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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 21, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> little steps everywhere that you in the group. >> nightly news is next. tonight, deep freeze. brutal cold across the nation. over two-thirds of americans hit with bone-chilling below-freezing temperatures. roads icy and dangerous on the heels of a deadly winter blast. she's running. the rising star joining the growing field of women and democrats in a battle for 2020. the shutdown a month long, the senate set to vote on president trump's offer to trade temporary dreamer protections for billions in border wall funding. but dems say it's dead on arrival. tsa agents among thousands still not getting paid, callouts hitting a record number. deadly plane crash, plunging out of the sky, slamming to the ground feet from a home. new video and new details in that viral confrontation between a native american elder and teens
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wearing maga hats. the student at the center speaking out. what's the full story here? the shocking blackface video that's rocked a major university. >> this kind of thing happens a lot on campus, it's more frequent than people think. >> the fallout for the students involved. saints fans say it was the worst noncall in nfl history. could it lead to a rule change? honoring mlk. his only grandchild keeping his dream alive. >> this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. on the heels of a deadly winter storm in the east and midwest tonight, millions of hunkered down in the face of the season's coldest and most dangerous temperatures yet. an arctic blast that sent morning windchills plunging anywhere from 15 to 35 degrees below zero. right now windchill advisories in effect from northern pennsylvania to maine. a brutal second punch for areas still reeling from a major snowstorm. our kathy park is in
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it tonight. >> reporter: millions of americans this morning braving the burst of arctic air. temperatures plunging to dangerous levels for nearly two-thirds of the country. windchills of minus 32 in montpelier, vermont. feeling like negative 26 in rochester, new york. >> i have like four layers on right now. but it's not really helping. >> reporter: emergency responders taking no chances in the cold. >> we're trying to also, every half hour or so, just cycle crews out so hypothermia doesn't set in. >> reporter: the deep freeze bringing down power lines and slick conditions causing hurejet jolted off the runway at chicago's o'hare international. the winter weather being blamed for at least five deaths already. the frigid forecast piling onto a of the weekend in the midwest and northeast. how does it feel to be out here for ten rightenow.
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it's really, really cold. >> reporter: the fstg in stron. >> i'm calling it a day. i'm done. >> reporter: leaving behind an icy and frigid mess. and the high today in albany, new york, just 4 degrees. at times it dipped to minus 30 when you back for in windchill. behind me is the hudson river, frozen over with a sheet of ice. >> kathy park, we'll let you warm up and ask how long will this brutal cold last? meteorologist dylan dreyer. >> good evening. the cold air has certainly settled in. temperatures were the coldest we've seen so far this season. and this is going to remain in place witcold temperatures, down in the single digits, but windchills even colder. new york city will feel like 3 below tomorrow morning. and then that's it, we'll rebound our temperatures back up into the 30s. most areas will get above freezing except boston stays chilly on tuesday. going into wednesday,
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ahead of the next storm system that's going to move in, temperatures should get back into the 40s and 50s, even 60s down in the southeast, which means that next storm system we're expecting should be mostly rain for the east coast. lester? >> all right, dylan, thanks. while it's freezing outside, the race for 2020 is heating up. today senator kamala harris announced she's running for president, joining a rapidly growing field of women and democrats. our andrea mitchell was there for her announcement. >> reporter: senator kamala harris at a howard university basketball game, her myself?ater. >> congratulations. i describe myself as a proud american. >> reporter: the former california attorney general, a first-term senator known for tough questioning of trump supporters. >> the witness testimony is before you, no witness -- >> i'm going to take that as a no and we can move on. >> reporter: a crowded and diverse field of declared or likely democrats now including three prominent women senators.
