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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 12, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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styling your hair, and as we take a live look outside in san francisco, a nice clear start, headed over to martinez, also very chilly with some mid fir-4. you see the mostly sunny skies as our temperatures warm up. we'll be in the low 60s once again today. we'll talk about the cold front moving in, gusty winds and a slight chance of rain coming up in six minutes. mike, you're starting out in the south bay. >> kari, the wind some people think that is how i style my hair. in the south bay things are moving overall nicely. the disabled vehicle is not stationary. it's a slow rolling car in your middle label on northbound 85, last seen at saratoga, but traveling toward cupertino. i'll follow this. chp will either clear it or there will be more follow-up. we'll let you know. meanwhile the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive but there is a new incident near the dublin interchange as well. chp should get there, provide more detail. so far, no slowing shows up. back to you. >> thanks, mike. a developing story in the south bay, one person is locked up this morning, after a vicious
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attack that left a south san jose neighborhood shaken for weeks. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live for us in san jose with what police are now saying about that killing and what's next. bob? >> reporter: marcus, san jose police say they have solved the murder of bambi larson. you'll recall, she's the 59-year-old woman from south san jose who was stabbed to death at her home on february 28th. her home was located on the knollfield way in south san jose. detectives interviewed her alleged killer last night and took this person into custody, made at rest. pd is expected to release more information about this person and the case later today. larson was the manager of a medical testing company here in san jose, had attended san jose state and uc santa cruz, when police discovered her body late last month, she had stab wounds to her neck and torso. again, an arrest in the murder of bambi larson. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay."
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>> thank you, bob, and of course, we will be following this story throughout the morning. well, we're turning here to nancy pelosi, despite a push within her party, she's throwing cold water on impeaching president trump, it comes as the clock appears to be ticking on robert mueller's russia investigation. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington with the latest developments expected this week. good morning, tracie. >> hi there, good morning, laura, good morning, everyone. nancy pelosi leading the democrats, some of them ready to impeach president trump, but pelosi is putting the brakes on that. "i'm not for impeachment" house speaker nancy pelosi tells "the washington post." "it divides the country and he's just not worth it" she says of president trump. >> our day to day work is not about him. it's about the american people. >> reporter: sarah huckabee sanders says "we're not that concerned" adding "impeachment should have never been on the
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table." >> to get to removal, you will need at least 20 republican senators in the other house of congress. that's just a political reality. >> reporter: a house vote today will urge the justice department to release robert mueller's full report on russian election interference. this week, there could be signs of where that investigation is headed. a second sentencing tomorrow for former trump campaign chair paul manafort, on unrelated financial crimes. >> i don't have any doubt that mr. trump is going to pardon paul manafort at some point. the question is when. >> he'll make a decision when he's ready. >> reporter: on thursday, former trump adviser roger stone gets a trial date, and explains to a judge how his new book on russia does not violate her gag order. also this week, status hearings for former national security adviser michael flynn, and manafort's deputy, rick gates. both are cooperating with prosecutors after pleading guilty. tracie potts, nbc news,
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washington. >> thank you, tracie. 5:03. this morning nurses at two bay area hospitals plan to go on strike in santa clara county. the california nurses association filed new charges last week alleging santa clara county violated state law when it threatened to retaliate against registered nurses at o'connor in san jose and st. louise regional in gilroy. organizers claim they threatened hundreds of nurses with termination if they didn't switch to a new union. county tells "the mercury" cna has not taken steps to lawfully represent county employees. the nurses plan to start gathering at picket lines at 7:00 this morning. santa clara county's executive jeff smith, the same one who allegedly sent a memo outlining the firing says hospitals will be able to treat patients as normal during the one-day walkout. happening today, san ramon valley teachers will vote on the contract agreement reached on friday. the voting doesn't begin until this afternoon, and teachers have until thursday to cast
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their ballot. that deal includes a 4% pay hike and creates new caps on class sizes. today one of their own makes a painful visit to the school where her son was shot and killed. 21-year-old victor mcelhaney died sunday in southern california not far from the usc campus. a group of three or four men robbed him before the shooting. today's regular city council meeting has been canceled out of respect to mcelhaney's mother, lynette mcelhaney. the councilwoman is committed to sparking change from this tragedy. >> she said we have got to do something to help people love themselves so that question get ourselves out of this crisis. >> mcelhaney was finishing his degree in music, was months away from graduating. so far, police have not made any arrests. tonight, the life and legacy of late san francisco public defender jeff adachi is expected
