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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 25, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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life on the hood of a speeding suv. how this came to an end. a stanford bus catches fire on the freeway. students tell us what happened just before their bus was covered in flames. l ployees are still er, but hera waiti the government shutdown is over, but here in the bay area the impact remains. federal employees still waiting to get paid. >> today's deal to reopen the government only lasts for a few weeks, leaving a lot of people facing an uncertain future.
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also, president trump is adamant saying this was no concession. nbc bay area's jean elle is in san francisco with the latest details. >> reporter: raj, it's going to take time for things to get back to normal. trach attractions run by the national park service remain closed. in alameda, a foot pantry for coast guard personnel will continue offering help. >> hand goods over here -- >> reporter: despite a deal, need remains. nicole is picking up groceries for her family at a food pantry for active duty coast guard personnel in alameda, something she'll do till her husband is paid. >> i think that's why everybody's so grateful that this is remaining open for us until those paychecks do come, because it allows you to come in, grab the items that you may need, and not have to worry about going to a grocery store. >> reporter: federal workers missed two paychecks during the government shutdown. today was day 35, the day president trump signed a deal to
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end the stalemate. >> i am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government. >> reporter: but the deal only reopens the government for three weeks, and it does not provide any new money for a border wall as president trump demanded. that means democrats and republicans still have negotiating to do. so while paychecks for 800,000 unpaid federal workers are finally coming, they aren't expected for several days. some families worry they will stop getting paychecks again in february. >> you're going to see a lot of people being very fwrugal with the back pay they get, and frugal with their paychecks, because you know now this is a possibility coming up. >> reporter: that pantry is expected to remain open into next week. as for the closed parks, the national park service says they will reopen as soon as possible, but many will not reopen immediately.
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unfortunately for so many people, this is far from over. we invite you to stay with us for all the new developments as lawmakers continue to work on a permanent deal. our website and our facebook and twitter feeds are updated 24/7. a frightening trip for the stanford track team today. look at that, their charter bus caught fire on interstate 5 in seattle. luckily everyone made it out as the athletes stood on the side of the road and watched their bus go up in flames. nbc bay area's ian cull joins us live from the stanford campus. ian, do we have any idea how the bus caught fire? >> reporter: no, it's still under investigation. the team left here this morning flying to sea-tac airport where they got on that charter bus. one of the athletes says that it smelled like sulfur when they first got on. about 15 minutes later, it caught fire. the fire broke out and engulfed the stanford track team's charter bus just after 2:00 this
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afternoon in seattle. 30 student athletes and their coach on board escaping unharmed. >> there was a loud sound, bus driver pulled over. he thought we'd blown a tire. he stepped off and looked and flames coming out the side. >> reporter: the team on their way to the university of war invitational was told to evacuate. >> people started to run. then it get -- the flames got really big. we were afraid the bus was going to blow up. >> reporter: as firefighters doused the flames the team waited on the shoulder for two hours, then taken to the competition by metro bus where their hosts were happy to see them. actually, eh ir tm brought a bul of our stuff wasn't recovered. >> super nice. >> ithist'she track, and off of it we can be friends and support each other. >> reporter: all the stanford luggage made it off safely. the team will be in seattle through the weekend, happy to be running for fun. >> probably got some of our kids coming over here nervous about
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the meet, then this happens, and you realize there's much bigger things in life, and i think that perspective is really valuable for them. >> reporter: soon athletes will resume that meet. tomorrow they're due back here on sunday. you might have seen it here on nbc bay area. america has a new figure skating star, and she's from the east bay. 13-year-old alisa lou stole the show tonight in detroit. liu becomes youngest figure skating champion in u.s. history. just 13. those triple axels are amazing. her family lives in richmond and she trains in oakland. her story as remarkable as her performance tonight. she's the oldest of five children raised by a single father. here's the bottom line. get ready for the next winter olympics. we'll likely be seeing this young lady, liu, in the 2022 olympics in beijing. liu might be following in the
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footsteps of other bay area stars like peggy fleming. shocked and upset, parents looking for answers after the arrest of a bay area track coach. his name is gregory marshall. he's in the santa clara county jail facingor allegedly sexually assaulting two underage girls. he was about to start training for the season at branham high in san jose. this investigation dates back to 2004 when he was a teacher at valley christian high. the assaults reportedly happened inside the classroom, and parents can't believe it. >> total shock. because they have a big concert today. now we hear this. it's mind blowing. >> school district released a statement tonight which in part reads, the employee was required to successfully complete a alth t allegations regarding campbell union high school district students, we have and will continue to fully cooperate with the san jose police department during the course of this investigation. he was on the run for almost a year.
