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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 18, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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right now. good evening. thanks for joining us. on this friday. i'm janelle wang. >> i'm jessica aguirre. it is known as the accomplice law and until recently you could be convicted of murder if someone died under a crime you committed whether you meant for that person to die or not. robert handa was there for the man's first moments of freedom. robert joins us live in martinez. robert? >> reporter: well, it was a joyous day for the family, not so much for law enforcement officer, as the first person to benefit from this new state law went free. after almost 16 years in prison, he is not used to pictures take within a phone. he was convicted in 2003 of murder when an attempted robbery in a drug deal ended with his partner killing the dealer. but he serve admin mum 25-year
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sentence, and produced this media project, called firstwatch, to profile incarcerated men, a new state law based on sb-1437 was passed and allowed a judge to resentence him, only for the armed robbery, not murder. with the lesser penalty, he was set free. >> i'm still processing right now. it doesn't feel real. i'm waiting for someone to pinch me. i don't know. oh, it is real. >> reporter: kahn says he believes the new law is fair since he claims he never thought the robbery would end in a stabbing. >> i did commit a robbery nearly 16 years ago. and i'm absolutely guilty of that. and i feel like i deserve, i did deserve the punishment. >> there is a strong arm robbery and he had, there's another man that mkhan had just met a few days before and unfortunately this man was seriously schizophrenic. >> the california peace officers association publicly denounced the new law. >> what does this help to deter for folks in the future in these
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types of crimes? >> khan says he will try to change minds. >> i will give back to the community. give back to people who are victims of crimes and those who are incarcerated. >> reporter: a lot of people will be watching. on a lighter note kahn says he just wants to enjoy his freedom, and go to an amusement park and learn to use a smartphone. robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. all clear at mills college in oakland tonight, after a police search put the college on lockdown. it started right before noon today. police locked down the campus and asked neighbors to shelter in place as they searched for two people along 580. officers were found. found them. and arrested them. all they would tell us is that the pair is wanted for a felony. turning now to our forecast, a live look at san jose, this evening, it is really dark. we can't see much right now. our camera is not working. but our chief meteorologist is tracking some spotty rain chances tonight with more on the way this weekend.
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jeff? >> as you get a look at the satellite radar view, you will be able to see the bulk of the rainfall the past couple of hours has been to the north of us. we're seeing some showers now beginning to approach. as we look at storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar, we're dry through most of the bay area. right here offshore, you can see a little bit of this activity moving off to the east. it could bring us some more wet weather by 6:37, and santa rosa by 6:45 tonight. overall, nothing too heavy this evening or into tomorrow morning. what we're really looking ahead towards is our next chance. once we hit sunday in the morning, possibly some heavier pockets. beginning in the north bay and some heavier snow that would start for the sierra. we are going to go over the full time line on this. stick around. 6:19 is the next update. we will break down the weekend forecast for you. >> thank you, jeff. if you are thinking of taking advantage of ski conditions this weekend, guess what. you're not the only person. ski resorts in the sierra are expecting big turnout this weekend. that means lots of traffic
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helped up there today as you can see. and that means don't forget the chains when you go. we will show you a photograph taken at squaw valley at alpine meadows. the resort says it received six feet of snow the last few day, almost two of it in the last day alone. the government shutdown will be entering its fourth week. today, peninsula congressman jackie spear met with local federal employees working without pay. christie smith joins us live in san mat with what she and workers had to say about the shutdown and that border wall. >> reporter: that's right. and the congresswoman says she spent about an hour here today, meeting with federal workers who haven't been paid, and she got a much clearer picture of their struggles. she had a much different take on border security than the president. >> this shutdown has got to end. >> reporter: congressman jackie spear had strong words for the president on the 27th day of the
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government shut swroun. >> the humanitarian crisis that the president is talking about at the border is actually happening right here in our country. >> she stool stood alongside federal employees who have been impacted, worried about their bill, and when they might get paid. mark sims is with the epa. >> we don't have anything to do with the wall, and my members are asking me, why are we being punished for this wall? >> reporter: congress has not been able to pass a short-term funding bill that the president would sign. he wants a bill to include billions for a border wall. he tweeted he would be making an announcement concerning the humanitarian crisis on our southern border. and the shutdown tomorrow. speier says a smarter solution is needed. >> building more tech laws, by having blimps, and ground sensors, makes much more sense. >> reporter: workers like sims just don't want to be in the middle. >> we would like to go back to work and we would like to go back to work now.
