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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 3, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening. thank you so much for joining us. i'm vicky nguyen. and i'm terry mcsweeney. let's get to the man with the news good or bad. up to you to interpret it. rob mayeda istrack all the weather for us tonight. >> the weather not so good bu the totals not in the category of last week. still outside more showers around the valley. san francisco and tri-valley. as we see the showers into the evening what we're also focusing on is the second atmospheric river event taking shape off shore what. 's a little different this time around is a lot of the moisture may end up staying just to the south of the bay area. so the rainfall projections last week around this time as much a. 9-10 in the hills. this go around probably 2-3 in the hill tops and risk to river flooding not as elevated. the russian river last week at
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guerneville just below 46 week. this week, about 25.9 expect on thursday. almost a 20 foot difference from what we saw last week. 2-3 inches of rain is a lot different than the foot totals we saw around parts near guerneville. what we could see are flash flood watches for smaller creeks and streams. as rainfall gets more intense into thursday morning. we'll give you time line if about 15 minutes. rob thank you. and as always you can follow the same radar that rob uses, download our free nbc bay area app and click on the weather tab and the rain does mean some danger on the roads. >> police say wet roads caused a deadly crash in clover dale earlier today. this white suv was on 101 earlier today. carrying three adults and a minor. one woman in the car died in the crash. two others taken to a nearby hospital. and more damage after heavy rain in the north bay.
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highway 116 close for five hours after the mud slide and trees took out a pg&e breaker this morning. you see it down there. two miles west of guerneville. cut power to 4,000 customers, including all of mont rio. power restored to about half of those people. the highway now open. much needed answers and support from the department of insurance for flood victims. they met with people who live and work in sonoma county who have been affected by the recent storms. dozens in line filling out paperwork and waiting to here from the experts what where to go from here. some have a damaged home to go back to. others do not. >> i'm officially homeless. all i have is the clothes on my back. >> but luckily she's alive and safe. >> and my cat is safe too. >> finding the silver lining there. staff from the california department of insurance will be set up in the old bank of america building in guerneville all week to make sure victims understand their options.
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we're also encouraging people who don't yet have flood insurance to get covered before the next extreme weather event. while it was a familiar site for cal trans crews clearing more snow. they will be back at it later this week. more snow will be falling. and we are awaiting the result os after vote by oakland teachers that could end the strike and put teachers back in the classroom tomorrow. nbc bay area christie smith joins us live. and christie, the results are and it sounded to many of us like they got just about everything they wanted but you are hearing it could be close. >> the voting ended about an hour ago here in oakland but we still haven't heard the outcome. we did speak with teachers heading in and out. and there were some really strong opinions to support their yes or no vote. this tentative agreement has
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been described as both a win in every proposal. others calling it a complete sell out. and oakland teachers arrived at the paramount theater here on broadway after noon today to discuss and then vote on whether to ratify the tentative agreement the school district and union came to on friday. the strike in its seventh day with a district of 3,000 teachers. terms including an 11% pay hike over four years and a 3% one time bonus. and more student support and additional one student class reduction in size and other changes but teachers have differing opinions on it. >> i'm going to be voting yes. i think that this t.a. moves us dramatically in the right direction. >> do you want me to go back to school and look my students in the eye i took a pay raise but your school is going to be closed? no. i'm voting no. >> we were told the count might
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be complete after an hour or so after the voting ended. that is happening off site. the district said the school board is ready to ratify and move forward and would be posting on social media this evening and let families know what too expect in their classrooms tomorrow. reporting live in oakland. christie smith nbc bay area snooze. and in san ramon a possible strike over pay and class sizes is looming there. friday, 98% of public school teachers voted to authorize a strike if an agreement isn't reached soon with the school district. community meeting planned for wednesday to update parent what is to expect if a strike date is set. union represents nearly 1700 educators working at 36 schools in san ramon and surrounding communities. good news a lot of people have been waiting to hear. two young northern california sisters missing since friday afternoon are now home. they were found this morning in the woods near their home south of eureka. it is an amazing survival story.
