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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 12, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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little or no sailing experience. just one of 50 people indicted across the country. sgr we' >> we're talking about deception and frauds. eascore, faks. >> reporter: the ring lead ser this man, william rick singer of new port beach. he's the founder of a for college prep business promising parents he could help their children get into schools like stanford, yale and usc. >> you'll have your test scores and your grade. >> reporter: he raked in $25 million. took thousands from parents in exchange for a ranging for someone else to take their child's college entrance exam or correct test answers. court documents show other parents paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to designate their children as recruited athletes or other favored admissions categories. he plead guilty to four felony charges including racketeering and obstruction of justice. two of the parents are todd and
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diane blake who lived in the house inross. todd is described as an entrepreneur and investor. susan is a top executive at a retail merchandising firm. a transcript between todd blake quotes blake acknowledging the 50,000 he paid to the usc's women volleyball and 200,000 he wired to singer's foundation would be listed as a tax deductible charitable contribution to help underp underprivileged kids. in a wire taped conversation with diane, the cooperator witness says the 50,000 to the women's athletics and the 200,000 was payment goto get yo daughter in. her answer, right. then he adds i want you to know that in case they ask for records. diane blake sensing cause for concern reacts, with oh, my god.
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>> reporter: the blakes are two of dozens of parents wrapd uped in this scheme. the wife of a former nfl player, a former 49er who is among the indicted. stanford issued a statement saying it's investigating the allegations against the sailing coach and none of the students named in the scheme have decided to attend stanford university. reporting from san francisco, mark matthew, nbc bay area news. >> we that when that store broke. stanford university was very quick to release a statement about the sailing coach. his name is john vandermor. cameras were rolling when he plead guilty to one count of conspiracy. he's accused of taking nearly $800,000 in exchange for
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recommending two applicants to the sailing team he claimed were highly sought after sailors. he had been a stanford coach for 11 years training at this facility in redwood city. stanford says they have fired him. based on the department of justice investigation to date, we have no evidence that the alleged conduct involves anyone else at stanford or is associated with any other team. however, we will be undertaking an internal review to confirm that. parents and students had a lot to say. >> i hope it's a bit of a wake up call for the majority of people who haven't gotten caught. >> you should really work hard. >> none of the schools have been indicted or accused in this case. more on the hollywood connection to the this case. felicity huffman and lori
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loughlin. they paid payments disguised as a donation to get their daughter extra time to take the s.a.t.s and have someone correct her answers afterwards. >> lory lori and her husband agree to pay 500,000 there are for their two daughters to be dez flated ed designation to usc crew team. they did not participate in the activity. >> among the accused a local wine maker who paid 50,000 bucks and unhappy with the results. >> the department of justice tells us the investigation has been a year in the making. while the scheme allegedly stretched across the country, many of those indicted have strong california connections.
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15 thoese indicted have ties to the bay area. that's nearly a third of the accused. parents include business owners and doctors. one is a napa winery owner. his daughter's application included fake s.a.t. scores and a fake athletic profile. the application included this photo falsely describing the student as a three year varsity letter winner. according to the indictment there's one major problem. this is not his daughter. it's a picture of a totally different person. part of the evidence includes a secret government wiretap. he was recorded on phone speaking with one of the organizers of the alleged team. he asked quote, is there any risk this thing blows up in my
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face. the organizer replied, hasn't in 24 years. the 50 people indicted, dozens have been arrested and the government says the investigation is ongoing. >> a lot of layers to the story. thank you. the company at the center of the scandal was operating as a non-profit. making the parents at the same times tax deductible. we followed the money and found a local charity the non-profit claimed it was donating to, they said they never received a dime. that story is coming up. we made it easy for you to look up each of the bay area cases. we have each case listed by name with the accusations against them and a link to their court documents. troubling new details tonight in the horrific murder of a san jose woman inside her own home in is the suspect, carlos coranza. you were the first to learn he's an undocumented immigrant with a
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long criminal history. san jose police cleef says well before bambi was murdered, i.c.e. agents tried repeatedly to deport him. >> reporter: the information will spark a political debate especially because the murder suspect had a long criminal sift and admits to being a gang member. >> 24-year-old carlos is the man accused of brutally murdering 59-year-old bambi larson from san jose 12 days ago. he's have el salvador and in the united states illegally. the federal agency claims they tried to deport him nine times before for his long criminal history but their detainers were not honored in both los angeles and santa clara counties.