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to be front and center. a screening of the film "presumed guilty" tells of the public defender, is being held tonight, following a group of lawyers in the city's public defender's office as they deal with racial and social injustice. adachi stars in the film and also co-directed it. adachi died last month, after having dinner with a friend. mayor london breed named manhar raju his replacement yesterday. it's the end of the line for the popular long time san francisco eatery chow, opened its first location 22 years ago on church street in the castro. last night diners were met with a letter on the front door saying it's closed. the owners gave no real reason for that closure. until recently several chow restaurants were serving comfort food to diners across the bay area. now it's down to one remaining location in the east bay city of lafayette. if you're a foodie like me, this is a story for you. you can buy tickets to taste of oakley, that event is on
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saturday, may 11th on o'hara avenue. dozens of local restaurants and businesses will be taking part in this. tickets are $12 and you can buy them at oakley city hall, before that, if you're looking to head outside and grill on your own, this week might be the best time for you, kari, you've been telling us the weather is looking good. >> it's going to be so great going into the weekend with sunshine, warmer temperatures. it's cool out there now, as you get ready to head to work, and this is a live look outside in dublin. a lot of people already out and we don't have any fog this morning, like we did yesterday morning, and so we're in between the weather systems. you can see the clouds and the rain that brought us actually the thunderstorms and the hail. still spinning across southern california, while a cold front approaches. we will see an increase in cloud cover and not expecting a lot of rain, just a slight chance of some north bay showers going into this afternoon. looking at highs today that will be reaching into the low 60s,
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inland areas are still a little bit cooler than normal. we should be in the mid-60s but we'll make it up to about 61 in antioch, and livermore, as well as morgan hill, and 60 degrees today in palo alto. we'll look at palo alto's temperature trend coming up. mike has the morning commute. >> three scattered incidents marked on the map, no major concerns. northbound 85 slow rolling vehicle, there's been no real update. no problems there. kari showed you the shot from dublin, and a scan with the cam camera, i don't see the disabled vehicle but there is one reported near the shoulder at the dublin interchange and a new crash, there may be an issue off the castro valley "y. scattered incidents. only slowing at the bay bridge and slowing eastbound 24, typical coming off of highway 13. a live look shows you oakland, where we have a good number of cars. no slowing. there's northbound with the tail lights, southbound with the headlights, a smooth drive into hayward and toward the san mateo
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bridge. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up, bill mpillsbury recalling thousands of pounds of flour. plus high tech under fire. we'll walk you through it. and still ahead, the woman made headlines after she was attacked by a jaguar at a zoo for getting too close while trying to take a selfie. this morning, she's speaking out. what she has to say about what happened, coming up at 5:25. you're watching "today in the bay."
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we're coming up on 5:12, and it's a clear start, also very chilly temperatures. a live look at palo alto, you need a heavier jacket and we'll have some upper 40s through about 9:00. a warmle trend will be a little bit more gradual today with not as much sunshine. also a big warmup in time for the weekend, that's in less than five minutes. this tuesday's commute sees all cash lanes open but not cleared. they're filled up here, we're starting to see that build for the fast track lanes. your tuesday commute is in effect. we'll show you a bigger view coming up. and a very happy tuesday to you. boeing continues to feel the pressure from its 737 max 8, as more airlines, more countries reconsider the safety of the popular plane. flies here in the united states, faa has no plans to change that. elon musk asked a court not to find him guilty of contempt,
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after he defied an order not to tweet false financial information about his company. the "new york times" reports this morning that new court documents show google paid its former executive amin singhal $45 million after he left the company, accused of sexual misconduct. singhal did not respond to "the times" report but has in the past denied wrongdoing. the amount was revealed as part of a shareholder lawsuit against google for the way it handles alleged wrongdoing. presidential candidate elizabeth warren made news last week when she said if she were president she'd work to break up facebook, google and amazon. to the list you can now add apple. "politico" points out war yen accepted campaign contributions from employees of the same countries including $2,700 from sheryl sandberg of facebook and continues to use facebook to advertise her campaign. there was a brief argument between facebook and the warren campaign after the campaign took out facebook ads, calling for facebook to be broken up, and
