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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 14, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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removed from the castro valley. no delays in the area except for right here, the altamont pass. easy dive through the maze. no problems. back to you. >> thank you very much. developing now on capitol hill, new questions mounting about president trump's behavior when it comes to russia and president putin. those new developments coming to light as the president keeps pushing for a border wall with no deal in sight the government shutdown moves into its 24th day. it is the longest shutdown in history. "today in the bay's" susan mcginness is live in washington. susan? >> good morning. that's right. the president has been railing all weekend against these two articles talking about his possible ties to russia. one in the "new york times." one in the "washington post." he continues to demand border wall funding before the government is reopened.
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>> reporter: now the longest in u.s. history, the government shutdown has federal workers worried about making ends meet, including border patrol agents. >> a lot of the employees work double shifts. with no paycheck. that's a slap in the face. >> reporter: still no give on either side of the stalemate in washington. >> the president made numerous offers about the stalemate. reasonable, too. >> reopen government. why punish people who are applying for food stamps because the president is having a temper tantrum. >> reporter: the president is lashing out at a "new york times" report saying the fbi opened an investigation into president's behavior after the firing of james comey. the president responded on fox news. >> are you now or have you ever worked for russia, mr. president? >> i think it's the most insulting thing i've ever been
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asked. >> reporter: the president also denied a "washington post" report that he took extensive steps to hide conversations he's had with russian president vladimir putin. >> does the president have a right to conceal these conversations? probably. but i don't think it's the right thing to do. >> it's pretty much up to him in terms of who he wants to read into his conversation with world leaders. >> reporter: both stories putting the president on defense. well, as for the government shutdown, one senior republican is suggesting to the president that he reopen the government temporarily for a period of several weeks, during which talks can continue. no sign he will take that advice. >> susan mcginness, thank you very much. as that golf mtd shvernment continues, east bay families are feeling the squeeze and now getting a helping hand. there are donation of food and household goods. coast guard families missing paychecks will be given the
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items this weekend. over the weekend 200 families were given food and basic necessities. all the items were collected by the east bay coast guard spouse's club. pg&e is filing for bankruptcy. that announcement coming a short time ago. a day after the ceo stepped down and not long after the attorney general declared the utility could be held for wildfire damages. kris sanchez has more. tell us what this means for customers and employees. >> the employees may find out more details later on this morning as the formal announcement goes out to them. in the short-term your lights should be fine. your gas service should not be affecteded if you're a customer. this is the first step in the bankruptcy filing. the legal notice that pg&e plans to file chapter 11 bankruptcy by
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the end of the month. that's the kind of brumtankrupt that allows the utility to keep operating while reorganizing. pg&e is fisi infacing billions dollars in damages from the bute fire and the deadly santa rosa wildfire last year. the state attorney general said the company could face criminal charges as well. geisha williams, the ceo, resigned yesterday. the interim ceo said the chapter 11 bankruptcy would allow continued service, address wildfire liabilities, assist support and allow the company and utility to access capital. governor gavin newsom released a statement saying while pg&e announced the intent to file bankruptcy today, the company should continue to honor promises made to energy suppliers and our community. throughout the months ahead i will work with the legislature and stakeholders on a solution
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to make sure customers have access to safe, affordable and reliable services, fire victims are treated fairly and that california can make progress towards climate goals. that's the statement from governor gavin knnewsome. pg&e employees should expect to continue getting a paycheck and benefits in the short-term, but in the long-term we'll have to wait and see. i'm reaching out to some of those folks to see if anybody wants to talk. pg&e saying they will talk later today. we'll follow this story for you. if you want more background details, you can find extensive reporting by our investigative unit at in san francisco, kris sanchez, "today in the bay.." grief counselors will be on hand today at three east bay schools to help students cope with a tragic car crash.
