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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  January 20, 2019 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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the new bart construction, that could impact your commute. plus: a big break... in a right now at 4:30 a warning for drivers in the southbound. something that could affect your commute. >> a new break in a disturbing attack. a san francisco neighborhood relieved. >> first a look at the radar, rain is returning to the bay area. thank you so much for joining us. i'm vicki nguyen. >> the bay area have returned. another storm. just in downtown san jose it was really i was at 87 when this downpour cut loose. everybody slowed to 4 miles an hour. rod here taking how long it is going to last. >> the rain rates we'll be seeing from about 5:00 to 8:00
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and right now you can see, some showers around san jose. more wide spread rain to the west and off shore. lot of intense weather to our east around stockton. and that is the storm closing in on us for this everything. tonight rain totals maybe as much as a half inch in spots. a lot of that could come down in a short period of time. minor roadway flooding possible on the onramps and off ramps. the main tonight is the wind speeds. a wind advisory for the coast and bay and hills starting at 6:00. slight chance of thunder showers. and the wind advisory along the bay and san francisco and the coast. as the weather ramps up this evening. all eyes on the sky for the lunar eclipse tonight as well. forecast come up in 15 minutes. rob, thank you.
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interstate 80 is back to being a nightmare for anyone trying to get to or home from the sierra nevada. from kings vail to the donner lake interchange. chains are required. expect delays and difficult driving conditions all day. as always you can get an update on the forecast for your neighborhood from your smart phone. download the free nbc bay area app and quick on the weather cast. an arrest in the case of app elderly san francisco woman beaten and left in a park. san francisco police say after working tirelessly to track down the suspect they have arrested 18-year-old last night after he allegedly committed another robbery. he allegedly attacked an 88-year-old woman on january 8th in visitation valley as she took her daily walk.
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the president's latest offer to reopen the government includes protection for the so called dreamers but still includes billions for his border wall. democrats say no deal. jennifer johnson has the latest from washington. >> reporter: president trump's latest compromise to end the 30-day partial government shut down already hitting a wall with democrats. >> outrageous. and he's just playing politics and this is a bad deal. >> reporter: the latest proposal still includes 5.8 billion for the border wall but offers democrats this compromise. three years of legal stats for so called dreamers. children. and temporary refuge whose's status will expires. >> this will give them access to work permit,security numbers and protection from
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deportation. >> reporter: republicans call this a good compromise. >> let's find a way to be able to get the government open because there are elements in this that are clearly elements supported by democrats strongly in the past. >> reporter: but democrats are unwilling to give the president billions for a wall. as 800,000 federal workers still go without paychecks. >> do you think they have hurt so far. this thursday a second period without a check and then beginning of the month with all the bills coming true. >> house speaker said we didn't hear any sympathy for federal workers and the deal is a non starter. >> but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will bring it to the floor for a vote on tuesday. during today's twitter storm the president unleashed on senator pelosi and also took a jab at san francisco. nancy pelosi behaved so
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irrationally and so far left to the left she's officially become a radical democrat. she's so ped fied of the lefties in her part. and by the way clean up the streets of san francisco. they are disgusting. nbc bay area investigative unit last year found an alarming amount of the drugs, trash and feces around the city. >> people are grieving. i think san francisco should do something about it. very dirty --. >> nightly news is going to do have much more on the shut down as well. as the growing feud between president trump and speaker pelosi. ed in mist to the government shut down a new go fund me to help coast guard families. coast guard families will be able to use the money raised to pay for meals at that deli.
