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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 14, 2019 11:00am-11:29am PST

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our storm ranger working -- it s going to be busy this week. right now at 11:00 rain back in the bay area. storm ranger working hard. a live look at our live doppler radar. you can see it lingering other the bay area. good evening. thanks for joining us. >> i'm laura area. we know that. we take a live look outside at our cameras showing us what it looks like across the bay area. kari hall is working hard over the next couple of days. this starts today? it. >> starts today. we'll have three storms moving through this week. it is the first in a series. this is our mobile doppler
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radar. a lot of heavier rain focused on parts of the south bay and moving towards the hills. as we get a closer look it is a pretty steady rain from fremont and we are seeing lighter showers movin snort banorth bay francisco getting a lighter drizzle. it will continue to bring in wet weather as we dgo throughout th day. so far a lot of that has stayed well off the coast. as we go throughout the day waves of rain moving through. it will be a pretty soggy day. it tapers off tonight. there will be another roundov o wet weather set to move in. it could impact the morning commute and also going throughout the day. we are going to have a lot of busy travel days and also just trying to get to and fromor you
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and talk about the strongest storm that's set to move in. more on that coming up in the full forecast. >> thank you soan stay connecte. you can get weather where you are. look at our radar to plan your day. new at 11:00, one person day died in a fire. we have new video from nbc bay area sky ranger. you you can see overednehead it happened not far from east san jose. we are live from the scene. so sad here. what happened here? >> well, we just learned in the last of minutes that the woman who died was an elderly woman. she was on the second floor of her family's apartment. arson investigators are trying to of fur
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the moments when fire was just raging. it is burning through the front and througapareent building. department told me they don't know how the fire started but jos fire that it did burn very fast. the first call was just before 7:00 this morning. within minutes that fire was at a second alarm. they were calling in more resources. one man was getting his kids ready for school and said he was thankful it didn't happen because he didn't hear any alarms. four apartments are unlivable. she lived next door to the woman that died! how difficult will it be? >> i only have a certain amount -- i don't know how long i have to get my stuff out. two knows afterwards. >> and you'll have >> yes. >> they will be out far while. now the number is up to 20 nt complex. cannot go back home
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the red cross is trying to help them find space some place else. you have heard her saying she was going to live with her dad for a while. difficult times and difficult for the family who died. we hope to find out how that happened and see if it's something that the rest of us could learn from. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thank. earlier this morning utility announcing it will be filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. we brought you live coverage all morning on today in the bay. bod redell is live in san carlos. tell us, what's flexion for tne utility company? >> reporter: we just spoke with jerry hill who has been highly critical of pg and e after if pipeline explosion. he sees opportunity in this fil
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come out a better safer company. his concern is that the state tries to bail out the utility and that pg and e has not learned his lesson. there war lot of developments over the past 24 hours. the ceo stepped down this morning. utility announced it would be filing for chapter 11 protection in 15 days because it can't cover the more than $30 billion in potential liabilities for wild fires. they determined that pg and e started the north bay fires that killed 22 people and looking into whether the utilities responsible for the fire that killed 86 people. in a statement pg and e said that your gas and electric service will continue uninterrupted, that they will work to help address those wild firees we willork with regulators and still have access to capital to continue regular operations. >> they have just not considered
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for prioritized safety and that's why we are struggling and suffering so much. that needs to change. this is an opportunity for us to make sure that happens. >> do you think it will happen? >> i think it will happen. it has to happen. >> we did reach out to and they referred us to the statement put out by governor gavin newsom. he said the company should continue to honor promises made to energy suppliers and our community in the months ahead. fire victims are treated fairly and california can continue to make progress towards our climate goals. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the latest. we have been reporting
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extensively for the past six years. we told you about the questionable regulation. most recently we broke the news about pg and e's maintenance issues. to see all of our report head to right when we found out about the possible bankruptcy we sent out a push alert. you might have seen it when you woke up. download our app to get breaking news alerts on your s in new orleans. >> the government remains shut. it is on day 24 there. the president reacting to a new story. a block revelation. >> i never worked for russia.
