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tv   Today  NBC  February 13, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PST

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alternate. some folks avoid that and take the san mateo bridge to the peninsula. the crash in menlo park cleared. >> it's a good one. it is slick out there. you see the live look from the golden gate bridge this morning. see you in half an hour for a local news update. good morning. will he or won't he? >> i'm not happy about it. it's not doing the trick. >> president trump slams congress's deal on border security and won't say if he'll sign it as the clock races towards the next government shutdown. is the white house hinting about another way out? we're live from washington. breaking overnight, in the line of fire, a veteran new york city police detective shot and killed at the scene of an armed robbery and the tragic revelation he was accidentally shot by fellow officers. >> make no mistake about it, friendly fire aside, it is because of the actions of the suspect that detective simonsen is dead.
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>> just ahead, the emotional tribute to the fallen officer. el chapo's fate, the notorious drug lord now facing life behind bars after being found guilty on all counts. >> his conviction is a victory for the american people. >> this morning, inside the super max prison in colorado known as the alcatraz of the rockies where the infamous escapee is likely to be sent. all that, plus the big dig, tens of millions coast to coast digging out from that nasty winter storm that's still causing problems this morning. boy meets hero. >> there we go. >> inside the touching moment a young fan was introduced to his favorite athlete. >> it's one of those moments that we'll never forget. and it's good to be king. >> he's best in show. >> a wire fox terrier named king crowned as the big winner at the westminster dog show, today wednesday, february 13th, 2019.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie, and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." nice to have you with us on a wednesday morning. >> washington, d.c. has got to get busy. they've just got a couple of days to figure this one out. >> clock is ticking again. that's our top story. this new twist in the push to avoid another government shutdown with friday's deadline fast approaching. the president unhappy with the compromise reached by republicans and democrats in congress but also saying he doesn't want to see another shutdown. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker is on the story this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. three sources say it's anticipating he will sign the deal to avoid a shutdown. but nothing is set in stone.
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it comes after a day of muddled messaging. overnight the president says he's been briefed to avert another shutdown tweeting looking over all aspects knowing that this will be hooked up with the los of money from other sources. but trump not giving any indication about when he'll actually sign the agreement. the president tres presed by peter alexander earlier tuesday. >> will you sign congress's border deal? >> i have to study it. am i happy at first glance? i just got to see it. the answer is no, i'm not. i'm not happy. but am i happy with where we're going? i'm thrilled. >> reporter: despite his apparent disappointment, the president signaling he doesn't want another shutdown. >> i don't think you're going to see a shutdown. i wouldn't want to go to it, no. if you did have it, it's the democrats' fault. >> reporter: and the president hinting he may take executive action to redirect money to pay for a wall, a shift in strategy after threatening to declare a
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national emergency if he didn't get enough funding. >> it's all going to happen. >> reporter: the deal includes just over $1.3 billion for 55 miles of new fencing along the border, not a concrete wall, and far less than the 5.7 billion the president initially demanded for more than 200 miles of walls. on capitol hill, top republicans urging the president to take the deal. >> i hope he signs the bill. and second, i think he ought to feel free to use whatever tools he can legally use to enhance his effort to secure the borders. >> reporter: democrats also turning up the heat. >> these months of shutdown politics must come to an end. >> reporter: some conservatives blasting the plan. ann coulter tweeting trump talks a good game on the border wall, but it's increasingly clear he's unable to fight for it. >> i'm not as concerned as some other conservatives if the president signs the bill, but
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there's a couple of if's. this is the time. >> multiple sources told nbc news the president may sign some kind of executive action to redirect federal money to raise funding levels above what congress approve d. the senate is expected to introduce the bill today with the hope of voting on it by the end of the week. president trump has been working the phones overnight as lawmakers hammer out the fine print. the final language of the deal is not yet finished. at this hour, it appears a shutdown is you can unlikely, but the bottom line in this town, nothing is finished until it has the president's signature. >> kristenwe welker at the whit house. thank you. now to the political crisis in virginia. where the state's top two politicians are em broied in scandals. we directly heard from the first woman to accuse virginia's lieutenant governor of sexual assault. geoff bennett has more on what
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she had to say. >> good morning. in her first public appearance since accusing virginia's lieutenant governor of sexual assault, dr. vanessa tyson spoke to a capacity crowd at stanford university about sexual consent and the #metoo movement. topics she studied as a researcher and professor. dr. tyson avoided mentioning her own account of sexual assault. instead she spoke as an advocate for other victims. >> so i'm vanessa. some of you know me. some of you don't. >> dr. vanessa tyson speaking publicly for the first time since entering the national spotlight accusing virginia's lieutenant governor, justin fairfax of sexual assault, a charge he denies. the political science professor appeared tuesday evening at a previously scheduled symposium on sexual violence in the #metoo movement at stanford university. >> make no mistake, this is -- it's an epidemic. it is killing us, you know, slowly, quickly, but it's killing us. it is taking everything out of
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ourselves just to function in this world and to try to make it a better place. sorry. >> she recalled her reaction watching dr. christine blasey ford testify about her assault allegations against supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. >> as she told her story, we felt the pain that she visibly demonstrated. >> reporter: dr. tyson now represented by blasey ford's legal team. tyson not directly addressing her 2004 encounter with fairfax that led to her accusation against him, but the topic hung in the air. >> i think another thing that i would say, speaking as a professor at a women's college, sometimes you have to lead by example no matter how hard it is. >> reporter: justin fairfax flatly denies the sexual assault
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allegations leveled against him by tyson and a second woman, meredith watson saying the encounters with the women were consensual. >> is there anything you want to say to the people of virginia, sir? >> we have called -- >> finish your sentence, please sir. >> we have called for an independent investigation, and i am still very confident in the truth. thank you all so much. >> reporter: the lieutenant governor says he wants to clear his name. he's calling on the fbi to investigate the claims against him, but a law enforcement official tells nbc news the fbi has no jurisdiction to do so. >> okay, geoff, so break this down. we know the impeachment threat against fairfax has fallen apart, but both dr. tyson and he are calling for an investigation. now that the fbi is not going to open one, where does that leave us? >> reporter: the virginia state legislature could pursue an independent investigation. but at this point it's still unclear how that might happen. overnight dr. tyson's legal team sent a letter to virginia state officials about all of this, part of which reads, whatever the forum, we expect that the virginia legislature will oversee, a thorough, fair, and expeditious investigation and
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take appropriate action to hold lieutenant governor fairfax responsible for his serious misconduct both past and present. we should say justin fairfax categorically denies the accusations. breaking overnight a terribly sad story. a veteran detective with the new york police department was shot and killed. another officer wounded. they were responding to an armed robbery in queens and officials are now calling it a tragic case of friendly fire. nbc's ron allen has all the overnight developments on this investigation. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. yes, two officers both wearing street clothes were wounded. one is recovering at this hospital behind me. by all accounts everything happened very quickly, reports of an armed robbery in progress at a cell phone store. reports the suspect had two employees in a back room. two nypd officers working a separate case nearby responded immediately, and a hail of gunfire broke out. shots fired!
