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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 12, 2019 5:00pm-5:29pm PST

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football league. right now at 5.
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ba ♪ right now at 5:00, banding together for better education. hundreds of teachers gather in the east bay to speak out for change. >> fighting shutdown. how dog owners came together to save a beach. we have details on the shooting of a police officer. what we have learned about the gunman. the news at 5:00 begins now. thanks for joining us. the gunman has been identified. we know the man who shot and
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killed a davis police officer. they identified him as 48-year-old douglas the county records show he was arrested in september of last year for battery. he was on a bicycle and ambushed the rookie police officer. she died within minutes of arriving at an accident. she never saw limbaugh. they don't know the motive for the attack. now, the forecast where changes are on the way. let's take a live look outside overdublin where you can see the winds are picking up. we are tracking storms. rob mayeda is tracking the wet and stormy week ahead. rob? >> we'll watch that closely. the doppler radar is the driest we will see it over the next seven days. we have a pretty sunset.
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as you can see to the left of the screen, here comes the storm that will bring changes our way around this time tomorrow. the first storm that arrives tomorrow into monday impacts not too extreme. the winds are picking up and rains top out near .75 inch of rain. tuesday, two anyone inches of change and impact for the coast in terms of high surf and heavy sierra snow and a stronger storm for thursday. add up the rainfall totals to get an hour-by-hour outlook. >> see you then, rob. thank you. the recent wet weather creating traffic south ound lanes of montague between trade zone and the railroad tracks are closed because of this thing here, a sinkhole. we were over the sinkhole last
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night in san jose. crews will work on it all weekend and next week until the repairs are done. remember, you can track the forecast with the nbc bay area app. get updates for the neighborhood. it's free. a community in mourning. all the victims are teenagers. it happened in antioch, not far from the walmart supercenter. two teenagers are dead, four others injured. christy sm christy smith has more from antioch. >> reporter: the police say they believe excessive speed and wet roads were factors in this crash. today, we have seen p candles to see the horrible crash. the damage is clear, people left
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flowers but were too upset to speak. dennis goes to deer valley high. he was coming home from the movies shortly after the deadly crash. >> we just saw the accident. it was scary. we pulled over, called 911 and tried to help the people out. it was really bad. >> reporter: the suv slammed into a tree near indian hill drive. the police found one teen ejected and another away from the car. two were pronounced dead at the. it's believed they may have attended a high school basketball game. police say excessive speed blam. >> this is why we come around
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nine. and the car, already is in the tree. >> reporter: she was upstairs when the car slammed into the tree. she called 911 and says first responders arrived quickly. she found a cell phone in the debris and returned it to police. >> oh, my gosh. poor family. poor family, the kids are resting in peace. the family's behind. it's a tragedy for the family. i really -- i pray for them. >> reporter: back here live, antioch police say the driver in this case was a 17-year-old female and of those who survived, they have moderate to. ive in antioch, christie smith, story, thank you. in chico, one person is dead and 14 hospitalized after
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overdosing. reporters say the entire fire department of chico and the majority of the ambulances responded to the home. neighbors say they saw people in their late teens, early 20s coming out of the house acting disoriented and wearing little clothing. of the 14 people hospitalized, four are in critical condition. we will continue to monitor the story for you. the diocese of santa rosa released a list of those accused of abuse. ey so many were subject to the abuse. the majority of the accusns happened decades ago. some incidents occurred as late as 2006 and 2008. the diocese of santa rosa will hold a press conference to
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respond to questions regarding the list. we posted the documents on our website, marching for a better education and better benefits. that's what motivated hundreds of teachers in the east bay, to speak out hoping for a change. we explain what they are fighting for and who they hope can make a difference. >> reporter: one by one, hundreds of teachers and families fill the streets searching for a solution. >> it breaks my heart. this is where i grew up and went to school. they don't have us here to support there's nobody here for these kids. >> reporter: teachers shared their list of needs for the classrooms. they say the problem is more public education funding. >> we work far more than a lot of other professions. the monetary compensation for that is null and void, a lot of
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the times. >> reporter: as the group continued to walk through the streets, they gathered outside city hall where they did the best to lift up their spirits. >> we know what it looks like monday through friday. we hope our message will be heard and used in a different way for the new era of change in government. >> immigrant children come here and know no english. some of my teachers in east oakland where it's 95% free lunch, they have a fourth and fifth grade combination class of 33 children, which is probably not legal. >> reporter: they are trying to reach a deal on avoid a strike. wages, smaller class sizes are on the negotiating table for the 37,000 students they care for. in oakland, they say they hope funds will reach the classrooms fast. >> we don't have a school nurse. for the students that do have
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medical needs, we are the nurses. celebration of life to honor a bay area broadcasting legend. family, friends and co-workers gathered at the commonwealth club to remember a kgo talk show host. he was found dead in kentucky last month. police do not suspect foul play. he led the naacp, served at san francisco's first black member of the arts commission. the memorial was led by rosy allen, who spoke of ray's signature v >> in his golden baritone is what helped me get through all the things i was doing at night and helped to entertain me. helping me, also to get to know and understand who was who and what was what in my new city. >> he hosted the kgo talk show from 1977 through 2011.