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>> reporter: now, the congresswoman told us that she did not have any insight on what the president's announcement tomorrow might be. reporting live in san mat, christie smith, nbc bay area news. in the south bay, federal employees at nasa ames in mountain view are struggling to make ends meet but some help today. second harvest food bank workers swung into action to help nasa's janitorial staff this morning. volunteers packed foods to give to the furloughed employees to help feed their families. many employees marched to the research center to express frustration not getting a paycheck. and a congresswoman joined the workers on the march calling the shutdown quote insane. >> you need to open the government. you have a policy disagreement, you talk about that and due hold a million people hostage. >> many furloughed workers told us they are disappointed with politicians on both sides of aisle and want the shut down to
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end so they can get back to work. evidence that california's real estate market is in a cooling phase. home sales dlnd for the eighth straight month in december. and overall home sales were lower for the first time in four years. according to data collected from carr. more than 90 realtor associations. experts say the downward trend will continue as buyers remain cautious and as questions about the economy and politics persist. as expected, a gag order is now in effect for those involved in the trial over the ghost ship warehouse fire. yesterday, the defense team argued strongly against that move, which was requested by prosecutors. prosecutors say it is vital so the jury pool isn't tainted for the start of the trial in april. and today, the judge agreed. property managers derrick. almen and harris are charged in
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the case. she is regarded as a rookie officer could have one day been chief of police. thousands of police all over the country including country star billy ray cyrus came to the city of dachvis today to stay good-b to officer natalie corona. we were at the emotional funeral service and has the show of emotional support from her family and friends. >> reporter: all over the city of davis, there's blue ribbons to honor the life of 22-year-old officer natalie co low that immortalized in this photo. her father says when she took this photo, it was natalie's way of saying thank you to live can and fallen police officers. little did she know she would become one of those fallen officers herself. >> natalie, you're once an angel amongst humans and now an angel amongst angels. >> growing up, nat ran around the house in police gear and would watch the tv show "cops" all day. >> her supervisor recalled the moment when she patted down a suspect and found contraband.
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>> and then yelled, jackpot. as she held up the small quantity of methamphetamine she had just foun. natalie was smiling here to say and saying this is so fun. >> the 4.0 college grad was destined to be an officer. her father, merced corona, is a veteran of the colusa county sheriff's office. and recalled trying to get his daughter to sign on. >> natalie said, dad, i have found the perfect department. in the perfect city. >> reporter: that city was davis. a week ago, officer corona was responding to a traffic accident, when a gunman ambushed her, opened fire, and fled. >> unfortunately, her duty bag was not equipped with a crystal bag. >> reporter: police say the 48-year-old gunman later killed him. police still don't have a motive. >> your brothers will take over from here. >> so young. so pretty. vibrant. >> reporter: gail mcknight minton knows all too well the
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pain the corona family is feeling. her husband was a west sacramento police officer, who died in the line of duty, nearly 30 years ago. >> and it just brings it back. brings it back. >> reporter: after the service, there was a funeral procession to natalie's hometown of arbuckle. that's the latest here in davis, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> a sad day for sure. now, police departments from across the bay area showed up to pay their respects to officer corona. nbc bay area sky ranger flew overhead as a motorcade of oakland officers left and headed to davis. many departments are also tweeting about their officers being at the memorial. you can see those tweets here, they include san francisco, palo alto, and marin. the dangerous highway in contra costa county that has officers out with their radar guns. >> plus, ready to hit the streets, in the bay area. how things have changed since the first women's march just a few years ago.
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>> and a few showers approaching the coast. we're tracking it on storm ranger. i will have full details for the weekend, right here across the bay area and also in the sierra. coming up in about eight minutes.