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facebook took them down. those ads used the facebook logo and the logo is not allowed in other people's ads. facebook ended up putting those back up, reversing itself. it's really a long list of people and companies in trouble this morning. wells fargo ceo will go before congress. timothy sloan was not ceo when wells fargo duped customers into making credit card and savings accounts they either did not authorize or know they had, but he was a highly-placed executive at the time and he's been ceo during wells fargo latest problems, so today he will face the house financial services committee led by maxine waters, who has not been shy about her dislike of wells fargo. >> exactly. well, a lot of concern for that company. >> for sure. >> thank you. this morning, make sure to check your cub boards as you get ready to make your breakfast, maybe baking later today. pillsbury's parent company, hometown food company,
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voluntarily recalling more than 12,000 cases of pillsbury all purpose flour products. the five pound bags affected in the recall potentially could be at risk for salmonella contamination. after you throw out the flour, treat yourself to a free pancake. it's free pancake day at ihop from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. ihop will give all the money raised today to a charity that helps sick children. yummy, yummy. fans vying for a ticket to "harry potter and the cursed child" in san francisco, basically broke the internet. producers say the ticketing system crashed at the beginning of their presale yesterday, causing many users to post their disappointed responses on twitter. some people were unable to confirm their spots to see the tony-award winning play at the curran theater. they are ensuring anyone who registered online will have access to buy tickets before they go on sale to the general public on thursday. >> sounds like dark magic to me. >> it could be. i heard the queue was like
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50,000. it was crazy. >> as you wait, you can get a pancake today. yes, as you're waking up, it's going to be i think a nice hot coffee morning, and it's going to be very chilly. take a look at these numbers. it's down to 39 right now in livermore, and we have some mid-40s for palo alto, 50 in san francisco, and napa now at 38 degrees. after this chilly start, you'll be happy to know, it will be another comfortable afternoon, reaching into the low 60s in concord, mostly sunny skies there, but we will also start to see some clouds moving in. if you want to go out to some of the hiking trails around los gatos, a chilly start with some mid-40s, by 10:00, 52 degrees and seeing more clouds at 2:00. we'll be at 59 degrees, we'll barely make it out of the 50s there today, as we see our high temperatures headed up to 62 in concord, as well as 62 in napa,
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ro santa rosa 63 degrees and san francisco reaching the upper 50s today. we're in between weather systems, the clouds and the storms that we had that brought us all of that hail, that was sunday, and we are now seeing that still spinning across southern california. we also see a cold front approaching from the north, but this rain that we are seeing now will fizzle out before it gets here, and we're only looking at a few spotty showers farther to the north, so if you are around ukiah and parts of mendocino county, expect a slight chance of rain, while the rest of the bay area sees more clouds moving in, some gusty winds, it will be our main concern going into the afternoon will be the gusty winds. going hour by hour with your wind speed forecast, this shows the number with wind speeds in miles per hour and san francisco at 10:30 this morning may have those winds coming in from the northwest at about 24 miles per hour. we're also looking at some high winds along the coast, in some of our hills, at about the potential of up to 30 to 35
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miles per hour today, even up to 40 for half moon bay, as we go in through the 5:00 to 6:00 hours. so it's going to be very windy there. that may knock down some trees, so that's something i'll be watching, as we go throughout the day. after that, no concerns. the winds calm down, our temperatures warm up, and we'll get much more sunshine, going into the end of the week. look at the weekend numbers. 70 degrees on saturday, 73 on sunday, and we still see that continuing into the start of next week. for san francisco, gusty winds today, more clouds, and then before you know it, we'll have finally some spring-like weather across the bay area. mike, you're getting some more reports coming in. >> that's right, updates on the scattered reports we had last time, 85 that incident cleared, the slow rolling vehicle cleared without any further incident, and that's good news. nobody crashed into that slow-moving vehicle. dublin interchange indeed, all lanes are cleared for west 580, approaching 680 and kari showed you earlier that live shot, smooth-moving traffic there.
5:19 am
880 south and "a" street as we expected into hayward there was a crash. a number of vehicles are involved and there may be one sticking out into your fast lane from the center divide. there will be activity and distraction and i'll follow that for the next few because it is a critical spot earlier in the commute especially early in the commute. the rest of contra costa county moves nicely, and then in toward alameda county the backup at the bay bridge has started to form right now, as you expect right an schedule for the morning commute. looking at southbound 101 which moves smoothly right now, down toward the robin williams tunnel, the rainbow tunnel there, but later on today, for the next week, about 11:00 a.m., they start to close one lane for construction and repair work through the area, just a note for folks, that's after the morning commute, though. to avoid the bay bridge, and many other spots, you can take mass transit, looking at b.a.r.t. with 26 trains now the transit starting at full service and no other delays. back to you. >> thanks, mike. a true baseball fan will tell you spring training is your best chance to check out the future, and for one day, anyway, giants future arrived yesterday.