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>> frantic nypd radio calls indicating the chaotic scene unfolding. as police responded overnight to an armed robbery at a mobile phone store. police say detective brian simonsen and sergeant matthew gorman entered the store, saw a man pointing a gun at them and opened fire. they retreated out the store as more officers arrived. it's then police say the first responding officers were struck by gunfire. >> be advised, i'm shot! >> simonsen, 42, a veteran with 19 years on the force was shot in the chest and later died. a line of officers honoring the fallen detective as his body was taken from the hospital. >> this is an absolute tragedy. the worst outcome any police officer or family of a police
7:11 am
officer could ever imagine. >> reporter: the suspect identified by multiple sources as 27-year-old christopher ransom was shot multiple times and hospitalized. police say he was carrying a fake gun. >> make no mistake about it, friendly fire aside, it's because of the actions of the suspect that detective simonsen is dead. >> reporter: sergeant gorman also wounded at the scene. authorities say he's expected to recover. >> we got police all over the place. yeah, this is bad. this is bad. >> reporter: residents shocked by the barrage of gunfire and huge police presence. >> once they started yelling, that's when i like paid attention to it, and then they started shooting and that's when i ducked and i hid behind something. >> reporter: new york city's mayor calling it a painful night for the city. >> we lost a very good man, detective brian simonsen. we told the simonsen family that the people of new york city would be there for them. and it was some small comfort to them in this moment of agony. >> reporter: fatal friendly fire incidents are extremely rare here in new york. the last one happened about ten years ago.
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now the investigation underway here to determine how this tragedy happened. savannah, hoda. >> thank you very much. craig joins the table with another story we're following. hey, craig. >> good morning to you as well. new developments in the case involving empire star jussie smollett. the actor now handing over phone records relating to his alleged attack in chicago. nbc's ron mott continues to follow this one for us. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. police are saying jussie smollett's call log was too limited to meet the burden for a criminal investigation. they are continuing to look at time line of events. jussie smollett giving chicago police an edited list of phone calls he made and received around the time he says he was attacked two weeks ago walking home from a subway sandwich shop near his home. authorities releasing a statement that says in part the phone records were too limited and heavily redacted to reveal any new clues or to corroborate his account. smollett's representative says the information was edited to
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protect the privacy of others. smollett says two men in ski masks targeted him yelling racial and homophobic slurs, tossing a rope around his neck and pouring a chemical liquid on him. security cameras inside smollett's apartment building showed a rope around his neck, but he didn't report an attack to building security. detectives say they're still following up with smollett to nail down an exact time line but have found no other security video showing the alleged assault taking place. >> he's been very cooperative. our job is to investigate the allegations and bring the individuals in, and that's what we're working towards, so today we have no reason to think he's not being genuine. >> reporter: chicago police previously releasing this image showing two people of interest around the time smollett says he was attacked. so far the police have not been able to identify them. meanwhile, smollett continues to perform and recently spoke out. >> there's been a lot of stuff that's been said about me that's absolutely not true.
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>> reporter: smollett's representative addressing lingers questions about the account of his attack releasing this statement. jussie is the victim here. chicago p.d. has repeatedly informed us they find jussie's account of what happened that night consistent and credible. we are continuing to work closely with the chicago p.d. and remain confident that they will find jussie's attackers and bring them to justice. >> so ron, what are police saying they plan to do going forward about these phone logs? is there a chance they'll be able to access more information about them? >> reporter: detectives may want to go back to jussie smollett again, try to get him to release a digital download of his calls and can contact people of interest who might be able to shed more light on this alleged attack. they said they don't think he altered the phone log, they simply need more. >> ron mott for us in chicago. now for the ongoing problems from that powerful storm that dumped snow, sleet and rain from coast to coast.
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drivers facing another slippery community this morning, and now the airlines are dealing with a backlog of canceled flights. kathy park is in buffalo, minnesota, near minneapolis. hey, kathy, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. this wicked winter weather seems to enjoy company. coast to coast, millions of americans have had to deal with tough conditions for days this month. here in minnesota we're still dealing with some clear skies, but also dealing with the impact of this latest storm. relentless winter weather tightening its grip as treacherous conditions sweep across the country. in the northeast brutal snow and ice blanketing the region. >> oh, god, let me make it safely to where i have to be. >> reporter: creating a travel nightmare on the ground and in the air. crews at laguardia tried to keep the planes moving, but many never took off. in all, more than 2,500 flights nationwide canceled.
7:16 am
the problems also stretching onto icy new jersey highways, slowing commutes to a crawl. state troopers and tow trucks rushing in to help motorists. >> got to be careful out here. >> reporter: salt trucks in connecticut trying to stay one step ahead of the slick highways as officials stress patience and safety. the conditions impacting people and pets. police officers on long island rescuing a dog from the freezing cold, warming her up with a meal from mcdonald's. in maryland, power outages plaguing thousands. out of state crews called in to help get the light s back on. heavy rain and rushing flood waters wreaking havoc from tennessee to oregon. pounding snow and sleet leading one wisconsin police department to tell its facebook followers that the state was closed. out west, more than 20 inches of snow has buried seattle so far this month while in minnesota, the bad weather isn't bothering
7:17 am
this brave soul. >> are you not cold? >> i mean, it's cold, but when you compare it to the negative 50 we had a couple of weeks ago, it's like summer now. >> reporter: as others can't wait to wave good-bye to winter. >> are you ready for spring? >> i'm ready for spring. >> reporter: and this february has been one of the snowiest on record for the state of minnesota. what do you do with all that snow? how about you build a super snowman. so savannah, hoda, we showed you this guy yesterday in our story. well, here it is. we found it. >> that's awesome. >> reporter: this guy is 20 feet tall. almost as tall as this house. i was told it took two days to build, and the trick to getting it this big i was told was using a snow blower, believe it or not. >> that's pretty impressive. >> don't use a carrot for the nose, it's like a traffic cone. >> thanks to that guy in buffalo, minnesota. >> hard workers out there.