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visit to learn more. highways in the bay area. the c-h-p says speeders & a major crackdown tonight on one of the busiest and most dangerous highways in the bay area. the chp says speeders and car pool violators have become a major problem on highway 4 in
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contra costa county. and they're tackling the problem head-on. nbc bay area jodi hernandez has more on the story. jodi? >> reporter: that's right. highway 4 here in contra costa county is one of the busiest highways in the bay area. it's also one of the area's where the chp gets the most complaints about dangerous drivers in this county. and so they're cracking down. >> our message to drivers, slow down. >> reporter: it is a message contra costa county chp officers are hoping to drive home tonight. armed with radar guns, officers are out in force, looking for drivers going too fast on highway 4. >> 86. that silver car. >> reporter: it took us less than 60 seconds to spot a speeder. >> you are stopped today for your speed. >> late for work, the driver admits he was pushing it this
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morning a move he now regrets. >> long story short, you kind of get caught up in the commute and you don't really think about how fast you're going until you see an officer and you're like oh. >> reporter: the chp says they've been flooded with complaints about dangerous drivers on busy highway 4. >> speed is the number one cause of collisions, so it is a big problem for us. we do have a lot of collisions on highway 4. >> reporter: car pool violators are also a major problem. we spotted a driver using the shoulder to pass people. turns out, he was late for his own wedding at san francisco city hall. he understands that's not an excuse to break the law. >> this is something to remind me, no matter what, you know, take your time. just a reminder. so he will take my time from here on out. >> nobody wants to get a ticket on the way to their wedding. nobody wants to be late for a baseball game and get a citation for that. in the end, it doesn't matter where you're going, it is not worth a speeding ticket and definitely not worth getting involved in a collision. >> reporter: and we are back here live, along highway 4, where the commute is well under
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way. and so is the special operation. again, chp officers are out in force tonight. they say you can expect more crackdowns in the future. reporting live in contra costa county, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay, jodi, thank you. well, the waiting game continues for raiders fans tonight. will the team play one final season at the oakland coliseum? the coliseum authority met today to discuss how the team could possibly play here in the 2019 season. we don't know what came of the meeting yet. so where the team plans to play next season still a mystery tonight. the city of oakland is also suing the raiders for leave can the bay area for las vegas in 2020. millions of women and their supporters will hit the streets tomorrow from coast to coast, all across the country. it's the annual women's march. and it's meant to empower women to vote and run for office. one of the largest events will be in san jose. that's where we find damian
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trujillo. >> reporter: the team this year is truth to power and the women's wave. a wave that this past election reached capitol hill. crews spent their friday setting the stage for one of the biggest women's marches in california. 25,000 people have crowded the streets of san jose in previous years. >> i think it is inspiring for young people. and for people that thought maybe, you know, they couldn't run for office, or it wasn't an opportunity for them. i think it is inspiring a lot of people to consider it one day. >> reporter: and this is their proof. never in history has capitol hill seen a more diverse group. 98 women now sit in the house of representatives. 13 in the senate. and organizers of the san jose women's march say they're just getting started. >> we are not done yet. there's a lot of work. >> reporter: in san jose, half of the city council members are women. >> we're going to roll up our sleeves. we're going to run for office and take our seats at decision making tables on boards and commissions. >> reporter: organizers say they will be loud tomorrow. and loud again during the next election.