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two teens died and four others were injured friday night when a tree packed with young people slammed into a tree. bob is outside a delta middle school in oakley. this will be a tough day for students. >> reporter: correct. this is where one of the two who passed away attended school, jey leitner, just 13 years old. he says his family is devastate. tells us his daughter was a wonderful person. an avid soccer player. he says jey and five others were on their way back from a basketball game when they crashed friday night. police believe the driver was speeding when she lost control of her suv on a wet road, overcorrected and collided with a tree, this is lonetree way and
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indian hill drive. one teen was ejected. the other five were trapped inside. jey and another teen were pronounced dead on the scene. the other teen killed was the driver, 17-year-old leanna rubin. first responders had to use the jaws of life to remove the other passengers. there were two more 17-year-old girls, another 13-year-old girl and a 17-year-old boy. the district says it will have grief counselors at all three campuses this morning. reporting live in oakland, bob redell, "today in the bay." the streets don't just belong to cars anymore. that's the message behind a bill state senator scott weiner plans to announce today. the measure would require caltrans to add bike lanes, bus lanes and pedestrian walkways. a similar bill died in committee. in north palo alto a road
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will be keeping its turn restrictions and lanes. middle field road has a long history of collisions and congestion. today the city counsel is expected to approve restrictions. cashes have dropped significantly during the pilot program. between 2014 and 2017 there were 100 crashes. in the last three months there's been three. a deadly winter storm is blanketing into the mid-atlantic region. seven people are dead from colorado to delaware. icy conditions have knocked out power, canceled flights and contributed to hundreds of car accidents. in missouri, more than 20 inches of snow has been recorded. you can see right here crews at roanoke blacksburg regional airport were working to deice planes there and clear runways. snowplows were hard at work trying to clear those roads. virginia state police have
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responded to more than 230 accidents. that's something we're not dealing with. but we're dealing with something. >> we'll have some issues of our own. we're starting out with light showers moving in to parts of the bay area. we'll track a larger storm system producing lightning. a lot of that activity has been tapering off. a slight chance of thunderstorms making their way into the bay area as scattered rain rolls closer and affects other day. in pittsburg cloudy skies, make sure you're prepared for the rain that will be here later this morning. on your way out the door, heading to the warm springs b.a.r.t. station, the rain may get there earlier, we'll see our temperatures reaching into the mid 50s today with breezy winds. we'll track that rain and what else is ahead for the week. mike, you're tracking something near san jose. >> that's right. we'll show you the only other
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thing besides green sensors, this is red out of the altamont corridor it opens up as you hit livermore. the stiincident we're tracking northbound 101 about the merge with 87, right by sjc. on the northbound side of the bay area freeway. it's on the center divide area. it should be fine. the bay bridge toll plaza is starting to shift. cash lane backups are easing up. fastrak building more cars. the change in the next 10, 15minutes until they have those metering lights on. it's 5:10 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," new parking meters coming to walnut creek's popular downtown. how they will make your next shopping trip more convenient. and we enter day 24 of the government shutdown. we'll look at that and the new announcement from pg&e. and still ahead, dramatic new video of a large cargo plane crashing in the middle east.
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these horrific images just coming in to our newsroom. coming up, how that plane ended up in the middle of a neighborhood.
