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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 31, 2019 11:00am-11:29am PST

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powered by nbc bay area )s ready. the next batch of rain is heading our way. a live look at our doppler radar powered by nbc bay area storm ranger. the morning commute was soggy and right now we are drying out but don't put the umbrellas away just yet. >> keep them handy. >> you better. joining so much for us. i'm marcusam washington. >> i'm laura garcia. let's take a live look outside at san francisco. a nice - view. the clouds just kind of hanging there. meteorologist kari hall tracking now the next storm heading our way. >> we are waiting for the clouds the parayor and going to have some nice temperatures to go with it for the afternoon. you should get out there and enjoy it because this is the
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break before the next storm system moves in and we are enjoying fairly mild weather. we will have a big dip in the temperatures going into the weekend. the rain that we had this morning moving across southern california. and we are seeing some drying conditions here as we open up the picture we have a couple of storms lined up in the pacific with the next one storm and then another one behind that set to move in on sunday. as we get a look at the hour by hour outlook, i think by 4:00 most of us will be seeing some sunshine and then tomorrow morning we start out with clouds and then the rain approaches the coast at 1:00 in the amp. so as you try to make some plans to get throughout for your friday afternoon into the evening, it starts to turn soggy and the rain gets heavier as we go into tomorrow night. along with some gusty winds picking up going into saturday morning. so a lot we'll have to deal days with more rounds of rain and thunderstorms. i'll talk more about that and what else is in the forecast
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coming up. >> thanks, kari. speaking of the wet stuff there, state water workers in the sierra measuring the winter snow pack. this is video from last year and this year was a so-so start when the firstt measurement was take with at or below normal levels. there's been a lot of winter weather moving through hopefully adding to the state's weather supply.hing have more at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. while we'reth d watching th snow pack in the sierra, it is nothing compared to places across america. take a look at this. fargo, north dakota. it is negative 36 degrees there. historice arctic outbreak shattering records in the midwest and the northeast and most of the country feeling the affects of the polar vortex. nbc's dylan drier has more. >> reporter: this morning a massive deep freeze wrecking havoc on most of the country. 230 million people battling temperatures below freezing
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midwest, minneapolis saw the coldest morning since 1996. 60 degrees below 0 with windchill. >> it's pretty brutal. it's cold. >> reporter: in chicago, the polar vortex crippling planes, trains and waterways, halting air travel at the airports. flames seen sprouting from train tracks after officials from the metro began setting the fires to keep the system moving. the sub zero temperatures turning deadly. a university of iowa student died after police found him ont degrees below 0 at the time. officials say they believe the cold contributed to his death. the frigid air mass moving east extending the icy grip to cities like new york and boston, both experiencing windchills as cold as minus 10 to minus 20. relief is on the way for
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residents nationwide. forecasters saying the cold snap is expected to end by this weekend. nbc news. nothing like that in our neck of the woods but to stay connected with the weather wherever you are, all you have to do is download our free nbc bay area app. it actually gives you a look at the maps which are fantastic, a look at the ray -- and when the rain is approaching you. a man was arrested at the bay bridge toll plaza for allegedly having a knife. chp units responded this morning following ars reports of a man waving the weaponno in the west parking lot. just past the toll booth. officers arrested the suspect and facing weapons charges. well, this morning speaker of the house nancy pelosi reiterated president trump will not get money for his wall. >> this as bipartisan committee races to the clock to reach that deal. scott mcgrew is following it all for us. >> they have 16 days to figure it out including today, how they
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compromiseto between two uncompromising positions. trump wants more than $5 billion for a wall, no less. pelosi is willing to give him zero. republicans and democrats meeting in the basement of the capitol to figure that out, work out a deal before the government shuts back down. they didn't get beyond opening statements yesterday. this morning president trump said he will accept nothing less than a wall. >> i was elected partially on this issue. not as much as people say but partially on this issue. this is a very important issue. nothing to do with elections. nothing to do with votes. only to do with common sense and onlye to do with security. >> picture tweeted out by the white house earlier this month tells the tale. president trump in the past has tried calling the wall various things in an attempt to make it more palatable to democrats. this morning in a tweet he said that we're just going to call it the wall and again, laura, we
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are at loggerheads with 15 days to go. bankruptcy hearing going on for pg&e in san francisco. utility says it needs to file chapter 11. meantime, in sacramento, a small protest. >> big banks off our grid. >> new video of a demonstration going on.. pg&e, of course, facing tens of billions of dollars in wildfire liabilities. just yesterday a judge demanded changes to thehe wildfire protection plan to boost fire safety. in court yesterday, pg&e attorneys argued that utility cannotak afford to make the changes, especially in light of thee bankruptcy. state utility leaders believe pg&e would have to make up to 20,000 new hires just to satisfy one request tons utility pole. scott budman is actually in the courtroom this morning and will have more tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. > new at 11:00, within the past couple of hours nasa
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launched intode space a satelli built with the help of college students from the south bay. nbc bay area bob redell is live for us at san jose state. talk about an amazing experience for these students. >> reporter: absolutely, marcus. several engineering students and professors here teamed up with nasa-ames to build a small satellite that's orbiting high above our heads. take a look at this to. it's called tech ed sat-8. it is about 27 inches long, rectangular in shape packed with electronic experiments that students here helped design and manufacture. now, this morning they gathered on campus with professors and engineers from nasa-ames to watch their satellite laud looking station. xo break and a edo.