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>> another source of inspiration for the organizers, the los altos city council has five member, all of them are women. the march begins at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow at san jose city hall and ends right here at guadalupe river park. we're in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. marchers gather in san francisco. organizers say the focus this year is keeping the momentum. shown by voters in last year's midterm elections. >> the work is far from done. so we want people to be re-energized. it has been a long run already, we're two years into this, so we have two more years to go, and we want to make sure people remember, by being together in the community, and what it is that we're all fighting for and show up for each other. >> the rally begins at 11:30 at the steps of city hall. protesters will then march to the embarcadero. conditions were dangerous for surfers today but that didn't keep them out of the water. they are not far from the presidio in san francisco. the national weather service
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says waves topped 45 feet in some spots off the bay area coastline. the high surf warning expired about an hour ago and the waves are getting smaller. it wasn't exactly sunshine today. but not a downpour either. somewhere in between. >> i found myself in the middle saying this is a great day. it felt like a nice break. even though a lot of you are craving that sunshine. we have it for you coming in that seven-day forecast. let's go ahead and take you into that microclimate forecast tonight. now, what you will see on the storm ranger, mobile doppler radar is more showers offshore. not a big storm. it's a weaker disturbance. mainly moving off to the north. but it will bring us the best chance of some showers tonight. right up here in the north bay, down to about san francisco, so you might need the umbrella, so keep that in mind, it is moving off to the east here, and 6:51, likely holding up into santa rosa, by 7:02. a lot of time on our stffd sffd
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we will look at the weekend, a slight chance of showers in the north bay into san francisco tomorrow, and a little bit of sun then trying to break through. and 65 degrees. not that cold. by sunday, though, that's going to be the better chance to get some rainfall this weekend. trace amounts to about a quarter of an inch. north bay would have the better bet of getting that quarter of an inch. and on top of that, if you had any plans to head to the coastline, tides returning, the highest of high tides, sunday and monday. so we may get a little bit of flooding near the coast. then check this out. i know your eyes the whole i'm talking is going to the sunshine. look at this, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday next week, the sun stays with us. and actually could stay with a drying trend through the end of the month. so looks great, eventually by next week. what about the sierra? if you're heading up there tomorrow, still an okay day to travel a little bit of snow shower activity. but by sunday, a new storm, eight to 18 inches of snow. 50 plus mile-an-hour winds.
6:21 pm
they could have avalanche signs posted at some of the resorts. so just follow the signage. you'll be good to go. a lot of fun coming your way next week with the sunshine. >> we will have the hour by hour look at when the rain officially arrives on sunday across the bay area. also the snow, coming up at 6:48 tonight. we will see you then. >> see you then. thank you, jeff. so, how would you feel about coming face to face with one of the largest great white sharks ever recorded? we talked to the researcher about her close encounter. don't miss the grand opening of the new floor & decor
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r-and-b singer, r-kelly. tonight- dat accusations of sexual misconduct keep mounting against r&b singer r. kelly. tonight date line is doing a special ep soepd about kelly and will reseal veal new information. andrea cannon shat down with women who accuse the singer of violence. we will have the latest disturbing developments. >> even this week, there have been so many developments. the prosecutor calling for women
6:25 pm
to come forward, if they have any stores are r. kelly that could be criminal. there was an arrest today of someone in r. kelly's camp. >> kelly denies all of the allegations, you can catch the special date line episode tonight at 10:00, right here on nbc bay area. stranded in the snow overnight two. men are safe, after a rescue at yosemite national park. crews got the call wednesday night that both hikers became stranded in the north dome area. both had to wait until yesterday before those crews could get them until it was daylight. and the helicopter managed to get them to safety. both were not hurt. they were able to hike out of the park on their own. okay, you may have seen the dramatic video of what may be the biggest great white shark on record, swimming with divers. the clips have gone viral over the last couple of days and now we're learning more about the shark which was seen off the coast of hawaii and the marine biologist studying here. she talked about her love of sharks and the mission to protect these incredible
6:26 pm
creatures. >> it fills my heart with joy and takes my breath away and breaks my heart at the same time to be honest with you because i know these moments are increasingly rare because shark populations are being wiped out for shark fin soup. >> ramsey estimates that the shark, female shark, known as deep blue, weighs 4,000 pound, double what most sharks weigh. 20 feet long. most females are only about 15 to 16 feet. it turns out male sharks are much smaller. not only would all of this make her the biggest shark on record, it turns out she is also the oldest, at about 50 years old. this weekend, a spectacular show in the skies on sunday night, there will be a total lunar eclipse visible from north and south america. to make it extra special, the moon is also a super moon. that night here in the bay area, the eclins will start around 7:30 p.m. and then around 8:40, the moon will be totally red as the earth's shadow covers it.
