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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 19, 2019 5:30pm-5:59pm PST

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it's not clear if he's going to come back to the bay area. he's got time to decide. nightly news is next. we're back at 6:00. hope you can join us. tonight states of emergency. more than 100 million americans under winter weather alerts from oklahoma to maine. wind, rain, ice and snow. dangerous roadways. thousands of flights cancelled, trains, too. the temperatures are expected to drop drastically in major northern cities. we'll have a live forecast. president trump offers a deal on border security. >> it is a compassionate response to the ongoing tragedy on our southern border. >> but will the democrats get on board to end the shutdown? a massive fireball in the night sky. least 60 people and dozens more are missing.
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taunted a native american elder, a vietnam veteran, during a special ceremony in the nation's capital. a new, more personal twist in the trial of a mexican drug kingpin. el chapo's mistress testifies against him as his wife sits nearby. and the accidental invite, a typo in a bachelor party e-mail turns into a cross-country adventure to celebrate with strangers. this is "nbc nightly news" with jose diaz balart. good evening. as we begin our broadcast tonight, a third of the united states is in the path of a major winter storm. from oklahoma to maine, making for a chaotic and messy holiday weekend. the storm is bringing rain, brutally cold, life-threatening temperatures. it's already causing major nbc's kathy park is following it all and has the very latest.
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>> reporter: severe winter weather is slamming much of the country. >> we finally landed, and the next thing we know, we were off the runway and stuck in snow. >> reporter: in the midwest, travel troubles. this united airlines flight slid off the runway at o'hare this morning. more than 1,700 flights canceled nationwide today. and nearly 1,000 already grounded for tomorrow, as the same system heads northeast. in new york, prepping for rain, snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures, even possible power outages. how are you starting to spend your weekend? it sounds like you already have the weekend planned out already. >> we got all the food, the grocery shopping is done, all the salt, shovels and icebreakers. prepared. >> reporter: the warning, stay inside. >> if you do not need to be on the road, people should not be on the road. >> reporter: in minnesota, a mess on the roads. visibility getting worse throughout the day. >> 19.99. >> reporter: in massachusetts, hitting the stores, trying to
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prepare for what's to come. as the system moves out, an arctic blast moves in. and the windchills will be brutal. on sunday it will feel like minus 17 in pittsburgh. on monday, new york will feel like minus 12. and boston's windchill could be minus 13. and late today, even a tornado hit near montgomery, alabama. reports now of extensive damage in downtown wetumka as well as several injuries. and jose, elsewhere, three deaths are being blamed from these massive storms, and here in albany, they're anticipating up to 20 inches of snow. crews will be working throughout the night, salting the streets and plowing the roadways. jose? >> thank you very much, kathy park. let's get right to wnbc chief meteorologist janice huff who is tracki oavy snow sprea approaching new york city. the heaviest snow will be in the northeast, but inland away from the coast. if you live in new york city,
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don't expect a big snowstorm coming your way, it's going to be mainly rain. up through new england, heavy snow inland on sunday, and the system moves out late on sunday. by then the damage is done. along with the snow and ice, heaviest snow, maybe upwards of 18, 20 inches for parts of northern new england, back toward burlington and albany, new york. and as you go further south, the totals drop off a bit. the ice is going to cause major problems for the northeast. stretching from scranton to bangor and portland. maybe as much as three quarters of an inch of ice could bring down trees, power lines and power outages will be a major deal across this region as well as that flash freeze that comes up on sunday night. jose? >> janice huff, thank you very much. now to tfour-week-old government shutdown. president trump offered a deal to the democrats today, but refused to change his demand for nearly $6 billion for a wall at the mexican border. nbc news white house correspondent kelly o'donnell has more.
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>> reporter: on this day 29, president trump hosted a naturalization ceremony swearing-in five new americans in the oval office. >> you are now officially united states citizens. >> reporter: and with a new offer, he made government shutdown negotiations a national tv event. >> i'm here today to break the logjam. >> reporter: the president pledging new support for a long held priority for democrats. legal protection for certain immigrants. >> this is a common sense compromise. both parties should embrace. >> the white house offer would extend legal status for an estimated 700,000 young undocumented immigrants. and another 300,000 refugees from war torn or disaster-ravaged nations whose status will expire. >> this exnswi give them access to work permits, social security numbers, and protection from deportation. >> reporter: the compromise would come with a price for democrats.