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you know that answer better than anybody. i never worked for russia. not only did i never work for russia, i think it's a disgrace that you even ask that question. it is a whole big fat hoax. it is just a hoax. >> also congress talking about whether it can subpoena the american translator at the private meeting between trump and putin last july to find out what the two leaders said. republicans visit sized the president for stating he believed putin's assurance that rush that didn't interfere in our election when our intelligence agency saying the opposite. we have live pick clur this is morning. this is president trump in new orleans. he is addressing the american farm bureau's 100th convention there in the big easy. we have been listening into that speech. he thanked the crowd and farmers and immediately went into
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discussing the wall. she back on talking about the wall. we'll continue to monotitor tha. if we have something new we'll let you know. >> sounds good. thank you. stocks are taking a tumble right now. dow jones is down 73 so far. we'll keep our eye on that as well. high speed chase that went through three cities ended in an arrest. it started when police say the suspect struck a cruiser near san francisco state around 10:30 last night. it went back to san francisco before ending near the great highway. police say the driver because dui suspect. at some point the chase reached 80 miles per hour. the suspect now in the hospital with unknown injuries. coming up next, the catholic church responds to a list of priests tied to the sex abuse
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scandal. a live report coming up next. plus 30,000 teachers on strike. educators across los angeles out of the classroom. their demands before they return to teach.
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these are live pictures. they are stopping at stoplights. it is interesting that police aren't able to go up to whoever the driver is. it is happening down at lynnwood central los angeles this morning. we don't know what initially the chase started as, whether it was a regular pull overbut we have been monitoring this. it sounds like possible stolen car. it is a kia but a polite chase
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shall we say? we'll keep your eye on these as the live pictures are still in our news room. we'll find out what's going on there. santa rosa church leaders talk about the list of names released over the weekend. it identifies those tied to sexual abuse. mark matthews is live for us, mark. >> reporter: the 39 names were released on saturday. according to the bishop here they have been released in order to give a voice to those victims. >> i pray that those who fear no
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one will believe them, we'll see the we the desire to say to them, we hear you, we believe you. we want to help you. >> reporter: the bishop said of the 39 names only four of the cases have actually gone to law enforcement because the statue of limitations has run on the others. the majority of the 39 are already deceased. they are talking about old cases. the latest dates back to 2008. i spoke the survivors network known as snap. we'll speak with them later today. it has done some good for victims to call into law rc to snap to report
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abuse tonight in our evening news coverage. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. rydeg to drown her newborn in a toilet at a mcdonald's. authorities arrested her about a year and a half ago. they say she gave birth to her son during her shift and tried to drown him in the toilet where she was working. she could spend seven years in jail. that baby is said to be developing normally. grief counselors helping students cope with a tragic car crash. two died and four others injured. an sufr slammed into a tree. the group just attended a basketball game. one of the victims who died, 13 lightener who attended delta sc.
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the other victims have not been identified. they believe speed and wet roads factors into this crash. happening now the los angeles teachers at the nation's second largest school district are striking. more than 30,000 educators will not be going to work. the union president is calling on teachers to strike for as long as it takes to reach a deal. >> until we get them to invest in our kids chant on that picket line with pride. >> teachers are asking for higher pay and more nurses, counselors and librarians. schools will stay open with substitutes and volunteers filling in. a developing story, pompeo
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is in saudi arabia. nbc's andrea mitchell is traveling with the secretary of state. >> reporter: secretary of state and at the meeting today. the young leader close to kushner and the president who has not accepted the clungs that the crown prince knew about the murder plot. >> maybe he did. maybe he didn't. >> saudi critics say his support has strengthened his hand at home. pompeo told us he raised the issue with the crown prince today. >> every single person who has a responsibility of the murder needs to be held accountable. >> reporter: since the killing there has been a backlash here. a noticeablen a human
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rights. saudi arabia was already being accused of torturing female protesters and male onlys weekends 18-year-old was granted asylum in canada. >> she escaped what she claimed s an abuse ifr family barricading herself. >> i want asylum. >> after not discussing human rights on much of his mideast tour today pompeo said he did discuss the women act ifrists in prisons still awaiting due process. andrea mitchell, nbc news. in about two hours rising star is kpped in court today to fight criminal fraud charges. elizabeth holmes and the company's former are accused of wire fraud. it was valued at nearly
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$10 billion until it was proven that the company was falsifying data. they could face prison if a little close tore vegas. this is the team's live camera showing construction for the stadium in progress. when it opens in 2020 i few blo. here is a look at what it will look like. right now the raiders are without a home for the next season. it is not stopping them from breaking ground in henderson. that takes place this afternoon. battle brewing over popular tourist destination in rome. each year 1.5 million coins are thrown. since 2001 the money has been given to a charity organization but now the mayor of rome wants to keep the money for the city. the change is still being debated in the city's administration.