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up next at 6:30, did president trump order his personal attorney to lie? >> the rare move the special counsel responds to a new bombshell report. >> plus, congresswoman nancy pelosi fires back. how she is responding to president trump, taking away her military aircraft for a planned overseas trip. an explosive new s
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president trump told his former attorney to lie to congress about his busi right now at 6:30, an explosive new report claims that president trump told his former attorney to lie to congress about his business deal in
6:30 pm
russia. the white house is now calling that man behind the report a liar. now, if it's true, it means the president committed a crime. that is a big if. but this isn't just a he said/he said. there may be some proof. here is nbc's tracie potts with more. >> the most direct allegation yet that president trump may have committed a crime. buzzfeed reports the president told his former attorney michael cohen to lie to congress about the timing of negotiations to build a trump tower in moscow. nbc has not confirmed that report. buzzfeed's source, two federal law enforcement officials involved in an investigation of the matter. >> if he told michael cohen to commit perjury, then certainly that's going to go into the whole discussion we have about whether or not he, the president, should continue in the office. >> cohen is lying to reduce his jail time, the president tweets.
6:31 pm
categorically false, his attorney says. >> i'm not going to give any credence or credibility to michael coen who is a convicted felon and an admitted liar. it is just ridiculous. >> it is not just cohen's word. buzzfeed reports special counsel robert mueller has proof. >> e-mails. text messages. collateral views , interviews o others and presented it to michael cohen and said we know what you did, and michael cohen apparently said yes, i lied at the direction of donald trump. >> buzzfeed says donald trump's children ivanka and donald trump jr. got regular updates on the deal. >> their involvement on the plan, the negotiations is much deeper than they publicly acknowledged. >> cohen is set to testify before the house oversight committee on february 7. >> after hours tonight, the special counsel's office has issued a rare statement, denouncing the buzzfeed story, saying its description of specific statements to their office, its characterization of documents, and testimony, are
6:32 pm
not accurate. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. okay, let's bring in our political analyst, larry gersten now. larry, your turn to try to connect the dots here for us. let's put this together. how does this alleged lie by cohen connect to the mueller investigation, and then connect to this whole russia interference with the campaign? >> it's really important to ask that question because we have to get back to what mueller is all about. remember, so long ago, it seems, he was tasked with looking into all of the facts relating to the 2016 presidential election with respect to russia perhaps getting involved. also, at the same time, at that same time, he was given additional responsibility of looking into anything else that might be related. now, fast forward. and we look into what happened with cohen. michael cohen testifying. lying now, we hear, about a deal, potentially, in moscow, okay? well, if trump has deals with
6:33 pm
the russians, is it possible that those deals might have been responsible for the way he's behaving? that's the big question. that's how all of this could fit in, if what we've heard from buzzfeed is true. >> and that is the question. how accurate is the buzzfeed article? we just heard tracie potts talk about that, that maybe mueller is backing off, saying there may be some inaccuracies, how do we know how reliable it is? >> we have to look at the pedigree of buzzfeed. we know this much. that buzzfeed was out front when it comes to the steel dossier. none of it has been proven wrong. all of it hasn't been corroborated but not wrong at all. most of it has been dead on. >> we talked about that, we haven't talked about that in a long time. >> way ahead of everybody else about trump and the russians. secondly buzzfeed was way out in front on the idea of trump going to moscow, meeting with the russians. that was way back in may. third thing is, look at the people who wrote it. richard corbier, the lead author
6:34 pm
on this, referred a pulitzer prize, in 2016, you put that all together and you're looking at a very responsible outlet. as far as what mr. mueller said today, or his spokesperson, we don't know exactly what part or parts might be wrong, but if you listen to buzzfeed and if you look at their record, there may be a whole lot that's right. >> okay, so now what do the democrats do now? and even more important, what do the republicans do with this information? >> republicans first, okay? they've got themselves a handful. because to the extent that this is true, they've put themselves lock step with trump and you saw lindsey graham back off on this, when he asked those direct questions, well, if somebody was given bad information, or told to lie by the president, would that be wrong, would that be a criminal? and william barr said yes. so you almost wonder whether lindsey graham knew something. now, as far as the democrats go, this is a tough one. they're towing a very fine line here. on the one hand, so many of them
6:35 pm
want to jump in. but you know what, if you jump in, you only get one shot. one shot. and the republicans learned that when they tried to go after clinton. it back-fired terribly on them. so you better have all your ducks in a row. so rather than jumping in, nancy pelosi is like pulling on the reins to hold him in, you guys, let's go through the hearing, let's see what mueller says, and then we can always go forward, but not yet, as far as she is concerned, so yes, it is a difficult time for both the republicans and the democrats, and moreso, it is a difficult time right now for the president, most so, it is a difficult time for us in the nation. >> it is a saga. ability saga continues. thank you very much, for your insight. now we have an entire page dedicated to the trump presidency on our web site. go to nbc bay we're updating our site 24/7. the white house denies it leaked house speaker nancy pelosi's plan to take commercial flights to afghanistan yesterday. congressman pelosi and president trump are at an impasse over the partial government shutdown