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harris, elizabeth warren, and kirsten gillibrand. today all democrats targeting president trump. >> he chooses to divide us, community by community. >> we now have a president of the united states who is a racist. >> this is not our america. >> reporter: another, senator cory booker, instagraming a big-name endorsement. >> i hope you run for president. >> thank you for saying that. you encouraging me means more to me than you can imagine. >> reporter: harris choosing dr. martin luther king jr. day to represent the historic nape of her candidacy. >> why are you the best, capable, the strongest democrat, to defeat donald trump? >> let's start with this. i love my country. i love my country. >> but 17 or more other democrats say they love their country. why are you better than they? >> i think the voters will decide, ultimately. >> instead of going to iowa or new hampshire first, harris will start campaigning this week in south carolina where african-american voters hold sway in the democratic primary. lester? >> andrea, thank you. president trump spent this mlk day in washington as the shutdown hit the one-month mark. the senate expected to vote this week on his offer to end the stalemate.
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democrats say it's not good enough. all this as callouts among tsa staffers hit a record, while 800,000 federal workers remain without pay. with more here's nbc's hallie jackson. >> a great day, a beautiful day. >> reporter: president trump briefly visiting the martin luther king memorial for a moment of silence followed by silence on the shutdown. >> mr. president, can you come >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of people are bracing to miss a second paycheck friday. on monday irs workers called back in will start processing your tax filings without getting paid. and at the end of the month, affordable housing contracts expire with many mortgage and rent payments due. >> thank you, bless you. >> reporter: so more food banks like this one are popping up to help, with more federal workers like desiree bagby accepting. >> it is very humiliating, to one day go from spending $300 at dj's to having to rely on public assistance.
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>> reporter: president trump's latest plan would offer three years' protection to dreamers and hundreds of thousands of other immigrants in exchange for $5.7 billion for his border wall. senate republicans plan did vote on that this week, but to pass it they'd need seven democrats to join them. so far a nonstarter. >> we want the symbol of america to remain the statue of liberty, freedom, equality, not a divisive wall. and we will fight for that. >> reporter: the political crisis, practically back to square one as the personal crisis stretches into month two. hallie jackson, nbc news, the white house. this is gabe gutierrez in atlanta where after lines like these last week, the tsa is now calling for backup. around the country, 10% of its employees called off work on sunday, compared to just 3% on the same day last year. in miami, tsa officer andrew vause says he's still on the job but the government shutdown is making it harder to pay his bills. >> to go into a month like this, it's been a gut punch. >> reporter: the tsa is starting to see staffing issues at
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these large airports and at several, including atlanta, newark, and new york's laguardia, the agency is calling on national deployment officers who typically help with staffing shortages during natural disasters. >> i showed up and another lead showed up. and only three officers showed up. and on that shift, you're supposed to have at maximum give or take 16 officers. >> reporter: a tsa spokesman says this is uncharted territory, and with increased callouts citing financial hardship, this could have a compounding effect and forced contingency plans at airports nationwide. meanwhile, throughout the country and across social media, strong support for the federal workers. >> you guys are family to me. >> praying for these workers, man. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: still, despite the callouts, the tsa says 93% of passengers waited less than 15 minutes at airport security. the bigger concern is
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when tsa employees miss their second paycheck this friday. now here in atlanta, the airport is bracing for a surge in visitors when the city hosts the super bowl in less than two weeks. lester? >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. now to ohio where people on board a small plane, two people were killed when it crashed just feet from a rural home south of cleveland. the plane clipped trees and power lines on the way down. the front of it completely demolished. the cause of the accident is under investigation. we're going to turn overseas now to a disturbing new discovery, a new report has uncovered another secret missile base in north korea. as president trump and kim jong-un prepare for a second face-to-face summit next month. our bill neely has details. >> reporter: it's a missile site north korea is hiding from the world. new satellite images show entrances to bunkers, shelters, headquarters buildings. but its existence has never been declared. not in seven months of talks since president trump's summit with kim jong-un.