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so far they have 10% of their goal. >> a weekend of action and uncertainty for oakland teachers. on friday they have a one-day walk out. yesterday they made signs and banners in case of a strike and today announced a strike authorization vote will be held next tuesday. teachers say they will strike next month if the district can't meet demands of better pay, smaller class sizes and more nurses. >> our message is a living wage to keep good educators in oakland for our students. >> union leaders and school district officials are set to meet at a hearing later this month. in l.a. the highly publicized teacher strike there the two sides are spending the holiday weekend try to reach an agreement. negotiators from the union and the l.a. school district are meeting in hopes of ending the strike that's cost students five days of classes so far. the school district wants to focus on salaries. but the teachers youtubunion ha
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large list of demands including a greater role in decision making. >> bringing part to downtown san jose that. sounds good. construction begins and could have a big impact on traffic and businesses. that doesn't sound so good. live in downtown san jose. roz has the details. >> reporter: there could be some delays tomorrow morning. as work is slated to start right around the top of the morning rush hour. let's show you a picture of what the work area and the equipment all could look like. work crew we're told are on a reconnaissance mission, collecting soil samples and pping located. from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 over the next seven weeks or so they will be digging in the area oaf market to 3rd street. portions could have one lane in each direction. may also mean fewer parking spaces. dta says crucial prep work
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needed for engineers to design the is it. >> we're really looking at what's underneath the surface. we need to look at soil conditions and where the utilities are placed. so when it is time to do heavy construction and build the tunnel and the station we know where everything is located and what we're dealing with under ground. >> reporter: dta says the crews will be digging some 150 feet down to collect soil samples. but they will be using a vacuum system that should be relatively quiet. there will also be access for pedestrians and cyclists in the area. again, all this is weather rela. if cld delay some of the work. and again this is all preliminary work. the heavy construction is not slated to start until 2021. the estimated completion somewhere around 2026. live in downtown san jose, roz
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plater. nbc bay area news. thank you roz. as the words of the dream echoed, this is the weekend to remember the man behind them. celebrating the life of martin luther king jr. next. >> and a famous activist heading to northern california. we'll tell you who she's going after. when we come back. and a weather alert for a wind advisory setting unthis evening and our storm ranger mobil doppler radar starting to phil in this sunday evening. expectation of rain and wind gusts when we come back. tomorrol
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remember the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king junior. honoring an american icon. tomorrow the country will remember the life and legacy dr. martin luther king jr. a special train will take riders from san jose to san francisco. the ride is free for those heading for the annual observance of dr. king. and in agency
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will hold its 39th annual martin luther king jr. event. and in oakland an all day event at franklin galileo plaza. a day of action to recall dr. king's legacy. renowned actress aaron brokovich plans to protest against pg&e once again. the utility company recently announced its plans to file at the end of january. pg&e claims it doesn't have the estimated 30 billion dollars to cover liabilities from the 2017 wine country fires and last year's campfire in beauty county. a rally is set for tuesday noon at the cal popitol building. why so many people will be staring at the moon tonight. but will you be able to see it? right now the radar doesn't look
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so good for viewing. we've got showers coming ashore along with gusty win winds. the time line own the rain arriving and when it will move out when we come back. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee.
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visit to learn more.
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we get a break in the clouds, that is. it )s a rare "super blood wol happening tonight a spectacular sight in the cloud, if we get a break in the clouds, that is. a rare super blood wolf moon eclipse. why the extra name? >> i like it. >> the super part is because it is also a super moon. that is when the earth is closer to the earth and appears bigger. the january full moon is known as the wolf moon and the blood moon is because the moon can look red in the earth's shadow. >> it can take on a coppery red color because sunlight is filtered through the atmosphere and bends and hits is moon. and turns a coppery red. the earth's atmosphere filter out the blue light and scatters
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it. >> starting around 8:00 p.m. totally in 8:40 p.m. meaning the earth will be completely covered by the earth cease shadow. high tides brought spectators out. the king tide peeked this morning around 10. speculate spectators were hope for more rain to bring the tide even higherich which is kind of crazy talk. here it is. >> we were hoping it would inundate the whole place so we'd have a preview of sea level rise. but it kind of is a preview of sea level rise even so. i mean look. >> yeah. its risen. the national weather service issudful of warnings and advisories around the bay today. a coastal flood advisory expired at noon and a wind advisory in effect from 6:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. is that correct? >> tomorrow morning, right. >> so that is still in existence. >> and the reason we have the
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weather alert tonight is the wind advisory. could see gusts up to 45 miles per hour and briefly intense rainfall which many of you have probably seen so far this afternoon. but here is is it coastal flood portion of the forecast tomorrow. high tide just over 7 feet at 10:0053 tomorrow morning. the coastal flood advisory, 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and the rain really coming down right now west of san francisco, castro the golden glove bridge. the view there. winds picking up. 22 miles per hour. a brief round of intense rain and tonight blustery conditions through tomorrow morning. the clouds on approach and heavier rain off shore. the wind speed starting to come up. the strongest winds will arrive around 7:00 to 9:00 tonight. anywhere from 15 to 30 miles per hour winds right now. the morning, the rain is going to be moving out by tomorrow morning's commute. by the time we get into the afternoon t rain is gone. breezy and a little cool, upper
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50s to low 60s for highs. let's time the rain right now outside. clearly there in san francisco to the north bay. pockets of down powers advancing north and east hitting areas around the berkeley hills. you can see just to the east of hayward and caster valley. and more rain climbing over the healt hill tops eventually into the south bay. see all the thunderstorms to the east. we had tornado warnings in stockton today. pretty intense weather across the northern sacramento and san joaquin valleys. a cold pocket of area coming in bringing a chance of isolated thunderstorms. we think the mainhapping now th0
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or 85. he 8:00. you see the forecast there. still on going showers. not the best forecast for the viewing of the eclipse. i think we'll get a few breaks at times so be patient once the showers pass on by. hopefully we'll get some viewing at times. again, showers really don't leave the forecast until tomorrow morning and into the afternoon. a shift in the north winds start to clear our skies into monday afternoon. rainfall estimates. not big. most seeing about a quarter inch or less but keep in mind that a lot of that is coming down in about 10 ar 15 minutes so that's pretty intense driving. even though the rain totals don't look all that big. the storm snot generating a lot of rain. just a fast-moving, intense burst of rainfall. for the sierra, weather storm warning continues to 4:00 a.m. and once we get past the storm. take a look at the range long range forecast. high pressure dry us us. dip in the jet stream brings down the chill.