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last year, second overall pick catcher joey bart came in to bat and the score tied and the bases loaded in the ninth inning. came through with bases-clearing double. the giants beat the dodgers 4-1. coming up next on "today in the bay," the woman attacked by a jaguar at an arizona zoo opening up about what went wrong. >> the jaguar was up against the fence and we happened to be walking by and we said hey, let's get some good pictures. >> we're also learn being a second attack at the zoo, involving the same animal. and on facebook, "today in the bay's" posting a warning for north bay drivers for next week to find out more about the roadwork done near the robin williams tunnel. follow mike, that's on facebook, mike inouye. new this morning:
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as the crisis in venezuela continues -- the u-s is removing
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all remaining personnel new this morning, the crisis in venezuela continues, the u.s. is removing all remaining personnel from its embassy in caracas. this is a fire, after an explosion at a power situation in the venezuelan capital. president nicolas maduro accuses the u.s.-led opposition for staging a cyber attack on the grid that left millions without power. last night, u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo tweeted "all remaining diplomat also leave by the end of the week." the woman injured by a jaguar at an arizona zoo is speaking out. you may remember over the weekend, she jumped a barrier for a selfie with the animal. she is now apologizing in an interview with cbs news. >> we're all human. we make mistakes, and i learned my lesson. >> for now, the jaguar is not on public display. the zoo says that they've hired a consultant to examine the barrier. we're also learning the exact
5:24 am
same thing happened at the same enclosure with the same jaguar just last summer. it's 5:23 right now. tennessee investigators are searching for a man involved in a road rage incident. this is after a new twitter video surfaced involving two drivers. take a look. a man in an orange shirt can be seen punching another man. nearby witness tries to break up that fight, it happened last thursday ten miles south of nashville. police say the victim in the attack was not seriously injured and the suspect left the scene before officers arrived. this morning, ucf star conor mcgregor is out of jail after posting bail. he was arrested yesterday morning in miami after being accused of smashing a fan's phone at a hotel. the fan was attempting to take a photo of mcgregor. mcgregor is now being charged with felony strongarm robbery. he had just spent the past week completing court-ordered community service, this was part of his punishment for sparking a back stage fight at the barclay
5:25 am
center last april. new details on sfo's long planned renovation of harvey milk term know at sfo. >> the latest twist involves the size of the sign that will greet travelers. supervisors last year approved the renovation of terminal one officially renaming it after the gay rights pioneer. work will continue through 2021 but this week supervisor hillary ronin called for larger lettering on signage featuring milk's name. this is a rendering of the new design which would feature the words "terminal 1" less prominently. you can buy tickets for this year's cluster fest. the three-day event gets under way june 21st in san francisco. former "snl" writer john mullaney, patton oswalt and the roots are among those set to perform. the three-day general admission ticket will set you back about $220. tickets go on sale on friday and
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it's the third year for the event. 5:25. coming up next on "today in the bay," the top stories we're following on this tuesday morning, including the growing list of countries that are now grounding boeing 737 max. the famed plane that crashed in ethiop ethiopia. rising to new heights, new details on the plans to build skyscrapers in downtown san jose. coming up in a live report, just how tall will the buildings get? plus a toll on highway 37 in the north bay? the idea floated around after flooding halted traffic several times during the season's winter storms. still ahead, in a live report, what the money raised could be used for. and a live look for you now at the bay bridge toll plaza. backup there, but the metering lights don't look like they are on. >> they probably are. >> they are on. >> a lot of traffic. >> yes. we're going to have a look at that with mike inouye, a look at the commute this morning. kari also has a look at the nice week forecast for you. you don't want to miss it.
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5:26 right now. you're watching "today in the bay." bridge
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and a good tuesday morning to you. 5:29, quickly approaching 5:30 for you this morning. a live look at the golden gate bridge there. beautiful sight to start out our morning. thanks for joining us here on "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. beautiful weather this week, getting a break from the rain. kari? >> it is nice to get a break from the rain and also chilly as you get ready to step out the door, with some upper 30s and even some mid-40s for some of our inland areas. it's another chilly one, but at least we don't have the patchy, dense fog like we had yesterday.
5:30 am
as you drive to work in antioch, it's going to be in the mid-40s for the next several hours, and then we'll see it gradually warming up with mostly sunny skies. there is a cold front moving in. we'll talk about the impact of that coming up in a few minutes and a look ahead to the weekend. mike, you're getting a look out at the bay bridge. >> we'll sort out a few things. the metering lights are on, about 5:20 or a couple minutes thereafter. that's a critical point where all the lanes stack up. the fast track lanes filled in first, the cash lanes were slower to fill in, that indicates a lighter volume of traffic throughout the maze. being a tuesday, that's unusual for a tuesday so we'll track that. the time change often affects folks driving through the area. slowing south through hayward. the earlier crash kicked off earlier slowing off the castro valley "y." another incident clearing at the dublin interchange. for now, back to marcus. >> thanks, mike. this morning, more countries are grounding boeing 737 max 8
5:31 am
planes following the deadly plane crash in ethiopia. over the past hour, malaysia and australia say they will halt operations. the plane will not be able to fly in china, singapore, indonesia, next knmexico nor ar. the world is closely watching the story because the same type of plane crashed last year in indonesia. among the victims of the latest accident, ann musioki, she worked at san francisco's tech soup. a memorial is growing outside of a redding catholic children for melvin and bennett rivall. senator dianne feinstein is calling for planes to be grounded here in the u.s. passengers are split on whether that should happen. >> i'm about to ask what the plane is that i'm about to
5:32 am
board, and i definitely have second thoughts if it was that plane. >> i don't believe it should be grounded. at some point we need to trust the institutions and the laws that are there to verify something is safe or not. >> southwest and american airlines, which have dozens of the planes in their fleets, say that they're confident in the safety of the aircraft. happening today, the future of san jose's sky line is up in the air, and it may be rising. city council is considering whether to allow builders to put up taller buildings in downtown and near san jose international airport. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live from downtown san jose with a look at what is happening. good morning, kris. >> reporter: hi there, laura. construction of skyscrapers like this one here behind me could be up to three stories higher here in the downtown area, up to seven stories, 15 stories higher near diridon station, if you consider that a story is about ten feet. take a look at your screen for some perspective.
