her the incredible news. >> i just sat down on the bench and i cried and i hugged him. and i said really? he said absolutely. >> reporter: police stay suspect, 21-year-old jake patterson, took her against her will to a house in a remote rural area and did not have prior contact with the closs family. >> we do believe jayme was the
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only target. i can tell you the subject planned his actions and took many proactive steps to take action. >> reporter: police say she was able to get away when the suspect was not at home. that she was discovered when she approached a woman walking her dog. >> she just had on some kind of slacks and a sweatshirt. no gloves, no hat, no needed to of the cold. >> reporter: the pair then showing up. >> we knew it was jayme us.diatel >> i thought i was seeing a ghost in person. i didn't she was alive. >> reporter: pleasant say at that moment her alleged hunter was searching for her. >> we believe the suspect was out hook for her when law enforcement made contact. >> reporter: he was arrested without incident. >> i asked her if she knew jake before this. she did not. she said she did not know who he was until he came to kill her
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parents. >> reporter: still a mystery, why the suspect allegedly targeted the closs family in the first place. tonight, jamie is safe. her home town getting ready for a big celebration. >> you'd better believe it. jayme, we missed you and we are so grateful you are home. >> we wish her the best. back here at home. who is to blame for that mess at the oakland airport? passenger were stuck on the tarmac for nearly five hours with no food or water. the airport said don't blame us. the flight was divert from sfo because of fog. she said it was the decision to keep everyone on the plane after it landed. the airline is blaming the airport. >> the airline takes the brunt of the responsible. the outreach for the airport.
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>> aero mexico sent this statement saying it doesn't operate out of oakland international so it needed to get authorization from the airport to disembark those passengers. it has taken 20 years but today the new crystal springs dam bridge opened to the public. you can see the scenic stretch of skyline boulevard. it sits next to the crystal springs reservoir and oer mis o trails pricey though. on a sunny day, packed with people, there was one cyclist. when it is sunny and dry, i've been there. there will be hundreds of people. >> nothing will stop people from getting out there. rain or shine. >> we're going to get our chance
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at blue skies between more rain systems. we have our sister station in los angeles, knbc, their storm ranger is showing some heavier rainfall now approaching los angeles. from the same storm system. we're dealing with right now. now, the bulk of this wet weather is moving through the area still a little batch to the south. after that, we do see some rain. 2:00 in the morning, the scattered rainfall chance with us. it had been a mixed bag. a little sun trying to break out here and there of this will be the break so enjoy it.
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we'll stay dry through a good part of sunday. then here comes our next storm system at 5:00 p.m. most of is it offshore but it will return the chance of rainfall right through 11:00. let's move you into the extended forecast. what you'll find is that by monday, the storm system will move inland with a quarter to a half inch possible. here's where we get into a problem with some flooding concerns. we could see an additional storm system on tuesday. may be another one of a that. this is one that could be strong we are a half to possibly one and a half inches of rainfall. wind gusts of 15 to 40 miles an hour. we've been looking at the creeks, rivers and streams. we could see the russian river go to 19 feet.
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it would hikely stay below flood stage. next thursday, if it stays on track, the rivers, we'll have to really monitor that. any changes in the changes. it will be changing as we get that new information. we'll see things beginning to clear out. temperatures in the 50s and 60s across the interior valleys. h sierra. let's get you covered. tomorrow is the day to travel up there on 37sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, also on friday. one to three feet expected by the endweek, 150. possibly a little higher. so that is good news for the draft. >> an active week ahead. up next, trouble at sea. the sickness turning a pleasure cruise into a nightmare for
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hundreds of passengers. hey, guys, michael b. jordan is my guest tonight. stand up from shawn finnerty and thank you notes. it's a great show. happening now, we want to update our breaking news. that deadly crash in contra costa county. six people in an suv. all of them minors. two of them seous injuries. this happened near the ant i don't know walmart 90 minutes ago. we'll be tweeting more jp dates. y
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early. hundreds of passengers are sick in their rooms with tonight a royal caribbean cruise is heading back to florida a day early because hundreds of passengers are sick in their rooms with norovirus. 402 people are sick. it was headed to jamaica but officials there wouldn't let that ship dock.
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millions of people are sick with the flu and we haven't even hit the flu season. half went to adoctor. up to 84,000 were so sick they ended up in the hospital. they say many cases are avoidable. >> we know the vaccine reduces hospitalizations, icu admissions. >> flu season peaks around february so it is not too late to get vaccinated. up next, the shot of maybe the season for the warriors. >> a little history there.
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story continues to unfold. plus- kari tracks what is rk wk. we're keeping an eye on the ongoing shutdown. >> plus, what is expected to be a wet workweek. >> and mike will watch for any traffic spots. finally, costco has figured out a way to make sure you'll never run out of macaroni is that cheese. it offers 180 services in separate pouchs of elbow pasta and cheddar cheese sauce. it has a shelf life of 20 years. price tag, $90. before you run to your local costco, they only sell it online.
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and currently, yeah. it is sold out. >> it's really a tub of mac and cheese? >> i don't know if i trust something that has a shelf life of 20 years. >> it's good to go. have a great weekend. [ knocking ] >> jimmy: hey, guys. ready for the show? >> of course. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> yeah, super stoked. >> how you doing man? you good? >> yeah. >> jimmy: i'm glad you asked, actually. a friend of mine bought me an air fryer. >> oh. >> jimmy: pretty interesting stuff. you ever heard of those? >> yeah. i think -- >> i've never heard of a air fryer before. >> jimmy: it uses air to like -- a convection type of


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