7:18 am
>> how's it looking? >> we've got still some snow to deal with, 26 million people affected here in the northeast and the great lakes, more snow coming, and the heaviest right now going to be up into new england. we're talking about anywhere from six to eight inches of snow from watertown, new york, up into northern maine. we've got another coast to coast to deal with here. we've got that atmospheric moisture bringing a ton of rain and snow to parts of california. the foothills three to six inches of rain possible. as we head to the south, we're talking again the possibility of mudslides with three to six inches of rain from los angeles down to san diego, and in the sierra upwards of eight feet of snow, and then this system starts to make its way to the east, redevelops as low pressure coming across the plains, a quick snow from the north of this low pressure system. as it moves to the east, another low pressure system develops to the south, and that's going to bring snow, sleet and ice from missouri on into southern new jersey. we're going to be watching that closely as well. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next
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30 seconds. we're gonna get you a tow truck, mike. thank you. real fender bender going on. fender bender. ♪ fender bender everybody remain calm! there's no reason to panic! go with the one that's here to help life go right. state farm. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are in a microclimate weather alert, as we are now tracking a flood warning for parts of central sonoma county. if you are seeing rising water, move away from that but do not cross over where water is covering the roads. we are still having heavy rain for the north bay and east bay, a little bit lighter for the south bay but this rain will continue throughout the day. as we go into the next couple of days, high winds and rain will
7:20 am
continue, becoming more scattered as some colder air moves in for the weekend, a bit of a break before more showers move in on sunday. that sets a record for the longest stretch they've had. >> wow. >> thanks, al. >> fun weather fact this morning. coming up, guys, inside the conviction of the notorious drug lord el chapo. the search for his $14 billion fortune and the super max prison where he could end up for the rest of his life. plus, the growing uproar over tax returns. families hit with much smaller returns or even bills. what you need to do this morning to avoid a big surprise when you file right now and next year. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, our touching conversation with former senators bob and elizabeth dole who share their lifelong love story and some advice for young
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only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol® we )re in a microclima a very good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia. we are in that microclimate weather alert as rain continues to fall across the bay area. it is also making for a messy morning commute. meteorologist kari hall tracking the rainy conditions out there. >> we had some really heavy rain over parts of the north bay, which prompted a food warning in parts of sonoma county. we do have to watch those creeks and streams, also some roadway flooding possible. and then also for the east bay some heavy rain moving in and also getting heavy rain moving into the south bay. this is going to be off and on, but the general trend will be for it to get lighter, but still remain widespread over the bay area. so once again, some of the heavier rain moving out by about 9:00, and still some scattered
7:27 am
light showers moving through and then there will be some pockets of some heavy rain that will add up on the rainfall totals throughout the day, off and on rain, even into the evening commutes and this rain will continue for tomorrow as well. a lot to monitor here with the potential of some high winds that may bring down some trees going into tonight, as well as tomorrow morning. our forecast shows cooler temperatures moving in as the rain tapers off on friday, and then a bit of a break on saturday. let's get an update on the commute now from mike. >> kari, we're monitoring along with chp almost 100 incidents around the bay, including flooding reports and this one, which has been active for over 90 minutes, north 880, still has one lane blocked north of high street. you see how it jams up with the tail lights. wet, slick roadways, flooding, ponding reported in the east bay over the last half hour. west 580 jammed as folks try to find an alternate past the backup headed past the coliseum. the rest of the bay shows a smoother drive. south of the san mateo bridge much better, smafrry through
7:28 am
palo alto and menlo park, the crash cleared at menlo park and san rafael. there is the wet north bay kari is talking about. back to you. another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
7:29 am
7:30 am
. hey, hey, everybody. back at 7:30 on this wednesday morning, february 13th, 2019. check this out. a touching moment. it shows how much of an inspiration nfl's shaquem griffin. behind that adorable meeting. just ahead, a lot of high fives. >> it helps that he's such a nice guy. >> it's really cool but first a check of today's headlines, president trump is not expecting the government to shut down again and that could be a signal he could be approving a new
7:31 am
bill. it would provide dollars for border barriers, it's about a quarter of the money he was sheikin seeking. two computer hackers have been charged with sending false shooting and bomb threats to hundreds of schools in the united states and in britain. federal prosecutors say the men are members of the world wide collective of hackers intent on using the internet to quote, sow chaos. if convicted on all charges the two will face lengthy prison sentences. the fox terrier, once again the top dog at west minister. >> he's best in show. >> wow, the wire fox terrier. >> there you have it. a wire fox terrier named king crowned best in show last night. wire fox terriers have won 15
7:32 am
times at the prestigious dog competition. the 7-year-old king is from brazil. he's already won big in europe. by the way. bonno came in second. >> he's a winner. >> king has a look. also this morning the notorious drug king pen el chapo is facing life behind bars after a federal jury convicted him of several charge and bringing a month long trial to an end. kristin is here with more and where things go from here. >> big day yesterday. the power and reach of guzman was highlighted throughout the trial from the heavily guarded courthouse to a jury that remained ammnonymous for their n safety. >> reporter: it's being called the end of a criminal empire.
7:33 am
a federal jury finding the mexican drug lord guilty on all ten counts. el chapo exchanged a nod and a thumb's up with his 29-year-old wife before being led out of the courtroom. defense attorney who called just one witness vowing to appeal. >> we fought like hell. we fought like complete savages and left it all on the battlefield for guzman. >> authorities putting his criminal career and the cartel he founded in sobering context. >> guzman made billions pouring poison over our southern border. this conviction is a victory for every family who has lost a loved one to the black hole of addiction. >> reporter: newly released video shows him arriving in new york in 2017 to face charges. his first moments on american soil after years on the run.
7:34 am
appearing to wipe away a tear and while the conviction brings some justice for the cartel's countless victims, authorities say it won't end the violence. former dea agent helped catch the drug kingpin in 2014. >> we definitely dismantled his personal cartel but the cartel is still operating. >> reporter: federal authorities are now looking to seize chapo's assets but they've been unable to find any of his estimated $14 billion fortune. as for the place he'll likely spend the rest of his life, the adx florence in colorado, a so called superprison alknown as the alka traz of the rockies. including the unibomber, the underware bomber and the '93 world trade center and the boston marathon.
7:35 am
the typical cell measuring only 7 by 12 feet with a 4-inch window. one former guard telling nbc news, guzman's visitation rights likely to be revoked. his interaction with other prisoners limited. far different from his former prisons in mexico where guzman was still able to run the cartel's operations and notoriously managed to escape twice. one incident caught on camera, his elaborate tunnel system out exposed. >> he was in complete control in mexico. but in the united states, not so much. >> guzman is expected to be sentenced to life in prison when he returns to court in june. since the u.s. agreed tot not to pursue the death penalty. as for the jurors, they can identify themselves. the judge said i don't think that's a good idea. >> thank you. let's swing it back over to mr. roker for another check of the weather. not everyone feeling the effects of weather. >> time for a winter break if you will and just in time. we got some warmer temperatures
7:36 am
coming in here. dodge city today, 18 degrees above arverage. dallas will be 64. that heat spreads east to d.c. will be 53 degrees. 48 in indianapolis. san angelo, 78 degrees and by friday, along the eastern seaboard looking good. new york city, orlando, but colder air is coming back again to get you back into the winter. rapid city by sunday only 8. minneapolis saturday 18. and it's into the 30s in the good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are under a flood warning for parts of sonoma county from pet luna through guerneville and windsor in effect until 9:45, as we see round after round of heavy rain and it continues. most of the bay area seeing lighter showers but it is making those roads very wet and slippery. we will see this continue throughout the day and become more scattered and gusty winds
7:37 am
also in the forecast, cooling down for the end of the week and a bit of a break in the forecast for the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. coming up, something really sweet and fitting on this valentine's day eve. former senators bob and elizabeth dole are opening up and sharing their remarkable love story with us. also ahead, even first ladies get mom texts. what michelle obama's mother thought of her surprise appearance at the grammys. >> and how is andy cohen adjusting to a first time dad? we'll find out. >> a lot of americans are getting smaller tax refunds, maybe even bills from the irs this year. we'll explain why and we've got some tips that might save you money going forward right after this. treating advanced lung cancer. treatments like keytruda with chemotherapy really break through barriers that we had not too many years ago. (avo) another tru story with keytruda.
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♪ ♪ the things that matter most happen one morning and one cup at a time. ♪ ♪ we are back with in depth today and this morning some growing concerns over tax day. the first since the new tax law took effect. >> we told you about earlier filers who reported their surprise that finding that refunds aren't higher or they owe money to the irs so what are you going to do about it? tom costello has been checking this one out. good morning. >> so a reminder this was the biggest tax overall in 30 years. nearly everybody affected in some way, simplified filings, lower taxes with held from your paychecks or bigger tax bills because of where you live. if more people who forgot about the new tax plan it's a time of
7:43 am
high stress. this morning tax season 2019 has got a lot of americans in a panic learning the unexpectedly owe money to the irs or their refund isn't what they expected. if you haven't filed yet, the pros say don't procrastinate. >> i would suggest that people jump on their tax return preparation this year. don't wait till the last minute so that they're not in a situation where they either owe or they've got a big refund that the irs has been sitting on. >> reporter: in a minute, some tips to save money but first the facts. 80% of americans are paying lower taxes this year since the standard deduction doubled. but many people say they didn't notice any more money in their paychecks last year as other costs like insurance increased. if your employer took out less money for taxes in 2018, that could mean a lower refund. so far, refunds are down 8% this year compared to last.