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right now at 5:13. our weather starts out dry. there will be some rain moving in as we go throughout the day. here's highway 101 in palo alto, starting out dry. showers could move in. starting out with spotty rain, getting more widespread as we go
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throughout the day. we'll track the rain in your forecast. that will be with us off and on throughout the week. that's coming up in less than five minutes. >> i will move that camera, i'm looking for a krashl crash on te of the bay. fremont looking clear. >> very good morning to you. happy monday. these numbers were lower on friday, but all in all a win for wall street over the course of last week. sears has a bankruptcy today. amazon back in the news. we'll talk about that. but the big news is pg&e. as kris sanchez first told us, pg&e is filing for bankruptcy. its ceo stepped down over the weekend. the company is or may be responsible for hundreds of wildfires in california. the liability is turning out to be too much. t a power company filing for bankruptcy doesn't mean electricity will be turned off. there were brownouts when pg&e first filed for bankruptcy in
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2001, but that was because of disruption. amazon faces uncertainty as its founder and wife split up. jeff bezos' ex-wife may have control of the company. >> if they split shares and she becomes a large shareholder, how does that affect the management of the company when your ex-wife is your largest shareholder? >> more about that on the "today" show at 7:00. trump twice divorced himself called jeff bezos jeff bozo over the weekend. monday is the 24th day of the shutdown. over the weekend the president offered to bring back daca back the table. we'll talk more about that at 5:45. i know you're talking about the detroit auto show, one of the most interesting announcements is out of cadillac where they're
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working on an all-electric crossover. gm says the cadillac will be the company's effort in electric car. they will lead it. the next couple of years you will see cadillacs become electric and only electric. >> that will be interesting. >> cadillac with a big statement. >> we had many cadillacs growing up. my first car was a '72 sedan deville. twice as big as this desk. >> the huge trunk. >> that's right. >> thanks, scott. happening today, it is show time in motor city there. north america international auto show is celebrating 30 years of the hottest wheels and the coolest concepts in detroit. but according to experts at morgan stanley, after four straight years of record sales of more than 17 million new vehicles a year, shoppers may be
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tapping the brakes in 2019. one reason, a surge of late model lease returns are expected to flood the market. drivers in downtown walnut creek will notice things are different this morning when parking. this month the city is installing new parking meters which are supposed to be easier to use and read. they'll feature a large solar panel to try to save energy. rates and time limits will remain the same. and a south bay man has found the puurfect tenant. a san jose man is renting his studio apartment to a pair of cats. the total monthly cost, $1,500. the animals don't pay the rent. they are being taken care of by a 43-year-old man who saw the solution as to what to do with
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his daughter's cats. he couldn't abandon the cats but also couldn't take them in. >> are you allergic, mike? >> i started coughing. i realized i was allergic to electronic cats. just pictures. >> i thought you were going to say the cats had their own instagram account, they were making money. >> they have their own apartment. there's a lot of homeless people out there. amazing. $1,500 for two cats? >> right. >> i think that's quite -- >> it's a deal. >> really? have you looked for apartments around here? you haven't. >> wow. >> cats don't want to be outside today. >> no. we'll see some rain moving through. not only today but the next several days. here's stormranger. we'll track it with you every morning. keep checking in. it will be changing as we are going to see several storm systems moving in. here's the first one, that shows
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lightning offshore. there will be that slight chance that come of that could make it into the bay area. we are starting out with dry weather this morning as we look at 580 in dublin. a lot of people already up and out the door. if you're heading to the b.a.r.t. station, it will be mostly cloudy. temperatures in the mid 40s. it's a cool and dry start. we will see rain chances moving in later this morning and into the afternoon. so make sure you're prepared. as you get ready, it's just a hat has thday. don't worry about styling your hair. with the rain moving in today, breezy winds and high humidity. we may see that rain moving in by 9:00 this morning, especially for the south bay. it spreads from south to north late morning and early afternoon. here we are at 2:30, much less activity. still some spotty rain here and there. later tonight this first round of rain tapers off. there will be another round of
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rain moving in by tomorrow morning. tomorrow looks soggy throughout the day as well. we'll see a stronger system moving in by wednesday into thursday. so a very active week. we're looking at this first round of rain bringing us some light downpours that could measure up to about a tenth to a half inch of rain for most of the bay area. but this is going to bring a lot more rain and snow for the sierra. looking at the possibility of several feet of snow. maybe four or five feet of snow for higher elevations. i'll watch that but also the stronger storm that will be moving in wednesday and thursday with some high winds. the heaviest rain we've seen in quite awhile. by friday that storm system moves out. saturday a break. another one on sunday. pretty busy going into the next few days. mike, you're reporting a crash near palo alto? >> that the the report we got from chp.