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he was 79 years old. still ahead, slow and steady. a rare and unusual sight in san jose as an historic house is loaded up and driven away. the story behind this delicate procedure. right now, storm ranger doppler radar is dry. we have big changes ahead. a windy and wet seven day forecast ahead. will it impact the rest of your weekend plans? nbc bay area and
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are proud to announce... that project innovation.. is returning for 2019. last nbc bay area is proud to announce that project innovation is returning for 2019. last year, our challenge led to eight local organizations receiving grants totaling $225,000. the organizations that received them used innovation solutions and technology to help their communities. melissa colorado shows one program changing lives. >> this is my soul. this is what i wake up for every day. >> reporter: at this office space are s their computer screens. >> i like drawing and creating>. >> i like to make designs on logos. >> reporter: this is oakland's digital, a design studio for good. these are the students. the director is the pro with an
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eye for turning a passion into a career. >> taking a raw artist, someone who has just doodling abilities and taking them to be a process designer. >> reporter: every year, they help 800 students from underserved communities in the bay area find tech jobs, specifically when it comes to user experns or ux. that's silicon valley lingo tor experiencing a website or app. fre lance designer. >> reporter: he just got his degree from college. he has the education. now he kneads exposure. >> going to these companies, such as facebook, going to google, you know, playing with ebay. i'm getting real world experiences that college didn't offer. >> reporter: that's why the
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project innovation offered oakland a $25,000 grant. >> it's a game changer. >> reporter: the nonprofit will use the funds to expand their website. bridge good serves to hire student designers. there's plans to buy a larger building to accommodate more students. >> i'm excited about it. >> reporter: designing the path to hundreds of right careers. in oakland, melissa colorado, nbc bay areact innovation applications opened yesterday. the deadline is february 15. winners are announced in april. for more information, go to www.nbcbayarea.c details. you think moving is stressful? how about moving a two ton house? that's the job a university took on today. see this?
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>> wow. >> this is amazing. >> you don't see that everything day. >> it's a good mobile home. >> it is. >> they moved the house one mile. they were in no hurry, as you can see. the 6500 square foot home was moved from 4th and san carlos to east san antonio. it took several hours to get there, to go one mile. it was built in the early 1900s, preservedyng moved to make way for a new science building. >> now, is a gorgeous, historical asset, a gem to the city of san jose. when we now continue to need a new science building, that plot is the right plot on our campus. >> that new science building will be eight stories tall, 160,000 square feet. it will cost the university $180 million.