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and even though it's a base for the medium-range missiles that threaten u.s. forces. north korea made a show of blowing up one base. but keeps around 20 others secret, say researchers. >> they're trying to trade things that they did either in the past that they no longer need, like old test sites, while leaving capabilities like these completely untouched. >> reporter: a second summit with kim is looming next month. president trump looking forward to it and claiming tremendous progress already. but north korea has declared nothing so far. no missiles, no sites, no nuclear warheads. u.s. officials say kim is still developing weapons, even as he prepares for more u.s. summit pressure to come clean, list those weapons, and destroy them. bill neely, nbc news. back home, new video is giving us a more complete picture
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of what happened in that viral confrontation between students wearing maga hats and a native american elder at the lincoln memorial. our ron allen now on how the student at the center of all this is defending himself. >> reporter: this face-to-face confrontation igniting charges of racism. kentucky high school students accused of mocking native american elder nathan phillips, who claims his drumming was a gesture of peace. >> i was scared. i was appeared. >> reporter: today junior nick sandman is speaking out. he and his classmates who face possible expulsion from covington catholic insist this longer video shows what really happened. the teens say they faced a barrage of verbal abuse from a group calling themselves the black hebrew israelites. sandman claims they got permission from chaperones to respond with spirit chants to counter the hateful things that were being shouted. philips approached trying, he says, to decrease tension between the two
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groups. >> i intervened. and things just escalated from there. >> reporter: sandman claims he singled me out for a confrontation, adding, i did smile at one point because i wanted him to know that i was not going to become angry, intimidated, or be provoked. a kentucky congressman now backing the students, tweeting, in the face of racist and homosexual slurs, the young boys refused to reciprocate or disrespect anyone. ♪ >> reporter: native american advocates say the video speaks for itself. >> he got caught doing something that was incredibly racist and disrespectful, and now he's backpedaling. >> reporter: the school and local diocese have apologized to phillips, a vietnam veteran,search for more video and answers continues. ron allen, nbc news. tonight, to another growing controversy this one in the world of sports. while the stage is set for super bowl liii with the patriots facing the rams, the new orleans saints are feeling robbed after a disputed play in the nfc championship game. as nbc's morgan chesky tells us, it has the nfl considering a rare
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rule change. >> reporter: tie game. not even two minutes left. the saints about to punch their ticket to the super bowl. instead -- >> crowds going crazy as there's no flag. >> reporter: a punch the rams defender e found. the play not replay due to nfl reviewable on instant rules. >> frustrating, you know. just getting off the phone with the league office, they blew the call. for a call like that not to be made, man. just hard to swallow. >> reporter: even the rams defender admitted the penalty telling reporters, oh, hell, yeah, that was p.i. tonight the nfl calling a major
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audible. nbc sports citing a source close to the league says the nfl will explore using instant replay to review pass interference. >> this is the thing that the nfl needs to do asap to avoid these kinds of problems. >> reporter: three-quarters of the league's owners would have to approve the change. if passed, instant replay could be used on interference just as easily as a fumble or a player running out of bounds. since 1999, only one-third of all reviewed plays have been overturned. but with a trip to the super boe line, the saints wish this call had gotten a second look. morgan chesky, nbc news. we're also covering tonight's shocking video, a college student in blackface. tonight the growing outrage. carrying on his legacy.
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next for us tonight, the uproar over the video showing two university of oklahoma students, one of them in blackface. today the college announced neither would return to campus. nbc's miguel almaguer now on the backlash. >> reporter: the derogatory video of a university of oklahoma student in blackface with her friend included a racial slur using the "n" word. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: today as disgust spread across campus, the university president said both students withdrew from school. >> this type of behavior is not welcome here, and is
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condemned in the strongest terms by me and by our university. >> reporter: with the tridelta sorority condemning what they call the racist, offensive and disgraceful conduct of the women, tonight the organization says their member is out. the university says both students have apologized. >> doesn't make sense to me as a human being why they would think that kind of behavior >> reporter: the four years after the down for this racially charged incident on a bus. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: two students were expelled then. >> this kind of thing happens a lot on campus, honestly, it's more frequent than people think. >> reporter: tonight
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on this martin luther king jr. holiday, some at ou call this a sad reminder of where we are and how much further the school and nation has to go. miguel almaguer, nbc news. we'll take a short break, then coming up, has one of skiing's all-time greats competed in her final race? and the rare super sight in the sky.