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parachute that deploys to slow the satellite down to stay in orbit. some dana sa hopes to use it to bring the small satellites back to earth intact without the expense and time of waiting for a cargo capsule. other experiments, a virtual reality camera system for 60 gigs of vr video and send it back to earth and a motherboard designed for radiation in outer space. >> as soon as you see it deploy an you knee that you have touched it and you have been a part of it it's just another in hopefully it's not the last time. >> you know, i spend my dna to space. yeah. i'm orbiting. i'm in orbit. for a few days. but i'm really grateful. i feel like even if you work hard, not everybody has the opportunity to work on this type of project so i'm definitely grateful. >> to come with different solutions, you know? especially from the new age and
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able to help us, you know, find solutions that we never thought about. >> reporter: as i speak, students are in touch with their satellite via laptop computer that's communicating with satellite phone modems on board the tech ed sat. it will burn up in a few months. as i mentioned, nasa wants to use the brake to bring a small satellite back to earth. maybe tech ed sat 11 in the next year. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> kudos to them. thank you, bob. new at 11:00, san jose mayor is opening up about the future of the city. he spoke this morning at a silicon valley business journal event focusing on downtown san jose in this speech highlighting the transportation projects under way. he said that the city is hoping in the coming months to acqfor project. he also mentioned the cal train
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electrification project and touched on google's promised and proposaled mega campus project. leaders voted to approve a 11-acre land sell to the tech giant. the development is planned for an area near diridon station. >> we'll get to the finish line with what we expect is a development agreement to provide google, divided on the community with benefits including affordable housing. >> now, the mayor saying that the project could create roughly 20,000 to 25,000 new jobs in san jose. not the city to consider setting aside money for homeless programs. workers ning today, a show of ahead of what may be critical contract talks. >> let you know we begin business. >> please come -- >> the union representing the city r workers posted this vide calling for a noon rally on the
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steps of city hall. the union is ready to kick a new round of contract bargaining off. you may recall a contract included bumps in the road. they went on a one-week long strike before reaching a new deal. a solution to muni's operating shortage could come in the way of new housing. according to t the san francisc examiner, it was brought up as an idea in an sf mta retreat. as far as the current shortage, th a sti needs nearly 400 drivers according to a new reportfo which says low wages a behind the shortage. well, kocoming up this midd, before you treat your sick baby with ibuprofen, there's a recall and it is growing. plus, backlash brewing starbucks former ceo facing blowback after announcing he might run for president.assi
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it may have a higher concentration than labeled. initially walmart, cvs and family dollar brands were impacted. now the company is adding three more lots to that recall list. i have tweeted out specific details. you can find them posted on my twitter page and facebook. the opening bell there, the new york stock exchange. the dow is actually down about 59 and the s&p 500 actually is headed for the best january since 1987. this is off of the back of strong earnings there. well, google disabled an app that monitors users iphone usage. this after it was revealed that the app violated apple's policies in the same way that
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facebook app did. we told you about that story yesterday. the google app gave users gift cards in exchange for tracking their internet usage n. a statement google said that the app is voluntary. backlash over run for the white house. former starbucks ceo schultz is speaking out. he's addressing the growing concerns about the potential 20. nbc's peter alexander has the latest. >> reporter: howard schultz overnight in arizona fueling another round of heated coffee talk. >> i can promise you i'm not going to do anything to be a so-called spoiler in all of this. >> reporter: the former starbucks ceo saying he's surprised from the vi tri yoel from democrats and distancing himself from the former party. >> i'm not a democrat. i don't affiliate myself with the democratic party, so far left, basically want it is government to take over health care and we cannot afford.
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>> reporter: also deflecting harsh criticism including tough talk from likely 2020 contender elizabeth warren that he's a billionaire out of touch with the american people. >> she doesn't know me. i mean, i started from nothing. i'm self made. >> reporter: on twitter, highlighting his humble origins. >> i grew up in brooklyn, new york, in federally subsidized housing, the projects. >> reporter: theveed proposed tax and his claim that her policies would lead to socialism. >> i believe in capitalism. i see the wealth that can be produced but let's be really clear. capitalism without rules is theft. >> reporter: schultz may be months away from a final decision whether to get into the race but he's already running in the campaign trail hazards. quizzed about the cost of a box of cereal. >> in 18 ounce box of cereal, i don't know. >> here's the deal.