7:44 am
meanwhile, if you live in a high tax area, you could actually owe money. here's why. in years past you could write off all of your state, local and property taxes. now that deduction is capped at $10,000 total while the standard child deduction has doubled to $2,000, children over 17 are no longer counted as tax credits and moving expenses are not deductible. with three kids in college, the family is now scrambling. last year they got a $10,000 refund, but because of high property taxes, this year they owe $10,000. >> we had no idea that this was coming. and i feel terrible for families that are going to have the same shock that we had that that refund check we thought was coming will not be. >> the expert advice, if you fear you haven't with held enough to cover your taxes you may still be able to lower your taxable income by making a contribution to an ira of up to
7:45 am
$5,500 by april 15th and plan ahead. tell your employer to adjust your with holdings now so you aren't facing the same cash crunch next year. >> families earning less than $66,000 can use a free filing program at and you can also find the with holding calculator to determine if you're paying enough or not enough in taxes this year and that will of course affect you next year. the irs says if you are due a refund it issues 90% of refunds within 21 days of findings. >> tom, thanks. up next, paying it forward. inside this touching moment between an inspirational nfl star and one of his most adorable little fans, but first these messages.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
young kids with similar challenges. >> hey. want to take a photo? let's do it. >> it's a meeting that's melting hearts around the world. >> it's one of those moments that we'll never forget. >> 16-month-old joseph tid born without part of his left arm getting a chance to talk to one-handed seahawks linebacker shaquem griffin at a fan event in jacksonville, florida. the emotional video has gone viral with more than 4 million views on facebook alone. joseph's entire family moved by the special moment. >> i mean, not only is he going to be an inspiration for joseph, but he's an inspiration for us. shaquem helps others see that if he can do anything, then joseph will be able to do it as well spl i first sat down with griffin last spring just a week before he became the first one-handed athlete drafted into the league. >> i would never have thought when i was younger i would be at this point now, and i'm kind of glad that i made it here.
7:51 am
>> why didn't you think you would be here? >> i mean because i knew no matter how good i did, no matter everything that, you know, i pushed for, there's always going to be some type of doubt. some people want to put limitations on what i can do. i think i've done pretty well showing people what i can do. >> griffin's history making led the nfl to present him with its game changer award earlier this month. >> the message i want to give today for those of you who have dreams, aspirations to be great in life, do not let negativity dictate who you're going to become. >> off the field, joseph isn't the first to be inspired by seeing his favorite player up close. this young player breaking down in tears after receiving a griffin jersey for his birthday. >> yes, look at you, cutie. so sweet. >> but he is the latest to learn that limitations, no matter what they are, belong on the sidelines. >> you want to give him a hug?
7:52 am
okay. go ahead. >> to be able to have someone like shaquem who, you know raises awareness for others that would have never known that there's this world out here. >> oh, wow. >> isn't it great to see athletes like that using their power and their influence for good? >> uh-huh. it's amazing. he's got such -- >> great story for the nfl, the nfl needs these types of stories. powerful. >> it's so sweet. >> we're actually going to have little joseph and his mom live on the third hour of "today." >> here? >> right here. they'll be here, and we've got an extra special surprise for them. >> thanks, craig. just ahead, guys, we're going to keep the inspiration going. this time a love story. we sat down with bob and elizabeth dole, they have been together married 43 years, dated longer and we've got a great conversation with them. and carson we have something to talk about. on your show "last call" minimums and fees. they seem to be the very foundation of
7:53 am
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the storm is causing a few right now at 7:55, we are under a microclimate weather alert for the bay area with now a flood warning in effect for parts of sonoma county. we are watching for the potential of some rising creeks and streams, and also flooding over the roadways, so watch out in this area. we've seen some heavy rain moving through. now a bit of a break in terms of the heaviest rain as it has shifted toward napa and solano counties. we're also seeing some heavy rain moving into parts of the north bay over toward fairfield, and then also for the south bay. we will see some more rounds of rain going throughout the day, and we'll begin to taper off a bit. light showers continuing with some pockets of some heavy rain continuing into the afternoon and evening hours, and also some rain for tomorrow along with some gusty winds. by the weekend, we'll finally start to see this system moving out and some cooler temperatures left behind. let's get an update on the
7:57 am
commute now from mike. >> tougher conditions northbound 280 into cupertino, flooding around teanza. on the peninsula, north 101 is a tough drive from the airport up to vermont. we have one lane blocked by an earlier motorcycle crash. traffic alert from chp jamming up on 280 and the approach as well. slick roadways there. oakland still slow and northbound 880 past the coliseum, 580 westbound also jammed. one lane is still blocked by a crash that happened two hours ago. back to you. happening now, the storm causing a few minor weather-related issues around the bay area, that includes a small rockslide in northern santa rosa along mark west springs road. the storm also brought down a tree in the north bay town of occidental between santa rosa and jenner, near the bohemian highway. no one was hurt in that one. storms causing lengthy delays for flights arriving at san francisco airport. head to our twitter feed for storm related updates where we're posting weather related
7:58 am
video. another local news update in about half an hour. have a great morning. just yet! we )re tracking another round of wet weather for your thursday morning with live team coverage. plus, we )re making sure you don )t break the bank on flowers for valentine )s day. how to make sure you get your money )s worth. tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, deal or no deal? with anoth >> where does this go from here? we're live at the white house. zblrc plus the perfect match. bob and elizabeth dole up up about their extraordinary love story. >> believe it or not, we have never had a serious argument. >> is that right? >> never.
8:01 am
and we've been married 44 years this year. >> you never yell at each other? >> their advice for young people on how to keep a marriage so strong for so long. and defending the duchess. george clooney speaking out about how his friend has been treated by the media and comparing her to princess diana. >> all the way from south carolina. >> from seattle, washington. >> good morning to our grand kids in highland park, texas. >> i brought my husband from georgia. >> my 62nd birthday. >> hi to our kids in ohio. >> good morning. it's my 10th birthday. >> okay. >> okay. that is so -- >> look at that little birthday girl.
8:02 am
>> somebody is double digits now. happy 10th birthday. good morning, everybody. if you're at home, we're happy to have you along with us. >> charleston, south carolina well represented on the plaza. it's great to see your videos in the open. keep them coming. record a shoutout like that young lady did with mytodayplaza as the hash tag. you can see yourself on "today." >> got a lot to get to. here's the news at 8:00. another potential government shutdown a couple days away, the president says he's not happy with the deal reached by congress, but that doesn't mean he won't sign it. kristen welker joins us with the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. late this morning a major development. according to three sources familiar with the president's thinking, it's anticipated mr. trump will sign the deal to avoid a shutdown, but nothing is set in stone. it comes after tuesday the president said he wasn't happy
8:03 am
with the deal but also acknowledged he doesn't want another government shutdown. now, multiple sources have told nbc news the president may sign some kind of executive action to redirect federal money to raise border wall funding levels above what congress has approved. the senate is expected to introduce the bill today with the hope of voting on it by the end of the week. president trump has been working the phones overnight as lawmakers hammer out the fine print. at this hour, it appears a shutdown is unlikely but nothing is finished until it has the president's signature. >> all right. kristen welker at the white house. thank you. >> one of the women who accused the lieutenant governor is speaking out. she appeared at a forum on sexual violence. she spoke about the need to report alleged sex crimes without addressing her encounter.
