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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  January 26, 2019 8:00pm-8:29pm PST

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reaction. plus a deadly he shooting that has a university rattled. the shutdown may be over, but it could be hard to tell. the news starts right now. good evening. i'm terry mcsweenie. we're on with a special edition of "bay area news "because of nhl all-star game. it's day one of the temporary reprieve. the gears of the u.s. bureaucracy are beginning to turn, but the effects of the shutdown are still being felt. government is technically open, but slow to revive. closed signs remain, at many washington attractions, visitors today could only peek through windows. doors with reopen tuesday. for the smithsonian and a washington zoo. but at a food bank federal workers like karla davis, a
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grand processor at usualening development need a little help. >> i'm glad it's open, but i still don't feel, like, safe. like, three weeks is not a long time. >> on that the president agreed, tweeting -- 21 days goes very quickly. negotiations with democrats will start immediately. the new deal makers will be seven senators and ten house members of both parties, chosen by capitol hill leadership to strike a long-term agreement on homeland security hand funding by february 15th. >> we ask the president to open up government so we can have tike to have a debate on the best way to protect our border. >> the president says if talks fail, he can use his authority to dollar a emergency. >> obviously we're going to do the emergency. that's what it is, it's a national emergency. >> today tweeting -- we will build the wall. it's a similar story here in
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the bay area, the visitor center at the aquatic central remains closed. people are excited to enjoy the parks, but were disappointed. >> unfortunately it was closed. we couldn't complete our scavenger hunt. >> reporter: what do you think? >> i'm quite disappointed. i don't see the funds going to the right services. we're just trying to have a good time and see our national treasures. >> it's unclear when nomaral services will resume, but we have heard that point reyes will resumes normal operations tomorrow morning. a community upset after it reportedly took four hours for police to respond. they got a call from good orchard bakery on mission street after the chinese owner was robbed and beaten, but police didn't show up until 4:30.
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city leaders said there were no officers readily available at the time, and a translator did assist, but the city's emergency response for non-english speaking callers does need improve. they said they're trying toic in the numbers of language-certified officers. a shooting happened at south 10th and east williams street. mary ann favro has the new developments. marianne? >> reporter: the man was shot just a few blocks from san jose state. the victim's friend tells me he was just 20 years old. this is an area many people head to after thear close in downtown san jose, because they can grab something to eat at this popular taco stand. earlier this morning was no different until someone started shooting. that's whether smoky duran ran
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for cover. >> i basically heard four shots, and i was like, what? i turned around, and i just -- i seen people running everywhere. >> reporter: hours later smoky learned the person shot was his good friend, who he describes as a happy guy who was an up-and-coming rapper. he believes the 20-year-old may have been targeted over money. he says at least three other people were standing next to his friend when he was shot. many san jose state students, including nights, so it kind of puts us on edge. >> reporter: which is why tonight some students are vowing to make changes. >> avoid this main road. >> reporter: so far no arrests have been made. this is san jose's fourth homicide of the year. reporting live in san jose. marianne favro, nbc bay area
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news. a fund-raiser for tomorrow. at 11:00 tomorrow morning people will gather behind fruitvale for the young man. the driver took off. his family says the teen is still in the hospital and fighting for his life. tomorrow's gathering will include people riding out on their bicycles, taking the same route prieta was supposed to tack. all money earned from the fair,ed food, the crafts, the raffles, will go to his hospital bills. thousands of antiabortion activists gathered for the annual walk for life march and raleigh. several catholic bishops and other clergy joined the protests. people come from all over the country to take part in this rally. >> our crowd is super peaceful. we always tell them to keep
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calm, keep quiet e. we're not here to engage. it marks the anniversary of the roe v. wade ruling. senator harris is appearing in oakland tomorrow. it's been a busy week. she's been making the rounds at her tv and her alma mater. the figure skating world has a new start this weekend, 13 years old alyssa lieu, and she's from the east bay. sergio is live from the ice center, and she's a familiar face there, sergio? >> reporter: yeah, they even have three banners up at one of the rings from some of her prior championships. she's won the intermediate national, junior nationals and of course last night she won the
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senior nationals. they are very proud this is her home skating rink. her free skate dust last night's competition pushed past last years's championship brady tenle. this makes her the youngest u.s. national champion ever. she takes that title from tara lipinski when she won, and scott allen when he won in 1964. her win is a big deal for the st. moritz ice skating club in oak lend. >> it's weird for me. i see her here all the time, she did on tv just what she alwaysh gives h eve time. >> reporter: scott davis is the vice president ofhe says alysa a normal 13 years old.