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tomorrow's travel outlook on monday. highs in the teens and places like new york city and chicago won't get above freezing until wednesday. that is clash of extremes we're skiing around the country. here tonight rain, wind and after that the forecast dries out. temperatures second half of the week mid to upper 60s. the exact opposite of what they are seeing on the east coast. tonight eyes on the sky here. we'll continue to watch the forecast updates and see if we get breaks in the clouds coming up at 5:30 and also tonight as well. >> new york city. >> i picked the best time. thanks so much. >> yeah. >> i'll be wearing a face mask. well still to come tonight. >> it was such a honor to be able to just be part of it. >> the fight to save a baby weighing just one pound at birth. we'll introduce you to a team of volunteer whose stepped up in her crucial first hours of life. the story that will make you bay area proud. miraculously broughtd
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health, thanks to a group of women. nbc bay area )s garvin thomas shows us how these women forever a micro baby weighing one pound at birth mirk lois lew brought to health. >> forever changing this little girl's life in this evening's "bay area proud". >> they are proud how they work as team to give their patients the best possible care. they recently took the concept to another level. a team of volunteers stepping in when it mattered most. >> reporter: the neonatal intensive care unit of el camino hospital is a place where but even that has its limits. sometimes what is needed is as old as humans themselves, asson in the best possible way. >> she's a miracle. >> reporter: in august of 2017 a baby girl a arrived at the nicu.
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weighing barely a pound and without a family. her mare had given her up at birth. her team gave the baby the best care possible, but with only mixed results. >> the biggest deal with these very low birth weight babies is the growing the brain. and she wasn't doing that. she wasn't gaining weight. we gathered and thought what would we do differently. and it seemed or the glaring. it was the human touch piece. >> the baby they felt needed zoin skin contact but hooked to so many wires and tubes it wasn't going to be easies. and with no parent, jodi was going to need help. so she assembled a team of volunteers from hospital staff, nurses who no longer worked directly with patients, even a retired nurse now volunteering at the hospital coffee shop. and for the next six weeks,
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seven days a week, two to three hours a day, these women took turns holding the baby's skin next theirs. >> when i first saw her for the first time she was so vulnerable. it was just so obvious that she needed to, it was going to take a village of people, a team to take care of her. >> literally a few days of this activity, she started slowly gaining weight. >> and the more they held her, the fewer medicine and machines she needed. and today 16 months later, well, see for yourself. sky is now her name. adopted and adored by parents lisa and tina. the two had been warned that because of how premature she was sky might face lifelong medical challenges. she has almost none. >> the people at that hospital
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gave us our daughter. they gave us a healthy child. >> lisa and tina believe that is doing great part to this group of kind cud lers. women there for sky when things looked so bleak. the reason sky's future now looks so bright. >> the modified skin to skin contact turned out to be so productive that the hospital is now introducing a whole program based around it so they are ready in the future to use it when they need it. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >>ow still aheadan francisco neighborhood. police announce a major break in a disturbing attack. >> but first the wind, we got the rain. and they are back. how long is it going stick around this time? and we're talking about spring later in the week. is that still going happen? we'll be right back.
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couple of days without it... rain and wind have returned to the bay area. the ne right now at 5:00. after a couple days without it, we got the rain and the wind returning to the bay area. news at 5:00 starts now. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and volcano nguyen. downtown san francisco. as the winds are starting to pick up along with the the rain at times. heavy there locally. san francisco, starting to see the showers of san jose. and notice this band here. this is what we're expecting to come through from right 50 to about 8:00 tonight.
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wide spread brief bursts of downpours and slight chance of isolated thunder. cold pocket of air overnight could lead to a slight chance of thunder showers. the rain totals not that extreme. it is a fast-moving system but the down powers would lead to minor localized flooding. wind speed is the key. wind advisory gets start this evening through 4:00 a.m. could get gusts up to a 45 miles per hour. we'll let you know what we're expect for monday and viewing later this evening in about 12 minutes. >> rob, thank you. and rob has been tweeting updates about our weather as well as the snow and the sear ra all day.ierra all day. it was an attack that left a


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