6:36 pm
entering the fourth week. with negotiations broken off, she was set to visit nato leaders and u.s. troops in afghanistan yesterday. after the president grounded her military plane at the last minute, the delegation booked commercial flights. but the state department warned them to cancel. >> you never give advanced notice of going into a battle area. you just never do. perhaps the president's inexperienced, didn't have him understand that protocol. >> do you view this as retaliation about your letter of the state of the union? >> i would hope not. i don't think the president would be that petty. do you? >> today marks the 28th day of the government shutdown. federal workers protested across the country including here in the bay area. these are workers at the honolulu airport. now as the shutdown fallout continue, agencies aren't bay area and the country continue to step up. the alameda county community food bank dropped off a delivery to tsa agents at the airport and set up donation bins at the
6:37 pm
security screening area and spirits remain high among workers because of an outpouring of support. >> the response has been overwhelming. we're getting phone calls all the time from passengers who want to know what they can do to help. we're getting phone calls and communications from our airline partners. >> the airport has set up a temporary pantry in the tsa break room for donated food. the demand is high. the food bank plans to continue deliveries as long as there is a need. now pay pal says it will offer cash advances to federal employees impacted by the shutdown. the san jose-based company says those workers can get a credit line up to $500, interest free loans and the program will last until the government reopens. several banks and credit unions that cater to those workers are also getting ready to offer financial assistance. plus, scientists are talking about a strange signal from space. they're not quite sure what it is. but it has some people thinking about extra terrestrials. our technology reporter scott mcgrew has been looking into that for us. >> reporter: so this is not as
6:38 pm
crazy as it sounds. there is a very serious effort by very serious scientists, to search the skies for just such a signal. the signal they got is called a fast radio burst, and it's most likely from some kind of a natural phenomenon but at this point, they can't explain it. >> nobody knows what fast radio bursts are. you know, astronomers are pretty unimaginative when it comes to naming things so fast radio burst, is fast, it is radio, and it is burst, so it sounds like a slide whistle. very quick one. like that. >> we will take you inside the effort to sort out space signals from space noise, on our sunday morning show, press here, and we will talk about what it takes to get into an ivy league school. here's a surprise. you don't need perfect grades. so students, make your parents watch. this sunday morning, at 9:00 a.m. right after "meet the press." we'll see you then. >> thank you, scott. out of class for the day. the reason oakland teachers staged a one-day sickout. but to
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
nbc bay area skyranger was overhead as some oakland teachers marched from oakland tech to the school district )s headquarters. usually it's kids who skip school but today it's the teachers as oakland teachers marched to headquarters and ready to strike over sal recollection class size and school resources and although the union has the power to strike, the union did not approve today's walkout. the teachers called it a one-day sickout. they stay it is time to show the community that they are serious. >> in about a month from now, there will be a vote of all of the union members about having a strike, and if the district doesn't give us something that we deserve, something better, then i think there will be a strike, and i think this is a message to that effect. >> the oakland unified district called today's sickout illegal. the district and the union have a meeting set for later this month. if the union calls for a strike, that would likely occur in february. more than 3,000 people are out of a job at tesla. the palo alto based company plans to scut its staff by 7%. the company says it will help reduce the cost of the model 3
6:42 pm
sedan. in a memo posted on tesla's web site, the company says it hopes to turn a quote tiny profit this quarter. all right, we're all taking turns losing our voice. it was jeff, myself, and now it's your turn. >> it literally happened between 5:30 and 6:00. i don't know what happened. >> i love you but i'm going to take a step this way. >> i don't feel sick though. >> that's how i was. we were all like that. >> that's how it starts a lot of people are feeling exactly the same way. the weather being so strange all the time so really it is your fault. >> it is mine. the weather keeps ups inside a lot more. so the flu does tend to spike. it takes about two weeks. i hope you don't have that. >> i don't. >> okay, let's get a live look outside right now. 63 in san francisco. with mainly clouds tonight. i will show you where a few showers are possible coming up. >> the new year is barely begun. we have put thousands of dollars back in people's pockets. i'm consumer investigators chris kamura, nbc bay area responds, next. don't miss the grand opening of the new floor & decor
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the pros come here, i come here. if you love your wallet, and you love your home, you have to go. floor & decor. now open in burlingame, 101 & broadway in the old gokart racer building. lot like 2018.