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i give folks a shout out over here on 101. this is the dumbarton bridge. westbound 580 typical slowing there. i scan from the south-facing camera shot up here to the north. we didn't see any problems for this side of the bayshore freeway. reported around university avenue. i'll keep checking. they may update or they may clear it. we missed the clearing, now we have the build at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights at this second, but they should be turned on. b.a.r.t. will take you under the water, avoid the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. thanks. coming up, a dramatic new video of a cargo jet crashing in the middle east. how that plane ended up in the middle of a neighborhood despite making an emergency landing at an airport. and heading to the pump? we have some good news. gas prices are down. we'll tell you by how much and why they're trending down.
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>> and this morning, "today in the bay" is welcoming a new pet to the family. check out this photo of that new dog. to find out the pet's name, follow pete on instagram. a wiscf
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kidnapping a 13-year-old girl
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welco welcome back. happening today a wisconsin man accused of kidnapping a 13-year-old girl and killing her parents is due in court. jayme closs escaped thursday after being held captive for nearly three months. these photos of her and her aunt are the first to emerge since her terrible ordeal. today 21-year-old jake patterson will be charged with kidnapping and two counts of homicide. it's still a mystery why the family was targeted. >> i don't know. i don't know if he just saw her or what connection is. there's been no contact like everybody thinks. >> jayme's grandfather says she's doing well for what she went through. new video shows a deadly military plane crash in iran. it went down this morning while trying to make an emergency landing west of the country's capital. one person out of 16 on board survived. the plane skidded off the runway, crashed through a fence and into a neighborhood. the cause is under
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investigation. if you drive, you probably can't help but notice the price of gas is down, even from the holidays. the national average fell another 12 cents per gallon since christmas. in the bay area, tripaaa says t average is 3.35 per gallon. slightly more in oakland. in san francisco, 20 cents higher. if you're around here, you can find gas stations offering gas under $3 a gallon. this morning the final four nfl teams are set. >> we're getting a better idea who will be playing on super bowl sunday. big highlights, the saints beating the eagles, the patriots dominating the chargers. the pats play the kansas city chiefs for the afc title, the saints play the rams for the nfc title. savannah guthrie is making good on herbert with hoda copy .
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she is going into new york subways singing in eagles gear. >> couldn't really hear her singing. >> i guess they were talking about it. >> great sportsmanship from hoda as well. savannah and her family are huge eagles fans. during the game yesterday she posted a video with her an her husband and kids cheering for the game. >> 5:27. coming up next on "today in the bay," top stories we're following. breaking news, pg&e's announcing it's filing for bankruptcy. we're live at pg&e headquarters. what it all means for you. and new for you, san francisco police officers chase down a suspected d ushgui drive
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through three cities. how that suspect used a car as a weapon. and a live look outside. bay bridge toll plaza. monday morning. we have a look at that morning commute and a look at your work week forecast. what is changing? you're watching "today in the bay."
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ad lib live picture of fremont. welcome to monday morning. hope you're coming off a great weekend. taking a live look outside.
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you notice that sculpture? maybe if you're in fremont near the auto mall. 5:30 right now. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. let's head over to kari hall tracking in wet weather. >> those palm trees were not moving much, but i think they will move a lot tlouohroughout week as rains and wind pick up. we are picking up some light showers right now. we are tracking a bigger storm system, actually moving from south to north. we can see the rain that will be spreading into the bay area. even some lightning strikes with that rain that continues to move closer to the coast. i'll track this, also what's ahead as stronger storm systems move in. mike, you're watching the metering lights. >> they're on. we have that full backup. the commute has returned after
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some winter breaks. we see movement at the fast track lanes. a bit of rain for san francisco. the south bay will get more rain later on. right now it's an easy drive. back to you. breaking news to tell you about. pg&e is filing for bankruptcy. that announcement coming less than two hours ago. yesterday its ceo stepped down long after the state attorney general declared that the utility could be held liable for wildfire damages. kris sanchez joins us live from pg&e san francisco headquarters. talk to us about what this means for the customers and employees. >> reporter: in the short term it doesn't mean a lot for customers. this is just the first step in pg&e announcing its bankruptcy filing.
