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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 12, 2019 11:00am-11:29am PDT

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this man is being charged in the brutal murder of a woman breaking news for you right now at 11:00. this man is being charged in the brutal woman of a murder inside her south bay home. police are releasing details about the suspect including his violent past. good morning to you. thank you for joining >> i'm kris sanchez. we told that suspect's name right at the end of the morning newscast as it was developing in "today in the bay." >> nbc bay area's bob redell live for us in san jose. i know you were able to look over the suspect's record and you have compelling video from a neighbor. tell us what you can. >> reporter: we have spoken to neighbors who are very relieved not knowing who larson at her home here. had been unsettling for people
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in this san jose neighborhood but police arrested this man. take a look. his name is carlos edwardo carasa and believe he murdered 59-year-old larson, a manager at a medical testing company here in san jose. she levelled by herself and according to her friends was careful but police found her dead inside her house with multiple stab wounds. this is what we know about the suspect. according to a source we know he was diagnosed with psychosis in 2016 and he's got a number of convictions in santa cla that county of kidnapping, burglary, prowling, trespassing, false imprisonment, battery to an officer, pdi officer. there there's various drug charges including possession of meth. we met with neighbors who live two doors down and shared with police video of at their home
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believing it shows the suspect walking in the direction of bam by larson's home at 4:30 a.m. the morning of february 28th an then a half hour later 5:00 a.m., a neighbor's camera captures what looks like a man walking away and getting to this home you can see him wipe his face with a cloth looking at the top right side of the screen there. possibly a shirt holding, wiping his face before exiting the frame. they tell us that they have seen his mug shot and do not recognize the man but they say they see strangers in the neighborhood all the time including people homeless. >> it is not would be. most times it is something they know, especially with unforced entry. so we're a little sur pridesed, you know, about this. really how he could have possibly just picked that house. seems like it wasdom.
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who to say. >> hopefully they've got the right person and they'll pay for it, what they have done to take away a beautiful, beautiful person. >> we just don't know -- >> a love lir person. >> anybody could have done something like this to such a sweet person. >> law enforcement have not released yet a motive as to why carranza allegedly killed larson. but the police chief garcia is scheduled to speak at a news conference. live here in san jose, bob rebel, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. when the details of that arrest broke, we sent out an alet on the nbc bay area app. be sure to download it to track details in the case. a stunning scandal of admissions to colleges across the cou including celebrities allegedly paid millions of dollars to get their stanford, usc,georgetown.
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we now know that this man, sailing coach will plead guilty in connection with this scandal. here's a look at the indictment. allegedly accepted money to designate a student as a recruit as a stanford sailing team. stanford sent us a statement reading in part the charging state that sailing head coach john vandemoer accepted financial contributions for agreeing to recommend two prospective students for admission to stanford. neither student came to stanford. some famous actresses include lori and now in arrested at her home. federal custody after being thathuffman's daughter was given twice the amount of time to take the sat as other students and the paid proctor agreed to secretly correct the answers afterwards. the scheme was apparentl by
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william singer. >> beyond enriching himself, singer used that money to bribe college officials, division i coaches, college exam administrators for admission to the children of the clients not on their merits but through fraud. >> 49 people are charged so far including 13 here in the bay area. and nine coaches at elite colleges. we posted the entire indictment on the website. it is an interesting read. you can find it at nbc bay >> interesting, indeed. just in, chp minvestigating after a man is shot at an's wha. injuries not believed to be life called 911 ep threatening. we are asking chp questions but they're not releasing what they know about the vehicle description or even the direction of highway 24 that shooting happened. the president says that the
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airplane that you fly on, well, may not be safe. >> president trump said they're too complicated and had the american made boeing in mind. president trump wrote this morning airplanes are becoming far too complex to fly, pilots are not needed but computer scientists of mit and says i don't know about you but i don't want albert einstein to be my pilot. this comes after concerns grow over the boeing 737 max 8, two have bee planes. scott mcgrew, five countries just in morning. >> good morning to you. uk, eveg a statement about theprecaution measure we have instructed -- issued instructions, rather, to stop any commercial passenger flights from operating departing oral aarriving, overflying the uk air space. the 737 specifically the max 8. this is a map. the italy -- italy, the
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netherlands, france, germany, a malaysia and ireland which we didn't have the time to highlight because it just happened all grounded this airplane. aero mexico, also. government didn't order it to do so. we can add turkey, iceland, norw. airlines, united, southwest all fly this airplane, the max 8. they still plan to do so. the faa says the max 8 is safe to f if you are flying, understand pilots here in america are well aware of the software causing this controversy you're hearing about. and they know what to do if the software conflicts with what they want the airplane to do. also note, there's a different aircraft, the 737-8. stretch version of the 737. it is a very common airplane.