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the belief is when you turn your back to the fountain and threw >> i have to go back. >> i have thrown money i it.ack? e to go get my change. >> looking that fountain we e whawe'll be seeing. yes. a lot of water in our forecast. we are starting to see it now. as you check out nbc bay area we have a really useful tool here. this is closer to the grounds. right now some of the heavier rain shifted to the south and east of san jose. still a light rain coming down across much of our micro climates. we have it to give us the best view of the north and south bay. as we zoom into the south bay right now lighter showers mov t.
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it is very scattered. that is the nature of see as we g into the rest of the day. some breaks in san francisco. the major theme is we have this storm system spinning near by. it will bring in more waves of rain as we go into today and tomorrow. we are getting a look at half-moon bay and watching out for potential of high waves along our coast. we are look at the rain drops on our camera lens. if you plans to get out we are going to see at times some showers. it looks like between 3:00 and 4:00 is when the rain will be heaviest. it will taper off later on tonight. here we are at 3:30odarts of th east
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staying very unsettled here this is getting major rain here. it is 2 to 4 inchesover rain with heavier amounts in our bay area hills. we look at what's happening in the sierra. right now nice and quiet. people are out there enjoying the light snow coming down. there will be really heavy snow in the forecast as we go throughout the week. there say possibility of getting possibly several feet of snow. as we look at what to expect here a lot of showers and then the brunt of the storm with the high winds and heavy rain will be here between wednesday and thursday tapering off on friday. we do have a short break on saturday. it still looks like we could get wet weather one wn we'll be watg out for a lunar eclipse. we'll have more of this going on make sure you keep checking back in. coming up, breaking the
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glass ceiling ton football field, the first female referee, the way she made history before. and california live is next. hi. if you overdid it and need a beauty boost -- and we are talking to you too, we are taking do you beauty's bad boy. wine and party animals. . we are on safari in malibu. >> that's all happening on california live. >> very cool. >> yes. first, happening now, a large avalanche slams into a hotel in southern germany. it is damaging a building there. all 100 hotel guests were evacuated safely. no one was hurt. dozens of people have died in avalanches or weather related. we'll have more news for you right after the break. football
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"sarah thomas" became the first woman to officiate an n-f-l playoff game as the new england patriots hosted the los angeles chargers. she )s no stranger to breaking through the glass ceiling. she was the first fe plael to an nfl championship game. she also holds the distinctionover becoming refere 2015. she was the first to oh officiate a college bowl game. >> i love that. i could never do it though. i'm always like over there. i don't know what the calls are. i know this one. >> touchdown. >> all right.
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yeah. we have a lot of football watching and baseball watching too. baseball. we are in basketball season. >> yes. we have a lot of storms moving through. it shows heavier rain moving through in waves today. there is a lot more where that came from. keep checking in for updates. >> coming our way too. >> thanks for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. we'll be here tomorrow. >> starting at 4:30. >> see you then.
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california live. a teenaged chef who has his own recipe for fighting autism. >> it has helped you overcome some challenges. >> belly dancing. >> roll it. roll it. >> and doing the hombre.
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>> definitely starting to sweat now. >> we are in city usa. it is all happening right now on california live.


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