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so fun going down the street. a 6,000 square foot house. >> i wouldn't want to be the guy driving the truck. >> the pressure is on. >> plus, i have a hard time seeing over steering wheels. still ahead, a california city taking an unusual approach to fighting wildfires. they have a gofundme page going for them. we'll tell you about it. the weekend is wrapping up with a weather alert for high surf. the waves pick up, the winds follow. rainmaking a comeback ahead. as we wrap up the weekend, we look at that. wildfires that tor
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state... a northern california city is taking a unique approach in fire in the wake of devastating wildfires that tore through the state, a northern california city is taking a unique approach to fire prevention. nevada city is launching a goat fund me, goat. as in the animal, yes. a small quaint town says goats
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can play a crucial role in fire prevention. they have been used in a number of locations. this was launched by the vice mayor. they are going to pay herders to herd them up to nevada city or bring them by truck to clear dangerous brush. if you get 200 goats together, they can tear through an acre a day. i mean level it down to the nubs. >> didn't know that. >> yeah. i didn't know they could do them work. they do the thing. i mean, they stay down. >> wow. >> right now, rain is helping. rain is helping, which is good. we are going to see a lot of it. the timing for the weekend plans should work out good tomorrow. as the rain holds off until late in the day. we have a good deal west of emeryville. a high, 63. not a bad start to the weekend. the wind is calm. you won't see much of that
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coming up in the seven day forecast. around the east side of san jose, 58 degrees. a high of 64 this afternoon. there's a pretty view over my shoulder, golden gate bridge. 58 degrees. highs were low 60s toods in downtown san francisco. not much in the way of rain. the radar is bright this evening. probably bright through most of the day tomorrow. right around this time tomorrow evening, we see the rain crossing the coast. that's where the focus of today's storm went. this for sunday dives into central and southern california. we will get more rain with this system tomorrow evening. look at that future cast through 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. not much to be too worried about, a few sprinkles here and there. a cool start to the morning. fog may be more of an issue for the morning as the winds are light as we begin the day and
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the afternoon, more winds. the winds pick up out of the south. temperatures are running cooler. eventually rain entering the picture. here is a look at the hour-by-hour forecast. sunday is shaping up today. patchy fog inland. the evening, midnight to 3:00 a.m. we are seeing the rain and the hill tops. monday, rain at times. actually, stronger wind and heavier rain due monday night and tuesday. the rain expectation between now and 11:00 sunday doesn't look like a lot. not a big weekend. as we head into monday morning commute, you are seeing a third inch of rain and some areas, looks like the south bay seeing the most will be betting close to a half inch of rain by the time we go through the rain monday. that is followed up by a stronger s shape tuesday. again, west of the bay area, we had strong, gusty winds.
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still set up for tuesday. wednesday, showers. then the strongest storm in the series, coming in during the day thursday. if you are in the north bay or the santa cruz mountains, see how the rain totals pick up by thursday. several inches of rain could be possible from tuesday to thursday. stay tuned. north bay, santa cruz mountains and north koesz seeing the most. friday and saturday, the storms won't be this strong. the thing to watch could be the king tides. the ast nhigh tides. watch that. get into next weekend, the pattern stays active. in case you are wondering how much snow, here is the ten-day outlook. several feet of snow possible in the next 7-10 days. seven day forecast, tomorrow not bad. as we pass sunset, light to
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moderate rain. that's mainly a sunday night into monday storm. but, look at the windy icons there. the storm on thursday. the winds are strong. the ground is saturated. we see wind damage, the trees come down easier and things like that. stay tuned for the forecast as we wrap up activity. >> january as it should be. >> >> if you want to head out of town, what is the best day to do it? >> see area travel looks great for tomorrow. after tomorrow, things get windy and stormy. monday night intotravel. ahead on nbc bay area iggle ar. at 5:00, netflix at the center of a lawsuit. their latest hit that landed the company in hot water.
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hit. "chooseco" publishing says netflix infringed on its tradem netflix in hot water having being sued over the latest hit. black mirror film. several classic choose your own adventure books is the format of the film. netflix has not responded to a request for comment from nbc news. hundreds of people came to san jose's children's discovery museum for a special celebration. they held the 21st annual three kings event. it's a holiday with huge significance to latino families. it marks the 12 days after christmas and the king's arrival in bethlehem. they led a procession where visitors were invited to watch dance performances and take part in a variety of activities.
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>> good food, i noticed as well. >> cake. >> certainly ahead in the next half hour, a look at the top stories we are following and another democrat announces his bid for the white house. the government shutdown reaches an infinite milestone. new video of a deadly explosion that killed three in paris. news at 5.
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i )m terry mcsweeney and i )m anoushah welcome back to nbc bay area news at 5:00. here are some of the top stories we are following tonight. we are learning about the gunman who shot and killed a davis police officer.


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