8:04 am
>> speaking as a professor at a women's college, sometimes you have to lead by example. no matter how hard it is. >> the lieutenant governor fair faction denies the allegations. he says the encounters were consensual. new york city police are investigating a case of friendly fire. a 42-year-old detective and his sergeant answered an armed robbery call at a cell phone store. they opened fire when the suspect pointed what appeared to be a handgun at them. james o'neal says other officers arrived and fired shots killing the officer and wounding the sergeant. the suspect was also wounded. police say his gun turned out to be fake. an arizona man who donated books to charity was more generous than he realized. a volunteer working at a back fair was sorting through the books when she found 4$,000 stashed inside a hidden compartment. at first she thought it was
8:05 am
monopoly money. it was real. there was also an old letter with an address label inside. the money was able to be returned to its owner. >> that's kind of a boost. >> that is a boost. >> we'll take another one. i have one more. the best surprise a parent can spring on their kids sometimes may just be a new puppy. and it usually goes a little something like this. >> oh -- >> oh. >> oh. >> william left his daughters speechless. he showed up with the dog. they've been asking for the dog for three years. opened the door and there it was, and in new mexico an 8-month old went gaga when she met cocoa for the very first time. >> what is it? what is it? [ laughter ] >> a puppy. >> it goes on and on. she couldn't believe her eyes. cocoa. they have a lifetime friendship that's just getting started right here.
8:06 am
>> can i give a shutout to those parents. new baby and new puppy. a lot of energy. >> better than me. much more ahead on this wednesday morning including george clooney coming to the defense of meghan markle and facing criticism over what he had to say. bob and elizabeth dole opening up about supporting each other through four decades of marriage and presidential runs. >> well, you should have been a account. might have been elected. >> do you think she would have made a good president? >> oh, yeah. >> our exclusive sit-down with the doles right after these messages.
8:07 am
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8:11 am
this morning on share the love today, the quintessential washington power couple, we're talking about bob and elizabeth dole. >> and this is about the power of love. they have devoted their lives to public service, of course she is a member of the cabinet, a senator, a ground breaking presidential candidate, and he of course one of the longest serving republican senators, nominee for president. but right up there with their most impressive accomplishments is their 45-year plus love story. we recently sat down with them in their washington apartment to talk about life, liberty, and their pursuit of each other. >> we were ushered into his office, and all of a sudden the side door opens, and in comes bob dole and i look up and i think, gee, he's a good looking guy, and he says he wrote my name on the back of his blotter. >> i did. >> okay. i'm glad you told me the truth. >> yeah.
8:12 am
>> were you thinking maybe i should call her? >> oh, yeah, i thought of that as soon as she walked in. >> reporter: the year was 1972, senator bob dole was a rising star in the republican party and elizabeth hanford having just graduated from harvard law school was earning a reputation as a fierce consumer advocate. >> you know, he was a little bashful because the first time he called we talked for about 40 minutes. it was a wonderful conversation. >> it was. >> yeah. and i became completely oblivious to the fact that i had a date sitting in my living room. the phone rang. i went back to my bedroom, answered the call. 40 minutes later, heaven knows what i told that guy when i went back into the living room. >> the poor date is just waiting for you? >> yeah, right he was just sitting there. >> it was the third call when he finally asked me out. you know, i really liked that a lot. i realized he's not some guy chasing women around capitol hill, you know. >> i never did that.
8:13 am
couldn't catch them anyway. [ laughter ] >> three years later, they married. a second marriage for him, a first for her at nearly 40 years old. >> what made bob dole the one? >> i love his compassionate heart, and the fact that he'd love to feel that each day he could make a difference for at least one person in need, and i loved the fact that he had such a great sense of humor. in fact, even when i'm the punch line, i still love his humor. >> she even fell prey to her husband's infamous humor at her own senate confirmation hearing for secretary of transportation. >> he said perhaps the federal highway administration could use elizabeth's biscuit recipe for filling potholes. >> what did you say? >> i said, well, gentlemen -- they were all males sitting there -- if i'm confirmed for this position, one of my goals is to ensure that we get air bags into every car in america and fortunately i already know
8:14 am
all about air bags because i've been driving around with one for years. [ laughter ] >> reporter: there have been lots of laughs over the years, but not a lot of fights. >> believe it or not, we have never had a serious argument. >> is that right? >> never. and we've been married, it will be 44 years this december. >> you've never really yelled at each other? >> huh-uh. >> even through the stress of being a spouse during a presidential campaign when each had to put on hold their own careers to support the other. >> some of the women's organizations really chastised me at the time and said, why are you doing this? you're giving up your career. my response was because this is my choice. this is what i choose to do, and that's a learning growing experience. >> you should have been the candidate. might have been elected. >> do you think she would have made a good president? >> oh, yeah, and i'd have gotten good food. >> good food? >> yeah, at the white house.
8:15 am
>> you don't get good food here? >> well, i don't have to answer that. [ laughter ] >> we've heard about your biscuit recipe. >> right. >> let me first introduce my wife elizabeth. >> what advice wrouould you givo a young couple starting out their lives? >> well, you need to focus on your partner's interests, not your own, but what she or he may be doing or may have done that you can talk about. >> and stay attuned to your spouse's particular likes, things that turns him on, what does he like, you know, and then plan some great surprises. >> one of her best was surprising her husband when he was elected majority leader in 1984 with their first dog appropriately named leader. >> i got a miniature sh now ser from the humane society, and walked into his national press
8:16 am
conference and presented him to bob. now, we worried a little bit after that because the picture went out in the newspapers and here was bob and me with this little dog from the humane society, and i said, bob, i hope no child looks at this and says there's my dog. they found my dog. so after a week or so, no calls, we figured we're okay. >> and leader's descendants, including his name sake. >> and that's leader, and this is blake. >> still thrive with them today, an act of love, which like their devotion to one another has endurre endured the test of time. >> isn't that a cool love story? you know what i was really struck by, that they obviously respect each other, but they admire each other. they really admire one another, and they have such good humor together. they're great companions, and they're so warm and welcoming to us. i feel like i have two new friends just being with them.
8:17 am
incredible. >> i thought the fact that they don't fight -- >> i know, that was a shocker. really? come on. >> maybe is that admiration, if you admire someone enough there may be ways to get around that kind of stuff. >> yeah, they have some real pearls in there for all of us, how to keep your love going. by the way, they're still very active public servants. elizabeth is 82. she goes to work every day at the elizabeth dole foundation, and we of course know about their hidden heroes campaign, which helps veteran caregivers, and i get to be an ambassador for that. bob dole is incredible. he is 95. he is hilarious. he's as sharp as ever, and he can be found most weekends when it's warm at the world war ii memorial in washington, and she shakes hands with the veterans, and they love meeting him and being in his presence. >> what an example. thank you for that. >> i was so honored to get to talk to them. >> perfect for this valentine's day. >> and a sense of humor. >> love that. >> that makes so much of a difference. god bless them. let's show you what we have,
8:18 am
we've got lake effect snows and that snowstorm moving out of new england. we've got a lot of wet weather in california and snow in the rockies and the sierra, and then we're also looking at temperatures, we're going to see colder air coming back in through the plains. in the meantime, we've got a warmup in the midsection of the country into the mid-atlantic states. that will spread into the northeast. for today, heavy rain in california, snow showers, windy conditions. there are a lot of wind advisories through the northeast into new england. the southern half of the countr microclimate weather alert as we track the flood warning for the next hour and a half for parts of sonoma county and we've seen some of the heavier rain moving out. hopefully the water levels will start to go down. we're also seeing some of the showers tapering off in parts of the bay area. but still heavy rain moving across napa and also for san jose moving over toward the east bay, we will see the rain off and on and also into the rest of the day. as we see rounds of rain and gusty winds into the afternoon.