5:33 am
it is a legal notice that pg&e plans to file by the end of this month. it's the kind of bankruptcy that allows the utility to continue operating while it reorganizes. pg&e is facing billions of dollars in financial liabilities related to the bute county fire that killed 88 people and the deadly fire last year. the state attorney general said the company could face criminal charges in addition to financial setbacks. the investigative unit has done extensive reporting on that part of the story. just yesterday we reported that the ceo, geisha williams, resigned after just two-years on the job. in the last hour the governor released a statement saying while pg&e announced its intent to file bankruptcy today, the company should continue to honor promises made to energy suppliers and our community. throughout the months ahead i will work with the legislature and all stakeholders to make sure all customers have access to safe, affordable, reliable service, fire victims are
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treated fairly and california can continue to make progress towards our climate goals. pg&e has 20,000 employees, they should continue to expect paychecks and benefits for now. we'll find out later as this bankruptcy filing continues. behind me you may notice barricades. they are not usually up. pg&e may expect folks to start showing up in protest of this recent filing. we did ask pg&e for someone to talk with us on camera. they say it's not going to happen today. in san francisco, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." as she mentioned, our investigative unit has been reporting extensively on pg&e for the past six years. we first told you about the utility's questionable relationship with regulators at the cpuc, and our unit broke news about pg&e's maintenance issues with power lines in butd county. to see our reports and see the biggest investigative unit, go to it is 5:34. new this morning a woman is
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hospitalized and in a lot of trouble with the law after leading police on a chase through three bay area cities. pete joins us live to tell us how the chase started and how it came to an end. good morning, pete. >> good morning to you. we're still working to confirm those details with san francisco police. we know that chase ended here in ocean beach. it started at the stones town galleria mall near san francisco stated. let's show you a map and plot out where this chase took place. sfpd told crews on the scene that the driver was a dui suspect, and the chase began around 10:30 p.m. near the stonestown mall off of 19th and winston streets in san francisco. that goes through daly city and ending here near ocean beach. want to show you guys some video from the scene. apparently the officers got out
5:36 am
of the car to approach this dui suspect. the suspect reportedly drives off, hitting a sergeant's patrol car. this leads to that high-speed chase we showed you, reaching 80 miles per hour. the chase goes down 280 through daley and pacifica before heading towards the great highway and slope where we're standing near ocean beach. you can see that suspect was taken to a hospital for unknown injuries. really at this time we're working to get more details on potential charges for the suspect. we'll provide you with any new information when we do. >> thanks for the latest, pete. happening today, santa rosa church leaders will talkibility li talk about the list of names released over the weekend tied to sexual abuse. the diocese sent out names of 39 clergy members, all of whom are deceased or left the church. one-third of those listed are
5:37 am
tied to accusations elsewhere. many accusations go back years, some cases occurred as recently as 2008. at 10:00 this morning, bishop robert vossa is expected to respond to questions about that list. the san francisco mayor trying to make lemonade out of lemons resulting from a company closure. she's looking to hire 300 laid off drivers from chariot. chariot was trying to be a low-cost version of uber and lyft. she tweeted her plan over the weekend. she believes those drivers may help solve muni's current operator shortage. many of those chariot drivers have already been offered jobs. home for the raiders just got closer to vegas. here's a live look there from vegas from the team's live camera showing construction for the stadium in progress. when it opens in 2020 it will be a few blocks from the strip. here's video of what it will look like.
