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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 28, 2019 11:00am-11:29am PST

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costa high school turned into a crime scene. a student found stabbed and right now at 11:00, the parking lot of a high school turned into a crime scene. a student found stabbed and rushed to hospital. the details we're learning this midday. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> nbc bay area's bob riddell there live in concord and a high school student is stabbed there in the east bay. what more do we this? >> reporter: well, marcus and laura, we do know that the stabbing took place before school off campus. police assure us there's no threats to s 18-year-old boyrin stab wound. he was in his silver car. th were p investigating.
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he's currently in the hospital in stable condition expected to be okay. police tell us that he was stabbed before 8:00 this morning outside the concord mini mart about half mile from campus. i spoke with the clerk at the store. he wasn't aware of what happened until police showed up to ask him questions. after he was stabbed, the teenager drove to the school looking for help. a friend notified the front office who in turn called 911. police did not know why he drove here and think he was in shock. he was stabbed once in the lower abdomen, a shallow wound and expected to be released from the hospital later today or tomorrow. police say that heas not told them much so far as far as what led perpetrator. >> what does that say to ma be cooperate with the investigation or in pain and just not in a place to be able to make a
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detailed statement. we'll address that with him. >> reporter: how do you feel about your niece is going to school? >> my stomach is churning. i went to walk her in to make sure if it's safe. >> reporter: mt. die ab lo unified school district said classes went on as scheduled and not affected by this. school was never on log lockdown and mark matthews is at the scene where he was stabbed and said police are there asking for surveillance cameras capturing anmage of the redell, bay area >> scary situation there. you may have gotten a push alert when we learned about that stabbing. if you did not get one, that is
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perfect time to download the nbc bay area app to be informed with the breaking news that was. new at 1:00, a person dead following a hit and run in san jose. police say a man was hit by a red pickup truck that left the scene. four other cars then hit the man. so far, no arrests have been made. you're asked to avoid the area as officers investigate. this is the sixth fatal accident in san jose this year. well, roger stone, the long-time trump adviser, >> he is. it seems more important to protest that than his innocence and charged with several felonies, oneongr lngs and he doesn't deny he said.bou. an early mriorngy morning recor cnn. stone compared it to the raid on bin laden's compound. take a listen. >> i'm 66 years old. i do not own a gun i do not have a valid passport.
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i have no prior criminal record. i'm charged with nonviolent process crimes. to stormy house with a greater force than was used to take down bin laden or el chapo or pablo escobar, to terrorize my wife and my dogs, it's unconscionable. >> as you well know, a number of people died on the raid on bin laden including bin laden. there was also a gun fight in the capture of el chapo. the arrest with stone was entirely peaceful. in fact, here's stone just hours after that arrest. >> i was taken to the fbi facility. although i must say the fbi agents were extraordinarily courteous. >> talked to us this morning outside of the florida home leaving for washington, the big unanswerable question is whether stone will cooperate with mueller's team.
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he said he'd tell the truth and in telling the truth would not need to testify against the president because he says he would not bear false witness against him. marcus? >> all right. thank you, scott. the opening bell there. new york stock exchange. right now, not looking great. the dow down 292 points there. solid drops after a poor outlook for caterpillar. so it's the end of the shutdown. first monday now and nature lovers finally getting full access to the favthis morning t seashore resumed normal operations and visitor center open again. there's an area that's off limits taken orr by elephant seals. the visitor center, museum and several campgrounds opened back up today. ranger led programs resumed today and entrance stations
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staffed as usual. well, looking at that, people want to get out and enjoy -- >> by the seashore. >> kari hall is tracking the rain that potentially could be returning to our area here so we need to enjoy what we have right now, right, kari? >> beautiful weekend and dry conditions and may be contributingalit no wood burning and also going to have the most unhealthy air quality in parts of the north bay. as we look at the temperatures, it's been warming up and we are going to see a lot more sunshine in the afternoon. as we head up to about 64 degrees for the middle of the day. in as warm as 67 degrees for many of the microclimates it's going to feel very nice and starting with clouds. we are talking about some rain in the forecast and we'll track the timing of that and help you make weekend plans, as well, coming up in a few minutes.