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in an afternoon press conference the san jose police chief didn't mince words. >> we have no control over how the county interacts with federal immigration enforcement and deportation of violent or serious felony fls. those policies are not set at our level. >> reporter: he stopped both his victim and the south san jose neighborhood where she lived for some time. the chief says the victim's son and co-worker discovered her body stabbed multiple times when she didn't slow up for work one day and they went to her house to check on her. >> camera fs in that neighborho helped us get to where we're at. >> reporter: neighbors shared this surveillance video they believe show the suspect walking to and from her home on the day of the murder. at one point wiping his face with a shirt as he's walking away from the home. >> hopefully they've got the
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right person and they'll pay for it, what they've done to take away a beautiful, beautiful person. >> reporter: santa clara's sheriff just released a statement about this case as well. she said it's been her long standing position that all undocumented immigrants who is are serious or violent felons be held for i.c.e. evaluation. she's now going to advocate to change the county policy so what happened with bambi larson doesn't happen again. let's talk about our weather. no rain but still windy. this is a live cam at sfo. you can see the camera moving around a bit. the wind creating a lot of turbulence for our local flights. we are joined with what we can expect the rest of the night and going into tomorrow. >> speaking of sfo, they have
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gate and taxi holds due to the gusty winds making it tough to handle the baggage. you have delays up to half hour. into san jose wind speeds up 30 miles per hour. any good news about the wind we're seeing we're at the peak intensity of these gusts that are up to 40 miles an hour up around half-moon bay. notice how the wind speeds start to relax around midnight and less windy as we head to tomorrow morning. we're watching a big shoplift in our weather as high pressure returns. a big warm upta taking shake fo the weekend. thanks so much. still to come, pressure the mounting to ground the newest boeing 737s after the deadly crash in ethiopia. build more housing or plimi out on crucial money and funds foboeing swears -- its aircrafts
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are safe. and the f-a-a says there )s no reason to ground the "7-37 max 8". at least -- not y boeing swears its aircrafts are safe and the faa says there's no reason to ground the 737 max 8, at least not yet. southwest airlines and american are using the jets. a growing list of countries are grounding the newest fleet following the crash over the weekend in ethiopia.
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157 people were killed in that crash including eight americans. investigators have the flight recorders. this is the second crash involving the 737 max 8 in the past six months. britain, china, mexico and other countries are now refusing to allow the planes into their air space. boeing continues to defend the planes, the company's stock has fallen 11% these last few days. a follow up to a story we first brought you on friday. san francisco is making changes to one of its busiest streets after a cyclist was killed. te she was riding a rental bike when hit by a truck last wk. less than 100 feet away there was a protected bike lane that may have saved her. now the city plans to remover parking to create more space between vehicles and riders. the city plans to install another protected bike lane on
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howard by flexion monnext month. california cities that aren't making plan to build affordable housing could use money for roads. the goal is to put moreshortage. >> for the governor to hold a sword over the heads of local governments in other words to get their transportation dollars is inappropriate and really constituted a significant threat against local control. >> if approved, it wouldn't take effect until 2023. we began tonight's newscast with that astonishing story about educators involved in one of the largest college add missi -- admission scandals. >> a local high school is united to do something positive. we have first of its kind effort in tonight's bay area proud.
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>> you know bay area proud stories are always about good deeds. many times about people doing something nice for someone they know. tonight a story about thousands of teenagers doing something for a stranger. >> for econ today, we're going to spend about 40 minutes. >> reporter: as a student first, then doecoach and now teacher. wes has been at cupertino high school for 25 years. >> i've been employed at this school more or less since 1990. >> reporter: he's lived so much history at this school he wrote the history of the school. >> come on in. >> reporter: but now. >> grab a seat. >> reporter: wes and his leadership cfss history. the first high school in the bay area to partner with the make a wish foundation to grant a child's wish. wes says he got the idea after
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seeing a school in colorado do the same. >> i'm just in awe of what this school did. part of me said our school can do this. our school can do this. >> reporter: this past friday, they did. a rally featuring cheerleader, gymnasts and wes getting slimed capped off a week of fund raidinraid i -- fund raising. the total close to 11,000 there are - for who? a boy they have never met. tony rey is 13 years old. he doesn't go to any school in the district. he lives in san jose with his mother and sister. when make a wish matched the school with tony, they heard he loves the beach so their money is sending the family to hawaii.