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emboldened by their political base to oppose funding the president's border wall. but president trump's demand remains $5.7 billion over five years. >> the radical left can never control our borders. i will never let it happen. >> reporter: tonight nancy pelosi issued a statement calling the president's offer unacceptable and a nonstarter. she insist the government must reopen before border negotiations. pelosi writes, "the president has taken pride in shutting down government, now he must take action to open up government." without a real breakthrough, another hardship looms. tuesday at midnight is the payroll deadline for 800,000 federal workers who would miss another check.night the vice pr reacted to early criticism of the proposal, rebuffing conservative opposition, mr. pence told me and other
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reporters the extension of legal status for qualified immigrants is not an amnesty bill, for democrats who demand permanent protections, the vice president said this offer would provide three years of certainty as a compromise. now, strategically, the white house says it hopes a shutdown weary public will encourage senate democrats to vote for the plan on tuesday, to try to break this impasse. jose? >> kelly o'donnell at the white house, thank you. at the center of the shutdown is one federal agency -- u.s. customs and border protection. tonight, an inside look at how border patrol agents are working without pay as washington remains at an impasse. gabe gutierrez is on the arizona border. >> reporter: in this nighttime video from the border patrol, you can see a bus in mexico dropping off dozens of migrants. and then they simply walk across a remote stretch of the arizona bord, marked only with a small fence. this is where it happened, that's mexico right there, and right where the undocumented immigrants were drorped -- were
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dropped off and walked right here to the other side of the border. >> i think you can ask any border patrol agent here that's been around from one year to 30 years as myself, and they'll tell you that this is a crisis. >> reporter: earlier this week, more than 300 undocumented immigrants crossed illegally near yuma. smugglers burrowed under the border fence to slide them through. >> we see large groups of families and unaccompanied children, and it's created a backlog in the immigration system. >> reporter: overall, apprehensions at the southwest border have plummeted over the last two decades. in the tucson sector alone, a drop from more than 600,000 to just 52,000 last year. is there a crisis on the border? >> yes, there is. >> reporter: jeffrey self is the acting chief of the border patrol in tucson. he said the crisis is humanitarian because although the overallre sing more familie from central america. they take longer to process. is the stand that the
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president is taking worth it? >> we are an apolitical office. i can only tell you from focusing on field operations, border security is imperative to this nation. >> reporter: whether all this really adds up to a crisis is the central question of this shutdown. amid the debate, the border patrol's nearly 20,000 agents among the federal employees still working without pay. jose? >> gabe gutierrez in nogales, thank you. now to that rare move by the special counsel disputing the facts of a buzzfeed article that claim president trump directed his personal attorney to lie to congress. nbc's white house correspondent geoff bennett joins us with more. geoff? >> reporter: jose, good evening. the office of special counl di by buzzfeed news that president trump had instructed his former lawyer to lie to congress. if it says buzzfeed's
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description of specific statements to the special counsel's office and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office regarding michael cohen's congressional testimony are not accurate. now, it's highly unusual for the special counsel's office to comment on any of its ongoing investigative work. and in response, president trump took an unusual step of his own. the president who so often criticizes mueller today thanked him. >> i appreciate the special counsel coming out with a statement last night. i think it was very appropriate they did so. i very much appreciate that. >> reporter: president trump taking a victory lap of vindication, denouncing the story and the media in general for reporting on it. jose? >> enben geoff bennett at the white house, thank you. earlier today, president trump met privately with the families of four americans killed by a suicide bomber in syria this week. the remains were returned to dover air force base in a formal ceremony. at least 19 people were killed in the attack, including two u.s. service members, a former navy s.e.a.l. and a defense contractor.