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we can plan around rain and what about bitter cold? this is a live look from minneapolis where the air temperature is just 4 degrees but the windchill 13 below 0. it just looks cold in the picture, doesn't it? people there dealing with blizzard-like conditions in the upper midwest. hundreds of schools are closed. air travel islearing and where do you put all that snow? happening today, a big vote expected to take place to determine the future of a middle school in the east bay. root international academy could be the first of more than two dozen schools closing in oakland. this is all part of a bigger plan by the oakland d utrict ash budget issues. the teacher and a student say that the district informed them about the closures via a robo call around the holidays. >> you wake up at like getting to school at 7:00. i'm having to think like, how can i be mindful of the students emotional being an teach them
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academic? i have to keep pushing them forward. >> ever since december 18, i go to sleep thinking. i'm am i going to do? what is my kid going to do? >> if the school board votes to close the school, more than 200 students at the school will be relocated to other middle schools. sexual abuse lawsuit filed against the san jose school district, we have monitoring this news conference going on. lawyers announcing that suit. the lawsuit seeking a court order to force the union school district to implement child protection measures. it's being fired on behalf of a 13-year-old girl allegedly assaulted by the music teach i. 34-year-old samuel nipp was arrested in san jose charged with lewd and la sid you acts with a minor under 14 and possession of child pornography and extortion. soon we're expected to get a better idea of devastation by
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the wildfires. the state's insurance commissioner explains the plans and they helped 5,000 survivor. the campfire last fall is deadliest in state history. 18,000 structures burned and across the state last november nearly 100 people were killed in wildfires. san francisco man is dead following an avalanche in southwest montana. 35-year-old benjamin mcshane was in back country skiing friday when it happened. this is the last photo he posted on instagram skiing on another trip in aspen. mcshane was in a group of four when the avalanche happened. here's where it happened. two of the men reportedly grabbed on to trees and they were not hurt. the other injured skier was taken to a nearby hospital. no word yet on his condition. tragedy for san francisco state student killed in a hit and run in southern california. 21-year-old angelina panito was
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in a crosswalk saturday night. a third-year student at sf state. classes resume at the college today. the accident happened in north radondo. the driver was in a black audi suv and now has damage to the front windshield and hood. the family now hope that is that driver will come forward. >> the life was tragically taken in a way that angelina did not deserve. >> police are asking anyone with information to call police. and a follow up oakland pocerun. a 14-year-old carlos was riding his bike when he was hit by a car and then dragged four blocks earlier this month. that driver eventually fled the scene. police say that lea connor was behind the wheel of the car and now charged with several crimes. news of the arrest came as relief to family and friends and a fund-raiser for the teen
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yesterday. that event started with a bicycle ride along that route that he was supposed to ride the day that he was hit. >> we talked about a couple routes but specifically this route 35th is very narrow street and the easiest path to get to mcarthur so it made sense to travel this way and symbolic. >> he is still in the hospital with serious injuries. coming up, all new at 11:00, fertility clinics looking for younger generation. the way doctors are hoping to help millennials get ready for motherhood. plus -- >> worked there almost 1ar did you meet president trump? >> yeah. many times. >> several undocumented workers say they worked at president trump's properties for years without any problems. now they're speaking out.
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this morning, president trump is facing new criticism. it comes after at least a dozen undocumented workers wer well, this morning president
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trump is facing new criticism coming after at least a dozen u fired from the trump national golf club in new york. they illegally to find better jobs. when they applied to work at the trump club, they presented phony documents but earlier this month enly fired. fmer workers remembers president trump approaching him polishing railings. >> he saw my ring and he say oh this $200. this for you and your wife take her to dinner tonight. >> last month two women came forward of working at another trump property in new jersey. a proern representing 20 former employees at both locations is demanding an investigation. in statement the trump organization's eric trump said in part, quote, if any employee submitted false documentation in an attempt to circumvent the law they will be terminated immediately. we take this issue seriously.