5:33 am
that's the height that the council will consider this afternoon, and how it would change the skyline. building heights could go up to 35 feet higher downtown. construction could be up to 150 feet higher near diridon station. the city estimates a $4.4 billion increase in construction value, which would eventually lead to $5.5 million a year more in property taxes. it could also mean some changes for air traffic down the road. now the city did ask the ten passenger airlines serving mineta san jose, plus fedex and u.p.s. to weigh in. they expected minimal impact to their operations with the higher skyline limit under consideration. today the faa also weighed in on this plan. the city is also considering creating a fund to help mitigate any financial impact that some of those airlines might feel, as the skyline starts to change, that will be under discussion. all of this happening at 1:30
5:34 am
today at san jose city hall. but i want to continue the conversation. i want to know what you think about a higher skyline for the city of san jose. you can take my twitter poll, which i just posted and also weigh in on facebook. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, kris. now to new details on other proposed construction plans in the south bay. a developer purchased a site in downtown san jose. it's been approved as a housing and retail complex near the planned google village. according to "the mercury" the developer plans to break ground on the seven-story building along west julian street this summer. a short distance away, google plans to build several office buildings for up to 20,000 employees. homes, shops, restaurants, hotels and parks also part of that proposed development. a man from maine is arrested near google headquarters in mountain view. police say 33-year-old kyle long made a physical threat. on friday he was stopped by police in iowa, after a minor
5:35 am
collision. long told them he was driving to google. officers let mountain view police know what was happening and also got another call from police in maine, just before 1:00 p.m. sunday, officers spotted long's truck on 101, about a mile from google plex. they arrested him and found three baseball bats in his truck. >> 5:35. a man on death row for a richmond murder, more than four decades ago is found dead in his prison cell. officials announcing ronald bell and three other inmates were pronounced dead friday night at a california state prison in king's county. the cause of their death has not been determined. bell had the second longest tenure on death row, after california reinstated capital punishment in 1978. 5:35 and a follow-up in the cleanup efforts in the north bay after historic flooding swept through. the board of supervisors will vote on approving nearly $3 million to go towards repairs. recent winter storms caused the russian river to spill over.
5:36 am
nearly 2,000 homes are damaged. governor gavin newsom declared a state of emergency in sonoma county shortly after it happened. today, supervisors will also discuss recovery efforts following the 2017 wildfires. drivers probably don't want to hear this, but there's talk of another toll in the bay area. flooding recently shut down highway 37 in both directions, you see it right here, prompting marin county supervisors to study how to pay for improvements. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live on highway 37, where we could possibly see a toll plaza someday. sharon? >> reporter: that's right, marcus. it's probably safe to say that toll plazas aren't a welcome sight, but they will be discussed today. flooding last month forced highway 37 to close, and that wasn't the first time. so today, the marin county board of supervisors will meet to study long-term solutions in how to pay for them. a toll would be one option. the "independent journal"
5:37 am
reports transportation experts say the levee and roads need improvements in the area. drivers are hoping the board can come up with money without the toll. >> they should be able to afford it, you know. if they want to fix it, they could fix it. there are some roads that are messed up. they can fix it, you know? it's just annoying. it's frustrating. >> reporter: one expert tells the "independent journal" that the area is sinking and this problem needs to be addressed. so this meeting starts at 9:30 today and of course, this is a major connection to the east bay, sonoma, and napa counties so a lot of people will be watching this one. reporting live in marin county, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay" >> thanks so much for that update. and mike, another plaza, i don't know, what do you think? >> like you said it's not going to be a popular one but you got to pay for something and we have less gas tax because we have hybrids and electrical vehicles so we've got to change with the times and we have to adapt to the needs, so there we go. i don't like paying either. over here toward dublin,
5:38 am
westbound 580 continues with a very smooth drive that's great news but we did have that report of the crash over there, that direction with the tail lights headed toward that dublin interchange. all lanes should be cleared right now. we never saw any slowing as a result of the earlier crash that was blocking one lane for a short period of time. the rest of the bay shows a pleasant drive. the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza is there. you can avoid it by using b.a.r.t. and since the weekend, the work days have had pleasant weather for the wait outside if you take transit, consider it. >> it's really a nice week. a lot of people needed the break from the rain. >> it's nice to make plans to get outside and be able to go hiking and go out to some of the st. patrick's events going on this weekend. >> that's right, sunday! >> it's a holiday weekend, and we will see, look at the warm temperatures in the forecast. inland areas in the low 70s, and it's nice to see a whole week of not a lot of rain, and san francisco temperatures will be