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nbc bay area's maryann favro is here now with the clues that led crews to the girls. >> reporter: it was granola bar wrappers. two firefighters searching for the girls found the wrappers matching the same brand their mom had at home and followed them until they found the girls around 10:30 this morning. 8-year-old leah and her 5-year-old sister caroline were found ininjured and in good spirits. nestled in blankets here and eating. getting big hugs from mom and dad. their mom reported them missing friday afternoon and a massive search was launched which included help from napa and sonoma county rescue teams. they were found today just 1.4 miles from their home. >> we also learned by interviewing mom and dad that the girls, ages 8 and 5 were
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involved in 4-4, and pah and pa is the wilderness survival and they were using their techniques. >> the girls even tried to make a campfire. but he says the most important thing the girls did was stay in one spot under a huckleberry bush and not keep moving. he says that enabled rescue crews to follow their footprints and find the girl this is morning. certainly was a terrifying night for the sister whose the sheriffs says were afraid of the dark and mountain lions. the sisters also had to contend with rain and temperatures in the low 40s. so it is wonderful to report a happy ending to this story tonight. back the you. every parent in the audience is saying yeah. maryanne, thank you so much. president trump facing another con tensicious week with two congressional committees demanding documents from the house. tomorrow the house judiciary committee is going to request documents from more than sixty people in the administration and
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elsewhere. investigating whether the president interseeded to get son-in-law jared kushner top security clearance over objections from intelligence and top white house officials. michael cohen is going to be back before the house intelligence committee on wednesday as it investigates possible trump campaign ties to russia. the president insists it has done nothing wrong and used expletives to defend himself as a conservative conference this weekend. >> they are trying to take you out with [ bleep ], okay? with [ bleep ]. >> adding to the president's problems another house committee will soon reqst the irs hand over years of the president's personal tax returns. rescued and taken right into custody. crews rescued a man from the tijuana river this morning right before he was arrested for trying to enter the country illegally. he ended up stuck on a patch of land in the middle of the river and reportedly wouldn't move because he can't swim. san diego firefighters lifted him to safety as you see in the
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video, where the. two women have been arrestey tole thousands of dollars of medicine fr -- merchandise from the north bay outlet mall. from the tommy hilfiger store for the reported left thes. the suspects got away in a car but a police chase was called off because of unsafe road conditions. not long after officers found and arrested the two suspects nearby. the driver of the getaway car police say is still on the run. and the theft may be linked to organizede east bay. a special honor from hillary clinton. a message of unity she helps resonate from al across the country. abama across the country. even if no one in your home smokes,
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secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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honored at the martin and coretta king unity breakfast today in selma. former secretary of state first lady hillary clinton was honored at the martin and clarita king breakfast this morning in alabama. she was given the 2019 international unity award and inducted into the woman's hall of fame. the importance of voting rights and struggles that continue to this day. >> -- are under assault. and make no mistake we are living through a full-fledged
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crisis in our democracy. the event was part of the observation of the bloody sunday march which peaceful demonstrators were beaten back by alabama state troopers. >> thousands crossed that bridge today. to mark the 54th anniversary of bloody sunday. lot of national leaders came to selma, alabama to take part. hillary clinton, reverend jesse jackson. new jersey senator cory booker also on hand. 1975 alabama troopers beat civil rights activists as they tried to cross the bridge. the day is credited for creating a lot of support for the voting rights act which passed later that year. unsettling sight along highway 1 year gray -- cove. recent storms appear to have eroded an area near the highway. they are monitoring the situation. they also noticed cracks in the highway and erosion near the
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southbound lane last april. a milestone mission for spacex. we're going to the international space station where history is being made and how it could change the future of space flight. and closer to ground level, especially around the south bay, still seeing showers out therich and expecting more in the way of heavy rain and gusty wind in the seven day forecast. with the chase mobile app, jason wu could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while putting on a runway show for new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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eastern syria... continues. the battle for the last
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territory held by isis in eastern syria continues. fierce fighting has taken place over the weekend as u.s.-backed forces advance on isis fighters. columns of black smoke. and you can see here. coming out from neighborhoods as they pound the area with artillery fire and air strikes. more than 24 hours after lifting off from cape canaveral a spacex vessel docked smoothly with the international space station. part of a test flight that could carry astronauts to the space station as early as july. >> another day another milestone. it is the first u.s.-made spacecraft capable of carrying a crew to dock at the space station in eight years. >> i think we should show off the newest space vehicle. >> reporter: anne mcclain,
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toured the 20 foot long spacecraft. >> welcome to the new era in space flight. >> reporter: the only passenger, a mannequin named ripley. the spacecraft began its journey early saturday morning when it successfully launched from the kennedy space center. since 2011 americans have traveled to the space station aboard russia rockets. but if this six-day test flight is a success the crew dragon could carry american astronauts into space this summer. >> would be a dream come true for lot of people me and others at space ex-for sure. can't wait. >> reporter: nbc news. >> would you want to go up? >> yeah. that would beinrebl. >> i know you would bringing all
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the scientific equipment with you. >> reason to go. or to take a look at the rstorm coming in. that is the vantage point you would want to have. and fortunately we are still --. flow coming off the ocean. still powering up showers around the bay area. seeing some dry patches. 53 degrees. wind out of the west at 12 miles per hour. palo alto seeing a few showers nearby at 55 degrees. and i think actually one of the wetter locations around the bay area has been in san jose. you are still seeing some rain showers around the santa clara valley. 54 degrees and a little muggy outside. you might have noticed that too. temperatures in the low 60s around san jose. storm ranger mobile doppler radar still seeing showers. especially the air pushed up to the east. in mount diablo to mount hamilton, too warm for snow but enough to ring out rain drops beneath the clouds. and likely a few more showers
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tomorrow morning. the totals are not impressive. mainly light, steady rain with occasionally a briefly moderate shower passing by. but the trend for monday should be less in terms of intense showers and actually a few more breaks in the clouds during the afternoon. so there is a little hope at least for brief sunshine mid afternoon tomorrow 40s and low 50s in the morning. highs upper 50s and low 60s around the bay area. technically a slight chance of showers even for the afternoon around the coastal hill tops. from there we begin to watch two moisture and together off the plume also known as the atmospheric river or a pocket of air here that has the capacity to hold a lot more moisture than we typically see. that means rain rates much h.r. r higher. sometimes two to three times higher. in the right setup. by the time this arrives initially lot of moisture to the south see the rain fill in midday tuesday.