8:19 am
>> that's your latest weather, craig. >> all right, mr. roker, thank you. carson daly is back. >> lots to get to in pop start. we've teamed up with people for an exclusive reveal. here is the first look at our friend andy cohen's newborn son. >> oh! >> that is benjamin allen cohen. he shared a few photos online. we haven't seen little benjamin's face until right now. >> look at that head of hair. >> and he is adorable. >> look at that hair. >> he is. >> joining us now via face time is the new dad himself, andy! >> yay! >> isn't he cute? >> andy, you're on paternity leave, but has it really hit home that you are the dad of this adsorable tiny human? >> no, i just sit and stare at him. i can't get over his head of hair. he's adorable, you guys. he's so cute. >> he's beautiful. >> what did you think, andy, when they placed that little baby in your arms? take us through that moment. >> hoda, i couldn't believe it. you know, i was in the delivery
8:20 am
room. they cleaned him up little bit, they put him -- you know, i took my shirt off, and they put him right there, and he was so alert. he wasn't crying. his i didn't say were open, and we just stared at each other for about two hours, just looking at each other, and he was touching my face. >> look at him. >> it was just incredible, and i just -- you know i was hoping he was going to have a little hair on his head, and the kid's already over delivering. >> he is truly astonishingly cute, andy. we're totally objective about this. he's so sweet, so cute, that little round face. like when you hold him, are you just feeling like i can't believe this happened to me? i can't believe this -- i get to have this experience? >> i can't because, you know, you really have to -- it's not that easy for a single guy to do this on his own. it takes a village, as they say. >> it does. >> and so i really wanted him, and the fact that he's here and he's so perfect and he's in
8:21 am
wonderful health and i have great gratitude for my surrogate and all the people who helped me get to this place. and i'm just thrilled. it is -- it's truly a dream and hoda has been a great inspiration for me, i'll say. >> yeah. >> and it's a real -- there's a lot of sweetness and hugs and snuggles happening in the west village right now. >> i feel like we've seen you go through so much stuff in your life and so many emotions, but i swear we've never, ever seen you with this look in your eye. >> i'm chill, hoda. >> i know. >> i'm chill. >> how's he sleeping is th? >> you're tired is what you are. >> you know, sleep is another story. you know, i was never sleeping, but i just wasn't sleeping for different reasons [ laughter ] >> i feel a little -- you know, now i kind of feel like, oh, these are the reasons i shouldn't be sleeping. >> congratulations. >> we're a big ball of mush for
8:22 am
you, andy. we're so happy. >> congrats, andy. >> thanks, guys. >> we love you, honey. >> and hoda's $30 an hour for baby-sitting. andy's going to be here live in the studio to talk more with us, hopefully you will bring little beautiful benjamin with you. the new issue of "people" hits newsstands nationwide this friday. to see more pictures go to i'm sure people are going there right now. in other news, one of the stars from this is us in the hot seat. mandy moore came to play six minute marathon and did not disappoint. >> would you rather give up alcohol for a year or your phone for a month? >> alcohol for a year. >> really? >> yes. i feel a little too connected to my phone. >> i feel too connected to alcohol. [ laughter ] >> what's the worst pickup line ever used on you? >> did anyone tell you you look like mandy moore. >> it's a non-starter where do you go from there? yes, i am, yeah.
8:23 am
>> so it didn't work. >> never a good way to start a conversation. >> she's adorable. >> she's the cutest. >> she was just here, lights up the whole room. >> you can head to for mandy's full episode including which of her tv or movie characters she said she would play for the rest of her life. the answer might surprise you. up next, last night in phoenix as part of her book tour, mrs. obama discussed her surprise appearance at the grammy's where she delivered a short inspiring speech. the crowd erupted upon her sbra entrance. the one person who was not impressed mr. obama's mother. it starts off with mrs. obama saying i guess you were at the grammy's and followed up with did you meet any of the real stars? to which mrs. obama responded i am a real star, and her mom simply replied yeah. that's the former first lady who's going to have to step it up next time if she wants to impress mom. >> wait, wait, wait, can i fill in on pop start?
8:24 am
>> sure, go ahead. >> our last item is about you carson daly. after 17 years it was announced that the late night show "last call with carson daly" will end its successful run. it's known for shining a light on new upcoming artists, maroon 5, halsey, ed sheeran were a few. meeting a young lady named siri pinter. >> all the talk about going to human resources didn't scare us. we were fully above board. it worked out quite well. >> why now? >> 17 years, it was a good run. it was a great run. >> and it's not like you're not busy. >> and i realized at the end of this season we were going to end up on episode 2,000 was our last episode. really because it was such a great platform for me.
8:25 am
gregky near h greg ka near had the time slot. it did tremendous things for my career. i felt like i was squatting. somebody else should have this. a young person should come in and take this it's time for someone else. >> it's rare in that business, it's rare to get real estate like that. >> it should. >> and carson, think about all the people you discovered. you mentioned few, but when you talk about ed sheeran, maroon 5, i mean, so many musical acts come here and say carson, you were the first one who believed i could be somebody. >> well, the core of the show was always my passion for music, and early on i was like why am iingi i going to fight for musical guests. i want to shine a light. i said to maroon come and make your debut on my show and send that tape to jay leno or letterman. >> you were a writer for the show, right? >> i was. i did a little bit of everything. i did segment producing, food
8:26 am
styling, anything they needed. >> she wrote monologue jokes for us. >> it was a great run, i was to thank our executive producer and all the guys at last call, and everybody here at the network. what a tremendous honor for me we )re in a microclimate good morning to you. i'm marcus washington. we are in a microclimate weather alert as the rain continuesology across the bay area. look here, it's also making for a messy morning commute. kari hall is checking those conditions for us. >> we've seen pockets of heavy rain moving through especially in the north bay while the rain backed off quite a bit, we've seen it shift farther to the peninsula as well as the south bay and parts of the east bay. we can see the heavy rain now moving into san jose andmy pete tas, down to saratoga and los gatos. a lot of rain coming down on the come ra lens. cooler air moving in by the weekend. and we'll also catch a break.