5:39 am
in the upper 60s, so if you are planning to head over to dublin, it's going to be great, with some cool temperatures to start, upper 40s in the morning, but look at how mild it gets as we go throughout the day as the celebrations continue. some upper 60s there, if you're going to the sierra. heavenly is looking beautiful, with some low 40s on friday, mostly sunny skies, and then look at how warm it will be. you can ski with temperatures around 50 degrees throughout the day. if you're going to napa, mostly sunny skies. 68 degrees on friday and then up to the low 70s on sunday. if you're headed out of town, maybe going to santa barbara, great beach weekend with some upper 60s and low 70s, and also more sunshine there as well. carmel valley will be a nice great place to spend the weekend, with a few more clouds moving in on saturday, but still looking at no rain in this forecast, with much more comfortable weather and finally feeling like spring. let me know where you're going this weekend.
5:40 am
i'm @karihallweather, my facebook page is meteorologist kari hall and we'll talk about where you're going and give you a personalized forecast. a look at today's temperature trend is coming up in about three minutes. >> that is after with a smile. thanks, kari. 5:40 right now. coming up, changing a north bay school district's name, a story we've been reporting on for some time. up next, the role the community will play today. plus, when is a cut not a cut? we'll take a look in "checks and balances." still ahead -- ♪ happy birthday to the internet. how bay area internet tech giants are watching. it's 5:40, you're watching "today in the bay."
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hey, cupertino, good morning. right now at 5:43, as you get ready to head out the door, we will see temperatures in the upper 40s by 9:00, but notice there will be some more clouds moving in. it won't be as clear and sunny as it was yesterday, but still a nice day, and the rain staying away. we'll talk about a big warmup in our forecast in less than five minutes. and the view right here right by the coliseum 880 and the nimitz looks busy but lights are moving at a good pace. no real delays, we're just starting to see the build for the upper east shore freeway at the top of your screen. happening for you this morning, a fire is burning in a home in concord, where crews shared pictures of the flames just a short time ago. look here, you can see the flames shooting out from the top
5:44 am
of that structure there. we know this is a one alarm blaze in a neighborhood near treat boulevard and oak grove road. so far, no reports of injuries there. later today, you can weigh in on a battle over what some say is a racist school name in the north bay. in marin county the dixie school district is holding a public meeting on the issue at 4:30 this morning. it's a story we've covered on "today in the bay" for weeks now. the debate centers around the word "dixie" and whether it's offensive. the board of trustees is considering two possible alternative names and is expected to make a final decision next month. the dixie school district covers northern san rafael and is one of the oldest school districts in marin county. new for you this morning, california is taking action to make sure that you're helped out quickly in an imagine. the state is planning to overhaul all of its call centers with a new technology called rapid deploy. the new call cloud-based system
5:45 am
is expected to help improve location accuracy. currently roughly half of all of its calls that come in to 911 centers do not have a dispatchable address attached to them. that new system will also help with natural disaster awareness for responders by providing live data feeds for fires, earthquakes, flooding, traffic, and internet. if the early signs are any indication, californians will be in out in force for next year's presidential election. california secretary of state alex padilla says more than 20 million people are registered to vote across our state, makes up just under 80% of the state's total eligible voters. it is also california's highest number of registered voters in 23 years. today the city of san francisco is taking steps to assist federal workers if a partial government shutdown happens this year. mayor london breed is among those sponsoring an ordinance that would allow up to $20 million in loans made available for federal workers. it's possible that the city could partner with banks and
5:46 am
other financial institutions to get the money. and when is a cut not a cut? >> scott mcgrew, the president wants to reduce medicare's budget by hundreds of billions of dollars. >> a reduction, not a cut. no matter what term you use though, the president's new budget definitely sends hundreds of billions of dollars less to medicare, which would seem to violate one of trump's biggest campaign promises. remember, over and over, he said he would not cut medicare. here is a tweet back when he was running in the primary against mike huckabee. "i was the first and only potential gop candidate to state there will be no cuts to social security, medicare and medicaid. huckabee copied me." but the white house argues this morning it's going to crack down on waste and fraud, so medicare is going to cost less money and senior also never notice their health care plan was "reduced." >> he's not cutting medicare in this budget. what we are doing is putting forward reforms that lower drug
5:47 am