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but tonight we know where a chiropractor accused of sexual battery in the north bay was hiding out. in mexico. darius bunyard was convicted of treating patients and employees inappropriately at a santa rosa practice. he was supposed to hear the jury's verdict last march but he didn't show up. instead he fled to playa del carmen. he made the america's most wanted list. someone in mexico turned him in and he's in custody at l.a. county jail. a lot to take in over the last 24 hours. that is a reaction from santa rosa's mayor after cal fire released the cause of the 2017 tubbs fire. the report determined that the fire was caused by privately owned electrical equipment and not pg&e lines. the tuftsiray healing and rebuilding remain priority number one. as for the lawsuit againstll go. >> the city of santa rosa's litigation with pg&e is
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continuing and we are committed to that effort because we believe it is in the best interests of the community of santa rosa to continue to do so. >> city council will meet tuesday in closed session to discuss that lawsuit. today the arrest of former trump campaign adviser roger stone. tonight the reaction. in a statement speaker nancy pelosi saying, quote, the indictment of roger stone makes clear that there was a deliberate, coordinated attempt by top trump campaign officials to influence the 2016 election. the fbi arrested stone at his home in florida early this morning. he faces seven charges, including obstruction, false statements, and witness tampering. they stem from his alleged connection to wikileaks and hacked democratic party vowing president.ala rris in to never testify against the columbia, south carolina, tonight speaking to members of her help her yes, let the campaign for the
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presidency begin as she looks for votes. nbc bay area is live in oakland tonight where she is planning for her formal launch of her campaign this sunday, sergio? >> reporter: yeah, top night it's south carolina. sunday, it is downtown oakland. there are plenty of reasons, as you mentioned, she is traveling coast to coast this weekend. >> good evening! >> reporter: as california senator kamala harris takes the stage at the pink gala in columbia, south carolina, she's not just addressing sorority sisters. >> i think our founders gave us the right arsaid, stand togethe care of each other, and serve your country as leaders. >> reporter: tonight's address strategic. nbc political analyst larry gir 10 says harry has picked addresses in baltimore, maryland, oakland, and columbia for good reasons. >> it doesn't hurt to go to south carolina. why? that's the third spot on the primary tour. it's also the spot of the three where there are the most
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african-americans. so she would do well to gain a good stead with that community. >> reporter: she's speaking to sorority sisters at alpha kappa alpha, a sorority with 300,000 members, among them toya davis of oakland. >> she has a built-in support system. she's going where she feels comfortable, where people she knows will receive her vision. >> reporter: she says she's ready to spread the excitement of her fellow sorority sister's run for the presidency. on this friday night, mixed reactions to her run and the rally. >> it's not something i've been aware of, so probably not. >> of course, she's a wonderful person, she deserves the support. she's from oakland, i've got to support her no matter what. >> reporter: sergio quintana, nbc, bay area news. it is not a hollywood stunt. it's a real thing. exclusive, unbelievable video of an apparent case of road rage that played out on a busy freeway. i'm chief meteorologist jeff
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ranieri. clouds rolling in for the weekend. we'll let you know what you need to know coming up in about seven minutes. he booked four airlines tickets for the family, winds up with almost 100 reservations. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. stor
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a fit of road rage in boston, okay, you would be hard pressed to believe this next story if you didn't actually see this video. a fit of road rage in boston escalating to the point of this. one man holding on to the windshield o suvching up to 70 o the windshield. this because the two were caught up in a minor side wilder. a good samaritan intervened and stopped the situation. not just with his car, but with a gun. holding t arrived. both the driver and the guy on the hood both arrested. >> that is intense. back here at home, nbc bay area responds to a union city
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man whose economy class flight cost over $50,000 for economy. >> because he booked 96 tickets. he didn't mean to. it was a mistake and he couldn't get the airline to fix it. he turned to nbc consumer investigator chris chmura to smooth out the turbulence. >> this man wanted to book four airline tickets for his family. he wound up charged for enough seats to take his extended family. a his bunch of strangers. family are headed this spring. >> my fiancee's father is having his 80th birthday party. ray landedoa seat h ray booked four for his family and paid with amex card. the next day? >> i was in shock. >> reporter: he found amex charged himself for a few more than four tickets. >> they charged me for 96 flights. >> you needed four tickets but
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got 96? >> that's right. >> could you even fill up 96 seats with your friends and family? >> no. >> reporter: look at his statement. the same four charges appear over and over and over. these weren't just temporary authorizations either. amex had fully booked and kath that i pacific airways had fully confirmed 96 different tickets for ray's family of four, all on the same flight. ray's balance? sky high. >> >> reporter: adding pressure? >> that is correct. >> reporter: his amex is a charge card, not a credit card. ray's balance is due in full every month. >> there's no payment plan. >> reporter: so he called american express. it said dispute the 96 charges individually. >> 96 different disputes. >> reporter: ray says he spent the next two months bouncing between amex travel and amex card services. the math seemed simple. they booked him 96 seats even though he requested just four. so he expects 92 refunds.