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the death toll is mounting in mexico after a massive gasoline pipeline explosion killed more than 60 people. authorities say thieves punctured the pipeline as parts of the country remain in the grip of gas shortages. nbc's sarah harmon has the details. >> reporter: a massive fireball fills the night sky, sending flames and smoke soaring. the blast in central mexico, killing at least 66 people. triggered authorities say by gas thieves, drilling into a pipeline. these images from before the deadly blast show fuel gushing like a fountain, as hundreds rushed to collect it in plastic containers. "gas is expensive and in short supply," this man says. when his sons heard about the initial leak on facebook, they decided to check it out. they're now among the more than 80 people missing. mexico is in the midst of a gas
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crisis, and fuel theft is an epidemic, costing the economy $3 billion a year. in the first 10 months of last year, pipelines were tapped on average 42 times a day. as mexico's government cracks down on fuel theft, this small town is cleaning up a nightmare. sarah harmon, nbc news. a troubling scene many are called racist played out in washington yesterday, on the steps of the lincoln memorial. some students harassing a vietnam vet in the midst of a special ceremony. tammy leitner has more. >> reporter: it was meant to be a time for indigenous people to be seen and heard. but this viral video taken during friday's rally in washington has sparked outrage and confusion. the video appears to show dozens of youths wearing make america great again hats mocking nathan phillips. many jeering and others looking on.
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♪ >> they're singing and i heard them saying, build that wall, build that wall. you know, this is indigenous land. we're not supposed to have walls here, we never did, for a millennium. ♪ >> reporter: some of the youths may be from covington catholic, an all-male high school in kentucky. although it's not clear if everyone in the crowd was from the school. the diocese of covington saying in a statement, the matter is being investigated and we will take appropriate action, up to and including expulsion. it's unclear how the event started.efulally became a sad display of disrespect. tammy leitner, nbc news. for the third january in a row, peaceful protesters took to the streets in hundreds of
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cities across the country. the women and men marched in support of women's rights and other progressive causes. in new york city two marches took place, the second organized by marchers concerned about allegations of anti-semitism against the organizers of the original march. still ahead tonight, a fresh look at the empire of mexican drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman through the eyes of his mistress. the latest move by a tennis superstar. a heartwarming moment at the australian open.
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a new turn in one of the most-watched in the country. this week, the mexican drug lord known as el chapo sat in a federal courtroom in brooklyn as his former mistress took the stand against him at his drug trial. her testimony giving new insight into the man behind a billion dollar narcotics empire. more on the family drama playing out in open court. >> reporter: his stories have become almost mythic, eluding authorities through tunnels bir drug cartel. this week, his story was overshadowed by another, a mexican lawmaker and mistress. >> a proper narco novella, the mistress is on the witness stand, she's telling all these ie >> reporter: rebecca smith has since it began. watching the leader of the cartel face hours of testimony.
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none this personal. >> she knew everything. she was in love with him, although the relationship lasted for only three years. they were very, very close. >> reporter: so close, she was the woman in bed with el chapo when mexican marines busted down his door in 2014, prompting one of his several escapes. this time, a set of stairs under a bathtub to an underground tunnel naked. court around sketches show him sitting near his wife, paying little attention to the woman who says she ran his household, traicked narcotics and bought his underwear. >> he was capable of dominating and changing and maneuvering all hin for him. >> reporter: sanchez acknowledged her former lover's powerful attraction telling the jury, "up until today i'm still confused because i thought our relationship -- we were romantically involved as partners." more explosive testimony came this from one of his closest associates.
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he claimed the kingpin paid a $100 million bribe to mexican president enrique pena nieto. a claim his former chief of staff called false and absurd. >> morgan cheskey, thank you very much. a bachelor party playing out on social media. why one man travelled across the country to celebrate with a group of strangers. ed across th country to celebrate with a group of strangers.