prices that, because medicare pays is a very large share of drug prices in this country, has the impact of finding savings. we're also finding waste, fraud and abuse but medicare spending will go up every single year by healthy margins and no structural changes. >> except for $800 billion over ten years not going into it. speaker of the house nancy pelosi startled her own party saying she's not interested in impeaching the president. "not for impeachment" she said. the announcement came as part of an interview with "the washington post" where the speaker said she was making news and unless there's something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, i don't think we should go down that path, because it divides the country, and he's not worth it." that leaves pelosi a pretty big hole. she can walk right back through, if the mueller report, for instance, indicates president trump committed crimes. but pelosi also knows impeachment is only practical if a significant number of republicans join the effort. remember, democrats wanted to impeeve richard nixon pretty
5:48 am
early on but nixon's presidency wasn't doomed until members of his own party decided enough was enough. nixon of course resigned before the articles of impeachment could be enforced. we're watching everything that happens in washington, as we are every day. follow me on twitter, i' i'm @scottmcgrew. lots of birthday lately, this is for the worldwide web. it officially turns 30 today. google celebrating the big day by changing the banner on its home page. on march 12th, 1989, british computer scientist tim better thanners lee submitted a proposal that was the basis for the worldwide web. the response was "vague but exciting." the web was made available to the public in 1993. i remember the first time i got on the internet. it was like, what is this? it was really interesting. the information super highway. >> the information super highway. >> right, i remember logging on toe aol, rrrr.
5:49 am
>> exactly. >> program submitted to my lab. the weather for us today, nice and dbright. >> nice and bright but there won't be as much sunshine as we've seen. temperatures as you step out the door, upper 30s in napa, 40 in santa rosa and 39 in livermore and low 50s in san francisco. temperatures are all over the place. as we head out, it's going to be a chilly start in pleasant hill, up to about 45 degrees but look at the temperatures rising, going throughout the day at noon we're 60 degrees and mostly sunny there. as you start out getting dressed, it's going to be a day where you need a jacket for the early hours, and then maybe some light short sleeves for the rest of the day, and pants will also be a good option. now here's the storm that brought us the rain and the hail, along with those thunderstorms on sunday. it is still spinning across southern california and we also have a cold front approaching from the north, and we are right
5:50 am
in between, still seeing our clear skies, but that will change as this cold front moves in. a lot of the rain that we're seeing moving in will start to fizzle out, but there will be some slight rain chances farther to the north, while the rest of the bay area sees more clouds moving in, and the winds picking up, too. so as we go into the rest of the day, it's not once again as clear as it was yesterday, but overall, a fairly nice day, and slightly cooler than normal temperatures. and then the only concern will be those gusty winds that will pick up, so here is our hour-by-hour forecast. the numbers show the wind speeds in miles per hour. we go through 11:00 and our winds are rushing in from the northwest at about 30 miles per hour for the coast. inland areas with wind speeds at about 15 to 20. but it will pick up as we go through 3:00 to 4:00, even up to 40-mile-per-hour gusts for half moon bay. so i'm watching out for that, along with some high waves along the coast, and then for the inland areas, we'll also get some pretty gusty winds.
5:51 am
looking at the rest of the forecast, more sunshine, highs that will be warming up as we go through the rest of the week. check out that weekend forecast, it's been a long time since we've had weather this nice, and this warm, too, with some low 70s from saturday through at least next monday, and we will see more dry weather into at least the start of next week. mike, you have some good news at the bay bridge. >> i do. it's all relative. behind me there's the backup but look at it from the traffic standpoint because that's my job. we're looking at the fast track lanes with the biggest backup and that is visibly moving. the cash lanes are less stacked up. this is 5:51, approaching 6:00, we should see all lanes packed up on a tuesday. the overcrossing does indicate a good volume of traffic coming in out of the east bay, but off of the maze we only have a bit of slowing, we don't have a lot of backup coming off of 24 or the east shore freeway. that's good news. a lighter volume overall holds up for the speeds just slowing
5:52 am
for highway 4 up here through concord, pittsburg and bay point. we have slowing also through hayward, south 880 from 238 down past the san mateo bridge, and also a little build over here for the tri-valley for 680 south, as you head down off the dublin interchange. things are moving nicely. back here, we have a problem coming out of tracy, west 580 grant line road, i hear about a pothole repaired yesterday but now starting to break up again so there's a big pothole across the second lane as you are coming into the area that affects both sides of tracy, across the san mateo bridge to the peninsula, it's getting more popular. back to you, marcus. >> thanks, mike. happening right now, tokyo getting ready for the 2020 olympics. just a few hours ago, the pictograms for the sport came out, the special logos they use for every single sport. since the olympics are such an international event, fans use the pictograms to make sure they're headed to the right event. remember, you can only watch the olympics right here on nbc bay area. >> 5:52.