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but ray says amex only offered 74 refunds. leaving him on the hook for 18 airline tickets he did not book. >> they still kept on sending me statements that i owe $13,000. >> reporter: so he turned to us. we contacted american express. it did not want to discuss ray's case on tv. but it refunded all the extra tickets. and gave him $1,200 worth of membership rewards points for the bumpy ride. it's resolved now. how happy? >> very, thanks to you guys. >> an airline ticket charged 96 different times in one day is enough to trigger an alarm or alert? >> a red light should have went off, why is this guy bookinghem nkamex use sophisticated technology and monitoring techniques, as well as anomaly detection. so why didn't a computer catch the duplicate charges? american express didn't say.
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copycat flight bookings often trigger alarm bells in airline systems too. we asked cathay pacific. we didn't get a response. it's evident automated anomaly detection isn't perfect. so nerd wallet finance guru kimberly palmer recommends manually policing all your accounts for accuracy. >> we should all be constantly monitoring ouro so download your credit card issuer's app to your phone and check every day to see what charges pop up. >> reporter: ask if you can set your own account controls like transaction or dollar limits. and see if you can subscribe to alerts that notify you of transactions, not just suspicious ones. then when you spot something strange, fix it asap before your balance drops and fees kick in. ray's trip is all set. he told us he might even get married while he's in hong kong.
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let us be the first to say, congratulations. if you have a consumer complaint, call us. or go to >> that's amazing. if ray gets married, chris chmura is the best man. >> congratulations 96 times, right? >> yes, man. >> so frustrating. and it takes a tv station like ours to get it done. >> insane that it went on for that long. >> good work. >> okay, good work on the forecast. >> we'll see a few changes coming our way. i think the temperatures you're going to be happy with. you'll probably want a little bit more blue sky. but ear going to have to work with me on this. let's go ahead and take you into the microclimate forecastwing s the area of high pressure that brought us all that sunshine this week. starting to move a little more to the east. that's important because the clockwise circulaore of that ea movement is going to help bring up cloud cover. t sunny as we head through saturday and sunday's forecast.
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so as we move through tomorrow morning we start with filtered sunshine. it will be chilly to start. 40s from the south bay to the trivalley. also 40s for the east bay, san francisco, and the north bay. so once we hit tomorrow afternoon it's more of a partly sunny to mostly cloudy sky. here's the good part. the temperatures. 10 to 15 degrees above average. this is just out of whack here for january with that area of high pressure up to 69 in morgan hill. 66 in san jose. 67 in cupertino. across the east ba danville. 65 pittsburg. to the peninsula, we're holding steady here with 65 in redwood city. 66 in palo alto. not much change in the temperatures as we go up to san francisco with 65 in the mission. some of the warmest weather here in the north bay, 69 in ukiah and napa with 67. heading up to lake tahoe, enjoyable weather with all that fresh snow from our recent storm systems. dry weather, 40s and 50s
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saturday and sunday. if you're headed to squaw valley or alpine meadows, you have a lower snow base of 67 inches. groomed conditions, 39 lifts, and 60 runs. so looks like a good time. my extended forecast does have some changes on it. again, partly sunny skies throughout this weekend. not as sunny. we're going to stay dry through tuesday, but we're now introducing some slight shower chances once we hit next wednesday and thursday. so we're going to have to wait on any kind of rainfall estimates for a few more days. a possibility of a few showers next wednesday and thursday. at this point looks like february 2nd through 5th for rainfall. for those inland valleys, going up to 69 once we hit sunday. we'll hold with 60s as we head throughout the next seven days. not a bad seven-day forecast coming our way. if you're here for the nhl all-star game, look at this. nice weather. 60s there in san jose. watch that game right here on nbc bay area at 5:00 tomorrow
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night.>> that's a vip ticket. you think this one's going to go? >> only if you take me, i guess. >> that's a big ticket in town. >> yeah, you're good. >> thanks, jeff. up next, the subtle changes made to this mural that sparked a big controversy in one bay area city. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. wwe superstars nikki and brie bella are here tonight!