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though alysa did win the nationals last night, she's actually still in detroit through the weekend. the club is very exciting for their star to come back home very shortly, hopefully sometime next week. reporting live in oakland, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. a very happy day for hockey fawns here in the south bay. you just watched the nhl all-star game here. before that game, people headed over to the fanfare at the san jose convention center. big names in hockey were chatting with fans. families dressed out in jerseys. >> i really want to see the stanley cup. >> you want something to share with your kids, and it's definitely a fun mo fans. the fanfare is going on tomorrow. we'll have more on the game in
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about 20 minutes. still ahead, no laughing matter. the suspected hoax that had police responding to a tech executive's home. and up, up and away for the a's. the new look we're getting at the proposed gondola plans. we're seeing a lot of clouds, but not necessarily a lot of rain chainses ahead. the rest of the weekend we'll have unexpectedly warm temperatures. we'll have a closer look when we come back. students. work week forecast as you head plus--kari is tracking our out the door. join us monday morning from 4:30 to 7. 4:30 to 7. your favorite restaurants now it doesn't matter dash. where you are.
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drama in a san francisco naked over a 911 called believed to be a hoax. police were called to a home near the mission district. the caller said a man his girlfriend inside the house. officers arrived. there was a woman there with her children, and they were fine, safe and sound. police believe the whole thing was made up. records indicate the address is linked to a -rinstagram. we mention that, because this comes weeks thing was done to a facebook
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executive. it would be a new way to get around in oakland and a boone to tourism. now we have a pretty good idea what it would look like. this is an mated preview of the gondola, a tram that would run between the marriott city center near the b.a.r.t., over to 880, over to jack london square. that's where the a's would like to build a ballpark. the study released yesterday said this gondola would brings in 50,000 visitors per year, a tourist thing that would translate into $400 million in sales tax. great way to get to the new ballpark, and just a great amenity for oakland. away. if it happens, construction would be $100 million. the nds approval from other agencies, but the a's would love it.
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fans are gearing up for another exciting season. today was a's fan fest friended by nbc sports california. people packed into jack london square. especially those plans for the new ballpark at howard terminal. >> i think it's going to be beautiful. i love where it's at. i preferred we would stay at the old location. i love it. it's central for everything, but as long as it stays in oakland, that's the most important thing. >> we'll see how it all shakes out. fans got to see 3-d designs for the new ballpark. great video, dramatic video showing oak listen firefights rescuing puppies from a pet shop. a firefighters enter on bancroft avenue, finds a carrier. inside the carrier, a bunch of puppies. you will see they're very young. at first they're not moving, and
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then the firefights do their thing, a little oxygen here, there, and the also puppies perk right up. there they go. they're all all right. firefighters are fine, the pupiers are great. don't know what started the fire, but really just glad the pupiers can do their thing. a lot of questions about the fire, what were they doing there? where is the owner? all that stuff. the puppies are fine, bottom line. what's going on weather-wise? >> not a lot. we had a lot of clouds, but not much underneath other than some hazy skies. golden gate bridge th mostly overcast skies. 58 degrees currently, as we watched our temperatures tonight eventually drop into the 40s, in fact already into the 40s. napa and santa rosa at 48 degrees. still 61 degrees, notice the
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wind direction. the winds aren't strong, it's the direction, though, that's important. thanks to high pressure, which is keep things dried. tomorrow morning, a few high clouds, temperatures will be a bit chilly, and some of the areas that don't get the high cloud cover, maybe around the north bay, maybe you'll see some 30s to start. you'll wake up to some more hazy conditions, but a little more sunshine. the high cloud cover, at least midday, should thin out. as we head towards the evening, it may make for a nice sunset as a few more high clouds drift in. highs tomorrow with we're expecting tomorrow 60s maybe even close to 70s, for the easttrivalley, upper 60s peninsula mostly in the mid to 60s. san francisco in the mid 60s. around the north bay, look at ukiah and santa rosa, close to 70 tomorrow, mid 60s closer to
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mid valley. no rain for now. this is why. we have high pressure centered across the west, but the headlines, check out wednesday. see that big plunge of arctic air? if you have friends in chicago, look at the expected highs on wednesday. that's not windchill. those are forecast highs, 14 degrees below zero, just horribly cold temperatures, just east of the rocksies. staying mild out west, b showers acrossth chance for rai probably holding op until late thursday into friday, as high pressure breaks down. that would bring at least a chance of rain coming back in the seven-day forecast. right now totals don't like that impressive, but we're expecting this to come in more so as far as friday. the green would indicate maybe a half inch to an inch of rain. as we begin the month of february, a bit of a pattern shift could be coming in the forecast, but not really for the
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end of the weekend. monday, tuesday we'll see numbers above average. low 60s through the middle part of the week. best chance of rain in that seven-day forecast will be friday and into next weekend. between now and tuesday, areas south of san jose, including santa cruz, may get close to 70, as our friends in the great lakes like at temperatures of 15 below, windchill factors could be 30 to 40 below. >> that's ridiculous. some people, myself included, got l totae week. now we're not getting anything and the average is staying where it is, and we're going to be dropping below, it looks like nothing big coming down the pike. >> the dry stretch really just lasting a week, but the daily average for rainfall is almost a fifth of an inch of rain, so
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we're missing out on that for seven days, but the dry pattern probably starts to break down towards the end of the weaned. >> great, rob. thanks very much. still ahead, roger stone speaking out with a former trump campaign adviser is saying a day after he was arrested. deal talk!