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..busy! consumer investigator chris chmura is here with a for our problem solved team, we have a strong start to the new year. >> three weeks into 2019 and our team has already added more than 66,000 dollars to our totes board. that's 66 grand we have put back in people's pockets just since january 1. one standout case involves a woman whose name we are not going to use. she wishes to remain anonymous. she contacted us about a flaw in her new home's electrical system. more than $6,000 was in dispute here. we checked it out. sent a few e-mails. and then she said she got her money. we are continuing to work with our colleagues over at telemundo p and recently consumer investigator arlen fernandez helped marie batista, and she
6:46 pm
hired someone to install solar panels and the contractor promised a $5600 rebate and she didn't get that money until arlen shed some light on the case. perhaps we can call you, too. call us in english or spanish. have a great weekend. >> okay, thank you, chris. you, too. well, the head of the fda says he is on the verge of pulling the plug on e-cigarettes and he has the power to do it. that's what came out of a hearing today in washington. a hearing that was held even though the government is shut down. the use of e skbrets like juul among, e-cigarettes like juul among teens is sore soaring, 78% last year alone and the fda commissioner says if the numbers continue to rise, he will have to act and he could stop the sales of e-cigarettes all together and put each company through an approval process to sell its products. nike unveiled a surprising look for its newest golf shoes.
6:47 pm
yes, that's grass. the newest version of the nike max one is inspired by the golf course turf and it is a turf-like material that camouflages your feet. and they are calling the new shoes grass. >> what if someone tries to mow over my feet? i don't like it. >> they kind of look like slippers from that angle. >> oh, yes. >> cozy. >> can you imagine -- >> i'm not wearing that. >> i don't understand why you want to camouflage your feet. >> and golf shoes are cute. they're two-tone. reminiscent, they're a throw-back, this is not cute. >> i'm sorry, nike. do not send me a pair. i will not wear them. >> i kind of like them in a weird way. i don't know. >> that's because you're a meteorologist and you think the grass is going to grow. >> yes. >> if it gets wet. >> well, you know, the shoe model. >> at least it is not like a chia pet. >> no, i wouldn't go too far. >> the weather forecast, it does have a little bit more rain in it. grass, as we head toward the
6:48 pm
next couple of day, let's take new the microclimate forecast tonight. we do have a little bit of some stuff here moving our way over the next couple of days. no big storm system like we had this week. p thankfully. you get a little bit of a break here in the strong storms. the disturbance moving by tonight, tomorrow morning, for spotty rain and another chance here on sunday, and then eventually, if you want some sunshine, some nice weather, the high pressure will do it on the seven-day forecast. so we will eventually get to that in a little bit but we will take you to the storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar. it has been dry for most of the day. a little bit of spotty shower activity in the north bay. you can see this weaker system is moving closer right now. it's going to try to put some rainfall back into santa rosa and rohnert park tonight at 7:20 and san rafael and san francisco. nothing strong or heavy expected this evening or into tomorrow morning. but we are going to hold on to a chance here for a few people. so i think most of all tomorrow morning, we are going to start off with a lot of cloud cover to start. it is not going to be too cold.