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tuesday night into wednesday morning is probably the main event as winds pick up. rainfall briefly intense for the wednesday morning commute but unlike last week for one thing the system looks like it is going to move through relatively quickly by lunchtime wednesday now. more of a wide spread rain starts to move out. scattered showers follow as we get into thursday and friday. the rainfall projection a rot of that subtropical moisture aimed into the south. really the big sur coast and stay tuned. maybe the santa cruz mountains get more of the heavy rain. looks like the bull's eye in the santa cruz mountains and some hill tops around the north bay. it was this time last week when we looked specificall right now same time frame is looking at about two inches of rain. significant for march but fog like last week. for the rest of the bay area, half inch to inch and a half of rainfall. santa cruz mountains. -- at 10:00 tonight, so the most
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updated information at 11:00. russian river and guerneville. sixth highest historic crest at just under a 46 feet. this week expected is almost a 20 foot difference. but keep in mind flood stage is about 32 feet so that is still within about 6 feet. early thursday afternoon. not expected to flood and certainly nothing like last week. we'll have to watch and make sure the storm clears out as expected during the day on wednesday. then thursday and friday, if you like the weekend weather and the scattered showers, that's about the driest the second half of the week is going to look like. more showers at sat tday mornin we're hoping this is good. especially for those of you who have little league plans on saturday morning. right now the trend looks better for that. first half of the day and more rain towards saturday night and sunday. seven-day forecast, we'll be watching wind and rain as a moderately storm comes in. not bringing as much as we saw last week, but the ground
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obviously still pretty saturate. so smaller creeks and streams, i wouldn't be surprised wednesday morning that we have brief flood advisories around the smaller waterways. those types of waterways may see rises to briefly get things goes to flood stage. major rivers based on the rainfall estimates i think will be okay. but gusty wind is something to watch for the middle part of the week as well. >> thanks. a new york city police officer accused of an unthinkable crime. the charges against him read like the script of a wild tv drama. in alabama, after possible
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tornadoes ripped through the state. at least ten people are dead in alabama after possible tornados ripped through the
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state. two possible tornados touched down in central alabama today. officials still assessing the damage and injuries. more than 200 first responders are on the scene. and you are looking at the damage. it is amazing. they are doing search and rescue operations rights now. schools are going to be closed tomorrow because of all this. a police officer with new york city's department of environmental protection is under arrest tonight, charged with manufacturing guns at his home and then sellingycleang me. take a look at that collection there. greg auseed guns and assault rifles and soldclubs. a now vaccinated teenage ler testify before congress monday. testified he had not been fully vaccinate because his mother
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believed vaccining were dangerous. >> because of they did not receive the majority of vaccines a individual would receive. and past months i caught up on them now that i'm 18. >> testifying before the committee on health, education, labor and pensions and said he's going discussing things like spreading of preventable diseases and spread of misinformation. who do you draw information from? some world class athletes answered that question by wearing some unique uniforms. the u.s. team honored influential heros wearing their names on the back after their jerseys. each chose the name of a inspirational woman during the match against england. one player had the letters rbj, ruth bader ginsburg. well still ahead.
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most food fights take place in cafeterias. but this one involves an entire town. in italy. this is italy's largest food fight. and it is good it is the largest fight because it is huge. you know the tomhatoe us a one people gathered to throw each other. more than half a million pounds worth. >> looks so painful. tomatoes, soft skin. but oranges, that's like a baseball almost. they keep doing it. it is believed to commemorate the cities revolt against it one time tyrant. >> hit him with an orange and he
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never came back. >> apparently so. >> we'll be back 6:00. breaking news tonight. deadly tornado outbreaks across the south. alabama and georgia hit as the third storm in a week sweeps across a big part of the country, cutting a path of destruction and more severe weather is on the way. we'll have a live forecast. hitting its mark. the first commercial spacecraft designed to carry humans reaches another milestone, setting the stage for a revolution in space travel. five years after the mysterious disappearance of a malaysian airliner, families gather to mourn with key clues still missing. and empowering survivor was sexual assault. the high-tech tools trying to make a difference as dollar stores become a dime a dozen, why some want to slow their growth and we'll


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