5:38 am
right now the raiders are without a home for next season. that's not stopping the teamtor bre team on breaking ground on its new headquarters. good news for south bay commuters. repairs are finished on the sinkhole that opened along montague expressway in milpitas. it measured about 30 feet by 30 feet. it was nearly ten feet deep. crews worked around-the-clock to repair the hole. the road reopened yesterday. >> yeah. yeah. for sure. >> why? >> just because not a fan of traffic. want to get where we needed to go. >> work crews say that sinkhole started from a damaged underground storm drain. a historic building in san jose is being presented. this weekend the sheller house was moved to a new location on san jose's campus. it was built in 1904. that house was lifted out of its
5:39 am
foundations on to wheels and then dragged by the semi. at one point during that move, the san jose mayor became stuck behind the house. check out this photo he shared on twitter. he wrote the next time you're frustrated with traffic consider yourself lucky you didn't get stuck behind this. >> guess he's getting around. he's handling traffic and housing issues for san jose. all right. over here, this is not why it's slow. it's slow because of the metering lights being on. mid-span reports of a crash around the treasure island tunnel. what may be going on is there may be a crash and another car stuck together. we'll check on that. i'm hoping for better news once crews arrive and clarify. right now a minor delay if not much more building over there. the rest of the bay moving
5:40 am
smoothdl smoothly. the san mateo bridge is clear right now. coming off a great weekend. >> hoping the next weekend is just as great. >> after this week we'll be so ready for the weekend. >> a lot of rain. >> a lot of rain this weekend. sierra snow. this is how it starts with the system approaching the bay area. we'll see this one rolling through and several other ones right behind that. as we get a look at our seven-day forecast, the strongest storm will be during the middle of the week. then it gradually starts to taper off on friday. actually saturday looks like we'll get a break from that rain. we'll track another system moving in by sunday. if you're planning to head to the sierra this weekend. kirkwood will have some dry weather after a busy week. we'll have to see if those roads get cleared in time for friday with people heading that way. by sunday the snow will be coming back down once again. as we check out russian river valley, partly cloudy skies on friday. saturday is looking dry, but not
5:41 am
a lot of sunshine. then another system moving in by sunday with some more rain. we'll talk about what's going on today as the rain approaches. that's coming up in about three minutes. >> sounds good. also coming up, 30,000 teachers hitting the picket lines in los angeles. they're calling for better pay and more school funding. how the nation's second largest school district is bracing for today's protests. not enough green and too much white leaves the government extra shut down today. and we've been telling you about this boom design to clean trash in the ocean, but it's not working. we'll tell you where that boom is this morning. and feeling angry? need an outlet for that rage? we'll go inside an anger room designed to help calm people down. (mom vo) it's easy to shrink
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into your own little world. especially these days. (dad) i think it's here.
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(mom vo) especially at this age. (big sister) where are we going? (mom vo) it's a big, beautiful world out there. (little sister) woah... (big sister) wow. see that? (mom vo) sometimes you just need a little help seeing it. (vo) presenting the all-new three-row subaru ascent. love is now bigger than ever. right now, if you're getting ready to head out the door, you have to go through the interchange near 101 and 280 in san jose. it's already going to be busy. don't forget the umbrella. even though we're not seeing rain now, we have it in the forecast for later this morning and into the afternoon. off and on rain starts us out for the weekend. there's more where that came from. i'll look at the rest of the forecast in less than five minutes. looking here at the live camera for fremont. a few more cars. the build in the volume in headlines is heading south in
5:45 am
silicon valley. i think i found the crash on the bay bridge that we've been looking for. thank you very much. it's almost quarter to 6:00. happening today in los angeles, teachers at the nation's second largest school district going on strike after weeks of negotiations between the school board and teachers union stalled, more than 30,000 ed caug educators won't be going to work. >> we're going on strike for our students, for our schools and for the future of public education in los angeles. >> teachers are asking for smaller class sizes, higher pay, and more nurses, counselors and librarians. schools will stay open with substitutes and volunteers filling in. some parents are keeping their kids at home. investigators are trying to find out what caused a deadly crash in vacaville. it happened after 7:00 last night. one person was killed in another car when a car flip ped and it
5:46 am
went off the road. the second victim is in critical condition this morning. it's not yet clear what caused the crash. happening today in contra costa county, an access point to mount deyiablo state park coulde gone. the city could choose to fence off the area creating an on-street parking program, or do nothing. this comes as neighbors complain and created petitions saying park visitors take up off of the on-street parking on weekends, block driveways and even leave behind trash. a fence could cost the city $22,000, parking permits could cost $49 each for residents. it looks like repairs are getting closer for the boom that recently went bust in the pacific ocean. we're talking about that massive track collector boom there. creators hoped it would track all of the plastic floating in
5:47 am
the great pacific garbage patch it was towed last fall from san francisco but got off to a bad start when a section detached. now it reportedly arrived in hawaii for repairs. it's not clear how long the repairs will take. the government is extra shut down today. >> scott mcgrew says it's not because of money but way too much snow. >> we're on day 24 of the shutdown. the longest in u.s. history. a mid-atlantic snowstorm means not only are government workers not getting paid, they're just going to stay home. the federal government declaring a snow day in washington, d.c. nothing is moving there. president trump over the weekend appeared to put dhaaca back on e table with this tweet. this is unusual for two reasons. the president's position all along up until friday has been daca is off the table.