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that is reason my father is fighting hard for immigration reform. the system is broken. the irs begins accepting tax returns today. many taxpayers don't understand some of the changes. a nerd wallet survey says half of americans were aware that a new tax bush administratiill we law in 2018 and notable despite employers beginning to withhold less in taxes under the new law 31% of mens noticed an increase in the pay. stamps are more expensive this morning and hopefully you stocked up in case you missed it the price for new forever stamp from 50 cents to 55 cents. that is a single biggest increase in postal service history. some priority mail prices also went up. the post office had a $4 billion loss last year. now to a story you will only see on nbc bay area. apple just releasing and launching the first-ever progra
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entrepreneur develop apps. 11 companies run by women are selected to participate. we spoke to a woman who designed a new app. >> i feel like i literally won a lottery. that's how i feel because developing apps even when they're super personally meaningful as mine is to me is hard work and getting advice and mentorship from apple itself is a dream come true. >> that's for two weeks to receive code helping from apple engineers and attending sessions on design technology and marketing. many are hoping that this experience will also help them get financial backing. the field of infertility is getting younger. >> but now dozens trying to bro that by appealing to millennials and giving women of all ages the tools to make informed decisions
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even before they start to try to have a baby. kiss ten dahlgren reports that it's changing. >> reporter: on a beautiful southern california day, dozens of women flock to a bright yellow van they'd seen on instagram hoping for a peek into the future of their fertility. >> i like the idea of not feeling pressured or being against a clock. >> i want to take the first steps just to see what's going on. >> i'm trying to be proactive about my own health and wellness. >> reporter: they're seeking information and companies like kindbody are trying to give them what think need. >> we're hoping to start a conversation with women and starts with, hey, let's talk about your fertility, let's talk about what is a biological clock. >> reporter: in the mobile lab, they test hormone, one indication of a women's egg reserve and something that this 30-year-old is wondering about. >> my friends have also experienced the same thing where they have asked their doctor and
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their doctor said just wait and we can worry about that later. but it's a question i'm worried about now so i would like to know now. >> reporter: gina started kindbody a year ago. >> we want to start the conversation younger. >> reporter: kindbody is sometimes calledhe what are you differently? >> yeah. i think the biggest thing is bringing care directly to the patient. women shop for services different than when i was going through treatment. >> reporter: business is booming as more and more women embrace technology like egg freezing. in 2009, 500 women froze their eggs. by 2016, it was up to almost 9,000. kindbody offers egg freezing with ivf, routine care and mental health counsels in the new york city location and looking to expand in 2019. and kind body isn't the only company rethinking fertility experiences. this cny fertility center in new
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york offers spa-like settings and yoga for fertility patients. >> so yeah. >> reporter: accessibility to the generation is fertile ground. the start-up modern fertility makes a hormone test to take at home. >> learn about your fertility without getting out of the pajamas. a single fingerprint and send it back to the lab for the results. >> reporter: the company's 30-something founders carly and afton realized a need whether their friends were asking about fertility. >> millennial women are waiting longer than any other generation in the history of thest to start the family and the biology hasn't changed and modern fertility is founded to give we're able to offer thiswon to g on in their own bodies. >> reporter: through conversation and education, women can make these decisions on their own clock. >> kristen dahlgrenng there. they tell people the only ba is having a baby and no
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guarantee and education is the first step for many women and i should add men, as well. >> absolutely. all right. now, the weather has been really nice to us lately. >> hasn't it? >> almost spring-like yesterday. >> it was well above normal. not supposed to be this warm and heading back to winter in a few days. >> back to reality. >> yeah. we'll get more of that much needed rain. so this is the way it looks out there right now. well, that is picture i got this morning and i love getting those weather pictures. this was of the sun rise and this picture came to me on facebook by lisa and this shows that cotton candy sky and that beautiful sun rise earlier this morning and then also got this picture on instagram from michael and amazing to see what the sunrise looked like this morning. bright orange and for a few minutes and spectacular. and as we look at the temperatures right now it's still pretty warm with some