5:53 am
next and new this morning, suing to stop union dues. the complaints some california teachers have with how the dues are collected.
5:54 am
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sunshine so far this week? today in the bay )s kris sanchez is! have you been enjoying the sunshine so far this week? "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is. you could check out this photo
5:56 am
she shared from half moon bay of moon beach. be sure to share your photos with us, tag us @nbcbayarea and follow @krissanchez right there. today alameda county leaders are set to consider changes to its controversial first responders training plan. urban shield will report to the county board of supervisors about its work. the board voted to end the exercise in its previous format. many protesting claim that the training is materialistic, racist and xenophobic. the changes ended some military type s.w.a.t. teams and competitions. supporters say the exercises are critical in preparing for natural disasters. working to ban flavored tobacco. the city council voted unanimously to come up with an ordinary dance to do so, last night. discussion was mixed from the community especially from the man who owns the only smoke shop in town that sells the products.
5:57 am
>> the high school has among the highest reported vaping in all of contra costa. it's no coincidence that the rise of youth smoking goes hand in hand with the availability of flavored tobacco products. >> the flavors and in this case menthol and tobacco products allows the poisons to go down easier. >> a number of other bay area cities already banned the selling of flavored tobacco. the ordinance will go before the city council for its first reading next month. 5:57 and new this morning, five california teachers are suing the state's top teachers union. the lawsuit seeks to stop the union from collecting dues through mandatory paycheck deductions. it is in a series of similar legal challenges filed across the country. as of june, the u.s. supreme court ruled government workers cannot be required to contribute to labor groups. the teachers say the paycheck deduction violates their first amendment rights. next month, sean spicer coming to berkeley.
5:58 am
the former white house press secretary is set to speak next month. spicer will be one of the first high-profile speakers booked on campus. since the berkeley college republican settled a lawsuit with the administration, the lawsuit itself stemmed from riots back in 2017 related to scheduled appearances by other conservative speakers. new details this morning on an unusual crime spree that is sweeping fresno county. dozens of goats are missing. >> thieves making off with more than 60 over the past two months. according to "l.a. times," all of those animals are worth around $27,000. four of the stolen goats were recovered on sunday. police believe the goats are being stolen at night, and possibly for food. digging deeper for you, we've seen cases of goat theft here in the bay area. late last year, several pregnant goats went missing from green goat landscapers in morgan hill. the family that owns the business says that the livestock trailer was stolen.
5:59 am
we never did find out really what happened to all of them. right now for you at 6:00, a major arrest in a brutal killing in san jose. the woman stabbed to death inside her own home, what police are saying so far about her killing. nurses on strike. two south bay hospitals will see picketers in one hour. the demands those workers are making. and all new, a baking warning, the recall that may have you checking your pantry this morning. "today in the bay" conditions right now. and good morning to you. thanks so much for starting your morning here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's get a look at the forecast. everybody's celebrating this dry week. >> and celebrating st. patrick's day, celebrating just being in the bay area with highs in the 70s this week. yes, that's on the way, but it's still cold out there this morning. here is a live look outside in san francisco. great start to this tuesday morning, if you're on your way out the door headed to diridon station. you need a heavier jacket with temperatures in the mid-40s, but
6:00 am
you'll be taking that off today as our temperatures warm up, but it won't be as clear and sunny as it was yesterday. we'll talk more about that and what's ahead for the rest of the week. mike, you have a good look at the morning commute. >> i do. we'll start with our view of the altamont pass, representative flow shown here and it's not bad coming off of the merge but it is typically slow through the area, west 580 and really jams up, see this grant line road overcrossing there, right there is where there's a big pothole reported, and now your left two lanes are blocked. two left lanes are blocked coming out of the altamont and going into grant line road. there's a big pothole that's resurfaced after they had some emergency repair work yesterday. that's a problem for folks coming in and out of tracy. look how light the traffic flow is getting toward the dublin interchange, livermore, and continuing on to castro valley. some little slowing for hayward but overall, that commute is saved by the backup over in tracy, out of tracy and the rest of the bay shows a lighter volume as well. i'll show you the bay bridge coming


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