5:48 am
he thinks he can win that one in the courts. to bring it back into negotiations is unexpected. you may recall earlier last year, chuck schumer offered far more money for the wall in exchange for legalizing dreamers. the president said no. we are still talking about that blockbuster report over the weekend from the times that said the fbi launched an investigation into whether the president was acting on behalf of russia. an allegation that rippled across washington. >> whether the president was working with the russians, that's a very different thing. it collapses the obstruction inquiry into that larger collusion inquiry. >> sarah sanders calls the allegations absurd but did not specifically deny them. here's president trump as he phoned in to fox news over the weekend. >> are you now or have you ever worked for russia, mr. president? >> i think it's the most insulting thing i've ever been asked. i think it's the most insulting article i've ever had written.
5:49 am
and if you read the article, you'd see it, they found absolutely nothing. but the headline of that article is call is -- it's called the failing "new york times" for a reason. >> you can follow me on twitter for more. anybody angry these days? welcome to smash. new video shows customers taking out frustrations, having what they say is a smashing good time. a former chinese public relations specialist and her friends opened the anger room in beijing four months ago. around 600 customers visit that room every month. prices start at $23 for a single person in a room to $75 for a group of four. boy. take people that are not mad at you. be careful. >> i've heard of people doing that. they say it's fun.
5:50 am
thefrnlgt have tho >> they have some of those in the united states. a lot of fax machines destroyed. >> keep it off the roads. >> yeah. don't be mad at me about this weather. we'll have a wet week across the bay area. starting out with dry weather as you step out the door. we're starting to see light showers moving in. you can see the rain rolling over the santa cruz mountains. the radar is right there. we will start to see more of that rain rolling in as we go throughout more of the morning and into the afternoon. some of the heavier showers will be still right off the coast. then moving in. if you're on your way out the door, maybe heading to the fruitville b.a.r.t. station, be prepared for that rain moving in. that will be moving in this morning and into the afternoon. it will be a cool day as well. getting the kids up in martinez a mostly cloudy and chilly start with mid 40s. later on this morning, going
5:51 am
back to pick them up from school or walking home, there will be some showers rolling by. we take a live look outside at san francisco as we see those clouds moving in. we will need a jacket once again. chilly temperatures to start. an umbrella for the rest of the day as we get rounds of showers moving in. i think by 10:00 we'll see pretty much more of the south bay as well as the peninsula covered with some rain. as we go into the noon hour, you may want to take that lunch and head back to the office. it's still going to be rainy around the area. a lot of this will be more spotty as we go into the evening and then tapering off for the night. as we wake up tomorrow morning, another round of rain moving in. rolling from south to north. then as the storm system moves through, it will produce waves of rain. even a slight chance of thunderstorms. that's something i'm watching for. as far as rain totals, not looking at anything really significant. most of us getting about a half
5:52 am
inch of rain or less. then looking at a stronger storm system that will be here wednesday and thursday. that could also bring in high winds. a lot to deal with this week as we get several storm systems moving in. i'll track it here every morning for you. mike, you were talking about a crash on the bay bridge? >> that's right. i found it with our camera. in emeryville. look at that beautiful view in the distance. we're focusing here on the flashing lights. you can see that red and blue reflecting off the water. crews arrived to this crash which is on the incline. it's not at the treasure island tunnel. the incline has some more space to work in. you know it's westbound on the oakland side because the incline would be this direction. if it was the opposite direction heading back to oakland, we call that the decline. you will find more slowing heading up towards the tunnel and the backup holding steady off the berkeley curve and over towards the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on.