6:49 pm
50 here for the south bay peninsula. 52, tri-valley at 49. best chance of spotty showers tomorrow morning, right here in san francisco and in north bay. so we start on the cool side. i think through the afternoon tomorrow, temperatures are going to warm up. it will feel a little bit strange outside. because it will be mild. close to 70 degrees in gilroy. but we're not going to lose the cloud cover. those clouds stay with us through tomorrow. 66 right here in san jose. contra costa county, alameda county, also mid to upper 60s. 66 in concord. 65 back to hayward. peninsula, you're locked in with 64 in redwood city. san francisco, a little cooler. outer sunset 59. winds out of the west at 4. and right through marin, napa and sonoma counties, beautiful day. 63 here in sonoma. 61 in santa rosa. so we have a spotty chance of showers, in the north bay, to about san francisco, into tomorrow. but for the rest of the bay area, again, it is going to be dry. the next best chance of
6:50 pm
accumulations for us hits us on sunday. from that second system, 8:30 in the morning, to moderate rain, possibly a few heavier pockets, and snow starts back over to the sierra, possibly heavy at times, and we will see this push down to the south bay by 3:30 in the afternoon, and then after that, it will try to clear out eventually, by sunday evening, and some very, very heavy snow throughout the sierra. so my extended forecast shows, after about a quarter inch possible on sunday, we dry out on monday, tuesday, wednesday, and yes, it continues thursday, and friday. and even maybe, maybe even all the way through january. looking at an extended drying period and that will be a nice break for you, and you can get that car washed on monday and good to go for several days. 50s and some 60s across the inland valleys. looks good into next week's forecast. going up to the sierra, we mentioned the snowfall. eight to 18 inches possible on sunday. and those wind gusts, so get up
6:51 pm
there tomorrow, and then you can be snowed in on sunday. with the fire and a drink and all of that good stuff. >> a good plan. >> it sounds good. we got it planned out, got to get up there, like always. >> it's the drive. >> thanks, jeff. back in the bay area, the reason form erp 49ers star vernon davis was in a peninsula classroom. colin rush has the story next. b.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
they welcome their newest addition to the court tonight. demarcus "boogie" cousins will any better for the red hot warriors, boogie is back. they're welcoming their newest addition to the court tonight. demarcus cousins will be coming in, he was with the l.a. clipper,nd he has had an achilles problem, boogie. >> yes. many, many years ago, but former 49ers vernon davis still talks about mike singletary kicking him off the field. that was the day he turned in a man and not the only thing he told us today, with the former tight end, on the peninsula. >> every kid had that dream where they had the game-winning shot. and to me, that was that game-winning shot. >> this past monday marked the seven-year anniversary of the
6:55 pm
catch that to this day defines vernon davis' playing career. nfc divisional playoff. 11 seconds left. >> he throws to the end zone. and the catch is made by vernon davis. 49ers touchdown. >> that replays through my mind all the time. it was just such a special day, a special moment. it was actually our first time making it to the playoffs since i was with the niners. i will always hold a place in my heart for that day. on this day, vernon was here, at sequoia high school in redwood city. he was a guest speaker at the pep rally. and his message, drink water. and do it with the environment in mind. >> i thought it was great. it was a lot of fun. coming out here to support path water. their mission and we believe in. so same things. that's why i'm here. >> vernon, an investor in the fremont-based company whose mission he speaks of is to help rid our oceans of plastic
6:56 pm
pollution by way of a reusable aluminum water bottle. in other words, eliminate single use plastic. >> it gives me a purpose outside of football and a purpose in life and i say that because i have an opportunity to save the environment, make a difference p and save the animals in the ocean. >> making a difference, certainly did that in the nine-plus seasons as a 49er, and 14th year in the nfl, davis seeking to make an environmental difference off the field as well. >> if i have an opportunity to be a part of that movement, i'm going to jump on it and be a part of it because i know i'm doing something special and changing the world. >> one refillable water bottle at a time. in redwood city, nbc bay area. >> let's get a check of our long extended forecast. we have lots of sunshine coming. >> a little bit of good. a little bit of bad. the bad is some more rainfall. we're kind of water logged right now. quarter inch on sunday.
6:57 pm
and look at all of the sunshine monday through friday. >> that's going to do it for us. back at 11:00. see you then.
6:58 pm
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now on "extra." a new r. kelly accuser in tears facing the cameras for the first time, facing the alleged music monster. >> i just didn't know. i didn't know. >> her new allegations as his attorney goes on the attack. >> so is r. kelly saying that all these women, they are all lying? >> why chris pratt and katherine schwarzenegger are moving in together near his ex-wife. and his first interview about popping the question. >> how tough was it asking arnold? >> now trending, the gone viral snap that has the internet saying madonna, is that you?


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