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upper 50s and low 60s. all around the bay area. so as you get ready to head out, we do still see the sun filtered by the clouds rolling by an a little birth more of that sunshine as we go into the rest of the afternoon. temperatures reaching into the mid-60s. and our normal high is 59 degrees and it's another spring-like day with some above normal temperatures. we are going to see ow highs heading into the upper 60s, even a couple of low 70s on the map. we'll be up to 65 in oakland. palo alto, 64 degrees and 63 today in antioch. with the very warm weather despite the clouds we continue on with more of the warm temperatures at least for tomorrow. and then there will be a storm system moving in and you can see how the clouds are looking right now as far as the wide view and when's developing out there. these clouds not bring us much in the way of rain and hold off until wednesday but then when we see this disturbance moving in it will bring us a quick shot of some showers on wednesday and
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then a break on thursday. friday some more widespread rain moves in and may come with some gusty winds. i'll be watching that system moving by and keeps it unsettled and quite wet in the weekend and then start to see the snow developing in the sierra by the end of the weekend and as far as rain we are looking at for most of us about half of an inch, maybe more closer to three quarters of an inch with the first round n. total we could be looking at about a couple of inches of rain and quite a bit weekend. the possibility of getting another couple of feet of snow. so i'll keep you up to date on that as the computer models evolve. other than that, we are just enjoying a little bit longer of this spring weather and then once again we're back to winter by friday, especially. so i'll keep tabs on that for you. >> okay. all right. looking forward to it. >> california winter. coming up, radio silence for a bay area station. where you can still, however,he
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songs. but first, happening now, new video dtruction left behi folwing a deadly tornado in havana. at least three people are dead. 172 injured after that storm hit overnight. several homes and buildings destroyed there. kosovoal areas are flooded after a powerful cyclone. we're back with more news after the break. ad-lib french bulldog
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on facebook and take a look at this
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little cutie. not a french fry but a little french bulldog pup there. that is like the cutest video in a long time. >> let me out. let me out. follow me on facebook where i share a lot of these photos to make you smile. >> they look like hamsters. little. >> too cute. all right. so fans of the south bay radio station kliv will have do go without the favorite country station. the san jose station went silent after 73 years on the air. >> they were broadcasting country music and known for different styles, popular top 40 station. musicians used to pay visits to the location over there on story road the chief engineer mike says he grew up listening to the station like many of us here in the bay area. he actually worked there for four decades. but he says kliv will have a may chur. >> we are working with the city to take over kliv and bring it
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back to a news station and we are working with san jose state that would run it. >> krty broadcasting out of the same station will move new location and hotel is expected to be built at that old site. >> yeah. all right. well, last look at the weather here in the bay area for to and the rest of the week. looks really nice. we will be watching some rain fall on wednesday. thursday is dry and then more rain for the weekend. >> if it doesn't come we'll be sad about this. >> we need it. water it is lawn. see you tomorrow morning!
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coming up on "california live," a dream come true for a gina rodriguez fan. [ laughter ] >> and gina even sends a message to her mom. >> maria, look at how lucky i was. i got to meet your amazing daughter today. >> the nfl's golden girl carissa thompson is live in studio revealing her secrets for hanging with the big boys. >> carissa tompson hall of
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famers, deion sanders and ladainian tomlinson. >> and a brand new mustovernigh. plus, we uncover a hidden bar in a los angeles treasure. >> my kind of bar. >> it's all happening


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