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>> i'm just beyond grateful and we feel the love. >> it's really satisfying to help someone in the community. >> when you get a chance to shine, you feel pretty good about that opportunity. >> that's heartwarming. >> it warms my heart. >> wes hope this is is an example for other students. 11,0$11,000 is lot for a school raise but the difference it will make in tony's life. my favorite thing i learned, he remembers playing little league on the peninsula. >> that was a decent second base. >> thanks for sharing that. let's take you outside. we're talking about this wind. you can see the american flag
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whipping there. this is right along 880 in freemon t free freemont. we had some delays. >> for baggage control issues, gate holds, that's when you know it's really gusty out there. right now there's the wind speeds. 30 miles an hour sustained and 47 miles an hour gusts. 55 degrees. it's brisk outside. 60 right now in dublin. you see wind speeds, 24 miles per hour gusts. 57. it doesn't feel that warm at the wind. the good news about the winds we're seeing is close intensity. we'll see the top wind gusts.
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still breezy outside. just not as gusty as the conditions we're seeing outside as the winds relax, it will be a chilly start. we'll see 30s in the wind sheltered valley. high temperatures trending a bit warmer with less wind. 65 degrees around san jose. could see upper 60s down gilroy. low 60s from oakland into harksward. a jump in temperatures compared to what we had today. even san francisco less gusty. close to 60 for tomorrow and 67 degrees in santarosa. this was the one speed bump we had to watch going by. mainly a wind event for the bay area. you see hour by hour tomorrow, sunrise to sunset, sunny clos
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but no rain. you can can see how the storms are still approaching the west coast but missing us here in the bay area. as we head into sunday, this is when high pressure should reach its peak intensity sunday into monday. that's the reason why the seven-day forecast looks dry through monday. this system could bring us some showers next tuesday. nothing to worry about. we'll see warming temperatures. that stretch from saturday through monday could see temperatures as warm as the mid-70s. just in time for the out door weekend plans. including little league. >> yeah. little league very bill topic. we had more rain fy days than seattle did. >> seattle had quite a few snowy days. thanks. >> coming up, an arson spotted by an airplane.
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a crucial connection - between half moon bay and pacifica is closed -- we are following breaking news along the coast. a usual connection between half-moon bay and pacifica closed because of a power o outage. chp has shut down all northbound and southbound lanes. they are closed. it's not clear what caused this power outage or when this stree stretch of roadway will be re-opened. a chp patrol plane cruise spotted two arsonists lighting a fire. it happened last yeeweek. the crew contacted police who arrested both men. one of those men had two felony warrants. backlogged rape kits have
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finally been tested which could help track down sexual predators. officials were in manhattan to announce that over 55,000 rape kits were finally tested across the country. this was a big deal. 32 grants were given to test the kits that have been sitting on the shelves of police department for years. the money allowed the county to test more than 1200 kits since 2015. the dna evidence from all of the kits are up loaded to the national dna data bank. a tunnel under the las vegas strip is the latest plan from elon musk. we'll tell you about it. alright, let's talk perks!
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let )s give you a live look at downtown san jose. tonight at 6:00, are you ready to reach new heights? let's give you a live look at downtown san jose. this is the biggest city and the skyline might be getting bigger and taller changing dramatically in the near future. that story and more on our 6:00 newscast. elon musk is one step closer to hitting the jackpot with his boring company. they voted to start contract negotiations with musk's company to dig tunnels under sin city. it's to bore tunnel about a mile long to the las vegas convention center that hosts over one
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million peoples a year. he's in talks with l.a. to do this. i know people from the bay area are interested. >> they wanted him to do under the bay. >> wouldn't that be good. now las vegas. >> one of these days. let's close it out with weather. >> if you have evening plans, your heads could be in stockton in a few minutes. the good news is the winds that we have is the peak intensity of the gusts now through about 9:00 tomorrow morning p wind speeds start to back off. high clouds at time. the stretch of weather into the 70s begin. saturday peaking sunday into monday. those are temperatures san jose temperatures probably in the low to mid-70s. areas south of downtown might see upper 70s. chance of showers tuesday. not a big system there but before then we'll see a real taste of spring arriving just in time.
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>> every one in local parks or barbecuing. >> for sure. >> thanks for joining us. lester holt is next with nightly news. >> hope to see you at 6:00. breaking news tonight. shockwaves as hollywood actresses and top ceos are among dozens charged in a massive college admissions scandal. "desperate housewives" star felicity huffman taken into custody, and "full house" star lori loughlin, a warrant issued for her arrest. >> they flaunted their wealth, sparing no expense to cheat the stems. >> what they're accused of doing to get their kids into the nation's most elite colleges. and tonight outrage from parents, who say their kids played by the rules while the rich and famous and powerful cheated to get ahead. also breaking tonight, the u.s. standing nearly alone as most of the world from europe to australia has grounded that boeing jet after two fatal crashes. authorities have the black boxes.


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