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we're back with a mixup that brought together strangers living on opposite sides of the country for the party of their lives. a wayward e-mail and the response created a social media sensation. here's joe fryer on what's trending as
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#angelosbachelorparty. >> reporter: as far as bachelor parties go, the one happening this weekend at a vermont ski resort is getting a stunning amount of attention all thanks to a tiny typo on an invitation. >> urgent, angelo's bachelor party, respond right away. >> reporter: that's the e-mail that was sent to will novak in phoenix. the one that was supposed to go to bill novak in new york. >> i don't know how to ski, i don't know angelo. i'll write back a silly e-mail ak "angelo sounds tremendous," will kiddingly replied, "and i want to help send him off in style." >> two days later they wrote back, you might think you're kidding, but you are not. >> reporter: with that, will novak, a 35-year-old dad, was officially invited to the party. >> will the real slim shady please stand up. >> i'm about 30 minutes outside the destination. >> reporter: he arrived in vermont overnight, picking up swag along the way, even getting upgraded to a maserati. he brought '80s attire to fit
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the party's theme and even launched a gofundme account to pay for the trip. with the extra money going to angelo and his bride who are expecting a baby. have you well any second thoughts about this? >> no, no. did we have second thoughts about going to the moon? come on. you got to do it, lean into it, be open to life. >> reporter: even the strictest of copy editors would have to admit this typo was a good one. joe fryer, nbc news. serena williams is making a habit of comforting her younger opponents. in the australian open today, she consoled a sobbing diana yashs yashstrems yashstremska, the ukrainian on the court 6-2, 6-1. you may remember last year's u.s. open final where williams comforting the 20-year-old who defeated her. japan's naomi saka was in tears after the crowd booed the outcome after a controversial penalty. when we come back, haw a heart attack patient changed the life of a doctor who saved his.
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finally tonight, those who survive a heart attack feel lucky to be alive.pickens' docts willing to go the distance to help him thrive. matt bradley has the story. >> second mile into the 5.2 miles is when i had my heart attack. >> reporter: dwayne pickens didn't so much as brush with death last year as run straight into it. >> for almost two minutes i did not have a heartbeat. that's when i went, oh, my gosh. i was pretty much gone out there. >> the three-time marathon runner was lucky the day he
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almost died, he was running just ahead of a dallas firefighter and a nurse. >> happened to be in the right place at the right time. >> reporter: the first responders rescued dwayne, but they didn't have to revitalize him. dr. hayman said, we're going to do this next year. and i looked at him, and he goes, no, we're going to do it together. i went, hey, i'm going to run this thing again next year. >> reporter: heart surgeon barren hammond hadn't worked out much over the years. >> first time i ran i couldn't run, i couldn't run around the track a mile, and it was really -- a little bit embarrassing and humiliating. >> reporter: though he spent his career saving patient's lives, it was a patient that would change his own. >> here's a patient who had been through a near-death experience. i thought, well, my goodness, if he can do it, probably i can do it. >> reporter: dr. hammond recruited dwayne's four sons to run the race too. >> having them there meant a lot. >> reporter: as well as the few first responders that were there
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when dwayne collapsed. >> i had special shirts made up this year, thanking all these people. >> reporter: they all competed as marathon relay teams in the dallas marathon in december. >> the relay teams are important and somewhat symbolic. >> reporter: together again, a year later. >> it's an example of how it takes a whole group of people to make us all whole and healthy. >> reporter: to pass inspiration and health from one to another. matt bradley, nbc news. and news" for this saturday. join kate snow tomorrow for a preview of a natural wonder, sunday night's super blood wolf moon. sounds scary. i'm jose diaz balart reporting from new york, thank you for the privilege of your time. good night. now.
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good evening and thanks for joining us. i )m terry mcsweeney. anoushah rasta is off tonight. just as things were drying out, the news at six starts now. thank you for joining us, i'm terry mcsweeney. weekend hings were drying out, story. rob mayeda has the storm ranger, mobile doppler radar probably the most weekend. showers off to the north bay, the wider view shows the check change up for sunday. we think the heaviest coming in towards tomorrow evening. flooding concerns unlikely compared to the super soaker we saw earlier this week. it will be gusty tomorrow evening. the best chance for finding flooding issues not tied to the storm rather the return of the king tides tomorrow from 8:00 to noon as high tide approaches close to 7 feet at 10:03 a.m., we have a coastal and bay side flood advisory due to the king
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tides and they do arrive every time we get a full moon. it's this year's full moon that's tied to a lunar eclipse. we'll let you know if the storm coming in allow for viewing of that tomorrow night on our full forecast coming up in 15 minutes. thank you very much. our nbc bay area app comes in handy when the rain starts. download it if you haven't done that, and get a complete time line o


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