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supposed to be unveiled take a look. this mural depicting diversity and inclusion was supposed to be unveiled tomorrow in novato. but that's on hold.
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students from novato high school painted it for the margaret todd senior center. the woman who commissioned the artwork wanted the piece to better represent novato, and asked the lead artist to make some changes. the request, add more light-skinned people. >> i've heard that brown faces have been painted over to make them white and that there's light-skipped peopleav painted to be lighter. >> the woman who commissioned the changes wants to meet wit n. book lovers said good-bye to a san francisco landmark today. after 40 years,ard vard books in the castro closed its doors. since today was the last day, many of the normally crammed bookshelves were empty. a popular fixture in the castro, customers were stopping in to say good-bye ever since they learned the building had been sold. books that go unsold will be
11:25 pm
donated to some nonprofits. up next, get out your tux. we'll take you to the red carpet. the nhl all-star festives are in full swing in san jose. we're getting a look at a rescue out of the east bay. firefighters pulled three puppies out of a burning business at a strip mall in oakland. the crews managed to get that fire under control and no one was hurt. now they do think electrical work may have been the culprtont
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how about this, hockey players, they clean up nicely. san jose rolling out the red carpet tonight for the best players on the planet. the nhl all-star game festivities are in full swing. a sold-out crowd coming to see the stars, like brent burns and erik karlsson at the shark tank. >> the party and skills competitions was tonight. lots of fans, lots of teal. >> the red carpet was fun for the guys but the fun factor went up once they hit the ice. this despite the fact that none of them are $25,000 richer tonight. as you'd expect, a rousing round of applause for the sharks' three all-stars in player introductions. individual skills, premier passer is tough. erik karlsson went first. a time of 1:58. good for seventh out of eight. hardest shot competition, brent
11:29 pm
burns missed his first, 100.6 miles an hour on the second to finish second. in the final event, shooting accuracy, this was joe pavelski's event. needed to beat 11.3, did it in 14.3 to finish third. a few minutes prior, great moment here. auston m for that of teammate and sharks legend patrick marleau's. the fans loved it and so did paddy's former teammates here. >> incredible. we've got to get a picture, probably should have turned them around. we just wanted the number on the back. but, no, it was -- it was pretty cool. paddy means a lot to just about everyone who's come throughhi organization. >> i said $25,000? that was the purse for each of the six skills winners. as for the game, it happens tomorrow night and we will be right back here. colin resch, nbc bay area. >> we've got to get tickets. it's on nbc tomorrow night at 5:00 p.m. that's going to do it for
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us. after the game, the nhl, we have a sneak peek of "snl." a closurek
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of funding. the impact monday )s vote could have on hundreds of an east bay school facing closure due to lack of funding. >> the impact monday's vote could have on hundreds of students. >> plus the workweek forecast monday morning from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m.
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he's done it all, x-men, "the last king of scotland." mcavoy has an impressive resume as an actor. mo list, host of "saturday night live." in his new movie "glass," mcavoy plays a character that has two dozen personalities and he's creepy. but the scottish actor says slipping in and out of all those multiple characters really couldn't even prepare him for the craziness of "snl." so how does he think he's going to do? >> i'm expecting to make a fool of myself, get it wrong, and be at the mercy and hopefully at the aid of the amazing cast that are here. >> you know he's going to be great. you can see how he does tomorrow night right here on nbc bay area at 8:30, again at 11:30. meek mill is the musical guest. >> i might just watch the live version at 8:30 and then again at 11:30. >> we may have to, then watch "glass." go to the movies and see "glass."
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>> expect the worst and the best will end up happening. >> it's good to be great. >> jimmy: hey, matt. >> hey, jimmy. >> jimmy: hey, just want to stop and say hello before the show. >> oh, nice. >> jimmy: actually, you know what? i heard a little "friends" y? what was it? >> jimmy: well, you would know. so, i don't want to -- >> oh, come on. it'll be fun. >> jimmy: okay, how many times do they cl i


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