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>> i don't eat cheerios. >> four bucks. >> that's a lock. >> reporter: starbucks is advising employees how to respond to in-store complaints. the coffee giant recommends diffusing the situation saying we respect everyone's opinion. and if pressed about schultz's political intentions, howard's future plans are up to him. >> peter alexander reporting there. schultz is set to speak in san francisco tomorrow at the jewish community center. tickets are sold out. there's a power shift coming in san jose as the city gears up to offer more choices coming to electricity. not in response to pg&e's bankruptcy. if you live in san jose, you will still get a pg&e bill but 45% of your electricity will come from renewable sources like solar and wind and rates about
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1% less than pg&e. the city's director of community energy experts -- expects the city program will serve 350,000 customers. >> hopefully they're happy with it. it is cheaper and more renewable than the current option. >> watch for those fliers in your mail about the community choice program. if you do noth ing,enrolled in the called san clean energy program. if youonoing to have to opt out. you can also upgrade to get 100% renewable energy but it will cost you about $5 or $10 more a month. go to san jose clean for more information. new for you, a safe pilot program in the south bay is aiming to help the homeless. the san jose city housing department is behind the project which gives people living inside their vehicles a safe place to park. seven trees community center on
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cass drive is one of those locations where those in need can go. the community meeting on the project is held tonight at 6:00 at the south side community ements in the south bay are set to start. this comes after a two-year lawsuit challenging voter approved measure "b" failed and creates $6.3 billion in funds. nearly $2 billion goes toward the bart extension project and then road repairs in santa clara county. cal train improvements and highway interchanges. we have been talking about the storm heading the way and prompting cancelations. the first friday festival is being canceled. you will have to wait for march 1st for the next first friday festival. talking about the weather there, off and on for us. this morning, kari. is it gone for the day? >> gone for the day and then the next round moves in to tomorrow
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afternoon in time for first friday. so looking live right now in i we have had cloud cover as you the clouds every now head up towards tiburon and a some cle bay area. but woodside is also seeing some dry weather but still some low clouds as the temperatures now head into the upper 50s and low 60s. as you get ready to head out, we'll see the warming with spots like walnut creek up to 64 degrees for the middle of the afternoon and then more clearing toward the 4:00 to 5:00 hour but that's right before sunset and mostly clear skies especially with all of this humidity for some fog to develop. you can see the rain that is -- prepare for the next storm that will be moving in and now's the time to make sure that you're bringing in the lawn furniture and also -- patio furniture and some of the trash cans and things to get blown around in some high winds because this is
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stronger and could pack some high winds, especially tomorrow evening. another storm is right behind that, set to move in on sunday and then in between a short break. so as we go into the rest of the day, we are looking at some mostly clear skies later on this evening and some nice warm temperatures, especially for the time of year. looking at the rain that will start to roll in by 1:00 tomorrow for the coast, and make its way inland going into the evening commute, but still there may be some clouds. gets here between late tomorrow night and early saturday morning. and this may also be whether those winds could pick up with the potential of gusts up to 50 miles per hour in some of our hills. on saturday, we are still tracking some scattered showers and even a chance of some thunderstorms. even some heavy rain. so several waves of this and it's -- and during this time we may pick up on quite a bit of rain. anywhere from one to possibly
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over three inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains. while we get rain, the sierra will get snow. this is the clear view right now yosemite and some parts of the central sierra may get several feet of snow over the weekend into early next week so that's something we'll have to watch really treacherous travel conditions there. and we are going do see gusty winds once again a chance of thunderstorms on saturday as a cold front moves in and that cold air stays with us going into next week, may be tracking temperatures to start in the 30s once all of this moves out. so you want to check in for updates. marcus and laura? >> keep the boots handy. >> me, too. coming up, one of the best things people are talking about on ice right now, where you can actually watch the ice skating phenom in her bay area home rink. time is running out for you to use the gymboree gift cards
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and return any merchandise you need to at the store. the retailer is closing over the next few months after filing for bankruptcy. tomorrow, in fact, the last day to make returns on the merchandise. you'll have until february 16th to redeem the gift cards so shop away while you can. i'll be sorry to see them go. we'll be back after this break.
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of him reporting live from-- the nbc bay area's bob redell throws it back posting a video on twitter of him reporting live
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from the north bay as he used to. take a listen. >> it is correct. it is minus 48 degrees out here. it's only minus 40 degrees. at least it's not -- yeah. at least it's not minus really starts to get cold. >> yeah. we used to send him to the north pole years ago and do the live reports for the "today" show and he posts throwback videos every thursday. a great job of saving aspects of his career here. you can watch him by following him on twitter. >> fun times there. well, bay area restaurant is banning anyone from wearing a make america great again baseball cap from its business. this week the chef partner in san mateo took to twitter about the issue writing, quote, it hasn't happened yet but if you come to my rest rapt wearing an maga cap you aren't getting
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served. now, that post has gotten more than 2,000 likes and 200 retweets. other businesses across the country have similar bans. skater alyssa liu is s is t figure skating championship in detroit. she became the first u.s. woman skater to pull off two triple axles and she's 13 years old and she is acrible feat there. >> what a talent there. thank you for joining us. the next newscast at 5:00. see you tomorrow morning.
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coming up on "california live", she's hollywood royalty and a real-life hero for animals. >> the looks on their little faces, they just want to be loved and taken care of by you. >> alison eastwood in the most important role of her life
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then sent soaring over the bay. it is an all-new view that you have to see to believe. and you think the flu season is over? guess again. our flu guru with tips that can help keep your family safe. it is all happening right here on "california live". ♪


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