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the 737-8. kris? >> thank you. it is a concern in the bay area and now country county is trying to figure out if highway tolls are the answer. congestion and traffic. highway 37 experienced major flooding this past winter. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is showing us why the highway could soon see some tolls. >> reporter: well, a devastating flood has supervisors here studying how to prevent the problem from happening again. the massive flooding last month forced highway 37 to close in both directions, marin county board of supervisors was expected to take a vote today to study long-term solutions and how to pay for them. a toll would be one option. the independent journal reports transportation experts say the levee and roads need repair in the area and the study addresses many areas including sea level rise. one expert tells the independent journal that the area is sinking and this problem needs to be
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addressed. the staff asked the board for more time to study the proposal and should be taken up again next month. >> all right. sharon, thank you. new at 11:00 for you, a north bay high school teacher behind bars accused of allowing the classroom to become a fight club which resulted in several of those students getting hurt. the 41-year-old vargas of santa rosa arrested on saturday, he is listed online as an employee of cloverdale high school and the police department says that vargas allowed students to fight and even refereed at times. the cloverdale unified school district said they're launching an investigation. the family of council member mcelhaney. her son was shot. a group of men robbed him before
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shooting him. so far, though, police have not made any arrests. today the family is visiting usc's family to meet with law enforcement and school leaders there and just talked about the loss of their son. >> in his desire to bring music medicine, that's what he called it to the world, brought him to los angeles. the city of angels. >> there are people in the community who can help, just say something to the police. >> he transferred to usc from cal state east bay. today's council meeting in oakland is canceled out of respect to the family. and happening now, nurses are on strike in santa clara county. the association filed charges alleged they violated state law threatening to retaliate against nurses. organizers claim the county
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illegally threatened the workers with termination if they did not switch to a new union. in a statement, the county tells us that cna has not taken steps to lawfully represent those county employees. and coming up here on nbc bay area news at 11:00, rising to new heights, new details on the plans to build skyscrapers in san jose. our day-to-day work is not about him. it is about the american people. trump. her reasoning. and a live look outside and indf cool out utiful and sunny there. our temperatures will gradually make it into the upper 50s with more clouds moving in and the winds picking up. we'll talk rolling through and then what's ahead for the rest of the week coming up next. would you like,
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aftermath of a house fire in concord. as you can see much of the damage appears t new video shows the aftermath of a house fire in concord. you can see much of that damage appears to be in the area that
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was the garage. a one-alarm fire started shortly after 4:30 this morning. 11:00, safety s that no one was improvements to howard street in san francisco. this comes just days after a bicyclist was hit and killed by a truck. the city is now planning to immediately remove parking along the north side of howard street and telling the examiner that si signage is going into place. a bicyclist was biking and a driver's side door opened from a parked car prompting him to swerve into the street where she was hit by a truck. alameda county leaders are set to consider changes to the first responder trainer plan. the urban shield to report to the county's board of supervisors about its work. that board voted near lay year
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ago to end the exercise in ifor. many pr militaristic, racist and xenophobic. the committee approved changes to end some mita competitions. supporters say that the exercises are critical to preparing for natural disasters. developing story now, san francisco democrat and house speaker nancy pelosi is taking a lot of people by surprise. she is the top democrat on capitol hill, of course, and she is breaking from a lot of people in her own party saying that she is against impeaching president trump. nbc's peter alexander has the story. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi delivering a democratic reality check explaining why she opposes impeaching president trump. >> divides the country. unless there's some conclusive evidence that takes us to that place. >> reporter: the nation's top democrat earlier telling "the washington post" magazine i'm not for impeachment. this is news. explaining, unless there's something so compelling and
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overwhelming and bipartisan i don't think we should go down that path because it divides the country and he's just not worth it. could special counsel robert mueller's report change that? >> so conclusive of a bipartisanship so be it. >> reporter: the comments may not sit well with some democrats calling for congress to begin impeachment proceedings like rashida tlaib. >> because we're going to go in and impeach the [ bleep ]. newl administration. focusing on possible obstruction of justice, corruption and abuse still many democrats insist impeachment is premature. >> no one is above the law and if we find from the mueller report or our own investigation that the president has broken the law we won't have a choice. we are not there yet. >> reporter: asked if she believes that mr. trump is fit to be president, she said, i don't think he is.