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former trump campaign the special counsel overreached, and the fbi director should be fired. yesterday he was arrested and charged with lying to congress about his in wikileaks. it's said he accepted -- and released them in an effort to hurt hillary clinton's campaign. to be clear, stone is not charged with colluding. he says he isened of everything he's charged with. >> the allegation that two campaign officials instructed me
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or inquired of me about wikileaks is false. as i said yesterday, i will plead not guilty, i will fight the charges. stone is the sixth trump official or adviser to be indicted or found guilty of crimes in the mueller investigation. a small town in brazil is desperate for answers after a dam collapse killed at least 64 people. 300 more are still missing. the search is tough and as you can see the thick mud a brazilian judge today froze $1.3 billion of the mining company's money to pay for damages. youtube is responding to criticism it should clean up an algorithm. company is announcing it would curb border did not line and
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conspiracy content in its recommendations section. the announcement came yesterday. youtube says it's committed to leading people away from harmful videos. well, the all-star game here in san jose, the warriors with a nationally televised game, here's a look at what's coming up in sports. he shark tank, the home of this year's nhl all-star game and the second time it's hosted the annual event. the fourth year until the current format when all four divisions compete in a single-elimination tournament. we'll show you the highlights. plus the warriors matchup in boston. that's all coming up in sports, next. ♪ no hormones!
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at preventing pregnancy. if you experience pain, pelvic infection, or miss a period, call your healthcare provider. pregnancy is rare but serious and can cause infertility or loss of pregnancy. rarely, paragard may attach to or go through the uterus. want hormone free? ask for paragard by name. take a look at this motley crew getting off this bus outside the certainly not your average drop-off. a motley crue instead outside the s.a.p. center.
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all the nhl mascots, getting ready to cheer on their teams. players at the all-star game, first off the bus, you saw them, you knew it had to be the hometown guy, sharky. beautiful. the mascots just keep on coming. laura joins us live, excitement at the s.a.p. center for this am i supposed me. to follow that? this is just not fair. i'm going to do my best. we were well represented. brent burns, jo pavelski, and more. the first of the two semifinal matchups, central division and pacific division, first half, 2-0, eric karlsson with the breakaway. he gets the scores started for the pacific. let's take you to the second half. it is now 10-2, central karlsson
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nets his second of the game, and ten seconds later brent burns with a nice wrister to the back of the net. the sharks player score threw of four, 10-4 the final. the central moves on to face the metropolitan division in the final, but it was more bad news for sharks fans. kris letang puts the metropolitan division up 3-0. at the end of the first half, another penguin, sydney crosby extends the lead to 4-0. in the second half, shocker i know, it's crosby again, just doing what he does. penguins prepail in the final. they did it again tonight 10-5 the final there. to the hardwood, warriors and celtics with big winning streaks. kyrie irving drives and tying
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it. but the warriors would respond. klay thompson, just give him the ball. man, that guy is unbelievable. drills the three. a minute later it's marcus smart from bend the arc. he drains it. the game is now tied. we go to the final seconds, the warriors are up two. draymond misses the free throw, but gets the rebound. steph gets the ball, he's immediately fouled. he iced the game. the warriors beat the celtics 115-111. and terry, we all wanted a good game. ask and you shall receive. i just hope everyone's heart rate is back down to a normal level. >> i've got to ask you about your heart rate. comparing bumps can t laura, stomper. can you explain this to us? >> yeah, i have two babies right now, carrying twins.
8:28 pm
i was interviewing a's players yesterday. i figured stomper and i need to see how the bumps compare. >> what was the consensus? >> he wins right now, but i feel like i'll catch up soon. >> the one he's got, he's always going to have. >> that's true. >> yeah, not losing that one. let's hope in a few months mine will go away. >> laura, fantastic. congratulations to you. >> thank yo all right. talk to you soon. >> twins on the way? >> you could tell her a few things. >> get the sleep while youcan. >> yeah, 3 years old already. time flies. >> and the 3 -- they always talk about the terrible twos, it's the 3s. >> i've heard 3s, 4s, but if you want any time outside, look at the weather out west. tomorrow we're seeing temperatures in the in san jose,
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but i want you to take a close league at what happens midweek. big chill across the center part of the country there, and around the bay area, as we wrap up the weekend. this is why you have an nhl all-star game here in san jose. close to 70 in spots tomorrow. thanks for watching. "saturday night live" is coming up right now. we're back here at 11:00. hope you can join us. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] good evening, everyone. i'm tucker carlson. i'm like if those shorts with the little whalesn them came to life. our top story tonight, president trump's heroic end to the shutdown.
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it took him 35 days, but he was finally able to get no wall. meanwhile, as the democrats stall, the crisis at our border rages on. here with her take is the host of justice with judge jeanine. going to ask a question i already know the answer to. my voice will get very high. these democrats, do they want ms-13 invading their towns and tieing up their hands and feet with duct tape? >> sadly, the answer to that question is si senor.


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