8:27 am
now heading over to mike, how are the roads looking? >> look at that, it's wet. slippery and getting crowded. fremont, it looks bad in the live shot but the speed is not the worst. you see red in.other parts including most of the south bay's northbound routes. peninsula 101 north toward san francisco as well as 880, up towards the maze. the wet roads and track keep things moving slowly. richmond bridge, keep the headlights on even during the daylight. you have to keep the headlights on for safety and it's the law. back to you. >> good gieadvice. more news in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
yes, i knew it! yes, i'd love to give you a high five. hey, everybody, it is 8:30 now on a wednesday morning, it is the 13th of february, 2019. our share of the wall today billboard is filling up fast. we've got messages of love and hope, and we've got an awesome crowd here today as well. >> we really do. we love this board. you can tweet your notes use the #sharethelove, and we'll put
8:31 am
them up on the board. tomorrow we're going to deliver some of these really sweet messages to the ronald mcdonald's house in new york city. we want to thank, they paid production costs for this wall. >> who's got a crowd moment? >> i've got one. i'm looking for 6th grade east cooper montessori! who's going to be the spokesman? >> me, me. >> what's your name. >> may. >> and you're from the charter school? no, wait. montessori -- where are you from? charleston? >> charleston, south carolina. >> as we call it god's country, what brings you to new york? >> from montessori model united nations. >> i did model u.n. what country are you guys representing? >> we're all different countries. >> what are some of the countries? >> vietnam, qatar, marshal islands. >> welcome to the city. >> they're wearing the green for -- i assume you're the chaperon? >> one of the chaperons. there's ten of us. green scarves for our school colors and so you all know we're
8:32 am
here. >> it was genius, it worked out. thank you guys for coming. thank you, charleston. good luck at model u.n. by the way. good luck. >> all right, cute. >> i wish i was doing something that important in 6th grade. >> i wish i was doing it now. coming up, my much better half siri is here. we love to cook together. if we had a show it'd be more like cooking and cocktails. either way it's a special place for us to spend quality time. we're going to share a great recipe for the perfect meal. if couples like to make dinner on a valentine's day, it might be something you're interested in. from food, to romance to a great love song, josh groban and jennifer nettles are here singing a duet off josh's new album. it is spectacular. >> you're going to love this one. it's a download for sure. >> coming up on the third hour of "today," a mom and a budding mogul. steph curry's wife aesha is here. >> and we have oscar nominated director spike lee. >> we've got a good show coming
8:33 am
up. >> first maybe a little weather. >> you bet you. let's start off with today. you'll see the snow showers, windy conditions, great lakes into new england. heavy rain into northern and central california and heavy snow in the western plains. for tomorrow, mild weather makes its way to the east from the gulf coast to the mid-atlantic states. heavy snow in the sierra, heavy rain in southern california, and a mix of rain and snow through the saw tooth, the bitter root and the pacific the flood warning continues in sonoma county as we are seeing the potential of summarizing creeks and streams and water covering the roadway. watch out for that as you head out the door. we've seen the rain backing off in parts of the north bay, it shifted into the south bay as well as the east bay. we're going to see the rain in waves today as we are going to possibly see some pockets of heavy rain even into the afternoon. it does continue tomorrow. and then some colder air moving in by friday as the rain tapers off and a break for the weekend.
8:34 am
>> don't forget, if you can't make it down to our plaza, you can still make sure you get your note and message of love down on our board. just use the #sharethelovetoday. mr. melvin. >> mr. roker, thank you, sir. now to oscar winner george clooney speaking out to defend his friend meghan markle and how she's been treated since joining the royal family. nbc's keir simmons joins us with more on that. hey, keir. >> reporter: good morning, guys. you guys have asked me off camera is meghan's treatment really as bad as is being suggested. i've got to say this morning, you know, i am a little concerned. it seems to be getting nastier, more bitter. this morning george clooney being criticized for comparing her treatment to diana. i think it is a stretch to compare it to diana, but without reading his mind, i think what he was trying to say is can we just turn down the heat a
8:35 am
little? a picture of elegance, the duke and duchess of sussex last night as george clooney who attended their wedding joined the increasingly heated debate involving meghan and the media defending her. they're just chasing meghan markle everywhere he reportedly said at an event in l.a. she's a woman who is seven months pregnant and she's being pursued and vilified and chased in the same way that diana was, and it's history repeating itself adding we've seen how that ends. harry's mom, princess diana was famously hounded by the paparaz paparazzi. she died in a 1997 car crash chased by photographers. at the time george clooney angrily attacked the media. >> pictures of a dying princess trapped in her car, well, i am impressed. what ethics. >> photographers backed off in the way they covered the royals but now many print and tv stories criticizing meghan have been questioned online. british journalists defending
8:36 am
the coverage. >> for george clooney to make the comparison between meghan and diana was ill-advised by all accounts she doesn't get chased at all. i think he really needs to check his facts. >> others suggest some reporting has been unfair, even fueling online fighting between rival camps of kate and meghan supporters. >> and unfortunately, you know, the hatred is generating more and more, and the fighting is getting worse. >> while meghan's battles with her family continue to make headlines. this was meghan's first public appearance since her father released excerpts from a deeply personal letter. in it she accused him of breaking her heart, and now some friends reports worry she's under too much scrutiny. and in particular they say -- it said worried about the fact that she's pregnant. you just want to say to everybody, guys, let's just remember that this is -- this woman is pregnant. she's in a time when she needs as little stress as possible. >> and doesn't seem to deserve
8:37 am
any of this criticism, keir, thank you. >> they are real people. >> who haven't done anything. >> right. let's switch gears, coming up, forget reservations, fellas if you're trying to make one for your lady. we've got a romantic home cooked meal on the way for valentine's day. siri and i are going to show you how it's done. it's going to start with a nice aphrodisiac. going to suck some oysters. stick around, it's going to get hot. but first this is "today" on nbc. >> and then it got awkward.
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> "today" food is brought to you by cinnamon toast crunch. >> we should have just made some cinnamon toast crunch. that looks delicious. >> that's probably what we'll eat tomorrow night. >> with valentine's day tomorrow, we're celebrating couples like us who love to cook together. we asked you at home to send in some photos. here's amy and jonathan from pittsburgh canning homemade tomato sauce together. that's awesome.
8:40 am
this couple says they're happiest in the kitchen together, and look at these guys. >> yeah. right there. siri and i have been cooking together -- >> the three of us. >> al lives with us. >> he adopted me. >> yeah. it's the new modern family. but we get great weather reports, don't we? >> yeah, we do. obviously valentine's day we talked about the menu for today. >> yeah. >> why don't you tell everybody what motivated this? >> we wanted to be as cheesy as possible. >> just kidding. >> we love oysters. we don't do it at home that often. valentine's day is a really great opportunity to do something a little more special. >> let me take it from here. >> okay. i aphrodisiacs. i thought on valentine's day you want to get each other in the mood, they're fun, and you suck them, and it seems like it could be a good thing. >> do you guys get baby-sitters? >> yes. so i like oysters but i don't like a big giant oyster. so we tried to find smaller to medium ones.
8:41 am
this is intimidating to do at home. >> you can ask your fish guy to partially shuck them for you, which is very helpful. >> if you have a fish guy. >> you can go to a fish market or even just a good grocery store that carries good fish. while he does that, i'm going to make a classic minionette. you can do lemons, cocktail sauce. >> do you guys like oysters? >> this is some shallots and i'm going to add some red wine vinegar and salt and pepper. it's as easy as that. it makes a really yummy little topping for your oyster. how are you doing over there? >> after you shuck it you cut the tendon off and there you go. >> you also want to help it with a knife so when you do suck it, you can -- the really good thing, some of them have a little extra grit in there. you might want to dip it in fresh water. >> it's a fun thing to do at home. >> by the way, i would watch this show. i would watch a weekly version. >> carson shucking oysters. >> i've got room in my life for a new show apparently. >> while you do that, we're going to do a meat loaf.
8:42 am
>> it's an aphrodisiac, that's the whole point of this. >> have five as a matter of fact. there you go. how's that? >> great job sweetie pie. >> thank you. >> what's next? >> we're going to make meat loaf. it's comfort food, you cook it with love. >> is that an aphrodisiac as well? >> well, it's meat. >> i don't know. you're the one that googled. what i like about siri's meat loaf that she makes at home. my mom's meat loaf was very good but a little dry. your meat loaf has multiple meets. >> yes. this is beef, pork and veal. if you want to just do chicken or turkey, you can make it leaner. >> that's a good oyster. >> i am in the mood. >> are you in the mood? >> al, get over here. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. ♪ i'm in the mood for love simply because you're near me ♪ >> onions and eggs, salt pepper. >> are you guys getting all this? savannah, what are you doing tomorrow night? >> seriously.