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ethically unfit. curiosity-wise, unfit. press secretary sanders brushed off the comments telling nbc news, we weren't that concerned about impeachment, adding it should never be on the table because the president is doing a great job. the same argument her boss is making for months. >> let's impeach the president and then impeach the vice president. these people are sick. well, there you have it there. thek ehange. the dow is down 52 points right there. and the struggle really coming from shares of boeing continuing to struggle. shares fell more than 6%. all right. let's take a live look in downtown san jose where it is possible that the skyline may reach new heights. later today, council members consider raising the maximum height for skyscrapers near the downtown area and near the diridon station and allow the buildings to be about three
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stories higher because of air traffic. for buildings near diridon station, to allow up to 15 additional stories or additional 150 feet. this is an animation of what the height difference might be. the city estimate that is the new rule would generate more than $4 billion in additional construction value and then, of course, more property taxes after that. also, to a follow up on the cleanup efforts in the north bay after that historic flooding. this morning the sonoma county board of supervisors will vote on approving $3 million to repairs. the storms caused the russian river to spill over and nearly 2,000 homes are damaged. the governor declared a state of emergency shortly after that discuss . recovery efforts following the 2017 wildfires, as well. >> you can find much more on the nbc bay there you will also find before and after updates on those cleanup
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efforts. well, cleaning up easier over the last couple of days, kari, where folks have gotten a dry spell. >> that and sunshine. it really makes a big difference. i think we will have quite a while to dry out from the rain having from early february as well as lat january. so we are still looking at some nice break as we take a live look outside in dublin. it is a little more breezy getting ready to head out. a few more clouds moving in. here's a live look outside inea our temperatures heading into the mid-50s. and then as we take a live look outside in san jose, we are also starting to see just a few clouds dotting the sky as a very weak weather system moves our way. evergreen, the temperatures will reach into the low 60s over the next couple of hours and then cool down the rest of the evening. now normally this time of year we're reaching 65 degrees but we are not going to quite make it there today. in fact, some of the south bay
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temperatures only make it up to about 60 degrees. morgan hill will see a high of 60 degrees and you will notice those winds picking up coming in from the north at about 15 to 20 miles per hour at times. and concord will reach up to 62 degrees. half moon bay upper 50s there. san francisco also in the upper 50s. and then the north bay low 60s this afternoon. let's talk about this cold front because we can see it on the satellite imagery. the rain has been fizzling out as it approaches the bay area and then still seeing the storm that brought us the thunderstorms and hail on sunday and spinning across the desert southwest and bringing rain to the las vegas area and an increase in cloud cover espeal not a widespread cloud cover so this is banking up against some really dry air and causing this system to weaken but we are still going to have those gusty winds seeing a few more clouds moving in for the afternoon.
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as we go hour by hour looking at the wind speeds, we are still going to have the winds coming in from the north and this shows you the number in wind speeds and miles per hour. half moon bay winds up to about 27. 30 miles per hour with some of those higher gusts and may get as high as 40 miles per hour later on this evening. some of the coastal areas and the hills will be quite windy going into tonight and then it starts to die down going into tomorrow morning. after that, we have some great weather headed our way. highs in the upper 60s. and then look at the weekend. 70 degrees. well above normal temperatures and it's going to be very pleasant and much needed change as we'll see nice and comfortable weather in san francisco. marcus and kris? >> thank you. coming up, magic needed to get tickets to the new harry potter play. first happening now, santa rosa native jussie smollett is appearing in a chicago
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courtroom. a spokeswoman for the attorneys said that he wanted to, quote, show up and show respect. even though the appearance isn't required. that judge just ruled that cameras will be allowed in the courtroom during legal proceedings. last friday he was inditded on 16 felony counts in connection of reporting of an alleged attack. police allege he hired two brothers to execute that plan. he was hoping that the publicity would help him increase his salary. . more news right after the break.
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srallbroke fans vying for a ticket to harry pte cursed child in san francisco basically broke the internet. producers say that the ticketing system crashed at the beginning of the presale yesterday. users posted disappointed responses on twitter. some people unable to confirm the spots to see the play. and they are ensuring anyone that registered online can buy tickets before they go on sale to the general public on thursday and you have to love the local school plays and get tickets. >> now you're talking my language. >> we have "the little mermaid" in may. >> all right. well, a good weather day for us? >> great. enjoying the sunshine: some gusty winds, though, for the afternoon. not the best time to relax on the beach but we'll have some beach weather going into the weekend making it into the low
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70s. saturday, sunday look amazing. san francisco upper 60s on the way.potty showers in the north on the way. >> nice to have the sunshine. usually you beam us your beautiful smile but it's nice to have the sun, too, right? thank you for joining us.
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coming up on, get ready to move. >> welcome to world of dance. >> the man with all the moves from world of dance is live in studio and he's breaking it down. >> my favorite places, they make sure you look -- good. >> then, hello kitty. "california live" is here for the grand opening of energy bistro and karaoke. kimberly is taking her daughter. and a new ice cream for everyone. >> i hope you're ready to get your roll paiella king.
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