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here's some incredible images of a rare phenomenon in the sky.ovnight stargazers got to see a super blood wolf moon. i've been looking forward to saying that all day. when a total lunar eclipse happens at the same time as a super moon. there won't be another total lunar eclipse until 2021, so savor the image. from a rare sight to a rare talent. lindsey vonn may have skied her final race sooner than she hoped. she hoped to retire at the end of this world cup season, but as kate snow reports, years of injuries have taken their toll. >> now the final run in cortina for lindsey vonn. >> reporter: it was her first race this season on the world cup circuit in italy sunday. >> skiing on a knee
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that is just hanging together by shreds of cartilage. this is pure will. >> reporter: but will wasn't enough. >> oh no! >> reporter: lindsey vonn visibly crushed. >> i'm not sure -- i'm not sure if i can keep going. >> reporter: she told nbc sports she might be done, in too much pain to keep racing. >> really think things through the next few days and make some hard decisions. >> reporter: in an interview with swiss tv, vonn was more definitive saying, now it's time to listen to my body and it's time to say good-bye. after winning gold in vancouver, injuries forced her to sit out in sochi. last february in pyeongchang she won bronze. >> i don't want to stop racing, you know. i don't want this to be my last olympics. >> reporter: but she's had four surgeries on her right knee and injured her left knee again in a crash in november. on saturday an emotional vonn was honored as the woman who's won the most world cup races, but she's five wins short of beating the all-time world cup record for a man or woman. on social media today,
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her fans calling the speed queen an inspiration still, a champion, and role model. >> i can motivate people, inspire people, change people's lives in a positive way. >> reporter: a mission that will endure far beyond the ski slope. kate snow, nbc news. up next, meet mlk's granddaughter, continuing his legacy but doing it her way. she )s ma
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our political analyst, larry gerston, breaks down the challenges kamala harris faces in her presidential bid. and what her chances are of winning. and we )re tracking rain totals - plus what )s in store for the week ahead. that )s next at 6. right now at 6: dirty streets in san francisco finally this day celebrating dr. martin luther king jr., we meet his remarkable granddaughter. just 10 years old, but already determined to keep her grandpa's dream alive. rehema ellis has her story in tonight's "inspiring america." >> reporter: yolanda
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renee king is a typical fifth grader with an extraordinary heritage as the only grandchild of dr. martin luther king jr. why is this picture one of your favorites? >> because it's funny how he's riding a 12-year-old boy's bike. >> do you want to follow in your grandfather's footsteps? >> well, some footsteps i do want to follow and keep on the legacy, because some of them are important. but i want to make my own footsteps. >> reporter: she's already started. last year at the march for gun control inspiring thousands. like her granddaughter did decades ago. >> i have a dream today. >> i have a dream that enough is enough. and that this should be a gun-free world, period. >> i love the strength and power in her and i love the fact that she's just joy.
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>> reporter: she's being raised a king. seeing and hearing him every day. >> mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord. >> and he said it with power, that you can actually feel it through your soul. >> reporter: today she and her family helped ti celeb the man she calls grandpa. what do you think your grandfather would say he still would have donelp hhe. >> reporter: dr. king had a dream for america, and his granddaughter has one too. rehema ellis, nbc news, atlanta. >> no doubt yolanda's grandpa would be very proud of her. that's "nightly news" for this monday. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. lot of peopl
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. right now at 6:00, dirty streets in san francisco have caught the attention of a lot of people, including the president of the united states. our investigative unit was the first to cover the issue and continue to do so tonight. plus, when a missing bay area hiker across to help save his life. but first, kamala harris wants to make history. her official bid to be our next president. we're going to get to those stories in a moment. but first we begin with breaking news out of san francisco. sky ranger high above a backyard deck collapse at a home in the outer sunset district. this is 39th avenue near maraga. firefighters tell us two people were rushed to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. this happened at a home. it is not clear what caused the deck to collapse. we'll have much more on the deck collapse tonight on nbc bay area news at 11:00. we continue to monitor the story and update it online.
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i'm terry mcscreeny in for raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. senator kamala harris made it official, she is the candidate for the white house in 2020 and she made that announcement from her alma mater howard university in washington, d.c. nbc bay area mark matthews has been gathering reaction in san francisco. he joins us from city hall and, mark, she has a lot of supporters in that very building. >> reporter: she does, jessica. today speaker of the house nancy pelosi called the announcement exciting. mayor london breed said she hopes to join kamala h


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