8:43 am
it's a good meal. you start with a little -- you could do champagne with the oysters. you hang out. >> exactly. >> you come here. >> we love to do our meals in levels like appetizer, dessert, it's just kind of fun and prolong the evening. >> we usually get the kids involved. >> yes. >> ask them to leave. >> you have put this meat loaf in the shape of a heart? >> we just mix that up. and then we have a heart pan over here. if you don't have a heart pan you can shape it with your hands. >> like at benihana like they do with the rice. >> i also made a glaze, ketchup, wor zester shire sauce, that gives it it a nice crusty top. >> it's sort of like a homemade barbecue sauce. brown sugar. >> nice music going there. >> some mustard. are you going to sing? >> no. >> do you want me to sing? >> hoda, don't make me sing. >> i like to sing at home. >> there we g.
8:44 am
we mix that up. you're going to pour it on top. not all of it. you want to baste it throughout the process. >> how do you keep it moist inside, not dry? >> by basting it. >> every 15 minutes? >> every 15 minutes, yeah. it will stay nice and moist. you can also make mini ones. >> look at this. >> do you like mustard or ketchup on your meat loaf? >> and then at the end fondue, which is one of my favorite things. you make your own chocolate sauce on the stove. >> i'm fond of -- i fondue you, too. >> you worked hard on that. >> i did and then i forgot it. >> i'm going to get in on this. you can do angel food cake, marshmallo marshmallows, pretzels. >> what is it? just like heated up chocolate? >> a little bit of whipped cream, a little bit of chocolate. >> bingo. >> oh, thank you. are those for me or al? >> these are real. >> al's flowers are in his room
8:45 am
at our house. these are for you. happy valentine's day, i love you. thanks for the meat loaf. >> al's baby-sitting. >> thank you, guys. enjoy your valentine's day. it's a very easy meal. >> happy valentine's day. >> you can get the recipe coming up next, mood music if josh groban's still here, there they are. >> and jennifer nettles. >> that is awesome. >> this song is incredible. stick around, it's next. but first this is "today" on nbc. thank
8:46 am
8:47 am
the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. welcome back, josh groban has been entertaining the world as a singer, song writer and actor for two decades, his eighth album bridges debuted at number one on the billboard charts. >> we are so happy to have josh here along with another one of our favorites, grammy winner jennifer nettles.
8:48 am
they're going to perform a duet of "99 years" from josh's album. welcome. >> good morning. >> this seems like the perfect collaborati collaboration, but how did this come to be the two of you together? >> well, i wrote this song "99 years" with a friend of mine named bernie herms, this had such a romantic feel to it. in my head i always thought of it as a duet. i've loved her voice for a very, very long time and i know what an incredible person she is, and she was on tour, and on her day off between gigs she happened to be in l.a. where we were recording so she came in and she just absolutely knocked it out -- >> it was a match meant to be. >> he said hey, jennifer, it's josh. i said yes, what are we doing? >> you're like i'm there. it must feel so good to be the one he chose for this song. >> absolutely. what a gift. >> it's just such a great blend. singing with her is such an incredible experience. >> we can't wait to hear, you all are going to sing the song
8:49 am
for us right now? >> i think we're going to do that for you. >> you wrote a bunch of the songs? >> and get the record, it's so good. his album is so great. >> take it away. >> if i do say so myself. ♪ boy meets girl and the world stops turning ♪ ♪ she makes him forget all the rules he was learning ♪ ♪ they give a toast to the ones who never stop hoping ♪ ♪ with not much to lean on and eyes wide open ♪ ♪ will will we look back down on 99 years of a wonderful life? ♪ ♪ where we laughed until we cried and our love grew stronger with every fight ♪ ♪ there will be a thousand
8:50 am
moments for you to say i told you ♪ ♪ and a million more for us to say i love you ♪ ♪ so let's look forward to you and i looking back ♪ ♪ at 99 years like that ♪ they built a house of love in the face of worry ♪ ♪ but life has a way of rewriting the story ♪ ♪ there were times when it looked like nothing could save them ♪ ♪ and there were times when it looked like nothing could break them ♪ ♪ they keep promising each other what the future's going to hold ♪ ♪ when we look back down on 99 years of a wonderful life ♪ ♪ where we laughed and we cried
8:51 am
and our love grew stronger with every fight ♪ ♪ there'll be a thousand moments for you to say i told you ♪ ♪ and a million more for us to say i love you ♪ ♪ so let's look forward to you and i looking back to 99 years of nothing unspoken ♪ ♪ live every day hoping ♪ that when we feel broken our scars make us golden ♪ ♪ and still choose you and i ♪ will we look back down on 99 years of a wonderful life ♪ ♪ where we laughed until we cried and our love was stronger with every fight ♪
8:52 am
♪ there'll be a thousand moments for you to say i told you ♪ ♪ and a million more for us to say i love you ♪ ♪ so let's look forward to you and i looking back ♪ ♪ at 99 years like that ♪ oh, 99 years like that ♪ oh, 99 years like that [ applause ] oh! >> josh and jennifer, will you marry us? you were inspired by your own parents' marriage? >> i was. i was thinking about the journey. my parents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. happy anniversary mom and dad.
8:53 am
>> this is like the perfect slow dance for valentine's. >> it's the best valentine's song. >> thank you, guys. >> you make beautiful music together. thank you. >> we'll be back in a moment, but first this is "today" on nbc
8:54 am
8:55 am
thanks for being with us on this beautiful lovey wednesday. >> i love today, by the way. i thought today was great. >> what a clinic from jennifer and josh. >> unbelievable voices. >> i know. if you want more stories like this, where should we go carson? >> go to >> all day? >> today all day. as we mentioned, we've got -- you'll see mandy moore with savannah on her full six-minute marathon, too. start digging through your kitchen cabinets and hope to find some vintage tupperware. that stuff may be worth a lot more than you paid for it. we'll have more on >> i'm still getting over your cooking segment. >> that was fun. just ahead on the third hour of "today," the real story behind the oscar nominated book
8:56 am
"green book." and jake johnson from "spider man: into the spider-verse," spike l happening now, right now at 8:56, we are seeing heavy rain moving through. it's prompted a flood warning for parts of sonoma keen till 9:45. if you see any rising water levels on creeks and streams, you might want to move away from those areas. do not drive where water covers the road. we've seen heavy rain shifting to parts of the east and south
8:57 am
bay. we will continue to monitor this as some of the rain is starting to add up on the rainfall totals. we'll see waves of scattered showers continuing throughout the day and also at times see pockets of heavy rain. but this tapers down in time for the weekend. mike has an update on the commute. >> slow slippery conditions. lanes clear from a jackknifed big rig greenville. look at the conditions in dublin. it's tough. >> happening now, that storm saw minor weather related issues around the area. that includes a tree that fell on to a home in menlo park. kris sanchez tweeted video from the scene and will have a live storm wrap-up at midday. we're learning more about a sinkhole on somerset avenue in castro valley. caused by a water main break. more at midday. just yet!
8:58 am
we )re tracking another round of wet weather for your thursday morning with live team coverage. plus, we )re making sure you don )t break the bank on flowers for valentine )s day. how to make sure you get your money )s worth. tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
8:59 am
do you think this is fun for me? you think i'm having fun? [man on other line] it certainly wasn't much fun to..... do you have eyes on the target? is it her? [man on other line] i can't tell from this photos... ...i need better shots. thank you for flying turkish airlines. taxi! you waiting for someone? no. just... looking.
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from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody, and this is pretty special because we've never had an oscar nominated director join us for our panel. >> well, until this year i'd never been nominated. [ laughter ] >> that's another first. >> boom, yes! spike lee. >> for blawe're so thrilled for you. >> are you sick of us telling you congratulations or do you just want to take it all in? >> the


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