5:53 am
no slowing from continue ra cos conte down to the south bay. happening now, scooters could soon be rolling in the state capital. so far they've been banned from sacramento, but you may see them on the streets. next, it's a tie. lady gaga getting closer to an outright win for her movie role. >> what i would hope is that they would use this to find out what kind of interventions could make it possible. >> and a potential game changer for anyone dealing with heart disease and also people who don't know they even have it. the new technology aimed at catching problems before symptoms even begin. a lot more ahead. you're watching "today in the bay."
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5:56 am
. what did you do this weekend? i was a plumber fixing toilets. yeah. a funny story, but you know what? i taught my daughters this weekend you can go out, get the parts, do it yourself. you can follow the story on my facebook page, lauragarcianbc. confirmation this morning of a measles case in the l.a. area.
5:57 am
listen up if you were down south for the holidays. health officials say a person may have exposed several shoppers and diners there. late last month they visited the santa monica pier and some department stores in pasadena. officials say those who believe they might have been exposed should call their healthcare provider before visiting. experts may know the key to detecting heart problems before a person shows symptoms. it's thanks to artificial intelligence. researchers at the mayo clinic started applying artificial intelligence to ekg tests. it helped them actually pick up on weak heart pumps that doctors might not be able to detect with a human eye. patients could then receive medications and treatments to prevent heart failure later in life. >> we thought it would be good to have a painless rapid screening test that lets people know they have a condition.
5:58 am
so it picks up early disease and puts intervention at an early stage. >> the mayo clinic is rolling out a pilot program using the artificial intelligence. this could some day be used in tandem with ekgs performed on smartphones or a special stethoscope. by now you probably know that amazon founder jeff bezos is getting a divorce. '. >> are questions about whether this will impact amazon. >> if they split shares and she becomes a large shareholder, how does that affect the management of the company when your ex-wife is your largest shareholder? >> the couple is worth about 0 $160 billion. they've been together for 25 years, even before amazon started. this morning, lady gaga finally does have a big acting award for her role in "a star is
5:59 am
born." gaga lost to glenn close in a surprise golden globes upset. last night kind of a different story. >> glenn, get over here. it's -- my mother and glenn are good friends. so i'm so very happy that she won this this evening. >> gaga won for best act tress at the critics choice awards, so did glenn. they tied. that contest, of course, a lot of people waiting for the oscars. that's the big one. that's coming up in february. >> i wonder why she didn't come over. >> i guess she's like i won the golden globes, i'll give you your moment. >> gracious. >> it's 6:00. breaking news, pg&e saying overnight the utility is preparing to file for bankruptcy less than a day after a change in leadership. the future of the utility this morning. what pg&e is saying about your bills. and coping with tragedy.
6:00 am
two teens killed in contra costa, now their friends and teachers return to class. the support this morning and what we're learning about the victims. and russian reaction. president trump dismissing bombshell reports about possible new connections to vladimir putin. this as the government shutdown linkers o lingers on. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> i say continues because early bird gets the worm. we've been on since 4:30 this morning. join us early. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. mike will have a look at the commute in a bit. kari, first talk about that rain. >> there will be a lot of worms coming out. we'll have some very soggy grounds across the bay area. we're starting out with spotty light showers now. a lot more of that widespread rain on the way. we'll track it on stormranger as this series of storm systems moves into the bay area.


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